Sahasrara Puja: Mother, it’s all Yours

Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo (Australia)

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Sahasrara puja. Thredbo (Australia), 3 May 1987.

Today is a very great day for all the Sahaja yogis. It was a long time back that I desired Sahasrara should be opened out. But waiting for a right time. It was important to do it at the right time.

A boy in Aurangabad, quite young, asked Me a question, “Mother, this All-pervading Power of Brahmachaitanya is beyond senses, you cannot feel it through senses. How is it we are now feeling it through our senses?” This is the question he asked, and I ask you the same question.

Before this, those people who got Realisation could not talk about it in the way you can tell people, that you can feel it on your senses. They could not explain, they could not put it into experience. Just what they did was to tell them in words, words which were telling about something – like the taste of mango, unless and until you eat the mango how will you know the taste? By just knowing about “It’s wonderful, it’s great, it’s fantastic,” still you have not tasted the mango.

So, “what has happened now?” was the question.

Another thing was that these people got so fed up, like Gyaneshwara at the age of twenty-one, he took a samadhi. He went into a room and closed the doors and settled down there, and he died there. All of them [did the same]  – even Christ got Himself crucified – because they could tell a parable, they could tell a simile, but what had happened to them that they could not explain, and they felt so sad and so frustrated. In a way, they finished their life very early.

This was the question. So what was the secret, can any one of you tell Me?

The answer is simple, but it’s difficult to digest. The answer is that all these incarnations [who] came on this Earth were part of the Sahasrara, were part of the Brahma Chaitanya, were part of the Adi Shakti. They came on this Earth, gave Realisation to some people who were excellent, good people who had no problems. As if they came out of the ocean of love and took all of them to the ocean of love, to enjoy that ocean. As Kabira has said that, “When a drop becomes the ocean, what can I say?”, “Jab mast hue, phir kya bole?” So many of them took to ‘mauna’, that is silence. They disappeared, they got dissolved completely into the ocean of love. But you did not get dissolved.

Something special has happened to you, that the whole of Brahmachaitanya, the whole Ocean has taken the form of a cloud – that’s Adi Shakti – and has come on this Earth to shower the chaitanya on you people, enrich you, nurture you, develop you, by manifesting the love in such a manner that you have entered into the body of the Adi Shakti. So, like one pitcher which is in the River Ganges, you are like a cell in the body of the Adi Shakti. Your entity, your personality is preserved.

Despite that, you feel the Brahma Chaitanya through your senses and you can give Realisations to others, but you are in the body of the Adi Shakti. As long as you are in the body of Adi Shakti you can do all that. This is the greatest thing that has happened. The whole of the Sahasrara has opened out with all the seven pithas of all the deities, who were just part and parcel of it. The whole of it has come in the form of a Mother who is humble, who is deceptive, illusive, who is Mahamaya.

It’s the greatest thing that could happen to human beings and to the whole universe that, now, you can get your Realisation, you can give Realisations to others, you can understand through your senses, through your logic what is vibrations, what it does. Just like the proof is here. All the flowers were dead last night, finished with the heat of the people who were carrying them. Then, I just put some vibrated water on them, and you see how they are. Brahma Chaitanya has revived them, but their personality is there, they are all vibrated, and they are looking so fresh and beautiful. Same thing with you, you all look so fresh and beautiful, anybody can make out a Sahaja Yogi.

Under these circumstances, one has to understand that there are certain limitations which you have to observe. First of all, I have taken you in My body. A foreign thing has to go in the body and it has to be looked after, nurtured. But if you become troublesome, then you’ll be thrown out, I can’t bear you. Some people are extremely troublesome. They do not meditate, they have their own ideas about meditation, they do not develop themselves, they do not mature, they live in the past or in the future, and such people are troublesome. A simple thing I had requested you all, to put some ghee in the nose, which is a very simple thing but is very important. You all suffer from a very bad Hamsa, and one of the things that is a symptom in a AIDS case is a bad Hamsa. You’ll be vulnerable to AIDS – and a small thing like that is not observed. It has to be a religious obligation that you must listen to Me, whatever I say. Actually you must obey Me. My hand obeys Me, My fingers obey Me, My feet obey Me – what about you, who are raised to the great dignity and the great position of being the yogis in the body of the Adi Shakti, and they are acting as cells in My body?

First and foremost thing is, to do this kind of a venture, to put all kinds of things in your body is a very daring thing, and the process is also very hazardous. This has to be achieved with great patience, love, compassion and above all, hard labour. This has to be regarded as the greatest thing, that Sahasrara was opened by Me. Of course I am the master of Sahasrara, I am the master of all the chakras, but also I’m beyond Sahasrara, much beyond it. If that is the situation, you should be careful about your Sahasrara, that is Me, and looking after your own heart which is the Brahmarandra peetha here, which opens out ultimately when you get your realisation.

Sahaja Yoga is spreading everywhere horizontally, vertically it must also spread. And there, if you really have proper understanding of what I am, Sahasrara should be absolutely clearcut. And to keep Sahasrara clearcut you must listen to whatever I have told you, obey it as absolutely a ordained thing. To keep the Sahasrara clean is to open your heart. If your hearts are not open, how will I fill it up with My love? Open your heart to your fellow yogis and yoginis. Don’t get worried about what has happened in the past, don’t get worried about what has happened in your life as far as your relationships are concerned. Such things won’t happen now in Sahaja Yoga, they cannot happen. It has been worked out that way, it cannot happen. If this hand is paining, the other hand is there to help it out. You’re not alone, you are in the body of the collective being. If there are stupid people, if there are idiotic people, Sahaja Yoga is not meant for such people – in Sanskrit language they are called as ‘mudhahs’ – neither this is meant for people who are over-smart and trying to cheat themselves, intelligence has that capacity, and to indulge into things which are not Sahaj. Slowly you will find your vibrations will disappear, you’ll become sick, you’ll have problems and you’ll be in trouble.

This is not a kind of a warning but a request, because you are in My body, and whenever anybody tries to be troublesome in My body I have to bear it up, and suffer a lot. It’s a funny type of a crucifixion where, every moment, you are hanged onto a cross by anyone who wants to do it. Sahaja yogis have all the laws in their hands to torture My life, to trouble Me if they want to, but they have also such a capacity, such a calibre, such a potential that they can reside in My heart forever. Open your hearts, that’s the thing I will say.

Now we have to see what keeps our hearts closed. Firstly, it keeps our heart in a binding, the fear of the past. In the past if you have done anything wrong, in the past [if] we have had bad experiences of people, we are very frightened. I’ve seen, I’m surprised, I’ve seen it Myself that in England where we were staying – it was that day, unluckily or luckily, it was snowing for the first time, and we were shifting, so I had gone out. And when I came back I saw a lady and a little baby in the pram, standing at the door and talking to some lady. The other lady was just talking through a little opening in the door, because there was a chain on. Then I went out and came back after half-an-hour, and I saw the same thing. The lady was still standing in the snow, and this lady was talking to her through a chink. I was surprised. What is this going like Midsummer’s Night’s Dream? These people are talking to each other – horrible! What was it that was frightening to this lady inside the room? What this lady would have done – with the child – who had come to her door? What was there to be so frightened of?

Because of the ego within yourself, you have frightened others, you have tortured others, you have dominated others, you have done all these things, so there is fear in your mind that others may do the same thing to you. Or what is there to be so much frightened, to lock your doors to everyone who comes to your house?

Secondly, maybe you might have been tortured by someone or troubled by someone, so your heart is closed, you can’t open heart to others. People just don’t talk, they just keep mum. What has happened? Just like a dead body moving about. Supposing I was like this, who would have told you the secrets of Sahaja Yoga and Sahasrara? So this kind of a nature comes from people who are frightened in the past perhaps, or they might have frightened people with their bad Vishuddhi.

Aggressiveness is one of the qualities in the West, and that also is inherited by you people. As soon as you put them onto something, they become aggressive. I can’t bear it within Myself. Supposing I have some sort of a medicine that makes some cells very aggressive, then what happens? Ultimately I become a patient of cancer. An aggressive cell is called as the malignant cell, and such a cell cannot give you proper attention, cannot give you proper depth, but you become nothing but a malignant cell, a cell which is creating a cancer. And such a person creates cancer among Sahaja yogis.

I’ve heard horrible stories about how some women, some men have become aggressive. With a little position they get, immediately they become aggressive. Say somebody is a wife of a organiser, or a so-called leader’s, then she thinks she is nothing but a prime minister or something, or a husband becomes something. This aggressiveness adds to the aggressiveness of another person. Then reaction starts – one says something, the another says something. We become reactionaries. We haven’t got something of our own, that we should be reactionaries?

There should be no reaction to anything, because we have something of our own. Why should we react to something, whatever people are doing to us or have done to us?  It’s finished. Open your hearts. That’s why when you came to India, I think you must have noticed that in the Indian heart there is nothing like an anger for say, for English or for Portuguese, or for anybody who has dominated them. They have so much love and affection and respect, and they see that what good you have done to them.  Like some barristers came to India and they visited some high courts, and they had holiday for one day to celebrate the visit of these British lawyers and barristers. But if you go to England they will beat you, throw you out.

This aggressiveness has to go from your heart, it has to get out of it. There’s no place in My body for aggressive people, no place at all. I have not aggressed you, and you shouldn’t aggress Me. If you aggress any sahaja yogi, you are aggressing Me. But when it comes to others, they won’t aggress others. Like a bad husband will aggress his wife, but not other people. So those who are non-sahaja yogis, they do not aggress them.

That’s a very important part of Sahasrara, because ego covers a great part of Sahasrara, and if your Sahasrara is covered with this ego business, how can I help you and how can I help Myself? Now so many of you are in My body, just imagine, circulating fast, and most of them are fighting to be in My heart but they are settling in My ego. Well, I am egoless! Because I have no reactions. If you have no reaction you cannot develop ego. I’ve no reactions. I’m reaction-less. I am in My own peace and glory, trying to work out Sahaja Yoga. I do not react to anything, but your reactions trouble Me because you are within Me.

Then the second part is the fear that comes from childhood. I do not know about Americans, but so many Americans who came to Me were half-mad, cracked people, absolutely cracked in the head, nothing normal about them. Either they will not talk – if they talk they talk irrelevantly, you don’t know what they are talking about. Same with the French. French were mad much before anybody was mad in this world, I think; very cracky people you see, very difficult, it’s absolutely can’t understand, everything upside-down. When you blame our Indian telephone, you must know they were made by French. I always say that in Poona we have got the telephone just to see, because it is called as Punya Patnam – means the, is the city of punyas – and only God can listen to this telephone, but even God cannot!

So this kind of a cracked-ness, or this what you call this madness, aggressive madness, comes from ego going to the level of super-ego; and they get first of all “what’s wrong?” When they talk you feel they are fighting. But these are love talks, ‘romantic’ they say, and we feel they are fighting. And then after some time the aggressiveness is very apparent, and then it becomes as if they are off their heads, absolutely off their heads. And it’s very common with Americans, very common. You can’t find Americans when they are talking, any good speaker, who doesn’t have twitches on his faces, on his body, everywhere, because so many nerves have been already strained with this kind of “what’s wrong?” business. Going to the other extreme of deciding everything for yourself.

And the thing behind is… a ghost, I should say, a very big ghost, and which is not in the past or the future, but in the present – and that ghost I call it as materialism. Materialism, it’s a ghost, it’s a horrible devil that has come onto the heads of Americans, and from them to all of us. This materialism is a horrible stuff. It’s so ridiculous, shameful, doesn’t even suit a human person; even a dog would hate such a materialism, to what level human beings have gone. This materialism makes a person absolutely shameless. A lady would not mind asking another lady, “By the way, have you got my spoons with you?” There’s no shame in it! When we were small we were told, in India, I mean, that’s our culture that, if somebody’s pin is in your house you should preserve it and return it, but even if your diamond is lost with somebody, never ask for it – is not good manners. What is more valuable is not the diamond, is the relationship, is the friendship, and the emotions of human beings to be respected. How can you ask? If there was a diamond they would have found it and would have given it to you, but if there is no asking for that or reporting like that then it’s sure there’s no diamond; and even if it is there, doesn’t matter, after all, what is a diamond?  You are wearing or they are wearing, what does it matter?

In My father’s house all the doors were open all the time, all the doors, day and night. Never a thief came in, [they] thought that doors are open so nothing is locked, there’s nothing precious.  Only we had one theft, and the thief came and took away a gramophone from us, and some records. So My father said, “He’s a connoisseur. He took the right thing from this house, so let it be. What’s the use of informing the police?”

So this materialism that comes in is a mad, mad, mad dog, and gives you a disease which is worse than any disease that is possible. How people play on it, on this disease. As you must have known that doctors when you get some disease little bit, they’ll take out your teeth, take out your eyes, take out your nose, take out your purse and take out everything that you have, for a little thing like malaria or something. But this disease takes away everything that is beautiful within you, that is good within you.

For example, it started a fashion. With this materialism they start fashions. Ladies are more vulnerable. Fashion starts, any sort of fashion starts, like the sleeves to be made long – in India also they started – then make it short, then make it half, then make it no sleeves. I said, “I am not running that race!” I will have the sleeves all the time, same sleeves so I don’t have to bother. I can tell My tailor and he can make whatever way I want to have, the tailor, because he knows I make one style – finished with it. Why do people want to run with the fashion? Just think of it. What is the need to run with the fashion? Now new race has started – run with it! Then another race has started – run with it!  Then the third race has started- run with it!  All the time running with the mad race of fashions!

Now a new race has started of fashions not to put any oil in the head, so you become bald, then you buy wigs. Is all entrepreneurs who are working out, it’s all enterprises. So you become absolutely bald-headed people, then you get your wigs from them, then there is a special charge for dressing the wigs, so you go for dressing the wigs. Goes on like mad.

Then there’s another type. Now a new fashion has started in London because, you see, these people want to make some money. People don’t even have so much of logic and intelligence left in their heads to see that, what they were preaching one day, they are just the thing against it. Formerly it was you had to wear a tail coat, you had to have your hair absolutely done with proper hair-grooming and all that, as you can see in the old pictures. Then it started striped three-piece suits. Now it is, I mean, few days earlier was tight clothes, then they developed varicose veins, you see. So no, no – now it is the fashion to wear absolutely loose dresses. I saw the other day one lady making a dress out of a big blanket, going like this. I thought she was some priest or someone! (laughter) So that stupidity has started.

Imagine – think of Sahasrara, think of Divine, in what world we are, and in what world the stupid people are going. That’s another world, absolutely another stupid world where people just go after nonsensical things, changing from one to another, changing from everything: ties are changed, everything is changed, giving you such a headache. All the time you have to think, “Now what fashion is there? Let’s find out in the newspaper. What is – this is the fashion now. Alright, wear this dress.” All this is befooling going on, because this ghost has entered into us.

In Sahaja Yoga also when we enter, be careful, materialism should not enter into your minds…it’s nothing important. Even when somebody dies you are supposed to wear something black, or white or I don’t know what else, but white or black. And somebody died in England who was a great friend of My husband, and I had no black sari, completely black. I mean we don’t have such a sari. I didn’t know what to do. I told My husband I don’t have a black sari. He said, “Then You don’t come.” Imagine how his wife would feel if I don’t go to the thing, how she would take it. All this is nothing, what is important is the black sari!

In every walk of life you are being befooled by this materialism. I don’t know how you got stuck into it first of all.  And the other side is, the same people are befooling you. “Alright, this is not good, this is too much” – so go to the anti-culture. What is anti-culture is another kind of materialism, another kind of nonsense.

Nowadays they are having in this London an anti-culture movement which is called as punks! I think out of date now, Me, but still, for the time being as I see is punks. It costs them £40 sometimes to make that hair. I mean, is it something that you are saving money on that? So the whole thing works out just to take out your attention from reality, from higher values, to something nonsensical.

In Sahaja Yoga also people must learn to lead a life of collectivity. It’s very important that we have to be collective. We shouldn’t talk of “This is mine, this is mine, and this I own.” Even about children you should not do like that, “This is my own child, this is my own baby. This is my brother, this is my sister.” This “My, my” should go away, but that’s not possible, it’s not easy to forget about it because left Nabhi and right Nabhi has to be alright. The only way to do it is that “Mother, it’s all Yours.” It’s not dangerous to say that, because I’ll never take anything that is supposed to be yours. Just to say, “Mother, it’s all Yours,” to start it – “It’s all Yours. I am Yours, my heart is Yours, all my things are Yours, my life is Yours.” Even saying that is a big mantra for Sahasrara.

The deity of Sahasrara is a very simple person, extremely simple, and can be moved with very little actions, can be pleased with very few little actions here and there. Not much is needed to please the deity of Sahasrara. It’s a very simple person. Little things make Her happy. Yesterday you had brought the flowers, and I didn’t take them. You all must have thought, “What’s it, we couldn’t give flowers to Mother, holding in our hand.” But I wanted to show this miracle to you, that’s why I didn’t take. And I took it in the end, and see now they are the best among all of them; don’t they look as if they have been plucked from the tree? Just I wanted to show this, so I said, “I’m tired,” I sat down and then I looked at you with the flowers, you see, in the hands, you’re sitting all of you! (laughter) So She is Leela Vinodini. She plays around, makes little mischiefs here and there for you to learn lessons. Because if I tell you “Do this!” then it’s not possible, but little circuitous way I can show you that this is wrong, you should not do it.

There’s nothing to feel bad, I would have taken all the flowers; but somebody must have thought of it, “Why Mother has not taken the flowers today?” I don’t know if you thought of it or not, but I knew it Myself that I have to take the flowers to show this miracle to them, that these flowers are going to last much longer than any other flowers, because they are vibrated with the Brahmachaitanya. And the water was very, very, very cold, so even I opened a hot water tap. It’s alright, doesn’t matter, they didn’t die, despite that they are perfectly alright.

So you have seen so many miracles of this Brahmachaitanya which is showing on your photographs, on so many your lives, in so many changes that have taken place within yourself, within your family, within every one of you. All this has happened because you are in Brahmachaitanya. All this you are receiving because you are blessed by Brahmachaitanya. But others are not, so your attitude should be towards them that they are in the other world – What to do? How to help them? We should try to help them if possible, but up to a point. We should not drag down ourselves for others’ sake. Up to a point only we can help them, and we have to be very happy that Sahaja Yoga is spreading so much horizontally.

But for vertical thing we must know our quality must improve. If some people rise higher, others will also start rising with them. It’s the absolute honesty of purpose should be there, absolutely understanding should be there. Open your hearts to each other, so that you open your hearts to Me. Every cell must know another cell, otherwise it won’t work out. That is the great thing that has happened, when you are on this Earth, when you are the ones who have to receive this great blessing. So many saints did not receive it, so many great people who came on this Earth, they did not receive it, even the incarnations who came on this Earth could not do it what you are doing. So have that satisfaction and glory of your own being and of your own standard, and of your own calibre. The others are not of your calibre alright, forget about it. That should not give you ego, but should give you a personality that does not react. We have something of our own, we do not react to things. We are not reactionaries. And things will disappear which are harmful. Everything will be perfectly alright, because we are standing in our own perfection, in our own glory. What do we need? Nothing, just enjoying ourselves.

May God bless you all