Public Program

Kolkata (India)

1986-10-11 Public Program, Calcutta, India, DP-RAW (Hindi), 182' Chapters: Yogis introduction, Dance, Arrival, Music, Talk
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Public Program, Calcutta, India, 11 October 1986

Sahaja Yogi Compere Dr. Talwar introducing Sahaja Yogi ‘Yogi Mahajan’ on the stage

Not very audible till 11 secs…. His father was none other than the Chief Justice of India, Mr Justice Mahajan, Mehr Chand Mahajan and Yogi himself (not very clear) in the field of spiritual. He has worked long in this field because he is a yogi by heart without anything to do with his name. Yogi came before on the request (sounds like) of Shri Mataji a few years ago and ever since has done the (not very clear) because he found something there which he had not been able to establish in an oldest seeker (not very audible..) I would not like to say anything more. (not very clear from 00.01.03 to 00.01.16). The person who has established himself in the field of generosity (not very clear from 00.01.22 to 00.01.33). And at a very young age he was exposed to such a divine (not very clear from 00.01.38 to 00.01.43) and today has vast (not very clear from 00.01.46 to 00.02.05). So I request Shri Yogi Mahajan to come and address us first and then call (not very clear from 00.02.11 to 00.02.15). Shri Yogi Mahajan. You can come from this side. 00.02.54

Sahaja Yogi ‘Yogi Mahajan’ addressing the gathering in English

Respected elders, brothers and sisters. It is most auspicious that start of in Calcutta and welcome Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to seek her today on the day of Durga Pooja celebration in Calcutta. For she herself is a subject of this celebration, the Mahakali celebration and Sahaja Yoga flows from this very subject, as you will hear in her lectures. We have experienced this through Sahaja Yoga how the Mahakali Shakti which is being celebrated here today flows through us. As people in Calcutta are celebrating everywhere, we can see visually the sense of joy, the sense of experience of beauty, in this celebration. Where people from all walks of life, whether poor or rich, are together in their hearts when they pray to the Goddess. There is no other motive in their hearts but to facilitate her and in that celebration they are together. They share with each other that Shakti and that is none other than their pure desire. The pure desire to facilitate the Goddess. Because in that facilitation they touch their own innate connection with her as they are born of that and it is this connection that they remember and that they celebrate this great Pooja. In this pure desire there is no other desire. There is no material or ulterior motive but the pure desire to celebrate this great Shakti and through this is their strength because it unifies them and what is in unity is the seed of strength. And it is this strength when it is built upon that great deeds are done, that men become great and through them the nation become great. It is through this Shakti that this nation became great and this nation was born. As you know the struggle of independence emanated from this pure desire and it was from Calcutta, from Bengal that this pure desire spread to the rest of the nation. And it was this pure desire that united everyone, that integrated everyone in their diversity. And it is exactly this that happens within us which we will understand if we apply our minds to what Sahaja Yoga tells us about ourselves. This Mahakali Shakti is our left side Shakti through which our pure desire manifests, the pure desire to know who we are, to again connect ourselves with our source that is the Mahakali, the Goddess herself and when this Shakti awakens in us, we become dynamic and we touch the deep undercurrent of this energy which is within us and which is in the cosmic. And through that we realise the great Shakti that is the Goddess herself. Now as this Shakti is awakened it the proceeds to grow and manifest into another Shakti which is on our right side which is the Shakti of our development, of our material planning and progress which is the Mahasaraswati Shakti. This Shakti when it emanates rather when it is in harmony with the pure desire Shakti, then we are in balance and we grow in a harmonious manner in the welfare and in the interest of all concerned. Through that is our welfare and the welfare of our nation. But when development is isolated from the Mahakali Shakti then it can be self-destructive. Instead of creating things for the collective welfare, we may be creating things for the collective destruction, as has happened in the nuclear race in the more developed nations. Despite their development they are not happy because they have neglected the pure desire, the Mahakali Shakti. So these two powers, these two Shaktis’, have to be together for our ascent. This ascent takes place through the third Shakti which is the Mahalakshmi and this is the centre channel which flows from the middle of our spine to the top of the head called the Sahasrara. Now in Sahaja Yoga you would learn about these three Shaktis, you will learn about the great power that awakens these three Shaktis and it is the subject of Shri (Mataji) Sahaja Yoga, how to awaken this. And what is that force within us that is to be awakened? This is what Shri Mataji will tell you about and this is what she will awaken within us. What this course is called she will tell you herself. But sufficient it is for you to know that till this force is awakened we cannot bring these three Shaktis in their ascending state and we cannot grow spiritually and we cannot grow mentally and we cannot grow physically. While we talk of trying to find solutions to our multiple problems we ignore the wider pattern of things and try to solve each problem in isolation to the collective problem. Thus in solving one problem we may create another problem and in this way the problems go on rising. So how to integrate, how to grow collectively, this is what you will learn in Sahaja Yoga. Thank you.  00.11.00

Claps in the background.

Dr. Talwar is back on the stage

Thank you very much Yogiji for having given a wonderful introduction to the subject. And may I now request Shri Rajesh Shah from Bombay to come and give a little more about Sahaja Yoga to us. Can you adjust (the mike) (not very clear) Thank you. 00.11.54

Sahaja Yogi Rajesh Shah addressing the gathering in English

Fellow seekers, it gives me very great pleasure to have this opportunity to be able to address you today. I would like to thank The Lions Club international for making it possible for us to come and talk to you on the subject of Sahaja Yoga. 

(Whispering in the background Shri Mataji comes inside so you continue). Shri Mataji has arrived, she will be coming in any minute. (Rajesh Shah asking Dr. Talwar – “Should we wait?” Dr. Talwar replies “Carry on, carry on till she comes in.” Rajesh says “But I think it’s a bit, let her come through.” Dr. Talwar replies “She is outside keep on talking now. (Something said in these lines). “Carry on, carry on.”) 

Mr. Yogi Mahajan has already talked to you and explained certain aspects of Sahaja yoga and how auspicious it is that we are having these programs at this time of the Durga Pooja in Calcutta. I would like to mention a few things which are more connected with the background of Sahaja Yoga and what I as a person have come through in Sahaja Yoga and then try to relate it to the subject of these three lectures which are going to take place today. I am fortunate enough to have come from a good family and which has a Vaishnav (‘followers of Shri Vishnu’) background. My mother is a Jain (‘sect following Mahaveera’), quite learned in her field and in our family there is always been a tradition of worshipping the deities. Since I was a child one is being taught as any other good Hindu family or the good family in our country, more about God and God’s relationship to man. 

Perhaps we should all stand to welcome Her Holiness Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. 

Shri Mataji arrives in the hall.

The Compere talks to Rajesh “Carry on, carry on. Its documenting, can you make it short after that. Carry on two-three minutes.” Rajesh replies “I will do specifically to.” The Compere talks to Rajesh “no, no, two three minutes, it’s alright, because you can’t make it (not very audible).” 00.14.50

Rajesh seeks Shri Mataji’s permission “With you permission Shri Mataji I will carry on.” 

So as a child one found that one learnt a lot about the deities, especially as we have been taught in our country. But as I grew older and I looked around and I saw the different people and whatever they were doing and I visited, I had visited many temples, talked to many people and read many books even before I was fifteen years old. And I found that it was quite obvious that these people who claimed that they were following a religious life or were following a life where they spent a great amount of time in ritualism, in learning more and more or going to the temples. When one looked at their lives one really did not see that kind of a difference. One did not perceive that they were doing something which can make a difference to themselves or a difference to the society. Perhaps it is true that a person who might be following a more dharmik (“religious”) life as we know it, he might be doing better acts of good deeds and other such actions which make them appear to be good people. But looking at them seeing whether these persons in fact achieved any silence within, whether they have achieved any power by which they can give the, they can give comfort or they can give spiritual upliftment to others, this I could not see anywhere. And of course everywhere you see the poverty, you see the misery, you see the unhappiness. At about the age of eighteen, I was singularly fortunate in having the opportunity to go to the home of Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi where her husband at that time was the Chairman and Managing Director of the Shipping Corporation and Shri Mataji’s house was full of people who were coming to her for ‘sakar’ (sounded like that – maybe means for pushover), for comfort, to get themselves healed. Just to be able to be in her presence, this was nearly seventeen years ago, and the first thing on the very first meeting, that struck me was her enormous love and compassion. Her immediate recognition of another human being who wanted to know something and her motherly love just pouring out. This was not only for me, this was for the hundreds of people that used to come at that time to her residence. Thereafter I happened to go and study at various universities outside India and saw many things in the world, saw how in the west, people could not steady their minds. There was no moment where the tension in their lives would go out, you always felt it. There was no satisfaction. And again thanks to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, she taught me and thousands of others the message of Sahaja Yoga. The message of learning science, which is a very old science, which only she has made possible for all of us and through which we can experience, not only the, not only the this all the shastras (‘religious scriptures’), that what all the shastras has said is the truth. But that we know this on our own hands, we know it through our own bodies. We learn not only a very detailed science which as you take interest, you will also come to gradually know of it, but more than that you are able to recognise that this is truly something very-very great, very serious. Once we as Sahaja Yogis have recognised it different times in our lives, at different times of this whole movement of Sahaja Yoga, that here is something very important, here is something very serious and here is a person so incredibly genuine, who only wants to give and who wants to teach us, who wants to share all that she has with us, that we have become serious. And in that seriousness, we have wanted to listen more and more to Shri Mataji. We have listened carefully and she has taught us. She has taught us in the same way as Christ had once, had promised that he will send the comforter, the redeemer and the councillor. Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi has been that for all of us who are Sahaja Yogis and today she is there for all those who are the true seekers. As you know that in any, in any change that has to take place, the first change has to come as a change in the concept. It has to happen as a change in one person who we say is the leader and from the leader the change emanates and society can change. Shri Mataji is not a political leader but she is a great leader as there is so much to learn from her and, she as so much to give us and guide us. I hope and pray that today you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and listen carefully and gain the maximum from the presence of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Thank you very much. 00.21.36

Claps in the background.

Dr. Talwar is back on the stage

Thank you Rajesh. As I promised you, I am sure you also felt that the young man who spoke to you just now, he oozes love and beautiful vibrations and you can see every word that he spoke came from his heart. All by the grace of Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji we crave your enine (could be divine) indulgence and seek apology for being slightly late as you came dot on time but we were slightly delayed. Now in the presence of Her Holiness we are going to see a dance recital by an eminent artist of an exponent of Bharatanatyam Srimati Neerja G Paul. She is going to perform two dances, the first one is Pushpanjali (‘offering of flowers’) followed by a short slokam (‘a couplet of Sanskrit verse, especially one in which each line contains sixteen syllables.’) on Shri Ganesha. This is an invocation item in which the dancer prays to God and offers flowers to him. This is followed by s Shloka on Ganesha requesting his blessing and protection for the success of the dance presentation. The lyrics are in Sanskrit. This is to be followed by another dance very befitting to the occasion on this very auspicious occasion in the presence of our divine Mother and that is Shri Jaganmata Stotram (‘Jaganmata’ means the Mother of the whole world) in raag Malikai and set in Taal Malikai. This is a dance on the four aspects of the divine Mother Mahamaya. The four aspects are Shri Maheshwari, Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati. These four aspects merge into one, the form called Jaganmata. Goddess Shri Maheshwari is described and depicted as the Goddess full of dignity and grandeur. The second aspect is Shri Mahakali, she is depicted as the source of all the Shaktis, her strength is the universal compassion. The third aspect is Shri Mahalakshmi who is soft and graceful and the force of our evolution. The fourth aspect of Jaganmata is Shri Mahasaraswati in which she has the power to act and create all arts. In the end she shows as the fusion of the four aspects in to one that is Jaganmata or Shri Adishakti. We present to you Srimati Neerja G Paul. 00.25.03

Cultural program 00.25.04 to 00.52.40

Dr. Talwar is back on the stage

The artist will express her regards, come down and garland Her Holiness Shri Mataji. Claps around as the artist garlands Shri Mataji and seeks her blessings. 00.53.22

[Dr. Talwar’s speech is not very clear.. In the background can hear another person talking in Hindi – have translated that section] In the background: 

Don’t cry, don’t cry now. 00.53.24

We need to bring that as well on the stage, a stool/chair to sit (“chowkee”). Bring the chair on the stage to sit. Use this blanket to spread it on the stage. 00.53.49

Dr. Talwar is speaking again: 00.53.57

I would like to share with you my experience in Sahaja yoga. I am a doctor by profession who has been in practice since for what about over (not very clear) for over thirty years and as this became with anyone who considers himself to be successful in life and I was always running after more money and recognition and this for what people look after most in the mundane world and that it does happen. Not necessary it did come (not very clear), but my intention was more on the fame and recognition and it worked long for that trying to occupy as in sharing (not very clear) the responsible or professional social welfare organisations, even for that matter, family welfare or family planning, not so perhaps with very important people or shall I say DG, IG (not very clear). Still something was found missing in me and after every success that as I thought it to be, I found there was a void and during that void I used to feel depressed. Probably there was some yearning, some learning desire within to know myself. But I didn’t know how to get to that point where I would really be able to make out what was the missing link between me and my happiness? Till just two years ago I was exposed to Shri Mataji and knowing behold such a transformation which makes me feel that whether this is the same Dr. Talwar who was there in 1984 or is this some new person? I can only say one thing at the feet of Shri Mataji, at her holy feet, she brought about that transformation within me which each one of us can attain. Because she awakened that within me, which was mine, which has been within me all the time, only I didn’t know how to awaken it and through her grace, with her benign and very loving help, today I stand before you in all humility, in reverence to my Mother and dedicating myself totally to her and through her to God Almighty, to be utilised in any way that she wants for the work which is common interest for all of us and that is the upliftment of man to the level where he understands himself and becomes that what he is and that I shall leave to Her Holiness Shri Mataji to tell you during the process of her address to you this evening. As we are all set now, I am going to request them to raise the curtain and then request the Lions International Governor Tulsianji to kindly escort her Holiness on to the dais. Dr. Talwar speaking in the background “Could we have the curtain up? Curtain top.” 00.58.42

Shri Mataji arrives on the stage. 00.59.06

Dr. Talwar is speaking “May I, May I also have with us Dr. G.K. Saraf (name not very clear), the first citizen of Calcutta, Sheriff (not very clear) of Calcutta and he also happens to be a Lion. So may I sir request you, Lion of the DVS Sarai (not very clear) kindly come and garland Her Holiness Shri Mataji on behalf of us (not very clear). Dr GK Saraf, Sheriff of Calcutta. Claps in the background. On behalf, thank you very much, on behalf of the Lions (not very clear) to me (not very clear) come and garland Shri Mataji. Claps in the background. On behalf of various centres, Sahaja Yoga Centres spread all over India we have Sahaja Yogis come to be here with Shri Mataji and we first invite on behalf of all the International Sahaja Yogis, we have with us here a young lady from Houston, Texas, United States of America Ms. Bhagwati (not very clear). Should I request her to kindly come and garland Shri Mataji on behalf of all the other Sahaja Yogis spread over the world. May I request Mr. Tulsianji to come and occupy the chair on the dais. Thank you so much. Claps in the background. On behalf of the Sahaja yogis from Delhi Mrs. Kaushik Talwar. Claps in the background. From Madras we have Mr. Jayant. Claps in the background. From Maharashtra Mr. Raja Bhai Modi. Claps in the background. Hyderabad Shri Manish. Claps in the background. From Dehradun Shri Pawan Goyal. This young man has a history behind him as far as Sahaja yoga is concerned. Claps in the background. He is here today because of Sahaja Yoga. He is bending his story from Mother’s backing (sounded like). We have last but not the least Shri M.K. Jalan from Calcutta. 01.03.45

I know time is flying and you are all very keen to listen to Shri Mataji. I think with the permission of the organisers, I may say that from tomorrow we will have the entertainment cut down slightly with the permission of Shri Mataji. The program has been set now for today. But before Shri Mataji addresses us we have amongst us a very young and a very interesting and a very exuberant artist Shri Rajendra Kumar Jain, a well-known Rajasthani singer. He is not only a singer from Rajasthan, he is going to first garland Shri Mataji. Claps in the background. He also happens to be a tremendous talent where music is concerned because he has sung about in 18-19 languages of India and he recently performed before the President of India in Calcutta for which he got the President from the Rashtrapati Bhavan (the “President’s Residence”). I would not like to stand between you and him. I will request him to kindly sing two devotional songs only today because time is being very fast going on and after that I will request (not very clear). 01.05.06

Shri Rajendra Jain before his performance 

Today is the day of Navaratri. Mother’s court is ongoing (“Durbar”), I will first offer few stanzas of Durga Chalisa at the feet of the Mother. Taking permission of Shri Mataji, on instructions of Shri Mataji, I ask all of you to sign with me these stanzas of Durga Chalisa. It has simple words, you all can sing easily, you will feel as if you are in front of Mother Durga, you are at het her feet. 

The performance begins. 01.06.00 to 01.11.50

Shri Rajendra Jain speaking: I have prepared a welcome song for Shri Mataji. I would like to present this in front of you. Yesterday, I had presented this welcome song to Shri Mataji, I could see a divine smile in Mother’s face, so I would like to again spread some joy and present some stanzas as a garland at the feet of our Mother. You all can sing one-one line with me. It is a welcome to our Mother and it is a welcome of such a Mother who has brought a message that happiness, peace should flow in abundance, such wish who has brought, it is a offering at the feet of such a Mother. This is my devotional offering. 

The performance continues. 01.12.32 to 01.20.26. Let us all hail the court of truth. 01.20.30

Shri Mataji tells Rajendra Jain “You have raised everyone’s kundalini by singing this.” Rajendra Jain tells Mother “If I can present something to Mother tomorrow afternoon as well.” Shri Mataji says “Do come tomorrow as well. Come at 10 o’clock. You have done wonders.” 01.20.50

Shri Rajendra Talwar back on stage. Rajendraji has created a magical environment (“sama bandh diya”). Thank you very much. Now I request the Tulsianji to welcome Shri Mataji. Not only on behalf of Lions District, not only on behalf of people of Calcutta, but on behalf of all the people of India. 01.21.19

Mr. Tulsianji to address the gathering. (In the background, a Sahaja Yogini is asking Shri Mataji for water to drink). Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (“Param Pujya Sadhye Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi”), all the Lion(ers) who have gathered here, Sahaja Yogis, sisters and brothers, today is a very auspicious day, it is a combination of eight day and night day of Navaratri (“Ashtami and Navami”). The land of Bengal is our Motherland and on this auspicious day, I bow down to Mother Kali, Mother Saraswati, Mother Durga, Mother Lakshmi. I bow down to Shri Mataji and I greet all of you that you have come with such a beautiful feeling here. I would like to thank Shri Mataji on behalf of all the Lione(ers) that on our invitation and to give joy to the people of Calcutta for coming here and we were able to hear a very beautiful discourse from her day before yesterday. Today in front of you, she will tell nice things through her heavenly words. You know that Lions is involved in the area of service. The area of service is very big, our requirements are very large and keeping that in mind, we like a ticking clock, try to fulfil the motto “we serve” (“ahise sevamahe”) by serving the humanity, serving the people and we would like to give a small grant that I would like to let you know as a count on a daily basis. We at Lions every day do 25 eye operations, 10 blood donations, nearly 300 trees are planted every day and every two days we install a tube well, these are the types of services we are involved in. Other than these prevention of diseases, other things, like the floods that had happened now, then we came forward and took steps that we could take and will continue to do so. Now the question that will come to your mind is that Lions along with contributing in the area of service, how did it come to Sahaja Yoga? So friends, Lions is not just involved in the area of service, Lion’s motto is that people should have an overall development, all round development and if a person does not have a good health physically, then the mind and attention will also not be healthy. In that direction, we have formed a committee to look at Yoga and when I came to know about Sahaja Yoga, then I was very happy, that a path which is very simple (“sahaja”), which teaches us to follow a very beautiful path and the other thing that I liked very much that the motto of Lions which is service and universal brotherhood (“vishwa banduthva”). Somethings are so similar between Lions and Sahaja Yoga, that looking at them, I felt that we were travellers on the same path. Like we do not give importance to “I” in Lions, we at Lions refer as “Us”, it is our collective efforts, we work together and Shri Mataji through Sahaja Yoga as well preaches us the same theory of collectivity. A person is not defined by “I”, I is only part of the God Almighty, Adishakti only. The other thing is that I liked very much that her vision is global. Her message is spread across all nationalities and even our Lions movement as you can see has spread across the world in 161 countries. So in this way, we have similarity in this as well. It is her motto also to serve sad people and like we cure sick people and we try that people do not get sick as well, in that direction also Sahaja Yogis are fully emphasizing and in reality through Sahaja Yoga they tell us that if a person does Sahaja yoga every day for 10 minutes, then sickness will not come near a person. So this kind of environment that we are getting, this my friends, we all are responsible to take it ourselves, it is an ocean. When you dive in the ocean you get pearls (“motis”), then someone gets one pearl, someone gets no pearls and others get more pearls. It is a matter of feeling. Sahaja Yogis tell us that whatever is there is only humanity. I want to tell you a small thing, that when a person is restless, is aggressive (“aakroshi”), then for the satisfaction of their ego, they will never hesitate, will take the complete humanity on the brink of destruction, like Hitler had done, only to satisfy his ego. In a similar way I would like to give an example of our country, Ashoka (a King) when he was restless, he was aggressive and when he was pampering his ego, he got many people killed, through fight. But when he got his self-realisation, we look at the same Ashoka with lot of respect. So friends, if a person recognises himself, gets his self-realisation, if he understands his inner power, inner desire, then for our society, such person can be praiseworthy (“gunn gaee”) and we at Lions are trying for the same that our friends are prosperous in every field and we go on removing any shortcomings within us, we should be with humble heart be in the service of the people. All of you have gathered here to listen to Shri Mataji’s speech, you all are very excited. I do not want to stand in between anymore. In in the end only want to recite the prayer that we have for Mother “Ya Devi Sarva Butheshu Matre Roopena Samsthita, Namastasye, Namastasye, Namastasye, Namastasye”. Claps in the background. 01.28.27

Dr. Rajesh Talwar back on the stage (in Hindi)

Thank you very much Tulsianji. Before I request Shri Mataji to address us and give us her message, I would like to share something with you, which in the field of knowledge and especially in the field of medical research, what is the relation between Sahaja Yoga and Medical Science, for this in Delhi University, three students have been taken, one has completed the thesis in Delhi University on Sahaja yoga and its physiological effects. And the other two students for this same work are preparing for their PhD and MD. With this the Cambridge University also for its PhD course has approved Sahaja Yoga to do research in this scientific field, has given recognition. And four doctors of UK have registered themselves in Delhi University, which Delhi University has also accepted, they will do research here and in UK simultaneously that how Sahaja Yoga impacts and its success in curing physical diseases, in curing mental diseases, for this the research is being undertaken. As I say this, I request Shri Mataji to come and give her message. 01.30.10 Claps in the background.

Transcript of Shri Mataji Talk in Hindi

Members of the Lions club and all the men, women and children who have gathered here, in what words can a Mother say in this Kaliyuga, so much respect and welcome has been given by a distinguished and known organisation like Lions Club will do. What can I say, that such a day will come when it will be tried to know about Mother’s prestige, her powers in this Kaliyuga. In reality, from eternity, the Mother’s powers were worshiped in India, has been forgotten to a large extent. Because what was continued as a practice (“paripathi”), people did not get to know the truth within such practices. If there is a power, where is it? People say that God’s powers are ubiquitous, then where is it? We cannot see the effects of this power, we cannot see the action (“kriya”) of this power then, why should we believe in such a power? But even after so many years, today we still believe in the eight and the ninth day (“Ashtami and Navami”). It is thing of many thousands of years, when on the eight day and the ninth day, the Goddess had done very important work, she had destroyed, she had killed many demons and had protected the devotees. Even today we strongly believe (“jor shor se maante hain”) in it and we are devoted (“bhakti”) to the Devi. But even on this one eye of doubt are cast, people think that is this all followed as traditional methods to follow (“param paragat gati vidhiya”) or is there any meaning to this? Today in Sahaja Yoga we can prove that the power that is spread across is the love of the God and to know that within the human consciousness (“chetana”), human awareness is not possible. For that a higher, something which is deeper, something which is subtler need to be adopted. And this is something we get to know that humans do not want to accept it. They want to know that it should be proved now in front of them that where God is, that it should be proved now in front of them that where is the power of God? That is the reason from my childhood I was aware that there is need to find out such a thing from which from a societal perspective, people should get an amass self-realisation. When the electricity was discovered, then one person had found it out, but till it was not put to use for the society, no one was ready to accept it. Similarly, this process which we call as the awakening of the Kundalini, which has been implemented (“karyanvit”) in our country since eternity (“anadi kaal”) and used to be followed very discreetly for a very limited people, we need to now give it to the society. 01.34.55

Today the society’s status is covered with genre and fallacy (“vidha aur bhranti”). The society does not know if the western culture is alright or the eastern culture. They do not understand whatever we have heard about God is it the truth or false. In the east it has had such a loss that people have started believing in ghosts (“bhoot pret”) and the Churches for Saturn have also been built there now, there are churches of black magic also. In our country also there has been a lot mistakes that has happened and in that mess, people are so entangled that they don’t know what the truth is and what is false, in this which is the right path and which is the wrong path. Like science is very concrete (“thos”) thing I front of you, you can see it in front of your eyes, similarly in human consciousness till the time God is not seen in a very concrete form, they will not be ready to believe that God exists. Today’s youth, specially are very tensed (“pareshani”), they don’t know if they should accept the talks about tradition or leaving all this aside just believe that God does not exist. I will give you an example of this, the fundamentalists in Algeria, who basically called themselves as Muslims, and they introduced the new Shariat in a way for Muslims, which they started as a new system, they were running it, many people who were afraid of it decided to become communists and in such a away some five hundred people created in a discreet way a communist party. One of them reached London somehow, they are all very intelligent people, professionals, well-educated, doctors, architects, engineers, all are scholars and the person who had come to meet me was an aeronautical engineer. When he came to me, he did not come with an intent to attain salvation but he wanted to see what was jumbled up (“gadbad”) in this, what was right, what was wrong and the surprising thing is that he got his realisation instantaneously (“khsan”) and instantly he was able to see the spirituality spread all around (“ruhani”), the divine power that he could feel, that he came to know. He started getting cool vibrations on his fingers, like Shri Adi Shankaracharya has mentioned “Salilam, Salilam” (like flow of water). After that, he stayed there for some time, he learnt Sahaja Yoga and then he went back. After that he mentioned that there is no need of communism or capitalism, there is no need of any “isms, there is God ad he proved that. And you will be surprised that all the five hundred people became Sahaja Yogis, not only that they came by plane to meet me in London.


But in this one thing is fixed, that I have always seen that human beings need to have the pure wisdom (“shudha buddhi”), this is seen very less. Only pure wisdom is required, it is possible that you can call it pre-accumulation of virtues (“purva punya sanchay”) or call it anything else, but to have pure wisdom is very important. Now the people who have spoken before you today, they are all people complete with pure wisdom. Having pure wisdom means that you should have a vision like a scientist, that they have an open mind, you should have the open mindedness. If you keep any belief (“dhaarna”) in front of it, any hypothesis in front of it, then they don’t say that this can’t happen. One who says so is not a scientist. He however says using the wisdom of Chanakya that, ok if you say so, we will see, if it is proved, it will become the law. Similarly, people who look at Sahaja yoga in a similar manner, will very soon get their realisation in Sahaja. But in whose vision is filled with unnecessary curiosity (“kautoohal”), unnecessary ego, unnecessary their superstitions (“kusanskar”), it will take some time for them, but they all got their realisation. Some people ask me, why some people get their realisation soon while others take so much time, on some people you need to struggle a lot (“haath todne padte hain”). What to say about Bengal? I have mentioned so many times that this Bengal is a great blessed (“punyavaan”) country and in this country only saintly people should take birth. 01.40.12 

In this people think, Mother we are so poor, there is so much poverty here, what is the reason of this poverty? The only reason for this is that you have left God and are chasing (“anusaran”) those people who are not God. You are following (“anusaran”) those people who are against God. You should throw the thousands of Tantrics who are sitting here, Lakshmi will come in your country. This is due to devoid of Lakshmi (“Alaksmi”). I am telling openly about them that every Tantric should be picked up and thrown out from here, you will see that Lakshmiji will come here, because Lakshmi runs far away from the place where ghosts (“bhoot”), spirits (“pret”), burial sites (“shamshan”) reside. I myself am like that, if there is any tantric he fears in front of me and I don’t want to meet any Tantric. The tantric practice (“Tantric vidya”) that has started here, the reason for that is that these Tantric(s) know that this country is very much blessed (“punyavaan”), and if this country is enlightened, the whole world will revere (“dahnega”) Bengal’s land. That is why they have cemented themselves here and you people have encouraged them so much (“sar par chada rakha hain”), you have given them so much respect, that the Goddess has left this place. This is the same thing, I have seen a similar thing happening in Kerala. All such places where Tantric(s) are given importance (“mahatmya”), there can never be richness in such a place, there can never be prosperity in such a place at all. Now, you will ask, then why is it so in America? You can ask me what the situation of America is, they are sitting on debt. You will come to know of their condition (“haalat”) by staying there, that there are in so much filth (“khichad”). We don’t have anything to learn from them. They have no culture, they don’t know either their mother or father, neither their mother nor sister. They have got such terrible diseases, even then they have not got their senses that they should live with discipline, should walk on the path of righteousness (“dharma”). They have no feeling of righteousness within. In the field of science as well all that they know, one demon (“bhoot”) is of a bomb and the other is poison, and both are instigating one another (“ek dusre ko chadana”), and both they have made they are afraid of the same. Those who have done this kind of great foolishness, what is the benefit to them even after getting science, what common sense (“akkal ki baat”) they have spoken about? Today the whole world is having a fear that another war will start if these two foolish countries start fighting amongst each other. These are great fools who have made up such things and have created demons with their hands. Till today humans had not made demons, they have created it and have given it so much importance and made it sit on our heads and they want to use it to keep the world on its tenterhooks (“dandanake”). But why are you unable to see this foolishness? This is the surprising thing. If you look at their lives, it is so sad (“dukhad”), they are in so much problems (“takleef”), they are in so much trouble (“pareshani”), that it is surprising that we are afraid of poverty, but this poverty is in a way blessing on us, understand it, that we have not become rich like them. If you look at their manners (“taur tarike”) you will come to know that they have fallen down from humanity. Their lives have become like animals, and they live like animals. Staying with them today, I don’t know how my husband went there, hence even I had to live with them for twelve years. When they come to Sahaja Yoga, my hands break while giving them their realisation, my hands break. For four years, I broke my hand on seven Englishmen and then after wavering (“dagmagate hue”) they were able to stand up. Today I can see that all members of the Lions Club have got their realisation, you all will get your realisation in one moment. Understand this is also the blessing of this spiritual land (“vanga bhoomi”). In this land of yoga, this spiritual land (“vanga bhoomi”) is considered as the Heart Chakra and in this Heart Chakra is the seat of Shri Jagdamba. Being the seat of Jagdamba, you people should not be going to such demons means you are standing against your Mother. Till the time you don’t leave this, even Mother cannot help you. 01.44.26

But in Sahaja Yoga you will come to know what I am telling. Before that you will not be able to know, because till now you have not reached the one only, absolute fact (“tathya”). The essence (“tattwa”) is that you are the spirit (“atma”). When you become the spirit, when your spirit is enlightened, you will know the absolute, the absolute truth, which is the only truth. In this there is no duality (“issme do baatein nahi hoti”). How can you tell which person is good, which person is bad? Which person is a thug, which person is a saint? There are many indictors for this which has been told, but who reads this? No one reads this, people only read things that helps them to absorb (“palvalit”) their weakness, which will increase it, which will make them weaker, which will put them in such habits which will ignite (“prajvalit”) their bad habits even more. This is not going to result in their welfare (“kalyan”), it is not going to result in well-being (“hith”), it is not going to give us our benevolence (“bhalai”). And tomorrow our children will also walk the same path in which today the children on Americans and other countries are going. You know that the disease of drugs has increased so much, especially in England that they want to bring in the military to stop someone from taking drugs. Shri Krishna has said that our human awareness (“manushya chetna”, maanav chetana”) goes downwards. Its roots are in the head and when our awareness goes downwards, then we get into a declination (“adhogati”). Unless we rise vertically (“urdhwagati”), if we do not take ourselves to our ascent (“urdhwagati”), if we want our regeneration (“utthan”) or we want our resurrection (“punarutthan”), we get our resurrection, it is not possible. Our, this ecstasy (“utkranti”), our evolution, its climax (“charam seema”) has come. Humans need to attain this peak (“charam seema”), otherwise he does not become meaningful (“sartha”), thie life is not successful, they, remain incomplete. Because of their incompleteness humans are today in confusion (“bhranti”). This needs to be removed and to remove it is very simple (“saral”) and spontaneous (“sahaja”). Now you will, Mother you are saying this is so simple, so spontaneous, how is it possible? It is said that you should fast, you should stand on your head for so many days, and after that you should shave your head, and then stand in water for so many days, take up all sorts of difficult tasks (“aatak”), after doing all of this, you will get your realisation. That is not the case. 01.47.15

Now you think that a Father is full of love, who is only filled with love. Will he ever want his children to be in trouble? A Mother who loves her children, will she want her children to have so many problems? Will she want her children to be hungry, do fasting for her? This is all fallacy (“bhranti”) of imagination that is filled within you that you should trouble your body this way, you should trouble your body that way, by doing this you will get God. If this is true, then in the countries, where people are afflicted (“peedith”), like you know there are countries where people’s bones can be seen, who are deprived of food, they should have obtained God Almighty (“Paramatma”) by now. But, this is a matter of God Almighty, who is not only the most powerful, but is the ocean of love. That ocean of love is your father, and if he has created this world, then do you feel that he would like to see you struggle like this and take trouble in order to meet him. But on the contrary, if you do this, he will be very angry. This means that you have not understood his blessings. You are living in such an evergreen country, and living in such a beautiful atmosphere, when you get up early in the morning, you can see birds chirping and children are laughing loudly, in such an atmosphere, have you ever thought what is the God Almighty’s blessings? In Sahaja Yoga a mantra is told to us “Count your blessings one by one” Now think what all has been given to us by God Almighty, what all have we have got from God Almighty? He will also feel happy that his children has accepted all that I have given, I should give them more. 01.49.15

But now this type of process (“paripathiya”) has begun due to which humans have started walking on the wrong path. And if you want to fast only and you have a very strong desire for the same, the God says, ok die with hunger. This is what your desire is right to fast five days in a week, then why not fast for the whole year. It is matter of understanding that the God Almighty who loves you so much and who is the ocean of love, how can he even think in such manner about you and how can he give importance to such a thing? Another matter in us is that we are after science. Ok, there is a lot of utility from science. Without Science, I could not have given such a discourse. Because of Science, photography has emerged. From such photography, many things that I did not want to say is available for us to see with our eyes. Because of the different lights many people know who I am and what Sahaja Yoga is. There are many things about science, if I stand in the television. Once when we were in Hong Kong when I appeared in television, whoever saw me on television and put their hand in front of the television, got their realisation. Science has its benefits but when it is put to use in any such work which is constructive, where it binds people, where it benefits people. And not for those things which will kill, which results in destruction (“naash”), which is total destruction (“maha vinaash”) and which causes total destruction (“samhar”). Because these things are man-made. Whatever has been made by a human being comes from his mind (“manas”), comes from his mind, and when it starts progressing as stated by Shri Krishna, it grows on only on one side, which is called linear, one-sided. When it reaches a particular point, then its destructive (“samhar”) powers, destructive (“nasht”) powers and evil forces become strong and will pull down the person, and then returns to them. 01.51.29

People used to say capitalism is good, tried and seen. Some say democracy is very good, then demonocracy (maybe Mother meant ‘democracy’) came. Some say communism is very good, I have been at both the places three to four times in China and Russia, they are in very bad shape. So what is the matter, whatever they think why does it come back to haunt them, why does it destroy them. The reason is that their awareness is still not of (towards) God Almighty. Now they are not yet in the empire of God Almighty. They try on their own, when they try on their own, they reach at such a place from where they need to return. Then the same thing bothers them as evil instinct (“dusht pravritti”). That is why it is important, very important, that we understand this that whatever we have known is by the grace of God. He has given us the power to know this that today such a time has arrived which will change the whole world, for that whatever we have achieved from science, whatever we have achieved from devotion, and whatever the saints have written, whatever work has been done by all the big incarnations, all of it should be used to bring in change, for our ascent (“urdhwagati”). Now the declination (“adhogati”) is happening as we have not kept our eyes on our ascent (“urdhwagati”), that one day we should achieve our ascent (“urdhwagati”). In the name of this and on this thought, many logics (“tarkik”) have been come who use argument (“tark”). You cannot have any argument (“tark”) for God Almighty because it is a live power, it is a life course (“jeevantkriya”). Can you tell about a life course (“jeevantkriya”), that how can a flower become a fruit? Can you tell if a simple seed is planted in the earth then how come it becomes a big tree? From these live powers, you can work from a lifeless thing, like once a tree dies, from the wood you have made the table, stage. You brought stones which are dead and placed it and you feel that you have done a very big job. From this other than ego, nothing else can come for human being. They will think, I have done so much of work, I have arranged two stones and have made such a big palace. Not only that when pride comes in human, he gets used to the feeling of inertia (“jadta”). Like those people, who start sitting on a chair, cannot sit on the ground. Those who are used to cars, cannot walk. Those who are used to living in good houses, cannot stay in simple jungles. 01.54.10

All inertia (“jadta”) is hovering over us. It is not very difficult to remove this inertia (“jadta”), but, that which emanates from the brain, which we call as ego and the grip (“jakdan”) which is linked to our falsehoods (“kusanskar”), like there are many false things that have been told to us that we have accepted. As an example, I would like to tell you about one person who was a prominent Sahaja Yogi. His name was Agnihotri Rajwade. Before, he used to be an Agnihotri, but later became a Sahaja Yogi. One day, he came to me and said ‘Mother, I have a problem of prostate gland.’ I told him this is not possible. I asked him ‘How could you get this problem of prostate gland because you are a devotee of Shri Ganesha, and Shri Ganesha only takes care of prostate gland. So how can you have a problem of the prostate gland?’ He said ‘Mother, Doctor says that operation is essential, as it is a very serious matter.’ I said this is not possible. On the day when he was about to leave, I said ‘at least take the Prasad and then go.’ I gave him ‘Chana’ (Gram). He started looking here and there and I said ‘What is the matter?’ He said ‘today it is Sankhashti and it is my fasting day’. I said ‘Oh Okay, sit down now. I understand why your prostate gland problem has occurred. You are fasting on Sankhashti right? On which day is Sankhashti celebrated? He said, on the day when Shri Ganesha was born.’ If a son is born to you, will you fast on that day, will you be sad (“sutak”)? Who told you to do this that on the day Shri Ganesha is born you have to be sad? He said ‘Yes, I understand this now’. I said, ‘Ok, eat this Chana.’ He ate the Chana, and you will not believe that when he went back, his prostate was cured. All the Gods and Goddesses are present on our chakras subtly (”sukshm”), this is the knowledge of subtle. If I start talking about it, people will say ‘please stop, leave this matter alone. We have heard all this, this is not the truth.’ But now this knowledge can be proved. At the time when Kundalini is rising and when it stops, at that time you will have to take the names of these Gods and Goddesses. 01.56.28

Like the seat of Jagdamba is behind our sternum bone which we call as the Heart chakra. Many people call it ‘Anahat’, Anahat chakra because the sound of the heart, it is called Anahat because the sound of the heart does not resonate when it bumps into anything else. It creates sound on its own without percussion. It is here in the Heart, of the spinal cord towards the back. From this our sternum bone works and till the age of twelve in our sternum bone, you would be aware that such powers are getting ready which spreads across the whole body and when these antibodies get ready then it fights (“ladna”) against any external power that enters in the body, it fights against it (“jhagadna”) and destroys it. Just like, if there is any person who reaches near a disease and the disease wants to enter into the person, this fights with it, hence you get a fever (“jvar”). This is the power of Shri Jagdamba. When this power becomes attenuated (“ksheern”) then many diseases come, like breast cancer (Mother repeats in English) amongst women, is also because of this. This chakra of Jagdamba is very important. When this chakra is harmed (“haani”) then such a person shivers (“kampith”) with fear, becomes very fearful. Especially in women, when their Motherhood is jumbled up (“gadbad”), like when a husband is raffish (has no morals) (“badchalan”), his eyes are on another women, or the women in her mind starts doubting (“sanshyaith”) him, and inside her there is a feeling of insecurity (“arakshita”). Because of that insecurity (Mother repeats in English) this chakra gets spoiled and because of that she can get breast cancer. Now you should think how subtle this subject matter is, but it should be said that the women should be kept (feel) secured. She is your wife, your wife not of anyone else. If you cannot give joy to your wife, if you cannot keep her alright, then you are useless, then you have less common sense (“akkal”). The thing which is yours, if you do not use your own car, but you start looking at the buses on the road, then what will people tell you, “Is he mad or what?”. Like this human beings do many such stupid (“murkhta”) things and because of that they get lots of diseases. If this chakra of the women gets alright, her breast cancer can be cured. The treatment that happens, happens at the root level (“moolataha”) in Sahaja, not from outside. No medicines or medicine drugs (“dava daaroo”) are given. Like there is a tree, if the tree has some problems, suppose it is shedding leaves, then if you give treatment to the leaves, it will not give any benefit. You will have to get to the roots and you will have to provide the medicine to the roots. When you treat the roots only then the medicine can reach everywhere and everyone will get it. But for that you need to become subtle and getting that subtlety means getting your realisation. 02.00.06

That is what is called Aatma Bodh, self-realisation. What has been mentioned in Bible as Baptism is a pretence (“dhong”). Because if the Baptism as per Bible is alright, then any one can come and keep the hand on your head and you will get your self-realisation. Similarly, in our place the sacred thread (“yagnopavit”) which is worn is another farce, it also is similar. It is also the same thing which is called a twice-born (“Dwij”), which is called a Brahmin. A Brahmin is called as Dwij. Only after attaining Brahma, they are considered to be Brahmin. If he has not found the Brahma, then the person is just roaming around with a false certificate, any person just wears the sacred thread (“yagnopavit”), neither are they Brahmins nor are you. You people should not feel bad, but what is the truth I am telling you. To give you an example, who has written Gita? The one who wrote Gita is Vyas who is considered as a Maha Brahmin. But no one knows who his father was, his mother was a fisherwomen. Valmiki wrote Ramayan, deliberately God Almighty has got such people to do such important things so that you can be taught that you should (not care) for such useless (“faltu”) foul play (“dhakozlabadi”). If you want to think yourself as a Brahmin, you will not become a Brahmin. If you think of yourself as something else, you will not become so. What you are, what your caste is, is reflected in your wishes, in your aptitude. What has been said for the Goddess “Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Jaati Rupena Samsthitha”, the caste (“jaati”) is your aptitude. Are you going to search for God Almighty? If you are truly seeking God Almighty and the truth and if you are going to search for it with pure heart, you can become in essence (“tattwa”) a Brahman. One who knows Brahma is only a Brahmin, they are called as twice-born (“Dwij”) because it is their second birth and one bird is also called twice born (“Dwij”) because it also is an egg first and then becomes a bird. Similarly we are also in the form of an egg. Till now our brain (“dimag”), our head (“mastishk”) is covered with ego (“ahambhav”), hidden by it. Till such time it is not opened, our second birth cannot take place and till we take our second birth till then we will not have any kind of security and neither can we take the flight (“udaan”). 02.02.14

For us to even spread our wings, it is necessary that we break our blind condition (“andha dasha”). You cannot break this on your own. Some say that they want to fight with their ego, others say they want to fight with their super ego. But you cannot fight because this is your shadow, how can you fight with your shadow? There is only one way to fight the shadow, by standing below the light, then there will be no shadow. If you yourself become the light then there cannot be a shadow. It is going to remove everyone’s darkness. In this manner you all should be getting your self-realisation (“Aatma Sakshatkar”). In this spiritual land (“vanga bhoomi”) there have been many great-great people. We have heard about them, we have read about them, and were very respectful (“aadaryukta”), I say from my heart that lot of work can happen in this land. But little politely (“namratapurvak”) try to understand this fact that we are going towards a new path, and we are on a new level of talk, it is a matter of micro world (“sukshm vishwa”). After seeing Lions Club, I was very happy to see how much work Lions Club is doing. But if they get enlightened within then their cost will come down. In Sahaja Yoga there are no expenses at all. We do not take any money, there are no expenses. Because you just raise your hand and awaken the Kundalini, it is done, people get their realisation and they get cured of their illness. You just have to just teach them a little about Sahaja Yoga and all kinds of illness is cured. Their brain (“mastishk”) gets alright, mad people get cured. All those things which looks difficult (“durbhar”), which looks sad (“durdhar”), and gives lot of trouble, all such things, spontaneously (“hatat”), in a moment can become alright in Sahaja Yoga. In this you also get the blessings of Shri Lakshmi, because Shri Lakshmi is also present in one of our Chakras and I will tell you tomorrow about this that how much blessings of Shri Lakshmi you can get. 02.04.23

There is so much of poverty in this country, people say that the country is very poor. The reason for this is that we have left our Yoga, our tradition, we don’t know what (culture) we have adopted, nor western nor eastern, something hanging in between, we have taken in a state, from that we need to change and understand that we have a heritage (“dharohar”), our heritage, we have to achieve this, we have to awaken (“jagana”) in this and we have to rule (“raj karna”) in it. The whole world will be at your feet. You may be surprised that Sahaja Yoga has spread more in the Western countries, because their intelligence (“buddhi”) is more incisive (“thikshna”) than us, and not only that, they are worried (“pareshan”) with, and are distressed (“tanga”) with the world. They want to run away from that world, so many people commit suicide there. So many countries which are very rich like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, are all very rich countries, there they indulge in competition (“spardha”) that who will commit maximum number of suicides. Similar fate is about to come here also, if you get wealth and you don’t get God Almighty. Without God Almighty, to take anything is deceitful (“dhoke ki baat”). Human being will have no control on himself and will not be able to enjoy (“upabhog”) the same. That person who has lot of wealth and does not have the blessings of God Almighty, that person cannot enjoy the same, he will somehow get into wrong path and will destroy themselves. Such person will never be satisfied (“samadhan”) within themselves. 02.05.57

Tomorrow, I will tell you about all Chakras in a systematic manner. But before explaining all this, I want to tell you that this is not necessary. Suppose someone asks you as soon as they come into the room and asks you how to light the room, you will tell just press the button, and all the lights will be switched on. In the same manner, within you a complete arrangement (“intezam”, “vyavastha”) has been made by God Almighty. You just have to connect with the Mains. Now you will also ask me what the history of this electricity is, like who has discovered it and what all organisations it is associated with, and due to which organisation does this all work, then it will cause a headache. It will take many years for you to listen to it. Instead of that, it will be better if you get it done quickly, people who had to do the job have already done it. Just light the lamp, why are you breaking your head? But it is the habit of the human being not to eat straight from the mouth, but to go round the head and then eat. Before I explain all this, you people first get the awareness. It is a very auspicious day, it is the Ninth day (“Navami”). Goddesses’ special blessings are there on the Ninth day (“Navami”). You should get it (“paiye”) and after getting it you should establish yourself in it (“jameeye”). In a way that when a seed germinates (“ankurit”), it naturally (“sahaja”) sprouts (“ankurit”), you need to take care of it, in a similar way, in Sahaja Yoga after getting your self-realisation, you have wind (“dhanjawad”), and similarly you have to protect the lamp lit in your heart and you will have to carefully (“sanjokar”) correct the light (“jyot”). Then from this light, you will be enlighten many lights. What are we, we are just here in the middle who is telling (“keh rahe hain”) you and informing (“bata rahe hain”) you about this, because you need someone to talk about all this. Because am talking about a subtle subject (“sukshm”), to explain this I had to talk to the Doctors, so I learnt about medical science (“doctor”). Then I had to talk to psychologists I leant psychology. But after looking at all this, it seems like everyone are children only. 02.08.19

Now they have to know many more things, they have to know about many things, because they have not yet entered the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is most beautiful, is very skilled (“kushal”). Those of you who think here electricity may fail, somewhere telecommunication may fail, but, in the Kingdom of God, nothing ever fails. Nothing will ever fail. Everything will be excellent and perfect (“achuk”), you will not see anything messed up (“gadbad”). You will not find any defect in it. You may be surprised (“aashcharyachakit”) that sitting here, you can tell the state of any person and while sitting here you can make them alright. But you will have to comprehend it (“dhaarana”), you will have to take the power within. Somebody asked me a question that “Mother, why everyone cannot get this?” I replied that “The matter is, there are many things, but if you put a pitcher (“ghagar”) in the Ganges, the pitcher can fill. But if you want to take water in a stone, how will you do it? Those who are stone, first need to be moulded into a pitcher, then only it will work out.” So, at the outset, the work which is lively (“jeevanta”) is always that it first does the straight forward (“saral”) work, then it goes about doing the difficult task. By this the simple (“saral”), spontaneous (“sahaja”) people easily get their self-realisation. I have told them many times that move out of the city limit of Calcutta (“Kolkata”) and go to the villages, then here very quickly so many people will get their self-realisation, so many people will get it because it is the land of Ganges, it is the evergreen land (“sashyashyamalam bhoomi”). In this land don’t know, so much of work can be done. Similarly, I had gone to Rajasthan, the land of Rajasthan is amazing (“Kamaal”) and when I saw that when the people come from villages over there, they have so much faith (“Shraddha”) and the power of their desire is indomitable (“adamya”). Once I was travelling in a bullock cart, you move around in the village in a bullock cart, then the person sitting in the bullock car was talking like Kabirdas. I said, look, how come Kabir is sitting here and talking. I asked him, “Brother, from where did you get to know all this?” He said “Mother, you only have given us our self-realisation (“paar kaya hain”), and everything is within. I am talking from within, I am not talking anything from outside. I was very much surprised (“aashcharyachakit”). A man driving a bullock cart, was talking about such an ultimate thing (“param”), with so much sense (“samajhdhari”, in such a sorted manner (“sooj booj”) with such wisdom. There was so much of knowledge and understanding in him. I said “God Bless You” (“dhanya ho tumhari”), and blessed (“dhanya”) is my Mother India, where there are such people, who even now believe in that devotion (“bhakti”) and the power (“Shakti”) and are respectful (“maan”) of their innocence (“abhodita”). May God Almighty bless you all and from you whoever get can your self-realisation in sometime, do get it. And please come tomorrow as well, and bring your close friends. I seek your apologies, because the hall that we got, in that all people, many people who wanted to come could not get accommodated. The reason is that a lot of unrest is spread everywhere, and the police people are afraid people are afraid that someone doesn’t fire at me only. That is the reason they said that it is better to arrange somehow for such a hall where the safety (“intezaam”) can be taken care of. Although I am standing here in my protection, I do not need any external protection. But it was their thought (“vichaar”) which I respected and then we said, it is ok. Hall is small, I seek your forgiveness (“maafi”).

Mother bows down to everyone and returns to her seat. Claps in background. 02.12.00

End of Shri Mataji Talk in Hindi

Dr. Rajesh Talwar back on the stage (in Hindi)

Shri Mataji speaking in background: “If anyone wants to go out and come, they can do so.”

Dr. Talwar speaking: “Shri Mataji has ordered (“aadesh”) that any brother or sister who would like to go out and come, can do so and come back. After that Shri Mataji will give self-realisation to you all.

Now we will be starting the program. Shri Mataji will now be giving you all your self-realisation. Tulsianji has given us a suggestion that I should say two words about Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji speaking in background with Tulsianji: “Such people are like in-laws of your children (samdhi”).

Dr. Talwar speaking: Shri Mataji came in this joyous form on 21 March 1923. Her 64th year is going on. 

Shri Mataji speaking in background with Tulsianji: “63rd year, actually 64th year.

Dr. Talwar speaking: Shri Mataji is sitting here in person (“saakshat roop”) and if you look at her face, you will not be able to see a single wrinkle and every time she will be in a state of joy (“anand”) and glee (“ullaas”), that after seeing her, in reality you can feel that whatever be your age, you will be a small child in front of her. Now how she does this, you can get your experience today, rest you yourself will be able to understand. Shri Mataji. 02.14.16

Transcript of Shri Mataji giving realisation in Hindi

First of all I have a request to everyone that please sit with an attention that is happy (“prasanna chitta”). You don’t have to be very serious, keep your attention happy (“prasanna chitta”). I can see that you people have become quite serious. If I have said something because of which you have become serious, then forget about it. You don’t need to (be serious). Happiness in attention (“prasanna chitta”) means that first you should forgive yourself. I have done this mistake, I am like this, I am fallen (“patit”), etc., all these things are absolutely wrong. Because God Almighty is the ocean of mercy (“daya”) but even more he is the ocean of forgiveness (“kshma”) and you cannot make any such mistake that God Almighty cannot forgive. Hence you need to forget these kind of things. These kind of things are told by those people who after making you sad (“dukhi) and want to extort (“ainthana”) from you. You sit with a happy attention (“prasanna chitta”). With happiness only God Almighty will be happy with you. In this more than half of the work will be done if you sit with a happy attention (“prasanna chitta”). It is important that while keeping a happy attention (“prasanna chitta”), you should have faith in yourself. You should not be thinking about what you did in your past birth, what is written in my horoscope (“Kundali”), etc., etc., so many such things (“baatein”) which are burdened upon us (“laad de jaati hain”), or I am of higher caste or I am of lower caste, or I have these drawbacks (“kamiyaan”) or that drawbacks. I will forget all these things today and I will get (“prapta”) my spirit (“aatma”), in this gladness (“khusi”), in this happiness (“anand”), in this hope (“aasha”) sit in a relaxed manner. On the Ninth day (“Navami”) in your Mother’s court (“Durbar”), sit as a king in your seat (“aasan”). You should not have any deficient feeling (“nyoonata”) towards yourself, many big questions arise from the same and I see that one chakra here which we call as Left Vishuddhi, the left side of the Vishuddhi gets caught up very badly. Due to that a person gets many diseases, one of that is Spondylitis and the other is Angina, like that many other diseases can come from this. Hence one should not consider themselves lesser in any way. This is the only prerequisite (“sharta”), there is no other prerequisite. And keep your mind open as a scientist. You will have to remove your shoes because this spiritual land (“vanga bhoomi”) is very amazing and this is the Goddess who removes sins (“paap haran”), removes heat (“taap haran”), she will remove all your troubles. So take out your shoes. If you are feeling uncomfortable (“kasan”), feeling aches (“kasak”), feeling constricted (“kasa”) because of anything, then please loosen it up. Like I am speaking to you in an everyday language (“rojmarra ki bhasha”), am using a simple (“sahaja”) language, so if it comes out partly (“tishtatha”), you should forget it and think that our Mother is only speaking to us, in such a simple state you should sit. If anyone is wearing a cap you need to remove it. No one goes wearing a cap in front of their Mother. Just as in a simple way that we go to our Mother, in a similar way, in a similar emotion (“bhav”) you should sit and it is your complete right for you to get (“prapt”) this. It is your own thing, it is your own power, you need to awaken it. All that is yours needs to be given to you. In this there is nothing to give and take between you and me. There is no question of favour in this. This relation is such in which there is only practice (“chalan”), there is movement, but there is no this kind of thoughts that someone is doing a favour and not, etc. This does not bring obstacles (“rukavate”). It is a flowing (“bahati”) thing, in that flow (“bahav”), everyone should flow away (“bahajaana”) and should enjoy it. Nor can anyone give money in this, nor have you to try anything in this, directly (“seedhe”) straightforward (“saral”), you just flow with it (“bahav mein bahajaana”). And what you need to leave is your ego, and to leave it also you hold on to it too much, just leave it, don’t think that you have an ego. You need to break that thought. You will start looking within yourself the first time. Before this our attention was always external. You don’t have to look at others. Today for the first time, we will look within ourselves, we will know ourselves and we will rise in its grace (“gaurav”). That is why there is no question of looking at others. Today is the day when we behold (“niharna”) our own power (“Shakti”) and our own dignity (“shaan”). We have to behold it (“niharna”), know (“janana”) it, recognise (“pehchanna”) it and then bring it to use. It is a very simple thing. 02.21.43

Now Shri Mataji is initiating the self-realisation

Now keep both hands facing towards me with palm upwards. Keep it simple and straight, because these five fingers, the base of the palm is six and centre of the palm is seven, are the seven chakras in the right side and these (Mother is counting on left hand), One base of the palm, two, three, four, five, six fingers, and centre of the palm seven, are the seven chakras in the left side. I am saying left and right in English because all of you can understand it and all these chakras on both sides, in this way (Mother is illustrating how they come together) come together and make the chakras in the central channel. So these are the seven chakras of the sympathetic nervous system and through its union the chakras of parasympathetic nervous system is formed in the central channel. Hence keep both your hands, both your legs separated from each other. The power on the left is the power of desire and the power on the right is the power of action which gives power to our physical and mental activities. The right side is called as the power of life (“prana”) and the left side is called as the power of the mind (“mana”), the power of desire and the Kundalini is the pure desire (“shuddha iccha”). All the desires of the workd are impure because whatever we desire does not result in wish fulfilment (“icchapurti”). In Economics it is said that, in general desires are not satiable. In particular it is possible, but not in general, as (people will have desire) for this today, then tomorrow that, then other, then another, then another. Hence it is an impure desire. There is only one desire which is pure in human being which is their Kundalini and that pure desire is that one should become the spirit (“aatmaswaroop”) get connected with the love of the God Almighty, to get dissolved (“leen”) in the power of Brahma (“brahmanshakti”). This is the pure desire and this is what should be awakened which is in the dormant (“sookta”) state within you. 02.24.12

Now keep your hands like this, keep both hands (palm facing upwards towards me) and when you keep your eyes closed keep your right hand on your left heart, it is the heart chakra, the heart which is, the chakra is in the centre, the heart is, in the heart resides the spirit. After that keep your right hand here on the upper abdomen on the left hand side, all work will happen on the left hand side, you have to press it like this. After that the same right hand bring it down to the lower part of the stomach and keep it. Then bring the same right hand to the upper part of the abdomen. Then bring the same right hand on your heart. Then keep the right hand here (Mother is pointing towards Left Vishuddhi) and tilt the neck (towards the right) like this. This joint between our neck and the shoulder, you need to keep the right hand like this and move the neck like this and this chakra is catching somewhat for all of you. In this humans always consider themselves guilty for something or other. Today it is catching a lot. You have not done anything wrong, you are not guilty at all. In English you should say “I am not guilty at all”. Then keep you’re this right hand on your cranium (“kapaal”), on your forehead (“maathe”) like this slanted (“aada”), press hard on both the sides. And then (keep your right hand) on the back, back window of the Agnya chakra while bending your head backwards. Then keeping your right hand completely, putting some strain (“tanaav”), keep the palm (“hatheli”) right here properly on the Brahmarandra, which is called the fontanel bone area, where there is the fontanel bone area (“taalu”), keep it on the fontanel bone area, press it and move it seven times (in clockwise direction). That’s it, you need to all this properly and the job is done. 02.26.24

After that you will see that your Brahmarandra will be pierced and the Kundalini will raise and on the top of your head cold-cold, cold-cold breeze will start flowing. Then in your hands as well, you will see that the energy which is spread across all the four corners, this spiritual (“roohani”) power will be felt by you, you will know the cold-cold breeze flowing through your hands. This power is the power of Brahma, with this only all the work of the universe is carried out. Now all of you close your eyes, if you want you can take out your spectacles as well because now you don’t need to open your eyes at all. Till I tell you, don’t open your eyes, please, because your attention has to be within yourselves. All of you should do this, please all of you should do this, then it will be a favour (“meherbaani”). It will be a great favour (“meherbaani”) if everyone does it with complete reverence (“Shraddha”). I just came to know of an experience, by which I felt very bad, that a husband and wife came to a Sahaja Yoga program and the woman got her self-realisation as she tries to get her awakening, and the husband did not get it. It happened in Riyadh. There were not many people. I don’t know why, he said I am not going to do all of this, he was just sitting and today he died, he got a cancer. When I came to Mumbai, I came to know that he was very ill, when I reached there his condition was so bad that I could not save him. I felt very sad, his wide was very much composed and was saying “Mother what you can also do?” I don’t say that by not coming to Sahaja Yoga it happened to him, but by coming to Sahaja Yoga cancer cannot come, it is difficult and if it starts to happen, it will be immediately known. Any illness that comes, it will be known very quickly and you will be able to cure it as well. Not only illness, many things. Ok. 02.28.38

Now keep left hand towards me and right hand on the heart. Now keep your eyes close, now after this don’t open your eyes, no person should open their eyes please. It is a Mother’s request that everyone should do it and get your own powers. Now keeping the hand and with full heart ask one question to me, you can call me Mother or call me Shri Mataji or whatever you feel right. “Mother, am I the spirit?” This is a very basic (“moolabhoot”) question, not loudly but in your heart. Ask in your heart, ask in your heart (with attention) on your heart. You have to ask “Mother, am I the spirit?” This is a very basic (“moolabhoot”) question, ask it three times. Like by asking a question to the computer you get an answer, similarly you are also a computer, it has not started working yet, this is the only thing. 02.30.00 

If you are the spirit, then you are your own master (“Guru”). Hence ask the second question, keep this right hand on the upper part of the abdomen, on the left side all the work needs to be done, on the upper part of the abdomen keep the right hand on the left hand side, keep it pressing, and ask the second question which is very basic (“moolabhoot”), “Mother, am I my own master?” “Mother, am I my own master?” All the true Gurus (“Sadgurus”) have given us this boon of this chakra. It is the chakra of Guru’s knowledge. Ask this question three times. Keep pressing it, on the upper part of the abdomen on the left side keep pressing it. 02.31.18

Now keep this (right) hand on the lower part of the stomach on the left hand side. On the lower part of the stomach on the left hand side, again press it, this is the chakra which implements (“karyanvit”) all the rule and regulations of the God Almighty and from this we get to know the pure knowledge (“gyan”), pure erudition (“vidya”). This is the pure erudition (“vidya”) by which we know all about God Almighty’s science, God Almighty’s power of science. Now you are independent and I need to respect your independence because you have to be given the ultimate independence. Hence you will have to say that “Mother, please give us pure knowledge”. Without asking, I cannot force something forcefully on you, hence please tell six times, “Mother, please give us pure knowledge”. Six times, pure knowledge. Please say six times completely. You after telling six time with your full heart, the Kundalini starts rising. Need to say with your full heart, then the Kundalini starts awakening. Now the Kundalini has started rising, I am now teaching you how to raise your Kundalini going forward, how to awaken it, how to keep it awakened. Hence, I am getting you yourself to awaken your Kundalini. 02.33.25

Now it is important that you know that when the Kundalini rises, it has to pierce all the chakras, so the chakra which is above it which we call as the chakra of the knowledge of the Guru, now keep your hands on the same, which is on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side, there with your right hand grasp it hard. On this chakra with complete self-confidence (“aatmavishwas”) to help the Kundalini energy, you have to say that “Mother I am my own Guru.” You need to say this ten times. Here there are ten chakra, what I mean is that there are ten sub-plexus here in the solar plexus, in a similar way here there are ten chakras. You can consider them as the Ten Gurus or the Ten Commandments. This is the chakra of righteousness (“dharma”), hence here you have to say that “Mother I am my own Guru”, “Mother I am my own Master.” You have to say this with complete self-confidence (“aatmavishwas”), in this all the hard work of the true Gurus (“Sadh Gurus”), you have given it fruits now. Only they are the true Guru who connects you with the God Almighty (“Wahi Sadh Guru hota hain jo Sahib ko milaata hain.”) One who connects you with the God Almighty is only the true Guru. 


Now the Kundalini has crossed this chakra and reached the chakra above it which is the Heart chakra. Hence, keep your (right) hand on your (left) heart again and press hard with your fingers and here you have to say with complete self-confidence (“aatmavishwas”) “Mother, I am the Spirit (“aatma”).” This is the biggest truth that you are the spirit, the body (“sharir”), mind (“mann”), wisdom (“buddhi”), ego (“ahankar”), e.t.c. are all rife (“vyapta”) and in reality you are the spirit. You have to say this twelve times that “Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit (“aatma”).” Tell with full confidence (“vishwas”) that you are the spirit. Tell this twelve times. I had told you earlier as well that God Almighty is the ocean of mercy (“daya ke saagar”), is the ocean of compassion (“karuna ke saagar”), but of the most he is the ocean of forgiveness (“kshma ke saagar”) and in his forgiveness all our faults (“dosh”), all our sins (“paap”), everything just gets dusted away (“dhul mith jaate hain”). 02.36.58

Hence, now keep your right hand on the joint between our shoulder and neck and press it and take the hand back as much as possible and move your neck towards one side (right side). Move your neck towards the right side. While holding the joint between the neck and the shoulder, hold it from the front and not from the back, hold it from the front, hold it from the front, hold it tightly. Take the right hand to the left side, this is the chakra of Shri Krishna. At this place you have to say that “I am not guilty”. If you are the spirit, if you are the spirit, how can you be guilty? How can any guilt come in you, it is completely spotless (“Nirmal”). Hence you have to say “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” “I am not guilty at all.” You have to say this sixteen times, because Shri Krishna has sixteen arts (“solah kalaen”). 02.39.02

Now, keep this right hand on your forehead (“maatha”), keep on your cranium (“kapaal”) and keeping it across (“aada”) press it with force on both sides. This chakra is the chakra of Agnya, here we have to forgive everyone. With full heart you should say “I forgive everyone”. It is not about how many times, many people say that Mother it is very difficult to forgive. But this is a myth (“bhram”), this is falsehood (“mithya”), this is a myth that what we forgive someone and what we don’t forgive someone. But if we don’t forgive someone, then we play into the hands of the wrong people. Hence to erase falsehood (“mithya”) from falsehood (“mithya”), you need to say that “Mother, I have forgiven everyone with complete heart.” Then see, the God Almighty will do whatever treatment is required for that person. You have to say from your heart that “Mother, I have forgiven everyone.” If you wish you can bow down your neck (head) a bit and say. The left hand should continue to face towards me. Now you have to say this with complete heart. 02.40.34

Now, this right hand should be placed at the backside of the head and push your head backwards, this time for your own understanding, you need to tell God Almighty that “If we have done any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, then please forgive us.” But don’t feel guilty about this, don’t count your sins. Kindly say this only for your understanding, that “God Almighty, if we have done any mistake ever, then forgive us.” Tell this with complete heart, but don’t start feeling guilty due to this, don’t look at your sins, please don’t look at your sins. Let God Almighty look at it, it is for him to see. What is the benefit by us seeing it? 02.41.31

Now, this hand, this right hand should be fully spread open, the centre of the palm should be kept properly on the centre of the head, should be kept at the centre, where in our childhood the fontanel bone area (“taalu”) used to pulsate (“spandan”). Keep your hand here, press it hard and move the hand in a clockwise direction seven times, clockwise press it hard, you should move the skin of our head, seven times. And again here, I cannot question your freedom of choice. I accept your freedom, here you have to yourself tell that, “Mother, please give us our self-realisation.” This cannot be forced, hence you have to tell yourself that, “Mother, you please give us our self-realisation.” If you want you can bow down your neck a bit and say, but seven times you need to move your hand (in clockwise direction), not less than seven times, if you do more than seven times it is not a problem, but not less than seven times. Press it hard, stretch your fingers completely, then it will happen. Stretch your fingers completely and press your hand hard. Hmm… 02.43.11

Now, bring your hand down. Please put on the lights, I think. And slowly, slowly open your eyes. Please put on the lights, please put on the lights. Outside lights (in the background can be heard “lights”). Put on the lights. Slowly, slowly open your eyes. Look at me, without any thoughts look at me. Keep both your hands raised like this. And now raise both your hand towards sky (Mother is illustrating with palm facing upwards) and putting your neck backwards (tilting your head backwards) and ask, “Mother, is this the power of Brahma (“Brahma Shakti”)?” “Mother, is this the power of love (“Prem Shakti”) of God Almighty?” “Mother, is this the power of Adi Shakti?” Ask with your hands completely open (outstretched), ask this three times. Now bring your hands down. 02.44.21

Now, keep your hands like this (facing towards Mother) and see if cool vibrations are emitting from your hands. Before that, keep your left hand towards me and, keep the right hand towards me and left hand on top of your head and see if you are feeling cool vibrations there. Keep your attention here (Mother is pointing towards the fontanel bone area), look here, cool-cool. For some people the cool vibrations are felt till high up here, look at, just move your hands like this and check. Many people have not forgiven only. Once again, say in your mind, “I have forgiven everyone.” Please say it, many people have not forgiven only. It is very important to forgive, very much important, forgive with full heart. Now keep your this hand towards me (Mother is showing left hand), left hand and keep right hand on the top of your head, on top of your head properly, here (Mother is showing), right in the centre. Bow your head down a bit, bow down a bit and check. Once again with your right hand (towards me) and check with the left hand (on top of your head). 02.45.45

Mother is blowing air through the mike. 02.46.14

Now we have to see, how many people got cool breeze from the top of their heads and how many people got it in their hands. Anyone who has felt the cool breeze on their hand or on the top of their heads can raise both their hands up. Raise it higher, like this, so that it can be seen, up till here. Many of the people have got it, it is still coming. Many people have got it, but when you come tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we will establish it (“jama denge”) then and another thing is that, after this you should be quite (“shaant”) for a while. As soon as you think, the Kundalini will come down. As you have gone above the Agnya chakra now, the thoughtless awareness state (“nirvichar”) has been established (“sthapit”) now, you are now looking at me without thinking. Now you are watching me without thinking about anything, this is your state now. I will talk about this tomorrow, but to protect it now, you should remain quite without any discussion or argument. To get this established (“prasthapith”), there are more two days, in that everything will be alright. May God Almighty bless you all with innumerable blessings (“anant aashirvaad”.) 02.47.40

End of realisation program by Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji is now talking in the background: You don’t go to Lucknow tomorrow, Mr. Saraf. Tulsianji also calls out Mr. Saraf. Shri Mataji is now talking in background talking: You don’t go to Lucknow tomorrow, listen to me, don’t go. I need to establish Lucknow through you. I need to establish Lucknow through you. I had told him (pointing to another person) that he will be looking after Noida, it’s a miracle, ask him, you can ask him. He didn’t go. Only two days after that you can go, only two days. For Lucknow this needs to be done. 

Mr. Saraf is telling Shri Mataji: I can attend day after tomorrow. 

Shri Mataji is now talking to Mr. Saraf: Come day after tomorrow. 

Mr. Saraf is telling Shri Mataji: I shall surely attend day after tomorrow. Tomorrow will not be possible, day after tomorrow I will come.

Shri Mataji is now talking to Mr. Saraf: Ok, come day after tomorrow. 

Dr. Rajesh Talwar back on the stage (in Hindi)

Please let us have your attention, tomorrow morning 7 o’clock, at Lions Safari Park a workshop has been arranged since last thirty days, that program will continue, please come there. Tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock. 

Shri Mataji is now talking in the background: There is no need to touch my feet. You remember not to touch feet. When you get your realisation you should touch the feet, why to touch the feet just like that? When you get your realisation, can see the sparkle in all your eyes. It is sparkling right? There is no need to touch my feet. First this mind gets you all to touch the feet. If I say no, everyone will get upset. 

A lady is speaking to Shri Mataji: Mother we can’t come here.  

Shri Mataji is replying to the lady: Why? You have got it now, what else do you want? Forgive me.  

Shri Mataji is now talking in the background: Come up now. You all come up now, you all come up. 

Dr. Rajesh Talwar is now talking to everyone: Please make a line and come up. 

Shri Mataji is now talking in the background: What to do, no one is going to listen. Everyone, everything happened but we didn’t get the darshan. Thank you, yes am thirsty, am very thirsty.

Hello, you have got your realisation very well. Now next. Got your realisation? Now let everyone come, let everyone come. 

Dr. Rajesh Talwar is now talking to everyone: Please take the (darshan) and go from this side. Is the route open? It is open. Please go from here. 

Shri Mataji talking: One by one, one by one. After getting their realisation the saints are going (“Paar hokar gaye sant janane”.) Please put on the music. If there is music please put it on. With music it will be better. Is it alright? What will you say now? When you are in drenched in happiness then what will you say (“Mast ahu to kya bole.”) Be peaceful (“shant”), peaceful.

Dr. Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please come from this side. Please come from this side. Please go from this side. Please take out the chappals, shoes. 

Other volunteers are talking in the background: Please take the blessings and move ahead, there are many people who are standing. Please don’t take much time, please. Please go on moving forward. Everyone should get a chance. 

Shri Mataji talking: Everyone come, tomorrow will establish everyone. Then you all, you all can give. 

Other volunteers are talking in the background: Please keep moving, thank you. 02.51.56

Shri Mataji talking: There in Maharashtra, if they don’t come to touch the feet of Mother, then they will come to hit everyone. No son, don’t do like that, on the feet, on the feet. Don’t rub my feet so much son, my feet will get dried. 

Other volunteers are talking in the background: Please do not do this on (Mother’s) feet. Please don’t wait on the feet. Please don’t wait for long. Please don’t touch the feet. Please there are many brothers and sisters waiting in the line. Please tell them not to touch the feet. 

Shri Mataji talking: What is it for you, you have got your realisation very well.  

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please can you do it from a little distance? Please don’t put hands on the legs. Please, in front, in front.

Shri Mataji talking: There is no problem in touching, but thy go on rubbing the feet. If they rub off the feet, how will it be?

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Absolutely touch (the feet) with gentleness. Please move, thank you. Please there are many brothers and sisters waiting in the line. Not too much, please come.

Shri Mataji talking: Come tomorrow, it will be done. It will done for everyone. Who do you pray to? You can stand here, whom do you pray to? Who do you believe in? 

Person in the background: Pray Hanuman.  

Shri Mataji talking: To Hanuman. Ok keep your hand like this and ask “Mother are you “saakshat” Hanuman?” I am also the power of Hanuman. Ask “Mother are you Hanuman?”

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please pay your obeisance and move ahead.  

Shri Mataji talking: I am also the power of Hanuman. Ask “Mother are you Hanuman?” “Mother are you Hanuman?” Ask. 

Person in the background: Mother are you Hanuman? Mother are you Hanuman? Mother are you Hanuman? 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please don’t stop. 02.53.18

Person in the background: Mother are you Hanuman? Mother are you Hanuman? 

Shri Mataji talking: Tell with your heart, what is this? “Mother are you Hanuman?”

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please go on walking as well.

Person in the background: Mother are you Hanuman? Mother are you Hanuman?

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please don’t wait. Come on sister you also move ahead. 

Shri Mataji talking: So you have arrived? You got it now. Now tell, “Mother you are Shri Hanuman.” 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please don’t wait on the dais, go down.

Person in the background: Mother you are Hanuman. Mother you are Hanuman. Mother you are Hanuman. Mother you are Hanuman. 

Shri Mataji talking: Done? Got it? Did you get or not? Hanuman is in the coolness. He is sitting here in the stomach.  

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please. Let us move ahead brother.

Shri Mataji talking: What do you eat, tobacco? You can’t take the name of Hanuman and eat tobacco. Ok no worries. Now you tell, I will not eat Mother. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please come, please come. Come son, well done.

Shri Mataji talking: Mother please forgive me. Did you forgive? Now did you get it? Are you feeling it? Got it now. You got it now, or still didn’t get it? Tell, “Mother please come in my head.” Tell, “Mother please come in my head.” Felt it in the head now.

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: You please, you please do a favour and go down. Please, please. 

Shri Mataji talking: Tell, “Mother please come in my head.”

Shri Mataji talking: What happened, do you have paralysis? It will become alright. Which side is it? It is more on this. So bring a bucket of water tomorrow. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Don’t let anybody come on the stage. 

Shri Mataji talking: You have asked and I have come now in your head. (Mother is laughing) Ok, no worries.

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Come this side. Wow, this is amazing (“Kamaal”).

Shri Mataji talking: Now it will be amazing (“Kamaal”). What is so amazing in this, it is you who is amazing. Now you must come to the program, you must meet them, you must talk to them. What is happening to Bengalis? Surely, you have to now work with everyone together. Ok give your brains to them. I will be free. May God bless you. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Whosever brother or sister’s spectacles has fallen here, please take it. Is it yours? Tomorrow it will be here only in the evening. Yes. 

Someone talking in the background: This is a very senior person in our Lions club. He was not keeping well.

Shri Mataji talking: haa.. ok.. How is your health now? What happened? Ok you had fever. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Let us move ahead brother. 

Someone talking in the background: He was out of sorts (“mann marke the”) at home. He was out of sorts (“mann marke the”) due to his illness.

Shri Mataji talking: haa.. She knows about the rule (“kayda”), it was the rule impacting, it is her way. Now the coolness has come in the hands. Very good. Immediately the eyes sparkle, eyes light up. You can see each other’s eyes. There is a sparkle in the eyes. Is it done? Got well. It is ok. Why, what happened? 

Someone talking in the background: It is not like it will not happen by doing, it will surely happen.

Shri Mataji talking: What do you have to do? The doer is someone else, right? Everything is done. Now the only thing to do is to cherish it (“sanjona”), you have to take care (“sambhalna”) of it. The lamp has been lit. Now tomorrow morning you all go to Safari park. 

Someone talking in the background: I stay in a place (name is not clear), so don’t get a train from there.

Shri Mataji talking: Then come in the evening. Ok. Then you can come afterwards as well. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Please come in the evening. Please move ahead. 02.57.39

Shri Mataji talking: They have all got their realisation. Do you all always touch feet every day? What is it with you. You people touch feet every day. The Pooja went very well, good, absolutely. Hmmm.. It is alright. Very good. Very good, very good, what to say about you? Mr. Sarkar is doing a amazing job, really. How are you my child? You are fine. You are looking much better, you are looking much better. May God bless you. This time bring her to Ganapatipule. Ok. Got it. Did you get it? After getting their realisation the saints are going (“Paar hokar gaye sant janane”.) All of you should be in joyous state, what else. Is all the drama over now? What was his position, look how he is now. In one day how much he has improved. In one day there is so much change. (He is Mr Karl’s father). Can you believe it? May God bless you. Amazing it is. Very good. 02.59.54

Someone talking in the background: He is the real pandit of Calcutta.

Shri Mataji talking: You must come to Ganapatipule also. Require? Yes, please, please. 

Someone talking in the background: He is the brother of Ashok Mehta.

Shri Mataji talking: Is it? Good, good. Ashok Mehta got his realisation many days ago. Had you taken initiation (“dhiksha”) from anyone? No, you had not taken? But you have a problem in your left side. What is the matter? 

Someone talking in the background: Sometimes my head pains.

Shri Mataji talking: Yes, in the void I felt. Ok, tell her tomorrow, give her photo and other things and tell her. Tomorrow this Doctor Sir will tell you. Will you be going tomorrow morning for the program? If you go they will tell.

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: If you come in the morning, at 7 o’clock at Lions Safari. 

Shri Mataji talking: How are you? Did you get your realisation? What have you worn in your neck, Rudraksha? No, what is it? Is it Rudraksha? Is it the sacred thread (“Janeyu”) only? Nothing else. Did you feel on your hands? Did you feel the cool breeze? It is there a little bit. Come here, keep your hand here and stand aside. There is a little problem. 

Dr Rajesh Talwar talking in the background: Come this side, come this side.

Shri Mataji talking: Keep the right hand on the Kundalini. It is good otherwise, but little bit there. Where is it, in Liver? Did you have a problem in the Liver? Yes there was some problem, a little on the upper side, a little above. Keep your hand on the Liver. Ok it is alright. What to say bout him? They are all coming to Ganapatipule, aren’t you? Ahhh.. thank you very much, what is it?   

Someone talking in the background: It is a painting of it. She made the painting by her hand.

Shri Mataji talking: She made it, alright, thank you very much. May God bless you. Thank you very much. How are you, are you fine? 03.02.17