Bhajans Evening

Oude Stadsfeestzaal, Mechelen (Belgium)


Music Program, 1986-0920, Belgium

I am very much touched by the way this folk dance was presented. They must have done this dance long time back, many times in many ages. I felt all the village folk are sitting here and enjoying the folk dance. All the Belgians are sitting as if, there’s a tremendous feeling of unity with that, the joy they must have enjoyed throughout and today they are enjoying. That time they must have been very simple people, not so complicated, and must have been people who believed in God and who led a very dharmic life, today again you are back here, with the same quality, with the same understanding, with the same capacity to enjoy something so beautiful, spontaneous and joy-giving. I Thank you very much for all this, very happy to see you all here and that you are enjoying this all together, it’s a very good thing, we are all universal beings, but in that universality, we have different, different individualities which we have to enjoy each other beautifully. Thank you very much.

Sahaja Yogi: Can we now please re-arrange the room in this way, that we look with our faces towards this screen and we can fill up the centre point.

Shri Mataji: Before, before we do do that just a minute, I have few presents to offer to our leaders here. I couldn’t get anything you see I was going down, then I was surprised to see that in Belgium they don’t make anything, everything was Italian. And it is such a nice meeting and festivity we have, that we can meet each other in Europe very easily and enjoy ourselves. I really didn’t expect that all of you would be here for the puja, but it is a very big thing, perhaps to feel that, you have so much understanding of puja and that you enjoy. I worked very hard for three days in Belgium because I feel that Belgium is the country of people who were very simple people and good people, neutral by nature, but somehow there has been a problem here and these things must vanish now and they should all prosper and come back to their normal selves. I am sure it will work out. It has worked out in Italy, it should work in Belgium also, and we all should support all the Belgian Sahaja Yogis and Dutch Sahaja Yogis so that they are completely strengthened by us. We should not get rude to our own countries, but try to help each other, try to help people who need help, it has to be in that way if we belong to one being, it must circulate so before going I hope you’ll make good friends with the Belgian people and the Dutch people and then enquire also what you can do for them, what help if there is anything to be given we should try to give them, very sad but I could not find anything made in Belgium very much and because they said we just sell, we don’t make anything, so I got something, I don’t know. I would like to give to the leaders one by one if they could just come.

This is the only thing I could get in number otherwise I could get anything, I hope you will like it. You can use for puja.