The tree of life is upside down

Hall Cocteau, Ghent (Belgium)

1986-09-18 The Tree Of Life Is Upside Down, Ghent Belgium DP-RAW, 184'
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Public Program, Ghent, 1986-0918

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The truth is absolute. But human awareness has not reached the state to be aware of the truth. To know the truth, one has to know it on your central nervous system. You cannot know it by your mental projections. Whatever you have discovered so far, was already there and that’s how you have discovered it. The truth that we have to know, is a very simple thing. That we are the Spirit. The Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty. We are the reflectors of that Spirit. So far, the reflection is not so clearcut, and to become the Spirit, we have to understand that it cannot be done by our efforts. It’s an evolutionary process, which has brought us to this stage of human beings. We have come from the amoeba stage to this stage without putting any efforts whatsoever.

Now if we have to go higher, we cannot put in any effort for it, nor can we pay for it. Many people think that paying money you will achieve God. God doesn’t understand money. These are all man-made ideas. You cannot pay for it, you cannot think about it, you have to become, becoming is the point. The actualizing is the point, it’s not believing, that I belong to this organization or to this kind of a group that you think that you have achieved anything. By certifying yourself, you do not become. For example, if I say I am the governor of Belgium, do I become? And the becoming has to be on your central nervous system.

As I told you yesterday that you can take a dog through a dirty lane, but a human being cannot pass through that, because a human being has a higher awareness that he can feel the dirt and filth and can smell it. And there is a higher state, where you become absolute and there are no temptations. No enslavement to any kind of drugs or alcoholism or any habit whatsoever, you become your master. That state one has to achieve. Now, how do we achieve it is the point.

In the scriptures, not much is written, except that it is written that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. These are the centres, the chakras. And it’s also said that there is a tree of life. Also, we have heard that the disciples of Christ got the Holy Ghost upon them and they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and they got Realization. They started talking the language of the chakras and people thought they were mad. And when they started moving their hand, moving the hands the way the energy is moving, the people thought that they are really lunatics. That Shri Krishna has described in Gita, that the tree of life is upside down. The roots are in the brain and the branches go down in all directions.

So, when the human awareness grows in its own, on its own, it goes downwards. That explains why our science has made a hydrogen bomb, an oxygen bomb and other kinds of bombs. How our human awareness has taken us to so many diseases. How have we gone to our destruction through creating machinery or creating all these things indiscriminately out of proportion? How we have created the ecological problems of imbalances by our wrong attitude towards the Mother Earth. Because mental projection is linear. It moves in one direction and then recoils back. It has no balance. In the same way, emotionally we are ruined people. Our societies are broken. We feel like an orphan all the time insecure. Politically we are confused we do not know what to do. So, there must be some point, that finishes this relativity. What is that absolute point? They say, that within us there is an autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? This auto is the spirit. He resides in all of you, and the machinery which is going to work out this evolution is also within you.

Whatever he has described to you about the chakras, are the different milestones of our evolution. So now, we have to understand that the last triggering has to take place. And the residual energy which is the kundalini is sitting in the triangular bone watching that. Now I have heard that many people asked me lots of questions regarding kundalini. That some people have written that it is a dangerous thing, for Kundalini awakening. Yesterday as I told you that somebody who is not authorized, who does not know electricity can put his fingers inside the plug and say that it is dangerous. The person who has to awaken the kundalini has to be an authorized person by the Divine. Such a person is called as Sadguru, means the Guru who makes you meet the Divine. This cannot be marketed and a person who doesn’t himself lead a detached life cannot do it. The one who is interested in your purse or in your wives cannot be a man authorized. He has to be a pure personality and those who write against kundalini are the unauthorized people.

Actually, kundalini is the primordial Mother expressed in you. We say there is a trinity the God Almighty, and the Son and the Holy Ghost. How can you have a son without the wife, without the Mother? So, what is this Holy Ghost? It is the energy of God which is the Primordial Mother. Which was not explained at that time because of certain reasons but we can logically understand this is the primordial Mother accepted everywhere in all other scriptures. This primordial Mother which is expressed within you is the kundalini. How can any mother trouble her child? But this is the Divine Mother. Divine Mother who will give you your re-birth without giving any trouble to you, She takes up all the trouble. And you all have got your own individual Mother coiled into your triangular bone at the base of the spine.
So, it is all there within you already. In the triangular bone you have the kundalini and in the heart the spirit, the spark. Now, the in the heart the reflection of the God Almighty comes from the head here, the top of the head. So, when the kundalini rises, she pierces through this fontanel bone area and heart enlightens your awareness.
This is the real baptism, not artificial that anybody can put a hand here and say in the name of God Almighty I baptize you, it’s artificial. When this enlightenment takes place, then the first thing happens to you that in your attention you become collectively conscious. Now, just now we are all sitting here and we do not know what problems we have within ourselves, till we become very serious we don’t know anything about our body. Till people go to the lunatic asylum they don’t know what their mind is up to, but once you get your enlightenment you can feel it on your fingertips as soon as there is some imbalance in you or something is going wrong within yourself, you diagnose it. You don’t need a doctor, you don’t have to go to a pathologist, you don’t have to do all the test, immediately you will know, that you are suffering from this trouble or that trouble.
Now if you know how to correct it, you are alright. Then another point is that you become aware about other’s problems also, that you can feel other’s centres. You don’t suffer but like a barometer, you can feel another person on your fingertips. And if you know how to correct those you can cure people. Without any operation without any injection, without any of these horrible things that they do therapies. You don’t have to insert pins and things in your body, with acupuncture and all that. Moreover, as you get connected with the all-pervading power of vitality, you feel extremely energetic and satisfied. As a result of this, you feel extremely peaceful within yourself.

The kundalini strings all your centres, mental, physical, emotional, and you feel absolutely integrated. When you feel that peace within yourself, a transformation comes in, your priorities change, and you start seeing things from a different perspective because you become the witness of the whole play. It is like this that if you are standing in the waves, you are frightened of the waves, but when you get into the boat, you can see the waves and you can enjoy them. This is the state you can easily achieve, but people don’t want to eat the food this way, they want to go round and eat it. It has to be simple, whatever vital has to be simple. For example, for our breathing, if we have to go to a library, read the books and then learn reading, none of us will exist. In the same way, our evolution has to be simple. But we have complicated ourselves. There are lots of yarns in our head. And lots of cow webs around, cow webs when we think of the past. You have to be in the present. Either we are in the future or in the past, we cannot be in the present.
If I ask you to pay attention to yourself, you cannot, you can pay attention to me but you cannot pay attention to yourself.
Now I would suggest like this is the attention you have for example, and the kundalini rises from down below, goes up and pierces through at the apex, here, the whole thing gets filled up with light, and with that light, you see things which are absolutely true. It gets enlightened and you start seeing things in a different perspective in an absolute way because your attention is enlightened. So, you become master of yourself.

It is something as I told you yesterday a very simple analogy of a motor car where we have the break and also the accelerator. So, we have got the left sympathetic and the right sympathetic to work it out, and we try that and learn driving and we become drivers, we drive automatically. Now, this is the third stage where you have a become a driver in a balance, but still, the master is sitting behind, by this happening you become the master, and you watch within yourself the driver, the break and the accelerator. And it happens, it happens to many people. Of course, some people it does not happen, maybe it is a very profound thing. And a little profanity is tested, perhaps you physically if you are not alright it may not happen. Or mentally if you are not alright it may not happen in that first beginning, but it happens in many people, spontaneously.

There are two problems or we say conditions, the first is you should not feel guilty, forget the past, you are not to feel guilty at all, because if you feel guilty the centre on this side gets very much caught. There is a big constriction, one very difficult for kundalini to pierce through. After all you are human beings and there is nothing to feel guilty after all you don’t have absolute awareness. You make mistake it’s alright, is all forgiven. So please don’t count your mistakes, but think that you are the epitome of this universe. You are the epitome of this creation because you are a human being. You are created very delicately, with great care, all the centres are made within you very properly and you have every right to get it, so why feel guilty?

The second condition is that you have to forgive everyone. They say it is very difficult, logically it is a myth. Whom, when you forgive or if you don’t forgive, what do you do to them? What do you do yourself? Nothing, it’s a myth, it’s a myth that even you forgive is a myth but when you do not forgive then you play into wrong hands. So, if you see it clearly, both of these things are mental projections, that I am guilty or that I cannot forgive. It’s a very easy thing just to say I forgive everyone, and let God look after all those who have troubled you. Then only you can see the powers of the Divine. For the first time when you get realization, you feel the all-pervading power of God’s love and you become fantastically expressive, expressive of your personality. For example, this machine has to be put to the mains to work out, in the same way, we are to be connected to the mains. We are carrying our loads out of ignorance like some people were told not to take too much luggage in the plane, so they put it on their heads. It’s that stupid. So now we have to have respect for ourselves, we have to love our self and laugh at these things that we were doing. That is not important. I am sure today also so many of you will get your realization. I would like you to ask me few questions if you have, but don’t be aggressive with me because I don’t want anything from you, I don’t want money, nothing, I have just come to give you something and you need not to slap me for that.

Sahaja Yogi: Everything is clear Shri Mataji, everything is clear.

Shri Mataji: Hmm all clear?
Sahaja Yogi: Everything is clear,

Shri Mataji: Clear? Good, hmm. There’s somebody who’s not yet clear ya.

Question: What is the result of the awakening of the kundalini when you are expecting a baby?

Shri Mataji: Oh! very great. (laughs). You’ll get a realized soul as your baby. Actually, you have come, perhaps you have a realized soul already there, here, because he must have driven you to this place. There are great saints who want to be born on this earth. But people are so confused, that they don’t want to be born to the parents who are confused.

All those people who have got realization through Sahaja yoga have got children who are born realized, of very great quality. Yes, here is she.

Question: Is there a difference between self-realization and enlightenment or self-realization refers that.

Shri Mataji: No, no it’s just the same. You see that it is when you put the light you get the light, that’s all. Alright? So when there’s a light, you see the light. There is no difference, it’s the same thing. And self-realization is the same thing when you know yourself, you know everything. But now you might get your kundalini to awaken, now, you will get your realization, but to make it steady you have to little bit keep it working it out at least for a month. It’s very simple to work it out. To keep it there you have to little bit work it out because as I said we are complicated and the `kundalini starts attending to all our complications, so we start feeling where is the kundalini lost now, so best thing is to understand how to raise the kundalini and you could be there. Now we have here a very nice centre in Ghent and you all are invited to it, you do not have to pay for anything. You just have to come, spend some time and get it fixed. (Laughs). I have been to America recently where they fixed everything. Everything, fix breakfast, fix this, fix that, fix kundalini, fix your realization (Laughs). Ya.

Sahaja Yogi: Another question?

Shri Mataji: There’s one gentleman.

Question: How can it, how can one fix it when you are, one is at home and there is no centre?

Shri Mataji: That’s very simple, they’ll tell you, he has fixed him, and he’ll tell you how he did it. (Laughs). He is all the time here. Yes, please. What’s he saying?

Question: Without a Guru, he says it must be difficult to have the enlightenment.

Shri Mataji: But you see you can have a Mother as a Guru. It’s better. Sadgurus, who are real Gurus are very difficult people. They are not in the market. They are very harsh people. I sent one, there was one Guru, Sadguru, who also called me Mother, and there was a difficult man so I, he the Guru said alright you send him to me. So I sent him to that Guru. Now this Guru doesn’t take any money, or anything, lives in a jungle, we call them avadhutas, and when he went to that Guru, he started telling them, that about me that Mother is giving realization to every Tom, Dick and Harry, it’s not good and it’s a very wrong thing She’s doing, like he started criticizing me. Now, this Guru has a tiger with him, he lives with a tiger. So this tiger, this fellow, he was sleeping on the ground, of course, there’s nothing to sleep also, so he threw this man into a khud about 18 feet down, in the night. So, so this third day he was lying there, the third day the Guru tied some bread and lowered it down at him, and gave him that bread to eat and lie down there itself, after two days then he sent some people to bring him up. And his both legs were broken. So he told him in the Marathi language that you put these legs around your neck and go to your Mother and She will put you right.
One day I was having a program like this, when I saw two persons bringing him, hanging like that you see, holding his legs, I got really such a frightened, tears started coming out of my eyes, I said what’s this? So, I said what has happened? He told me the whole story. I said that’s very bad. But what did you tell him? What was the thing? What did you criticize me? He said, “I just said that you give to everyone self-realization and all that, that’s all I said, I didn’t say much but what for did he punish me”? So I treated him and he was alright, then he never went to that Guru.

Another one I sent was a Doctor, I mean I should not have sent, but you see the Doctor was horrid, so I said alright go and see the Guru. And after say one and a half month the Doctor came, he was lean, absolutely thinned down, and was looking like a TB patient, I said what have you done? So he said “Maharaj”, that was the Guru, “told me to wash one Shiva temple which I had to climb 3 miles up with two buckets in my hand”. I said every day? “Yes, every day”. I asked this Guru, what do you mean by doing like this to the people I send you, this is too much. He said, “to the donkey give donkey’s work”. He said, “I am not a Mother to spoil him”. I said I am not going to send anyone to you. He said “you will, because you’ll have very hard people” (laughs), no no no no, I am not going to, if anybody wants to go, I can give you the address. (laughs). Alright, that’s good.


Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Sahaja Yogi: He prefers that kind of Guru.

Shri Mataji: Hmm?

Sahaja Yogi: He likes that kind of Guru.

Shri Mataji: Oh! That’s it. Better have him (laughs) Alright.


Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji could you explain what is the true relation between a mother and a son and is there a scientific relation to it.
Shri Mataji: Spiritual way you want to know? Alright. Now the spiritual way is like this there is God Almighty alright? The whole thing starts when God Almighty thinks of creation. So, He becomes separated from the energy or his desire to create. Now, this energy is the Primordial Mother, and in the Sanskrit language it is called as Adi Shakti and in the English language as Holy Ghost. Then they produced a child in the way, what we call it as Omkara, is the one which is the purity, which is not the human way, but in a spiritual way which I can tell you, later on, it’s a long process I mean thousands of years have taken to do that but, still you can say the innocence is the child which is produced. It is the immaculate way of producing a child.
Now when I say I am your Mother spiritually, I put you in my heart, and put your re-birth through my Sahasrara is we can call this is the limbic area in my brain. And from there I give you the second birth. But when you get it, the power flows through your hands also. You also become empowered and you can raise the kundalini of others, and give them realization.
Like one light can enlighten another light. Like one candle which is ready can be enlightened by any candle which is enlightened. So, this is the relationship where the Mother, that is your kundalini, that is the Mother Kundalini in you, She rises and gives you your second birth. Now in this small lecture I cannot explain the whole creation and everything but if the gentleman comes to Sahaja yoga, you’ll be surprised, I must have given at least 3000 lectures in the English language alone, maybe more I don’t know, minimum, I don’t know. I mean for the last 16 years I have been talking, and now I am 64 years. I don’t know for how long I have to talk still. So, in any case, you can listen to my lectures or you can come and they will explain to you, alright?
But in any case, if you are hungry you better have your food. You better get your realization. Because any amount of questioning and explanation is not going to help that. That’s a spontaneous thing a living process. It is a living process again I say, like a seed sprouting, a some may sprout, some may not.

Sahaja Yogi: There is something Shri Mataji you can say about Christ, what he says Christ consciousness.

Shri Mataji: Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is at this centre, where we call it the Agnya chakra, this is the Christ consciousness, when you come to the Christ consciousness when the kundalini comes up to the Christ consciousness, as they say, is the gate, you have to pass through that gate of Christ. Christ is nothing but the reincarnation of the innocence, the child that was created by the primordial Father and the Mother. And when you reach that state of consciousness, at the consciousness where Christ is awakened within you, you have a tremendous capacity to forgive others. By your forgiving you cure others. And you become absolutely peaceful and thoughtlessly aware. Zen has talked about it. You become thoughtlessly aware at that point. That means you stand in the present moment. I can talk on this also for hours (laughs). Krishna consciousness is at this level.

Sahaja Yogi: There is one more question Shri Mataji.
The gentleman asks if you can say something about the Shri Chakra.

Shri Mataji: Shri Chakra (laughs). You want to know about everything. Alright, the problem is like this. When you come in this room you see lots of lights, now if you have to put on the lights, what do you say, “Mother please let me see the switch?” And put on the switch, comes in and you get the light, all right? But if I have to tell you all about the history of electricity, all about the mechanism of electricity and all about the organization behind it, you will get bored, but still I will tell you if you want to know. There is something definitely a big organization, there is a big history also no doubt. But what you have to do is switch on.
The people who have never known about the Goddess or the Primordial Mother to them it might be a new knowledge that She has on Her right-hand side the centre called Shri Chakra, which works all creativity. On the left-hand side, She has another one called Lalita Chakra. Now why Indians knew about it? Because in the West as we can say that it was a too much struggle with nature and people took to extroversion and the knowledge of the West is the knowledge of the tree. While in India, the knowledge was of the roots because they didn’t have to fight the nature so much. And that’s how they came to know about all these centres. But doesn’t matter whether it is from the roots or it is from the tree, they should be interchanged. Only thing what we have to do is to understand that now we need roots to grow more than the tree.

Now, so already many have got. Now there a few things one has to do, is there a carpet?