Talk to Sahaja Yogis: The Role of Belgium and Holland & Speech To Leaders

Trees and Willy Maes's House, Mechelen (Belgium)

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Role of Belgium and Holland, Malines/Mechelen (Belgium), 20 September 1986

And in Belgium I must say that the ladies have to be very good. Because Belgium and Holland are Left Nabhis. Actually, I didn’t say but it is so. Not to frighten (you), it’s very important. And in Left Nabhi, there are two very important organs are. The one is the spleen and another is the one, what you call that, which makes the sugar of the – [Gregoire, who translates into French: “The pancreas?”]. Pancreas.

Gregoire: That is Austria?

Shri Mataji: That is – pancreas is sharing. You see, what I’m saying that pancreas is Austria and also Holland we can say, because the style is the same.

Gregoire: It figures because Austria ruled here, it was part of the Austrian empire.

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s why, this – so the Austria, is the Austrian influence is there. And more in Holland, it is more in Holland or…?

Gregoire: No, more in Belgium.

Shri Mataji: Oh I see. So that is how it is, it’s a sharing thing. So, the ladies of this place have to be good housewives, it’s very important. They have to be the Gruhalaxmis. The one is the Goddess of the household. And a very good example of that is this lady. You can’t hear her.

[Somebody says something.]

Shri Mataji: What he said?

Gregoire: But then we’ll make only one translation, because it’s no point in translating in two languages.

Shri Mataji: Flemish…

Gregoire: So more people need Flemish than French?

Yogini: Yes. Yes.

Gregoire: OK. So you please translate in Flemish.

Shri Mataji: All right. [Laughter].

So, you see, the ladies have to be very good housewives. And housewives does not mean that you keep your house very well, everything very well, for yourself selfishly. For example, I see an example here, she’s such a nice housewife and a very warm lady [Laughter]. I have had a very bad experiences of Belgian women before, when I went to their houses, but now I feel that there is someone I can see that who can form an image for others.

[Ask him to keep his eyes open, eyes open].

And Gruhalaxmi is a very powerful – is a very powerful institution. In India it is regarded as the highest, in a way. More than any prime minister or more than any highest position – a Gruhalaxmi’s position in the spirituality regarded the highest. Because, you see it is said that a Sati, a Gruhalaxmi is higher than Yatis, Yatis means who are realized souls of a very high level, Avadhutas. But they can also, if they curse somebody, they can even curse an Avatara – (She repeats to the translators, French and Flemish) curse an Avatara. I’m always very frightened of them [Laughter].

But they have to be Gruhalaxmis in full ways. That is, they have to be very open-hearted, loving, devoted personalities.

Now, there are many stories about Gruhalaxmis in India, we can tell you thousand and one where they have shown the powers of women. Women as in – you know that we call them is the embodiment of Shaktis. But the Gruhalaxmi is the most powerful Shakti. And She is the power of tremendous love, and compassion, and forgiveness. So in this country, or in Holland, the women have to try to learn that they have to play a particular role in life. Now of course, the women have to be very dharmic and chaste. They have to be innocent by nature, not cunning and crafty.

Flemish is quite difficult! [Laughter].

All right, so. Now the responsibility is so much on them, like in the body, when the spleen goes out of order, hectic, then blood cancer is caused, blood cancer is caused. Now it comes hectic because, you see, the man or the person does not know how to adjust his food timings. (She repeats to the translator: “Food timings”) Now, the hectic-ness starts early in the morning, when we get up we read the newspaper.

Gregoire: See Shri Mataji, this is the beauty of this country, Belgium (laughter). This you have to know Shri Mataji, this is a small tiny country, but there are two languages here.

Yogi: Three, three.

Gregoire: Two, I mean, really basically Flemish and French.

Shri Mataji: And one doesn’t understand another?

Gregoire: And one doesn’t understand… and they are very proud about it (laughter). So the French are very proud not to understand Flemish because the French-speaking people used to think they are a little bit better than Flemish. (Laughter)

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, I understand that. (Laughter) And no one understands French.

Gregoire: Yes, this is true.

Shri Mataji: So Gods also don’t understand French, it’s better that the French learn one more language. [Laughter].

Sahaja Yogi: C’est mieux [It is better] [Laughter].

Shri Mataji: French is out of question. They just make it difficult for nothing at all, you have to take out the from here the sound there – see you should take out the sound from the proper places, but they want to take it from nose, from here, there is no need you see, straightforward… Ah. Say that.

Gregoire: We’ll do a little bit of Flemish and a little bit of French, all right? A spirit of compromise.

Shri Mataji: All right. [Gregoire translates into French the sentence of Shri Mataji that sounds in French are too nasal. Shri Mataji adds: ‘Guttural’].

The R, and the word that – R, you see R is the one which is R, stands for Ra, it’s for energy, you see, the R. Should be Ra, you say ER, ER, ER [Shri Mataji teaching French people to roll their R’s. everyone imitates that. Gregoire: “I cannot do it!”]. R! R! R!

Sahaja Yogi: I cannot do it!

Shri Mataji: Cannot you say R? But you see, in America, you have to say R there.

Gregoire: All right, so ER is no good, it should be something else.

Shri Mataji: R. But even taking my name is not straightforward. It has to be Nirmala, if you say Ni[r]mala, it doesn’t look nice, [Laughter]. it has a different meaning all together.

[Sahaja Yogis saying “Nirmala”].

Gregoire: “They do it very well, Shri Mataji”

Shri Mataji: Nirmala. Nirmala yes, Flemish will, not the French.

All right. So. So we diverted little bit, but now I would say that our main thing is that how a housewife is important. The main thing is that when the husband gets up in the morning he reads the newspaper. Must read, all the men do. [Laughter]. All right, so when they read the newspaper they get their first shock [Laughter]. So they are very upset, because newspaper always have horrible things in it. Now after that, if there’s a nice wife, she’ll tell him, “Doesn’t matter, it’s not happening to us, why are you so upset?” [Laughter].

You are, first of all, you settle down and then the whole world will settle down with you. Then, then after that, you have to go to work, so they have no time, they just get into their trousers and running up the steps they go to the car without taking the breakfast. And the wife runs after them with the breakfast [Laughter].

And they are somehow or other, you see, pushing the breakfast inside while they are driving; and there’s a jam on the road, they are upset and saying all kinds of things because they are getting late. Another shock starts.

Now, when you are eating your food, you require red blood corpuscles to attend to it, to digest. The energy must go to that. But as you are driving and having your breakfast, as well as you are already in a shocked condition, you see the poor, that spleen, which has to create this special thing for you, which is the red blood corpuscles, doesn’t know. It thinks whether she should produce now or when? Because there’s no timing, there’s no proper pacing, no rhythm. Now once that has started wobbling like that, it becomes a crazy one, and it starts behaving in a very crazy manner.

All right. Now, with all these happenings, you become vulnerable to blood cancer. Because this is a speedometer, and that is the one that gives you peace, because it works on a complete system of a universal rhythm. So at this time, you find that you meet somebody who is bhootish, or something wrong with that person, then you might catch cancer. So left Nabhi’s catching with this finger. But when it joins with this left Swadishthana…(She corrects Herself) left Agnya or Left Swadishthana, both, anyone, you can become vulnerable to blood cancer. And the cancer is set in, of the blood cancer style.

Now, the mothers who are hectic by nature, very anxious, “Do this, do that”, you see, they want to all the time be very hectic with their children also, they can give blood cancer to the children who are not even born, when they are pregnant. Now, say, in India perhaps people realized this long time back, so the system is, supposing your office is at 10 o’ clock, the wife will get up about 4 o’clock, she’ll do all the cooking, everything. The husband will get up and we don’t have newspapers you see; nowadays of course they are bombarding us, but our newspapers are also thank God censored, not so bad. We don’t have dirty women’s photographs and all dirty things. They have all, I mean, censored.

So then she cooks her food in the morning time, she sits down with him with a fan and fans him and he takes his food. So the fan gives the rhythm you see. The fan, the fan.

Gregoire: I think I’ll translate this in French, it’s a good idea. [Laughter]

Shri Mataji: Very important for French people.[Laughter] I have not to use the fan for hitting them.[Laughter].

Now, so that makes the rhythm for the whole day and the husband doesn’t go into hectic styles you see.

Shri Mataji: (Aside) He’s not yet here”. Now anyone who is not feeling the cool breeze? No, not much… (Shri Maraji gives the person suggestions about correct posture that are translated into French by Gregoire). Or the sole. Yes…

So now, this is then the housewife sets in a peaceful mood for the man and does not discuss early in the morning horrible things of the household you see, to disturb him. That’s very important, otherwise you are another newspaper [Laughter].

But what she actually does is to create a feeling of peace in the house. So how she does it, by bearing up things, by absorbing things like the Mother Earth does, everything she absorbs. She is a very mature person and she can see the futility of quarrelling and fighting and of unnecessarily arguing. She is so powerful that she cannot take anything, she just gives, she enjoys giving. And the giving is her only enjoyment. And that is how she gets her energy, from that joy.

That’s the reason in Belgium you had such great painters and such great creativity, and beautiful Delft work and all that from Holland. Because the Mother Earth’s beauty they converted into something fantastic. It is not China, they make porcelain, you see porcelain comes from the Mother Earth. But when this principle works out well, like if it starts working again in Belgium and in Holland, the whole world can be brought to peace.

Gregoire: Shri Mataji, ah, yes, Shri Mataji so, so, let me just say, it’s very interesting because the Dutch people are very concerned by peace questions, in politics.

Shri Mataji: I know, I know, and in Holland already, this Nagen Singh has established one peace mission for that, yes, so called (Yogi: “Yes, yes Shri Mataji” – somebody laughs), so called.

And also World High Court is here, for the same reason, to give you justice. So the justice, sense of justice comes from this special quality of Left Swadishthana – (She corrects Herself) Left Nabhi. You see in the justice, the main thing, you see, that you do not harm the innocent, that’s the basic quality. That is the basis of law. It is to be seen that who are being blamed are innocent or not, that’s the point is, not those who are criminals, but those who are innocents must be saved. That is the law for, protection of innocents.

So now, you can see that wherever such wrong things takes place, you see, in the whole world, this can be condemned by the Dutch mentality. So going on the subtler level we find how great responsibility you people have towards peace and justice. And justice does not deter from anything which may threaten other securities. So a person who believes in justice has to be a very courageous man.

An example is see, Nicaragua, is a thing you see where America was challenged and America is a “powerful stuff”, you see, and I must say it’s a very great thing that the Hague high court said that they have no business to trouble Nicaragua people like that. And as usual America has withdrawn their monies, typically, they have no [??]. But you cannot buy justice with money. The people who want justice should be willing to sacrifice also.

So now, the responsibility of Belgians are the peace, so the Holland people is the justice. And they are interdependent, so the both the qualities must act between both these countries. Now the speedometer, which is Belgium, is going slow, because all (Shri Mataji laughs) all your factories are closed. It should not go very fast and it should not go very slow. It should be in the middle, middle. As a result of that, now, the shipping has come down absolutely, steel come down, and all over the world all the shipping steel is stopped now, the ships have stopped.

So though Belgium may look a small country, it’s a very important instrument in the universe. And same with Holland that they are to look after the justice of the world. As you should criticize America, you should also criticize Russia, and all such countries who want to fight among themselves. And you should have nothing to do with them, you should stand on your own legs.

So, the first freezing of the Nabhi started in Belgium. Now I don’t know if the people of the West understand that Belgium is to be looked after. And they have to restart the cycle again.

Now, with Sahaja Yoga, with so many people over here, I’m sure, as your Mahalaxmi principle has been awakened, I’m sure your activities will start. And that people will come to some sort of a middle path of progress as well as emotional understanding of family life. But for this, the women of the households have to understand, have to mature and not to bother their husbands with nonsensical things. And they should try to nourish their husbands and encourage their husbands. Like the Mother Earth nourishes the tree. With this kind of an attitude, I’m sure we’ll have peace, justice and prosperity in these two countries.

Also men must respect women who are respectable. In Sanskrit it is said, “Yatra narya pujyante tatra ramante devata”, meaning, “Where the women are respectable and respected, there reside the Deities”. Means the women should be respectable, they should not lead a life of a unrespectable character. Understanding this vision, I’m sure you will realize your great powers and your great position.

So there is no domination on each other, but to realize that we are like two wheels of a chariot. And that the two wheels are equal but not similar. For example the right cannot be fitted into the left and left cannot be fitted in the right. They are equal, if they are not equal then there will be no movement, they’ll just go round and round, fighting. [Laughter]. But they are also not similar, so if the left starts coming to the right it will never fit into it absolutely. Nature has made us with two legs, not with one leg.

So we cannot change our legs like that [Laughter]. But there could be horrid husbands and horrid wives, could be, and only in the religion of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, only in this religion now we have a idea that under such circumstances they should divorce. Only in this religion. That’s an advancement.

Gregoire: Oh yes.

Shri Mataji: Or a degeneration, I don’t know.

Now the very simple method of enjoying a married life is to know that he is your husband and she is your wife. Now if you consider: “This is my house, this is where I have to live”, then know that you have to live in this house happily. Not to hanker after somebody else’s house. “This is the reality, that this is my house, I have to live here and I have to enjoy it. But if I start seeing other houses I can never be happy”. There’s no end to it. This is stupidity. What we have, we don’t want to enjoy and we want to have something else, then you can never be happy. Now that’s why economic laws work out, because they make you feel that you must have more and more and more.

But after Sahaja Yoga all these laws should fail, only Divine Laws should work. And in married life also, if you start seeing at other men or other women that they are better, I mean you have your own husband and your wife, enjoy among yourselves. It is stupid to try to enjoy somebody else’s which is not yours. It’s stupid. So make the best of this life by enjoying it. (Aside to somebody: “… Nice, thank you. Yes, so, now say.”)

To see to somebody else’s wife, somebody else’s husband and all the time think, “Oh, she could have been my wife”, “He could have been my husband”, it’s nonsense, it’s stupidity absolutely. It’s like you see somebody’s hair. “I wish her hair were mine”. Why? You see the stupidity. Or her nose should be mine. This is your nose, all right? It’s as stupid as that [Laughter]. In the same way, your family, your household, your children are your own, your part and parcel. So if they are your part and parcel, what is there to grudge and grumble that, “I could… You don’t do this, you don’t bring this, you don’t do…”. What is it? “This is my husband as he is”. That’s all. (Explains further to the Flemish translator) As simple as that, that this is just to say that whatever is your husband is your husband, he is that style, what to do?

Now you try to understand your husband also, or your wife also, you must try to understand – how the husbands, you see, can be very funny with the wives, like, you see men are men, they always have watches, they will reach there for two hours earlier. They are like that you see, very forward-type people [Laughter]. No doubt ladies should laugh [Laughter]. They hurry up their wives, “Come along, how much time you are taking, you take always too much time.” [Laughter]

Now men have to what, they have to – they have no problems, they have solved their problems of dress, you see, it’s very simple, the tailors have done the job [Laughter]. They just put on and walk out! They don’t have to worry about hair, they don’t have to worry about things. But a woman has to dress up in a proper way, she has to find out a proper suit to wear, where she’s going, because she represents the colour and the beauty of creation.

(The translator into Flemish stutters… ladies laugh – translator says: “Learning a lot…!”. Laughter)

And the man is very anxious about his, say, official relationships or whatever you see, he is forward, all the time shaking hands with everybody, shake hands (unclear), “sorry, sorry, thank you, thank you” (Laughter). And a woman is a shy thing you see, she is not so anxious to create all these relations (Shri Mataji laughs, laughter), so she lags and he pinches her, he pushes her, he gets back in his – it’s a wrong idea. Normally woman won’t understand much of banking, not much of banking, that’s of course after all you see it’s quite all right. If she doesn’t understand of banking it’s very good, the man can hide the money [Laughter]. He should not [Laughter].

Now the men are the other way round, they can be very aggressive with women, and – but they too should also understand what they have to change themselves. But the women also should know that they should never try to aggress their husbands in the presence of others, in the bedroom is all right [Laughter].

The woman must understand also what sort of a husband he is. For example now, I would say about my marriage, you can see that I got married the day my husband went to office, and came home, got married at 6 o’clock in the evening time and then next day went to office. And since then, he went to office for years till we came to London, he did not take even one day leave, even on a Sunday. That’s my dear husband. And at home also now, he has to come on Saturdays, there’s such a big files he brings, and work it out. And according to him, because he’s worked hard, he’s got a big job. But I don’t know what advantage I had from his big job, it’s all disadvantage. But I did not complain about it at all, all my life, you can think, I’ve never demanded anything. On the contrary, I helped him in his work, whenever it was necessary, I gave him company.

And now on the 25th of this month, it’s a holiday calling as –

Gregoire: “Maritime Day”

Shri Mataji: “Maritime Day”. On that day, I may have to shake hands with 800 odd people coming in, and 800 drunkards walking out. [Laughter]. But he is entirely dependent on Me. The day I tell him that, “Now I’ll have to take Sanyasa, I have to do my birth”, the whole or everything, whatever is his built-up image, shatters down. And by no means he is a model husband, I must say. But in any case, I would suggest that you have to be a model wife. Because you enjoy your own virtues, not somebody else’s virtue.

Say – supposing there is a thief, and he will say that I enjoy the virtue of an honest man, and not mine, then how will it be? (Explains to the translator) There’s a thief, you see? He says, “I am a thief, but I enjoy the virtue of another man.” So what’s the use? And the man who is virtuous does not enjoy his virtues, so who’s going to enjoy, the thief? I mean, we have to enjoy our own virtues, isn’t it? If there’s a chaste lady, she must understand her chastity and enjoy it herself. Instead of that, do you think a bad woman is going to enjoy it instead of you?

I’ll give you an example like this, to understand this, human nature is very complicated. Like a honest man, say, in India, an honest officer who does not take any bribes, he will always complain, “I’m like this, because I’m honest.” Now, if you are honest, enjoy it! You are honest, that’s why you are enjoying it. Or you are honest because you prefer it to anything else. It’s the greatest difference, the priority for you, is to be honest. Then enjoy, be proud of it. Instead of that he’ll be always saying that, “Oh God, I’m honest, that’s why I’m suffering”. Then one would say, “All right, become dishonest, why are you so miserable I mean?” [Laughter]

Yes – and the another thing is, that same with the women who are chaste and good and they are nice, you see, they make a big ado out of it. If you think it is difficult for you, better give up, isn’t it? I mean, virtue is your ornament, it is not a noose round your neck. Only people who enjoy their virtues are great men. They don’t suffer it, they don’t feel unhappy, but they are proud of their virtues. So this is what it is for you to understand, now whatever are your qualities, for which it may appear that you suffer, doesn’t matter.

And now this- our new race that is there of Sahaja Yogis, have to understand that you have also a universal nature. But you are individually Belgium people and your existence should be inculcating all the qualities of peace and of justice within you. So, we have to understand what we have contributed towards the peace of our family and justice in the family and also outside. We have to have justice. Justice is not to be demanded, as soon as you start asking for justice, then there is no peace. So, we should not ask for justice, we should do justice to ourselves and to others, and we should be peaceful to ourselves and to others.

All right. So, may God bless you all.