Public Program

Kolkata (India)

1986-10-13 Public Program Talk and Self-Realization, Hindi, Calcutta, India, DP-RAW, 66'
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1986-10-13 Public Program, Hindi, Calcutta, India, DP-RAW, 132'
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Public Program, Kolkata, India, 13.10.1986

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to all the seekers of the Spirit. I don’t understand how to tell that I don’t go or come anywhere, I am always with you. But with the thought that you people think that I will go away, I feel bad too. In the entire world there are many Sahaja Yogis, when I leave one, I think of all of them. And wherever I am going, there people are enthusiastically and joyfully waiting for Me. This is a dilemma. But this coming and going is the way of life. What we achieved in that is only important. And the most important is to achieve your Spirit.

One person asked Me today, “I did not understand what the benefit of doing Sahaja Yoga is. So you please make me understand in simple language”. I told him everything, but if you want to understand, I’ll make you understand with a simple analogy. Like how a car is, think of our life also the same way and God gave us this life. There is an accelerator and a break in the car. We don’t yet know how to drive the vehicle. So if we suddenly apply the break, the vehicle stops immediately and if we accelerate, don’t know in which pot hole we will land up in. Slowly we learn how to balance it and in balancing we learn how to drive the vehicle. When we learn this balancing completely, and when we develop faith in ourselves, then we can say, ‘now I am a driver’.

Now unknowingly you are driving, even if your attention is somewhere else, still the vehicle is in your hand – you immediately apply brakes, immediately accelerate. For this you don’t have to question yourself. Without thinking you are able to drive the vehicle. Like this someone can say that you are a very relaxed, very intelligent driver. But still, your master is sitting behind you. He keeps instructing you from time to time – ‘drive slowly’, ‘drive fast’, and ‘do this, do that’. But you are not yet the master of your life. Now that you have learnt to drive, its possible that someone gives you more money, you leave present place and go there.  Or you could have a misunderstanding. Or you may feel that if I am not the master, then why should I drive this vehicle? Why don’t I become the master? When this desire is awakened in you, then you should understand that the essence of Mahalakshmi is awakened within you.

Then you started seeking. Then you are trying to understand that what is the matter that I am not the master of this life? You became balanced when you were on the righteous path. You are righteous and on the path of dharma, then you are in balance. But still you are not the master of your life.

In Sahaja Yoga, when the Kundalini rises and pierces the fontanel bone area, then the Spirit in you is awakened, and you become the master of your life. And this master within your, will watch at the driver in you, the accelerator and break – all the three. And He just watches and everything starts working. Being this master is being Sahaja Yogi.

Like human being gets stuck in temptation many times and gets stuck in many types of slavery. He doesn’t want to be in that temptation, he doesn’t want to do wrong things. He hates those things, but still he doesn’t have the strength to overcome it. Many things he doesn’t want to say, but it just comes out of him and he repents later, ‘why did I say such a thing?’  He doesn’t have the control over his tongue, doesn’t have control over his taste. He doesn’t have control over his anger. All the six enemies are not under his feet but over his head. But when he becomes his own master, then even if he gets angry, he does it in his splendor. The anger doesn’t consume him, but he takes control of the anger and plays with it and uses it. To achieve this you have to know your Spirit because, Spirit is the Master of our life.

It keeps watching – ‘what are you doing, keep doing’, ‘do whatever you want’. It sees that this person is not paying any attention here, so he removes the attention and the person dies. This Spirit – that is living in our heart, is the reflection of the shadow of the God on our head. To attain that Spirit, “What are we to do?” When people ask like that, then I tell them, “You first come in balance”. Be in balance, be in moderation.

There are some people who talk so much that the other person gets bored and thinks ‘now I have to jump into the ocean to save myself’. Some people don’t even talk, they are called as ‘silent bores’. No matter what you say to them, anything you say to them, they don’t talk. Some people do so much of work that in 30-35 years, they run away from worldly life. And some people do not do anything they just keep fighting and sit at home and while away their time, they also die early. Either they are at this extreme or that extreme. They are at one extreme or the other; we were told to give up extremities; to be in the center we are to give up extremities. But till this balance is not established in us, till then we can’t even fly. That’s why we see that some person gets Self-Realization immediately, and someone takes time, because there is imbalance. Balance has to be established only then this can happen.

When you take of – like how your attention is, like this saree is spread over the void, when Kundalini raises and here when She pierces the fontanel bone area, all this attention of yours will be enlightened. It is enlightened in such a way that you come in the light of the truth. That’s why I told you that the only one truth, you will know. Sitting here if we want to know about any person, we can understand what is his state.

In the beginning when we started this work in London, we had to face difficulties. We had to face a lot of difficulties. In that one person who got his Realization said, “You tell us that sitting here we have the telecommunication of the God, and all the Ether is enlightened. Can we know about anything?” I said, “Yes”.

“My father has not written to me for many days. Neither have I got a call from him. What is the problem?” I said, “Open your hands like this and see”. He said, “It’s very strange that I am feeling burning in this place”. [Shri Mataji showing the area just below the fingers] – I said, “All this place is of the father and this is the Vishuddhi finger” [Shri Mataji showing right index finger]. It’s possible I said in English, “He must be down with very bad bronchitis, you better telephone”. So he picked up the phone and called.  His father lived in Scotland. His mother came on the phone. He asked, “How is father?” She said, “He is down with very bad bronchitis”. The words I had told, the sentence I had told, same sentence she told. He was surprised, “Mother sitting here how did we come to know?” I said, “You came to know, I didn’t know”. He said, “Its remedy?” I said, “I’ll tell you the remedy, I’ll tell you the bandhan, you say a few mantras. He will become alright now”. After half an hour his mother called and said, “It’s very surprising, his fever came down, he became alright and he is moving around”. And he spoke to his father, he said, “I don’t know what happened after I received your call, I recovered in half an hour”.

Now how does this happen? We find it surprising that it is not possible. Why is it not possible? If you are in front of a television, then anywhere in the world you can see what is happening in Kolkata. How does this happen? If you go and tell a rural person that this television – this box, you can see many things about the world in that. He’ll say, “Leave it, leave it. Many people had come like you – magicians. How can it be possible? This is just a box. What useless things you are teaching me?” If you get hold of it and connect it to the mains, then they see, “Aree! This looked just like a plastic box, where did all this come from?” So what happened? The ether that is all around us – that catches the waves and if you catch it, from your radio or from your television, you can catch all these things flowing through it.

Similarly, the same ether, like I told you yesterday – you can even enlighten the light of a small candle, the ether is enlightened. So when you think of something, because your attention is enlightened, you understand that you have become like a television centre. The message goes from there, and immediately at the moment you get the news about what happened – at that moment.

Once Shri Shivaji Maharaj asked Shri Ramdas Swamy, “How much time does it take for the awakening of the Kundalini?” He said, “That moment, in that moment it happens”. But for some people it takes some time because something in them could be ‘loose’ or it may even be ‘over tight’. Supposing you get a television, in that moment you can see everything. Or if it is not even connected to the mains then what do you do?

In the same way, whatever you need to know, all that you can know in that moment. This is called as knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t come from the books. Whatever is in the books that is only external knowledge. Like the knowledge of the trees – this is outside knowledge. But the knowledge of the roots you can understand only after you achieve upward movement. There is no other way other than upward movement.  Till the time Kundalini doesn’t rise and pierce your fontanel bone area till then it cannot enter that ether or that subtle – that which is in five main elements. Once you enter into their subtlety, then you can use everything.

As I tell you, when you are meditating, remove your shoes and place your feet on the ground. The Mother Earth – is also an element.  Earth is an important element. When you place your feet on such an important element – then its subtle energy is awakened and from your feet She sucks away all that is negative in you.

Then sometimes we tell you that if you place your right hand towards Me and the left hand towards the sky, the reason is that on the right hand all the questions that arise there is from your ego. What sucks the ego very well? – It is the sky. You look towards the sky [pointing left hand towards the sky] and placing this hand like this [opening right hand towards Shri Mataji], it goes away.

Sahaja Yoga is very scientific, but because it is fundamental it is very easy and simple. Then it is told if you have any emotional problem. Or if you are emotional. Or something that we can say that the person is depressed or there is some dejection within him – to such people it is told that you keep your left hand towards the light. Light scares away the negativity.  The minute you place the light – the light is enlightened and the light [illumination] from that flows into you. From the light, whatever negative that was within you, it came like this [Shri Mataji raises moves her right hand from the left hand side, crossing the Agnya chakra and down to the right hand] and from the hand you have placed on the ground, it gets sucked from that.

The third thing that is told that you place both your hands open towards the photograph. Burn a light and place both your feet in the water. Because of that lamp, the negativities that are on both the sides, within you, the water sucks it. Just by putting some salt in the water, it becomes a big ocean in a subtle manner. There is a scientific reason for this.

Whatever actions that are done in Sahaja Yoga are not done in stupidity. But it is so simple and easy that people don’t understand it. When the Holy Ghost – Adi Shakti blessed Issah Masih’s [Jesus Christ] 12 disciples, then they started talking about the chakras and moving their hands and telling people. Then people thought that they are mad people. They started calling them mad. But its meaning, the Christians thought that they were talking in Greek or Latin. They were talking about the chakras, not Greek or Latin. If some dead Greek spirit enters, then they speak Greek or some other language.

But the language they were speaking was of chakras which ordinary people did not understand.  One person came and they told, “Mataji please see, his Agnya is catching. What is the meaning of that?” I said, “I will not tell you the meaning now, I’ll tell you later”. It means that the person’s ego is bloated. He is egoistical. If I tell him, “You have ego, he may hit Me”. So this language of the chakras, you have to learn. Because now you have become subtle.

This knowledge is the knowledge of the roots. All the knowledge that is on the outside, western knowledge, science etc., all this is the knowledge is of the trees. But the knowledge of the trees increased, the trees increased and the roots were destroyed and slowly they are becoming unstable. Now they fear that they will be destroyed. Its roots are in India. Since ages, the Sadgurus and the incarnations gave us this culture and talked about it openly.

When Adi Shankaracharya came, when Guru Nanak Saab, Kabir Dasji – when such people came, they completely initiated talks about this. In the South – Gyaneshwarji has spoken a lot about it. I told you yesterday that Markandeya had spoken about it fourteen thousand years back.

There is always an argument about ‘nirakaar’ and ‘saakar’ [formless and form]. It is good to throw some light on this subject also. First when they spoke about meditation, they said, “There are Gods residing on our chakras, you meditate on them”. When they started meditating, then without proper understanding, they started worshiping an idol. Someone made the idol of Lakshmiji, someone made another idol, then someone else made a third idol – do puja, do arti, do that do this. There was no meaning to all this.

Then people said that if you have to get the honey, the nectar, then what is the use of talking about the flowers? The person gets stuck in the flowers. Then they said, “You talk of honey, you talk of nectar”. Then started the talk of Nirakaar [formless]. In this many people came like Mohammad Saab, Nanak Saab, like Kabir dasji.  But it was not that Nanak Saab was not accepting, as Namdev was an idol worshiper. How did He [Nanak] accept Him [Namdev]? If Mohammad Saab did not believe in idol worship, then why did He worship Mecceshwar Shiv? But what He had told was with a lot of understanding, that accepting or not accepting [idol worship] is not the point, but that Stone – it has been written since ages that Mecceshwar is Shiv from which vibrations are emitted.

Similarly in Iran also there was a beautiful temple of Hindolica Devi. It has been written in the Purnas and I have seen that. Most surprising thing is that we don’t know these things and we understand them [Gurus] wrongly. Nanak Saab, according to His time, He said that you talk only of Formless. Talk of honey, talk of nectar, forget the flowers. Even that remained in talks. People converted that also to mere talks. What Mohammad Saab did, the same thing Nanak Saab did. But everything remained in the talks and people only talked of Nirakaar [Formless].

Whether you talk of flowers, or you talk of honey, all that remains are the talks. To attain the nectar you have to become ‘madhukar’ [bee]. You have to become the bee. Till the time you don’t become the bee, you cannot reach the nectar. This is Sahaja Yoga.

Give up the fight between Nirakaar [Formless] and Sakaar [Form], you achieve the nectar. First you attain the honey, then we will talk after you get the taste of it. Then you will come forward and tell, “Mother, this joy we have never achieved”. This is ‘Niranand’ [absolute joy], this we have not achieved. It is so peace giving, it is so joy giving. And on seeing the simple change in you, you will be surprised that ‘I was such an angry person. What happened to me?’ ‘I was a drunkard, what happened to me?’

Whatever you say, Muslims say, that alcohol is forbidden in Islam. But I have seen such Muslims that they can empty the liquor shop. And all the poems written on liquor shops have all been written by Muslims. Nanak said about liquor, in that time, in the time of Mohammad Saab cigarette was not there. He condemned cigarette. Because there was no cigarette, He only spoke of alcohol. He [Nanak Saab] condemned cigarette and alcohol. If you see in London, the Scotland people say that Sikhs’s drink more alcohol than us. If the Sikhs go away from here, who will buy our liquor?

Christians are another example. One better than the other. For Christian, once Isaah Masih [Jesus Christ] went to a wedding and made wine out of water. The meaning of wine in Hebrew is ‘grape juice’. It is very easy. So people considered it as ‘alcohol’. You tell Me can anyone make alcohol in a minute? It has to be fermented, soaked for years, then only it converts to alcohol. But they will not think like that. They think that Isaah Masish [Jesus Christ] allowed us to drink alcohol. It is surprising that when someone dies, they drink alcohol, and when someone is born, then also they drink alcohol. What do you tell such people?

In the same way, if we talk about Jains – they got it in their head that they should not eat meat and fish. But there is no problem in drinking alcohol. Jains drink so much alcohol that it is surprising.  Whatever goes against the vibrations – that is alcohol, they drink that. Every person, has searched such examples of their religion that whatever is their weakness – where they can get support for their weakness.

From this you people will become weak and powerless. With all this, no goodness will come within you. From which you can become strengthened, able – that is knowing your Spirit and standing on the truth. Standing on the truth. The truth is that in all this eyewash, you can never attain God. From thousands of years such eyewash has been going on in our country. We have done many types of wrong things, you know that. We tortured widows, we tortured women; whoever we came across we tortured them. We troubled all the saints, even Nanak Saab. Whom have we left? We tortured Gyaneshwarji, we tortured Tukaramji. We have cheated all the great saints. Now we are only worshiping them and pacifying them.

Secondly a great person like Kabir Das – as good as an incarnation. He was a great person, considering Him of lower caste, nowhere in India a temple was built for Him. Where was the temple built for Him? In England. I feel shy when English people taunt that His temple was not built in India, but was built in England.

Third thing is that based on caste we set up a falsehood. Caste of a person is based on his desire, on his aptitude. The person who does the work of shudra [considered a low caste]. ‘Shudra’ meaning those who run after people – like people who go after ministers and go on nodding their head saying ‘yes’ ‘yes’, they are ‘shudras’. People who beg at temples are the biggest ‘shudra’. This is the quality of ‘shudra’. And those who want to know the Brahma – he is Brahmin.

The others who put tillak [a long red mark on the forehead] and roam around, who take money from us – they can never be brahmins. They are your servants.

Yesterday someone was telling Me. To our place one priest comes; priest of our family, we consider him our guru. I said, “They live out of you. You pay them money. How do you consider them guru?” No one can buy a guru. If you purchase the guru, then the guru becomes your servant.

The gurus who have come up these days, there is one more significance in them. They don’t do any business, they live out of you. They don’t make a living of their own, they just live out of you. If you are told you come and live freely in My house, you will never agree because you have self-respect. But these people don’t even have self-respect. They are parasites. Take money from one, take money from the other, buy big Rolls Royce and roam around the world.

We have to keep our thinking strong. We have come at such a millennium that it is dark Kaliyug. In dark Kaliyug, people are in delusion that he considers anything as the truth. We think this is the truth and carry on. “But what benefit did you get out of that truth?” – “Nothing, this is our truth”. It’s like they say ‘3 legs of a goat’ – “This is the truth for us and we are not prepared to listen to anything else”. Then go in the same way!

Truth is as experience on your central nervous system. Again and again I will tell. Just accepting something by your brains – this is truth and holding on to it; it does not become the truth. You have to feel the truth on your central nervous system. Everyone has written this. Especially Mohammad Saab has written very clearly that when the time of Resurrection [Kiyama] comes, then your hands and legs will speak. But Muslims don’t believe that. They will only do five times Namaz mechanically. They don’t gain anything out of that. Later they go and drink alcohol. “We did Namaz, so it’s done – asked for forgiveness”. What is the use of asking for forgiveness once? Again next day they will drink and again ask for forgiveness. ‘We just have to ask God for forgiveness’. So do whatever one wants and then asks for forgiveness. Ok when everyone has told – ‘don’t drink’, they were not your enemy. It goes against your consciousness. You get many diseases because of that.

English, who think themselves to be very intelligent – are all the time drinking, any time they are drinking, wherever one goes there is alcohol. Now they are also awakening. These days I see that in the papers ‘cigarette has been stopped, now stop alcohol also’. Doctors say, “By any means stop alcohol”. Earlier they used to say, “It’s good to drink a bit”. But now they say, “We should think of giving up alcohol”. As soon as the advertisement was put up, then the businessmen there got worked up, “What will happen to us?” Just for a few business people, should we destroy the world?

But the most surprising thing is that Pope himself gives out alcohol. You may not know. They have named it Benedictine – meaning blessings. And it is a special alcohol, given only to a few people, not everyone. You have to wear such a big cross and go. Then you get that alcohol. After that you will be crucified – you can think like that.

Such nonsense people do and if I say something, they don’t like it cause they get a stomach ache. I just want to say only one thing to everyone that keep your mind straight, simple and strong and think what is the truth? – Achieving the Spirit is the truth.

When I went to America for the first time – there was a Choudhary saab, he is no more. He said, “Mother you get your lectures registered” something like that.

I said, “Why?”

He said, “Anyone will pick up Your words and talk about You”.

I said, “Let them say, it’s a good thing. I tell many good things. If someone says the same, there is no problem”.

I said, “You should be ‘born again’, ‘you have to be reborn’”. There a new thing has started – ‘born again’. Born again.

“Who are you?” “I am born again”. Falsely they are roaming around with a certificate.

“‘Born again’, then what powers do you have? What is your specialty? If you are born again what is your power?”

“No, we are born again”.

Once I was giving a lecture in Calvinistic Church, in Switzerland, there was a huge crowd. One lady, with a Bible in her hand, came to hit Me. I laughed so much that she got scared. ‘This lady is not scared that I am going to hit Her’. I said, “Of all the things, you found the Bible to hit Me. Bring something else”.

So whatever the elders have told us, from that the intelligent people these days find out many flaws. Because whatever happens these days is because of the weakness of the people. Who has what weakness – find out. There was an ayurvedic doctor who told his apprentice, “Find out such a place where they eat curd without cumin”. The apprentice said, “There is a place”. So they went and settled there because if they eat curd without cumin, then they will fall sick. They can be cured by the ayurvedic doctor.

I the same way, these days the manifestation is such that they try to find out how they can trap people in their grasp and make money. When money has become God. Like the people of America say that – the Gujaratis who have gone to America – “Dallar is our God”. They say ‘dallar’, they don’t say ‘dollar’, is their God.

And all the Indians who have gone out, I see them and tell that if you get a mango tree from India, from that you don’t get mango – how is it possible to grow in that kind of atmosphere. But from that you don’t get apple too. That is the state of these people. They have gone there and become so caught up that old women wear trousers and roam around.  They wear weird make up and roam around. I won’t be surprised if in some time even Indians will roam around as punks. They have completely lost their minds. They have no personality of their own, they just blindly follow whatever someone says.

Now we have to think that once we achieve the essence of the Spirit, the truth in us is enlightened. We know the truth from the brain.

Like Shri Krishna has told that the roots are in the brains. When the roots are awakened, then we know them in our brain. When we have to know the truth, the entire machinery in the brain tells us that this is the truth. The knowledge is felt on our fingers. Like we know and can say with our eyes closed that this is the mike, in the same way we can say with closed eyes, ‘how this person is’ or ‘what is our state’.

The truth – the knowledge which was limited becomes unlimited [without boundaries]. That is why it is called as Prabuddha. This is known as becoming ‘Budha’. Budha has also told, ‘Budham Sharanam Gacchami’ – you surrender to ‘Bhuddha’, meaning you achieve the state of Budha. Budham Sharanam Gachhami, Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami – be in balance, ‘Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami’. In the end He told ‘Sangam Sharanam Gachhami – meaning come in the collectivity. ‘Sangam Sharanam Gachhami’ – meaning ‘be in collectivity’. Everyone said the same thing. The same thing – one way or the other. To make stupid people understand, one must use a lot of methods, not one listens to simple language.

Sometime make them understand from one side, sometime from the other side. There is no difference in them [Gurus]. Isaah Masih [Jesus Christ] has told, “Those who are not against Me are with Me”. But Christians cannot understand this. Because they think that they will rise and go straight in a plane to the sky and there they will get ‘Benedictine’ to drink.

This state of ours, where we are blind and blindly following these things. Dharma is in our stomach. [Shri Mataji placing Her Hand on the upper abdomen] Dharma is here. There are ten valencies of this. When you go away from that, you become adharmi [someone not following dharma], amanav [non human]. But when this Dharma is corrected properly, only then can you rise.

So you know the truth. You know the truth. Your attention spreads and you become attention. That’s why you become ‘Sat Chit’ [true attention]. And your heart is filled with joy.

Happiness/ sadness are the two faces of the same coin. One rupee – one side is the King, other side is written, in the same way one side is sad [crying] other side is singing [in joy]. Happiness / sadness move together. Today if one person raises in happiness, next day he comes down in sadness. Again he’ll go up and come down. A human is always fighting with hope/ despair. But the joy is only one. There is no bifurcation of happiness and sadness. In joy the person will be calm and look at everything like there is a game being played. Like there is some drama going on. He will see everything. And even something that looks frightening – he sees that also. And the reason because he can see it in witness state, he can set it right too. He can take care of it. Also the reason that he is a great soul, all the Ganas, Devdhoot [messengers of God], take care of it in such a manner that people will ask, “Arre Baba, who was this among us who saved us?”

There was a Sahaja Yogini, she was coming from Rahauri, and her bus summersaulted 3 times and then came back on its wheels on the ground. Everyone got scared. There were kids, they got scared. Driver got scared and ran away and the key was in the vehicle. Then everyone saw that no one was hurt, no scratches, they we shocked. They started saying, “Among us there is a saint sitting, otherwise it’s not possible. Such a big accident and none of us were hurt”. They started looking around. They were wearing a ring with My picture. In Maharashtra they know Me. “You are the one, because of you..” and started touching her feet. She said, “Don’t touch my feet”. Then one person knew how to drive, he went and got the vehicle on top. And they straight away reached Mumbai.

Like this many, many miracle people will tell you. There are no words to describe it. But these miracles are not that they remove the rings and give it to you. Or get babhuthi [ash] from top. All this ash has been obtained from the grave yard, where else do they get the ash from? And you got carried away by that, that ‘we got a diamond’.

One man I knew, he came and showed Me, “I was given a diamond”. I said, “Why, is there any dearth of diamond with you”.

“No, no I have a lot of diamond, but I got it as a blessing”.

“Then why did you come to Me, I don’t have any such diamond”.

“No, no, I came to you because the diamonds in my house are vanishing”.

I said alright, “Call your wife”.

His wife came, I asked her, I gave her bandan and asked her, “Tell Me what you do?”

She said, “I don’t do anything. One babaji comes in me and tells me ‘all this diamond and everything is just stone, give it to me”.

I said, “Wah! You are a householder. In the place you live, you belong, the family you belong to, you have to wear a few diamonds. You are the Lakshmi of a big house, you cannot roam around bare hands. And you are such a big doctor, you don’t understand that if it is a stone for you, then for this sanyasi baba [unmarried baba] it should be absolutely useless. Then why is he taking it from you?”

Then it struck her, “Yes there is a point”.

I said, “You have gone and it’s done, now kindly, you don’t have to go there again”.

Even after that her husband got a heart attack, this sickness, that sickness. But people are crazy that they go to take diamond. Till today have any great Saints or Incarnations have given diamond – I have never heard. Don’t know from where this came into being.

Once Sai Nath of Shirdi had lighted a lamp with water. That is true, it is possible. Now I had gone to Italy. The main person there of the television, he said “Mother you first give me Realization, then I’ll take your interview”. I said, “Alright”. He got his Realization that moment.

I told him, “Before you get your Realization, I wish that before you get your Realization, you do something. I will give you some water, you drink that”.

He said, “Alright” and called for water.

I just moved my fingers in it and said, “You drink this”.

He said, “This is not water”.

I asked, “What is it?”

He said, “It is wine”.

I said, “It’s not wine, its grape juice, you drink it”.

He said, “How is it possible? How can water become grape juice?”

I said, “Why can’t it happen?”

This miracle can happen. But giving someone diamond and making a fool of them, is no miracle. The joy that is in your heart – to achieve that, you should awaken your Spirit. Spirit is the KshetrAgnya – one who knows all the Kshetra [places]. From there it is watching. But when the strands of Kundalini reaches there, then the entire plane is awakened. The person’s life itself changes.  All his priorities change. And he starts living a different kind of life – he is transformed.

It is absolutely necessary now for this transformation to take place. I see that in the world nothing catches on. Don’t even understand where the ground is and where are we standing. This land is your Spirit which you have to seek and attain. And stabilize after achieving it.

Many people come in Sahaja Yoga when I come to give a lecture, no idea why thousands of people come to listen to Me.  But after that those who get stuck [stay] is very less. Even after using adhesive they don’t stick on. And they don’t grow. Don’t know what is the reason?

So I asked someone, “What is the reason?” “I had gone to your program, I got Realization and now I have got cancer”.

I said, “Now what is the use? Why didn’t you stick on? Why didn’t you stay?

“No, one Sahaja Yogi saab spoke to me rudely”.

Why should you bother about that? You sit and meditate. And if there is something that someone spoke rudely – no one is running for election there – that ‘brother please come, sit down, I will garland you’. You have gone there for yourself, not for them. You should have the understanding, ‘I have come here to achieve something’.”

But first if you come and say, “There is no chair for me, there is chair for them”. “Did not get a place to sit here”, “Could not find a place to sit there”, “Why are you sitting on the chair?” This is not the way to enter the Kingdom of God.

That is why Nanak Saab told that make them serve first. All the Gurus used to do the same thing.

There is one Guru, he lives on Gagangad. I had gone to meet him. He told everyone, “Mother is here now, no need to come to me”. I had gone to meet him. He said, “If you come across anyone improper, you send them to me”. I said, “Alright, I’ll send”. I didn’t know how these Gurus are. One person troubled Me, I said, “The Guru has called you, you go – Guru Gagangad”. “Ah Ha Ha! Guru Maharaj has called”, he went running.

After one month I see, I am just sitting, and before Me two people are carrying him and getting him and his legs are around his neck hanging. I got tears in My eyes. “What happened to his poor man? What has been done to him?” They got him and placed him on a chair. I asked, “What happened?”

He started saying, “Mother I went there. Guru Maharaj made me like this”.

I said, “Why?”

“I just said one thing, I told only this, against you to Guruji that ‘Mother gives Realization to anyone and everyone, this is wrong’. That’s all I said, I did not talk badly about You. I only said, ‘Mother doesn’t think, She gives Realization to all’. 

So in the night his – he moves around on a tiger.

“His tiger came and he pushed me down. I fell 18 feet below. I fell and broke my legs. He left me there for 3 days. From top he would tie a bit of roti [flat bread] and say, ‘you die there, you die there, you die there only’. I got tired and didn’t know when he would lift me from there. He sent 2-4 people, brought me up, bathed me and said, ‘you go to Mother, but put both your feet hanging around your neck and go. She will only make you alright, I will not make you alright’.”

I sent one more person, he came back in 15 days becoming very skinny. I asked, “What happened?” He said, “Mother that Guru is not my cup of tea”. I asked, “What happened?” He told me that there is a temple of Shivji here, take two buckets of water there and wash it. One has to climb for 3 miles to get to the temple. I used to wash it.  Washing it in 15 days this is my state. My hands are shaking.” He was a doctor. He used to show off. The doctor was in a very bad state.

I asked Guruji, “What all you do? Why do you do?” He said, “Donkey is given donkeys work”. I said, “What is the meaning of this?” He said, “They are all donkeys. If You want to give them Realization, You give, they will not stick on. How can You stick them on? You throw them away. If they don’t go away, You send them to Me”. I said, “Now I will not send any one Maharaj, now it’s over. Now I don’t want to send any child to you”.

They are very difficult people. It’s not easy to get them. They don’t allow anyone to go near them. Neither do they give Realization to anyone. Because they think that everyone other than them are donkeys. But I am Mother. A Mother never thinks of Her children like that. She thinks, ‘let all My children get Realizaiton, everyone should achieve it. Everyone should become ‘Sat Chit Anand’ and live in this world joyfully. Everyone should be comforted. Everyone should get a place in the God’s kingdom. And they should occupy higher and higher positions’. This is the desire of a Mother. Other than that what does She want?

Now it’s up to you. Do you people have this pure desire about yourself or not? Because this desire is less, the pure desire which is the Kundalini in you, which you have attained – till that pure desire is not completely established in you, you won’t be able to achieve anything. And next year when I come here again, it will be the same state. Till the time you don’t go to the centre, your progress cannot take place. Because this is the work of collectivity. This is not the work to be done sitting in the jungles or staying at one place. This is the work of collectivity. I keep telling you again and again. Again I am requesting you, don’t fall behind this time. Go to the centre.

In a few days you will come to know how joyful it is, what it is. There is no restrictions on you.  But you yourself will give up what is not right for you. Supposing there is some dirt here and am not able to see, then I can get angry on you. But if I can see it, I will feel like washing it off.

Supposing you are holding a snake and standing in the darkness. Someone says, “There is a snake in your hand”, “No, no, no, it’s not a snake, it’s a rope”. But when there is light, you yourself will give it up. My work is to bring you to the light and leave you. By itself all the questions will be resolved. In Sahaja Yoga and other ritualistic things, there is a lot of difference because it is Mother’s Sahaja Yoga. I thought – clean each and every chakra, work on each and every chakra, will take a long time. The life is so full of sorrow and problems. Better to awaken the Kundalini. Even if a little bit of light comes in, then in that light a person can see what faults are in him then he will become his own Guru and clean everything.

With this faith I started Sahaja Yoga and it has succeeded. And now thousands of people have come and settled in Sahaja Yoga and have become great Sahaja Yogis. Remembering all of them, and saluting all of you, I bless you that you keep your pure desire awakened. And after a year when I come here, not even a year, after 5-6 months I will come here again, I want to see that each and everyone who is sitting here has established his Kundalini and has reached the state of ‘Nirvikalpa samadhi’. May God give you all knowledge.

Sahaja Yogi: Please, if you want you can go out for about 2-3 minutes. After that Shri Mataji will give Realization to all of you. After 2-3 minutes.

[I thought I will tell you, Shri Mataji….. Mike.]

Before Shri Mataji gives Self Realization. Before the programe ends, because today is the last day, on behalf of Lions International district -322, their captain Shri Sushil Kumarji Kejriwal will give vote of thanks.

Shri Mataji:

Be seated. Like I told you yesterday that we have to have pleasant attention. The meaning of being in pleasant attention is that whatever God has given us till now, for that we are thankful to Him. We are grateful and are thankful. Those who don’t have a pleasant attention, who keep crying [complaining] – they will continue to complain. When we are entering the Kingdom of God, then we should have even more pleasant attention.

I have seen that when people come here to the pandal, everyone wears new clothes, women wear their jewelry, men have pleasant outlook, along with their families, they go to see Devi. Today you are going to meet [see] yourself, going to see your true self. That’s why you should be peaceful because you yourself are the Spirit – extremely beautiful thing. Extremely joy giving, the true representation of truth. That’s why you should do this work being peaceful.

Today we will try to awaken the Kundalini. First let us come in the balance – like I had told you. For balance keep your left hand towards Me. Don’t close your eyes. Look at Me, without thinking and place the left hand towards Me and right hand on the earth, towards the earth.

Remove your shoes, please remove your shoes. Look at Me, left hand towards Me and right hand towards the ground. Don’t have any thoughts. Looking at Me, Don’t have any thoughts. Be in thoughtlessness. You can be. Keep both the feet separately and completely on the ground. The bottom of the feet should be completely touching the ground. Sitting straight keep left hand towards Me and right hand like this [Shri Mataji placing the right hand towards the ground]. Don’t close your eyes, be in thoughtlessness.

Now place the right hand towards Me and left hand towards the sky. Not very high. Just normal, don’t strain yourself, like this – with ease. Look at Me in thoughtlessness.  Towards the sky. Again left hand towards Me and right hand towards the ground, towards the Earth, towards Mother India, towards Mother Earth. And be in thoughtlessness.

Again the right hand towards Me and left hand facing upwards. Now close your eyes and keep left hand towards Me and right hand above the head. Close your eyes and slightly bend your head. Close your eyes, be thoughtless. Now see if you feel any cool breeze, left hand towards Me, slightly bending your head.

[Shri Mataji blows Chaitanya seven times]. Now place your right hand towards Me. And placing the left hand on your head, bending your head, in humility check if there is cool breeze coming out of the center of the head – [fontanel bone area], at this place.

Now lift both your hands towards the sky and ask 3 times, “Mother is this the loving Power of God?” Ask the question 3 times, “Mother is this Brahma Shakti which is in everything?” Ask the question 3 times. Now bring down your hands.

Today while speaking about the Spirit I understood that all your Kundalini are awakened. All those who got cool breeze on your hands and on the top of your head – all those people please raise both your hands. Most of the people have got their Realization very quickly. Those who have come only today, they may not have felt it. Some people may not have felt it. All of your go to Safari Park in the morning. If you go there, those who haven’t got your realization, and tell them, they can make arrangements to give you Realization. All of you achieve it. Think that all of you got your Realization. I call this the greatness of Bengal or greatness of you people or God’s love. It’s very joyful.

Tomorrow I will be leaving, will definitely come back to you people. But remember, whenever you face any problem, just remember Me – that itself is sufficient. You will get My fragrance and you will know that I am with you. Whatever problems, whatever difficulties, just remember Me and call to Me and tell Me, you will get whatever you want.

While leaving today, I have to tell the committee of Lions club, I am having to search for words. It has never happened so far that such an organization has felicitated a Saint. I appreciate their understanding and the way in which they have understood Me and accepted My words and tried to bring it to their organization, this is a very new event in the History. And how can I thank them? They are thanks worthy, appreciation worthy. If similar organization come up in our country, then that day is not far when India is spreading the kingdom of love.