7th Day of Navaratri, Meditation for Right Side Kolkata (India)

Eve of Navaratri Puja. Kolkata (India), 10 October 1986.
[The video begins with video footage of Shri Mataji going around the city with Sahaja Yogis to see pendals/temples of Shri Durga. While watching one pendal, suddenly the music played changes from Indian classical songs to more rhythmical music. Shri Mataji says to the Yogis: “… to please you they are giving you all rock and roll and all kinds of music just to please you… rock and roll for the sahaja yogis” (Not perfectly audible – laughter from yogis)
Cut in the video.]
Shri Mataji: How many have you to report at 10 o’clock on the 17th night – 16th night? […]