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Kolkata (India)

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1986-10-12 Calcutta Public Program (Hindi)

And I request you, that all those who are wandering in search of God, they too will have to take support of music first.

Without that the work will not be done because the speciality of our Indian music is such that it can only be attained only by austerity and hard work. Human beings can have vision of the Divine in it’s various aspects such as it’s gravity, it’s flight, it’s spread, it’s depth, it’s delicacy. And all music emanates from that Om(AUM), which is known to people as the Spirit(Atma). Therefore, when man becomes engrossed in this music it is easy for him to find(get to) God. Maybe you find my words a bit poetic and they seem somewhat far from reality, maybe it feels, that I’m saying like this just to please the musicians, but this is not true. We also have seven energy centres(chakras) within ourselves and in total there are twelve chakras, similarly music also has seven notes and including five other notes the whole scale is formed. When Kundalini moves on our chakras, it produces a sound(note) The same notes are considered in our music. Our Indian music was founded by great visionaries, sages and saints. They may be belonging to any religion, be born in any part of the country – North, South, East, West – wherever they may have taken their birth, but considering the Spirit as the foundation, the whole musical edifice is built. They didn’t let things fly in the air like the Western music.

Western music keeps on flowing like a cut kite, sometimes it’ll get cold, sometimes it’ll get hot, sometimes it will flow somewhere, sometimes somewhere, somewhere else. But our Indian music has always been bounded by one thing and that thing is our Spirit. Now-a-days I see that people don’t particularly like this music, nor do they desire to understand it. The reason for this is that something new has come to us which appears to be easy. But man has forgotten to attain the Spirit(Atma) as well. Even talking about the Atma has become ancient and is not in fashion nowadays. Nowadays if someone talks about the Spirit, people think that Mother is also talking of something of the ancient times. Is there something like Spirit etc and whether there is such a thing as God or not? But even now, no matter how many people in this India may have turned their faces away from God, their string is still in His hands. And howsoever far you may go, this land of India is such that you cannot forget God.

Superficially you may keep on saying that there is no God, He has no power, and we do not believe Him, and we believe only in our own power, but I have never seen such an Indian till now, who upon reaching a limit doesn’t say that, “Okay, there must be a thing called God.” And we say that God is not a thing, He is an All-Pervading Power. And we are not eager to get to that Power and to know that Power, neither do we yearn for it nor do we understand that there is any such power that can flow from within us. The reason is that very little has been written on it and whatever has been said, has been said very secretly. The thing which we consider as the wealth of this country or property or what we consider as great traditions, even in those traditions, it is said about this thing but very less light is cast on how does this thing happen or take place. That’s because this thing will only be revealed when it’s time comes. Thus thinking and understanding this, people have kept this a secret. Everyone has said that the All-Pervading Power of God Almighty moves around in this world. And we also see that whatever everyday living arrangements there are, whatever living work there is, is done by some one Power and that Power makes a fruit out of a flower, a tree out of a seed. All the living works are done by the Power and whatever that Power is, we do not know it, and we can’t find or attain it.

We can’t do this and this is a thing higher than us. To achieve this, if man has decided such a thing that, “Sir, this thing does not exist at all,” then it is futile to talk to such people. Because if people sitting in the dark say, “There is no such thing as the Sun,” then how will they move forward? But certainly, there can be other people who think that, “Well, all these people have said that, there is something known as the Sun, so why shouldn’t we see it, why not know it?” And what has everybody said, how do we get to know it? No one has said that, if you stand on your head, then you will get to God or you will get to the Divine by putting a rope in the nose and pulling. By doing such deranged activities, the Divine can be achieved, no one has said so. Some new things continue to emerge everyday. All remain engaged getting to their proper physical body, in making arrangements for land, properties and gathering all the useless items around the world. But our vision is not on what has to be collected because we don’t even find someone like this who has gathered it.

Whosoever comes and talks, only I know, is either some absconder escaped from jail or someone who is eager to make money. He talks of God but cheats at home that’s why it’s absolutely correct to loose faith in God – absolutely correct. But what’s the fault of God Almighty in this? The Divine has made us into a human-being from an amoeba. He has created this beautiful creation for you. All these colours and these notes and all that sweet music, has come only from the feet of the Supreme Soul. It is only He who has given us the power within to enjoy it. Only He has given us the power to recognize and love our parents and children. Only He has made arrangements for our eating and drinking and everything else. But if we quarrel among ourselves and break our heads, what should God do?

These are all man made problems. God has not created any problem for us, none at all. But it’s just a question of asking once and you’ll come to know what is that God Almighty and what is your Spirit? So beautifully He has placed the whole instrument within us. Gradually, as we evolved, evolution kept on happening in that way, slowly-slowly, all these institutions kept on adding within us one after another and all these energy centres placed within. This instrument was made with great effort, it was cherished with great care. The ultimate goal is that, the way a human being is visible outwardly, he becomes a super human being. The one who is considered to be common and trivial and inferior, becomes a very high quality instrument of God. But the nature of man is such that he wants to make everything his means but doesn’t want to be a means of anything. It’s contrary to his nature.

Why should he become someone’s instrument? But the One who made you as a means, you will definitely have to become His instrument. If you are not ready to be His instrument even, then whatever resources you have collected, all of them are futile. You have not achieved any happiness and bliss from them and neither can. You go and see in those countries where those people have gathered thousands of means. A variety of resources have been collected. If you go, there are such cars, that you can open it’s door while sitting, make it into a room, make something else out of it – what’s in all this? What’s the point of all this spectacle? Such houses are there, where if you go, there in one place only will be a swimming pool, and while sitting in the same place itself, you can start the motor(car), get everything done – then what’s the use? What did man achieve by all this show business?

Did anyone get joy out of it? Leave aside the joy, I even go on to say, has anyone developed any kind of wisdom? And even not talking about wisdom, does anyone have peace within? When there is no war, there are preparations for war and then after that, after the war, again the war preparations. Such has become the wisdom of man in these countries, and the matter of peace is such, in these countries, two people can’t stay without quarrelling, for more than five minutes. In such a situation it should be thought that whatever is precious to us, what we desire, even those little things can’t be found there, like, a mother’s love, a father’s shelter, children’s caress and their obedience – nothing. You are living in an artificial, flashy world, made with this money, untouched by everything. Beyond this is the true world of God Almighty, His true Kingdom, His true love. You haven’t known Him yet, You haven’t seen Him yet, that’s why all these things appear of great importance to you. But these things can in no way make you happy.

See just now, you were listening to music here – those who played to give pleasure to others, that would be a comfortable thing. But if you’re rich with this carpet today, then it becomes a headache for you. You think that it may not be spoilt, it may not be soiled, Mother is sitting like this, it’s fibres may break, don’t know how much it cost, Oh my God, how to spread it now! If you didn’t care for this, the other thing would be, what else to be bought? The neighbours have this thing, when will it come to our place? The whole life will pass in this confusion, in this puzzle. Finally found out that the person has left the world or is admitted in the mental asylum. In view of these circumstances, a person should think, are we born for this? Did God make us humans so that we go to a mental asylum, and keep on fighting with each other, getting angry, not enjoying anything, not enjoying other human beings – what has happened after all? What is left in us, remained within, which is untouched, because of which we have become such, that we can’t see anything in the world beyond ourselves.

Why has so much selfishness, so much blindness, so much tyranny come? Sometimes a person should sit aside and think about this also. All the time he keeps thinking how much he has been wronged, how much loss they gave him, how much they troubled him? And what have you done? Then also start thinking how much trouble I have caused, even that was a thought and this too is a thought. Either ways man is immersed in grief. So did God make you a human so that you sit here and cry all the time and mourn? Was this the will of God that He makes such people who are grieving, afflicted, unhappy, patients? Or people like this, who are drowned in their ego, do whatever they want? Great idiots.

A gentleman came one day wearing a coat inside out. I said, “Sir, why did you wear your coat from the wrong side?” Started saying, “What’s wrong with it, why do You say so?” I said, “Nothing wrong but the right side looks nice, what’s the problem?” “So what do You think? I’ll do whatever I want, who are You to say?” I said, “It’s all right. The thing is, it’s visible to the eye that’s why I said, will not say again.” Came to know that he is a very rich man. So a rich man thinks that he can do whatever he wants. Because he is very rich, he thinks, doesn’t matter what others think.

Others who call themselves poor, their condition is even better. Now-a-days it is, ‘Help the poor, help the poor’. Really, I do not see anyone poor, because if we give someone a hundred rupees, he goes straight – where? To the liquor shop. If this man was poor, why would he take the hundred rupees to the liquor shop? He should go home to his children and family and give them something to eat and drink but instead he goes straight to the bar. Does it mean they are poor? ‘Go on strike, go on strike, allowance should be increased, big inflation has happened, there has been a lot of inflation.’ Okay, the allowance has increased. Where are you going? Same bar.

Asked, “Why did you have the allowance increased?” “Mother You know, the cost of a bottle of wine has gone up a lot. You don’t know, You don’t drink, what do You know? “It’s all right, I am ignorant.” So what to do with such poor people also? And the poor have an ego that, ‘We are poor.’ This is also an arrogance among the poor. Like a beggar comes, “Sir, give me two rupees.” “I don’t have two but one, take one.” “Hey, what do you think of yourself? Keep it for yourself, have some cigarette etc.” Such arrogant people like this, all of them.

Nowadays the poor have also taken a stand that ‘We are poor’. What poor are these! The humility of poverty is not visible anywhere, on the contrary, they’re sitting on the head. How are they poor and how are they rich, can’t understand anything? Neither is there respect and dignity between father and son, nor any concern for mother or sister. Upon seeing, these things seem to you, that Mother is talking about very ancient things, but whatever of ours was old, was very important for today. Is very important. Once again you turn around and think about it. Whatever we’ve lost, today I’m searching that within you. Without that this work cannot be done.

The people, who in their arrogance, think themselves to be very great, Sahaja Yoga is not for them. And those, who being poor, think that they can sit on everybody’s head, there is no Sahaja yoga for them either. Sahaja Yoga is for those who are wiser, deeper, solemn and religious people. Religion doesn’t mean that from morning to evening one chants God’s name but religious means those who live in balance within themselves. Do not aggress. Those who consider themselves to be fanatics, are useless. We are not concerned with them. Now it should be thought, that the habit we have got into, that whenever there will be an audience, the speaker will always think that he has to win over the audience because they will vote for him. If vote is not required, then some money has to be collected. Audience gathers for some motive only, not unnecessarily.

The speaker has some personal motive from the audience, then only the audience gathers. But when there’s music, that audience gathers which wants to enjoy. When someone is a connoisseur of art, then that audience gathers, which thinks the importance of the artist is more than them. In such a situation, going a little further think, that when you have come here for the awakening of Kundalini, then understand, that you have come for your gain, not mine. You have to see your benefit. The Ganga of Kundalini is within you. She can be awakened and you can get your realization also. There’s nothing new in it any more. Because the time has come. If this work is not done in such crazy times, in such terrible times, then when will it be done?

This is the time that this work was to be done and will be done and at this time man is in great delusion; He is trapped in a great deal of confusion. At this time he is not able to understand who out of you is right and who is wrong but you should know one thing that when I have nothing to gain from you, then it is for Me to see, who out of you is right and who is wrong? You don’t have to see whether I’m right or wrong because I don’t want anything from you. This must be understood first, because mostly, we come to see whether the person is right or wrong. But at this time we should look towards ourselves whether we are correct? What a great thing it is for which you have come. Self realization, which is the greatest thing. There is nothing greater to be achieved in the world than this. And if Mataji is sitting down here to give that thing, then are we really worthy of it? I say yes, you are, and you absolutely are.

Have faith and this work can be done. God made you very thoughtfully. Has made you such that I have seen man, no matter how much he may have fallen down, no matter how difficult he is, his Kundalini can be awakened. Don’t know how! Such is the wonder of God, His Grace is so amazing, I’ll tell you, for which people come and tell that, “Mother, this person is so useless, You please leave him,” even that person transcends. How wonderful it is! In my opinion, this is what God must have thought that, if these people are not awakened at this time, then all these people will be wasted and the superb thing I made, man, who is My best creation, in it’s annihilation, all My creation will come to an end and that’s why this work is going on in full swing. But what does man seek and want to know, he decides it with his intelligence. All that you have decided with your intelligence, is a limited thing, it is a thing of your own making. But what is the Truth, what is real, to get to that reality, one must first think of knowing it, seeing it, testing it, Because reality is fixed in it’s place.

You can’t achieve it until you believe in It and consider that It is in it’s place. It’s stationed in it’s place and in order to achieve that thing you have to reach there. Not that that thing will fall at your feet, ‘Sir, you please lift me up on your head.” I am a Mother and Mothers sometimes give suggestions to children and make them understand and sometimes, sometimes even have to scold them. Children are mindless. They have to be led to God with much love and wisdom because apart from this I don’t see any other choice. Without getting it, man will be devastated. Without attaining the Spirit(Atma), you may do whatever you like, you may distance yourself, whatever you may do, you’ll be finished. Wherever you go and see in foreign countries, you’d be surprised how fast these people going to hell, going to hell, where the life is ending, what is their condition, because they haven’t found their Spirit. A tree is visible from outside, it should not be taken for granted as everything – we have to seek/find the roots that are there. As long as you do not get down to it’s root, this tree has no value and that root is inside us, especially in this land of yoga.

Whether you wear a suit or put on a tie and even change your name and address too, after all, you are the children of this country and this country is a land of yoga. There is such a power in this country that the people living here, have a special kind of right, that they can attain the Divine. You won’t believe but as long as there is no light inside, you may find My words to be probably not true and probably may not even like them. But whatever it is, it must be understood that you have a special kind of right, that you can achieve God. This is your legacy, this is your heritage, this is a boon given to you by the Divine, that you can attain this great power within yourself. Even after getting this Great Power of love, you lose it quite quickly, like we are now bent upon giving up our freedom after getting it. But it is very easy for an Indian to get to it. It’s not that easy for this work to be done abroad. But I travel abroad a lot. The reason is that there if a man gets his realization, he stands up like a tree.

And thousands of seeds may be sprouted in India, only one or two somewhere become a tree. We have no dignity about ourselves. We don’t value ourselves, don’t understand ourselves, we don’t know ourselves. We have wasted our lives in small-small things. It doesn’t appear in our life, in our goal, that in it we have thought of something great, something lofty and something wonderful. Today the time has come that man has to think and if he doesn’t think about it, then the situation ahead is very bad. What is gone wrong now, can also improve, that too can be corrected, so first of all, you achieve your Spirit. How to get it? Everyone will ask, “Mother, how?” You don’t need to worry about that.

This Power lies within you, the Spirit is inherent in you. As soon as this Power is connected to the Spirit, you start feeling this All-Pervading Power of God within you. There is a seed, how do you make it grow? Just leave it in the Mother Earth’s womb, and it itself, by itself, Sahaja – Sahaja means, Saha means ‘with’ and ‘ja’ means born – born with you is this right, that your yoga, your union, will happen with the Power of that God. And as soon as the yoga takes place, for the first time, you get that power in your hands, which is All-Pervading. You start knowing it, you start understanding it. Gradually this power increases, and you understand it’s working that how does it flow, how should it be used and as you grow, like that a seed grows into a tree. The special reason for this department is, that we don’t know how we got a place for an ashram here? The government had given us a place earlier also, but it was given such, that nothing can be understood. We were given a place in the vegetable market, where the bullocks sit and there are abandoned cars.

Don’t know how the government’s brain is. We said, “We are going to meditate here, so what is this special place you have found for us?” Thus they had given us a wonderful place. However, they are still trying to find a better place. God knows where else they will take us now. The Government’s intellect will work as it works, now we can’t do anything. However, by the Grace of God, we’ve got this place here – it’s a small place. But when did we get this. In this enclave of yours, having this place means something. It’s one or the other past virtue of yours, one or the other speciality of yours, that’s why this place here has been given. You don’t have to pay money for this.

Understand one thing, that God doesn’t know anything called money at all. This man cannot understand at all, it cannot penetrate his head that the work of God happens without money. Do you give money to a flower when it becomes a fruit or if you put money in front of a tree does it understand whether it is money, or it is mud, or what it is? God didn’t make money, you made money, only you know it’s state. You cannot give or take money for this. Yes, that’s another thing, that you brought me flowers, that’s alright. You spent some money for the flowers, it’s okay. You made this, you paid for it, it’s okay. But for your Kundalini awakening you don’t have to give money – this people don’t understand. Especially, when we go to the villages, people come with five paisa.

An old woman came gave Me five paisa with great love. I said, “Oh, what are you doing?” So the administrators said, “Don’t give money.” She said, “Okay, Mother doesn’t like five paisa, take ten paisa.” Now what to say to her? Wisdom is so great that they can’t understand that how will money work in the living work? Suppose someone’s breathing is not proper. If you show it money, will it work? Yes, in another way you can do, if you get medicine from the doctor, do this, that’s another thing. But when breathing is improper, which is a living work, you can’t pay to change it. The second thing is that, whatever is the necessity of man and which are the most important works, they happen automatically.

There is no need to do any hard work for it. For example, just consider our breathing. For this if we need to read books, then how long can we live? Many people think that after reading a book they can find God. This is a matter of even more madness. Kabirdasji has said that, “The more a person reads, he becomes foolish”. So I couldn’t understand at first, how the learned(pundits) could become foolish. Didn’t understand. Now I see a lot that,’It is written in this book, it is written in that book’ Hey brother, what is written in the book of life, see that. Book can be written by anyone who has a little money.

Nowadays, we can find such people who write books – a gentleman also told Me that, “You give me this many thousand rupees, then I will write a book about You.” I said, “You please let it be.” So writing a book is not a big deal and finding God by reading a book, these fantasies are also absolutely wrong. It’s written in this book, it’s written in that book – how would you know whether it is true or not? Be it any book, I say, of the world. Your children will not believe in any book in the times to come. You take any book and keep in front of them they will say, “From where did you say this thing? Where is this book from?” because what you have read, what have you achieved? After reading this, has your thinking improved? Which qualities have you acquired? You are as you were earlier.

Must be just the burden of books and money from home…. instead of being humbler than before you’ve got a lot more vain and you’ve become very loose-tempered, and you think that you are even greater than God, so why should we read such a book? Whichever book we read, whether it is correct or not, there is even no way of knowing this. There is only one way for everything. The Spirit within, it is One, which is Absolute. By knowing That, which is the only One thing, which is not interrelated to others, That which is complete, That Thing will be understood. Like now, there was music happening here today. I saw some people walked away from here, must have been upset too, those who do not like classical music, they must be thinking, “What has Mother started? She had come to tell about Kundalini, has started this music.” Now the foreigners who are sitting here don’t even understand this music, what melody it is and what rhythm is it.

But they were listening with pleasure and many of our Sahaj Yogis were also listening. The reason for this is that, this music was touching their Spirit. Until It is awakened, this music appears to be like this only. The day It is awakened, on that day how will you know how it has affected you? It’s effect is understood by a Sahaja Yogi, that vibrations started flowing from within and kept on increasing, increasing and the joy kept coming. So the Divine power is activated, it does not speak, it manifests, does the work. Like a man thinks that, “Now sitting down I have thought, thought well.” So what? By thinking will your motor run? Run and show it. Sat in the car and kept on thinking, kept on thinking, kept on thinking.

“I thought,” – gone. You thought, means from your intellect? Do you know it’s boundaries? “We think.” How do you think? By that thinking, what work can you do? At the most, a dead thing from a dead thing …. and by repeatedly using them yourself, you too become sort of dead. Means, like that now you have made a car, now you’ve started moving in the car. You’ve become a slave of the car. Because your two legs are useless and if someday the car fails, then your condition is bad.

Then after that it is very difficult for you to walk and you sit down at one place. Whatever such things you have made, they’re loaded onto your head and by loading them, you think you’ve grown a lot. So you’ve grown outside – you’ve become very small inside – you have no strength(power) of your own. Our power comes only from the Spirit and it must be achieved – this one desire must be had first. It must first desired, “Mother, I am the Spirit and let the light of the Spirit come in my attention.” Unless you have this desire in your heart, till then My hand will not work. At first there should be a desire that, “I am the Spirit and I will attain this Spirit.” Now as a mother’s condition is, that even if she wants to feed castor oil, then by telling some story for it, and mixing something sweet, she gives it. But let me tell you the truth, that once the Spirit is achieved, you will find that your physical, mental, intellectual, whatever the tribulation and whatever the struggle, everything will end. Whatever few are suffering, it will be all over and you will be on a different level, different world, will become a different person.

That’s why the one who knows the Brahma(Spirit), is known as twice born, means the one who has got the second birth. And I have seen many people in America who roam around with advertisements on them that,“We’ve got our second birth.””Okay, how?” Okay, you said, ‘Second birth has taken place’, so some symptoms of it should also be seen, how can you say that you’ve got your second birth? So when a person gets his second birth, then his consciousness, his awareness, whatever he feels, becomes common, becomes of the masses, becomes collective. As you can tell, while sitting down here, as to which chakras of such-and-such a person are caught? All information can be had from this because your Spirit is the knower of everything. Your intelligence, this is also intellect as well as that. This is what makes man dignified. But what is Only, the Spirit knows and what is the truth, the Spirit tells. We have been hearing this a lot.

Till now, many people have explained in different ways. Among them there were many who spoke the truth and there are many who told lies. Many people who tell lies, copy the one who speaks the truth in such a manner, that the one who speaks the truth remains speechless, that how can he be repeating my own words, so loudly and with courage. And the foreign people think that, “Oh, when he is saying, then it must be true, how can he tell lies?” They don’t know that we are experts in telling lies. Therefore whatever is said there should be reality about it, it should be experienced. It’s too much time now. Whatever work I wanted to do, I have done in music itself, in 10-15 minutes only, you people will get your realization. I have no doubt about it, but another meaning of Yoga is, the trick or technique – ‘Do such a trick Nandlal(Shri Krishna)’ such a trick by which you know everything regarding your Spirit, recognize It’s powers, make use of It and give It’s benefit to everyone. Until this happens, It’s skill, which is called deftness, unless you learn, then it’s like, a car that’s brought and kept for you and has rusted while standing. Such is the state of yoga.

Mostly among Indians I have seen this kind of yoga only, like a rusted car is standing before Me and saying, “Mother, I came to you twenty years ago, came ten years ago, but I’ve become as I was.” So this is not the point. You have to engage yourself, will have to work hard, will have to know, because this is the One Only thing to be known, the rest is nothing to know. If you know this, then you have known everything. Even small children can know this, even illiterate people can know this. A very illiterate man, don’t know how many thousands of people he has healed through the practice of Sahaja Yoga, cured their diseases, even diseases like cancer were cured. He is not a doctor, he has not learnt Medicine but going down to the principles, he has worked it out. You all can do it too. First of all, you cure yourself, attain the principles through your Spirit and later you learn about it. Especially for you people, the temple has come so close by, that even if you walk you can reach there. Here you do not have to pay any money, as has been said earlier.

Just with faith, with attention upon yourself, you have to put in some effort. Mostly there’s a program here every Sunday at ten in the morning. You have to give nothing, you only have to take. And that’s why come here after emptying your pitcher and learn slowly whatever you want to learn. You’ll be surprised how limitless is the Grace of God and the person who is realized how much The Divine cares for him and how important he is. I hope you people pay attention to my words and every Sunday at ten o’clock come to this place and know and learn about Sahaja Yoga. Now you people just sit with your hands towards Me, like this, with your eyes closed and take off your glasses. I bow to all the (INAUDIBLE) people of Bengal. First of all, I thank honourable Mr. Bhagwati Prasad ji Banerjee very much, that even after this chaotic and troublesome busy life, came among us today and spoke so many words of deep wisdom to you. Nowadays there are very few such people.

I have always believed that people who are in the legal or law profession, in them, the religion somehow persists. My father was also a lawyer, my husband was also a lawyer, My father-in-law was also a lawyer. I come from a family of lawyers and everyone in my house is a lawyer and I have seen a kind of religious awareness in many lawyers, here and outside as well. From the system of religion(Dharma) within us law is made. The ten valencies within us are our ten religions. As Carbon has four valencies, human-beings have ten valencies. When man came towards evolution, when he evolved, he evolved, when he became a human-being from Carbon. Many incidents happened at that time, many Incarnations came into the world, and in the end he reached the stage of a human-being. It is necessary in the human condition that we have religion established within. I would say this about Lenin, that I have seen his body, I have gone to Russia with my husband.

You will be surprised, that he was a realized man, realized person. Later with the coercion of the party he fell into this but the reason for what he said about religion is this, that there was no religion in Russia at that time before. And then the Tsar said, “Everyone has some or the other religion, we should also get some religion.” These people don’t know anything about religion, nobody has seen in-depth among them, they had no visionaries. As there have been great saints and sages here, such people have been very few there and when they used to speak, people only considered them to be mad. The religion that was there, was said to be made very organized, well-organized. They have also tried to organize the Divine, that’s why, in a way, what Lenin said at that time, is correct. Because when they had no religious system, Tsar said, that there must be some religious arrangement. And I have checked it Myself. When we were there I said, “Well, I would like to go to these priests you have here and I want to see the churches here.” When we went there, you’ll be surprised that, there was only one religion there, which you call as Orthodox Greek Christianity.

And there are two types of orders in it – one Black and one White – it’s a very over-organized thing. And when we reached there that gentleman came himself because we were VIPs. And the chief there told us that, “Nowadays, since we are fasting, we will eat vegetarian food.” So we said, “That’s great, will eat vegetarian food.” But they didn’t mind eating vegetarian food, means there was no harm in eating non-veg, but that gentleman drank so much alcohol, drank so much, that when we started coming back, he didn’t even realize that the chief guest was returning or they should see us off – so much alcohol they drank. So I asked, “How are these people here, what is this?” So they informed that when the Tsar expressed his desire that there must be some religion there, these people started saying, “Which religion should we follow now?” Thus they asked the Catholic, so the Catholic said, “There is one thing in our religion, you can drink alcohol but you cannot remarry. Tsar said, “This is not possible because we have so many proposals for marriage, so this cannot be, it will not work for us.” That’s why he refused them. Then he said, “Well, if not this thing, we should see some other religion.” Muslims came. Muslims said, “Okay, among us there is an arrangement of having more marriages but we don’t have the system of drinking.” Can’t drink alcohol.

He said, “This religion cannot work at all here.” Then third, a Greek Orthodox one, a new religion had emerged, came. It said, “Okay, it doesn’t matter to us. You do what you want, just keep giving us money.” Like the gurus nowadays. When Lenin said this about them it was the truth. What he said was an intermediary thing. We are neither Capitalist nor Communist and in fact are both. When you have all the powers – suppose that we have all the powers, so we became capitalists, but can’t rest in peace without sharing, so we have become Communists. When there is no peace without sharing, thus we become communists.

In fact, whatever are your theories, it’s reality, actuality, you’ll come to know, when you will attain enlightenment. Because all these are also from assumptions that come from your Unconscious, that we are communists, some say we are capitalists – all these are external things – what capital do they have – these stones? If they had any capital then why would they be crying today? Those who have become huge capitalists, you can know three such countries as Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. There’s a competition among the people of all the three countries that who will die first and who will commit suicide? Is this capitalism? They didn’t have any enjoyment from it. The one who hasn’t enjoyed, what’s the use of his capital? So our imagination too, that by getting money or with the improvement of our economic condition, we’ll be absolutely fine – is a complete misunderstanding. Because we can’t bear money.

You give Rs.100 to any man, immediately he will go to drink alcohol. Any wrong deed. People with much money remain engrossed in wrongdoings. Have you seen any wisdom coming to them because of money? Then people think that let’s get power. Those who have got power, become absolutely insane persons. You can’t even talk to them. So those whose attention is also towards power, that after attaining the power they’ll be happy, that is also not the case. Some say, “Okay, they should take care of our mother and son, our mother and sister.” There’s a madness in our country regarding this.

‘My son, my daughter, my, my,’ it’s so much that it’s also exaggerated. Shri Krishna has given a very good insight in this matter that in the world there are three types of people, there are only three castes. We who fight for caste-caste, there are not so many castes – there are only three castes. Fourteen thousand years ago Markandeya Swami had said, ‘Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu jaati rupena sansthita’ there are three Goddesses, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati – there are three Goddesses. According to that we have three qualities. One is Tamasic(Left-sided), one is Rajasic(Right-sided) and one is Sattvic(Center). Those who are tamasic, they believe wrong things to be true only. Mostly people in our country, I think, are tamasik. Any man released from jail, wears saffron clothes, they start touching his feet. Who is that man, from where did he come, what does he do – don’t know.

I think, Calcutta is full of occultists. Whomsoever I meet says, “I am initiated.” And Kundalini is frozen, how are you initiated? Pursuing the wrong thing is a tamasic trait. Believing the wrong to be right and giving one’s life for it, is a tamasic trait. Then some people do it for their wife, some do it for their son. Doing one or the other wrong thing, which has nothing to do with the collective, which is not related to the collective, to act like this, is a tamasic symptom. And the rajasic characteristic is that as of the people of the Western countries, who don’t even know the difference between right and wrong. If you – like some people in London came to us, with pink hair, pins here, 4-5 pins hanging here, I said, “What personation(avatar) is this?” so they asked, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong with it?”

Now what to say to the idiots, what’s wrong with it? You hang all the pins from here, so what could be bad in it? But this is what these people do not know – why are you people following the Western people? They don’t even know what is good and what is bad? It’s a great foolish state, extreme foolishness. If you listen to their talks, you’ll be surprised. One greater than the other. We had gone to Boston. There it was said, “Mother has come, we will put an advertisement for Her.” They asked, “How many Rolls Royces does She have?” “So, She doesn’t take any money, from where will She have the Rolls Royces?”

Started saying, “Then we are not interested in such a person who doesn’t have Rolls Royce.” They’ve commercialized so much, that even God has become commercial. And that’s why all the commercialized gurus from here went and sat there, it was their fate. But now it should be understood that the third one was Saatvik(virtuous). The person who is virtuous knows what is good and what is bad. What is religion(Dharma), what is unrighteousness(Adharma)? The one who understands both, is a virtuous man and such a man can be evolved. And only such a man attains the Spirit. Lot’s of people also ask, “Mother, why establish the religion? The ten valencies that we have within, why should they be kept established?” The reason is this, that if you want to be the Spirit, if you want to fly in the sky, you should keep yourself in balance.

And that’s why the rules we have, the law, is maintained in equilibrium(balance) that we may not go to extremes in imbalance. We go on the right side when we become rajasik. then we torture others inhumanly, misbehave with them and dominate them, are aggressive to them. And when we become Tamasik, we kill ourselves, do evil(wickedness) to ourselves only. Don’t eat, don’t drink, observe fast, do a variety of things so that our bodies get destroyed. So many misconceptions persist in our country, that while breaking them one by one, My twelve to fourteen years have been spent but now I know, that today for the first time I have come in front of you, so I request you, that you only have a concept(belief) within, that what we will know from experience, that is the right thing. Any talk devoid of experience, remains only a talk, to which Shankaracharya said, ‘Web of words’. Then a lot of pompous show the people do, all farce of the world – some dance like this, jumping – it’s all a sham. Yoga is within, inner yoga. Inside us a happening takes place, which is the awakening of Kundalini.

I have even seen such books in which it is written that this disease is caused by the awakening of Kundalini, that happens – it’s never going to happen. Because Kundalini that is, is your own mother. Every person has his Kundalini sitting in the triangular bone awaiting, waiting for this chance, when will my son turn this way and when can I give him rebirth. This is your pure desire. Rest all the other desires of the world, are not pure. The reason for this is that, you know it’s believed in Economics that the desires that are, your desires are, in general, means, never fully satiable but yes, one or two be in particular, are fulfilled. Means that today we will say that, “We need a car,” the car arrived, then we need a home, a home needed, then this is needed – these desires will continue. But the Pure Desire that is, is your Kundalini. It is the power of God. It is the reflection of Adishakti in you.

This Adishakti needs only one thing. She asks only one thing, that She be united with the formless Brahma. That I be united with the All-Pervading Power of God, this is the only Pure Desire. Until that desire is fulfilled, till then all other desires come, go, and are finished. But when this desire is awakened – then man is called a seeker – And after it’s awakening when man achieves it, after attaining it, there is nothing left to be achieved, then it is about giving. Like a lamp, until it is lit, it is cherished, made, oiled, wick is put. When it is lit, then it’s work of giving starts. Similarly, God so beautifully made the man, cherished it so much. To say that there is no God, there is no problem in that also. Say it or not, He is, so He is.

But even when someone says, “There is no God,” then too he says there is. Even saying ‘No,’ means there is. And that’s why, today is the time has come to prove, whether there is God or not. Yes, earlier only one or two people used to be realized, only one or two used to be a saint, only a person or two used to achieve it. Because just like on a living tree, at first, only one or two flowers bloom on it But when spring comes, many flowers blossom on that tree, then many fruits emerge from it. That’s why today Sahaja Yoga is done in the community, the collective. This is not for one or two, it is society-oriented. It has a vision towards the society. If there is no purification in the society because of this, then Sahaja Yoga is futile. It is a path of purification, of the transformation of man, absolutely is a way for him to be reborn, due to which man changes completely.

What the respected trustee has said, that equality should come in us. Equality from the outside and only from mental projection or thought, will never come. Whatever will come, will only appear to be. I have not seen such equality anywhere in the world. But when your Spirit is awakened, then, on your Central Nervous System, a new dimension within you, is in your nerves and you feel that you have been awakened with the Collective Consciousness. This is not a mental projection. This reality you feel, that where your chakras are catching, where the other person’s chakras are catching. Where is his Kundalini, where is your Kundalini – as if no one other remains. You must have heard that, many people do missionary work. They do things like, bring the poor and do this for them, do that, there is no hand of God in this.

Poverty has been created by you. God has not made anyone poor. Picked up the poor and gave them medicine – there is no need to give the name of God to this act. When you are self-realized, there is no need to give anything to anyone, it happens automatically. Maybe, a lot of people sitting here today get well. Your Kundalini will be awakened in such a manner that your health will be fine. Most of the troublesome diseases, such as cancer, which are called incurable diseases, many such diseases get cured through this. Since your Kundalini Power has been awakened, it has nourished all those energy centres(chakras) and because of that, the deities sitting on those chakras, with them being awakened, you become healthy again. There’s nothing special about it, nothing is to be done in it, I don’t seem to have anything to do with it. I have to say that if there is pain in one finger, and it is rubbed with the other finger, so will this finger be obliged to it or something?

That has to be done, it has to be done because (when) it has become an integral part of the body. Similarly you don’t remain the other and when this condition comes, that I have done you a favour, that I I have done good to you – this feeling is no more. It just keeps on flowing in inaction, just like the light of the Sun but even then our intellect that is there, is very sharp. We see everything with our intellect and keep trying to know it through our intelligence. Although Sahaja, Sahaja means, ‘Saha’ – born with you is the right of such yoga, which is your own. It’s your birthright. Freedom that we call, we haven’t got that freedom yet. If we had got it, then this would not have been the condition of our country. Shivaji said at the time of his coronation – then Ramdas Swami himself was a Brahmin – but he came and told Shivaji that, ‘awaken Self dharma (indistinct)’, awaken dharma of the Spirit. Until the religion of self is awakened, there will be no welfare of the country.

Independence is gained but he said that this is freedom of the Self(Spirit). There should be the technique of the Self. ‘Swa’ means the technique of the Spirit. Unless you awaken it till then this work will not take place. Although in Maharashtra, a lot of work has been done on on Kundalini. The reason is that in this state great saints and sages have worked hard on this. Especially Gyaneshwarji has said that, he has said that ‘Now The Universal One should be happy with us and being pleased grant boons to us.’ Tosh – Give us pasayadaan with Tosh. It means give these vibrations, give this Chaitanya. And ‘Swadharma Surya Vishva Pahuk’ – means let the whole world know the Sun(light) of the religion of Spirit.

Until this awakening of the religion of the Spirit doesn’t happen in us, we only verbalize, in mental projection keep on saying, that we are brothers. We used to say ‘Chinese, Indians are brothers’, where has it gone? We are not brothers among ourselves. Not among ourselves. Amongst Indians, it is a speciality that, until they cut each other’s neck, they will not be at ease. So how are we brothers? It’s just to say that we are brothers and there is friendship. There can be no friendship anywhere until you can’t be awakened in the Spirit because the collective individual in you, which, the collectivity that is within you, can be sought for by the Spirit itself. The collective being which is within you, is the Spirit. Until you have found it, you’re all different-different, separate.

And there’s a reason for that. Everyone was created different, so that each person in his individualistic direction, firstly should know, what is good, what is bad? Check your freedom first. If he is on the central path, then he can attain his Spirit, the Spirit with which he awakens in the entire collective. Thus the things that we think should be for the whole society, how would they be? Is there any method, you tell? Some person, whom you put in power, can never live without any single dogma, absolutely selfless, absolutely someone without ideology, at all. It will go on forming in his mind, because his Brahmarandhra has not yet been pierced. When the Brahmarandhra is pierced, one becomes united with the infinite, absolute, sole power of God Almighty. There are no two questions in it.

There are never two Truths. Now let Me tell you like this that if you see a man, can you tell whether this person is good or bad? Can’t tell. One person would say, “He’s very good,” one will say, “He’s bad.” But when you get the realization of the Self, vibrations start flowing within you. If that person is bad, then your vibrations will stop completely just as if you are a computer. Otherwise too you are a computer. Such a special computer that without thinking about anything, without any programming, seeing something, you know what you are. But that computer starts working only when it gets connected to the mains. Just like this is also an instrument here.

Till it will not be connected to mains, it is useless. Similarly, we should also be connected to the mains. Now in devotion people take the name of God, shout, scream. Now if you see in Oxford Street, you’ll die with shame, that those people wearing dhoti, and putting the bodis available in the market, beating drums all along the way, and all their dhotis also fall, sarees also fall, no manners, nothing, like idiots, beg while chanting ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’. That Krishna who is Lakshmipati Himself, these devotees beg in this way. Begging does not suit the son of Lakshmipati. But they are not, it is some other community which is after wrong things. Shri Krishna has clearly said ‘Yoga: Kshema: Vahamayam’. We forget that Krishna was a diplomat. He was an embodiment of diplomacy.

They knew that man would waver a little. Ghee cannot be taken out directly from this. He had clearly said, ‘Yoga: Kshema: Vahamayam’. First achieve yoga, then there will be welfare. Never said ‘Kshem Yoga’ or even said ‘Kshema’ that at that time (UNCLEAR – carries?) ‘Yoga: Kshema: Vahamayam’ On Bhakti(devotion) also He has said, ‘Patram, Pushpam, Falam, Toyam,’ whatever you give I’ll take but which devotion is needed – ‘When there is not the other’. That is, when in Self-realization you are part and parcel, when someone – ananya means, when there is not the other. So the state is such, that at that time there is not the other. You must have oneness with God. Upon seeing this people think, “Mother how is it like this, how can it be so simple?”

Especially those who are intellectuals, they say, “How can it be that simple?” But this is a living process. The living work of The living God is always Sahaja Yoga. You think, that for our breathing, if you have to go to a guru and read a book and take initiation for that, then what’s the use, can anyone live? Look at any living process. There’s a seed. If you just put it in the mother’s lap(sow it), it sprouts on its own. How does it germinate, can anyone tell? Why it sprouts, can anyone tell? No one can tell.

Science can’t tell about this that how, why, due to which power does it sprout? What power does it have which sprouts it? We don’t do any living work but there is so much arrogance in us that there is no limit. We – understand now – that a tree has fallen down we made something out of it, suppose, made a stage, then we think that we have done a great job. These stones were lying there, made a building – You made dead from dead – What living work have you done till today? Only when you are Self-realized, then you can do living work, because with your hands Kundalini is awakened. Now no matter how much is said about it, you won’t understand until you get the experience of it. There must definitely be an experience. Talking about it, without experience, is just a waste of time. Like, suppose, you have to come into this room, and you asked, “Mother, how to turn on the light?”

I said, “Okay son, turn on that switch”. You go and switch it on – it’s done. But it doesn’t mean behind this light there’s no other light, there’s no other huge organization behind it, there’s no great history behind it and it doesn’t have any big discipline – everything is there, but everything is made easy for you, because when work has to be done on the collective, it has to be made easy. As long as Kundalini awakening is not available to the common man, maybe God’s name may be erased from the world. The common man should be benefited from it and this has been my effort. When I was born, father knew about Me, what My work was and he told Me that, “Daughter, you don’t need to talk right now, don’t say anything about it, because no use writing another Gita, Bible and Koran. You please do this that first find out how the common people can be awakened, which is Your work, for which You have come into the world. At that time I saw the arrangements/system within man, saw his modus operandi, saw all his ways, and then I thought, why can’t we find a method that only by doing it the common man should be realized immediately. And such a system was made and I understood one thing because of which this work was not happening, that man cannot be awakened without breaking the Sahastrara because the peethas of all the seven chakras are in this Sahasrara and until this integration, this Oneness is established, this work cannot be done. And when this work was accomplished, I am greatly surprised, I Myself am surprised, that thousands are realized in a moment, thousands of people, but it’s a little difficult in the city.

The people of the city are a little too smart, and think too much of themselves than required. As you said, ego comes in us and there are many such things and those who do not get into ego, are trapped in some or the other misconceptions. But the simple people of the villages – in Maharashtra ten-ten thousand people get their awakening all together. It’s an amazing thing to look at, but it happens. It happens, there’s no doubt about it. How can you give money for this? Does God know money? It’s something made by you. Those who take money from you in the name of God, never consider that person to be a man of God.. Only the man who unites you with the Divine, is the man who has come from God because what does money mean to him? That person, you just tell me, that when you understand, that you are a seed, if you want to make it alive or a tender sprout comes out of it, then, do you give it money, do you give money to this Mother Earth, do you pay the Sun, or the air we live on, to this water, what money does this Ganga understand?

The sacred thing of God Almighty doesn’t understand money. The first thing to be understood, that the man who asks for money for something and calls it God, is a wrong thing. Secondly, that it is effortless, it is spontaneous. It should happen effortlessly. Now someone will say, “You stand on your head, your Kundalini has been awakened.” Such books have been taken out by people and especially those who are intellectuals, they like these new fashion books a lot. Anyone may come in this new fashion – Rajneesh has come, various others came. There’s no scriptural basis for them. All of this is evolutionary. The scripture that is, is evolutionary. It started with this, then that, then that happened next – There must be some basis or support for it.

Someone says something straight out of the air, people start believing into it. Just like in our Maharashtra, some Brahmins are very intelligent, for them also a equivalent man has come out. He has written a book called ‘Karunopaya’ Arunopaya Karunopaya’ I said, “Now, what is this, what is this?” Says, “We pass on the power(Shakti path) to them.” I said, “Where is this word, where is it in the Scripture?” Shakti Path is not a word at all. What word is this,‘Shakti path’? What a dirty word, Shakti Path. How is it possible? Means to show one’s importance – that we pass power to them.

I said it has no Scriptural basis. This is all your apocalypse. And those who came to us, had High Blood Pressure, paralysis, various diseases of the world. I said, “If your guru, can’t even fix your health then why do you bother about him? And that, one person had cancer in his lung. I asked him, “How did you get lung cancer?” He said that, “Our Guru, who was a great devoted person, He didn’t eat from anyone’s hand, and to us, he lived on the fifth floor and we people brought food with wet clothes to him on his floor and used to give him. In that first I had pneumonia. I thought, well, such a sacrifice should definitely be made for my guru. After that, now cancer has also happened.”

I said, “This too, are you sacrificing?” Think that the Guru, who makes you sacrifice, is wrong. Sacrifice is not of anything external, it doesn’t happen outside. That it’s seen, dressed in saffron clothes, ‘I’ve sacrificed this, I’ve sacrificed that.’ What are you sacrificing? – stones. Sacrifice is an internal thing. The man who is free from inside, has no attachment to anything. To be attached is a difficult thing for such a man. He finds it very difficult to take anything from anyone. I can see only one reason for these things.

You can give these things to someone, fill your love in it. A small thing, like Shabri fed berries to Ram. Everything in the world is just like the berries of Shabri. If they’re given to someone in the love of a Mother, then I’m very happy. Things get reversed, don’t they? So until this thing comes in us, till then we should not believe that we have found anything. But there are many such people who say that their Kundalini has been awakened. There are many such people as well. Some say, “There is a lot of uneasiness in this and such and such trouble happens.” Those who have no right to it, who are not pure, who look at it with dirty eyes, and those who don’t know anything about it, if they attack the Kundalini, so this is the hand of Shri Ganesha, which hits hard – what we call the problems of the Sympathetic Nervous System, they arise.

And in this way many kinds of abnormalities in man – yelling, screaming, various other things of the world. A gentleman came, he sat with both his feet towards Me, so people said, “Don’t sit with your feet like this towards Mother. You know, you are an Indian, sit comfortably.” So he said, “No, I can’t sit, my Kundalini has been awakened. If I sit like this, crossing my legs, then I start jumping like a frog.” So I called him, “Come here. Are you going to be a frog? What is going to happen to you now?” You have to become a Super human being. The one, who has to become a super human being, how will he jump like a frog?

Similarly you’ll also find many such texts or treatise, in which various contradictory useless things have been written. But everything that is written is not a scripture, should not be accepted. What some people say, it is not a Divine statement. First of all, until you have the Spirit awakened within you, whatever you know, whatever you have found or achieved, you have found nothing because everything is false. Everything is false without attaining the Spirit. First achieve the Brahman(Spirit), then you will get to know the reality what is this thing? Now we say that it is Kamakhya Devi’s temple, such and such temple, so what? There’s nothing in these temples because there all the evil spirits are sitting and earning money. So it is important to see, that someone said, “What is this temple of Kamakhya Devi, it’s good for nothing.” But this is not the point. A Self-realized man will see and say, “Yes, it is Self-manifested.”

They are self-manifested, born from the earth itelf. Now whether these things are true, or false, or how are they, how would you know? You shouldn’t believe what I say? You yourself should take it’s experience, you yourself should get those vibrations and you go and see for yourself what is this thing? You become so much aware, so much awareness comes, that you immediately understand, where you are and where is the other and what is his state? Secondly, the Lakshmi principle is awakened in it. Especially when Lakshmi is awakened in us then man receives his welfare. In London you know how much there is unemployment, there is too much unemployment, but our Sahaja Yogis – approximately there are about three to four thousand Sahaja Yogis – not even one of them is unemployed. Everyone has livelihood, no one is unemployed and there is a rule in Sahaja Yoga, that whosoever comes, will try to get a job and they do get a job. The Divine helps us in so many different ways.

The reason for that is, what we call reason and the consequence, you go beyond cause and effect. The Kundalini that is, is beyond that. You go into that Kingdom of the Divine which is beyond cause and effect. We keep struggling because of the cause or it’s consequence Like now there is poverty, because of poverty it is bad. So the only way to rise beyond poverty is Kundalini awakening – it’s the Truth. As long as these tantrikas remain here in this Bengal, the kingdom of Lakshmi can never come here. You do not know that if a Tantrika comes from one door Lakshmiji leaves through the other. This Bengal is so full of Tantrikas, how will it be here. I saw the same condition in Kerala, that in Kerala people bury the dead at home and so much black magic they do there. Wherever there will be black magic – you may go to any corner of the country wherever there is black magic – there cannot be the kingdom of Lakshmiji.

That’s why we, you know, turn on the lights everywhere on the day of Diwali, so that Laxmiji should stay inside. She doesn’t like at all that we go to such people, but here the emphasis is so much on this and there are so many wrong gurus that I was very afraid of coming here. You know I’ve started Sahaja Yoga in India around fourteen years back but the reason for coming here after so many days was this, that I thought I should get place to set foot here, then I’ll definitely come. I hope you people will look towards this, because you are the clean, pure, eternal, imperishable Spirit. Attaining the Spirit, is your own birthright. I am not doing anything for it. It is with you, fully prepared, you just have to achieve it. But at that time your brains should be kept open. If you are a scientist, then a scientist wants to keep an open mind. Keeping that mind open you should think whether what Mother is saying is true or not.

What we call as the hypothesis or dharana, in that way you listen to me. After that you should believe only when it is proved to be correct. But from the very beginning if you start saying ‘no, no’ then how will anything enter within? Although it has nothing to do with intelligence. I have also seen such people who did a lot of opposition to Sahaja Yoga. Our own Doctor Warren himself faced a lot of trouble in the beginning but see today, where he has reached, from where to where he has reached. Because this is experience. Even if you say to the experience, “Yes, so what, what does it matter if I get cool breeze in my hands?” The only biggest drawback of Sahaja Yoga is that it is open to everyone. Every kind of person comes into it.

The doors are open to all for this. It’s possible that even one or two wrong people may come into it. One or two hypocrites may also come, one or two dupes could also come. But when you are awakened and are in that state, you will know immediately how is this man, how are his vibrations. But this is not possible until there is an upliftment within you, evolution doesn’t take place, you remain incomplete, you remained in the condition of a human being. The reason you were made a human being, you didn’t achieve it – that is to attain the Spirit. And then it should be said that this is our heritage, it is our heritage. This is the heritage of our India. No one has this. Whatever great development you have seen in foreign countries and it it is just as if a tree has grown big without any roots and one day topples down, and everyone’s brains are not right just now and they are somehow headed for their destruction straight away, because you haven’t found your roots and the roots are is in the country and we are falling at their feet, then what will happen?

When the roots are in this country, you must get to(find) them. There I have to start with the ‘G’ of Ganapati, one has to start with righteousness. My hands break getting people realized there.