How do we get to the roots?

Antwerp (Belgium)

1986-09-19 How Do We Get To The Roots? Antwerp Belgium DP-RAW, 175'
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Public Program, Brussels 1986-0919

In the world today, we find an uncertain fear of a great shock. (I think little louder, they are not hearing) It could be from the atomic explosion, could be from some financial catastrophe, but the destruction is now going to come through our inner being. We have paid attention to the outward world, but we have paid no attention whatsoever to our inner being. In the west, the search has been outside, how to master all the elements. And the whole thing has grown as a big tree out of proportion to its roots. And we do not know what our roots are. Such a tree which is so much outgrown has not grown its roots and has not been able to supply the vital energy, is about to collapse. But this tree is within every individual. Which grows downward from the head. And the roots are in the head.
When we go on using our human awareness, we start building up mental conceptions.
There are mental conceptions about God, there are mental conceptions about eternal life, there are mental conceptions about the spirit. Mental conceptions are not the reality. Reality is what it is. We have to very humbly accept that we have to know the reality. But to know the reality we have to get to the roots. And how do we get to the roots? That means we have to be subtler human beings. That means this human awareness can only go up to a gross level. But it has to go to a subtler level where you can feel and understand reality.
The reality is that the whole world is created by God Almighty. Whether you believe it in it or not He exists. Now the time has come to prove His existence, that is not possible by raising mosques and temples and churches. That is not possible only by singing His praises. That is only possible if you can be connected with Him. And so far, you are not connected with Him.
Supposing sitting in Ghent I have imagined I am sitting before you it would not have been so. I had to come to Brussels to meet you, in the same way, we have to go into the realm of God Almighty, to feel Him and not to just believe that we are one with God. So whatever Gregoire has told you is the knowledge of the roots. Even the knowledge that he’s told you remains just a mental conception for you because you have not had the experience. Till you have not reached that stage it is all just talk, talk, talk, talk.
At the beginning of life, the people started talking about God Almighty, those who have felt His experience as a living God. They were very few people, and such few people could not impress on the masses and people thought they were mad people, gradually whatever they said started showing result so people started believing in them. But all the great incarnation and all the great prophets, who came, to tell the truth, were either crucified or tortured or killed. Nobody believed them, not only that they did not believe but they tortured them, this is the curse of ignorance. Compete for ignorance, now, how to make people understand, is a big problem that whatever they said was the truth.
One has to go beyond this human awareness to see the truth, that’s what they said. When they said so, people started going to the left and the right as shown in the picture here, on the left side and the right side. And on the left side is our subconscious and collective subconscious. On the right side is our supra-conscious and collective supra-conscious. By going to the collective subconscious they got possessed. And they thought they were leading a very eternal life.
For example, if somebody starts jumping in his chair, they think they have achieved God. Like the other day, one gentleman told me that he has read in an Indian book that if your kundalini is awakened you jump like a frog. Now, we are not going to become frogs in the evolutionary process. So, if you go to the subconscious and the collective subconscious you get into different troubles. When some of these fake gurus mesmerize you, you really get captivated and mesmerized and you forget one simple factor that you cannot achieve God by paying money to them. And God does not understand money and nobody can take money in the name of God. Nobody can live with the earnings of money in the name of God. There cannot be any livelihood by which you preach people and make money. So, one simple ignorant thing is that you cannot pay money for all your ascent.
It is the evolutionary process which is a living process of the living God. Now, this living process acts in a way which is living like a seed sprouting. When you put the seed in the Mother Earth, then it sprouts by itself because the Mother Earth has got the power to sprout the seed, but you cannot pull out the premule of the seed and say now the seed has sprouted. So, you cannot put in any effort, it has to work spontaneously.
Some people think that if they stand on their head, their kundalini will rise. Supposing you put the seed upside down, will it sprout? So, second understanding should be that you cannot sprout a seed by artificial means, it has to be through some living process. In the same way, our evolution will take place in a living spontaneous manner.
Now, thirdly we have to understand that when you achieve a higher state of your evolution then you should not suffer. When we became human beings from the monkey stage, the tail was cut, did we feel the pain? It happened smoothly, without any trouble. But one needs a profound understanding that living process takes its own course and works out in its own way.
Many people say that there were very few realized souls in the olden times. Alright, at the beginning on a tree there can be only one or two flowers, but there could be a blossom time, and at the blossom time many flowers get transformed into the fruit stage. Perhaps that blossom time has come today, and that many flowers have to become the fruits.
So many ask me, what is the advantage of getting self-realization? Self is the auto within us, who is at the human level is just flickering like a little flame in the heart. He knows the field in which we are working, but he is not in our awareness nor in our attention. How to bring him into our attention is the problem, once he ignites, the attention, a person becomes an enlightened person. As a result of that, the first thing that happens to him is that he becomes in-charge of himself. No temptations, no habits, nothing can dominate such a person. He becomes fearlessly compassionate. He gets complete integration of his mind and his body and is absolutely at a point from where he witnesses the whole play of the Divine. As a result, he becomes like a peaceful witness who is not bothered about what is happening around him.
When we are standing in the water, we are afraid that we might be drowned and we are afraid of the waves. But if we go on to a boat, then we can watch the waves without getting disturbed, also we can solve the problems much better because we are now detached from that problem. But the really most obvious thing that happens to us, is that we become collectively conscious. That means our own awareness which did not even know about ourselves can know about others. On your fingertips, you can feel the centres of your own being and also the centres of others.
Now you must have seen a radio working and television working through the ether. Ether we never knew before, but say there is another ether which is enlightenment, the all-pervading power of God’s love and you get connected with it, then there is no problem. You become fantastic, as this instrument when connected starts acting, in the same way, you start acting according to that all-pervading power. And when that happens you are amazed at yourself, how? I never knew I was so great. You are at the epitome of this creation. Ready to be connected. A soon as you are connected you realize that you are great. but that connection has to happen. As a result of this happening your attention gets enlightened and in connection with the all-pervading power sitting down here, you establish communication with everyone.
All the telecommunications and all these things you have developed by human awareness exist in a much more efficient way in that all-pervading power. But in our own effort, we are so frustrated that we can’t believe it that we can be that fantastic, in our effort we are so frustrated. But all the mental projections are limited. They are linear in their movement and they recoil back.
I remember I came to Brussels in 1965, and at that time shipping was booming here. And today you find shipping is in a downward movement, the reason is all these enterprises move in a linear way and then recoil back. And then we get so much frustrated and disappointed that we think this world is no good. We can’t believe that even we can get self-realization. The other day one gentleman told me that he does not believe there is that absolute truth either. But your spirit is the absolute, and whatever it tells you on your fingertips, is the absolute truth. The all-pervading power feels on the fingertips as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Actually, you feel the kundalini coming out of your fontanel bone area as the actual baptism. That one has to experience because the time has come, and because you are deserving.
There are only two conditions I can say on you. One is that you should not feel guilty or in any way inadequate. Because after all you are human beings and if you have committed mistakes what’s wrong, you are not God. So, you should not try to feel guilty at all by any chance, do not count your sins and all this nonsense. And the second condition is that you must forgive everyone else. Many people say that it is very difficult, but it is a myth. We do not forgive, in reality, we also, when we say we forgive, we do not forgive or forgive, it’s the same. Actually, we do not do anything, but when we forgive, when we say we forgive we do not play into the hands of the wrong people. You’ll feel a great load lifted from your head when you say that. So, you have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive others that’s all, both are mental conjectures. So please have respect for yourself.
I think the time is rather short and if I prolong the lecture it can go no for hours but I must have given thousands of lectures in the English language, the lecture is not going to explain it, you have to have the experience.
Would you like to ask me questions?
The audience asks a question.
Sahaja Yogi: We have laid out what has to happen, but how can he have the proof that he has the real practice, the real practice that he is doing.
Shri Mataji: the Real practice of what?
Sahaja Yogi: the Real practice of the truth. He says the theory is alone is nothing, not the real practice How can we experience that we are really practising it.
Shri Mataji: What?
Sahaja Yogi: If that we are really doing is right?
Shri Mataji: I didn’t follow it
Sahaja Yogi: He says theory alone doesn’t satisfy him, how can he be sure that he is really experiencing something real?
Shri Mataji: Oh! I see, Now, there is a very good method of finding it out. There is a method called a method of relativity. Like I once I went to Puna and there were some people who were very much boasting that they were Brahmins and things like that. So, I said brahmins are those who have known the Braham, the all-pervading power and those who have had their self-realization. So, they got very angry with me, and they came forward and their hands started shaking like this. So, I said why your hands are shaking? They said because you are shakti that’s why our hands are shaking. I said but do you think there is nothing wrong with you? They said “No”. “See these people who are sitting this side, their hands are also shaking,” I said, “go and ask them who they are”? So, when they went and asked, they said “we are certified mad people, from a lunatic asylum, and that’s why we are shaking”, the rest were not shaking.
So, to make it out whether it is real or not, whether the kundalini has come up is the real or not is by using it for others, for example with this happening many people have got cured of many diseases. One of the things, one of the things I am saying. In Delhi University we have a doctor’s who was the head of the physiology, he got cured and his granddaughter got cured, and then he started working on different patients to see who were cured with Sahaja yoga and he was amazed, how many incurable diseases were cured. So now Delhi University has accepted Sahaja Yoga as a subject that will give you a doctor of Medicine after doing your MBBS, the graduation. It is not difficult for Indians to understand what is real and what is unreal, because we know that there are gurus who are fake, there are gurus who are not gurus and gurus who are crooks, and there are gurus who are real gurus. The whole Indian life is based upon the idea that one must get realization, if not in one life in another life, one has to get realization. They are knowledgeable about this. But in the west people are not knowledgeable. That’s why all kinds of fake gurus have come here to make money. These gurus cannot make money in India. Even an ordinary farmer will tell him you get lost, I have had, I have known all sorts of things like this. The real guru does not take any money, that’s the first thing.
I happen to come to the west because my husband got elected to a post, that’s how I am here. But here everybody pays money so they can’t understand anything that can happen without money. The guru is at such a position that you cannot give anything to the guru, he is not on the receiving end, he is on the giving end. Those who are on the receiving end are parasites, have no self-respect. Living on the earnings of others in the name of God. Whatever they may call it, any sophisticated name they may have, but it’s true it’s not a very respectable life.
Audience asks question
Sahaja Yogi: The gentleman asks that the colours that are surrounding you Shri Mataji do they have anything to do with the colours that one can see in auras and that one can use to cure.
Shri Mataji: I can’t hear because of this, it vibrates too much, can you tell me again
Sahaj Yogi: He Asks that the colours that surround you like yellow, and blue, whether it has anything to do with the colours of the chakras that they use to cure.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, you shouldn’t see all that. If you are seeing that, then you are on the right side in the supra-conscious. You should see me as I am. That is the best to be in the centre. Some see yellow, some see green, some see anything, that has nothing to do with me in reality. Yes, of course, there are colours but you shouldn’t see them. That means you are getting little out of focus. Better see me as I am, that is better. If you are futuristic, if you are right sided, then you start seeing colours. But please try to avoid them. It will all work out don’t you worry. Human beings are either on the right or left all the time. So, there’s nothing new about it. They are in the future or in the past not in the centre, in the present. Only after kundalini awakening, it happens.
Is there any other question now?
Sahaja Yogi: The question is, can we see inside our spirit when we are…….
Shri Mataji: You should not see when you see you are not there. If you can see the light then you are not the light, but when you are the light, you give light to others, you have the powers of the light, if you see the light then it is a short circuit, the flow is not alright. Those who see the light are on the supra-conscious. You should not see, you should become, empowered.
Audience asks question
Sahaja Yogi: Translates the question
Shri Mataji: He says markets are full with ideas my child, these are all marketing you know Indian sadhus, gurus marketing nonsense. I am sorry for that, that’s true it is, a lot of it is going on, but it is like any other market. Everything should be logical and after realization, you should know each and everything, there should be no secrets. Now, all these people can give realization, all these people know about Sahaja yoga, completely about everything, about the chakras everything, better than doctors know about parasympathetic. They know all about mantras, what mantra is to be said on one chakra, where to take it, what is the problem, what is the block, everything they know, but while these gurus will tell you one mantra, you sit with this mantra, why this mantra, why not ask a question, what is this mantra special for, and some of them are so stupid if Indians are there we can understand, some of them I heard were like inga, pinga thinga, these are not Sanskrit words, you tell some Indian he’ll laugh. That’s it, I tell you I am sorry but, something has gone wrong that people are being misled, I know I am very sorry for that but doesn’t matter, whatever it is you’ll get your realization. If you are a seeker, you’ll get your realization, doesn’t matter. You just don’t worry. Alright.
So now, there’s one more question.
Audience asks question
Shri Mataji: What is it, it’s a long question.
Sahaja Yogi translates the question
Shri Mataji: Physical level, lots of it. It’s there. It requires another lecture, but I can show you, alright? If you have somebody is sick I’ll show you how to cure them, that’s the best, yesterday we cured so many people, and I was there till 1’o clock in the night curing people, it’s very simple, you don’t have to do much it just works out, but now for this you need a big lecture on all these, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, and everything about it. You just have to touch and you cure people, you have to just look at people and you can cure them, alright? It’s a big lecture you need, there are lectures on that also, I have given lectures in the universities, medical, you can go through them, alright let’s have it. And as I say if you are hungry, you’ll ask for your dinner that’s all.
Now, just one thing I have to tell you that this cannot be forced on you, your freedom is going to be respected, because you have to achieve your ultimate freedom, so those who do not want to have it, should leave and should leave us alone and should not disturb, it will hardly take 10 minutes, nothing will go wrong with you, and you will get the experience because you are just there, most of you will get it, if don’t get it, we will work it out. But please, after getting realization you must respect it, it should not be that after sprouting the seed it goes to waste or lies on the street for drying out.
In Brussels, we have a centre? We have a centre in Brussels, and I would say that it may be a very humble place now because as you know we don’t take money, must be a humble place but where ever it is please locate it, and attend to it for a month or so and then you will know that you have become the master.
Alright. To help out in every way we have to understand that we take help from nature, especially from the Mother Earth, so you have to take out your shoes, just to touch the ground. You may also take out your spectacles if you want to because you have to keep your eyes shut, later on, when I tell you, or you can loosen your ties if possible if it is tight if it is not it’s alright.
Those who want to leave should leave now, but in between please do not disturb. All of you must do this, otherwise, others feel disturbed.
Now as it is the left hand represents your desire to achieve anything. So please put the left hand towards me like this, this means you are desiring to have your realization. Now the right hand represents your action physical and mental. Now you have to raise your own kundalini, and only I will guide you how to do it.
You’ll put your left hand towards me all the time and you’ll have to close your eyes later on. First put your hand on your heart, on your heart which is the centre of which is the residence of your spirit. No, left hand towards me, left hand towards me, left hand towards me, right hand on the heart. Now you don’t have to move the left hand keep it as it is. Now the second position of this right hand is in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, we are working only on the left-hand side, now this is the centre of your mastering.
Then the second position is in the lower part of your abdomen, on the left side you have to press it, this is the centre of Swadishthana, which works out the divine laws. So, you have to have pure knowledge for that. Now, then you have to raise your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Now please raise your right hand on your heart, now, raise your right hand after that in the corner of your left shoulder and your neck, like this from the front and turn your head to the right. This centre catches when you people feel guilty. Now, raise this hand on your forehead across like this and press it on both the sides. Now, take back this hand on the back side of your head and put the load of your head on that and look upwards, now stretch your hand and the palm is to be put in the centre here just on this bone which was a soft bone called as fontanel bone like that. Keep the left hand towards me, now press it hard by stretching your fingers and move it seven times. That’s all, that’s all you have to do.
Now please close your eyes, please close your eyes, you don’t have to open your eyes till I tell you. Please close your eyes because your attention should not be outside, please close your eyes. Now, keep the left hand towards me constantly and right hand on the heart. Don’t open the eyes, please. Now here at this position you have to ask me a very fundamental question. Please ask the question, Mother am I the spirit? If you can call me Shri Mataji or Mother, am I the spirit? Ask this question three times, please.
Now take this right hand down on to the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now here you have to ask a question, another question, which is very fundamental. If you are your own guru or not, or you can say, Mother am I, my own master? Because if you are your own spirit, you are your own master too, this is a very important question, please ask three times. Now, please take down your right hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side please, on this centre, I am sorry but I cannot force you, you have to ask for it, this is the centre which works the divine laws. So please ask a question or say, Mother may I have the pure knowledge? The lower portion, you have to say that six times because this centre has got six petals, you can say six subplexuses as represented in the pelvic plexus.
Now, raise your right hand back on the left hand side in the upper part of your abdomen and press it hard, abdomen, not the heart, abdomen, here is the centre of the guru, of the master, of your guide, the kundalini has now started because you have asked for the pure knowledge, so here please you ask or you can say with full confidence in yourself, Mother I am my own master, to give cooperation to the kundalini to rise in the opening centre. Please say this with full confidence, ten times please because there are ten subplexuses, as the ten commandments. Now please raise your hand on to your heart and now to help your kundalini to rise through this centre again with full confidence please say twelve times the greatest truth, Mother I am the spirit. Twelve-time please with full confidence.
Now, we have to know that the Divine is the ocean of compassion, love and bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness, and there is nothing that it cannot forgive. So now please raise your right hand in the corner of your shoulder and neck and put your right, head towards the right side, here you have to say with again full confidence in yourself, forgiving yourself, Mother I am not guilty at all. You have to say it sixteen times.
It’s terrible though if you still feel guilty, you better say it 108 times just to punish yourself that is better. After all, you must understand that we are entering into the kingdom of God and we should be pleasantly placed towards ourselves. Now raise your right hand over your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Now here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, Mother I forgive everyone. From your heart.
Take this hand on the back side of your head, hold it and push back your head, here without feeling guilty, without counting your sins, just for your satisfaction you have to say Oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me. But don’t feel guilty about it. From your heart, Now stretch your hand and put your palm the stretched one in the centre on top of your head on the fontanel bone area. Press it hard, and move it seven times, here again, I cannot force you, so you have to say seven times, Mother may I have my self-realization? Seven times.
Now take down your hand please slowly, open your eyes slowly. Slowly open your eyes, now put your right hand towards me please and left hand on top of your head about 2-3 inches here, may bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out, from your head, some people get it at this length also, you can bend your head, it is better to bend a little bit, ha, good, now put your little higher, little higher about 2 to 3 inches. Now please put your left hand towards me and put your right hand on top of your head, about 2 to 3 inches and see for yourself. Now try with the right hand again once.
Hmm good, you can put up your hands like this towards the sky, push back your head and ask a question is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the all-pervading power of God’s love? Is this the Braham Shakti?
Now take down your hands, please see if you feel the cool breeze in your hands. Watch me without thinking, you can do it now, without thinking you can watch me. You’ll feel very peaceful. All those who have felt the cool breeze either in their head or in their hands, please raise both your hands. Both the hands, both the hands. So many, most of you, thank you very much. May God bless you. Now those who have not felt, I would like to meet them and those who have felt can be checked by Sahaja yogis.