Shri Mahadevi Puja: Steady yourself with meditation

Chalmala, Alibag (India)

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Welcome Puja Mahadevi Puja Talk, Chalmala, Alibag, Maharashtra, India, English part, 21 December 1986.

[Shri Mataji explains that She will first talk in English then in Marathi]

[English talk]

I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis.
In these beautiful surroundings, many of you are wondering why God has created these beautiful things. Because you people had to come on this Earth and enjoy the beauty that is one of the reasons. And now God feels very much fulfilled with joy and satisfaction and a kind of a completion of His desire.
“Why God has created this beautiful universe?” has been a question asked for thousands of years.

The reason is very simple to understand: this beauty that is created cannot see itself. In the same way, God, who is the source of beauty, cannot see its own beauty. Like a pearl cannot enter into itself to see its beauty. Like the sky cannot understand its own beauty. The stars cannot see their own beauty. The Sun cannot behold its own brilliance. In the same way, God Almighty cannot behold His own being. He needs a mirror and that is how He has created this beautiful universe as His mirror.

In this mirror He has created now beautiful things like the Sun, then the Sun has to see his own reflection also. So, He has created these beautiful trees to see that when he shines, they come up so well and look so green.
Then He has created those birds who rise early in the morning to greet the Sun, so the Sun knows that: “Yes, I am there, I am existing”; or else He has created these beautiful lakes for these trees to see their reflection and the lakes to feel their existence when the ripples start moving within themselves.
So then He created human beings. The human beings cannot also see their own beauty, their own glory. That is why they are in the darkness, they are ignorant. They cannot see what lies within themselves. So they are running after something which is absolutely against themselves, which is ugliness, which is self-destructive. And the struggle to get to reality is such a lot, that as a result, they destroy themselves. Like as people have taken to these drugs, taken to all bad habits – of in this place, they say a lot of smuggling going on – and all such endeavours that people take up because they do not know what beautiful things they are.

So now a mirror has to be created for them, to see for themselves how beautiful they are. Their mirror is their Spirit. That Spirit is to be brought in their consciousness, in their attention. If it comes in their attention then they can see their image. Now this attention that comes in, as an enlightened attention is called in Sanskrit language as chidabhas is the expression of the attention which is enlightened. But it is also said that it is got a nature, which is very transitory, or, we can say, which is disappearing every moment to moment. When this is happening what is to be done? For that you have to steady yourself with meditation, with hearing the enlightened talks, by seeing the good things of life without thinking about them, by seeing also the goodness of others and then you start seeing goodness in yourself also.
That is why I always say that one should not feel guilty, because you are feeling guilty of something, which is just, just an illusion. You are guilty that you have got a shadow. It is something like that. So if you know that you are beautiful beings and that you have got a shadow is nothing to do with you and your beauty. If you can see you own beauty then you will be amazed that within us lies all those joy giving, all those beautiful things, which we are seeing outside. But just now, the mirror is not all right, that’s why you have to see in the nature the beauty. But, when you are one with your Self, then you see all these nature within yourself, all the joy giving qualities of this nature within yourself.
So I wanted you to come to this place just to learn how God has created this beautiful area for you people to enjoy and to be here.
May God bless you.

[Marathi Translation]

I was telling them that many people ask, “Why God has created this world. Why was this world necessary?” “The reason is that God is the source of beauty, joy, and love and he cannot see himself. He cannot understand how big source he is. Similarly you Sahaja Yogis are also its sources. Hence God has created such big mirror. He wants to see his own beauty in this mirror. He feels satisfied on seeing in this mirror but he wants to see one more thing in this mirror. He wants to see whether this mirror has awakened in the human being, whether this beauty has permeated in the human being that he has created, whether the human being is aware how beautiful he himself is, how many qualities he has acquired, how important he is, how great he is, whether he is worthy of understanding this. Saint Tukaram has said, “Although, I am smaller than the smallest, I am large as the sky.” Person who has realized this about himself, will not waste his life on trivial, frivolous things. It is foolishness to fritter away one’s life on trivial things. As for our country, we know that numerous such dirty practices have come in vogue. Now, the alcoholism. If somebody advises against having the liquor, nobody would agree and half of the people may get peevish and leave. But, when this mirror, which is your Spirit, is awakened you see yourself in that mirror. Moment you realize that you were about to consume very dirty thing that will only harm you, you will give it up of your own. Secondly, with this mirror awakened, an egotist in you can see his own arrogance with which he hurts others’ feelings and harasses others. You will not see these things otherwise, whatever you may read, whatever chanting of God’s name you may do, howsoever you may dance in the God’ name. Only when you clearly see the light of Spirit and start watching your Spirit, you will realize that what I am about to do is oppose to myself. I am such a gentleman, I am so great, God has made me so great! I am not an animal. As the human being I am bestowed with good intelligence, bestowed with the freedom which is supreme freedom and I should achieve it. Then why should I take to the slavery to absurd things, the slavery to addiction? Since I am so independent, and live in the technique of Spirit, “Swa-tantra” the slavery should not be there. Hence Shivaji Maharaj has emphasized on identifying with the Swa-Dharma, meaning identifying with the Dharma of the “Swa”, the Swa means your mirror which is your Spirit and you must achieve it. Now, so many funny notions are prevalent in our villages that sometimes I am amazed. A number of people think that God etc enters into somebody’s body and make the sound of the blowing of air. Many women think that Goddess enters into them. But I want to tell you that having the Goddess in the body is not an easy thing. There is the power of Goddess by which the Kundalini is awakened. If you respect the woman as Goddess in whom ghosts enter, you are antagonistic to God. These are ghosts and the woman physically and psychically suffers being their medium. Not just this but all other members of her family are impoverished. So nobody should gullibly get carried away by them. Similarly in every village, some person or the other is there who carries out these activities. This is prominent in the Konkan area. This year I find, it is not so bad. They tell absurd stories like, a ghost has come from this person and that person in style that mesmerizes the people. Then befool such mesmerized person and extract money. This is a common practice here. Later somebody comes as priest and demands money in the name of God. God does not understand money, nor does he want your money. God wants you to hold the mirror of your Spirit in your hand and see your own form. But it is said that when you have the mirror in your hand you get rather an unclear idea of it and for the clear idea and stabilizing in it the person has to sustain it through the meditation. So, first have the Kundalini awakening and then with the meditation and the understanding of your responsibility and freedom, be seated in your throne. We are not animals but human beings. We have not taken our lives to waste them in such absurd activities. However, till this day we have not respected ourselves. But on knowing his Spirit, immediately the person knows himself and all his bad qualities fall off. When I started preaching Sahaja Yoga in England seven such persons came who had a plethora of addictions. But, when they had their self-realization very same day they were free from their addictions. So, now you should make a resolve not to accept any slavery. Being, addicted is enslavement, although you may enjoy it, but actually it is slavery. So you should resolve that you shall not accept any enslavement. And when you make such resolve your Spirit clearly manifests and its effect is felt. Due to that effect all that is un-necessary clears out. But before that we like only that which we should not, which is bad. We take only that which is wrong. So I tell you as your mother that you should not take it bad so don’t be afraid if you have any addictions, with the awakening of Spirit all shall be free from their addictions. All shall be free from the slavery. All peoples’ poverty shall go away. All kinds of pains, all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, as well as familial problems shall vanish and it has to happen. So, we are in your village, Chalgaon. These people have also seen the purity of this place. They have met you, danced with you and enjoyed with you. Also you have nicely felicitated them and have cooked delicious food for them. So, they have suggested, “Shri Mataji, please bestow upon them their lives’ fulfilment.” Now our practice is to give a gift to the landlady of the place we visit. Accordingly, Mr. Harish Chandra Koli who, you know, has worked very hard, set up his house here, established Sahaja Yoga. His wife has also helped him a lot. So we want to give her at least something as a token of our love and appreciation. I also want to give something to all other people as well. That something is what we call as blessings. In that blessings, you are to be made “the Samartha” meaning; equal to the meaning of your life-also it means strong- by awakening your Kundalini Shakti. Also you are to be made self-supporting. Before I leave this place I want to do something by which you will fully understand your own glory, you will understand your own greatness, and you will have wisdom that comes with such understanding. Thereby, in my next visit, I will see all people very beautiful, with freshness and newness on their faces and having beautiful places made for God in their hearts, the place which is like that of fully bloomed lotus flowers. You all have my blessings.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi