Shudy Camps Ashram Inauguration

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Talk to yogis on Shudy Camp Ashram Inauguration. Shudy Camps (England), 2 August 1986.

It’s so very joyous to see you all here assembled together. I’ve to thank you very much for getting such a nice place as this Shudy Camp; I’ve given it a new name, Shoody Camp meaning cleansing camp which is such an ancient building. It has gone through various stages of history and has kept the mark of all these times and now you have to build up the future on this land, on this spot, in this building.

Also I’m thankful to you for buying such a nice comfortable car for Me. I thought I was supposed to buy but everybody said, “No, we are supposed to buy it for You, Mother.” This is the first house that is in My name, first house I own and this is the first car I have owned in My name. I’m so proud that My children have bought it for Me. They have, with their love and affection have bought this huge big place as well as the car for My dwelling as well as for My comfort.

When we come on this earth, when the incarnations descend they don’t need a building at all; they have a dwelling that’s face the sky and the clouds are the curtains and grass is their bed and all the directions are the worms. But when they reside in the heart of their children, in the heart of their bhaktas, the heart of their devotees, then these beautiful hearts create something so artistic and then re-creates according to his own expression of love.

This is what you have done by buying this house and by buying this car, amen. I don’t need any conveyance, you know that. But in the modern times the conveyance has changed. It started with a little mouse, changing into a car, maybe an aeroplane. But actually what is My conveyance is? My conveyance is your heart, only through your heart I can be carried. There’s no other way out. Your sincerity, your devotion, your love, that can only carry your Mother and this is a symbol of that.

Matter has only one facility that you can express your heart through these material things. Your nobility, your graciousness, your generosity is expressed through matter. I do that Myself and now you have done it this time; I’m thankful to you. As you know very well that I cannot be contained into anything, neither in this house, neither in England nor in India, nor in the whole universe. I’m rather too large, but of course in your heart, I can. And that is how your heart should be. For Me, a comfortable place like a lotus to relax, to realize My own love. When all these things happen, so much adoration is poured on your Mother you just get boundless; you spread out, you reach such spots in the whole of humanity, everywhere I can feel the worship, the enjoyment of millions of millions who died before, who are there and who will be there. All this expands you into a very subtle sensibility of feeling every suffering soul, every tortured person, every unhappy being, every seeker, every Sahaja Yogi all over the world. In you I see their reflection.

In the same way you all have to expand, expand yourself, that’s very important for England. As I said, England is the heart and the spirit resides in the heart but spirit moves out of the heart sometimes, it does. And is reflected through the soul and recently I told in Italy that Italy is the soul. That’s why you have to go by a special plane to Italy to reflect. But now Italians have come here. The soul had to come to the spirit.

So let us not be materialistic, for a change. Let us not be mundane but work out your spiritual hankering through its fulfillment. You have seen, so many in India, Ajanta, which was built in eleven centuries, which is built in a range of half-circular mountains. The stones were hewed from top to bottom and the height of some of these is more than eighty feet, the caves and in eleven centuries how they worked it out, that first they made a general plan of it. Then they made the division of it, like that it went on till it came to the detailed working. Generations after generations, in the praise of Lord Buddha whom they had not seen, they had never known, only in dedication to Him.

They worked in that jungle, in that forest, day in and day out, for eleven centuries to build that Ajanta where even their names are not there; no one knows who were responsible, who did it. Without leaving any traces, just for their emancipation, of expression of their adoration for Lord Buddha because He talked of self-realization; only talked, didn’t give. For eleven generations or may be more because in one century there are at least two generations; maybe twenty-one generations worked, one after another to build that huge thing of seven miles. And the whole thing is so smooth, like this, like the tent that the roof is extremely smooth, as if a tent has been put up, and even there is this kind of a looseness, that you can see in this tent and when the wind blows, how the cloth goes into folds with all the beautiful paintings on them, is shown. What was it that made it? Who was the one who guided them? They had never seen Buddha.

We have got realization, we’re much higher people than all of them. We have much more capacities. Now in Delhi they have discovered that Sahaja Yogis have a greater resistance for digestion, skin resistance and when they’re in thoughtless awareness there are no electrical charges in the brain. So their brains are preserved and are going to be very dynamic for a long time. It’s going to be published on the eighth of this month.

So one has to know that we are born in a very dynamic time, historical times. Never before in history we had so many Sahaja Yogis. This is the time of the greatest revolution, greatest evolution and this is the time you’re going to achieve something that was never achieved before. Are we capable of calling ourselves Sahaja Yogis?

August is a very great month, specially for Me. Today is also a very great day, I should say. In the month of August, we got our independence, as you know, ninth of August, in India. But before that, in 1942, on the third of August, Mahatma Gandhi declared the movement of “Quit India,” of the British from India. And today on the same day you have welcomed Me in the heart of the heart, Shoody Camp. Eighth of August, as you know, is the day when Rabindranath Tagore was born and in our college we celebrated eighth of August and I remember it very clearly. And the ninth of August we all went on a strike.

In science college I remember I was a young girl of nineteen years and My professsor and My principal still remember all those things that happened. I was standing alone and behind Me were all the students who were doing the strike. When the military came in and they tried to threaten and do all kinds of things to Me. I said, “No, we’ll not enter into the college, today is the strike day.” When My principal came and he was very happy and they removed him for that. He has written a very nice letter to Me when he met Me the other day, when he saw Me as Mataji Nirmala Devi. It was a letter worth really remembering.

So this is the month of a very big change and revolution in India. But with that one has to remember that “Quit India” movement started all right and all kinds of sacrifices were done, people sacrificed so much that you cannot imagine how much people have to sacrifice. As today in South Africa, people are sacrificing so much for their freedom, much worse than in India, much worse. People sacrificed and sacrificed. As a result of those sacrifices, we got our independence and we have to thank the Labour government for that. If Mr. Attlee was not chosen by the Divine we would never have got our independence.

We got our independence and graciously English left us, that was something really great of them, in those days to do it. But that independence was just a political independence, political freedom but today you have the ultimate, ultimate freedom. You got the freedom of your spirit which is not attached to anything, which is not anything but the spirit, which is absolute, which is neither English nor Indian nor Australian, which is not this house, which is not anything but the spirit itself, the complete freedom you’ve got. In that freedom you have to rise. Still we have considerations of brothers, sisters, children, wife; no, you are the spirit.

You have to sacrifice. For Me, nothing is like sacrificing because I don’t know what am I sacrificing. In the same way what we call sacrifice at that stage should be Sahaj now for us, Sahaj. That time it was a sacrifice but today it should be Sahaj. We’ve gained so much in Sahaja Yoga. In that freedom fight, they gained nothing. But what are we sacrificing? Just our ego and this is what English have to come up to. “What have I sacrificed for Sahaja Yoga? What have I done for Sahaja Yoga? How much I have exploited it?” We must think it over; it’s very important.

You left an empire; India was the gem. On that earning you are still having your doles today. Such a rich country you left, richest of all in the whole world was India. You don’t know how rich India was and is today even if you see to it. And you left that country, you are a small country. You don’t have any riches as such, nothing, but in your greatness you left it. Nobody will leave like that. Your forefathers did it. It’s a great sacrifice I think, from the worldly point of view.

So we have to now understand that, we must have confidence in ourselves in such a way that whatever we sacrifice, what do we sacrifice? In this maya you sacrifice something and how much you get out of it. Just the maya is testing you.

So for today you have sacrificed a lot, given lot of money to have this house, and I know that. You’ll be amazed I’m not worried about My own money, how much it is spent here and there. But for your money I’m very hard on all of them and the leaders might be thinking I’m so miserly but this is public money, not only public, this is the blood of My children.

So again on this great occasion, this joyous occasion, in the month of August we’re having this beautiful place now and with this one we’ll have many in future. I hope we’ll occupy the whole place quite a lot. Already the neighbours must have run away and we’re going to manage somehow or other to purchase all these places here. You have to desire it. Behind every desire there has to be the action and in that action you have to sacrifice. But if you say it laboriously, “I’m sacrificing, sacrificing,” it’s not a divine thing to do, should be done in such a joyous way.

I hope now, today you will all promise Me that every morning you’re going to meditate, every morning, everyone, no excuses, you’re not going to excuse yourself. Unless and until you meditate I cannot do what I want to do in Shoody Camp. No laziness, no excuses, no telling lies, not deceiving yourself; all of you are going to meditate, that is one promise. And the rest I’ll look after, the rest I will look after. You’ll just decide to meditate everyday, everyday. That’s one more thing you have to give Me is the promise that you will all meditate everyday in the morning time and evening time if you do foot-soaking is good for you, not for Me. Everything’s so spontaneous, so beautiful, how it has worked out.

Now to end it up I’ll give you a very good example of manifestation of another miracle that has taken place, how it works out. You know we have bought a plot of land of forty-two acres in Vaitarna for the education of children. And the Bombay people went there and planted some three hundred trees and also they had a paddy farming started there. Before the school starts they thought something should be done about it. But the villagers around would bring their cattle, their cows, and their goats and all of them to graze in that ground. So they got very much worried and the Sahaja Yogis in Vaitarna also said that, “You shouldn’t this, this is Mother’s land.” Again they had a meeting of the villagers, they told, “This is Mother’s land, you better not come here.” They wouldn’t listen to them.

And one day suddenly in the daytime a very big tiger appeared, very big tiger, of a very large size. And he started roaring and jumping all over, running all over the place whatever we had purchased and all that. And everyday he did it for five days and they got such a fright that they took away their lock, stock and barrel, as you say, and everything. Their cattle and their everything they took away, tied it together and all of them. They’ve also removed their huts, I’m told, they’re so frightened. And this tiger is nobody else but is Bhairavanathji. He does that and you know that He’s St. George who’s working so very hard. Nobody has seen a tiger there the last thirty years and that area is not known at all for tigers and such a big tiger, they said.

So thank you very much, may God bless you.

Now if you want to give Me flowers you can do that and also I would request you to have your food, it’s very late already. And do you want to have some music or something after that? You can have, what’s the harm? You could have your food here if you like. It’s quite a warm place isn’t it? Is there a heater here? No? You all should freeze in this place.

There are so many sayings in English language, if you just pay attention to it. One of them is: oranges and lemons, sold for a penny; that’s for our, you see, treatment, with the lemons we have. And there’s another one: London Bridge is falling down, suggesting that what we believe into, all these bridges is not important. The bridge with God has to be built and expressing that material things should fall down. And then: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. There are so many things that explain that people knew what it was going to be.

It’s so surprising that there’s a poet called Lewis. He has written, I don’t know if you have read it or not, have you brought that? I wish you had. About the procession he saw in India of you people, you haven’t got it? How many of you have read that? That’s very exclusive! Surprising, nobody has that. All right, tomorrow. Remember all that you have to get from there. Mr. Djamel has to bring many things, I think.

Also there’s a Commonwealth meeting going on, better give bandhan, specially to our Indian Prime Minister who is a realized soul and they were telling Me that all the terrorists have joined together to kill him. And our High Commissioner also, his wife told Me that all the terrorists have arrived.

Do you know in London, who rules? St. George. How dare anybody touch that. St. George rules there, so we don’t need a tiger. It’s all right, He’s already there, settled down.

Thank you very much, all these and I went to…, beautiful, all right. These are all wild flowers, you’ll be amazed the country has such an abundance of these wonderful flowers and so unique. See this one is Ganesha’s flower here, see this one is the wild flower, you like to see? Such beautiful flowers, see this one, two colors of Ganesha. And they last and last, you see, they don’t need much water, nothing, keep them and they last and last. Exactly four. See how beautiful they are. It’s beautiful.