Puja by the Krishna’s river

Brahmapuri (India)

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Puja at Brahmapuri. Brahmapuri (India), 27 December 1986.

This is a special month in India and it is nice that we are organizing this program during this month called as the Marga Sheersha, means where Marga means the road and Sheersha is the head, which leads you to the Epitome, that’s the month. And in this month they worship Guru because of His birthday of Dattatreya and also they worship Mahalakshmi. That means this is the month of Shushumna, where the people get out of the bondages of smaller hankerings and enter into a new path of seeking of Spirituality that is Shushumna that is Mahalakshmi. Also on this, there are lots of, eh, Pujas they do for four Thursdays, the Puja of Mahalakshmi because Mahalakshmi is worshipped on a Thursday as it is the essence of the Guru principle. The Gurus have to satisfy the Mahalakshmi principle, which is just pure seeking of God, or what do you call the Shuddha Ichcha.

Today is the Saturday as I [enquired?] and the Puja was done in Poona was also (Shri Mataji is asking to someone) on Thursday. Thursday puja was the thing of the Mahalakshmi’s Puja is started. The day this puja of Mahalakshmi, there, you saw all, how the water was giving away its exuberance by putting up miraculous fountains. And they became the clouds I believe because I heard at the time of the puja rain started in Rahuri and it rained and rained and rained. And now this country which is under drought, people even don’t even have water to drink we have rain. So the whole thing works out according to the calendar which is devised by God, not by human beings. So today is another day of Saturday, where we are sitting on the bank of Krishna river. See how it works out? Krishna river represents the power of Shri Krishna. So the Mahalakshmi Tattwa has to go to the Krishna’s state, of the witness state and that’s how we are here today on this special occasion in Brahmapuri, also the word Brahmapuri means where you feel the Brahma, the Chaitanya which you can feel it on this earth.

So when we are touring we are actually also internally, moving. Also there is Anthar Yoga which you are achieving. So you should not mind little, little things here and there but enjoy every bit of it. Yesterday also I was happy you all danced because yesterday was the day of Shakti, was the Friday. On the day of Shakti if you dance you will get that power within yourself. And that’s why you are looking much better now. In My name if you dance you get the power, no doubt about it. And that’s why here you have to achieve your Spiritual power, your Spiritual peace and your Spiritual love. All these things if you can achieve in India you have done full justice to Me and to yourself. It is not just a picnic or an outing, nothing of the kind, and working out internally all of you, now I am sure it will work out.

So have loving attitude towards all other people who are here, who are feeling lots of love for you and they pay lot of attention, they don’t want you to do any hard work they want to look after you but you also try to make friends and try to know them, hardly you know their names, hardly, eh, you write to them. That’s not proper. So at least those who have been here many a times, should try to know the names of the people, take their addresses and they may also write to you and you may also write to them. So that you maintain a proper correspondence. So this relationship, of friendship and love must be started as Shri Krishna has said that unless and until you love each other I do not exist with in you. So it is not only one country, it is not many countries, it’s all the countries of the world have to love each other and to understand each other as yogis. You are all yogis and to be appreciated. They are already singing the praises of you since long and now it is time to prove it.

The other day I described to them the procession that was described by one of the English poets in his vision he saw our procession and when I told them they are very happy that already an English poet like Lewis could see these points and written in such details the whole description. But that book has not arrived in India, Vision. It is a beautiful book and I would request the Australians to, if possible to make some copies of that and handed it over, at least the typed copies, in Southara or in Sangli somehow if you have the book with you and give it to them. They will be very happy, know all about it. That will be a special present to the people of Ganapatipule. If you could give the exact, eh, book then somebody can do it in Southara, [they?] [I?] can do it in one day evening, in India these things can be done very easily in India. We don’t book things as you have to book. We have started but not so much of booking here. So I request you do that much, give the book to these people, so they will bring it printed and everybody can have it.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi