Puja: About ego

Dr Sanghvi's House, Nashik (India)


Puja in Nassik at Dr. Sanghvi House, Nassik (India), 23 December 1986.

So now we have here one of the most ancient places called Nasik. I think you must have heard about what happened when Shri Rama and Sita were staying here, why this place was called as Nasik that I will tell you in short. This is the place where Shri Rama and Sita and Lakshmana were staying and the sister of Ravana, because Ravana’s some of the empires, a part of the empire was very close to this place. She came down to entice Shri Rama. So Shri Rama smiled at her He said that, “It is not possible with Me because I have a very nice wife” in His own sweet ways and He is known for His formals, formal is not the word but for a sweet formalities, and we call it Sankocha. He said, “You better try your hand on My brother”, because He knew His brother is a terrific fellow.

So this is all rakshasi, it’s all qualities of rakshashas that women who are rakshasinis try to entice men. Men who are rakshasas try to entice woman. It’s a quality of rakshashas not human beings. And of course not of the Devas. So this rakshasini wanted to try her luck. With her ego she went down to Lakshmana and she told Him that you are now living without your wife for 14 years and this 14 years are going to be very heavy for you. So I think you better marry me. I am a good lady why don’t you marry me? So she said I have got a beautiful nose. I have got beautiful eyes. I am very beautiful, must be artificial, I am sure or might have been to some sort of a Beauty Parlor or something, God knows what she must have tried but she was trying to impress. And the fellow was getting infuriated. You see, He could not see it, to see that look at this lady coming and trying to challenge My chastity and He got ultimately very angry. He told her, “You get out from here. I have nothing to do with you. You are useless. Don’t try this trick with Me.” But she would not go she was so enchanted by Him and she, her ego was hurt. She said no, not to accept any defeat. She went on.

Then He got very angry and He cut her nose. Of which she was very proud that I have a beautiful nose. He cut her nose. And nose represents ego. See when people have ego, you see their nose go like that. Like we have, you must have seen while coming from Runala they said Duke’s nose because such a big nose they start it cannot be an Englishman’s nose it must be Duke of some place. Otherwise cannot be such a big nose, see. So Indians call it as Duke’s nose. So the big nose, such a big nose she had. He cut her nose showing that he tried to destroy her ego of her beauty. It’s very significant, very significant that this Lakshmana resides in the stomach we can say on the right side. He looks after our right side which is the liver, which gives us the ego part and it is He only who destroys it. So He is the big destroyer of our ego. It’s significant that destroyed the ego of this woman. She could not entice anyone by cutting her nose. Nose is a word call Nasika in Sanskrit language. That’s why this place was named after that cutting of the nose, as Nasik. But as in every religious places we gather all kinds of negativity, lots of negativity gathered also in Nasik and the people who in the name of God thought that they were great place as we have in every religion, you know in Christianity or in Islam, in all religious we have the same problem. The started their shops here so this one of the shopping centers of God.

Those who are interested in shopping of gurus can come nicely to Nasik and empty their pockets nicely. So this one of the troubles of this place. And that’s why Sahaja Yoga takes time to root itself. We have already given up Kolapur, which is another great place we have given up. Pandapur and also in a way Thirujapur because there they have all these negative forces acting and they are all making money though the place is so vibrated, it’s so great because Shri Rama came here. He was not wearing His slippers, and His wife also came bare feet. They all touched this Mother Earth so this place must be very vibrated, no doubt, but all these nagativites are here as we are very susceptible when we are superficial, people catch negativity first and the positivity comes later on. Thus this Nasik place was contaminated by those people who wanted to make money in the name of God.

Now we have come here, one may say that Mother we don’t get many people here or also you can say that Sahaja Yoga is very slowly moving, I agree. It’s moving faster anywhere else. Despite the fact Dr Sangi and his family are such strong people and we have some very strong Sahaja Yogis here. But that’s why we need very strong people over here to work out these negativities and a day will come when they will all run away. Your coming helps a lot because you also channel the Divinity and then you come to this country, this part of the country or to this place which is full of negativity. Your vibrations help a lot. That’s why I always ask you to do some shopping in Nasik and today if possible for an hour if you could do it would be nice but in any case if you want to go to Saptha Shringi also you can go.

Now continuing with the lecture I gave you the other day about the beautiful mirror God created to see Himself. But after creating the whole universe He created the Mother Earth. Then He took the Mother Earth towards the moon so that it cools down and then He moves the Mother Earth towards the Sun and brought it to a point where the life could be sustained. That is how the life started on Earth. In the Puranas it’s described that there were Avatars of Shri Vishnu on this Earth who one by one lead for the evolution. Like that you have seen we have Macha Avatar, Kurma Avatar and all those things about which you know and the new Sahaja Yogis should be told about. Ultimately this is the situation now at the Sahasrara where I had to come. At this stage the main job is to give Realization, to raise your Kundalini, that is My main job. And that’s what has to happen in a very large scale. In this country there isn’t such a problem because very few places are like this where there is negativity, in the villages you have seen how in that fisherman’s place so many people came who were simple hearted, how beautifully they sang to you, they sang to Me and they were so nice. So this country is not such a difficult thing to give Realization and to settle them in Sahaja Yoga because they immediately jump to joy of Sahaja Yoga while in the West as you know we do not jump into the joy but we first start seeing it through our rational being. Rationality then develops into what we call the Chitta. Then we start using our attention for different places seeing vibrations this and that but the joy part comes later on and that’s why it doesn’t settle in many people. To begin with they have to be little bit, ah, told and made to settle down because the nature of the Kundalini is such
(May God bless you, May god bless you, come in time – Shri Mataji is talking to someone)
All right God created this universe to see His image and as I told you that gold cannot see its beauty, nature can not see its beauty, the Sun cannot see its beauty. So they have to express themselves, manifest themselves to see their own image.

Now God has created human beings ultimately as I told you and now He wants to see His beautiful image in you people. So first of all to know that your mirror is your Spirit. That is the mirror you have got which you can see, which does not know its greatness, does not know its beauty, does not know anything, in the sense that it reflects the beauty of God within you. Now you have to create an image or you can say we have to manifest our work in such a manner that we see our image of this mirror of God that we have got within ourselves. So when Sahaja Yogis start manifesting themselves, ascerting themselves, projecting themselves, then they can see their own image and they are surprised how can we (be) so beautiful? How can we be so nice? How can we be so powerful? How can we be the universal power? How we are helped? This is very surprising and that is how
(Please keep your eyes open otherwise your Chakras won’t be all right – Shri Mataji is talking to someone)

So when you get all these experiences of your goodness, of your greatness, of your glory, you start manifesting God.

So now for God your mirror is ready. For Him you are His mirror. And He wants to see Himself through you. So all the beauty that you have, all the powers you have are within you. But most of the religions which are established by great saints who wanted to help in this procedure have been just reversed that you are told that you are the worst, you are the sinners, you are the hopeless people, good for nothing. So that you will go and give more money and more money and that’s another stupidity. You can see so clearly how stupid the whole effort is. By doing that you make people look ugly, sickly, useless. The whole system, the whole civilization works in the other way round. For example, if nowadays I have seen in the West that if you look like a TB patient you are regarded as beauty or some sort of a bhoot you are regarded as beauty. On the contrary, you have to look healthy, blossoming like a flower, fresh, that is the sign of a person who is beautiful, not a person who is all the time sighing and who is about to shift into the hospital or into a grave yard, that sort of an idea God never had in His mind. This the idea which has come to you through the clever management of some of the evil doers. And they have given you these ideas and you are working them out.

So the sense of beauty that you have has to be a little different, much different as it absolutely just opposition. The face of a person who is a Realized soul is very different from faces of others. To them he may not be beautiful because they see the ugliness while we see the real beauty that pleases God. It should please God to see your faces, reflecting His manifestation. Like you see the flowers, you like the flowers which are fresh, you look at them with great admiration. In the same way when God see His reflection among Sahaja Yogis, He will very much fulfilled. And that’s what I felt yesterday when you all sang together with all the East and the West combine together with such beauty. I felt that I was fulfilled within Myself that something has been happening and something has shown the results. The beauty is showing now on the faces of My children. We should please God. We should please Me very much. So this is a very great thing that has happening in Nasik I think. This gratitude of yours and My own gratification, I felt very gratified. I felt very satisfied and fulfilled.

And that is the thing in a place like this where Sita had to suffer so much, where Lakshmana had to do all these ugly things. It was terrible thing that happened in Nasik. And then if you get in that background, like in a drama you see, you show a climax and then the anticlimax like that. Yesterday I felt the drama is complete now. I was really very much satisfied what happened last night, the oneness with which we sang, the oneness we felt and the oneness we had about ourselves. We are universal beings. We do not belong to any country. We do not belong to any cast, community or so called religions. We are all universal people. We have no such bondages, which keep us separate from each other. All this love, all this affection and all this is going to transform this horrible world into the right path, into the righteous path, into the path of benevolence.

So Nasik has done something good to Me. Last time I had tears in My eyes and you have taken the photograph of this Sandra Karuna and today I have got the feeling of great joy within Myself.

May God bless you all!