Garden Reception

New Delhi (India)


Garden Reception, 1986-11/03, New Dehli, India

No, in that, so many dimensions have been shown.
I am SHE knows Yantra Vidya, Tantra Vidya, Yagnya Vidya. SHE knows Adhyatma Vidya. SHE has mentioned all the qualities of Devi. There is not even one such quality in these gurus, not even one! Except Economics, they don’t know anything. They are modern gurus.
Sahaja Yogi: How do they establish themselves even for a short period?
Shri Mataji: Don’t know! You people only establish them. If we observe, they are actually pocket mars. You people only establish them. What can I do? Can’t understand anything!
Sahaja Yogi: They are numbered in lakhs.
Shri Mataji: They are in lakhs. Recently some had come. There were some diggers. They didn’t dig anyone in Delhi! I said as they say when jackal’s death awaits him, he goes towards city. I said, he has exactly come out towards the city.

Now let him jump. He has accumulated crores of rupees. Now you sing a song. [Music].
I have written a new song for New Year.
Shri Mataji to a Sahaja Yogi: See he (singer) has become a spontaneous poet. He has become a great spontaneous poet.
Singer: But I am not writing anything.
Another Singer: You make me to write.
Shri Mataji,” Go on writing.”

Van Pyar Jag Mag karta Hai Sansar, Aao Aao Re Saare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re Aaya Deepon Ka Tyohaar (2)
Paaya Maa Se Pawan Pyaar (2)
Jag Mag karta hai Sansar (2)
Aao Aao Re, Saare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re Saare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re Aao Maa Ka Darshan Pao (2)
Singer: Sing together
Aao Maa Ka Darshan Pao (2)
Aa Ke Shradha Suman Chadhaao (2)
Saa Re Shri Charnon Ke Das (2)
Rakho Mata Par Vishwas (2)
Puri Hogi Sab Ki Aaas Aao Aao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re (2)
[Music] ……Clap Wo Dil Dilli Ka Muskaya Dil Dilli Ka Muskaya Jagey BhAgnya Ye Shubh Din Aaya O Jagey BhAgnya Ye Shubh Din Aaya O Dil Dilli Ka Muskaya (2)
O Jagey BhAgnya Ye Shubh Din Aaya (2)
How? Dharan Kar Sahaj Yogion Ka Vesh (2)
Magan Hai Bhakti Mein Mera Desh (2)
Dharam Mein Leen Hai Jo Darmesh Aao Aao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re. Aaya Deepon Ka Tyohaar (2)
Paya Maa Se Pawan Pyar(2) Jag Mag karta Hai Sansar (2)
Aao Aao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re (2)
[Music] And now MATA has come to Delhi and our desire, our request at the Lotus feet of MATA is that the whole of Bharat Bhoomi may be blessed. How? O MATA Ayee To Jaagi Aasha, MATA Ayee To Jaagi Aasha Raa Jender Ki Ye Abhi Lasha (2)
Bane Sab Bharat Wassi Nake (2)
Bane Sab Bharat Wassi Nake (2)
Anekon Ho Kar Bhi Ho Ek (2)
Badal Dein Ham Kismat Ka Lekh Aao Aao Re, Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re Aaya Deepon Ka Tyohar, Paaya Maa Se Pawan Pyaar Aaya Deepon Ka Tyohar, Paaya Maa Se Pawan Pyaar Jag Mag karta Hai Sansar Aao Aao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re (4)
Naya Varsha Aaya , Nayi Bhor Laaya. Nayee Aas Jaagi Hriday Mus Kuraaya Aaya Deepon Ka Tyohar (2),
Paaya Maa Se Pawan Pyaar(2)
Jag Mag karta Hai Sansar, Aao Aao Re Sare Hil Mil Ke Swagat Gao Re (3)
Clapping How great!
Sahaja Yogi: Very Good!
Shri Mataji: Call Mrs. Venu Gopalan also in the front. The elder one has never come. Come!
Sahaja Yogi: Please Come Mrs. Venu Gopalan!
Shri Mataji: She is a very good singer. All these Singers sitting here are one better than the other.
Sahaja Yogi: Will you keep it in the front? (Telling to some other SY) In the front Then only if you consider, that’s right.
Shri Mataji: You also sing a song, let them too sing a song and then you too sing a song.
Sahaja Yogi: (To some SY) Put it this side.
Shri Mataji: The thing is, he is a composer. Composer and a singer with it from his heart just makes the whole thing is- vibrates. That is the main thing. [Music]

Shri Mataji: You sing only on one, only one.
Now it is there. [Music].
Om Twamewa Sakhshat Shri Ganesh Gauri Mata Sakhshat Shri Adi Shakti Mata Shri Mata Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha
Ek Dantam Maha Kayam Lambo Daram Gaja Nanam Vighna Nash Kam, Devam Hairram Bham, Pranava Uham, Shri Ganesh Gauri Maata Matta Shri Mats Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha Lambo Darray Laghu Nitnay (2)
Ambha Sutay Amar Vintaaya Lambo Darray Laghu Nityanay, Amba Sutay Amar Vintaay Lambo Darray Laghu Nitnay, Ambha Sutay Amar Vintaay Shri Gan Dattaya Shri Gan Dattay Sindura Varnay, Karuna Sagaray, Ravi Varday Sri Gan Nathay (6)
Sindura Sindura Sindura Varnaay Karuna Sagray, Garivarday, Lambodaraya Modak Priyay Muskak Wahnay (2)
Mangal Daykay Sidhi Vinayk, Modak Priyay Muskak Wahnay Mangal Daykay, Siddhi Vinayak, Lambodaraya Lambo Darraya Lambo Darraya(2)
Ek DanTaya, Prassana Vadnaya (2)
Advaita Purnaya, Mushak Vahnaya, Lambo Darraya Lambo Darrayaaaaa, Lambo Darraya, Lambo Darraya Laghu Mijray, Ambha Sutay, Amar Vinutaay Lambo Darraya
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (3)
Jai Maha Laxmi Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Maha Saraswati Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Maha Kali Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai Jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2)
Mangal Dayani Nirmal Ma (2)
Vidya Dayani Nirmal Ma (2)

Shakti Dayani Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai Jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2)
Jaghit Karani Nirmal Ma (2)
Jag Do Dharini Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Maha Laxmi Nirmal Ma (2)
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2)
Bhuvan Mohini Nirmal Maa Jag Do Dharini Nirmal Ma Jaghit Karani Nirmal Maa(2)
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2)
Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (4)
Jai Jai Bhawani, Jai jai Shiwani, Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2)
Nirmal Mata Jai Devi (2) (UNCLEAR)
Pratyakhsha Mateshwari (UNCLEAR) Pavan Kari, Kashi Puran Ishwari, Bikhsham Dehi, Bikhsham Dehi Nirmala Mateshwari, He Nirmala Pita, Nirmala Mata Jag Mohini Clapping Shri Mataji: May God Bless You! May God bless You!
(To Another Singer): Yes, Sing a song.
Sada Muskao Jeevan Mein (2)
Yahi Ashish Hai Maa Ka (2)
Sada Muskao Jeevan Mein Yahi Ashish Hai Maa Ka (2)
Bahe Sukh Shanti Ki Dhara (2)
Wahi Mam Tatwa Layee Hai Bahe Sukh Shanti Ki Dhara , Wahi Mam Tatwa Layee Hai Hriday Anand Hai Chaaya (2)
Pujya Mataji Ayee Hain [Music]
Chalao Chalo Ik Chand Mein Bandh Kar Sunayein Geet Swagat Kay (2)
Singer: Clap for one verse (Chand)
Shri Mataji: Clap like this. Clap like this and will get it. See Qawwal clap like this.
Chalo Ik Chand Mein Bas Kar, Bajayein Talliyan Milkar Chalo Ik Chand Mein Bas Kar, Sunayein Geet Swagat Kay (2)
Bahaati Dhaar Nirmal ki Bahaati Neer Nirmal Ka Maat Nirmal Kahayee Hai Bahaati Neer Nirmal Ka Maat Nirmal Kahan Aayee Hai Hriday Anand Hai Chaaya, Pujya Mataji Aayee Hain Clap
Swayam Ko. Swayam Ko Janna Nay Ka Path Sahaj Yey Yog Dikh Laata Swayam Ko Janna Ney Ka Path Sahaj Yey Yog Dikh Laata Sahaj Yey Yog Dikh Laata Sahaj Yogi Bano (2) Maata Yahee Sandesh Laayee Hai Sahaj Yogi Bano, Maata Yahee Sandesh Laayee Hai Hriday Anand Bhar Bolo, Badhaayee Hai Badhaayee Hai (4)
Very Good! Bolo Adi Shakti Nirmala Maata Ki Jai!

Shri Mataji: Great! Singer: Jai Kara is too short. Let it be Punjabi Jai Kara.
Sahaja Yogis: Bolo Adi Shakti Nirmala Mataji Ki Jai!
Laughter Singer: One Jai Kara we will make Bolo Adi Shakti Nirmala Mataji Ki Jai!
Sahaja Yogi: Who will take out such a long breathe?
Singer: Take out your breathe to say Jai for Ma. The breath that Mother has given, keep it on. Ma gives you breathe; Ma will give you breathe. You try it and see how far your breath will go.
Shri Mataji: Good!
Singer: Say, Adi Shakti Nirmala Mata Ji ki Jai! Shri Mataji: it went on for a pretty long time. Everybody laughs.
Shri Mataji: You see one thing is there that Your Sahasrara opens when you clap.
Check it with your hands, because the whole Sahasrara opens. Vibrations improve absolutely. This is the benefit of clapping. See, immediately the Sahasrara opens. Sahasrara is in our hands and feet. But here (Shri Mataji shows on her palms) when you clap, you are hitting your chakras. Actually, when we clap like this (Shri Mataji shows on her palms) chakras are surely hit by chakras Immediately, this Sahasrara opens. Specially for Void, a person who has problem of Void, or have been harmed by some gurus should clap their hands rigorously in Qawwalis and those who used to be Qawwals, used to sing in praise of Gods.
For example, bhajans, but now they have changed the format of Qawwalis. Earlier ladies would not sing at all and even if they would sing, they would sing collectively. But now the format of Qawwalis is absolutely vulgar This is not the real format of Qawwalis. Amir Khusro Sahib introduced Qawwali. Amir Khusro Sahab. He was the disciple of Aulia Nizzamudin. And he in his daily language and daily life introduced poetry in such a way For example, Babul Mera Naihar Chuto Jaye, It has all been written by him. In daily songs, marriages and all other functions he has written about Gods in such a way that it cannot be understood but a person sings in appreciation of Gods.

Very Beautiful! He introduced it. He introduced that by hitting all it will be okay He introduced Qawwalis. And it used to be first at their Dargah (Shrine ). and then at Chishti’s And today a great Qawwal had come there Most probably named Nusrat Hussain Sahab from Pakistan As soon as he saw ME, he said, “Mother How are you here?” In the midst of all he said,”Mother, please sit in the front.” He took ME and made ME to sit in the front seat and started singing. And said, “Today i am singing in my true form as you are sitting in front of me.” You see he doesn’t even know anything about ME But he is his disciple. At Aulia Nizzamudin Sahab’s Dargah also the earning hands reached there too.

In the beginning I said nothing. I told somebody that this Nizzam Sahab was a self realised soul. Some people went there And since that day they started offering money. His relatives started collecting money there. Oh! you are sitting at their door, collect something else as well. He is collecting the same thing. Here Nizzamuddin Sahiba. And Chishtis also, they were all Awllias. And Awlia is the same, who is called ‘Pier’ or what we call Realized souls. It is one

and the same thing.

There is no difference in that. It is one and the same thing. It is only we who quarrel unnecessarily. Let them do. As many heads they break, is good because it is a nuisance. Those who are fools, let them break their heads Later they will all come to their senses.
Sahaja Yogi: Same thing is going on in Punjab.
Shri Mataji: They are all fools. Now just tell, Nanak Sahab, He only was Muhammad Sahib. All of them said one thing only Mohammad Sahab thought that now they have started fighting as He had come as Nanak Sahab Worked so hard, did everything and now see what a show is going on. They will come to senses. It is necessary for them to learn a lesson, I think.
Unless fanaticism doesn’t get exposed openly till then it will not be visible. Hindus must observe it, Muslims must observe it Sikhs must observe, what a foolishness it is. They will understand only when they will observe it. Otherwise, the Rakhshasas will not be visible and will thrive deep inside So, what is called starking in the front It is existing in the forefront How much foolishness is it! Where have we landed in the name of religion? Is it a religion? Is it God? One who is the Giver One who is God Rahim, is Ram, how can He be like that? There is no comparison between Nanak Sahab and these people. Among Hindus also there is too much of cruelty That is why recently I used MY TEEKA ASTRA (weapon to criticize openly) for the Brahmins.

(UNClEAR) felt that I was sitting in the slums of Brahmins. (UNCLEAR) You have created such a mockery of God’s images have ways and means of earning money. But now it has its somewhat effect on the people. It is showing its effect. It will have to be said! Otherwise how will Dharma be established? We have established Vishwa Dharma all the dharmas will merge into that. Because all this is adharma in the name of Dharma. It is bad name of God. Whosoever sees it feels what a foolishness it is!

That is why many people have no faith in God. The same thing happened in Algeria There the people saw that they are fundamentalists They are forcing they are very cruel, they are killing everyone Iraq is killing Iran and vice versa. They thought that communism is better. Five hundred people took to communism. Out of them got influenced by us in London. He said, God exists, Communism is telling lies. We have not to be scared of any fundamentalism. We are standing on our own ideals. Five hundred people got their realization came by airplane and got their realization. It will be like that only Many Sikhs are also there.

Many Sikhs had come to Birmingham They still come here. Everybody will come to senses. They see what is it! Where are they unnecessarily jumping into the sea? When the talk is going on about God one should rise towards sky. All are jumping into the sea fighting amongst themselves Is it a joke? I mean to say the way they are getting agitated like this and especially those who are Sikhs, like Maharashtrians they are in Maharashtra. They got scared that they will kill us too. They are already killing them, they will kill us too. But now they will be alright.

Let them be sensible. They have become too much fanatics. There is a need to be sensible. Everybody needs to be sensible. They will be better now. For some time let them get punished. No body dies. Nobody is going to die. You give up this worry. This should happen to show it to the world so that it becomes clear.

Just now I read in the newspaper a Sikh has been arrested. He says that all these Sikhs do smuggling. Binderwallas smuggle drugs. and i do this work to catch hold of them. You see, they have been arrested. Those who talk about God talk about temples talk about mosques what concern they have with smuggling. It is just a contrast One is darkness the other is light. Both these can never be together. Can’t understand how do people accept it. This is the situation.

But it is so! Not only this, all those who are great Popes. Popes and others like mafia. Mafia and Pope are just one with each other, do you know? and they have got one bank and all these owners of Switzerland banks are great thieves. Have collected the unauthorized money all over the world and you will be surprised the place where our program was organized in Calvinist church just in front of that was the bank and they were arrested there only. There only all the three were arrested. All of them, very fraudulent mafia, pope and Swiss bank all the three in competition. Most fraudulent had collected and created a problem are getting exposed, they are getting exposed. This is the best way now a days that let all be exposed and come to an end with that. In these swiss banks the money is of the fraudulent of all over the world roam all over the world with a red cross. It has the money of people all over the world.

How should such people be recognized? The question is that these people have settled themselves all over. And who are these people? They are from masonic lodge. They are mesons. Those who were secretive earlier, they are those thieves. They thought if you have to steal, better steal something worthwhile. By secretly participating in masonic lodge they became secretive and by mutual help ruined Swiss bank. This is the situation. In such a world if they have to establish Sahaja Yoga then with a great effort, set its foundation deep first settle down their mutual differences and come up.

The greatest thing is to put an end to their mutual differences have to spread Sahaja Yoga all have to do it collectively. It is not possible without that. It cannot be done without joint efforts. We can win only by collective efforts and by nothing else. Only with the collective efforts we can win over such things. They are all alone everywhere. But how can we win is by collectivity. And in Delhi there is a great need of the growth of collectivity. Here everyone is Prime Minister of India. That is a great problem.
But it is good that now a days bhoots are after the Prime Minister. They will be after you too. Shri Mataji laughs: If you think that you are Prime Minister you will have to walk with four Aides.
Singer: We will proceed with Mother Shri Mataji: Yes, it is so! Shri Mataji: yes, now you sing one more song.
Singer: A Sahaja Yogi proceeds forward with Mother’s energy Doesn’t have to be a Prime Minister. That is what I am telling. By being in such a falsehood, it is not possible to move smoothly. By living in simplicity kundalini has no problem. There should be no crookery in any case. But you see what type of crooks are in the world?

They are dependent on God. If anyone follows Sahaja Yoga, then he settles down. I am not the responsible for that. You are responsible for that. If you yourself want to go to filth, what can I do? How long can we stop them? You take your decision, where to go? You take decision on the New Year’s Day that we have to follow Sahaja Yoga only. We have to follow Sahaj yoga. What is the meaning of ”Sahaj mein uttarna hai”?
After acquiring your own power knowing your own glorious tales you have to move forward. What is so great about it? Tell ME what is the other way apart from Sahaj? The rest are all misleading routes. I can’t see any other route. The path which is going to give you everything is SAHAJ MARG Then follow that. Leave everything else. That is why I said there is no need to fast. Fasted on Karwa Choth They were ladies of U.P Are the rest of the ladies bad those who do not keep this fast? For the time being told her not to keep fast.

They vomited so much that next day they stood in front of ME, holding their ears I asked them, “What happened?” They said,” Mother by mistake we observed the fast of KARWACHOTH yesterday and fell sick.” I said, ”You see I didn’t make you fall sick. I had beforehand told you not to keep the fast on KARWACHOTH.” They said earlier they would not have it like this. I said, “Earlier you had caught hold of snake in ignorance. Now don’t hold it when you have knowledge.” If you want to fast, do it there is no problem. But don’t do it in the name of God. You don’t gain any thing by defaming HIM.

HE is giving you everything Even then you want to fast, do so. So, whatever Mother says even though you may feel it strange but try to understand that this is the truth. This has been going on for the past so many years. It has no meaning. If there has been any foolishness going on for the past so many years are you still going to do this foolishness? Has it helped you in any way? Another thing is as I was telling Dr. Sahab Everybody says, It has never been so earlier. If it has not been so, but it will be so someday. It will take place some day. Whenever it will take place it will be said that it didn’t happen earlier.

Should it take place just after its birth? Should it take place just after the world creation? Such type of arguments go on like this. Because of that If a person wants to run away from Sahaj Yoga the door is open for him but he who wants to sit there is a seat reserved for him. All of you settle down. I want all of you to settle down perfectly in Sahaja Yoga. This is the first thing. Everything happens later on. and settle down people. As you said: Maa you came in the form of flame.
What will flame do single handed? Many flames are required. We need many flames from one flame. Only then there will be light. Had it been possible by Me alone Why would I have requested you people to settle down? One who prays to God for the betterment, move ahead smoothly You only are on the stage, not I You are on the stage. The world is watching you. Understand that the world is watching you, not Me. They have taken that out, saying that this is Devi. I cannot be Devi.

The point is that they have made a Devi Rest you handle. Delhiites are otherwise also sitting on the stage on their own. On the throne Bakasurs are sitting on the stage. They are sitting in the gallery. You are sitting on the threshold of God You sit there. People will watch you only. People sitting on the threshold will watch what are people living in Delhi doing? It is a great responsibility. There is a great responsibility on people living in Delhi. What do you have to say?

Lekhak ji (writer) Yes, say! Yes, write down (UNCLEAR) It is the best. Deepa didn’t come today? She is in Dharmshala
Shri Mataji: She is in Dharamshala.
Sahaja Yogi: She is much better. Yes, you come! Open it. Fix it at bottom. [Music].
Shri Mataji to the singer: Your face has changed. Singer: Everything has wholly changed.
Shri Mataji to a Sahaja Yogi: Just see! His face, saintly!
Musician: Yesterday there was a great miracle. People have defamed me. Tomorrow i will tell on the stage. Rashtrapati has given me in written, result and certificate (UNCLEAR) I got President’s award, people talked all nonsense. They are talking like that. They cannot defame MOTHER’S son.
Namastestu Maha Maye Shri Peethe Sur Pujyite Shankh Chakra Gadda Haste, Maha Laxmi Namostute Namaste Garuda Rudhe, Kaya Sur Bhayankari Sarva Pap Hare Devi, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Sarvagnye Sarva Varde, Sarva Dusht Bhayankari Sarva Dukh Hare Devi, Maha Laxmi Namostute Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi, Bhukti Mukhti Pradayani Mantra Murte Sada Devi, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Adhyantar Hite Devi, Adyashakti Maheshwari Yog Dey Yog Sambhute, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Sthul Sukhshma Maha Raudre, Maha Shakti Maho Dare Maha Pap Hare Devi, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Padmasan Sthite Devi, Parabrahma Swarupini Parameshi Jagan Matah, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Shwetambar Dhare Devi, Nana Alankar Bhushite Jagat Sthite Jagan Matah, Maha Laxmi Namostute
Mahalaxam Sakam Stotram, Yeh Pathed Bhakti Mannarah Sarva Siddhi Mavapnoti, Radyam Prapnoti Sarvada Ek Kalam Pathey Nityam, Maha Pap Vinashnam Dwi Kalam Yah Pathey Nityam, Dhan Dhanya Samanvitah Tri Kalam Yah Pathey Nityam, Maha Shatru Vinashnam Maha Laxmi Bhavay Nityam, Prasanna Varda Shubha Namastestu Maha Maye, Shri Peethe Sur Pujyite Shankh Chakra Gadda Haste,
Maha Laxmi Namostute
Maha Laxmi Namostute

Shri Mataji: Beautiful! You people have started singing in Sanskrit. It is great! Don’t become pandits now. It is really great! Actually, voice is vibrating. Because of the vibrations, it is cooling. When you sing you feel vibrates, your voice reverberates. The same is the case with him too. When he had sung earlier it was not so but since he is in (Sahaj) his voice vibrates. It is like a echo It is called PRATISATH in Sanskrit. Beautiful! He is doing so great! Such pronunciation of Sanskrit I have not heard such pure pronunciation among Punjabis.

I am telling you the truth. I too have studied in Punjab. The language of that place is such and even Hindi speaking people pronounce SPASHT as ASPASHAT But I have never heard such pure pronunciation in Sanskrit language. I am telling you the truth. It is great! It is great! It should be so.
Sahaja Yogi: Basically, Mother it is the effort of Rajesh. He has started after coming here only. (UNCLEAR)
Shri Mataji: Look at Rajesh as well! Nowadays he is studying Dnyaneshwari.
Sahaja Yogi: He is the one who started (UNCLEAR) Last time when he came, Rustam and he came that was the day this whole started.
Shri Mataji: Oh! Really!
Sahaja Yogi: About a week ago. Then started Sanskrit. Rustam didn’t know Devanagari lipi (script)
Shri Mataji: Can you imagine? He didn’t know Devanagari. He never studied Devanagari. He studied in English school then stayed in England.
He didn’t know Devanagari. He studied Sanskrit and is writing my Names in Sanskrit. He has already written one thousand names.
Sahaja Yogi: Has Rustam written?
Shri Mataji: Yes, He has written one thousand names.
Sahaja Yogi: He is a Sanskrit scholar.
Shri Mataji: He has become a Sanskrit scholar
Sahaja Yogi: And very inspired.
Shri Mataji: Yes, even Gregoire! Gregoire has become a Sanskrit scholar. Absolutely Sanskrit scholar.
How does the result of Sahaja Yoga come out? Because one who doesn’t know even Devanagari Gregoire never not even Hindi words It is worth noticing, how beautifully he writes! One who didn’t know even A,AA,I,EE (Devanagari Script) How did it happen?
Our Babamama doesn’t know Urdu at all. I still know a little bit of it. not even a little bit of Urdu. But the poetry he has done in Urdu You listen to him. My brother, he is a Chartered accountant. He didn’t know even the name of poetry, what is poetry He was just like a stone hearted in this field. He writes (Poetry) so beautifully, so marvelous.

(UNCLEAR) He has started writing very deep (poetry) He has named himself ‘Dilosh’ means NIRMAL named himself, very good (poetry) he writes. My brother himself wonders, where do you get these words from? He says: “I don’t know”. He says I gave them to him. I said, “Some words I too don’t know”. How does one know? It is so great! He has started writing very nicely. It is so surprising how. How does one bloom?

(UNCLEAR) poetry I never expected from him. He is a Chartered accountant. Except Math and counting he has heard no other sound. I don’t know from where he got this thing. And says, i go on writing. Now he is writing in Marathi. His Marathi language was so weak, that I used to write his essays. He is writing in Marathi. He is writing in Hindi, but out of all, the best he writes in Urdu. [SHERO SHAYIRI ] poet’s expression in poetic manner and there are no rhyming words at all.

It should be said that there is actual poetry in him. Actual poetry! There is nothing useless Nothing useless! Do you see this MILAN KI SHAYIRI (poetry of union) we have got? The earlier poetry was all about gloominess VIRAH KI SHAYIRI [poetry of separation] Now it is poetry of union. You set it in his song There are so many but they were not so popular.
Sahaja Yogi: It is coming right from the heart. He is writing right from the heart.
Shri Mataji: It is remarkable for him (Babamama) to write poetry. I know he is conditioning poetry very well. Because of Marathi he had little difficulty. I used to sit with him to teach him poetry. I would tell him that by telling you, I will lose my poetry. It doesn’t enter even your head. He would ask, “Why do they write? Why don’t they write in a straight forward manner? Writing about moon and this and that in a twisted manner it is better to say it seems”. (UNCLEAR) When he was young when he was in Matric (UNCLEAR) Would say why did they need to write all this? It has caused my headache. If one has to learn this Marathi language it is a great headache. I would tell him, “Don’t learn Marathi.” He would say, “It is compulsory, what to do?” Such was his condition.

In Marathi he would just pass or fail. He is good at Mathematics. But I could not understand from where this new flower has bloomed. It happened like this that somewhere you can say for example that a lotus has bloomed out of a rose (UNCLEAR) It is like that, can’t understand anything But it means, what an unusual, strange and an unprecedented event is going on. but like this something must come out of everybody. some miracles should take place, then it will be recognized. He (singer) is also saying that he will tell some miracle A great miracle he has come across.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, really!
Shri Mataji: What you are saying the reason for that is only that you are Nishkalanka (pure). Nobody can disgrace you! If somebody tries, he cannot disgrace you.

Nobody can disgrace you, even a little bit. Even if you think that this person is disgracing you You will see that this disgrace will be on his face. In Illustrated Weekly Rajneesh sent a woman bribed her, to interview Me. and made a third Muslim lady to write and in that some wrong statements were that SHE is such HER ways are such that SHE mesmerizes. All nonsense. My husband got very angry. Especially, my brother took a dagger. Both of them said, “Now we have to drag them to the court.” I told them, “I am not going to the court. If you want to put up a case, you go, I am not going to the court”. (UNCLEAR) I asked them what will you do?

There in London people told them that they should put up a case for ten lakhs. I said, ” I won’t go to the court.” You do whatever you want to do. It is not going to pay you any dividend. I made them to understand a lot. I told Rajesh to talk to them. Tell them to ask for forgiveness so that this matter will be over. I don’t like this court business. When nobody came to any agreement The Illustrated Weekly came to closure for six months. And they had a loss in terms of Crores.

Then their employees went on a strike. Then they sent a message. They are saying why you had written against our Mataji we will go on strike. I said that they have written long back. Why are you going on a strike now? Already they have been punished But they won’t change. You have to set right first of all, newspaper agencies. Now you tell Me what is the need to write what Rajneesh is saying? Nowadays, it is “Ravan Uvacha” (what did Ravana say?)
Sahaja Yogi: That is a fact.
Shri Mataji: This is the Gita of modern times. What useless he is talking? They get a lot of pleasure by publishing it. Don’t know why? And nowadays, he is in Goa. Nowadays we can see some more people. As bed bugs multiply so can be seen two to four such people in Poona. They will all be taken into account. They will surely reach Poona. Poona! They are coming out at wrong place. All this Their techniques are like it appears to be like a group. They help each other.

We too should have our strong group. Question doesn’t arise that anybody can touch you! We should live like this. We are all one. We should have one aim. We should know this aim. Then you will enjoy your dividends yourself. But when we don’t know that aim, we face problems.

We have come to Delhi. We have to do something or the other here. It is New Year! You do whatever you desire. In the evening we have puja. We will see then. But all these desires should be for the betterment of everyone. Not for yourself, I take care of you. There is no worry about you. It should for everyone. It should be for the group.
It should be for others. Not for yourself. You for yourself have (surrendered to Me). You said that you have surrendered yourself to Me. I am already managing you.
You have to take care of the whole world. Specially, we have to take care of Delhi. Is it OK!