A feeling of confusion Saint-Michel College, Etterbeek (Belgium)

Public Program. 1986-09-17

We are living in these modern times which are very eventful In last 50 of 60 years so many things have happened and the churning should bring forth many truths before us First we have to realize that man has separated from each other. The relationships that existed once upon a time are no more to be found today. And on the collective level we are waiting for a shock. God knows what sort of a disaster is going to fall upon us. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: How To Be Respected, Leadership The Hague Ashram, The Hague (Holland)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, How To Be Respected, Leadership and Administration,The Hague (Holland), September 17th, 1986

Now. (Hindi aside)

So. Now to, you see, to influence other people we must know how much control we have upon ourselves also; that’s very important.

For example, some people, you see, have no proper image and they try to influence others, so it’s a mockery. Nobody gets influenced by such a person who himself has no image of his own. […]