Public Program Day 1: Sahajyog ke Anubhav

Kolkata (India)

1986-10-11 Sahaj Yog Ke Anubhav, Kolkata, India Hindi, 61'
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1986-1011, Sahaja Yog Ke Anubhav, Kolkata, India.
(Experiences Of Sahaja Yoga)

It is very easy to say what the truth is. Truth is what it is, and that is you are the spirit. You are the spirit, which is beyond the notions of mind, intellect, body and ego. But the light of that spirit hasn’t been reflected in your awareness. Or you can say that the light of that spirit has not yet dawned upon you. But when we put our attention on truth, then we think that truth is very harsh. A very difficult thing. Like a long time back it was said,” Satyam Vade, Hitam Vade”. (Truth that is said is beneficial). So how do we connect it? So Shri Krishna said it very beautifully that, “Satyam Vade, Hitam Vade, Priyam Vade”. That is what is beneficial and loving to the spirit is what has to be expressed. Maybe it is hurtful at the time, but later might become beneficial and loving. Even with all this understanding, sometimes we forget that God is love. And the truth is also love. As a mother when she loves her child she knows all about him. From that love arises that truth which is her child. And the emotion of love is also the product of human awareness. In reality, truth can’t get attached to anything. It is similar to sap from a tree, which climbs to the branches, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits and nourishes them and goes back down to the roots. If it decides just to go to a flower and gets stuck to it and says that this flower is the best, the tree might perish and as well the flower. So this attachment of love can lead to peril. That’s why when you see that if there is love between two human beings, might turn into animosity, similarly, if the two countries love each other, might turn into animosity. Also maybe the love between two communities might turn into animosity.
How this love turns into animosity is something one must think, and the reason is we have not felt the true self within. God’s love is flowing, giving and then does not get attached to anything. But we can’t show that the two things love and truth are like the moon and the moonlight or the sun and sunlight. Like a word and it’s meaning are together, similarly truth and love go together. Those people who are seeking the truth go through a lot of hardships and difficulties. They think if they torture their body then they will achieve the truth. You don’t have any authority to torture your body. Because this body is made by God and it is a temple and that has to be enlightened. Like in the west there is a craze that is setting up that everyone wants to look very skinny like a mosquito. For that, the people there work very hard to look like one and with that many diseases develop in them. And it does not look like these people got any happiness, nor did these countries have any joy in them. So the outlook has gone to a very gross thing. Which doesn’t make any sense. One who has gross sight will only seek gross things in life. But if you think subtly, has one achieved Divine following such stupidity? Will the divine feel happy that you torture yourself? The Christians have crossed all the boundaries where they have made Jesus Christ very skinny and have put him on the cross. I feel very sad about it. One should ask, that a person who lifted and carried the cross over, would he be so thin as they show. But people feel satisfied to project him (Jesus) that way. But if you go in the sixteenth chapel.. (someone has a problem or not well in the audience, Shri Mataji is asking what’s happening and saying one should not bring sick people to the programs and also they are not allowed to the pujas unless and until they are fully established in the collectivity as it is not good for the new people and the people who are established due to imbalance in the vibrations).

So to understand the power of this divine love one needs a large heart. The person who does not have a large heart would not understand, for example, if you go to Rome to the sixteenth chapel there a great artist, Michael Angelo has painted the kundalini and on the Agnya he has placed Jesus Christ, (as if Shri Ganesh is standing there) and he is uprooting all the negativity and for that he (Michael Angelo) has said it as the last judgement and depicted kundalini that if you know about kundalini, one would be very surprised what vision this great artist would have had to depict and painted the kundalini (universal divine power) in that way, but under that, they have placed a very thin Jesus Christ (statue) that one feels saddened. At least in India, we haven’t portrayed any incarnations very skinny. And neither do we believe that there would be a skinny God. The reason is that we don’t have an insight into pure love. Either we have lust or cruelty in us. The one who has love within would be the one who would go deep within. As I said that we need to have a large heart, but it does not mean that we without any reasons would go on donating to frauds and donate to the false gurus.
Krishna who was a divine diplomat has depicted dharma very beautifully. Karna who was a very charitable person and did pujas, who was a great warrior and a brother of Pandavas, when the wheel of his chariot got stuck in the earth and Arjuna raised his bow. Karna said to Arjuna to stop and reminded him that he is a brave warrior and I am as well. It is not righteous to kill a warrior when he is in trouble and not ready. It wasn’t a sign of bravery. At that moment Shri Krishna pointed his finger towards Karna and said to Arjuna to kill him and did not talk of non-violence. Krishna said to Karna where was his sense of righteousness (dharma) and bravery when Draupadi was molested in the court openly. Where was he (Karna)? Your sense of dharma, charity and bravery might have importance but the dignity of a woman is extremely important. It is a big thing. Looking at his country of Shri Krishna, when we torture women in the name of religion are we capable of us being Indians? We go on trumpeting about Indian culture. But are we capable of calling ourselves where we go out (to the west) and project ourselves about burning and killing our daughters-in-law and so the outsiders say that your country is such spiritual place, so much knowledge is there, people talk about righteousness and lecture about it then how is it so that such horrible events happen? What answer do we have on this? Only one answer is there, that Shri Krishna has said, “ Yogakshemam Vahamyam”. There is a catch in this. First, there should be yoga (Divine union) and then I will look after their benevolence. Why Did He not say, “Kshema Yoga”.
First, there will be yoga and then benevolence. This is the depiction of dharma. So first you achieve your ‘Yoga’.
So if you glorify the Indian culture, then the most essential and important essence of this culture is that you achieve your Self Realisation. For this, controlling our attention, ashtanga yoga (eightfold path of yoga), a lot of other rituals have been suggested, where one can achieve Self Realisation. Jesus Christ has said that you have to be born again, but how many Christians understand this. Someone will put their hand on the head and will say you are now baptised and have become Christian. Similarly here if some priest places a sacred thread around the neck and says you have become Brahmin. Who is a Brahmin? The one who has understood Brahma (Divine consciousness). It is said that a Brahmin is called ‘Dwijaha’ meaning the one who is born twice. Even the bird is named ‘Dwijaha’ meaning first it is an egg and then it becomes the bird. Unless and until the human being is not born again, that means unless he does get his self-realisation, he won’t understand the Brahma Tattva (Divine essence). Till then no one has the right to call himself Brahmin. This is supported in the shastras (scriptures).
People say that in Geeta (I haven’t read Geeta) the one who is born in a particular caste belongs to that caste. I say it’s not possible. The author of Geeta, Ved Vyaasa whose son was he? A fisherwoman’s. The author of Ramayana, Valmiki. Who was he? A dacoit who wrote Ramayana. Rama who ate Shabri’s berries, Krishna who had food at Vidura, to understand all these incarnations we must know that this outward superficiality we have created is all wasteful doings. We feel secure in all these false ideas we have created that we belong to a certain sect or religion. All this is a trick of our intellect, our mental projection. Which does not spread around but goes only in one direction and then comes back again. All such beliefs are of adharma (non-righteousness) and not of dharma (balance, righteousness), just not possible. Any person who puts another person down, or says I am placed higher than others can’t be right, or in dharma. Today our country needs a big spiritual revolution. In this auspicious country of India, where I (Shri Mataji) was born, is in reality a Yoga Bhumi (spiritual land) and there is no doubt about it. But if we haven’t achieved our spirit (Atma), then just by saying that this land is Yogabhumi, won’t justify that you belong to this land. If you haven’t achieved your yoga then how would you say this is Yoga Bhumi? It’s like walking on any street. Which even the animals do. But if you are truly an admirable child of this land then yoga should be established in you. Just to talk about or in the name of religion discarding away things or putting down others in the name of religion is in no way a righteous notion (in dharma). One very hurtful thing is that in western countries the way we are pictured is very disgusting. About western society, I don’t have much and nor do I think they have sense. A lot of people are useless to enter the kingdom of God, there is no doubt about it. Few who come across makes me think, ok maybe some hope is there. But then when they come across then they ascend very fast. Like you have seen Dr Warren. And so like him, there are thousands. The reason is that they have achieved a pure intellect. After getting battered intellectually they have now achieved a pure intellect. Now they can see that with this pure intellect one can understand what truth is and to hold onto the truth the untruth had to be discarded. The reason is once their spiritual willpower is awakened then they hold onto the truth without fail. You people understand Shri Ganesha and so do these people (western Sahaja yogis). But then when I come to India people tell me to either cure someone sick or get someone a job or money. And amongst these, someone of religious authority would stand up and start arguing with me. Such religious fanatics should think that Shri Adishankaracharya at the end only wrote praises of the Divine Mother. They should ask themselves with all these arguments what have they achieved? What have they achieved? They just keep on lecturing others without achieving any self-realisation. There is no meaning in a gross body and big talks, what’s the meaning in it? You haven’t achieved anything. If only once you accept the truth, a lot can be achieved. Because when a person is standing on untruth then he develops a big ego. You have heard Mahishasura, you have heard about Ravana. In that ego human being thinks he knows everything about the Divine. And some people even think that they have created God and are easy to fool all. Some people even go beyond that they say there is no such thing as God and don’t believe in it. Like this, we have some intellectuals in this country. So maybe when some outsiders come to talk some sense in them then they will take notice maybe. Till then they are getting ready for their destruction. You better understand that the destruction is on the way towards this country. The reason is not that we think we are sinners or bad, but we take ignorant knowledge as true knowledge. If you do so then what will happen. Say if you move into a dark area and walk there then one will hit the other, or walk on top of each other and so on. Such blindness and ignorance we are heading towards because we don’t have the true knowledge. Now if we want to know then where should be the focus? Who would know? Now here all these people are lecturing on scriptures, doing lots of Yagnyas (fire rituals) and so on, but don’t know where the Supreme Divine is (Paramatma). People think that if they give money to Paramatma then they will become happy. But God does not understand money. Now at my age, I can’t see that well without my glasses, so I ask them to sign the cheque on my behalf. My mind just does not wander to that (money). It’s as if you give the money to God and you get a ticket to heaven, like the pope. He says to give money to get the ticket to heaven and himself going towards hell and taking you along with him. Like this kind of attitude we are heading towards makes us think that, Wow! We are going well. But the ground under us is shifting. You understand well. Don’t stand on such shifting ground. The earth that you are on is very auspicious. This is auspicious land, but you have not achieved anything filling this land with inauspiciousness.
Now that you have explained this Kundalini in detail. You will achieve it and will know that there is power within you called Kundalini and is pure knowledge. You might master it intellectually and may give a lecture on it, but unless and until you experience it, with such inexperience, what will you achieve? No matter what you think you are, you are completely void of the experience of this power. And to experience this within should be our prime duty. Because only in this country the knowledge is of the roots. It is the foundation of knowledge. It is our responsibility to know this which has been already established by the divine and the divine incarnations within us. We Indians have that responsibility on us, where we say to ourselves that we have to achieve this knowledge. To submerge in this knowledge. But it does not mean reading books, that’s not what I mean. If Dr Warren by reading books would have achieved this knowledge then he would not have said anything. But the knowledge of self he has achieved by experiencing it. He has a PhD in a few subjects. Now I will tell you a small thing about science, which is very scientific. I know someone who missed out on nobel prize narrowly, he said that Mother in Mooladhara chakra there is Shri Ganesha. In it, there is Omkara and Swastika (Hindu auspicious symbols). So I said to him, “You are a modern person, so why don’t you make a model of a carbon atom. Make one from the right side and the other from the left. So he called me one day and said Mother you won’t believe what I found. When you look at the carbon atom from the right side you see Swastika and from the left side Omkara. So I said it’s all written. Chatwari means 4 valencies. But you don’t believe it. You will bow to the Ganesha statue, but if I say to a doctor that because of Ganapati your pelvic plexus works, he would say, oh it’s ok and won’t believe. Now I will give you an example. We had a Sahaja Yoga called Agnihotri. And they had performed lots of Havanas, very traditional people and a high-class Brahmin. He came to me from Pune and said to me, “Mother, surprisingly I am having problems with Mooladhara chakra. Having a problem with a gland in the chakra.” I said, how is it possible? You are a Sahaja Yogi. Not possible. I gave him chana (roasted chickpeas) to eat. He started fidgeting. I asked why he was like that. You have a prostate gland problem. He said to me, “Mother, I will eat them tomorrow. Today is Sankashti (Ganesha’s birthday). I am fasting”. I said to him, that is the reason you have the problem. The day Shri Ganesha was born, you are fasting. That’s why you have a problem.
So he ate the chana. And by the time he reached Pune, his prostate problem had disappeared. Like this, we make so many mistakes. On the day of any deity’s birthday, we do such wrong things. Like this the puja and other ceremonies we do, we don’t understand. The same is the problem with westerners. When somebody dies, they will drink champagne. When Jesus Christ was born they would drink champagne. So I asked them why do you drink on His birthday?” Drinking is unacceptable at His birth. Drinking alcohol is against once awareness. They will say, it is in your religion, not in ours. They say that Jesus Christ made grape wine from water at a wedding. Now tell me, can anyone make wine in one day. Unless you let it rot for a while, can one make wine in one day? But they justify it by giving that example and drinking. Same in Hindu religion about fasting in the name of God. Then God says, well have it your way, I am not responsible. The Divine cannot be grasped with a crooked brain. God is what He is. You would be in big delusion if you organise God your way.

You think you have achieved freedom. Even I have struggled towards our freedom. You think you all are free, but I don’t think you are all free. You have got your freedom, but not the real understanding of free spirit. You need to understand that. Shivaji Maharaj, who was a realised soul, who was a true Indian, said that one needs to understand the inner working of the soul and the spirit. His guru, Shri Ramdas, said to him that unless and until the innate religion is not established in this country, till then this country won’t be benevolent. Now people are creating big problems in their names. The inner self they talked about, no one is trying to achieve that. This dilemma is in all religions. Mohammad Saheb, who was a great personality, said at the time of your resurrection, your hands will speak. Which is known as Quyama, the resurrection time. So much has been said in the Quran. My father who translated the Quran has mentioned it, which I have read. The whole of Namaz depicts the awakening of kundalini. And in it He (Mohammad Saab), mentioned Allah Hu Akbar, that Akbar is Himself Shri Virata. If I say this to the Muslims will come after me. Even the Hindus will come after me. And because we have manipulated the truth there is delusion in all religions. To remove this delusion, as Dr Warren has mentioned, is first you achieve your self-realisation. This is not a play that can go on about, and if you go on it that way you are playing with your inner self. But the time we are in is such that we don’t want to miss it (Realisation). If you are honest and you understand your life fully then you must accept that something is lacking in us. You are not the whole truth and to go in that direction, kundalini awakening is the only way and so why not achieve. If you read Lao Tse, Confucius and all the great philosophers, they all have talked about achieving self-realisation. Now people come to me and say that they follow Zen. Zen itself means meditation (Dhyana). One does not do meditation but is in meditation. Once a great head priest of Zen was in trouble. He asked me to cure him. I asked, “how come that you are Zen and you have such a problem? You have not achieved self-realisation, and that you are carrying such a big responsibility of Zen master.” So he said, that from the 6th century to the 12th century, the zen masters were all realised whom they called Kashyap ( Mataji says how they were called Kashyap for the son of Sage Kashyap, who were realised) and then nobody succeeded. So I said that you better not do Zen because if you are not realised then it won’t work and you won’t understand. After self-realisation, the social work that happens, one understands what real joy and happiness are, the human being understands what is the real value of the other human.

Here in Kolkata, in the beginning when I arrived staying in a hotel. Some stranger heard my name and came to ask for self-realisation. I said ok. And when he bowed towards me, his kundalini shot up very powerfully and the Sahajyogies who were in the next room came in and said Mother , who did you give realisation to? I told them to check the man on my feet. They felt very joyous and happy. Like this, there are lots of experiences one gets in Sahaj yoga. Sometimes we think that someone is a very great person, but when reality surfaces up then it becomes clear that he is worth nothing. And say what a horrible person he is, really worthless. But to recognise a true person, one really should have the real truth, that when you put your hands to it one knows through vibrations what he is. And sometimes for some people, we think what a useless person he is, but then turns out to be a very deep person from within, who is a very great soul. This we can only understand after we get the real truth, that when we put our hands towards such people we know what they are.

These days going to Kumbha Mela is a big thing. Why? What’s the need? Can you recognise Ganga or Yamuna? If someone puts the water in front of you would you be able to recognise that this is the water from the Ganges? You won’t be able to recognise it. Because you don’t have the real truth. But for any Sahaja Yogi, they will be able to tell that it is Ganges water, by saying that there are vibrations (Chaitanya) flowing. From Shiva’s head, Ganga flows, so the vibrations certainly will emit from it. Now we pray to Ganga, but we don’t understand Ganga, as what she is. Every day one bathes in it and then goes about stealing things. Same with the person who goes to Hajj (pilgrimage) and becomes Haji with a beard, but no one sees the transformation in them. As if they go and come back blank, with no change within. What are the reasons that one holds onto the Ganga and that too without understanding? Now they say that this place is sacredly awakened. And I say yes it is sacred, and it has been written in the Bible, that whatever is produced from Mother Earth and the Sky, you don’t replicate it and pray it. It does not mean that whatever has been produced by the earth, you don’t pray to it. Now all these auspicious places that have been produced by Mother Earth, how will you know that they are auspicious? No one places a stone anywhere and says this is auspicious. Now this Rama’s birthplace, is it true or not if the Hindu or Muslim when they get their realisation will agree that it is Rama’s birthplace. It does not mean that the Hindus fight over there. And even after getting it, what will we achieve from within? All these outwardly things won’t give us our inner salvation. When that inner salvation is achieved, then even the Muslim will understand that it is Shri Rama’s birthplace. And this Shri Rama is not alien to Muslims and for Hindus Shri Mohammad. These are amongst themselves very close to each other like relatives ( Shri Rama and Shri Mohammad). They will never fight with each other, helping each other. Only we humans foolishly quarrel amongst us in their names. They are like flowers on the big tree and have been plucked by people saying that this is my flower and fighting each other. But what speciality have you achieved? What special things have you expressed? But when it comes to destruction everyone comes together. Like this, we have created all these different religions. Such stupid people. Isn’t it the sign of stupidity that we say, this is my religion and so on. When the kundalini awakens within us and comes in the Void (Bhavsagar) and gets enlightened, then Dharma (innate religion) spontaneously gets awakened within us. We go beyond religion (Dharmatit). A saint like Tukaram never had to be told not to drink or steal. The saints never had to be told about not drinking and so on. Nanak Sahib did not have to be told not to steal. They never knew about these things, because they were beyond the boundaries of religion. And such people came on this land and said something. They were not the people who would lie. Why shouldn’t we follow them? These saints were of a different calibre. We go on about caste, but a lot of these great souls came from a different caste. In Maharashtra, there was a saint Namdev a tailor by profession who was a great poet visited another great saint Gora Kumbhar, a potter by profession, and said a couplet in Marathi that, “ I went searching for the formless, but the formless is in front of me in the form.” Addressing Gora Kumbhar. Such a big thing to say. To understand them one needs to get self-realisation. We can’t say such things. But now some such scholars say that Namdev, who Shri Nanaka knew and asked to put his poetries in Guru Granth Sahib, was a different one than the one who went to see Gora Kumbhar. Such kind of arguments they have. And another thing they argue is that Adi Shankaracharya, who wrote books like Vivekchudamani, has not written Saundarya Lahiri and so on. Because these scholars can’t grasp Saudarya Lahiri they make such assumptions. In it, there is the praise of The Mother Goddess. Such immaturity they have. And listening to these people who also befool ourselves. Kabirdas has said all this bookish knowledge makes one a foolish scholar. I (Shri Mataji) used to think how did he say that? But when I see people like these it makes sense to me why he said so. There was a lot of injustice implied on Kabirdas. He mentioned Kundalini as Surati. On that the attack we have is especially in Bihar they relate tobacco to Surati. Don’t know where else they say these things. Where is Kundalini and to relate it with this evil tobacco? Now the scholars of Hindi say that saintly language is very difficult and not in symmetry. What can I say? I say that we talk in simple day to day language to people otherwise how will people understand. I am from Maharashtra, and the Marathi language is very difficult and the saints have written things in simple language with such depth and beauty, which is quite incredible. All the saints have done that. There was Sajan, the butcher. He was a butcher. There is a story about him that once a great sage was going somewhere and he rested under a tree, and he killed a sparrow, then went to the village and knocked on the door of a woman’s hut to ask for alms. The woman came and he said why she was upset. So she said she knew that he had killed a sparrow. The sage was surprised and asked her how she knew. She said to go and ask Sajan. So he walked further into the village and asked people for Sajan. He was guided to Sajan and Sajan said to the sage all about the sparrow and the woman. The sage said to how did he know? Sajan said he knows. He was a butcher. Like that, we have so many saints, but we follow the false ones, who have come from jail and have committed fraud. They would come with a big mark on their forehead, wearing saffron clothes and talk big talks. Or they would affiliate with politics. Or do similar business. Like this, they go on falsely and we get enamoured and entangled with these lots. Where would one end up in all this? The time of destruction is about. You don’t know how the time cycle is moving very fast. It will spread very fast (falsehood) and the full responsibility falls on you to stop this falsehood as Indians, who are the followers of the Goddess and are in dilemma, but follow Mahishasura.

Today what I said is in all compassion which is the love of a mother. Shivaji Maharaj’s mother made him. Mother Mary, who was the incarnation of Mahalakshmi, saw Her son Jesus Christ go on the cross. We had so many great women, that if we talk about them, we get goosebumps. But today we see that there is darkness following the western culture and in destruction. Please at least look within and achieve your self-realisation. No benefit in knowing the chakras intellectually, but get your self-realisation. I hope you all achieve your self-realisation, not only by staying home following rituals but collectively get in Sahaja Yoga. You will only grow in collectivity, otherwise not. Therefore understand this. People then say that they get depressed. Following rituals at home won’t do anything. You have to get into the collectivity. This is collective work. We don’t take any money. We can’t achieve God with money. We don’t have any grand place, with air conditioning like hotels where we say to you get your self-realisation. But leave all your luxuries and with simplicity, you have to come for this. Like Akbar when he went to offer the golden umbrella with no shoes. He said all my ego is what I have to give up.

Come with all humility, with no conditioning. This is yours, what I have come to give you. Like mother will imply all the tricks of the trade to it give to you. If it had been Shri Krishna, he would have cut off the heads of worthless people. If it had been Jesus Christ, he would crucify himself. Muhammad Sahib would draw his sword. But it won’t work that way. Need a lot of patience. I have a lot of patience. But you must have the keenness. And with God’s grace if it works out, even if we get twenty people, this Bengal will become golden Bengal without any doubt and a lot of other countries will fall at your feet. But don’t follow today’s trend of cheapness, but get to a certain inner depth. May God bless you with sensible intellect and with that, you achieve the Divine. Tomorrow we will have another lecture and now you achieve your self-realisation.