Yoga – a living process

Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

1986-07-11 Yoga – A Living Process, Munich Germany DP-RAW, 155'
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1986-07-11 Yoga – a living process, Munich, Germany

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The truth is what you know on your central nervous system. I see you all here, I see your faces and I know you are here. That’s the truth. I see the red colour with My own eyes, I see the another colour there [Shri Mataji points at an object in the hall] with My own eyes and I know on My central nervous system what is the truth. In the same way, you have to know the truth on your central nervous system. It should not be some imaginary thing; it should not be some sort of a concept. It should not be any theories put forward. It cannot be some sort of a experience as they call it. But it should be known through your central nervous system, and you should know all about it. If Self Realization or yoga has to work out, it has to be as clear as sunshine. It should not be just something that will please your ego or pamper your superego. You cannot pay for it. It’s not commercial, cannot be. It is very absurd that you expect it to be commercial. How much money do you pay to call it red when it is red? It is as absurd as that. And then you cannot put in any effort for it because it is spontaneous. It is a living process. How much will you pay to the Mother Earth for giving us these flowers, or for sprouting a seed? But I was told in England by the BBC people that Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand anything without money. I don’t know about German brains – are they Anglo-Saxon also? But if you are stupid and if you do not have a pure intelligence and a pure desire, then they can be very very successful with you – [those] who want to befool you. 

There is also another side to it that when people are completely ignorant about the truth, then also they can become slaves of sinister practices of some commercial people. This ignorance is expressed in every way of life, I find sometimes, in the west. I mean the people are very simple because anybody can start a manufacturing of some sort of a stupid thing, and everybody starts wearing it as a fashion. And then, all that you bought today becomes a waste tomorrow. And some people find it absolutely exhausting to keep pace with this changing fashion every day. Now here I would not say it is ignorance – you know [that] you are being exploited, you know that. But when the masses of people are doing the same thing, you don’t know how to resist it. Like in London we have many Indian ladies. They have given up wearing this (pointing at the bindi). It’s the sign of a married woman. It is auspicious to wear that for every woman and [at] any cost she would not give it up. And I asked them, “Why did you give up?” 

And they said, “Everybody makes fun of us. They laugh at us, so we gave it up.”

So those who were sinister ones, I would say, because there are gurus and gurus and gurus… And the gurus who are sinister, who are called as kugurus in our scriptures very clearly, described very clearly, took full advantage of this. I would also blame people who would not allow you to read something else that was sensible from India. So many people only knew about tantrism which is the most dangerous thing. And these sinister people somehow or the other knew that so many seekers are born in the west. They came down here with all their arts and crafts. I told about them in 1973 very very clearly to thousands of people. But once they have fallen into the trap, they are so adamant that they don’t want to listen that they are seekers of truth. Why are they identified with falsehood? You have been seeking for ages, for many many lives. Why not now understand that truth has to be known on your central nervous system? That is, you have to achieve your inner yoga because you deserve it. It is your right to have it. This is what you have been seeking. This is what is going to help us out of all our human problems because it promises a complete transformation within. Sahaja Yoga is not a new thing as such. It is very traditional and very old, which was secretive of course for some time, for quite some time. And whatever [is] living, has to be based on something fundamental. It cannot hang from somewhere as a new piece of a plastic flower. It must bear relationship to all the scriptures of the world, and it must integrate all of them. Anyone who says that my religion is the best or my cult is the best, is a fanatic no doubt. And it’s a cult whether it’s a religion or anything. It’s a cult, it’s absolutely a cult. For that one has to become something more than a human being. That means you have to transcend above your mental conceptions about reality and about truth. 

First thing [is that] you have to be honest about it. For example, we are, supposing, trying to find out a diamond. Are we going to accept any stone as diamond? We’ll have to verify every bit of it. We are not here to find a stone but to find a diamond. Now what they have told you about Sahaja Yoga here, whatever is written in this book [indicating the booklet distributed to the seekers], is the knowledge of the roots. The western knowledge is the knowledge of the tree. And all those who talk of religion also have moulded every religion into the tree form. But every religion has said [that] you have to seek yourself. But those who believe in artificiality can just give a certificate – ‘I am born again’, ‘I am a realized soul’, ‘I am an evolved soul.’ But it’s no good, of no benefit. Now if somebody says there is Kundalini and somebody says that there are chakras and explains to you, you may like to hear it because it’s some sort of a new knowledge. It is not new. Maybe new to you. But the main thing is that whether it exists or not can be proved today. It has to be proved now. This is the age of proving everything. And you the seekers are on the stage, who have to prove it in themselves. It’s not just what I am saying that you are to believe Me. It is not to believe in anything that we certify you or anything – we say that all right, you are all right. You have to feel it yourself. You have to know it yourself. You have to become a Realized Soul. You cannot advise anyone about it. You cannot persuade anyone about it. It is a happening that has to happen within you. The actualization has to take place. You have to become the Spirit and you have to feel the power of the Spirit within yourself. So just now you should accept all this as a hypothesis. But for this you must have an open mind of a scientist. But if you already have concepts, say, about carbon and you say that ‘no it is not tetravalent [but] it has got two valences’, what will your teacher say? ‘All right, you go out.’ So, it has to be established as a proof. Now those who have established as a truth, have been able to find out many things even scientifically. Like, when I told them that carbon on one side looks like Omkara (OM) and [on] another side as a swastika, they said, ‘how can that be?’ 

I said, “You try.” 

[If] you see in the spectrography, you can see the carbon atom yourself. And a very big scientist from America who tried, and he was amazed to see. So, when he saw from the right side, he saw the left side. When you see from the right, you will see to the left. So, what he saw, it was on the left side, was the omkar – OM. Very clear cut. And two scientists did that. Johan is from where? From Belgium. One from Belgium, one from America. The another side when they looked into, they were surprised [that] they saw a swastika like this [Shri Mataji makes the sign of the swastika in the air]. So now one has to understand that this carbon which is placed on this Mooladhara chakra here below the Kundalini, has got on one side as the OM [and] another side is the swastika. So, if you reflect it back, it seems that on the left-hand side is the swastika and right-hand side is the Omkara. It’s proved now. Now supposing we said that through our Sahaja Yoga system your physical being is cured. It can be proved. Most of it can be. As a result of that, you’ll be amazed that Delhi University have accepted the doctor’s… the dean has accepted Sahaja Yoga as a course of Doctor of Medicine, which is the highest in medicine for a post-graduate doctor. Because group of doctors experimented with Sahaja Yoga and found out that it works. But India is different because they have the right knowledge of Kundalini and not the tantric knowledge. But even Cambridge University has accepted it for a PhD, a thesis. But some sensible people have to come forward, some profound and deep people have to come forward and get their realization. And in Germany they can prove it because they are very scientific people here, that Kundalini awakening is the only solution for our physical, mental, and emotional problems. And there is no solution for spiritual problem but Kundalini awakening. Now to be seen here [indicating the booklet] very clearly that the Kundalini is above the Mooladhara chakra. We can prove it. Now, this Mooladhara chakra is the one that controls the sex. And this chakra, Mooladhara chakra, is below the Kundalini. So, sex does not play any part in this ascent. Please try to understand that animals do sex, they should become spiritual much faster than us. It does not mean that you do not have sex activity [but] the sex activity does not take you to God. On the contrary, when the Kundalini starts moving, the sex activity stops completely. You become like a child, very innocent. That is a fact, and I will tell you the truth. I will not just try to tell you something just to please you. When Freud started the nonsense of free sex, nobody challenged him. First of all, he was epileptic. He had cancer. And he was a funny man, had bad relations with his mother. Such a stupid character accepted absolutely with great ado by people. Because it was very pleasing, I think. Any guru who tells you such a thing you must know he is just trying to please you; he must be commercial. As in the political side they try to seek your votes, in the spiritual side they all have interest in your purse. Today also they asked Me, “You don’t take any money?”

I said, “How much are you going to give Me?”

It is absurd, is nonsense. You cannot pay for anything like that. But we are used to it. We used to pay for churches, we used to pay for temples. So now we are used to it – we cannot understand anything without money. Now, Shri Krishna has very clearly said 6000 years back that when human awareness goes downward, or it grows downward (adhogati), unless and until it is taken to urdhwagati, means to the higher ascent… Now in this thing [the booklet] you can see, as Krishna has said it that the roots of your awareness are in the brain. So now, how our adhogati, the downward movement, starts when we exert our human awareness? Why we are in such a confused state suffering from terrible anxiety? Human awareness has moved, say, from Sahasrara to this chakra, Agnya. Actually, in the ascent in Agnya chakra, this chakra, you become thoughtless. But when it comes down to Agnya, it moves on left and right and what happens [is that] you are thinking, thinking, thinking like mad. You are thinking of the future, you are thinking of the past but at this chakra you stand at present. So, you have lost the sense of present. On the right-hand side when you move on the Agnya, you become aggressive. When you go to the left-hand side, you become depressive. It’s maddening. If Agnya is out, one can become schizophrenic, or could be an aggressive, violent madcap. But these gurus have also spoilt Agnya. Let us see what Christ had to say for Agnya chakra. He has said, ‘thou shalt not have adulterous eyes,’ because this Agnya chakra is placed between the optic chiasma, in the centre of it, which controls the eyes. In the modern times, all our eyes are like this [indicating roving eyes]. There is no innocence in the eyes. It has either the greed or the lust. But the one who has the innocence in the eyes, even a glance [from such a person] is sufficient. Sufficient to give realization. Sufficient to cure. Sufficient to finish all the negativity. That’s what Christ asked you to do. But what has happened to us? We are just the opposite of it. Then when this chakra comes down… I mean I am telling you in short because it’s quite a short time I have to tell you about these chakras. So, I am telling you. When you come down on the Vishuddhi chakra here, the human attention goes on to both the sides. Once on to the right and once on to the left. It’s a terrible thing these days – Vishuddhi chakra of everyone I tell you. This [chakra] belongs to Shri Krishna. What did He say? That you have to be a witness here, witness of the whole thing. Instead of that, we become either on the right-hand side an aggressive person in charge of everything… We shout and scream and say harsh words to others. We tell false things and try to capture the attention of people by our authoritative temperament. Then the left-hand side people, when it goes there, we feel guilty. The other day somebody said that Christ has asked us to be guilty. Never, never. He has not said you feel guilty. He said you repent. Means [that] you see what wrong you have done and correct it, not to feel guilty all the time. Who are you to judge yourself? Let the Divine judge. You are the temple of God. Why do you feel guilty? You have to enter into the kingdom of God. Why do you feel guilty? For what? Once a lady told Me she feels very guilty for the people who are dying in Cambodia. I said, “What have you got to do with them? You have not done any wrong to them. You have nothing to do with them. You cannot control them. Why are you sitting and feeling guilty nicely?” I said, “You have nothing else to think but to sit down… how guilty you are?” 

So, she told Me a very interesting thing. She said, “I have nothing else to feel guilty, so now I am feeling for Cambodia people.” Like when they have to go to see the priest and confess, they have to coin it, think what sin have I committed? 

Spiritual life is joy, not misery, not suffering. As in Spain, the Spanish told Me that they believe that only through suffering they can go to God. I told them, “Who asked you to do that?”

They said, “Our religion.”

Now do you know that they are not following Christ, they are following Paul. This horrid Paul, he was just a Jew who killed so many Christians. Suddenly he sees a cross and comes in the Bible nicely. And now in England the bishop of Canterbury says that Christ was never born after an immaculate conception. These theologians – what do they know about God? Sitting down, making theories about God, organizing Him. This Paul must have been born as Augustine also to bring all funny ideas. And people now abhor Christ – if you tell somebody [to] talk of Christ, they run away. Because of misinterpretation. Now, we have to realize that Christ died for our sins. He died at this [indicating Agnya chakra] cross. So, when this Agnya chakra is awakened, all our sins [or] so-called karmas which were suggested by Shri Krishna, are finished. It is said in the… I don’t know if you have read Devi Mahatmya or not. It is said very clearly [that] when the incarnation of Mahavishnu, which is Christ, will come, then the karma theory will be finished off. So this karma theory – that my karmas must be bad – all that is over. Only you have to awaken Christ here at the Agnya chakra, that is all. Now if you have this guilty business with you, please give it up immediately. First of all, you might get a bad neck – what you call the Spondylitis – could be, or slipped disc, or could be a horrible neck. Or else you might get Thrombosis or some sort of a thing, what you call Angina. So not to feel guilty at all and not to be miserable. Like in France they said, “Mother, don’t say you are in joy otherwise they will think you are ignorant. You must say you are miserable.” And I cannot be serious for more than two minutes – just put up a show, all right? It’s just a play. So, this le Misérables of France are no good. Now when you are going to another chakra down below the Vishuddhi, is the centre heart. It is ruled by the Jagadamba, is the Mother of the universe. This is a very important chakra because when the human awareness passes over it, it goes again to the right and to the left. This is the one where the sternum bone is, which gives messages to the antibodies which were formed in it before you were twelve years of age. This Goddess is also called in Sanskrit language as Bhramaramba, and Her messengers are those antibodies [and] are called as Bhramaras. And that is what… once we spoil it, the Goddess sleeps off and the antibodies do not act. So, on the left-hand side when you move, you develop a kind of a fearful attitude towards life. You become a very anxious person. At the slightest alarm, your sternum starts moving fast, heart starts moving fast. Specially for the women who are frightened or insecure like that, who lack the security of life or any other security in life, can develop cancer of the breast. This is the big problem that we do not understand why suddenly we have started developing this cancer of the breast. When it moves on the right side, we try to offend others and frighten others by our intimidation. We challenge the mother – against the mother’s purity and the relationship of purity with her. Or we can say the sin against the mother when we commit, we get diseases like AIDS. Because here you have tried to overcome a power that is controlling your antibodies. So, your antibodies cannot fight and with the slightest infection you catch any diseases and you die. The sin against the mother is a very serious thing. It causes… say from Mooladhara chakra it is connected because at Mooladhara resides your innocence. And when you challenge your innocence and overcome it, then you are in for so many physical troubles of which you are not aware. We can say all the muscular diseases like Myelitis and all those diseases which are incurable, all degenerating diseases, can be caused by that. All the Parkinson’s disease and all these diseases come from that. Even could be cancer – on the left-hand side when you move too much, you can get into cancer. For example, if you are looking at your being, [Shri Mataji demonstrates] it is like this – your spinal cord, the transverse section. And in the centre that you see is your spinal cord. And in this are placed the chakras, the subtle chakras, the centres of energy. Now if you use them too much, or disturb them too much, this dislocates. Either starts going to the left or to the right. The deities sleep off, the controlling power goes off. And your connection with the main is lost. Now when you go too much to the left, when you are vulnerable first of all – when the connection is lost you are vulnerable – and you go too much to the left, you get attacked by the collective subconscious. Now the doctors say that you get attacked or triggered as they call it, by protein 52, protein 58. Whatever name you may give it, but it is from the collective consciousness [that] the negative dead souls attack you and they trigger the movement of the cancer. Because they start overpowering other cells and capturing other cells and there is no relationship with the coordinated growth of the body. So, the malignancy, supposing, grows out of this cell here [indicating the left cheek], then it will overpower the nose, it will overpower everything. Every function it will be overpowering. But in the early stages of cancer, you can raise the Kundalini and bring it to a normal state. So, it is obvious that we have to keep to the central path. We have to lead a life of moderation. Not to go to any extremes. We have to be very normal. No abnormalities are needed for your ascent to the Divine. And if you are a seeker, you will get your realization in no time. Now we come to another centre that is the Nabhi centre, what we call as Manipur. This is a very important centre because this is surrounded by another centre which actually comes out of the same centre and makes this round – what we call as the Void. It’s not the same void as the Zen. So, the Nabhi chakra is the one that gives you the balance. Like, if you eat too much, you will get diarrhea. If you eat too little, you will not feel very strong. So, this Nabhi chakra is very important to give us a balance in everything. This is the one that relates to our valency. Like carbon is tetravalent, we have got ten valences. And these ten valences are in this area which we call as the Void. And if you put an imbalance to these valences by any chance, then you get into trouble. Now these ten valences within us are built in by great primordial masters who came on this earth ten times. Say from Adinath we can start upto Mohammed Saab upto Sai Shirdinath. Socrates, Lao Tse, Moses, Abraham – all these are these incarnations of the primordial master. They came to give us this sustenance. The sustenance is the dharma, is the religion, an innate thing within you. And when you fall out of it, you have disorders of your stomach, you have disorders of your other viscera which are in the stomach. It can affect everywhere. Like, supposing you think too much of the future, then you go to the right side. You become futuristic; you are on the right side. Now when you are on the right side, your left side is neglected. If you are very austere also, the left side is neglected. Then your emotions become weak and this Swadishthana chakra which is here, which has to convert your fat cells for your brain, starts working very hard for that and all other viscera are neglected. So, you become a lever patient, you develop diabetes, you develop kidney trouble, you develop high blood pressure. You become very aggressive, and people think you are very successful. And your heart dries out and you suddenly die, just like that. With a heart attack. So, this kind of a movement to the right… In the same way on the left-hand side if you move, there are other problems which crop up. The gurus can give you left side problems very much. They can embed in you the seed of cancer. They can give you also the problems of lunacy and epilepsy. Like, they tell you a mantra [and] you go on like mad saying mantra, mantra, mantra. And you are not connected to the mains. Like, I go on telephoning, telephoning without any connection. And the telephone gets spoiled. So, this mad mantra going on with the ring like that going round, round, round. Or somebody saying some stupid mantras that are given to you by some guru for taking some money – is all nonsense. So what is a mantra? Is when the Kundalini starts rising and you see the obstruction of the Kundalini, then you [one who is a realized soul] say a mantra and that chakra opens out because the deities know you; you are connected with the deity. There is no general rule about mantras, like there is no general rule about medicines. Saying these mantras together like this is like taking all the medicines together from the medicine box. It is very indiscrete. But after realization you know what is to be done. After realization you know what Asanas are needed for your particular body for your individual being. For example, a person who is right-sided, should never do backward movements in an asana. But such a big hotchpotch of nonsense has come to the west that I really don’t know how to tell you that this is all mud. But this is the problem that you are the lotuses which have to come out of this mud. A lotus in Sanskrit language is called as Pankajaha, Pankeruha means the one who born out of the mud. That may be the reason this kind of confusion had to come. But what a confusion, I tell you! It is impossible to bring sense to people who are standing on their heads. Everything is upside down. So now you have to understand the last and the most important chakra is that we call as Mooladhara. Now in the triangular bone, which is sacrum, which is a sacred bone – that means the Greeks knew about it [that] it was a sacred bone – resides the Kundalini. Kundala means coils of a spiral and Kundalini is the spiral of energy, which is representing the shakti, the Holy Ghost within you. Tomorrow I will explain to you about all the energies. But today just to tell you about it that this is the energy which is the energy within us of pure desire. But tomorrow I will explain to you more about this. Now the last but not the least is the Mooladhara. Mooladhara chakra is representing our innocence and the deity sitting on this is called as Shri Ganesha who represents an eternal child. Because it has a head of an elephant. Elephant is the wisest animal. And also, it’s an animal’s head so it never develops ego. It is innocent like an animal, animal’s head. Now to give a charitable understanding to the tantrikas, I would say the early tantrikas who tried to see Kundalini in the sex must have seen the trunk of Shri Ganesha. And that is why they must have said that by exciting sex, you can ascend. If you try any one of such tricks, what happens [is that] your sympathetic system gets excited. That is the two Nadis on the sides – Ida and Pingala. And the central Nadi which is for your ascent is the Sushumna gets into constriction completely like this. When it gets completely constricted, it can develop all kinds of troubles to a person. So, it is rather difficult to give realization to a person who has gone through this kind of Freudian theory. But one can try. So far only three persons in the whole world of this kind have achieved good results. You should not be angry with Me because I am helpless. I’ll try; I can try. But if you have disturbed your Shri Ganesha to that extent then it is rather difficult. On the right-hand side if you are too dry a person and all the time futuristic, you develop problems of prostrate and also you develop problems of constipation and all those things – of gases, this that. And on the left-hand side you develop the problems of… like AIDS and things that have to deal with your private parts. When we say it is private parts, it has to be private. It cannot be public. We must respect our privacy. We have to have self-respect about it. If you are people of character, we should not just accept somebody because that person is trying to say something or please us. We should have our individuality. Instead of that, we are thrown into fashions, thrown into all kind of a mass hypnosis. It’s very dangerous. Like now in England, they have started a funny thing called punks. I don’t know if you have seen them or not. But the English are very proud of it. Once I went to an exhibition in Rome and I went to see the British pavilion. And the government had sent only the punks there to sell punk things. And it is very dangerous to colour your hair like that – one may become blind. So many of them who have come to us have become blind. They can’t see. And I asked them. I said, “What is this? Why did you do like that?” 

They said, “What’s wrong?”

“But what’s right?”

They can’t understand, these people, the way they are going mad about themselves and destroying. Now you have seen when your human awareness is growing, where are you going – to destruction. To the bottomless pit of hell. At every step we are coming down and down and down. But we have to ascend. It is not difficult at all. Sahaj also means very easy. And I hope Germany will one day get to it and save the whole world. 

May God bless you all. 

Now, we do allow people to ask questions. But there are some stupid people who come from some gurus or some organizations you know. Like, one lady came with a Bible to hit Me. I asked her for questions [and] she came with a Bible to hit Me. I didn’t know what to do. I just started laughing and laughing. And she got frightened of My laughter [and] she ran away. So, as I see so many seekers before Me, I would request you must write down your questions and give it to Me. And I’ll definitely answer them tomorrow. Without realization, you won’t understand what I have been saying. No use arguing about it. Better have your realization and then you will not argue at all. Is it all right? Or somebody has a Bible to hit Me? When the missionaries came to India, they had Bible in one hand and a pistol in another. But here I find a lady with a Bible used as a gun. But one thing one must know that so far we have not found it, so let us find it. 

Now, today I have a feeling I am catching on this left Vishuddhi too much. So, whatever I have said you forget it. Forgive yourself. Have respect for yourself. And love yourself as I love you. On this condition, the realization will work out. If you are feeling guilty, then better say it 108 times to punish yourself, ‘Mother I am not guilty, Mother I am not guilty, Mother I am not guilty…’ If you are feeling restless, you must know that you are not yet ready for realization, very difficult. I cannot guarantee it. We can work it out. So, let us do one thing – is just to realize that we have to get it and desire it from our heart. If there is no desire, I cannot force it on you. So those who do not want realization or don’t want to work it out should leave this hall and be civil to us. Or else, it will take hardly ten minutes more and we will work it out. Those who do not want it also should go away – don’t disturb others. Not to get up in between. At least everyone must try. 

Some Sahaja Yogis could sit there, there’s lot of room. 

Nobody should think that you cannot get it, that you are incapable. Sit here with full confidence. 

[Some people leave (the hall) and Shri Mataji says in an undertone, ‘Good. Much relieved when they left.’]

So, it is very simple as I told you. There isn’t any complication about it. You must learn how to raise your own Kundalini. Now, left hand represents your desire and right hand your action. Now, it is very simple to work it out yourself so that later on you can always raise your own Kundalini. First put your left hand towards Me and we have to use our right hand for touching our chakras on the left-hand side, which are very simple. First you have to put it on the heart where resides the spirit. Then you have to put it on the upper part of your stomach, which is the centre of your mastery. Then you have to put this hand in the lower part of your abdomen, which is the Swadishthana chakra, which is responsible for the working of the Divine laws. Then your Kundalini will start moving. So, you bring it again to the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the Nabhi chakra. Then you go again to your heart – is the heart chakra. Then you go here, where you are feeling guilty. This centre is catching. From the front side. Very bad centre just now, it’s paining terribly, it’s swollen. Now, you turn to your right your head. But remember the hand has to go like this [from the front] and not like that. Then you have to take your hand from here to your forehead across like this and press it on both the sides. Now please put your hand after that on the back of your head here, on the optic lobe as they call it. And push back your head. Now, stretch your hand like this please and put the stretched palm, the centre of the stretched palm, on top of your head, on the fontanelle bone area. Stretch it nicely and press it hard and move the scalp slowly seven times. That’s all. All right. 

So now before closing your eyes, it would be nice and very kind of you if you can take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. Put both your legs parallel. You can take out your spectacles if you want. It helps the eyesight. Because you won’t have to open your eyes. Till I tell you, you don’t have to open your eyes please. Because the attention has to be inside. If your eyes are open, the attention goes outside. So now, please put your left hand towards Me at ease, not with any discomfort. And please sit with comfort, but not in a slouchy manner, not in a very strained manner, but straight like this with both your feet at parallel to each other. Now what will happen [is] that first you’ll become very peaceful [and] then you will start feeling the cool breeze on top of your head. And then you will start feeling the cool breeze in your hand. You will be completely relaxed. Already some must be feeling cool breeze in their hand. All right. So please don’t open your eyes. And close your eyes. If you have anything in your neck, anything related to religion or anything, you better take it out for the time being. Any malas or anything. Now please put your left hand towards Me…

Better take out, it’s better, take out everything. Otherwise, it may stop at Vishuddhi. Just take it out. One minute. I don’t want it to be lost because of a little thing. Today we had a mishap like that and as soon as the gentleman removed it, it worked out fast. Anything which is, you think is… you have taken it from someone, or you are wearing it for some religiousness or anything, you can take it out please. Please, I will be very thankful. All these material things catch. Fine.

Now, put your left hand towards Me please and right hand on your heart and please close your eyes. With a very pleasant mood, we start to awaken our Kundalini. First of all, put your hand on the heart and you have to ask Me a very fundamental question. You can call Me Shri Mataji or, to make it easier, you can call Me Mother. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question please. Which is the truth. Three times. Very good. Now put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, left hand towards Me, and press it with your fingers. Now here you have to say the relative question to the first one – because if you are the Spirit, you are your master – “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. Please say it three times. Now move your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen and press it hard. On the left-hand side. Press it hard because chakras are inside. Now here you have to ask Me, I cannot force you [as] I respect your freedom… So, you have to say, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge – the knowledge of the Divine.” You have to say it six times because there are six petals. By this asking only the Kundalini will start rising. Now, after this, you please raise your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen and press it hard on the stomach. Now, here is the centre of your mastery. Your Kundalini is moving. To open this centre, with full confidence in you, you have to say ten times “Mother, I am my own master.” Ten times. Now please raise your right hand on to your heart. Now press it there. Now here you have to say, with full confidence again, the greatest truth, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Without any fear; without any diffidence. Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of compassion and love. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you cannot commit anything which it cannot forgive. So now, raise your right hand on to your left-hand side of the corner between your neck and your shoulder and turn your head towards the right. From the front side across. Now, here you have to say with full confidence again, sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty,” sixteen times. “I am not guilty at all.” Please say it from your heart. Now if you still feel guilty, better punish yourself by saying [it] 108 times. I mean to say, you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Not to be angry with yourself. Now, raise your right hand to your forehead across and press it on both the sides. This is the centre of Christ, of Buddha and Mahavira. Now, you press it hard on both the sides. And now here you just say from your heart, not how many times [but] from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now, some may say that it is difficult to forgive. But it is a myth whether you forgive, or if you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. Now, please place your right hand on the back side of your head like this and put your head backwards. Here you have to say for your own satisfaction, not feeling guilty at all, “Mother,” or “The Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” “The Divine, please forgive me if I have done any mistakes.” Say it from your heart without feeling guilty. Now, stretch your hand and your palm in such a manner that your centre of your palm you put it on the centre of the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, and press it hard and move it seven times. Press it hard and stretch your fingers. Now here again I cannot force you. So, you have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” You have to ask. Or you have to say, “Mother, please may I have my realization.” And press it hard and move it slowly seven times. Now take down your hand please. And now put both the hands towards Me. Put on your glasses. Put both the hands towards Me like this. Now put your left hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out, yourself. Right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me. Little higher, little higher about four [or] five inches. Could be some people get it at one foot. Keep your eyes open [and] watch Me without thinking. Like this, hand should be like this. Little higher, some people get it very much higher. Move it and see. Now try another one. Watch Me without thinking. Left hand towards Me, [feel] with the right hand. Some people might get some heat – doesn’t matter. Now, again put the right hand towards Me and see with the left hand. Good, it’s very good. Now, let us put up the hands, up in the air and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Is this the Brahmashakti?” “Is this the all-pervading Power of Divine?” Now, take down your hands please and see for yourself. [a small portion of the recording is missing] You feel the cool breeze in your hand? Keep your eyes open and watch Me without thinking. Just see if you can do it without thinking. It’s a very joyous experience. And you feel like laughing sometimes. Or you feel like crying. But remember it because it’s sprouting, and you are not to waste it. Respect it. Can you see [that] if it is just sprouted and thrown away, it is absolutely useless? I hope you will bring your friends tomorrow, and more people. Now I would like to know how many of you have felt the cool breeze on the head or on your fingertips – please raise both your hands. Aah, look at that. 

May God bless you. 

Look at that; see the beauty! 

May God bless you all. May God bless Germany. 

Those who have not felt also should not feel bad. They’ll get it tomorrow. And those who have got today, it will be completely, fully established. Thank you very much.

May God bless you all.

Everyone, practically everyone! So sweet, so beautiful. 

Don’t discuss about it, don’t talk about it. Be silent. Enjoy the silence within and the peace within. Enjoy yourself.