The time has come now to prove the existence of God

State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

1987-05-07 The Time Has Come Now To Prove The Existence Of God, Sydney Australia DP-RAW, 81'
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Public Program Day 1. Sydney (Australia), 7 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As it has been explained by Charles, we have to realise that there’s something gone wrong with humanity. We have come to a level of awareness, which is a human awareness, which understands many more things than animals can understand. Like, a horse can pass through a dirty lane but a human being cannot pass through that. We have developed lots of sensitivities after becoming a human being. We have a sense of beauty, we have a sense of creativity, of music, of architecture; everything that surrounds us, we’re aghast to see what human beings can do.

On the other side you see a terrible vacuum, as if the world has reached its doom. What has gone wrong within ourselves or without, it is high time for us to find out. This beautiful hall is created out of a human mind, so beautifully done, every detail worked out because the artist wanted to give something great to human beings for their happiness, for their joy. But this Tree of Life grew too big outside and the roots inside have not grown. Unless and until we know about our roots and grow them to their source of joy we cannot continue anymore. This is the knowledge of the roots. This knowledge existed in India since long and also is expressed in most of the religions. They all have hinted at it. Like in the Bible it is said: ‘I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames.’

In the Quran it is described as Asas [foundation/basis] and the very few first lines say that, unless and until you are connected with God and God descends upon you, if you start talking about God you’ll do all kinds of cruel and horrible things. This explains why we find the people who call themselves religious are getting exposed today and also we are finding how they are nowhere near religion. Any religion you take today, that can be Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikh, they all have become fanatics and the level of their personality is so low that they are worse than many thieves. That means religion has not given any glory to them, no beauty to them, no righteousness, no virtues. Then a common person gets surprised and shocked: what is this, did we all get it wrong? What has happened, where did we make the mistake? The mistake is that we have to get the connection of the Divine.

I verily say that there is God; God exists and His all-pervading Power is all over. No doubt about it, there is God. But the time has to come to prove the existence of God; that time has come now to prove the existence of God. The all-pervading Power of God, which is His desire, is talked about in all the Scriptures but people have not felt that before, they have never known it. They have been just talking about it: talk and talk and talk, whether it was about the formless God or God with forms.

Now this is the mechanism within us which works out our Self-Realisation. It is related of course to the gross side also and can be explained, all these centres are expressed outside as plexuses which doctors know very well, but that’s only on the physical side. These centres represents our physical being, our mental being, our emotional being, our spiritual being and there is a path kept absolutely free for the ascent of the Power that is the Kundalini. Now the Kundalini is the word, comes from the word kundala, means coils, that’s all.

This Kundalini is the Power of pure desire within us. This is described as the Holy Ghost in the Christian religion but if you ask any priest what is the Holy Ghost, he’ll say, ‘I’m agnostic, I don’t know what is the Holy Ghost is.’ Holy Ghost is the desire of God and when reflected within us, it is the Kundalini. The primal Holy Ghost is reflected within us as Kundalini and in our heart is reflected the Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty.

A very long way has taken for our evolution. If Adam and Eve had listened to God, it would have been much easier but you know how human beings are, they want to know by difficult ways and learn by experience. It has taken so long for us to become human beings, but evolution has not stopped because we have not got our purpose. We are still at a relative relationship. We don’t understand anything in absolute manner; that is why there is a chaos. It has to work out in such a way that, all of us should know the same truth; there cannot be two truths, there has to be one and in this evolution whatever you have gained has been felt on your central nervous system and that’s very important. Just by saying, I believe in Mother or I believe in God, I believe in such person or believe in that person is your ego and your extension, that’s all. If you say you believe in someone it is just a blind faith. What did you get by that belief? Did you get something on your central nervous system? We have to face it very squarely, face ourselves and ask ourselves, did I feel God or all- pervading Power on my central nervous system?

The Ruh that is described in the Indian shastras – it is written saleelum saleelum, described very clearly. That is like a slow cool breeze, where is that? If you have not yet felt it then you are not yet connected with the Divine and this connection has to be established. There is no need to feel bad about it if you have not known so far, that’s not to feel even upset about it, it’s your right to get it. That is what sahaja is; sahaja means born with you.  It’s your right, it’s your birthright to get this realisation and all of you who are human beings have to become yogis, have to become the people who are realised souls. As they say in Quran [sounds like/ abiha.] Unless and until we become that, we cannot understand God, we cannot understand Bible, we cannot understand Quran, we cannot understand Gita. In different ways, in different manners all of them have tried to tell us that you have to get connected to God. Like, somebody certifies that I am now a person who is a realised soul. What’s the use of such a certificate? Have you stopped making mistakes, have you become righteous person, have you become virtuous like Christ, are you beyond temptations now, are you a satisfied soul, no. Why, because the power of Spirit is not in our consciousness, the love of the Kundalini is not in our consciousness. That is our own property, that’s our own.

This Kundalini is the Mother of you as an individual and She’s loved you all Her life. All Her life has been much more than yours because She has taken birth with you many a times and She’s recorded all your past and She’s just waiting for a chance, for a moment so that you could get your realisation, which is the real baptism. Not an artificial one that, I just put hand on your head and say: ‘Now you are all right,’ that’s not the way. It has to work out in a way that this Kundalini, which is a natural process of evolutionary process – please understand there’s nothing artificial about it. It has to rise and pierce through your fontanel bone area to give you realisation. It’s like sprouting a seed, it’s that natural. Of course in the olden times there were very few people who got realisation, very few. I would say that time, the Tree of Life was just growing, there were very few flowers, but today it’s a blossom time, I believe and also I’ve discovered a method somehow, with great meditative efforts, an effort by which thousands can get realisation and once you get realisation, you can give realisation to others.

Once you get this power within you, you can cure others. Once you get this power within yourself you are absolutely at peace with yourself. Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being is completely integrated. Apart from that –  it’s not like a mother who gives some chocolate on top of the castor oil, I’m telling you the truth. Apart from that, you don’t know the realm of God. The realm of God is so efficient, so kind and so great and so miraculous that’s there’s no end to its description; you have to just feel it and see for yourself how God has been kind to you, how His compassion and love is showered upon you and how you get your transformation into a personality which is so sure, so confident, yet so humble.

It’s such a beautiful thing that is happening and I must say Australia is not lagging behind. When I came first to Australia, I was not very sure about Australians, but gradually now I feel Australians are people very much better than many others. There’s something about them, some sort of an innocence that is within them that tells them that, this is wrong, this is bad, we have to take something that is sensible. There’s some sort of a wisdom; wisdom of the deity of the innocence that they have, that they know that: we have to get to it.

I’ve had very good Australian children and I hope to have more here. This is how we have to change the world. We cannot change by giving lectures on peace or having demonstrations against atom bomb and all that. If there is no peace within the human mind, what’s the use of talking of peace? Even those who are working in peace foundations I have seen them; they are fighting among themselves for who will be the president of the peace foundation. All such stupid things happening in the name of peace, in the name of God, in the name of religion. These are all some sort of forms people have invented, to sell their goods perhaps, but these are artificial and people will discover it very soon. Now they’re all getting exposed, one by one they are all to be exposed. When the light of truth comes in, all of them get exposed and the truth shines through. But if the truth is not accepted then it breaks through and when it breaks through, it destroys quite a lot of things which could have been saved.

My request to you is that, keep an open mind like a scientist. It is a new knowledge for you or maybe you might say that it is from India. It is not, but you may say so. So India has learned so much from you, your sciences, there’s no harm in learning something from India also for a change. For this you cannot pay; you cannot pay, this is a living process. Even one thing, if you apply to all these professionals that we cannot pay for God, all of them disappear. 

Now, you cannot put in any effort also. Some people say: I’m trying, I’m trying. There’s nothing to try. It’s a living process which works out automatically which will give you realisation. So there is no need to try for anything. We became human beings without any effort. Did we try any efforts to become human beings? Nothing, just one fine morning we find we are human beings from monkeys. In the same way, it doesn’t require any efforts but it does require a humble attitude, a desire, because Kundalini is the pure desire as I told you; all other desires are not pure because when that desire is fulfilled you don’t want anything. You are so satisfied with yourself.

Now as it is, he has told you a lot about the chakras. Tomorrow I’ll explain to you all the details about it and how they work out their essences within us and what happens after realisation. Apart from that if you have any questions please ask Me. Yes please?

Seeker: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Just a minute I’ll get somebody to tell Me. [Hindi] I’m sorry, I’ve been travelling in fourteen countries and very difficult to adjust to the English of different countries, you see. Sometimes I don’t follow some words so you don’t mind, all right? Please?

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: She has read a lot [Shri Mataji: Finished!] and she has mentioned that if the Kundalini is raised before you are ready for it, it can do a lot of harm to you.

Shri Mataji: All right, I say it will not, so what to do? [laughter] Not at all. She’s your Mother. When you were born your mother took all the pains upon herself – did you remember your birth, how much she suffered? She takes it all upon herself; She is your Mother, She doesn’t give you any trouble whatsoever. All those who have written this are the people who had no authority; one has to have a chaste life to do that job. Every person thinks that he can raise the Kundalini is not proper. You have to have your authority from the Divine.

I have had people, thousands and thousands, none of them had any trouble and you won’t have My child, believe Me. All right? This must be some negative forces who are just trying to frighten you about Kundalini so that you don’t come for your realisation and go into their hands and play into their hands. Absolutely is wrong to say, it would be something like saying that, if you read Bible, your eyes will be burnt. All right.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: How do you know when the time is right?

Shri Mataji: How does a gardener know that the time is right? That’s My job. I know it; I know it, you are all right for it.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: What?

Sahaja Yogi: He’s asking, do You have that authority to awaken the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: That you better judge later on. First of all you know about yourself and then you judge Me. All right? The questions are only aggressive; it has no sense.  Ask some sensible questions because in a small place like Brisbane, people asked very nice questions. I was surprised, they were not aggressive but they wanted to have realisation. Better ask some sensible questions, you see. I hope there are people who want realisation. Yes sir?

Seeker: How does one go about raising the Kundalini? How long does it take?

Shri Mataji: It takes – actually it was asked once to a saint in India called Ramdasa, and he said in Sanskrit, tak sha means, that moment; it works that moment. So it will take a moment but it can take little more, depending on the little problems if you have any, otherwise it takes that moment.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: Do you get your Kundalini awakening through practice or is it by meeting a self-realised person?

Shri Mataji: Not through practice. Say a very simple example is, if there’s a candle and if you want to enlighten the candle, whatever practices the candle may try, it cannot get enlightened. Somebody who’s an enlightened candle, with an enlightened candle, can only enlighten it, isn’t it? So no amount of practices are going to help the candle to get enlightened. You have to bring another candle which is already enlightened and just enlighten. Through practices you cannot, on the contrary it’s very dangerous to think that through practice – I already told you it is effortless.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of that yoga but he wanted to know that, he mentioned that, he has read about a particular kind of yoga which is practiced in the USA and is Yours similar to it?

Shri Mataji: Well, I’ve not read anything like that but I am here, I just don’t understand. When I am before you, why do you want to worry about some yoga which you read from USA? That is typical human nature, I tell you. When Christ lived nobody cared for Him. When Christ is not there, nobody will care for Me. At the time of Rama, they said: ‘We don’t care for You, we care for Parashurama.’ Then when Rama died and Krishna came they said: ‘We don’t care for You, we care for Rama.’ So it’s better to have somebody who is dead and not here so that, why should you worry? I am sitting before you and I am going to do it, that’s all.

Seeker: [inaudible] 

Shri Mataji: Beg your pardon?

Seeker: [inaudible] 

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes of course, tonight. Tonight.

Seeker: Hello. Is Kundalini… does it mean automatic Self-Realisation? Do the two go as one, or can the Kundalini rise without [unclear]

Sahaja Yogi: The question is that is the Kundalini rising and the Self-Realisation, are they the same thing or could it be that the Kundalini rises and you don’t really achieve a transformation in your life?

Shri Mataji: That’s a good question. Kundalini rises, you see, and pierces through the fontanel bone area, in most of the people, but maybe in some people it might come halfway, possibly. Some people, some it may not rise at all. You see, depending on the situation. I don’t say that everybody’s Kundalini will pierce through, all right? Depending on, but if you try again and again, it will. So far we have met only one person who has got his realisation fully, in the sense he doesn’t feel it in his hands but normally, after, even if you don’t feel it today, you’ll feel it tomorrow or day after. Normally everybody feels it, but piercing through the fontanel bone area, I would say the beginning has started of Self-Realisation, then you have to look after the little plant of your Self-Realisation for a month or so, when it develops, matures and you are amazed at yourself.

But in some people I’ve seen, some great – there are some very great people, even in Australia – the Kundalini rises absolutely at that moment. They are there and I’m amazed the way such great saints are born in this country, and they are not aware of their greatness and saintliness. It’s just there. I don’t have to tell them anything, they are there; they know everything. Even small children are absolutely there, so you can’t say, it depends on a personality. But nothing to feel bad if you don’t feel it in your hands or in your head, maybe that there might be some physical problem in your neck, maybe that there might be some other mental problem within you, maybe some other spiritual problem that you might have been to a wrong guru or might have been to wrong people who must have ruined your passage of Kundalini, which is Sushumna. But that doesn’t mean that you are gone cases, no. Even for [unclear/eight] people we give them realisation, they are also welcome.

Seeker: How many young people will be granted liberation here amongst us?

Shri Mataji: How many?

Sahaja Yogi: How many young people, or how many people will be given the realisation amongst us over here this evening?

Shri Mataji: Ha! Can be all of them, can be all of them, can be, all right? But I think so, let’s see. The other day in Brisbane, there were hundred and fifty people and hundred and thirty got realisation. That’s a good number, isn’t it? And it was only one day program so there is also tomorrow. Yes?

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: Once the Kundalini has been raised and you go back to the gross world, what’s to prevent it coming down again?

Shri Mataji: That’s what you have to learn a little bit, how to keep it there, which is not so difficult. You have, I think twelve centres in Sydney, twelve centres in Sydney. You’ll have no problems, you can meet them and they’ll tell you and you can become yourself an expert, a big guru yourself in no time, for which you don’t have to pay, only give some time. All right? [to seeker who previously asked a question] Still, yes? 

Seeker: Is there some sort of eternal connection set up where the guru and his, sort of disciple, that is to say, do they come off of one Spirit… or another way of putting it, is there some sort of transaction which means that the guru becomes a part of the disciple’s life, or [unclear]

Shri Mataji: I mean, in a way you see, after all if someone gives you Self-Realisation you do feel obliged to that person – there’s no need to have any obligations as such and there should be no…there’s no transaction of money or anything going on but after all, you feel close to that person and if somebody’s knowledgeable you want to know about it, isn’t it? So that’s all, but there is no need to give up any job or give up any family life. On the contrary, family life becomes very beautiful. There’s nothing to give up, you don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on your heads or anything of the kind. You have to be very, very normal people, very normal people. It gives you complete normalcy.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Can you?

Sahaja Yogi: Can you lose your realisation?

Shri Mataji: I would say you don’t normally; it sticks on to you quite some time but if you are after it to lose it, I mean you can imagine, some person who just doesn’t want to keep on with the realisation, what can the poor realisation do? [laughter] There are some stupid people like that, I’ve known.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Can she say?

Sahaja Yogi: She want to ask a question.

Shri Mataji: Yes now, where are you? All right, ask a question, that’s a better position.

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: The question is if after realisation we become very content, what happens to ambition?

Shri Mataji: Ah. You see, ambitions that we have are not pure ambitions. Supposing you have an ambition, say to become the prime minister of this country, say for example, now when you become the prime minister, go and ask the prime minister, has he finished with his ambitions or not: he has not. So these are not pure ambitions, but once you become a self-realised soul, your ambitions are different. Till you are not the light you want the light – you are sitting before Me asking for light, when you get the light you are on the stage and you are giving light to others without any ambitions about it, but enjoying giving light to others. So all these stupid ambitions merge into something so great, which is the ocean of love and which you want to share with everyone and give it to everyone. Yes?

Seeker: Is Sahaja Yoga really [unclear/compatible] with Western society…

Shri Mataji: Oh, works very well on Western society.

Seeker: And if a very large percentage of Westerners embraced Sahaja Yoga, do You see the capitalistic system breaking down?

Shri Mataji: What system?

Sahaja Yogi: If very many people, a very large percentage of Western people take to Sahaja Yoga, do You see the capitalist system breaking down?

Shri Mataji: No, no, why will it? You see, we are the greatest capitalist because we have all the capital within us, we have all the powers and we are the greatest communist because we must share it. Who is greater capitalist than us? You see, all other capitalists are frightened of losing money; we are not frightened of anything and we share it with others. Nothing will collapse that way, but everything will become beautiful and enchanting. Everything has to be in balance, you see all these theories and philosophies are for us. We are not for these philosophies. As far as they’re helpful to human beings, we have to utilise them, wherever they are not useful we’ll not have them, because we become the masters of ourselves. Why should we say because it is capitalist, then we must go ahead with it. Whatever is good in communism we’ll take it, whatever good in capitalism we’ll take it, whatever good in socialism we’ll take it, but perhaps maybe we won’t need any state if we have all the people in Sahaja Yoga. There may not be any state at all because you need state for people who are scoundrels or bad people, not for good people, not for righteous, not for virtuous people.

Seeker: Can You speak a little bit about whether or not there is consciousness outside of the body, and whether or not there’s consciousness before and after life, in this life.

Shri Mataji: I tell you, in Australia there’s a big asking about this afterlife business and one reporter came to ask Me questions all about it and I gave him the complete idea, because he had made a big list of things: what happens after life, where do you hang on, then how do you come back and everything and everything. Now I would suggest that we – it’s a big subject and we’ll discuss it, if you come along I’ll tell you all about it, all right? It’s nothing important; what is important is the present.

Seeker: Indeed, but it seems to be me that [unclear] just before God, and maybe beyond time and space. 

Shri Mataji: Yes, you do go, you do go beyond time and space, it’s true. You go beyond time and space, no doubt. You become very powerful; you’ll be surprised how powerful you become. You do go beyond time and space, so the present is the important point and the present if you catch, you can go ahead but in the present, there is one problem which I’ll deal tomorrow. I think I should not say today, but tomorrow I’ll tell you what is the ghost in the present also hanging upon us. But otherwise, I think the present is the best we should worry about, because this is the moment when you are going to get your realisation. And after death and before death and all those things are very much here in Australia – people are worried about possessions and if there are possessions. Of course there are possessions and things like that, but we shouldn’t worry about them. What we should see now that, we should all get our realisation. I would say that we should pin down our attention to that, would be much more helpful to you. All right?

Seeker: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: I’m sorry I couldn’t hear it…  She wants to know in relation to this question You mentioned, she wants to know that if you can’t come tomorrow night, then what?

Shri Mataji: If you can’t come tomorrow night there are many centres here; you can meet them, they’ll tell you all about it. We have very powerful people In Sydney. Sydney has a special place in Sahaja Yoga world all over and people respect Sydney people very much, so you will have so many people to tell you all about it, absolutely. If you can’t come tomorrow, it’s all right. There’s no compulsion in Sahaja Yoga, you cannot force it on anyone. It’s only your own choice; you have to ask for it.

Audience: [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: They’re all asking for it now. 

Shri Mataji: That’s good, that’s good! 

Now, I would request all of you for one thing very simple, is to take out your shoes if possible, because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. And you have to be very comfortable and very pleasantly placed towards yourself, not to be angry with yourself or doubtful about yourself, but very pleasantly placed because this is the moment where you are going to touch the Divine. First of all you must forgive yourself, that’s the most important thing. There’s nothing that you have done wrong. After all you are human beings; if you have done wrong it’s all right. It’s only God doesn’t do wrong, you are after all human beings so you should not think that you have done something wrong or you are guilty, because this is one of the biggest problems I’ve faced in the West that, they’re all guilty for something which they have done nothing, so best is not to feel guilty, forgive oneself and should be very pleasantly placed towards oneself. After all you are human beings; you are the epitome of the evolution.

Now the second point is that I will tell you just now, how to raise your own Kundalini, so that you will learn it now and you can do it later on yourself. It’s very simple; it will take hardly five to six minutes. Now this left hand is your desire to get realisation, so you please put it towards Me like this, left hand. And you have to sit comfortably like this, like this, just simple like this on your lap, you can keep it on your lap, not to strain yourself, strain should not be there on the body at all. Sit straight that’s all.

Now the right hand you have to first of all know that this is the hand of action, so you put your right hand on your heart first of all. When we start I’ll tell you how to do i,t but just now put it on the heart, then in the upper part of the stomach on the left-hand side, we are working only on the left-hand side. Then in the lower part of the stomach, then again going back on the upper part of the stomach, then going to your heart, then here in the corner of your head, or neck and your shoulder. Now put the hand from front because some people try to do it other way round, just straight like this and push it as much as you can and put your neck on the right-hand side like that.

Then you have to raise this hand to your forehead like this and press it on both the sides, then take this hand on the back of your head, put the weight of your head on that hand and push it back as much as you can. Now bring that hand back and stretch your fingers and put the centre of your palm on here, on the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, press it hard and move it very slowly seven times. This is all you have to do.

[This passage missing from video file: Now, let’s start. If you can take out your spectacles because you are not to open your eyes, you might help your eyesight as well. Now I’ll tell you again, close your eyes, put both the feet straight on the Mother Earth in a parallel way, left hand towards Me and close your eyes. Till I tell you, please don’t open your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes.] Put your right hand on your heart, here resides the Spirit, so you have to ask Me a question which is a very fundamental question, you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like: ‘Mother, am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit?’ Ask this question three times from your heart, sincerely.

Now put this right hand on the left-hand side, on the upper side of your stomach and press it. Here is the centre of your mastery, of your guideline and that’s why here, you have to ask another question that, if you are the Spirit, you are your guide, so you ask Me a question again, three times in your heart: ‘Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master?’ Ask this question. Now, ask this question three times.

Now bring the right hand in the lower portion of the left-hand side of your stomach or abdomen and press it hard. Now this is the centre through which all the divine laws work, so here I cannot force you, you have to ask for it, and this centre has got six petals so you have to ask: ‘Mother, may I have pure knowledge, Mother may I have divine knowledge.’ You have to ask Me six times. I cannot force on you, I’m sorry you have to ask. Please say it six times in your heart.

Now, raise your right hand and put it on the left-hand side of your abdomen in the upper part, please put your right hand and press it with your fingers in the upper part of the left-hand side of your stomach. Again, this is the centre of your mastery. Now to help the Kundalini to rise, because you have asked for the pure knowledge, She has started moving so here, to give Her full confidence, you have to say, with full confidence ten times, because there are ten petals to this centre, you have to say: ‘Mother, I am my own master,’ say it ten times please. ‘Mother, I am my own master.’ Please say it ten times. Slowly, slowly with your heart in it, full confidence.

Now raise your hand again on the heart and put it there and press it. Now here again, to help the Kundalini, with full confidence you have to say twelve times, please say it twelve times: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ This is the truth, this is the only truth. But say it with confidence: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit. This you have to say it twelve times. Now, one has to know that God is the ocean of love, but above all He is the ocean of forgiveness so He forgives; He forgives all of you all the time and one should not feel guilty. After saying twelve times, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit,’ you raise your right hand and put it in the corner of your shoulder and your neck as far back as possible and turn your head to your right. Please turn your head to your right. Here you have to say sixteen times: ‘Mother, I am not guilty,’ with full confidence in God’s forgiveness. ‘Mother I am not guilty,’ please say it sixteen times. Please say it sixteen times.

Bring back your face in front and now put your hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here, when you have headache you press it, in the same way press it on both the sides. And now here, you have to say from your heart, not how many times but absolutely from your heart: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’ Now many may argue that it is difficult to forgive. Actually it’s a myth because we do not forgive anyone, nor do we anyway, by forgiving anybody, anything happens or we do anything. So whether we forgive or we do not forgive makes no difference, it’s a myth. But if you do not forgive from your heart, then you are playing into wrong hands, so just say from your heart: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’ This is a very big weapon.

Now take back your hand, keep it on the back of your head and allow your head to rest on it. Put your load of your head on it and push it back, your neck a little bit. Here now, for your own satisfaction you may say that: ‘Oh God’ or ‘Oh Divine, if I have done any mistake, please forgive me.’ Say it from your heart, just for your own satisfaction: because some people still feel guilty, it’s better to say it out so that they’ll forgive themselves. There’s nothing to be angry with yourself, I’m telling you again and again, so don’t be angry with yourself. Ah good.

Now don’t open your eyes. Now stretch your hand, right hand, left hand towards Me. This is very important, stretch your hand and put the centre of your hand on the fontanel bone area and press the scalp: keep the fingers out. Now press it hard seven times saying: ‘Mother, please may I have the Self-Realisation,’ because again I cannot force, you have to ask for it, so you have to say: ‘Mother, I want to have my Self-Realisation, please give me my Self-Realisation.’ Ask seven times slowly pressing your own scalp. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone seven times] 

Now take down your hand please, slowly. Now open your eyes slowly. Now place your left hand on top of your head, left hand, left hand. Right hand towards Me. Left hand. See if there’s a cool breeze coming, little, little higher, just see. Open your eyes slowly, all right? Now take the left hand towards Me, try with the right hand. It’s coming out of your head; some people might get hot, doesn’t matter, that will become cool after some time. You may bend your head a little bit if you like. It might be some people get it there. Now try again with the right hand towards Me and left hand. Now you can raise your hands just like this and just ask a question in your heart, three times: ‘Mother, is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’ or ‘Is this the Paramchaitanya?’ or ‘Is this the all-pervading Power of God’s love?’ Just ask the question, put your head back a little bit and ask this question three times. Now bring it down your hands. See for yourself in your hands also. All right? On your head? And this way, try.  Don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt yourself, that’s the main point. It’s good. 

Now those who have felt the cool breeze on their head or in their hands please raise your both the hands. Look at that, now you come and see how many have got it, the one who had asked, see now, see this is Sydney, may God bless you all. Tremendous, just tremendous, you’ll feel very relaxed now, you watch Me without thinking you can do it. Just watch Me without thinking. You got it? See the peace within. You are glorious within. You are peaceful, harmless, beautiful. We cannot remain without thought even for a second.

Now, I would request you all to come tomorrow because I’ll explain to you more about it, and also I’ll establish in people who have got realisation and those who haven’t got it will get it, so please bring your friends, telephone to them, get them here, as many as possible. And we have got some booklets outside if you want you can take them, but better to take them tomorrow because again you will start thinking. You are beyond thinking now; by thinking you could not have got it. What peace.

Before going, I would say you all should give a kind of a protection to yourself. That’s important and this is the first time in the West I am telling because people start again doubting. Not to think much about it but put left hand towards Me, it’s very simple, put the left hand towards Me and with the right hand we give the protection to our auras – you know about auras we have. So seven times we have to take this. So we do it one, again take it over there, two, three, four, five, six and seven. There’s one more thing, is very simple, is how to raise the Kundalini all the time. It’s very easy to do, is to just to put this hand like this – do you mind sitting down; you don’t have to get up. Now you have to turn your right hand on top of this and watch the left hand, now see, move your left hand like this, come along, only right hand is to be moved, left hand is to go straight, goes on top of your head, now you give it a tie, that’s the Kundalini tie. All right second time again, let’s do it. Raise your head like this, now give it a second. Now the third one, third one should give three knots. Now it moves faster, put it higher, one, two and three. Now you see you’ll feel more, just feel it: you’ll feel more. Kundalini is there now, all right? That’s how [unclear] you are, on top of the world. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi [aside to Shri Mataji]: Mother, we have a follow-up program organised at the YWCA in the centre at five o’clock, may we announce it?

Shri Mataji: Yes, but then they should come tomorrow again, is better.

Sahaja Yogi: Could they have invitations to give them on the way out: should we not give them out? 

Shri Mataji: All right, you can tell. 

Sahaja Yogi [to audience]: It’s imperative that we all come again tomorrow night, as the second part of tonight’s program. As Shri Mataji has explained, this is just the beginning, and tomorrow She will show us the significance of this chart here, the subtle system and the chakras. [details of follow-up programs given]