Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: A temperament of a peaceful personality

Sangli (India)


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[English transcription]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Sangli (India), 31 December 1986.

I have been telling them, how they have to face the other people around. You have the same problems a little more sophisticated, and the problems are not so sophisticated because we don’t have organized religions. Thank God for that also, but because you have organized religions you have to face them in an organized way. For example, now here we have a custom that all the people who have to go to Vitthal, to see Vitthala in Pandharpur have to wear a black spot, just the opposite of what it is, but the people who are in charge, the priests, never wear black. You are misguided. But the religions across the oceans have become so organized, and are so solid, absolutely solidified. That’s gone into their brain so much, that if they have to give, give up those ideas which are absolutely gross. they think that that they will have to give up God. They are so much identified. Church is identified with God. Church has become God and God has become Church. Actually in Sanskrit language church, ‘churchit’ means, which is worshipped, worship. But here at least in this country, thank God we don’t have such an organized – I mean an ordinary person can go and challenge Shankaracharya, and can tell him off. But not in that country. You will have to just shoot him down or something like that.  There is no other way out.

You cannot go and talk to them and argue with them. So best thing would be to approach such people who have been, eh, opposing those things but they may be the other kind, another blind who are in some ways,  or some things as who are denouncing God. Because if they denounce the Church they also denounce God. So you should find out such people who are understanding that there is God.  I think there is a great population of that kind. While talking to them you have to know Bible very well. If you have to be a real Guru you must know Bible because you cannot talk to them without it. And also other religions in which there is a complete explanation of Sahaja Yoga. If you know Bible how far it is closer to Sahaja Yoga you can talk. If you know about Christ very well then you can talk to them.

So you can say chapter this and this and this. You should say chapter this and this, this and this. As soon as they say chapter this one and this one, your open argument shows. So you must neutralize their arguments by your own knowledge which is enlightened. The best one you can say is that, that now since Christ departed from this Earth you have been following them and you are aware – what have you gained? – nothing. Now in the Bible it is described that He is going to send a counsellor, a comforter and a redeemer, what about that? Why don’t you seek for that? The arguments should not be bombastic or aggressive but peaceful. In between, you must keep quiet for a while, listen to the person and then tell them, I am sure it will work out. As you know some of you must have asked me questions also and I must have answered them very well. But peacefully, joyfully because they can not disturb you. You have to disturb them and their fossilized ideas, which are to be defroze and for that you have to have a temperament, a temperament of a peaceful personality. I have told in general to you but quite intensely to these people. I told here to make a proper tape out of that and I should translate it and put it in the book that I am writing for the Sahaja Yogis. I am supposed to be writing.

So now we are looking forward to going to Ganapatipule after this puja. I would request you to go with devotion and with complete surrendering that you have to achieve something. Forget the past, forget the past. You have to forget the past. It is very important that you forget the past and then go there. Whatever has happened, has happened in your life, is nothing important, nothing can curb you down. You are like a new budding flower and you have every right to be a fruit and no energy which is negative or so called over positive can subdue or destroy you. Go with that idea, that I am the Spirit and I have nothing to fear. May God bless you all!

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