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Mumbai (India)

1986-12-01 Public Program Hindi, Bombay India DP-RAW, 162'
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38.44 (IN Marathi)

Yesterday I told you very briefly about humanity and Sahaja Yog, though it took some time because this subject is vast and whatever I could understand about it, I have tried to tell you.

Today I have been told to talk to you in Hindi, though I have never learnt the Hindi language in schools and colleges and if there is any mistake in my speech, then please forgive me from your heart. But Hindi is not only the language of Maharashtra but of the whole country and everyone should know this language. Not only this, but you should become proficient, because a day will come when in this country, whoever is not able to learn Hindi language, he will lag behind.

In the programs of our Sahaja yog, if you look at the history, you will see three types of foundation. Just like when a house is built, three types of foundation is put but, those who work only through their brain, they always carry on about one thing only. Like yesterday, one gentleman asked me a question that there is no description of Kundalini in our Vedas, then tomorrow someone will say ‘OK it is not described in Geet Govind also, some will say Kundalini is not described in Geeta also, then why are you talking about Kundalini now’. It should only be understood that what we call spiritual knowledge, it is like a living tree which grows inside us. Like at the time of Moses, he had said ‘Tree of Fire’. Now he said Tree of Fire and no one tried to investigate about it that what is this Tree of Fire.  After that it was told that ‘I will appear before you like ‘tongues of flame’. If you go and ask the meaning of this to any Christian Pastor, he will say “I do not know”. And everywhere, it is talked about Holy Ghost, they say according to them Holy Ghost is a bird. They do not know about Adishakti. All the Christians may say that “Mother you are talking about Kundalini but it is not written in Bible”. I have told you that whenever ascent takes places, we should get what is called integration. Integrated knowledge, integrated talking should be there because we are going from outside to subtle. From outside we are turning towards subtle and when you are becoming subtle, you see that subtlety is the thread inside, which is holding everything together which is outside. Like I have told you that the essence, which is in a tree, manifests all the branches of a tree. Like this only, when we are going from outside to our inner self, then we start becoming subtle and as we start towards ascent, towards evolution, then inside us we start getting a knowledge which is called integration in English. When we keep the photograph in front of you, you can say “Mother we have not seen such a photograph anywhere”. It is right. If you had seen the photograph earlier, there was no need for me to come at all and there was no need to talk to you at all.

If you look at this photograph, there are three types of energies shown inside Me. Whatever I am telling just now, whether you believe in it or not, it is another thing but at least when you look at it from the point of scripture, from that point of view, then you should keep your wisdom sharp and you should think with an open mind. There should be an open mindedness. If you do not have open mindedness, then all the knowledge you get is wasted even if it is the knowledge of science, or of Geology or of any scripture. Until your mind is open on this, then in this closed mind, you can never fill anything in your brain. That is why you should keep your mind open, and listen and accept whatever I am telling you as a hypothesis and after that, and proof is there, once it is proved, then you should accept it. Just like Vedas were written but they were told a long time back, thousands of years back, and after it was proven, they were written. It is said that it was written three thousand years back Before Christ. Does it mean that vedas were written when Christ was to be incarnated? But whatever is written is Veda. It does not mean that whatever is not written are false. If anything is written, it does not become the Truth and it does not become false if it is not written. But Veda is also the truth and it is a big truth. And it is said in Veda, when you read it, in the first shloka (hymn) that when you read this Veda, if you don’t become knowledgeable, if you don’t acquire the knowledge, if you do not understand it, then this Veda is useless to you. So, you have to become knowledgeable. People think, to become knowledgeable, means your mind should be full of words. You should become entangled with words and give false allegations. It is not so. To know means, you must feel it in your nerves, in your central nervous system, you should know it, which Shri Krishna also said, “You have to know it”. To know means, it does not mean from any angle that you should know it from your wisdom. It is a big misconception among us that if we read four books, then we become very wise. Which book did Gyaneshwarji read? Which University did Christ go? Which formal education did Confucius adapt? All these great people have gathered knowledge from outside, but today also their great service is remembered. Because of them only, today you are here seeking God. So, to negate anything that it is not there, it is not open mindedness. And when a man’s mind is open, he will understand and accept that whatever we have achieved today is not complete because of human awareness. If it was complete, if it had been complete in all respects, then there would not have been any need to seek. We all could have sat down comfortably. But it is not so. We were seeking at that time also through our wisdom but when wisdom got defeated, then we went to Saints and Sages and they said you do Havan etc. and do such deeds so that these Five Elements get awakened. From these five elements only, our chakras are created. If these five elements are not activated at all in us, then our chakras will not work properly and because of subtle status not getting activated, it is possible there may be some faults in them. That is why they made arrangement to do Havan etc. and from then reading of Vedas and listening to them started. This was one of our discovery. This was one way.  The second practice was through Bhakthi, which we call devotion to God. When Shri Ram incarnated on this earth, looking at His personality and miracles , His deepness and heights, people bowed down to Him. Whenever some Incarnation took place on this Earth, even if in the form of Fish, looking at the Fish form, all the other fishes started following under His leadership. First fish which came out was Matasya Incarnation. If this first Fish had not come out, no other fishes could have come out. After that Kurma Avatar came. Like this, after many incarnations, in the world, Saints and Sages came in the form of Shri Dattatreya from where  Shri Adinath came. I told you the names of everyone yesterday, they also started being followed. Followers started because there was such a great pull in their personality and depth. There was such a deep devotion in their vision that human beings thought this man is something special, which Confucius called superior man. People started his Leadership and his recognition. They started his recognition. At that time inside us, on one side, we were trying to activate five elements and on the other side, we started calling to God (avahna), love Him and showed our devotion to Him and surrender to Him. Like this, there were two types of mobilization (hulchul) started in our Country. Not only here, it started in all the countries. If you look at the religious people in all the countries, you will understand that in the history, when people started being devoted and started worshipping Idols and then started making idols anyhow and worshipping them. In the Bible also it is written that whatever is created by Mother Earth and by the Fire is not to be reproduced and not to be worshipped. It is written in the old Testament and in this Old testament, Jews, Muslims and Christians follow these five testament and it is written clearly that whatever this Mother Earth has created, do not make a replica of it and worship. It means whatever is Swayammbhu, that is created by Mother Earth, no one thought about it that what Mother Earth has created, what Mother Earth has brought into this world that we should not make a replica of it and worship. Then people started worshipping those swayambhus first and then while worshipping the swayambhus, started making idols of them and after making the idols, started showering love and started singing the songs of separation. This also started a form of devotion. Like someone said “if there is fragrance in Sandalwood, what can we do, love the name of only God”. This is also a form of devotion. This is also an invention when the man was emotionally seeking God, he found out this method of finding God. There is nothing wrong with it. But he did not write it down that “I am searching like this or I am searching like that”. Until the time came when Saints and Sages started writing, from that time, people started thinking that only Ved is proof. What is the proof of Ved? Ask those who think they are authority on Ved and create havoc in the lives of people, what is the proof of Ved? Give the proof of Ved. Can you give the proof of Ved? Because it is a written thing, does it mean it is proof? Whatever is written does it become a scripture? What is the proof of it? I will give you the proof of it today that we have to become wise. We have to know it. There are only two facts and in one it is said that we have to know it and in another it is said “God please come into my heart”. What is the difference between the two? On one side you say ”You are my guest and I want to know you” and in another you say “You please come into my heart. You are my guest”. What is the difference between the two? It is only the way you want to “express and if people have used them, for that will you say “this has proof and that is  not proved” because you are reading the book and common man is not able to read the books? The reading of scripture which has started inside us is nothing but the energy of our right side which we call as energy of Maha Saraswathi. If it becomes activated too much in a man, he starts running towards this where with the blessings of Maha Saraswathi, five elements were created and to know what are its energies, he starts progressing towards it. But it does not mean that only one energy is within us, that only Prana shakti (energy of life) is in us. Lot of people hang on to this Prana shakti, this is not integrated knowledge. There are another type of people who are only thinking of devotion, like Saints and Sages, every one was immersed in devotion. Did anyone see if there is Vithal in person. Vithal is a swayambhu. There is no doubt about it. But people are using the same Vithal in such a way that Namdev could not go to the temple, Sakkubai could not go inside. Looking at these aspects, people thought that “How He is Vithal”, although too many miracles of Vithal is seen in Maharashtra like Bora Kumhar’s (Potter), Sajan Kasai, story. It means there is no difference between caste, creed etc. and these Sages brought out one thing that elements in everyone is the same. And among the Sages, I call Gyaneshwarji as Superb jewel because he was the first person to equivocally talk about Kundalini though while writing Geeta, he did not talk about Kundalini. You can say that in Geeta also, Kundalini is not described.  Was that the period to tell you about Kundalini? Even now you are not able to understand it, then how could you know about it at that time. But he said ‘You be in Meditation.”  By meditating only, you can acquire this knowledge. He gave a signal (ISHARA) about this but it does not mean that if you sit in meditation, you can get this. I have seen great people reading Geeta, like I told you yesterday and find that their life is very low. They find pleasure in indecent things. They cannot understand anything good. Like some person will find happiness in eating rotten fruit, finding pleasure in eating rotten things. Just like that, if someone thinks he is very wise, scholar and higher etc. if you see his life, it will be rotten and every day, he will become worse and think “I am very happy because I am fooling everyone, I am very intelligent”. You are only fooling yourself and cheating yourself. So, at that time their talk was where it had to be, because according to the environment, which is called timelight, (samayachar), at that particular time what Krishna had to say he said, what Shri Ram had to say, he said it. Just like in a tree you see there is a root, whoever has seen its root or seed, will say there is no relationship between this tree and that seed because that seed was something else and the tree has leaves. What can happen with these leaves?  When this is a living process and, on that foundation, this tree is standing, beautiful flowers are blooming in the tree and in that flower only these fruits are grown. You can know if there is relation between one another, only when you have the integrated knowledge. But you are hung upon the leaf saying you believe only in leaves and I don’t believe in anything else. Then the man will say you go to  mental asylum because with leaves the whole tree is also there which you should see and the evolution which takes place at different levels in the tree while reaching its destination and at different stages of evolution, you should also see where the tree is today. Instead of this, some are sitting with vedant, some with Confucius, some with Tau, some with Christianity, some with Nanak saheb. That is why I am obliged to Guru Nanak because he, he brought all the Saints, Sages, Peers, scholars, everyone together and in that also problems were there because whatever you do, man always finds a way how to destroy things. When he is bent on destroying himself and thinks he is very happy in that, it should not be surprising if he is destroying his religion.

If you look at religious history, then first of all within us whatever is written, it is not necessary that it was complete. Yes, it was a part of it from which man energized the prana sakti through Ved and after energizing the prana sakti, he activated his chakras with the help of five elements. This was the first part of our evolution and the second part was when emotionally human being completely surrendered to God. He was not concerned with any worldly goods and said “God I am surrendered to you”. This type of people, whom I call, among three gunas inside us, was one of them, who were seeking knowledge which is achieved with the blessings of Maha Saraswati and second type of people who were with the blessings of Maha Kali started seeking devotional path. Both these types of things were necessary. But when devotional path became more and more, at that time such type of people came forward who started talking about formless devotion. Because when you talk about different forms, different types of idols are created atrociously which had no meaning. At that time, when we talk about flowers, people started making flowers in plastic and go on adding to it. That is why it is better we should talk about the honey which is the main substance and that is why they talked about Brahma Principle. But the talk about Brahma principle also became a talk only because just by talking about both, you do not get honey. You have to become honey maker. And this third state, where you have to become, which you call ascent, which you may call realization of spirit, which you call self realization, which Jesus Christ called second birth. When Jesus Christ was asked, He said “you are telling me to take second birth. Does it mean I should be born again in my Mother’s womb, should I enter into her womb again, He said “I never said this. Those who are born from their mother’s womb are only flesh but I am talking about the Mother who is Holy Ghost, who is Holy Spirit, who is Kundalini. The real second birth is with Her help. But how many people believe in this? In Church, the Pastor keeps his hand on your head and says “You have become Christian” because he thinks he has passed through Brahma Randra. In our country, as you know, Brahmins are those who wears yagyopaveeta, a sacred thread. And wearing yagyopaveeta is also like a daily ritual. And what we think about our daily routine, we don’t even think about it. Specially in Maharashtra, we have a ritual called “Munja Dhari” What is the meaning of Munja? In those days, it was believed that a child used to become self-realized at the age of eight. But does he really become? Is he really a Brahmin. Has he really understood Brahma? That is why Tukaram used to say “God it would be better if you keep me away from all this”. Because people start having more blind faith if you are born as a brahman. Do you know Brahma? Have you understood Brahma principle? You have not. So, we should become a real Brahman and not run behind these duplicate ones. We think only of false ones. That is why religion is in such a state today. And those who are knowledgeable about religion, there is no fun, no happiness in it. Everything looks foolish. Like these two type of untidy revolution started in our country which I told you was with the blessings of Mahakali and Maha Saraswathi. Now, in Science, the energy of Mahakali is called power of desire and subtle knowledge of power is desire  from, Mahakali and it is related to our past, which even a person like Floyd has called psyche but he was also a narrow minded sick man. What can be understand? The amount of sickness he had and from his point of view, everyone will get all these diseases. And according to that, he told everyone “You have got this disease, you have that disease. His mind was so perverted and he had so many diseases, that people started thinking Floyd as greater than Jesus Christ, because he had lot of weakness in him. It was not known what weaknesses he had and he said “if you want to overcome these weaknesses and you want to have more fun with these weaknesses, you should become more weaker”. Such type of people came into this world and they attacked those people who wanted to achieve greater heights in their vision and were seeking the truth. They looked upon them with so much inferiority as if they were not good for any work and tried to pull them down.

You know when Havan etc. were taking place, all the demons brought bones and put it in the havan and at that time, Shri Ram had to go and save them. This type of things happened on devotees also. Today we know about Gyaneshwarji. How much he was tortured. All the Saints and Sages have suffered so much. Whom they had harmed, whom they had tortured. No one will go and ask those who have really tortured others, who are bad people, who are creating havoc in the world. They will pick up their shoes, clean their shoes but everyone was behind these Saints and Sages. They said it is written in the book that a Saint cannot have children. That is why you people are worthless. Even Adi Shankaracharya, who was the founder of Hindu religion, was also tortured a lot and now if you go to Kerala, I am surprised at the people who are thought of as great scholars, they say this man was false, he was hocus pocus. Are you very truthful? Like this, those who came in the devotional path were also truthful and second who turned towards havan, prana shakti etc. were also right. But those who are behind Vedant only, their end will come because they will not get knowledge. The meaning of Vedant is that you should be knowledgeable and the meaning of devotion is that it should be established within you. Otherwise there would be no meaning for this devotion or vedant. And it happened like this in the whole world that when they saw that they are stuck on flowers only, then they started talking and said “Stop talking about flowers and talk of honey instead”. This was the way with Guru Nanak, Mohammed Saheb and lot of other people did. At that time, people adapted other things but no one took it in their life time till Saints and sages were there in the world, they were tortured and cheated. Even Mohammed Saheb was given poison by people. People exhibited their perverted brain by torturing Budha and Mahavira. Like this even Jesus Christ was put on the Cross by these people, this proves that the donkeys He sat and went were really donkeys themselves. And still they are like donkeys. Because, at that time whichever Saints and sages came, they were chasing them. If you don’t want to achieve anything, at least let others get. Why are you behind these Saints and the reason for this is those who are walking around like saints are thieves and are those who are like scholars less of a thief. I have seen stealing attitude in both types of people and I have seen among both that they only say that their life is very clean and if you look into their lives, you will find a type of rigidity in them. Like those who are very well read, are really the fools. What have they achieved? What have they given to the Society? What have they understood? They have not learnt anything. And because they are not alive today, today those who could teach us scriptures are not alive, that is why they like scholars. When Shri Ram’s incarnation came, people said “We don’t believe in you. Before you, Parashuram came. We believe in him”. Because when Shri Ram came, he was visibly present (sakshat) among them and you had to stand before Him. They had to see the truth in the present time. Truth should be understood in the present only. But we will believe in them who have gone. And after that, when Shri Krishna came, they said we believe in Shri Ram because He was not there and Shri Krishna was a wrong person. He had done all wrong things and these people were very intelligent and great cunning people. So, we don’t believe in Shri Krishna and we believe in Shri Ram only. When Shri Krishna went and Christ came, people said we believe in Moses and we do not believe in Christ. Because Moses was not there. When Moses was there, they did not trust him and when Christ was there, they did not believe in Him. 

Now when I am talking to you, you all are talking about past things. Now when I am telling you in person that that you all are flowers and you should become fruits, you are talking about a time when you were root. Is this an intelligent thing? Is this the sign of wisdom that we should talk about them? Yes. It is true that this is our heritage and we should understand the things in our heritage what is written. In Geeta also, Shri Krishna has said the same thing that you realize yourself. If you read Geeta properly, this is what is written but a person who is not self realized cannot understand Geeta. And he cannot understand Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna was a great incarnation of Truth and He had created so much illusion that it is beyond the intelligence of everyone to understand Geeta. Same is the case with Bible and the same is the case with Quaran. Mohammed Saheb has said very clearly in Quaran that when the time for evolution comes, at that time your hands will speak and today you know in a way your hands are speaking. Very intelligent, Mohammed means very intelligent, whose intelligence is above everything. Now everyone has started fighting. Why did He talk about the time of ascent? Everyone had finished everything and gone and these intelligent muslims were there when He said this. The things what Shankaracharya had said is not at all relevant to present day Shankaracharya.  At the present moment, we should understand that you are sitting in front of Me and I am in front of you and whatever is in the present, you try and achieve it. You should know what is in front of you. Then you are brave people and you are seeking the real truth but to sit with our ancestors is not a very intelligent thing to do. Now another thing is that devotion and knowledge which is achieved on Prana Shakti, even on this, lot of people talk to me in terms of Patanjali yog. Those who have not read Patanjali Yog, for them to understand Patanjali yog is not possible. For them Patanjali yog is to stand upside down or do some exercise and they want to become thin like film actors or actresses. Today this disease has started to become very thin. This is also a type of self-destruction. I see that all these types of fashion are created to destroy oneself and this type of thing which has started that we should pay attention to our body, do some exercises, in this, Patanjali yog has not even a tiny part but this is a small part of Ashthang yog. This is very small thing which is Yama, Niyam. And in Patanjali yog, it is clearly stated that we should know about Ritambhara Pragya. If you do not read at all, then what can I say. If you read about Patanjali yog fully, you will understand that Ritambhara Pragya which they have described is what you know. The only difference is that, at that time, Patanjal used to take one person and slowly he was cleansed and given realization. But today, thousands of people are getting realized. If lot of people are getting realized, where is the harm in it. At first, only one or two flowers bloom in a tree and then thousands of flowers start flowering. Now the third institution was a very secret movement which gave realization to others. Not only in India but all over the world, this was done in a very secret manner. I asked a person who was the Chief of Zen that “you are not realized, then how can you call yourself ZEN. The meaning of Zen is who is wise and knowledgeable. You call yourself knowledgeable but inside, Kundalini is sleeping. How can you call such a person wise? But he was a Zen. Then I said “How can you call yourself wise? He started saying “from sixth century to eight century, we had 26 realized souls but after that no one is realized. So how can I become realized”. I said at least you do not teach Zen. First you take realization and then teach”. He started saying, it is very difficult, very deep. I told him it is very easy. Everyone has said the same thing but they do not know that “you can have the right to talk about it only after self realization”. Otherwise everyone talks about only about religion. I have told you about two ways that is devotion and knowledge and the central channel which unites both the others secretly, which the Shri Budha called PATH and which Shri Mahaveer elaborated that you should have integrated knowledge. This central channel was in vogue in Maharashtra from time immemorial when Machindra Nath and other Naths came here and they secretly imparted the knowledge to  very few people. Before them, Adinath was there and if you see Parshvanath’s head, you can see the Kundlini. But those who believe in Mahaveer will never think that it is Kundalini but will never think what is this snake like thing. They will not think at all. They will only think about Mahaveer who was roaming completely naked. That was only for a moment when half his cloth was torn and it is said that when Mahaveer was on his way home, Shri Krishna tested him and he gave the cloth to him because He was completely naked. It was only for a moment and after that, he went to his palace and wore his cloths. But that particular moment has become special for Jains and they are roaming completely naked day and night and insulting Mahaveer. Like this lot of insulting incidents have taken place in our country for all Saints and Sages. This has not been for one Saint. That is why Poets said Gyaneshwar took samadhi early. The moment his work was over, he said “Mother you come and see these people, I am fed up and took samadhi. What else he could have done. People troubled and tortured him so much. If you read about the life of every single person, you will find that this world is full of devils and demons because the Saints and sages who had come to give you love and peace, who were here to give you self realization and take you higher and higher in spiritual ascent, you are ready to kill them and trouble them. 

Today when you get realization in Sahaja Yog, you will understand what is this thing. Think, the only mistake that happened in those days was that in those days so many people could not get realization because it was not the time. But it does not mean that if you could not get realization, you become a devil. Today the time has come that the blood they have shed in this country, those who have worked hard, whatever they have done, because of that today, so many people are sitting in front of me seeking God. Whatever they suffered, whatever hardship they faced, as a result of that, today you are getting realization. It was the foundation of our religion, whether he was Hazee Malan, or he was Nizamuddin, or he was one of the great Saints of this universe, or if he was our Sainath, every one of them has worked hard and has created this procedure for you. Sitting there, you don’t use your brain to think of new new things. Whatever has happened has happened. At this moment, you must sit quietly and realize God. This is the center path which is the path of religion. Whoever is true seeker, he gets this. What is a religion? Religion is an attentio, that is focusing on something. I told you yesterday that the valency of Carbon is four. Its religion is, it is four. If it is gold, its religion is, it is always shining, it is untarnishable. Like this, a human being has ten religions. But who has made this religion? First these saints and sages created religion so that we get balance within us. But why balance? So that we can ascend. Think if there is no balance in aeroplane, how can it ascend. How can he ascend. That is why these people gave their life for the religion. Everyone said the same thing that you should be balanced. But think that at the time of Mohammed Saheb, there were no cigarettes. So, He said “don’t drink alcohol” because alcohol was in vogue at that time. Because alcohol dulls your senses. But people did not listen to this. Today those who call themselves real Muslims are drunkards. After that Nanak saheb came. He saw people have started one new thing that people are inhaling smoke. To harm oneself, they are inhaling smoke like fools. So, He said please don’t do this. Since He said don’t do this, Sikhs realized that they should leave alcohol and this thing. But the amount of alcohol they consume in England, I am surprised. We are bent on doing the thing which we should not do. It is not their fault. It is our fault. They were tortured and cheated. Afterwards, whatever they said and went, we are doing exactly opposite. Like Hindus were told only one Spirit resides in everyone. Then they created casteism. So much so that even our elections are based on casteism. Only God should save this country. All these caste, creed are not based on your birth but it is based on your deeds, whatever deeds you have done. If you see who was Valmiki? Someone said that it is written in Geeta that your birth is special. I said it cannot be written like this. I don’t read Geeta but it cannot be written. Who has written? Vyas and who was Vyas? Whose son was he? Who was his mother? She was a fisher woman. Can he write like this? Can a son of a fisher woman write like this? No but he said who is born in a higher caste, he only can be superior. Like this wrong notion is blended in us and casteism is so much entangled in our lives that it will destroy us and the effect of this, which is in our country today is, our mind has become spoiled. We don’t understand anything. 

When you get  self-realization in Sahaja Yog, then  you will understand what is a religion and when religion is established, then man becomes religious. On its own, all bad habits, which these people said are wrong, leave him. I don’t tell ‘don’t do this don’t do that. It just happens’. 

Now what is the work of Kundalini in all this? Kundalini is pure desire. Please pay attention to this and listen seriously. Kundalini is pure desire. It is the first desire which is within us when we are young. In our childhood, Desire is the Pillar of Mooladhar chakra, which is pure and innocent. On this pillar only, Kundalini rises. Some strength is required for Kundalini to rise. If someone does not have Ganesha principle in them, how can I raise their Kundalini. But they want realization. First, Kundalini establishes Ganesha principle in them. Because Kundalini is Mother says, “See now you should become awakened. Leave this anger and all the foolish things. Forget all the mistakes. I have seen such type of Kundalini which is tormented so much, there are big holes in Her, full of blood and very sad like someone is keeping Her by force. But even then, She is a Mother and when She sees that now time has come, She somehow puts all her efforts to rise. But this is pure desire. You do not ask for pure desire. You are interested in roaming around. So, roam around. But what do you gain by that? You feel happy for some time when you do this and that. You are only ruining yourself and think you are roaming like a big hero. You are only ruining yourself. Meaning you are ruining your own pure desire. Pure desire is only one, Kundalini, which wants that you should unite with God Almighty. So, when this pure desire wants to rise, first of all, it establishes innocence in you. You become like a small child. It is like a miracle. When you come in Sahaja Yog, you find that the person who thought he was a very great scholar, he also starts thinking “No let us first see” A type of humbleness comes into him, a small child’s innocence is established in him. That is why Jesus Christ had said “When you have to go into the Kingdom of God, you should become like these children”. After that when this pure desire rises and comes to Swadishthan chakra, in Swadishthan, you have lot of desires. The most important desire of Swadishthan is that “In future I will become this, I will do this and I will do that” and the worldly desires integrate in you and you create castles in the air. You will find all these castles blow in thin air. The moment pure desire rises, it says “Are you mad”. At that time, on one side when Swadishthan chakra opens up, man does not know that the union which takes place that the person whose swadishthan was caught up, particularly those who think of themselves as futuristic and are always thinking of future, plan too much, think too much and do lot of things, who think they are very important and are egoist, their swadishthan is very badly caught up. Then those people who are doctors or architect or scientists, they also stick to it and in such type of people pure desire pulls them and swadishthan chakra opens up and pure desire starts flowing upwards. Now they come into religion. When pure desire comes into religion, I have seen such type of people who earn money in the name of religion. They leave everything. In foreign countries, lot of people take to drugs in the name of religion because false gurus who have gone there have taught them to take drugs and these poor innocent people take to drugs. They feel now God is going to come to them. Just like a chariot was sent for Tukaram. God is going to come for these drug addicts. Because of this, they take lot of drugs, drink alcohol and they think this is spirituality. At the time when spiritualism is awakened in them, in its light he sees his pure desire. Is this religion? This is very unreligious and I will go to hell. For some momentary pleasure, I have left this great happiness”. But he does not think. 

His Nabhi chakra knows. He does not know himself but his nabhi chakra feels it. He gets the feeling inside him when Nabhi chakra opens up that this is pure desire and you should come to this. All other desires have spoiled me, maligned me and entangled me. When nabhi chakra opens up, Kundalini starts rising upward. This pure desire, which we have read and written so much and have got all the rigidity of the world because of reading and writing or such people, who eats only one time in the name of God, has God asked you to die of fasting, as it is people are dying of fast in this country, why do you do fast in the name of God. If you want to do, please do, but why do you fast in the name of God. Then another thing is, I only wear one cloth, four times I take bath. Has God told you to take bath four times and wear only one cloth? At that time pure desire comes to you and tells you that “where are you caught up in all this? This caste and small things which has filled our head, everything goes away. The rigidity which has come into us, this petty atmosphere which is around us, becomes pure and this Kundalin, when it moves from Swadishthan chakra to Nabhi and when She awakens the religion inside, then in the light of religion, man himself becomes religious. Now you think yourself. Did Mohammad Saheb or all other Saints and sages or Jesus Christ or Khaleel Gibran or William Blake* or Confucius, or so many great people in the world, was there any need to tell them “You don’t steal, you don’t rob or you don’t run behind women, don’t ruin your life immersed in alcohol.” Was there any need to tell all this? How did they do it? Their attention never went to those things. They never felt any happiness in them because they were great people. When such depth starts, man himself leaves everything and stands on his morality and thinks “Am I being a slave to these things? Then he understands that “all these things are making me a slave. I am getting caught up in this. I am higher than all these things.” Like this, religion starts establishing. Man leaves behind stealing, robbery, lies, everything, and becomes bold. There is a very good example of Jesus Christ. At a time when people were throwing stones at a prostitute and were saying “you are a sinner, this and that”, at the time Jesus Christ went and stood in front of her. What was the relationship he had with a prostitute? Nothing. But he stood in front of her boldly and said “Amongst you who has not committed any sin only can throw stone, that too, at me. How did He get so much courage? All these get energized in your nabhi chakra. And when this gets activated, man always stands on religion and with that, he never does any compromise and then he cannot be rigid. Then He eats the fruits given by Shabari. Her half eaten fruit, which she had touched with her teeth, who was an old tribal woman, He eats the fruits given by her. Leaving the good food in Duryodhan’s place, He goes to Vidhur’s house and eats humble lunch. All these religion is awakened when Kundalini establishes in Nabhi because in pure knowledge only, you can understand the real identity of religion. Don’t worry about these false things. All these will go away. 

After this when Kundalini rises above the nabhi chakra, then the heart chakra, which is the abode of Kundalini, is very important because in the heart resides Shree Jagadambaand Jagadamba is our Mother. She is the Mother of the whole Universe. From Her, we get all types of protection. Until a child becomes twelve years old, till then, energy called anti bodies grows in the child in sternum bone. They are ganas of Shri Jagadamba and then they spread all over the body and when bone starts moving, then message goes from there that from outside some enemy is coming and these anti bodies become alert. Then these anti bodies get ready. They are ganas of Jagdamba. This is because of Shri Jagdamba. When Kundalini is awakened, then you don’t feel scared at all or worries, everything goes away because pure desire starts in our heart and Shri Jagdamba awakens in our heart. When Shri Jagdamba awakens in anyone, he has no problems or worries of the world. There is no fear, and he feels that “when my Mother is so powerful, then why should I be scared of anything or anyone? And because of this scare, the guilt which controls a human being, it goes away. But, it does not mean that he should go and become aggressive with others. He goes and troubles them. Mostly, those who are aggressive are always weak minded people. If you tie a goat in front of a lion, even the goat will start fighting with the lion. Like this, mostly aggression comes to those people who are weak and who do not have faith in them. Those who have faith in them will stand in the middle. 

In Chinese, there is a story that once a king brought two cocks and gave it to a Saint and told him to make the cocks strong because they were supposed to take part in a cock fight and somehow they should win. After some time when the king went to take back the cock, he sees that both the cocks were not moving at all but were standing peacefully. The king said “how can these cocks fight.” When the king took the cocks and put them in the arena, all the other cocks came upon them aggressively but these two cocks were standing erect and quietly looking at the aggression with which other cocks were coming, and thinking “all these fools are coming”. All the other cocks ran away thinking these two are probably great and these two won the fight. Like this, human beings who come into the attention of Shri Jagdamba, he does not want to be aggressive or trouble others in any way. Because his Mother is working so hard for everyone’s welfare and if it is some demon or someone wicked, he will fight him with all aggression. We have such a great example of Shivaji Maharaj in front of us. He was not only an aggressive person and a great fighter but also very soft hearted and kind and was always ready to protect his Mother. His mother’s desire was his own desire and except Mother, he did not talk about anything. Just like Shri Ganesh. He is considered very strong in the world and very brave. Shri Ganesha is very brave because in front of His Mother, He does not consider anyone. For Him, only His Mother was His God, His ideal. She was everything to Him. And He is so much attached to His Mother’s strength and energy that no worldly thing can touch Him.

At the time when this pure desire comes to Vishudhi chakra, She rectifies whatever problems are there in Vishudhi. People smoke cigarettes. She corrects even those who are smoking. Whatever his physical and mental problems are, she corrects them. So many problems occur in Vidhudhi chakra because man thinks that “I have committed this mistake. I am very sinful. I have nothing with me. No one is more cruel than me. I am a bad person”. Like this, whoever feels very guilty, She corrects them also.  This is Kundalini’s work. She establishes Shri Krishna in Vishudhi chakra and at that time, He looks at the whole world like a play. For Him, the whole universe is like an Act. Witness state comes into them and you look at the whole drama of the universe from far. Until you look at this drama from far, you will not feel happy. Otherwise looking at this, if you also become like Shivaji, then what will happen to you and if you start crying looking at this, then what will be your state. At that time, you look at the whole world like a drama, these chakras which are inside us, you look at both happiness and sorrow as a drama. Life is very short. Sometimes it is tragedy and sometimes, it is comedy. You see the tragedy and comedy also. But you are a person to witness it only. This witness state is established from our Vishudhi chakra. Although lot of things happen, but I am telling you in brief. When you come and learn about Kundalini, you will become surprised that there are 16000 shaktis who came into this world as His wives and all the five elements from which we know our chakras are created, all these five elements are like His five wives. This is a very important chakra and whoever crosses this chakra, we say that he is a Saint. He becomes a saint. He knows about future and past. Whether he tells it or no, it is a different thing. Everything cannot be told. Everything cannot be told to everyone but he becomes a saintly person.

After this, the same pure desire becomes completely pure, not only pure but becomes completely pure. When he becomes completely pure, all his other desires vanishes and when the Kundalini comes into Agya chakra, he becomes a Saint. This is the chakra of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was incarnation of Mahavishnu. He was the son of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna was his Father. If you see, you will find Jesus Christ’s fingers are always like this and in these two fingers, One is Vishudhi chakra and another is Nabhi chakra and both He knows as Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna. His name which was Christ, is also derived from Krishna. From Krishna, Christ is derived. Like this, from the name of Yashoda, Shri Radha kept His name as Jesus. Everything is related to one another. Very close relationship is there.  When you understand Sahaja Yog, you will be surprised “Oh God, why are we fighting”. There is such a close relationship between Mohammad Saheb and Nanak Saheb. Nanak Saheb and Shri Sita had a close relationship and this Shri Mahaveer and Shri Budha are closely related. Both were twin brothers, who were the sons of Shri Rama, Luv and Kush. Both were born again and again as Hasan, Hussain and came into this world. All of them were one and Jesus Christ had clearly said “Those who are not against me are with me.” Who was He. Christians are not willing to look at them. Four years they spoke to Him and then killed him. ‘For four years, I was breaking my head with seven hippies trying to give them self realization’. What could He have done in four years. In four years, people crucified Him. Till today, you would have seen, people would listen to all the worthless people only but would not listen to real people. There was a little problem also that people’s mind was not mature enough to understand real things. They were not capable of understanding Him. Like this, people always followed wrong people who had no virtues, who were not real.  But no more. Now you take your self-realization and after that, you can learn everything from me. 

Like this birth of Jesus Christ was that of a Saint because like I told you yesterday, there are two institutions in us, Ego and Super Ego, which is the byproduct of Mind and Life, the path where friction is there, Jesus Christ is sitting in between the two paths. And to let Kundalini pass through between these two paths, He had to be crucified. This was his Drama. This was a drama otherwise who could have put him on Cross. A person like Him would have no problem at all. It was a drama and this drama was enacted so that a path could be created for Kundalini to pass between these two chakras. And He was sitting there thinking “whenever pure desire comes here, that time I will awaken and open the door.” That is why it is said that this is a door of Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ or Mahavishnu is an incarnation of Shri Ganesh and we can give you proof of this in Sahaja yoga in Kundalini. 

After this, you come to Sahastrar. Until a human being’s religious or spiritual status does not reach Sahastrar, integrated knowledge cannot be told to him because whoever were told earlier before this, it went out of their head. Because the seat of all the seven chakras is in our head. Till now whatever we have achieved from all the chakras, everything integrated we get in our Sahastrar. To get the integrated knowledge, it is necessary to come into Sahastrar which is called limbic area. After that, the moment Agya chakra opens up, the two institutions which are like balloons, i.e, Ego and Super ego, which are two balloons, it pulls them and once it sucks away the ego and super ego, our brahmarandra opens up and all our desires are disappears. Our ego evaporates. All our work gets negated and we establish ourselves there in pure form. When Sahastrar open up or brahmarandra opens up, then pure desires reaches Sahastrar and integrates with Sadashiva who resides in our head. The moment it touches Sadashiva’s place, immediately it awakens the Spirit, which is the image of Sadashiva in our heart. Now the pure desire starts and its light gets established. When you go to a big palace with a small lit lamp, you first see only its doors, its compound in the beginning. After that it is necessary that you should see everything there and light a lamp everywhere. Look at all the chakras and enjoy the happiness of all the chakras. But you can learn this slowly and go deeper. No great knowledge is required for this. Simple people have been able to do it much better than you. We had a person named Abbas in our house. He had a servant who was a budhist. He got his realization first. Mohammad got realization first. After that everyone else. The reason was he was a very simple man and did not put his mind on unwanted things. Simple man got realization immediately. The reason for this is we have put so much in our mind and complicated it so much that Kundalini has to look for ways how to come out. This is the main drawback. You know like butterfly cracks the egg and comes out, like that you get your second birth, which is said that you are Dwija means you are born twice. Like this you can call a bird also dwija because it also comes out from egg. Similarly your personality which was like an egg and you were all alone in the world, when you become realized completely,your pure desire is awakened, you have come into the world like a bird. But when you become like a bird, first you have to learn to fly like a bird and then you should teach others to fly.

Like this, after Kundalini awakens, Sahaja yoga is established. The principle of Sahaja yoga is Kundalini. No one had talked about Kundalini so openly. It does not mean that we should not talk about it today also. Gyaneshwarji was the first one who was brave enough to talk about Kundalini and told the people. In sixth chapter, first he described about Kundalini. After that we see that Adi Shankaracharya also talked about Kundalini but so much was not described in front of general public. In a way Markandeya also described about Kundalini fourteen thousand years back. So much so that even Lord Indra was given realization. Like this, secretly, work was done and it was exhibited very well during the time of Nanak saheb when Kabirdasji totally described the Kundalini. Can we say because it was not described in Veda, in Bhakti Puran, what Kabir had said is wrong.

Now the recognition is that when a man is being united, his talks, his speech, everything is in a special state. His talks, speech everything is in union. Like, Meeraji was always crying for God because she never got to realise God. Kabir Das  said, “I will control all the desires, affection arising in my mind and I will merge them into one to achieve greater heights”. This is the language of Kabir, because he was a scholar. Nanak sahib  also. In every respect whatever he said is about union. There was a great man called Vallabhacharya, his Sect, called Vaishnav are still there but it is not known where they are. Vallabhacharya wrote in Ashtachap etc. When Surdasji went to Vallabhacharya and started talking like “God I wish I get you and started crying etc.” Then Vallabhacharya said ‘why are you crying’ because he was in union with GOD and such joyous people do not like to talk about sad things, etc. Till the husband returns home, the wife will be sitting and crying but once he is home, she will not cry. These are talks of meeting and in this union there is a special happiness. This happiness in sahaja yoga cannot be described. It is indescribable. It is spread in total environment.

Now someone had come from Australia. He started saying he will not leave India and go. I told him ‘people in Australia will be remembering you but he said “I am happy here I will stay here only Mother whether I get something to eat or not. I asked him what is so special here. In Australia also Sahaja yogis are there. He said ‘they will also come here. Because Sahaja yogis are there but so much happiness is not there like here. The atmosphere is not like this’. Then one muslim person from Algeria came. His mother told him she wanted to go on a pilgrimage. You don’t need to go on a pilgrimage. If you want, go to England where Mother is sitting. No need to go to Hajj. That time has gone. So she came to England and said “God I have come to England, the best place where so many Sahaja yogis are there. When they look at one another, so much love starts flowing and so much happiness is spread that looking at them I feel so happy that my children stay together with so much love, affection and happiness. There is one knowledge, one method and one understanding. It can be said that these people fight with others and become angry or they boycott them. What can they do if they do not boycott? If there is a man who is caught up with ghosts and comes and sits there forcibly, these sahaja yogis are troubled in collective consciousness because if a man who is caught up with ghosts comes and sits. Like you saw the other day, one lady had come. She was caught up by a ghost. As soon as she came, she fainted. I told them “don’t bring her here. Why are you bringing her here”. He thought Mother will cure her. By that time she fell down. Another thing is when you are caught, if there is lot of catch, Sahaja yogis will feel hatred like you hate a dirty man. If a man is  a drunkard. His mind is outside. There is hatred towards him. How can he be religious? But the same person, however bad he is, but if he is seeking God, then it is alright. But a man who is seeking bad things, there is no point in keeping any relationship with him. No meaning in it. It is important that who is in trouble, sad, man want to do something for him. But who are wicked, devils, whose nature is bad and who knowingly are spoiling themselves and are also spoiling others, there should not be any relationship with such people. Why should we take a path, where we don’t want to go? Therefore, sometimes it is felt that sahaja yogis run away from people because in collective consciousness, they feel about another person and say “please keep him a little away”.

When I came just now, one man came and hit his head on my legs so forcibly that I said “it is too much”. And the person who had hit me, a bhoot was caught in him. He started hitting his head on my legs. I said ‘don’t touch my legs’. Then everyone will start saying Mother does not allow to touch Her feet. If I let them touch my feet, people will say Mother is allowing to touch Her feet and if I don’t allow, they will say Mother is not allowing to touch Her feet. In this country, people have no brain at all and will always think how to criticize others. Here they get lot of fun doing this. Even if he is an uneducated man, does not know anything, he will just come and start criticizing. What authority you have to do this? When you do not know religion, how can you criticize. But I have authority because I am in religion. I awaken the religion in others and it is not only my right but also my duty to tell that such people are wicked, they are devils, they are bad. I have to tell this and for this I am not afraid because it is my duty to save you. For this, I am ready to sacrifice anything and I will do it. For this if I have to go to any forest, whatever difficulties I have to face, till my last breadth I will want that my seekers, those who are seeking God and are wandering here and there, I will save them. For this, even if I am insulted or tortured, it will not matter. But you all don’t get involved in this. It is my job. You get your self realization, you get your divinity, your heaven, get your happiness. In this only a Mother is happy. 

Today is my last day here and I am leaving you and going. Life goes on like this. If I go somewhere, I am happy but when I am leaving, I feel sad.  My request to you is whatever I have told you openly, don’t feel bad about anything. And please find happiness, attain your Spirituality.

What a beautiful question. “Mother if we have to pray to you, there should be a connection with you. Please give us that connection.” How beautifully it is said

In Marathi from 1.59 to 2.02:19

One question is “after awakening of Kundalini, it is very essential to keep her in balance and we should have so much capability. So, what should we do?  I want to tell you, you all please come forward. In Bombay there are lot of centers. You don’t have to go to Himalaya. In Bombay, whichever center is near your house, find out about them and go there and Sahaja yogis who are there will help you in all respects and you will also become a great sahaja yogi tomorrow. A lamp is lit from another lamp and only those lamps which are lit can light another lamp and once the lamp is lit, it can light other lamps. In this, your contribution is required. It is not necessary that fire should be very big to light another fire.

In Marathi..2.03 to 2.05.20

What to do. How You want me to be I will be like that. You all have achieved lot of things. Today you will understand what is the status of Kundalini. Until Kundalini is established in Sahaja Yoga, till then, I cannot say you are Sahaja yogi. Once the kundalini stabilizes, you can raise Kundalini of others. Not only that, your hands will cure lot of diseases. Your diseases will become alright on its own. One after another, you will start having advantages. You will feel close to God and you will be joyous from inside. When you feel happy and contented, you will feel as if something is being showered on you from above. You will find a new experience. All these you will experience and it will increase more and more. All these cannot be told in a book, let alone in a lecture. If you ask every Sahaja yogi, they will talk about their experience after getting realization. First of all, you will feel as if God is near you. He is guiding you. He is looking after your welfare. You will have all type of advantages. You will come in contact with good people. You will feel as if you have come into a golden period. Whatever guilt you have had, all the problems, troubles will disappear. I want you all to come to Centre. Lot of people come to Centers because they feel very happy to come to Centers. You all should get the great energy inside you. That is why you should come to center and you will become totally alright. For this you need not give any money. Whatever sahaja yogis tell you, please understand it. Whatever you are, it does not matter. These people are superior because they have got self realistion and you will also come to that state and when you become like them, you can teach others. That is why at the present moment, you should be inclined that how you can achieve this and understand these completely and you should go to each and every person and understand about them. You may be a great person, very rich and may think how to go and talk to people, how to sit on the floor. Even then you should think to achieve the Spirit, it is a great thing and nothing else is important than this. For this you should go wherever you have to go.

In Marathi.

Remove your glasses and slippers.

In Marathi upto 2.12.17

In our heart, we get all types of desire within us. They will come and go but pure desire will always be there. This mind, brain, ego etc will desire so many things and it is running behind body, running behind mind, running behind brain. But this Kundalini will not move from where it is. When the desire starts moving towards God, then Kundalini awakens. Kundalini is awakened in many people but She has to be established. After awakening also, She has to be established. You called Me. I have come but when you don’t establish me, then I will go from here. Just like that, the experience of Kundalini which you have got today, you have to establish it.

Now remove your shoes and chappals and put your left hand, which is the power of desire, but it is pure desire which is Mahakali power, Mahalakshmi power is in the center and right hand is power of creativity. You will do the work with your right hand. You have to keep your hand on heart chakra, above your stomach, then below your stomach, on the neck and shoulder joint here, which is vishudhi chakra, on the front side of agya chakra and on the back side of your head. Agya chakra has two petals, one on the front and another at the back and then you have to keep your palm on your fontanel area and press it. You have to do all this. I will tell you one by one. I told you just now because you have to close your eyes.

All of you close your eyes. (in Marathi). You have to do the work with your right hand. First put your hand in your heart. After that you have to keep your right hand on the upper part of your stomach, after that on the lower portion of your stomach, then again on your heart and then on the neck joint, then on your forehead across, then on the back side of your head, then on your sahastrar, you have to put your palm and rotate.

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Please bow down to Mother Earth and close your eyes because from this Earth element only, the triangular bone which is the abode of Kundalini, is made. Mooladhar and Mooladhar chakra are two things. Below Mooladhar is mooladhar chakra where Shri Ganesh is sitting and the reflection of Gauri which is Kundalini is sitting in triangular bone, because She is a virgin, though She is married but She is a virgin and She has to meet Shri Shiva, that is why She is sitting there and that is why Shri Ganesh is made to sit there so that He can safeguard Her chastity. 

Now close your eyes. Put your right hand on your heart and ask me a question once again today. “Mother Am I the Spirit? Because Spirit resides in the heart. Mother Am I the Spirit? Now put your right on the upper portion of your stomach and press it on the left side. This chakra is of Guru. We have spoken so much about Guru today. After praying to them, we have to awaken our Guru Principle. That is why you have to ask one question here with pure devotion because this is connected to the first question because if you are the Spirit, you are your own Guru also. That is why ask this question “Mother Am I my own Master, praying to all the Sadgurus? Am I my own Master? Now keep your right hand on the lower portion of your stomach on the left-hand side. Your left hand should be towards me. Press your hand a little. You should know that this is the place of Swadishthan chakra through which God’s work is done. That is why here you get Pure knowledge. Please ask or you should tell ‘Mother please give me pure knowledge’. I want pure knowledge established in every nerve, every cell of my body. I cannot force anything on you. That is why you must say “Mother please give me pure knowledge”. You should tell this six times. Now keep your right hand on the upper portion of your stomach, press it and say with complete confidence that “Mother I am my own Guru”. Tell this ten times. Now keep your right hand on your heart. Here resides your Spirit. Now tell with full confidence “Mother I am pure spirit”. With full confidence. Tell this twelve times. No need to tell any mantras. Mantras are to be told when something religious function is going on. Now keep this hand on the joint of your neck and shoulder and tilt your head a little towards sky. Left hand towards me. Here if you are feeling guilty about anything, forget it. Pure desire will make your guilt disappear completely. Here you have to say “Mother I have not committed any mistake. I am not guilty. Tell this sixteen times. God is, I told you earlier, not only an ocean of kindness, merciful but He is more an ocean of forgiveness. He is so impressive that in front of Him, our mistakes have no value. That is why you say here “I am not guilty of anything.” Lift your head a little and after telling this sixteen times or even with that you can say “I am part and parcel of the whole. I am a part and parcel of Akbar”. I am the part and parcel of Satsriakal. Sixteen times you say “I am not guilty at all. I have not committed any mistakes. I am a part and parcel of that Greatness.” Now put your hand across your forehead horizontally and press it a little like when you have a headache. Wholeheartedly, please forgive everyone and say “Mother I forgive everyone”. If you don’t forgive, why should God forgive you. Second thing is if you don’t forgive, then you are playing in the hands of such people who have troubled you. That is why you should forgive. Take your right hand at the back side of your head and hold it. Here you say “I have not done any mistake. I am not guilty. But if I have committed any mistake, please forgive me. Ask the forgiveness from God but again and again, I am telling you don’t count your mistakes. Only look at the kindness of God. Now spread your fingers and put your palm on your fontanel area and put your attention there and ask seven times “Mother please give me self-realization”. I cannot force anything on you. That is why humbly you must ask for self-realization. Now without opening your eyes, bring your right hand down. Those who are sitting on the ground, put your right hand on the ground and those who are not sitting on the floor, put your right hand towards the sky. Now keep your left hand four or five inches above your head and feel if you are getting any cool or hot breeze. Feel it with your right hand by moving it up and down.

Now put both your hands towards the sky and ask “Is this Rithambhara Pragya” “Is this Brahmashakti. Is this the love of God.  Put your hands down and feel if you are feeling anything. I want to tell you one more thing today. We have to give bandhan to the light of our Kundalini. You all learn how to give bandhan so that Kundalini is established. Now Mr Damle will teach you how to give bandhan. Keep your left hand towards me and with your right hand move it from left to right and bring it back. This is one round. Like this you must give seven rounds of bandhan. This is aarti of Kundalini. You should know to awaken your Kundalini. Keep your left hand towards your Kundalini and move your right hand in a clockwise direction on the palm of your left hand and bring it on top of your head, raise your head towards the sky. and give one knot. Again do this and now give two knots. Like this you have to do three times, giving three knots third time. Now feel the total thoughtlessness. Total silence. You all have got self realization. It is like you have got a great wealth.

My blessings to you all!

Those who have got cool breeze raise your hand. So many of my children have got.

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