You have to have an open mind to understand God’s love

Mavalankar Auditorium, New Delhi (India)

1986-11-04 You have to have an open mind to understand God’s love, Delhi India DP-RAW, 150' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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Public Program

Today, in these modern times we are face to face with lots of complicated problems lots of shocks that are awaiting us.

And then we look back to understand why have we failed. What has gone wrong with all of us? Whatever way the human beings have moved in whatever direction they have tried to achieve something the whole thing has recoiled on the whole humanity and has destroyed it. One must stop at this point and witness the reason the basic reason, what mistake we have committed. We talk of love, we talk of peace world peace. But the peace is not in your hearts. Peace is not within. You are in a turmoil and how can you bring forth peace all over? If the sea is full of waves which are in a turmoil how do you expect the boat to be steady? The reason is we are not trying to find out what is wrong with us.

But we are all the time trying to find out what is wrong with others. But who is the other? We are all part and parcel of one Great World. God has not created many countries. He never knew about these things. He will be surprised if He visits His world. He will be surprised the way we have divided ourselves into countries countries, countries and from one country to another country you move like a criminal with a passport number. This idea of love is not love. This conception, the mental projection that we call love is not love at all. The love is something which is a power.

A power that is looking after us the power that is guiding us the power that has nourished us, has brought us to this level. We in our ego human beings think that we have done this we have done that. You have done nothing. You can’t even create a blade of grass. You cannot ! Can you? You cannot create anything that is living. Then why say that, “we have done this, we have done that”? you have done nothing but you have created all kinds of devils out of your cocoons and put them on top of your heads. First let us be humble about it then we can understand what is love of God.

Love of God is a power, it is all pervading power. It is the subtle power which resides in all the elements in all the molecules, in all the atoms. The vibrations that you see say in a sulphur dioxide when you see the isometric movement of the atoms then know it is the love of God which is watching it. Now it is easy to say that it is no love of God. But this is not very scientific way of looking at things. If you are scientific minded then, you have to understand this is the hypothesis which I am putting before you. And if it is not proved then you can deny. Uptil now I would have accepted that you said there is no God but that also is not scientific because you have not seen yet. You have not gone into that direction. You have not tried to find it out.

How can you say there is no God? Only because in your small little brain you have conceived an idea that there is no God. So, secondly you have to have an open mind to understand God’s love. A very open mind open mind like a student who goes to the university doesn’t challenge a professor, but sits down to listen to find out what the professor has to teach. Thirdly, we must understand that we know very little very very little, wee bit. We are using a very weebit of our brain to understand it. so, whatever so called knowledge we have got is absolutely a limited knowledge. May be it is just ignorance or may be something mythical. Let us keep it as a hypothesis. Now, I say that there is God and I say that His love is all pervading.

All the great saints, incarnations, prophets all the great religions have said this. I am not saying this for the first time. I am only here to prove that they have said it, is the truth and you can find out whether it is the truth or not. But you should be the seekers of truth and not just intellectuals or some sort of argumentative personalities. Try to understand that at human level you have not been able to discover that great power of love, is a fact, must accept. You have not been able to feel God’s love. Or you might have read a lot, but you have had no experience of God. You have never felt His love Then, one must know that we have been ignorant. The darkness of ignorance has been on us and in darkness we are eating each other You have no idea as to how we are related to each other. It is a crazy world we are creating today because of this darkness.

This darkness has to go away. And for that the light of God’s love has to come. Now the question could be, how can we know God? Because as it is, we are like a cocoon. We have taken out all these traits of the cocoon put them round us and everybody thinks that they have produced some sort of a novel ideology or a philosophy which will solve all the problems of the world. It has not, it has created more complications, more complications and more complications. Let us face it. How to get out of this cocoon is the problem today? And to get out of this cocoon what should we do? Normally as human beings we always think that by doing something only we achieve the results.

But this is the other way round. When we became human beings from ameba stage what did we do? From monkeys to human beings what did we do? We didn’t do anything. Did we? But there was some internal force that has brought forth this revolution. Now when something has happened without our effort then it must be something unique. But it is nothing. Everyday we see it. For example, a flower becomes a fruit.

You see it every day. And you accept it. You never challenge, how it has become suddenly the flower becoming a fruit because it is a living process. So the living process of the living God comes from His love, which is living. Dead Gods I am not talking about which we have made out of our own brains. But real God, the reality itself which is not created by you, He has created us. When He has created us We cannot put in effort to know Him. He has to put in effort for us to know Him. So, He has put in all the efforts within yourself very beautifully. In the different stages of your evolution, He has developed within you a mechanism a beautiful living mechanism which has given you the state upto which you have come up as a human beings and also the possibility of becoming a higher being through that mechanism.

Now if you want to know through science , you cannot. By all human efforts whatever you try is the knowledge of the tree. But if you have to have the knowledge of the roots you have to become a subtler personality to get to it. Even to become that God has made all beautiful arrangements within us. In the west I would say on the scientific field you reached quite daring but he made little mistakes because He didn’t have a Mother to tell him perhaps. So, he made a very big mistake by saying that the unconscious is below the subconscious mind. And then is the conscious mind which we call (SUPHTA CHETAN). Which is Sakhshat Kundalini. This Kundalini according to him was placed under the layers of these minds. God is a great creator and a planner.

Supposing you have to enter into an airport and there are piles of luggage, one after another and everything piled one after the other like that, how will you reach? There has to be a path. So, this argument of his has failed him completely. But actually it is not placed one on top of another but on parallel sides. On the left hand side and the right hand side. On the left hand side, we have the subconscious. The present subconscious is like subconscious many lives’ subconscious and then the collective subconscious. On the right hand side we have got supraconscious, the present one this life’s then of many lives and then last of all is the collective supraconscious. Now the supraconscious means the futuristic the futuristic ideas of people. So, we have two types of people already one are which are left sided which live with their past one which are right sided which live with the future.

We can say in India we are the people live more with the past. We talk of Shivaji but what about today? Can we produce someone like him? We talk of Nanaka. Can we produce anyone like Him? We talk of Kabira. Can we produce anyone like Him? With all this nonsense that is going on can we produce even one like them? We cannot. So no use talking about them.

Better see what you can do today in the present. So in the present is the central path which we call in the Sanskrit language as Maha Laxmi’s. This central path is the evolutionary path of the human beings. And thus all the centers that are created within us are the different stages in which a human being has gone through. For example, the first one which is called as the Mooladhara which you see there is the one, that starts with carbon. With the carbon coming into the evolutionary process amino acids were formed. Iife took its own existence and life stared running. So basically, we have started from that stage, going higher, higher, higher. Till now we have come to the human stage and last is this chakra which we call in the medical science as limbic area, Sahasrara. The end of it is called as the Bramharandra in the fontanelle bone area in the medical terminology and this is a soft bone in childhood which gets covered up because of the two institutions growing into us of ego and superego.

When the kundalini rises through these centers She pierces through this seventh center and you get that higher awareness which we call as Yogis or Sahajyogis. These days there are so many types of yogis moving. That is why we call it Sahajyogis, but all real yogis are Sahajyogis. It is a spontaneous happening because it is a living process. Living process is a spontaneous happening. Once people asked Ramadasa, “How much time does it takee for kundalini to rise?” He said TAT CHHAN, (that moment). Guru Nanaka has said,” Sahaja Samadhi lago”. ” Sahaja Samadhi lago”. He has described, Sahaja Samadhi lago, clearly.

What more he should say? Kabira has said,” Ida pingala sukhman nadi mein”. They all have described the same thing. In the Bible it is written, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. No one can explain what does that mean. Christ has said ,”I will come back as a comforter, as a Holy Ghost”. If you ask somebody, who is Holy Ghost? They say we don’t know, that is a mystery. Everything is a mystery, then what is the use of having such a mysterious ideas. Why do you accept anything that is mysterious?

Holy Ghost is nothing but it is the kundalini within you. She is the reflection of the Primordial Mother who is within you in the triangular bone. She is kept there all the time. That is the power which is, what we call is the power of Shuddah Iccha. Pure desire, pure desire. What is the pure desire we have? Is that we have to become one with this all pervading power. This is the pure desire. All other desires come and go. Today they are asking say for something.

Tomorrow they will ask for something. Day after tommorow they will ask for something. It will go on and go on and go on. But once you get to your pure desire you don’t want to ask for anything. Then you give. Then you don’t ask. You don’t want anything, you want to give. This is the situation which we should arrive at that we have to give. When we say that we have to become the light then you become the light. What does the light do?

Light gives. Till it becomes the light all the problems are there. As soon as it becomes light, it gives. In the same way, there is full arrangement within us. In a living process the kundalini has to rise and give you your self realisation, your self knowledge which is the BODHA, which is the VEDAS. VED means VIDH. To know within yourself means on your central nervous system not reading, not reading. Kabira has said, (” PADHI PADHI PANDIT MOORAKH BHAYYA”). He said by reading too much, the great learned have become stupid. That is a fact.

Because when you read, everybody else is in your head, you are lost. Now when the self knowledge comes into you then what happens? When self knowledge is there, you know about yourself. You don’t know anything about yourself. For example, somebody who is sick he says,”Oh! I was quite alright and suddenly i find i have got bone marrow cancer”. He never new,no nothing. Suddenly they say now i have bone marrow cancer. I am walking about alright. I am perfectly alright.

He did not know. Somebody says,”My son was alright, suddenly he has turned out to be epiliptic”. Another one says,”My daughter was alright. Now she is a lunatic.” How it has happened, we don’t know? Suddenly, something has gone down with the machine. We know more about the motorcar that we drive the machinery much less about this our machinery which is so beautiful and so subtle. To know this you have to become the knower. And the knower is the spirit, where you have to reach. But for that you don’t have to do anything.

Kundilini has to do some job and that job is simple because She is your Mother. She has been your mother all your lives and now she wants to give you your second birth. That you have to have. It is no use certfying yourself twice born or say that I am a person, who has got realisation. It is no use deceiving yourself, no use. When you get your realisation , the first thing that happens to you the first and foremost thing that will happen to you that on your central nervous system you will develop a new dimension of collective consciousness. A new depth on your central nervous system you can feel your own centers and the centers of others on your five fingers and six and seven centers. This has to happen. The one who thinks I know a lot, i am a great pandit i am this and that, I think all of them are on their way to Narak (Hell). Only the way to rise is to ascend through kundailini awakening, there is no other way.

Some people think that we have to be very upright, straight forward in life if you are honest if you are all other things then it is enough. But another may ask,” Why, For What was the purpose of all this?” Why should we have this balanced life? Why should we go through this rigmarole of being very steady, this, that. Any body can ask, young people will ask this question. Why this nonsense of being all these things , for what? This balance is for the ascent. Without the balance it cannot ascend. That is why the balance has to come. That is why you have to be in the middle.

You have to be in moderation because you have to ascend. And for the ascent, all the extreme temperament cannot beat. Supposing you have an aeroplane which has one wheel missing. will it fly? Which has got one wheel very heavy it won’t fly. So, one has to have a balance and this balance is achieved through your being in moderation or being , I would not say (DHARMIC) because Dharmic means nonsense but Dharmic means the Dharma the Dharma within you, the ten valencies that are within you. which are the valencies of human beings to be balanced. We can say the ten commandments or we can say the ten valencies or we can say the DASHA DHARMAS ( the ten dharmas). They are inner things they are not outside, they are inside yourself. When they are in balance, the ascent takes place.

Now the difference between all those historical things that we have seen all those self realisation stories we have heard have been of one or two persons because of the tree of life at that time they were one or two flowers. I find there are thousands today. The blossom time has come. So, many will get realisation no doubt. But the other difference between all those practices where people used to cleanse themselves chakras by chakras they used to raise it. They used to go to real gurus, satgurus. not these horrible gurus but satgurus. Satgurus they used to go. and these gurus would raise their kundalini one by one step by step and give them realisation, cleanse them. It was a very hazardous method.

So as the Mother I thought why not make you your own guru. How do you do it? Somehow or other, I must develop a method by which I can manage amass realisation. Let many people get realisation. Now the kundalini doesn’t rise in its own full force, because the chakras are not clean there are problems on the chakras, there are blockages things like that. But there is a wee bit a small hair like power can rise in some people Some people can have a bigger flow some people can have a completete jet coming out. But everybody should have this experience. And as a result of that, the light in of the spirit flickers a little bit. In that light you can see your own problems. You can see what is wrong with you because you can feel it on your finger tips.

and if you know how to correct them, you become your own guru you correct yourself, I don’t want to tell you. Because if I tell you, you will all run away. These are not the days to tell anybody to do something. That is the worst thing. So only thing is you get your realisation get this little light with you and see for your self what is wrong with you and you manage it. This is the only difference is and I find this works better. Because human beings in the modern times have accumulated so much of ego on their head, so much beyound their heads. So no use touching it. Best is to raise the kundalini, so that they see their ego. And they say, “Mother, Please remove this thing that has gone on my head, please remove this.”

They themselves say. This is what is this modern Sahajyoga is. The Kundalini awakening is very simple. People might have told you that it gives you problems and all that. I just don’t know because thousands of people in the villages, in the cities, all over the world I have done this. Nobody had any problems. On the contrary all their problems are solved. This is a wrong idea we have got in our head. I don’t know from where it has come that you have to suffer to get to spirituality. I just don’t understand like some people in England said to me that we have to suffer.

I said ,”Why?” Christ has suffered for you. Hasn’t He? Are you going to suffer more than Christ? Why did He suffer for you if there was something left for you to suffer? Actually they make everybody else suffer. They don’t suffer much. All such people. Because if you don’t eat anything you starve, you make yourself miserable. Everybody else will be miserable with that person.

Supposing you want to hurt ME, the best thing is to fast. You see Mother I am fasting then I don’t feel like eating Myself. If My children are fasting, why should I eat? But if I say don’t fast, then that is the most sinister thing I have told you. You can fast as much as you like all your life and make everybody fast, doesn’t matter. But not in the name of God You are maligning God. He is Joy! He has made all this world so beautiful for you to come! He wants to welcome you to His own kingdom! And what He finds?

The people are beating himself, themselves or beating others or fasting or torturing themselves. This is the kind of attitude that is not going to please God at all. I don’t know from where these ideas might have come from people who preached about God. Because they must be saying, you starve and give all food to me. You become a sanyasi. Give all your money to me. Must be this is the reason. I cannot find any reason for this kind of nonsense that you should fast , you should suffer. In Sahaj yoga no body is allowed to do that. And if you have to do that, then please don’t come to Sahaj yoga.

You have to know that God wants you to be the happiest person, to be the most joyous person a person without any problems, without any tension without any trouble enjoying the beauty and the grace with all His bliss upon you. But for that first of all you have to make your mind that you first of all forgive yourself. and then forgive others. and just sit with an open mind. I am sure you will get all your realisation and feel this all pervading power of God like vibrations or cool breeze which is called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your finger tips. Some may not feel possibly because of some troubles, some obstructions some mental projections. May be! But that doesn’t mean they will not feel later. And they should not go and criticize “Oh! i didn’t feel, it is all humbug.”

This is nonsense. This is like dog in the manger. You cannot eat and don’t allow others to eat. If you do not feel it then don’t condemn yourself either. We can workout, you can come back to the center and get your realisation. Now the time has come for all of us to be wise and not to be stupid anymore. You have done enough of stupidity. Alright as children they are forgiven. But if you are born like that I don’t know where you will land and where this world is going to land ultimately. So, all of us have to decide, those who are here, that from today because the new year has started, let us try to be wise.

And the wisdom has its own powers beauty has its own powers and love has its all powers. Everything emerges into the ocean of ‘Love of God’. I had told you that I would talk to you in Hindi also. And I talk to you in spoken language used in our daily life only. I do not use any such language which you may not understand. So,those who are against the Hindi language, they are requested that I cannot learn many languages. I have learnt as many languages as I could and it is your daily spoken language I speak in the same language in which you watch cinema. Some people told ME, “Mother , please speak in Panjabi.” Earlier I knew Punjabi language a little, but now for the past so much time it has not been used, so have forgotten a little. But the language must be that of ‘Love’.

Learn the language of ‘Love’. What have you done after learning so many languages? Simply think that after learning so many languages we have given rise to all quarrels. After that , after learning Dharma what rivalry did we give rise to? If Dharma teaches to quarrel, then that cannot be Dharma. Because we are the cells of same one God the cells of this one God. If your one hand starts quarrelling with another hand what shall a mother say,”Son, you are two hands of one single body.” Now when we see that wherever we pay attention quarrel goes on even in the name of religion. tomorrow’s children will say , “God save from such a religion and God save from such Gods also.” Your children only will say that they don’t want such a religion.

What you are asking for today, will be abused tomorrow and lost because its proof must be visible. Its result must be visible. People must know what was the result and what did we achieve. If somebody in the house, sows babool, people ask,”why are you sowing Babool? says, because thorns will grow out of it. Why are you sowing thorns? Sowing thorns so that , these prick people. Very good condition of yours. Why are you thinking like that? I want that these should prick everyone so that they curse me only.

Very good! All such foolishness that we are making one after the other the time has come to put an end to all such foolishness. If you do not put an end to it God will put an end to it as well as to you. Do not blame God for wrong doings. For wrong things ,don’t say God has said so. God has said so. He can never say so. We have popularised such wrong assertions and in every religion their agents are sitting amongst them. In which religion it is not so? It is so in Christians, in Muslims, in Sikhs no less in Hindus, in thousands.

Tell Me, in which religion there are not its agents? Everybody is earning money. Everything is means of earning money. God doesn’t understand a single penny. If you tell ME tomorrow to write a cheque for a bank, I will say, “You write it, I don’t know how to write it.” I have got worldwide wisdom, but I have no knowledge of banks. I cannot understand Bank. The God who does not understand money, you are eaning money in His name. Only means of earning money started. Now there will start the trade of committing murder.

Beyond that there will start the trade of all evil acts. You must have heard that in the olden days there were such temples where all the evil acts were done in the name of God. Cheating started in our country. By doing all this, by doing all these evil acts not having the blessings of God people blame God and your children will say there is nothing like God. Whatever the number of your views are there is communism of the whole world one is imperialism somebody says that there should be independance some say there should be social democracy by creating varieties of isms. Now what did you get finally? This you should think. Today you go to America, nobody’s life is safe. It is not in Delhi only. Everybody was telling Me about bangles, but on the day of Diwali one has to wear it.

Take these out or the people will snatch (bangles). The position of a man in Delhi is , just like a cat and the same is going on at other places too. So all these excellencies you have accomplished on the basis of which people are bewildered all over the world. Wherever you go, there is terror No notion is no where successful. I have been to Russia as well to China. and I have been to America as well. All are of the same metal. Everybody is cutting his neck with his hand and cutting his nose as well. And we are following them. Using their own wisdom, if everybody has to go to hell, then it is very easy.

Let there be vacancy in hell. How can there be so much space available suddenly? Let there be some arrangement first Mother has anxiety even if you have to go to hell. Even if they go to hell, let there be arrangement there where the children will sit. So, such a wave that we have started the reality is far from that. Exactly on the other side it is darkness there. It is mist in which you are getting deep down more and more ascending towards God and looking upward towards Him is reality. Where from these agents will give you PARMATMA(God). These agents are money minting people. You only tell, “How much money do you pay to these flowers to become fruits?”

How much money do you pay to this mother earth SASHYA SHYAAMALAAM ( productive and brown coloured motherland) which helped you so much? You have raised so much hue and cry With what great difficulty this mother earth cradled and brought up us and we are destroying it like this. Have saddened it so much and even after doing that even today that SASYA SHYAMALAM mother earth cradles us even today Cares for us, looks after us. Even taking that into consideration as well We do not understand that on which path are we digging ourselves. All those who are God’s messengers just perceive that these five elements these are God’s messengers these are their angles ready to help us. It is only we who are ready to cut our neck, what shall God do? Within you there is Kundalini as well and within you, your mother kundalini is settled there beautifully. It is settled perfectly in three and half circles. Poor (KUNDALINI) is waiting that let the foolish fellows come to the right path. Then your chakras are also beautifully made.

and how beautiful arrangement God has made. You haven’t got any knowledge as yet, your eyes have not even opened as yet. When your eyes will open, you will come to know then. Then you will understand. Oh! in what darkness we had sunk? somewhere under the darkness of ego Somewhere under the darkness of fright in the darkness of greed for some wrong things covered with all the six evils, where shall we go? All these things are absolutely within you. What discussion you will do in this case? I see many people stand in front of Me with clubs in their hands.

I asked them, “Why?” They said ,”They were saying that by raising Kundalini it happens,” I said,” You better go to them.” Anyone says anything if anyone says anything is getting it published in newspaper, how does it matter? You take a plain paper and print it out. Anyone who prints anything, is that a Shastra? Is that about God? How much effort did Nanak Sahab made? that all those who were realised souls all those have been put together in Granth Sahab attatched them in Granth Sahab, attatched Namdev to it. And the day before yesterday, I thought that in the temple of Namdev somebody had been murdered. Oh!

Ram That Namdev What to talk of Him to you. Only Nanak sahab could understand Him. When Namdev went to meet Gora kumbhar (a saint and potter by trade) he said these words, see what beautiful words he said. See his beauty and our crudeness and foolishness. Now , Gora kumbhar, was a poor potter whom we should call, a schedule caste and this tailor just on seeing him, he says NIRGUNACHE BHETI AALO SUGUNASANGE’ in the guise of Nirguna (without qualities) i reached Saguna (refers to God) in the form of Saguna Nirguna was standing. This love, this respect and this honour only a yogi can do to respect another person is not possible for a man. They can’t do. Because you don’t know how much loving the other person is, how much dignified. Some minister comes to you and you run after him. He left yesterday, you ignored him and ran after another one.

You don’t have any discretion whom to follow and whom to run after If you have your own dignity you can recognise another dignified person. That this Sakhshat (In reality) dignified person is standing in the form of Saguna. But you don’t have the eye to recognise that. For that too one should have eye that has light. Thousands of people wrote many said but today we are just forgotten and wandering. And what to talk of these Hindus! You are paying for that sin and save God from these Christians. If you find a more foolish person than them, let ME know. All the frivolous tales about Christ are there. Now a days they even say that Christ was a human being.

Who has told them so? One gentleman in England has said he is a renowned person, called Bishop of Durham that Christ was an ordinary man. His birth has been just like us some of His disciples were uneducated. Just ask them ,”What do you know about Christ?” Do you have the insight to know Him?” Do you have the ability that you are telling to Christ Because somebody has elected you somebody appointed you as Bishop and somebody as Pope have you become a great man? In this way, you put them on your heads, beat drums and wander. I am telling you that all these drum beatings are of hell. By following these wrong gurus do not take yourself and your children to hell. There is unrighteousness in all these religions.

DHARMA is only of one VISHWA DHARM PARMATMA and that DHARMA is to achieve God. Till now, tell Me who did not say so? Am I telling it today? Were all those liars who said KAHE NANAK BINA AAPA CHINE MITEY NA BRAMHA KI KAI How many people recognised AAPA? Those who had to say said so They said thousands of times and left They were tortured to death when they were living and till now only they are killing. I say,”Be aware!” To everybody I as a Mother today warn you there is no need to go forward than this. Stand up and get in Sahaj Yoga and proudly become saints. Avail this NIRGUNA which is today spread all around us sitting to respect us sitting to honour us. Obtain that.

Are you going to take these useless things on your head? That which you should take that which is available to you so easily when this diamond is so easily available then why not to get that? I cannot understand man’s wisdom My father was tired of making ME understand. He would say,”You won’t understand all this.” In reality I am still learning. How does a human being looks at things from the reverse side? Why he doesn’t look at things from the right side? And when everyone has already said, specially in our own country there are so many great saints. Hey! feel ashamed of yourself!

Today, we have a lot of questions, for example In our culture it has been said, YATRA NARIYA PUJYANTE TATRA RAMANTE DEVATA Where a woman is worth adoring and adored there itself Gods reside. Here the way women are tortured every Indian thinks that he is a male he has the right to get rid of woman. The person who has given birth to you is your mother One who is by your side is your wife one who is your daughter, they are all women. By doing excesses with women she becomes lioness and can dispose off you. But what is the use of this rivalry? This rivalry is of no use. This rivalry is there because you don’t know You are the two wheels of one chariot one in the left , the other in the right. Both are of same height but not alike In Sahaj Yoga last time according to our desire and joyfully we had fifty one marriages. But out of fifty one marriages not even one marriage failed. All the marriages are going on nicely.

It gives a great joy to see them. Clapping Apart from this diseases get cured just by the way. Just now you saw one gentleman who came up to the stage He had blood cancer, he got well absolutely. Your diseases, come atleast with this greed, I am your Mother. that first even if castroil has to be given she gives it by covering it with chocolate. Ok! come to get cured. No, we are healthy. We are very strong. Ok for your peace!

We live in absolute peace. Very peaceful! We are very peaceful! We are in peace, we slap wife twice or thrice and nothing else. Clapping We take out all our anger on wife . We are sitting peacefully. You are very peaceful! What to speak of you! We have got enough. We don’t need anything.

Then I can’t say anything But you will come, by and by you also come. But My son, why not to get it now? Now, I have come! Dr. Sahab said,”Mother please come to Delhi for one day.” He has come. Here is a center. Three four doctors are carrying on research work. They have found out that by joining Sahaj Yoga a human being instantly becomes Which in Punjabi language is called ‘ very good ‘ when he took their readings. Now he is writing a paper, that he noted in that reading that man’s [INAUDIBLE] resistance power increased his stress level decreased which you call ‘ tension’. ‘ Now a days i have got tension ‘ That was over.

When this hole occurs in Bramharandra, then there is no tension. And in this way he found out lot of things And we are carrying on research work over cancer as well Research means, as such everything is research only but he had said that you collect all the reports of this and make its documents. That we are doing. But even after doing this, please do not get here only sick people. kindly, everyone here must not be sick. Some must be such who are healthy. Bring such people also. Because we want such people also who can cure other people. Now, I have only two hands. And with these two hands whatever I can do, I do.

I request you that in this great movement It is for the betterment of the whole world. Must come! We don’t need any money for this. I don’t need any respect. I don’t need anything. Even if you don’t give anything to Mother, She will still love you. This you know very well. So, I don’t want anything from you. I only want that you take what is yours. Whtever is hidden within you that which is subtle, get it.

It is your right. That you should get. May God give you all wisdom and blessings.