Pre-Christmas Talk

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Christmas puja, Shudy Camp, England, 12/12/1986

(Probably the correct date is 1987.11.12 or 1988.11.12)

All of you could come here, this side. Yes, that’s nice about meeting every [?] here all together… Get forward, sit forward, that people can come, there are some people also.
Still there’s some room here.
[Cut in the audio]
… The day of our coming or something like Sahaja Yoga, first we were coming towards Shudy Camps, then we are going back. Then again, we are coming back. We are moving, you see.

Then I just felt, ultimately, we have to find our goal, ultimately, we have to reach that place, that maturity, that life is very different. That is the life of sahaj, when we are one with the Living Force of God’s love. I know it was very depressing, the way one newspaper starts doing [?] something, or something happens like that, doesn’t matter. These are all temporally things, there are stupid people they don’t know what work they are doing. In a way it’s good that we are going to have a comity to go and talk to these people and tell them. They should come and see us all. We are all thousand times better people than they are.
They say that their personality change, of course, it changes, for the better, not better for the West. You can’t get such people in this world, in modern times.
Some sort of unique presentation of personalities they should face and see for themselves what you are. So be confident and don’t be depressed about it.
That’s how Christmas comes, to make us again happy and understand, though Christ was crucified, He lives for ever. In the same way, these little crucifixions make no difference.
Specially today is the day where I felt tremendous love for the people who have tried to build this house, I don’t know when will I live here, that’s another point. [Laughter].

But the way you have built it, I have been telling all the people in India that: “Like, people who are going to Ajanta in Aurangabad in the name of Buddha, they are building Shudy Camp.”
And this story of Shudy Camp has to be written down, from the very beginning, how I saw it, and how you have worked it out, how we have gathered together, to build this house for ourselves.
You can see how much we are in need of a place like this, where we could all meet all the time, live together, have programs together. We definitely needed of a place like this. Even now, it is not developed but once it is done, then we’ll have a huge big place where we can all sit down together, we can meet together and this was lacking in Sahaja Yoga. That we never had collective living.
Now you can come on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, live here happily. It’s your Mother’s house. Actually, I’ve been all the time saying that you don’t keep the house in my name, keep it in your trustee, but the trouble is that most of the money has come from abroad. So I said, it will look very odd that we put this house in the name of the English Trust, because after all, the money has been send by so many people, much more by others. So we have to wait till we form some sort of a proper international Trust and that takes over months.

Now I’m going back and they are all waiting for you to come. They have all plans, what they are going to cook for you, what they are going to make for you. Now they have also ask me to buy some tents for men. So there will be tents carried with you, wherever you go. You see, as we have the little snail that carries the house with itself, in the same way, Sahaja Yogis will be carrying their houses with them. [laughter]
But is has given some real big advantage you see, they’re now not bound by time or anything. Otherwise we had to go before hands to places, and we had to go to those places on those days. And sometimes they are not allowed, then all kind of things are there.
Now we will be in jungles all the time; and we have found out even more beautiful places for you. We have Pune which you’ll enjoy.

Another thing is about the marriages. I’ve not being going through it. When I’ll go to England, then I’ll try to found out. Three days have been rather busy and you would know what I was busy with when you see all this.
So, this is the greatest thing that people have developed, after Christ’s birth, that you have to give something to God, as they have brought something. Now what can you give in Sahaja Yoga to me, as I don’t take it? What can you give me?
Christ has been born in your heart. You have to imbibe His ways and methods. He was so strong. He was so kind and compassionate, but extremely strong person, His personality was very strong and extremely compassionate and kind, loving person, always sharing. In the same way you have to be. In His time, they were very few people who were Realized souls, and they had to face all kinds of criticism. First of all He had an immaculate birth and that was sort of a stigma in those days. And it was described in the Jew’s books that Messiah will be born from a girl, and girl means a virgin. But now, they are fighting that it was a girl. After all, anybody is to be born, is to be born out a girl or a woman. But when they say girl, is means that’s a virgin. They say it’s not a woman, they say it’s a girl. Nowadays, 80 years woman with 300 grand children can be also said girl, so that’s a different point. [Laughs]
But in those days, you see, even in India today, girl, “Kanyaka” means a virgin; a virgin is a “kanyaka”. For all these things, they fought against him and He had to fight so many things. But He never bothered because He knew what He was doing. He knew it, what was His job. He never bothered about anything.
Now I think you people have felt with Rama around you, you know a lot about Sahaja Yoga. But still I would say that you have to now re-read Bible, re-read Koran, Vedas and Shastras, because tomorrow you’ll be facing people who’ll be very well read, and you’ll have to answer them. A guru is a person, who is – not only that he knows what is Self-realization, even if he can give the Self-realization, and the one who is all the time worshipping the vibrations – but the one who also knows what is written about vibrations, what is written about Bhrama in the past.
Because tomorrow you’ll have to face such people, you have to prepare for that, tomorrow. So with [?] precise [?] are going to work out in Sahaja Yoga. All of you must study these books, they are so many books you must study. There are some who have taken to such studies, but very few really, they are very few. That’s why I find that all these people of newspapers and all that, they have come up. Whatever it is, as it is, whatever people we have, we can face them. But I would say all of you should try to know more about it, should try to find out, what is this. You have entered into the new world of vibrations, what are these.

And it doesn’t matter what the others have to say, it doesn’t matter what they think of us, after all, they are blind! You see the blind, if he says that this pillar is an elephant, or the leg of an elephant, you will say all right, all right, doesn’t matter. In the same way, blind people cannot judge you, you can judge the blind. And when you know that they are blind, you should have simply a feeling of pity for them, a sympathy for them that they are blind. But they’re arrogant, they’re very aggressive, and to deal with them, we should know authority about Sahaja Yoga, what is said in other books, with other authors, in all these scriptures. That must be mastered that must be done.

Now Navaratri, so many people are coming to India, India has definitely very good vibrations, no doubt, you feel so much better and relieved, They wanted more people to come in. Next year I think, there will be more people to come in, already we have a big roof, no doubt. But now I’m happy because we have got our tents. Now I don’t know how many of you know how to raise your tents. [Laughter]. To raise your tents, you know because I’ve heard about the story that it’s very difficult to put a tent. You start putting down from one side, and try the other side, this side comes down. [Laughter]

It’s left or right all the time working there. But if you really can do that, then it will be better for Indians because poor things, they are thinking that, you should use these tents, say, three days one place, then and give a gap. And tie the tents for another place and then reach there.
By the time these people have another set of tents, like that, alternately. But if you people have done in that reaching of a tent, it would be good. So, you share time and you share work you’ll enjoy.

As it is, you know as we have been before to India, it has been very enjoyable, and everybody is looking forward, then [Inaudible] anybody personal’s name and they’ve asked me about them, “How are they? I hope this time they are coming “. They are all waiting for you.
In the same way, you have to also try to remember them, write to them, keep contact with them. When you go to India, you should not have your group.
For example, I find those who are intellectuals may think like this. That should not be. You should meet all the village people, talk to them, they are very –eh- grown up people, very matured people, you’ll like their company. So, you see, there’s a rapport which is established, and you feel nice with them and they feel nice with you.

Only thing that we enjoy in Sahaja Yoga is the love between each other, nothing else more than that. Now, that’s what Christ has also said that, “What would give me the greatest pleasure is to see that all of you are enjoying each other”.

Now, of course, they are some negative people who try to create problems between one and another, and they try to create funny problems, which is really sometimes unpardonable. But be sure of a thing, we have to know that everything is possible in Sahaja Yoga. We can surpass all kinds of obstacles, and we can reach our goal the way we could reach Shudy camps today, I thought I would never been able to reach!
We had two drivers in front of us, and one driver with us, and they were chasing each other and I didn’t know where they were going. [Laughter].

So, I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas, for that I’ve come all the way from India. And as it is Christmas time, we have to decide that Sahaja Yoga is a life by itself and we have to lead a Sahaj life.
The one who leads a Sahaj life does not require anything else. Happy by himself and enjoying himself, and he’s not bothered. This obstacle doesn’t matter after all, such a calamity is not there, after all you are saints and saints have suffered much more that what you have suffered, I mean that you have suffered nothing at all. Not to feel hurt, not to feel depressed, it’s all ban? in a way. Now to express My love for people who have done something and have done such a lot for Shudy Camps, I’ve tried to bring something for them. And, whatever it is, in this short time whatever I could do, I’ve tried to get it for you. I hope you will understand that it’s just symbolic of My love for you. I’d hardly any time as today the whole time was spent with this funny act of ours- which was trying to ask me:” on what purpose you want it, why you want to take money and all sorts. I spend the all day! And one day I spend in shopping and all that for this work, and one day for you people.
Now of course I must tell you that in that short time whatever is possible, what the Mother could purchase to express her love, it’s just to express My love. It has nothing to do with a prize, nothing to do with what you have done, you all have done a lot and I will come back again when it is al finished, I’m sure, by that time.

So, I thank you all very much for doing this work and for enjoying the work. Like any church you see, any extraordinary architecture you see, you feel that people who have built it have such a dedication, such a devotion. If you go to Milano there’s a beautiful church, so many peaces of white marble are added together with such a beautiful grace [unsure]. They had never seen Christ, they had never known who Christ was, they never got their Realization, they had no hope of getting Realization, but the beautiful churches they have built with dedication, we can never build that now. So beautifully done!
But today, in those days also, when everything is so gross, you have built Shudy Camps in such a beautiful way, it’s a remarkable thing for you.
May God bless you all

[Bhajan to Shri Ganesha]

We are not here for them. We are here for people who are seekers, who want to achieve Self-realization, who want to enter into the kingdom of God. So, the ideas that are with you all these years have been that we must help the downtrodden people and that’s, that’s our job. That’s not your job. So, all these missionaries’ ideas must be given up. Those who are negative people [inaudible] you are negative must be kept out.

Today, I was telling Gavin these things that you should not show any weakness for such a person. I love them more than you love them and I know what is good for them. You should keep them out. They’ll be all right and you’ll be all right. It is a contagious disease. And by driving the car he took some negative in, and midway the car stopped. And he couldn’t start.
So, we gave bandhan to that person and after, I asked him, “Now, start”.

It is so inauspicious! That’s very important. Such a person may be rich, anything may be there. Whoever is, makes no difference to us. What we have to say, whether the person is auspicious or not.
Now one may say, “How some people become auspicious? Some do not become, you know”. Of course, previous life is important. Some people have done all kinds of nonsense in previous life.

Say, for example, Hitler is born again. How can you save him? How can you save with love? Can you save him? Not at all. So, those who have been doing wrong things in last life can be very inauspicious. Or maybe, even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, for doing wrong things, could become inauspicious. Or may, in this life time, they must have done something very wrong. They might be [inaudible] they might be hypocritical. All such people are inauspicious and one should try to keep out of them.

As soon as you find someone like that, don’t go near them. These are described in the Bible in different pages while Jesus-Christ called them murmuring souls. But now you understand what auspicious is and what inauspicious is.

So, now we are not here for the downtrodden people or anything like that. This is all worldly affairs; this is all worldly stages. Somebody is downtrodden, somebody is high up. So, what we have to see is a person who is spiritually equipped.
Now for example now Ethiopia went into a terrible mess and people felt terrible for them worried so much for that [the famine of 1986]. But who is this false saviour for Ethiopia? We know that. 23:11
He’s [inaudible]. They regarded him as God incarnated! They worshipped him like God and he was a devil. And that’s why they have to face it. If you worship devil as God, how can it be auspicious? Of course, if they are dying, one feels bad about it.
But nobody dies, that’s one thing. Of course, I also felt for them, I worked for them, but you don’t worry about it. In no way think that you should be indifferent to people who are in difficulties, who have troubles or anything.
But the ideal is to go down to Hell to fetch all kinds of sinners, that’s not your job. “Save the sinners”. All missionaries are saying “Save the sinners” are becoming themselves the sinners. That is the situation. Nobody is a sinner for us, nobody. For us, everybody has a right to be a Realized soul, rich, poor, sick, anything. Whatever cast, community, everything, he has a right to get Realization. We do not discriminate on them. But of somebody is taking on to some “bhootish” ideas, we have to give up, we have to give up.

I’ve seen people who just give up such people immediately flower. Many things come in their lives; they are chiselled [unsure].

So, I have to make a very clear statement today, that nobody who has been discarded from Sahaja Yoga, should be brought into it, Sunday, “O, Mother, no, she was so sweet, she’d come.” Nothing of the kind. If it is poison, it is poison. You must face the truth as it is. If it’s a poison, you don’t take the poison. You are Realized souls; you are rare people. Where- how many there are such Sahaja Yogis in this world? Such rare things you are, such precious things you are, and why do you want to take the poison for nothing at all? Of course, you should not open this sort of Sunday, when one misbehaves to ourselves. But understand that they are inauspicious. Keep yourself in bandhan.

Today, why I was late? Because of the same kind of a mistake Djamel has committed. And also, Gavin was responsible and I told them. Now they are very senior people and they understand all these things. Despite that, such a mistake was committed by them. And that brings all kinds of miseries to all of us. So, this pitying anyone or sympathising anyone, there’s no, nothing like that in Sahaja Yoga. There’s only love and in love, you have to understand whom to give love. You go near the snake and say, “O, I want to love you, poor snake. Take it all right, I love you.”
I mean, they said, “Mother, and I went to love and the snake bite me.” That’s not the way to love the snake. To love the snake is to take out the poison. Can you take out the poison? If not, don’t go near it, don’t go near. If you cannot take out the poison out of the snake, then you don’t go near them.
Everybody is vulnerable and everybody can bring negativity in Sahaja Yoga. So, you have to be very, very careful with people who are of negative dots. So, who talk ill about Sahaja Yoga or anything. They’ll now go to Hell, no doubt about it. But you don’t go and discuss with them and argue with them. That’s not our job. For our job is to rise within ourselves and within and without, you have to see that Sahaja Yoga grows properly.

First of all, you must judge others, the person, with vibrations. That’s the best way. And then you should pay attention to such a person. Otherwise because this person was on the street, I mean, sort of a possession on him, “So, Mother, I brought him here.” So, why did you?

Keep away, try to understand your value.
Like a king is kept in complete protocol, protected from that evil doers, in the same way, you have to protect Sahaja Yogis. They are evil doers and they’ll harm you. They’ll bring all kinds of problems to us. So, don’t fall a trap with that. And don’t have those conditionings of the missionaries. That also was not any compassion, I can assure you. It was just a kind of a style of a ego that I’ll well off all these people these persons, and I can look after them, I can give them money and I can make them Christians. What’s the use of making some doubtful [donkeys?] Christians?