7th Day of Navaratri, Shri Mahadevi Puja

Kolkata (India)


 1986-1010 7-th Day of Navaratri, Shri Mahadevi Puja Pt 1 Talk, Kolkatta, 10 Oct. 1986

[English translation from Hindi]

To all devotees and followers of truth, who have assembled here for the Puja, I offer My protection.  In this Kalyug of today, when so much devotion and homage for the Mother, and so much love comes into the hearts of human beings, then we can know that Satya Yuga (the Golden Age) has begun. This is a most fortunate and Divine coincidence for Me also, that on a Sashti Day I came to Kolkatta.  Because, in the shastras (scriptures) it is written that the coming of the Mother is always on Sashti day.  Sashti Day, (sixth day of Navaratri), is of Shakhambari  Devi;  and on that day the whole Nature should be green and lush.  Although I have heard that there were severe floods here, which caused great hardship to everyone; still I see that everywhere the Nature is green.  The roads got washed away, but no trees appear to have fallen or got their branches broken.  This means that there must be a hidden reason behind this action of Mother Nature.  Some latent or hidden cause; some unknown or secretive activity. 

The situation in Kolkatta , due to many reasons, has become inauspicious, impure and corrupt.  From this we should understand that it has become very necessary, and that is why Devi’s displeasure is being expressed, and a great wave of cleansing has taken place.  In Kolkatta, where sakshat Devi (Herself) has taken an incarnation – this is Her place where the Heart Chakra of the world is placed – in such a sacred place we have given importance to a lot of a-dharmic (against dharma) activities.  And the worst adharmic activity is to believe in tantriks and tantrism.  In actuality, Tantra is the Mother Herself.  Because all the tantras  – the essential knowledge of the workings – are in Her hands.  She is the One Who created tantra, and all the knowledge of its workings are within Her.  But, in the name of tantras, they misuse this knowledge for introducing destructive and dangerous entities into thought, senses and intellect (ni-vichar, a-vichar and a-chaar).  In connection with all of this, My advice to them is, that they should give up this activity.  In Satya Yug (the golden age), this kind of transgression will bring terrible repercussions upon such people. There will be great suffering and affliction. 

In this city of Kolkatta there are so many tantriks, so many people who believe in them and have taken deeksha (initiation) from them, that how will we find a way to tell them and convince them that all this is evil and very wrong.  By doing this we can never have any benefits.  This is an activity of evil forces, and they are the Rakshasas (demons) who keep taking birth again and again.  Inspite of being destroyed many times, they keep reappearing in this world and continue their evil ways, and that too in the name of God, in the name of the Devi. 

In this situation we should strengthen our resolve to stand on the truth, because Sahaja Yoga is the absolute truth, and whatever is wrong, I have to tell you.  If you are running toward the blazing fire to get yourselves burnt to ashes, it is My duty to tell you in no uncertain terms, that that is wrong, and you should not go that way.  That is why I become so fearful and agitated, and think, how can I possibly convince them that if you are to save and uplift this cursed land, you should not go anywhere near these evil people.  Sometimes it appears as if in the search to be saved, they feel that these people will be able to help them.  But instead of help, they will cause you greater harm and damage. You should consider them as poisonous and keep far from them.  Until and unless you start the process of exposing them, and destroying them, this land will continue to be under a curse. Such people will suffer a lot.

I have incarnated here many times; but in this incarnation I am seeing, that slowly and gradually it is heading towards destruction.  This is the land which achieved great heights.  Due to the long standing devotion of Bhagirath (name of a king who brought the Ganges river down from heaven to earth by his austerities), even the Ganga descended to Rasataal (lowest of the 7 stratas), to free his ancestors.  She (Ganga) used the dust of this land to accomplish Her task.  On such sacred soil, how can this kind of inauspicious activity flourish.  We should realize that the proliferation of these evil activities, will cause us to suffer great consequences, which will hurt and destroy this land.

Now I hear that a lot of politicians, and ambitious people, are causing strife and unrest among people.  They are cutting each other’s throats.  There are riots and killings, murders; and dacoits and robbers looting people.  And you people are just watching.  The root cause of all this is tantric activities.  They are doing all kinds of smashaan vidya (activities connected with burial grounds), preta vidya (use of dead spirits), and other extremely dangerous activities; and befooling people into believing that they are knowledgeable.  They extract money from you and introduce evil spirits and negativities into your body.  Under the influence of these spirits, the person becomes disoriented and goes into illusions and disillusions.  In this confused state, he is unable to distinguish between dharma and adharma (truth and untruth, good and evil).

If I do not expose them, and place the truth before you, how can you be saved.  Many people have tried to advise me that Shri Mataji, You should not expose them so openly.  But if the Mother does not tell you, who will.  Can you imagine a mother who will tell her child, OK son, you can go an put your hand in the serpent’s mouth.  Is there any mother in this land of India; who will say, this is a snake. It is alright to put your hand in its mouth.  Do you know any such mother.  Only those who are interested in winning an election, or who has greed, will speak like this.  They will compromise.  They will make agreements.  A mother who sincerely loves her child, will never allow anything that will harm her child.  And she is not afraid of anyone.  What can those people do.  They can do nothing.  It is only the children who have strayed, that can be caught by these evil people.

In this way many false gurus have taken birth on this earth.  In their previous births they were rakshasas (demons) like Narakasura, Mahishasura, Chanda Munda and others.  In addition to those who have been named, a whole lot of them have taken birth.   Out of these, there are sixteen main ones, who are most evil and dangerous.  Ravan has also made his entry.  They are all on the stage.  Now how can they be destroyed.  The time for their destruction has come, but how to kill them.  I can take a sword in My Hands and cut off their heads.  It is not a difficult job for Me. But they have entered into the hearts and heads of human beings.  Into their brains.  They have all congregated inside, and are sitting there.  The people are accepting them as gurus.  What am I to do.  Can I cut My children’s throats along with them.

So, it would be better that the human beings realize, and expose them publicly, and they will get defeated by their own followers.  Then people will see and understand that whatever the Mother has said, every word of it is true.  In Germany one gentleman has written against gurus, that if people have one guru, then they are not prepared to accept or listen to anything else.  Now these are half baked people.  They do not know that from time immemorial it has been written in our country, that it is only a Satguru (true guru) who can make you meet God.  The one who tells you about God, who establishes you in dharma.

But those are a-gurus (false prophets) who have no qualities of a guru (guru tattwa), and who is not even a realized soul.  They are self proclaimed gurus who give all wrong knowledge to their followers and take money from them.  For instance the priest and even the Pope, they are all a-gurus.  They have no kundalini awakening; they are not realized souls; they have no qualities of a guru, and are talking about God.  Even in our country there are lots of people like this.  Even our Shankaracharyas (priests) are a-gurus.  Except for the Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, all the other acharyas are a-gurus.  Their kundalinis have not awakened, and are still sitting down.  They are claiming they are gurus, and we accept them.  Why do we accept them.  They have been elected – there is an election going on!  Can anyone become a guru by election.  He should be chosen by Paramatma (God almighty).  This is something we have to understand.  This appointment should be made by God almighty.

Then after this, we have the Ku-guru.  Dangerous and harmful.  These are the tantriks with Rakshas disposition.  Extremely depraved and wicked.  They profess to be gurus.  They are demonic, irreligious and wicked.  All these categories of people, are sitting and calling themselves gurus.  It is amazing how they can settle in a place where Ganga seems to have come with all the herbs and medicinal plants from the Himalayas.  One cannot imagine how all of them have united and settled down here in Bengal and made it into a poverty stricken land.  They have exploited and cheated the people of this place.  They have committed evil deeds on this green and verdant land of Durga.  I am fully aware of what they are doing.  You cannot see what is happening, because it is happening in the subtle.

You are under the impression that it was the Naxalites who have done this; or the Communists; or the Congress, who have done this.  It is not due to the fault of any of these political parties.  The actual ones who have brought about this sad condition, are the Tantriks.  And worse than them, is the demon who was killed by the Devi, and is being worshipped here by the people.  Mahishasura is back again, and is sitting here, and being worshipped by these people.  The devil who was killed by the Devi is being worshipped by you!  Even Narakasur has been worshipped so much, that he took away all your money in crores (millions).  No one knows exactly how many jewels and precious stones he has.  Such evil people have been worshipped by you.  No wonder you have lost everything, and are in dire poverty now.  It is as if you invited this doom, by standing in front of a bull and asking him to charge you.  Today on a Puja day, as a Mother I have to tell you all this.

Before the Puja it is important for all of you to know that you are your own Guru.  You don’t need to make anyone your guru.  I am not a Guru.  If I was you would have been in great trouble.  But there can be no greater Guru than a Mother.  And a Mother, is a Mother of all the Gurus.  And if you so desire, you can sit at My Feet; or sit on My Lap; or even sit on My Head.  You are My children.  This is something else.  It will never be permitted that any Rakshas (demon), or what we call negative personality, can come and influence you or possess you.  If ever this happens, I will immediately warn you to give it up.  And you should not take it amiss.  Because I am your Mother.  Because it is in My Nature to give you moksha (deliverance).  There is nothing strange or unusual in this.  It is not done to cause any pain or embarrassment.  But if I do not warn you to give it up, and tell you the truth, later you will have to suffer the consequences and the pain.

 Mostly the truth is not always palatable.  That is why Shri Krishna has said – “Satyam vadeth, Hitam vadeth, Priyam vadeth”.  When the truth is told, and it is for your benevolence, it becomes dear.  Whatever is for your benevolence, I have to tell you.  Because you are My own.  Maybe you will be upset for a while.  Doesn’t matter.  At least you will be saved.  You will begin to understand the truth.  This is exactly the cause of the destruction in this place.  And seeing the in such great numbers, it is surprising that no one realized; and they are still alive and growing. 

First of all you should get out of their clutches.  They can be collectively destroyed.  But you people become a fetter for Me.  Because of My Love and Concern for you, I am telling you that please break all your connections with anything that you have from these people.  Like their photos, their prasad, any articles given by them to you, or chants.  All these are like poison, and are very harmful.  Get rid of everything.

Today, before Puja, what can I say.  My Heart is full with emotions and love.  You did Avahan (invited Me); you welcomed Me with so much love and protocol, in this beautifully decorated place.  All this you did with so much love in your hearts, that I am overcome with emotions. Everyone can see that the Mother is prasanna (pleased).  But I don’t know why My eyes are getting filled with tears, and My Throat is getting dry, just thinking that My darling children are having to live in this place.  Your misfortune and adversity can certainly be finished.  All your difficulties and troubles can be wiped out, because Param Chaitanya is almighty and powerful.  There is no one more powerful, and no one who can be filled with greater love.  When you have such an all powerful, and all loving Paramatma then you have no need of anything, nor do you have to fear anything.  The only cause of getting into all this trouble is, that you were given freedom.  I cannot take away your freedom because, when it was decided to give human beings their freedom, then this freedom has to be respected and honoured.  But it is that respect of freedom, that has landed you in this.  You have faltered, and got into delusion and confusion, and moved towards the people who are enemies of your soul and will destroy you. 

For many thousands of years these negative forces have come in disguise.  They have joined forces and come in camouflage so that no one can recognize them.  Even Sitaji was deceived by the disguised Ravan!  And you are only humans.  If you got befooled, it is not your fault.  But after realization, after becoming a realized soul, you should be able to stand on your own feet.  You should give up all these things, brush yourselves clean, and become absolutely pure.  Then none of your problems will stick on to you.  But above all, love is very great.  Up to now we have not used it.  Just recognize this.  And when you begin to understand that you have been endowed with this power of love, when you start using it, you will be amazed, and you will begin to feel that the stars and planets are at your feet; all the Shaktis are around you; the Ganas are protecting you and raining flowers upon you.  And you will find yourself on the stage which was created for you.  This whole creation is for you, and the greatest thing created, is you.  For whom else has this creation been made.

But only one thing is necessary.  Forget all the mistakes.  Forget all the wrong things, and come into the present.  Stand in the present and enjoy all the Divine gifts.  Taste the nectar, which is a coveted gift.  God Himself desires that you should come into His Darbar (Royal Court) and ascend your seats.  He will give you all the peace and joy that you deserve.  Only a father will desire all this.  And this is His desire also.  And He is with you in every way.  Today this greenery that we are seeing is His creation.  Beautiful!  And this is how His creation is.  His garden is full of all kinds of flowers and fruits, joy, happiness, and fragrance.  But the only thing required is that you should come and sit inside, and enjoy its beauty in depth.  Just this much is sufficient.

What can I say about the Lions Club here.  I think in all My lives I have had some connection with lions!  And, seated on a lion, so much has been achieved.  That is why this connection has been made with the Lions Club!  This is a very beautiful grove.  You can make this park even more beautiful.  Once an American lady asked Me, “I don’t see any flowers in Your country”.  I said, “Here in our country we have very small flowers, but they are extremely fragrant.  They are not very showy like the ones you have.  Every flower has its own rarity and charm.”  So she said, “OK, tell me some varieties of the flowers You have here.”  Sitting there itself, I told her the names of forty flowers.  And every flower has a most pleasing fragrance.  So I feel in this place you can plant trees like Chameli Jasmine, Champa and Parijatak.  These flowers have been described in Devi Mahatyam.  There are innumerable, perennial flowers; and also beautiful fragrant flowers that grow into big trees.  And in the morning they start blossoming in your courtyard.  There is another lovely plant called Bakul.  In Uttar Pradesh (state in North India) which is called MaulShri.  Its flowers are extremely fragrant.  You can also plant Jaswant and many other flowering trees.

I once told a lady in Japan, “Your hair is very beautiful!  I like it”.  She said, “Yes, it is beautiful; but it is artificial.  Not natural.”  If you go into any garden or glade in India, you will find fragrance.  Fragrance is a specialty of our country.  Even the earth is fragrant here.  You will be surprised, many of us are not even aware of this.  Khus, the root of Vetiver, has such a pleasing fragrance.  In fact everything has fragrance in Nature.  We do not know that in some other countries, we cannot even put our hands into the soil.  If you put your hands, you will get blisters and sores.  Because the soil of that place has absorbed all the sins, and become heated up.  The reason is that there is a lot of Chuna, (lime or mortar) there.  You cannot put your hand anywhere.  In London I first thought that I would make a garden there.  Because I am fond of Shakhambari (greenery).  So I desired that we should make a garden there.  But when I saw the state of the soil there, I gave up the idea.  I lost interest in that.  I thought I will go to India and do this work there. 

This land is something else.  This land, on which you are standing, every grain of it emits fragrance.  Even after a light shower of rain, the earth gives out beautiful fragrance.  And you also must have taken birth here because of your punyas (virtuous or meritorious acts) in your past lives.  And you are born and settled here.  Only you have to enlighten these virtues and manifest them to become effective; and this you can do through Sahaja Yoga.

Now, regarding Myself.  I keep on coming and going.  Every place, I come and go.  But My love for Bengal is very old.  Very ancient.  All the events of the past that have happened, some are known and some are unknown.  Very harsh and difficult things have happened.  I undertook lots of difficulties, solved them, enriched them, and made this into a beautiful place.  And after all this, so much poverty, difficulties, and distress are prevailing in this place.  Where bhoot vidya (black magic) and spirit manipulation is practiced, poverty will pervade the place.  Now you may say we have typhoons here, and that is how we get destroyed. Now your Mother is going to tell you a story. 

Once I went to visit Thrissur (in Kerala).  A lot of people came to welcome Me.  Very rich people lived there.  They brought cars and other things.  I was surprised and wondered why they have come to meet Me.  I discovered that they were cultivating tobacco plants in that place.  Their houses were built with English tiles, and their toilets had English fittings.  English toilets and English baths.  These people export tobacco to London, and from there they import all English goods and put it in their houses.  But I always have to speak the truth, whether you like it or you don’t like it.  So I said, “You have come to welcome Me with all these big cars and other fancy things, and I should not be saying this.  As a guest who is enjoying your hospitality  I should certainly not be saying this.  But, being a Mother, I have to tell you that you must stop cultivating tobacco.  It is very wrong.”  They said “Goodness! Mother.  If we don’t plant tobacco, what else can we grow?”  So I said, “Plant cotton.  Cotton is very good.  But don’t grow tobacco.  It is a demonic thing.  Don’t grow it.” So  they said, “We don’t smoke it.  We send it to England”.  So I said, “Oh! If you send it to England, there is no sin in that?”  They answered, “They troubled us a lot.  Let them consume it and die!”  I said, “Is this any solution?  Can this be the intention of saints and holy men?  That they should die?  They did trouble us.  But those who did it, are long dead and gone.  These are others.  What is the use of punishing them!”  But they were not prepared to listen or accept.  And when I insisted that they must stop this; it is not right; they got very angry with Me. 

After this, when I went around that place, I saw there was a lot of poverty there.  On one side there were the very wealthy people, and on the other side were people in dire poverty.  Even greater poverty than in Bengal. People were living on trees.  When I asked why is it like this, they told me these people practice  a lot of black magic, spirits and spells in burial grounds, and this and that.  They earn money from that.  I said, “What money!  They are living on trees.  In such bad condition.  After that I tried to convey to them in signs, “See, you are living on the shores of the ocean.  Be careful what you do.  Ocean is your father, and a father is the holiest person.  Sitting on the edge of the ocean don’t do wrong things.  If He gets angry you will be completely destroyed.”  So they said, “How can this be!”  I said, “This will happen.  Be careful.  After this warning if anything happens don’t come and ask Me”.  That same year, the grandfather of all typhoons hit them and destroyed everything.  They were all hanging from the trees.  Thousands died.

After that I went to Delhi and they all came in their big cars and asked for forgiveness. “ Mother, please forgive us.”  I said, “Sons. What is there to forgive.  Whatever was there, everything has been lost.  What you did was wrong.  I gave you a warning.  This is what I was telling you.  That the warning signs are here; and you should have removed these evil people from here.  All these unfortunate people who are practicing these evil spells and black magic, can be seen hanging from the trees.  So wherever these kind of evil deeds are practiced, it starts getting sucked in.  It sucks and pulls everything into itself.  It attracts destruction, terror and punishment from outside. 

Usually, before My visit, these things happen.  This even happened in England, I have seen.  Wherever I go, thunder and lightning strikes, and there is heavy rainfall.  After everything is cleansed out, then I arrive.  Instead of this, people do not realize that we ourselves, should do a thorough cleansing of ourselves; instead of asking Nature to do it!  Very often it happens that there is a lot of destruction.  That is why it is necessary for you to recognize the truth; accept the truth; and cleanse yourselves, and bring yourself on the path of truth in all purity.  Otherwise, if truth has to prove itself from the outside, it comes in terrible form.  It rises with great force, gathers momentum, and in its wrath destroys even those who are helpless, unprotected, unsheltered, and sometimes, innocent people.  That is why it is advisable that human beings come into the central path, and they themselves, cleanse themselves.

Otherwise the whole Nature will decide that let us go to Kolkatta and dispose of them.  Kill eight or ten.  But nothing good can come of this.  No one understands.  No one can understand the language of Nature.  They start wondering that we go every day to the temple and do puja to the Devi, then why has this wrath come upon us.  But even in the temples there are rakshasas sitting.  Daring to sit in front of the Devi.  However, when the Devi awakens, then they will know.  Each one will be destroyed. 

Once when Gangaji got awakened, all these so-called Pandas (priests) gathered all their beds and belongings and ran away from there.  I saw all this on TV, and said “Very good!  Gangaji has thrown them out!”  All of them, from Haridwar to Patna, whoever was there, they all packed their bags and ran.  Inspite of all this, human beings do not learn a lesson.  If Nature presents a remedy, he does not learn a lesson from it.  He only responds to his spirit.  So it is better for him to accept Sahaja Yoga.  There is no misfortune or distress that cannot be removed with Sahaja Yoga.  All kinds of difficulties can be solved.  But after getting realization, you should have shraddha (enlightened faith).  It is not blind faith.  It is very clear.  You have received it.  You are in your seat.  You are established within yourself.  You have ascended your throne.  You have received it.  You are anchored within your Self.  Why are you sitting like beggars.  Just understand and accept the fact that you have entered into the kingdom of God, and you are seated on your throne.  With these blessings give up your worries and concerns, and attain the most precious gift.  I do not mean that you should become an ascetic, or that you should forfeit whatever you have.  Nothing like that.  But your desires and requirement will reduce.  Your attention becomes subtle. 

For example you see here is spread out a beautiful cheetah skin.  Now you will start thinking, who must have shot this animal; who must have made it into a carpet; what is this, what is that.  But a soon as I saw it, I became thoughtless.  I do not think.  I only see the wonderful handiwork of the person who made it.  I neither think, or do anything.  Only complete joy runs up and down.  So I am the real enjoyer.  All this is made so beautifully.  There is nothing to think about it.  Only the joy of it gushes through Me.   I did not think anything about it.  I did not try to know anything about it.  I was only enjoying the subtle artistry of the person who made it, and put so much joy into it.  This makes you the enjoyer.  You get joy from everything.

 You can get enjoyment from everything.  If some property is yours, you have a problem.  If you don’t have it, you have a problem!  Whatever articles you possess, if you have it, problem.  If you don’t, problem.  Getting things insured, writing it here, writing it there, making a Will, and all unnecessary things are being done.  Always worried that some burglar might take it, or you may lose it.  I even enjoy things that belong to others.  For example, this place belongs to Lions Club, but I am experiencing the joy of it.  No matter whether it belongs to you or to someone else, the act of enjoying it is Mine.  I am enjoying it fully.  In the same way you should also develop your power of enjoying. 

You don’t have to give up anything.  When you are not holding on to anything, what is there to give up.  Where is the renunciation.  It may seem difficult, but it has to be told to you.  You are Sahaja Yogis.  This can only be told to you.  If I say this to the general public, 40% of them will get up and run away.  You are not required to wear saffron robes or else you will lose your vibrations!  Even Ravana came disguised in saffron robes.  Actually I detest saffron robes.  Why should you become an ascetic.  Don’t you have a Mother.  She is sitting before you.  How dare you take sanyas (renunciation).  There is no greater sorrow for a mother.  If you want to hurt your mother, tell her “from tomorrow I am going to become an ascetic”.  She will say “Son, take whatever you want, but please forgive me!”  Understand that I am your Mother.  Try to find out what will please Me, and what will cause Me pain!

Now, the second thing.  This disease of fasting that has been introduced into us.  It is absolutely wrong.  This conditioning that today is my Saturday fast, tomorrow is my Sunday fast, …  God knows on which days you eat!  If you are so fond of fasting, then fast.  God says that if Indians are so fond of fasting, lets finish them off by starvation.  Because that is what you desire.  So have it.  If a child wants to hurt his mother he will say, “today I am not going to eat my food”.  Finished!  The mother’s whole day is spoilt.  The child says he will not eat he will not eat today.  That is such a sad thing.  As if her life is going to end.  Oh dear, what is going to happen. I cant live.  My child has not eaten food today.  She will keep on like a tape recorder, that my son has not eaten food today.  She will tell everyone.  She will tell the trees, and the leaves.  She will tell everyone that my son has not eaten food today. 

And in this country I see that every second person is observing fast.   Eat and drink happily.  But don’t put a wrong meaning to the word “drink”!  Whatever goes against your awareness, you should not consume that.  This fasting business was introduced, so that you remain hungry, and whatever you save on food, put in in my pocket.  Fasting is forbidden in Sahaja Yoga.  But, for some health reasons you have to give up eating for sometime, it is ok.  And when you feel like eating, you should eat.  If you are invited to someone’s house for dinner, and you do not want to eat in that person’s house, it is ok to make the excuse that you are fasting.  That is alright, and they will not force you.  If you fast like this, there is no harm.  This means that you are fasting for your own self.  You are not living under the rules of fasting.  Everything is in your own hands.  If you want you will abstain from food, and if you want, you will eat.  And nothing should control you, that this is an auspicious time, and this is not an auspicious time to eat.  We are sitting and enjoying.  And if someone asks you to eat, if you feel like it you will eat, or you wont eat.  Because your attention should not be on eating. 

If someone asks what did you eat, you have to think, what did I eat, or what did I not eat.  It is only when attention is on food, that a person fasts.  He is not aware whether he ate, or whether he fasted.  The only thing required is, to remove attention from food.  Because, among Indians, attention is always on food.  Even the wives have become very clever.  Very intelligent.  They say, let me cook and feed my husband the best food and keep him pleased.  No matter where he goes, he will come back home.  Because, Indian men do not know how to cook. The women have made them such that they just cannot cook; and their attention is always on their wives’ cooking.  And the wives get the husband’s attention by serving them tasty dishes! 

But this is not so in other countries.  Like in Japan, they notice the artistry and beauty in the appearance of things.  How has it been presented.  Is it attractive.  Their attention is not on the food.  But in our culture, the main interest is in food.  What food has been cooked in the house today.  If anyone announces that a special dish has been made in my house, all the rest will arrive with family.  The whole neighbourhood will arrive to have that food. 

Through the medium of cooking and serving good food the women are able to express their love also.  Like, one day I asked my granddaughter “What would you like to be when you grow up?”  So she told Me, “I would like to be an airhostess, or a nurse”.  When I asked “Why”, she said, (Nani) Grandmother, it is only in these two professions that we can offer food to others”.  So Indian women love to serve food.  This is something wonderful.  And, it doesn’t happen anywhere else.  Nowhere else! 

If you go to London, in three days you will lose half your weight.  The ladies there only offer boiled food. This is another quality if Indian women, that they like to make different kinds of tasty food and feed people.  Sometimes, in their love for Me, I have to bear their excessive hospitality.  “Shri Mataji, with great love I have specially made Rabdi (thickened sweet milk) and brought for You.  But My dear, I do not eat Rabdi.  Of course, the attention on food with the desire of giving it to others, is very sweet.  But what I am saying is that we should remove the attention from it, then you can get to the subtle point.  Like Shabari’s berries that Shri Rama ate.  He recognized the hidden, subtle, love in the gesture.  He saw the pure love; the extreme bhakti (adoration), reverence, and surrender.  He saw all this, and ate her offering. 

If this subtlety comes into us, then we can completely remove our attention from the food.  Only when we start seeing the subtle love in the act of giving, then we have become Sahaja Yogis.

In this life I have given up all the things I used to like to eat in My previous births.  Like, it is described that the Devi likes Shrikhand (sweet made with hung curds).  Now I don’t eat it at all.  Also it is mentioned that the Devi likes Puranpuri (puris with sweet chickpea filling).  That also I do not eat now.  And I never drink milk.  All the things that I liked, I have given up.  Because I have finished with it in My previous lives.  Now what is there to want to eat.  In this Incarnation I have to eat bhoots (demons).  And after that there is no more place in My              Stomach!

I am very pleased to have met all of you.  As if I have been reunited with all those from whom I had got separated.  If there can be a spiritual awakening in this Kolkatta, then you will see how beautiful everything can become.  And that should happen.  The Paramatma (God Almighty)  is eagerly waiting to shower His blessings on you.  Only you should be in a position to receive the blessings.  That is all that is required. 

Don’t feel hurt or upset with anything that I have said.  Whatever I have said, is the absolute truth.  You must graciously accept it. 

My eternal blessings to all of you.