Evening Program

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Evening Program, Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Shri Mataji: This is for the description of [unclear/Annapurna ] which is the power of Sadashiv that is the primordial mother and she is the one who is the giver of food and it is said that the “Vishweshwara” means Sadashiv has manifested itself in Kashi …in Banaras and she is the power ” Annapurna “.(who is the giver of food), food and everything, spiritual food, physical food, mental food, all kinds of foods … It is shown with the [unclear/level ]in her hand. Annapurna, this is the description of Annapurna when we are eating the food. Better listen to it …There is a complete description ….
Now this one the last:
Now he is asking for everything …He is not saying that gives me, but just praising that you are the giver of moksha, you are the giver of this you are the giver of that & now do not take too much time and please give me the “Bhiksha” –What I am asking for…And he says …He asks for 2 things: (that’s very surprising)
Give me meditation (“Dhyan”) another is (“VairAgnya “) Detachment …Isn’t it surprising?
At the end of everything, it comes with a: He says that you open the Sahasrara, everything ….Despite the powers and things …Ultimately he asks for the meditation “Dhyan” and “VairAgnya”…It’s all in the description …
Now you see in this country only [unclear /4 year’s back]….a poet …Now you read the poem …
Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji! (Speech by Sahaja yogi) The sense we are going through this is: that –
While listening to all these praises from great saints of India We listen to perhaps the manifestation of the peak of human civilization. Now in the spirituality, we feel it sometime or other, from the bottom of it …
What you would like to [unclear/……….you] some very humble, & perhaps also very innocent poems written by girls from Northenden high school and they are the girls from the age between 14 – 17 years.
And the spirit in which John [unclear] would like to read this poem to you Shri Mataji is that “: if the blessings of the Shudy Camps is to turn the tide in this country, the tide of ignoring spirituality, the tide of ignoring reality then perhaps the most compassionate goddess, perhaps that while we read these poems to you, your [unclear/auras ] and your redeeming attention may reach out these children, all the young people of this country, so that they can feel the touch of the salvation you brought to us …Because Shri Mataji We could not rejoice full, as long as we will not bring more people We all think …This is the sure thing Shri Mataji!
Mother laughs and says:
This is your own disease…
Sahaja yogi: Now I think my disease is shared by others …Mother
Shri Mataji: What can I do? Whatever do you say I am willing to do it?
These People are so hard nuts so what I have to do?
Sahaja Yogi: Can you give more power…Please
This life is called richness of life maybe sometimes some time we will be free, making the basic, more beautiful and detailed [unclear ….]

Shri Mataji :
Our main problem in England is as that Dr Wadlekar says that We are very few heavyweight people …When we say heavyweight than it means the people Who are more than normal …and when that happens …the money is not important I agree but to raise all these things We have to have money and people have to produce more money As far as possible I am there to help it out …But still, I must say that our earning capacity must be increased in England and for that we have [unclear ], should not waste our energies, have better qualifications, We have to be good professionals. What I find that here [unclear ]…But you have to master some art or something as the money should be created …Of course, I am [unclear/ going for the Shudy Camp for that ], But you all have to think about that …You have to create money Because without the money how you are going to cope further with your plans …Anything has to be done …And for that, we have to be very tidy in our brains, clear cut …We should have full attention to yourself ad to our programming. We cannot be lethargic of it …I tell you if you meditate, everything will work out that something is so difficult that unless and until you meditate I don’t know how to work it out …It’s a very helpless condition. And such a vicious circle I say …
So once you start meditating your Laxmi Tatwa will be awakened. You become very active. You become very alert …You will start finding out things It works both ways …If you are meditating you will find money and the work can be done …As simple as that …But the brain must be put at rest in meditation. Very untidy brains …I don’t know why …Alcohols, maybe drugs, or maybe overthinking or maybe by bad gurus Whatever maybe the cause …The brain has to be put in proper shape …That’s very important. Apart from your …can say …that you should not have any inauspicious thing …But your brain if it is a knit way …It’s very difficult What I find that in the periphery there are many people who are still [unclear]. When we think that we are abnormal because we are yogis Not like that …Yogis are very normal people and this [unclear] should be overcome as a duty by meditating …And you can do it very easily because you are awakened now your spirit is awakened but if you would not meditate …I will come back to the same point How that will enlighten your brains …Which are very much complicated …
The complication can only go if you again meditate …I am insisting on that very much …I am very much insisting because Shudy Camp [unclear………] is a wrong idea …This is the first step now …The first step forward …[unclear ] is far off still.
So let’s have some music …
A little bit not much because I think we should sleep and again tomorrow meditate,… otherwise …
[Music Performance]
[Shri Mataji’s speech which was not audible]