Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: A temperament of a peaceful personality

Sangli (India)

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Shri Mahalakshmi Puja Date 31st December 1986: Place Sangli Puja Type

[Marathi to English translation]

Sahaja Yoga is spreading slowly in Sangli district. But the thing that spreads slowly gets established firmly. And any live process takes place slowly. Hence we should not expect that it will suddenly grow on large scale. If we need to produce plastic flowers then a machine is sufficient for that. But to create live flowers, it takes time. It needs to be cultivated, effort has to be taken. Many people still do not have any idea about Sahaja Yoga. And those who know have only misconceptions. We have many cults, sects which are already active since long time. But we have not benefitted from these cults and sects. 

“We have been going to Pandhari (Pandharpur) for so many days, have been worshipping Tuljapur’s Bhavani for so many days, have been visiting Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur. We did everything that is possible. Performed fasts and religious ceremonies. Despite doing all this Mataji, we did not get anything.” On the top of it, after growing up your children will ask you – you have spent so much time, spent money, took efforts and at end you did not gain anything. Means there is no God. If you wish to go to Sangli then take a road leading to Sangli. If you take opposite route then you will not reach Sangli. So after so many years, you did not reach Sangli. It means that you were walking on the wrong road, and are still wandering on the same road. We have not yet found the way. Everyone should have this prudent thought as we have not yet found the way, and we have not achieved anything. We must think at least once, that something has gone wrong, first understand Sahaja Yoga and then explain it to people. While convincing people regarding this, one thing is very essential, means while speaking to people with whom you connect, you should speak in their language to convince them. If you use your language, they will not follow. If we try to explain the chakras directly, they will not understand. But if you tell, that Dnyaneshwar has explained that we have Kundalini power within us – you respectfully call him as “Mauli”(mother) and take out religious processions and dindis(parades) in his name but you must first read what has been written by him. Now why has it been told to you that you should not read the sixth chapter? Because if you read that, these people who are leading you to the wrong path, people who are looting you, will not benefit. Hence this has been written. If you tell people that whatever is written in the sixth chapter is what we give you, then they will understand. Hence whatever first we need to tell people, it should be explained in their language, in their way. 

Secondly, as we have the guidance of Namdeo, Tukram, Gora Kumbhar, Janabai, Muktabai, Dnyaneshwar and Ramdas – after reading their books we should examine what all is written in the poetic verses written in those books. Means what they have written about the people engrossed in the misconceptions and who fast and perform religious ceremonies. Dnyaneshwar himself has clearly written in his book “Amrutanubhav” that after reading his book, one should simply contemplate and think – what this is all about – not merely continue reading. You will be surprised     that he has stipulated in it more clearly what I am emphasizing. Ramdas Swamy and Tukaram have sweared at such people severely. Still these vagabonds misguiding others. 

Somebody was talking to me the other day –

Mataji, you said not to apply bukka (Black powder) on the forehead. Why is that? Where we apply bukka is actually agnya chakra’s place. The sun is positioned on agnya chakra. Do we apply black to the sun?

But even from Sahaja Yoga’s perspective we should ask them a simple question, that the people who advise you to apply bukka, means these priests sitting at Pandharpur – they are aptly called Badwe(The beaters), they actually beat people. These Badwes never wear bukka. No bhatji (priest) applies black on his forehead. Then why should you apply black? If you ask them such pertinent questions, then it will dawn in their heads and if tomorrow his son gets waylaid then you are responsible for that. Because by mechanically chanting God’s name you have not achieved anything. You have not benefitted from it. This has to be clearly told to them. Only after telling them clearly, they will realize. If even one out of hundred comes to his senses, if even one person comes to his senses then we must think that a lot has been gained. But if anyone becomes stubborn, anyone becomes obstinate then there is no need to tell him about Sahaja Yoga. Christ has clearly mentioned that one should not pour pearls in front of pigs. They do not understand anything then why to pour pearls in front of them? These are pearls. These are pearls from life. You will not understand. It should be in your fate. It is not in your luck. It seems to have dozed off. Or it is destroyed somewhere. So this needs luck. In addition, it needs people who are full of valor.

      In the beginning there are lots of on lookers. I see, lots of onlookers in the program. Hence in the program on the first day, there is a lot of rush. Overflowing crowd. On the second day there will be half the number. The reason? The onlookers have dropped out. Good riddance. Otherwise it is a headache. Now if there are many onlookers, they will not become Sahaja Yogis. But will keep on watching. When the onlookers get dropped then half the crowd remains. In that half, only the brave and valiant … it’s not for any Tom Dick and Harry – very clearly mentioned – not the work of any lay person. Means one should have the caliber for this. In Marathi language, very apt descriptions are available for everything. And For Sahaja Yoga, it is a very elegant language and it is so useful. If you are proficient in Marathi and if you need to speak with Marathi people then you must be able to convince them of Sahaja Yoga. You should be able to convince them logically. It needs people with caliber. You don’t have the caliber so good bye. Go. The word is “jativant” (true born) and It is said about the Devi (Goddess) –

“ya devi sarvabhuteshu jatirupen sansthita”

(The deity (devi) who is the main reason for creation of all the living beings)  

You are created with a distinct capability. If you do not have the natural ability to receive it, how can I bestow it upon you?

Jaat does not mean Bramhan or shudra. Jaat means our inner tendency which is called as aptitude. It is a tendency. What is this aptitude?  A person’s Jaat (class) is dependent on his aptitude. And everything is written in Devi’s description. Complete description is there. You will find each and every description given exactly in Sahaja Yoga. 

“Shobhana sulabha gati, Shobhana sulabha gati, sulabha gati.”

It has a pace that is easy. Means that which gets done easily and is elegant. In this, you need not shout or yell, don’t have to behave in a tipsy manner in a dindi (procession), don’t have to behave like crazy. Absolutely nothing. “Shobhana sulabha gati”. Many people are just being volatile. You can see that some people’s meditation is very odd – one feels like running away – they shout, scream, tear their clothes – such is their way of mediation.  

      “Shobhana sulabha gati” Is the description for Devi. She gives you    “Shobhana sulabha gati”. If this is the description of Devi, and if it happens accordingly, then why do you drag your feet to go there? Why to take so much trouble? But it does not mean that those who were pundarikasksha (lotuseyed), the saints that have been, I am not denying them or talking derogatory about them. Or for that matter even     Shrikrishna is there. And his place is at Pandharpur, no doubt about it. Pandhari is real. But the charlatans sitting there, they are present at each holy place. But that does not mean that Pandhari is false and these   people are true. If we fix a stone in gold, the stone does not turn into diamond and we fix stone in gold, the gold does not turn into brass. Hence even if both the things are true, that one is based on truth and the other on falsity, and even if they are paired forcibly, still, using the competence to differentiate between water and milk, we must show them that these two things are different. After showing this they will understand,” Oh my God. What is this? They are speaking like saint Tukaram. Their talk is very enlightening”.   

Similarly to have saptah (sermons for entire week), this and that – these things are of a social nature. To arrange saptah has a social aspect.   First the saptah is done, then meals, then squatting without purpose. On this, Kabir has said-

“Padhi padhi pandit murakh bhaye” (Just reading without understanding makes a learned person an idiot). They just keep on reading. 

“kahe nanak bin aapachi ne, mita na bhram ki kayi”, keep on chanting this for one’s amusement  and learn it by heart as well.

(Nanak says –  to know yourself you need to remove the shroud of illusion of worldly love and attractions ) 

Then there is one parrot. His master trained him to say ‘raghupati raghav rajaram’ – he learnt. After he started parroting, listening to him, another parrot started saying the same thing. Means the first parrot is the guru of the second one. The number of gurus thus increased creating a lineage of jabberers. Tell them that if you wish to have the truth, you need to come out of this jabbering. Thus Marathi has so much of humor also  hence I feel this language has been created for Sahaja Yoga only. Every word has so much subtlety, so you can be confident and use this language fully. As it is a saying – ‘ati shahane tyache bail rikame’ (people who show over intelligence are usually losers). To begin with they are pseudo wise, on the top of it, they are over smart. You cannot explain this in any language. The next level of being pseudo wise is being an unbridled brash individual. Such individuals incur losses. This cannot be explained in any other language. This can be expressed only in our Marathi Language. That’s why one should utilize this language completely.

      Even if you are absorbed in the contemplation of Bramha (The Absolute) and you have achieved Bramha, you are practicing it with dedication and it is flowing through you, and similarly with pure consciousness flowing, if everybody wishes to understand the Bramha, still to become a guru one should know whatever is the traditional knowledge in this world. And one should be thoroughly conversant with Ved Shastra. This does not mean having read Vedas. But one should have the knowledge, after examining the summary of what other Sadhus and saints have said. There is no need to do some special reading or do some special deed. Only need to cultivate a little hobby of  reading books daily. Everyone will understand after doing the reading. Because once you become a Sahaja Yogi, whatever he may be, he understands everything. Thus in this way, one can position the second point.

    The third point is that people who are over smart, they will preach you. When they start saying ‘Tuka mhane aise’ (Saint Tukaram Says thus), you ask them ‘Tuka Mahne Kaise’ (what does Tukaram say?), this should have a response. And another thing is when they say ‘Tuka mhane aise’, one should know the context here. They just keep on blabbering something. All the sayings of Tukaram are over. Now they will append something of their own in Tuka’s name like ‘Tuka says that apply bukka’. Excellent, is that so? Was there bukka (black powder) available in those days? They just attribute such things to Tukaram. This is the third practice that you have to apply bukka even if the word bukka is not mentioned in any of their verses. Even if the word, Varkari (person on pilgrimage) is not mentioned, they will say ‘Tuka says become a Varkari’. This way, force people in his name and speak lies. Tomorrow they will say, ‘Mataji says…. Not only my name, one could use any name. If we want to use, then we can use anybody’s name such as Mataji says apply bukka. Now recently someone attributed to me that ‘Mataji says keep a fast, should not eat’. This is great. Thus different types of repeated aggressive onslaughts may come on you; one should be able to face those. This fight is for a short time. Once this fight gets over, these people will be trounced. Totally vanquished. This is not a fight with Aurangjeb, it is fight against ignorance. The moment the light of knowledge enters it, these people will get vanquished. Because it is in their interest. We are telling you this in your interest. You should tell them that we are telling you things that will benefit you. This will enlighten their minds and everything will be alright. 

My today’s speech should be taped and then sent after transcribing it properly because it will be useful for everybody.

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[English transcription]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Sangli (India), 31 December 1986.

I have been telling them, how they have to face the other people around. You have the same problems a little more sophisticated, and the problems are not so sophisticated because we don’t have organized religions. Thank God for that also, but because you have organized religions you have to face them in an organized way. For example, now here we have a custom that all the people who have to go to Vitthal, to see Vitthala in Pandharpur have to wear a black spot, just the opposite of what it is, but the people who are in charge, the priests, never wear black. You are misguided. But the religions across the oceans have become so organized, and are so solid, absolutely solidified. That’s gone into their brain so much, that if they have to give, give up those ideas which are absolutely gross. they think that that they will have to give up God. They are so much identified. Church is identified with God. Church has become God and God has become Church. Actually in Sanskrit language church, ‘churchit’ means, which is worshipped, worship. But here at least in this country, thank God we don’t have such an organized – I mean an ordinary person can go and challenge Shankaracharya, and can tell him off. But not in that country. You will have to just shoot him down or something like that.  There is no other way out.

You cannot go and talk to them and argue with them. So best thing would be to approach such people who have been, eh, opposing those things but they may be the other kind, another blind who are in some ways,  or some things as who are denouncing God. Because if they denounce the Church they also denounce God. So you should find out such people who are understanding that there is God.  I think there is a great population of that kind. While talking to them you have to know Bible very well. If you have to be a real Guru you must know Bible because you cannot talk to them without it. And also other religions in which there is a complete explanation of Sahaja Yoga. If you know Bible how far it is closer to Sahaja Yoga you can talk. If you know about Christ very well then you can talk to them.

So you can say chapter this and this and this. You should say chapter this and this, this and this. As soon as they say chapter this one and this one, your open argument shows. So you must neutralize their arguments by your own knowledge which is enlightened. The best one you can say is that, that now since Christ departed from this Earth you have been following them and you are aware – what have you gained? – nothing. Now in the Bible it is described that He is going to send a counsellor, a comforter and a redeemer, what about that? Why don’t you seek for that? The arguments should not be bombastic or aggressive but peaceful. In between, you must keep quiet for a while, listen to the person and then tell them, I am sure it will work out. As you know some of you must have asked me questions also and I must have answered them very well. But peacefully, joyfully because they can not disturb you. You have to disturb them and their fossilized ideas, which are to be defroze and for that you have to have a temperament, a temperament of a peaceful personality. I have told in general to you but quite intensely to these people. I told here to make a proper tape out of that and I should translate it and put it in the book that I am writing for the Sahaja Yogis. I am supposed to be writing.

So now we are looking forward to going to Ganapatipule after this puja. I would request you to go with devotion and with complete surrendering that you have to achieve something. Forget the past, forget the past. You have to forget the past. It is very important that you forget the past and then go there. Whatever has happened, has happened in your life, is nothing important, nothing can curb you down. You are like a new budding flower and you have every right to be a fruit and no energy which is negative or so called over positive can subdue or destroy you. Go with that idea, that I am the Spirit and I have nothing to fear. May God bless you all!

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