Shri Mataji Interview with Channel 7 News (with Andrew McCullen) Brisbane (Australia)

Interview With Channel 7 News, Brisbane, Australia, 05-05-1987

Yogi says: This is no thinking,you just look forward here(mother’s bindu). Just put your attention here(top of the head) within you just ask Shri Mataji please give yoga.

Interviewer: It should be blind.

Shri Mataji:Perhaps

Interviewer: Perhaps

Shri Mataji: 4 years to correct 7 english man I took it.

Interviewer: 4 years to practice 7 english man? It is hard to get self realization.

Shri Mataji: No no no, […]

The need for self-realization Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane (Australia)

Public Program. City Hall, Brisbane (Australia), 5 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Just now, Albert has very clearly described to you the mechanism that is within us which works out our self-realization. There is a mechanism, no doubt. When we are in this room we see so many lights and there is a mechanism behind this. But what we do is to just switch on and the lights are there. So the whole mechanism is already built within us through our evolutionary process. […]