The road to Realization is straightforward

State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

1987-05-08 The Road To Realization Is Straightforward, Sydney Australia DP-RAW, 102' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program. day 2, Sydney, Australia, 8 May 1987.

Sahaja Yogi: On behalf of the people of Sydney, may we make welcome to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. [applause] It was said on National television today that, Sahaja Yoga is a respectable yoga because of some so-called yogas that have gone before. Shri Mataji has come to show us the truth because that’s what we all desire for. If we have a special reason for existence, it is to find the truth. And those of us that have been blessed to be with Her have found the truth. So She’s come to Sydney to tell us about the truth. In a very troubled world, that’s rife with many of the wrong answers to our troubles – the answers of drugs, hard and soft, and other things that distract us, we’ve found that those are not the answer. Holy Mother, thank You for coming and thank You for being with us. So once again, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. The idea about truth is sometimes a misconception. Truth is what it is and will be the truth. We cannot change it, we cannot organise it, we cannot work it out. It remains what it is. And the greatest truth is that we all have become human beings to become the Spirit. We’re still not in that stage, that’s why there are problems around us. Once you become the truth, it being the absolute, you reach the state of absoluteness. Then there is no difference of ideologies, no differences of nation; all nations one knows are created by God Almighty. Just He created variety to give a beautiful world to us. Variety always gives beauty. That’s why this variety was created just to make the world very interesting, but not for fighting or for quarrelling or for believing that this part belongs to us and that part belongs to somebody else.

The human problem, as I have studied, is very simple, is to be understood in a detached way. Now here [on the chakra chart] you can see the beautiful machinery that is working within ourselves. If you see on the left-hand side we have – [aside: Somebody should come and show.]- blue coloured line and the right-hand side you see a yellow line. In the centre you see a white channel. These are our autonomous nervous systems– three channels – left and right sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When I talk of medical science, people get quite surprised. But it has something to do to understand what are we inside ourselves.

Now this parasympathetic nervous system is the system that gives us balance. For example, if I’m running fast, My heart will start thumping, but it comes to normal through parasympathetic nervous system. And medical science doesn’t know much about the parasympathetic nervous system which is actually in the centre. These chakras are around the parasympathetic nervous system and like My fingers here, this is the chakra in the centre here and this the left sympathetic and this is the right sympathetic and they, both put together, make this centre to form the parasympathetic – simple as that.

Now what happens with human beings, that they have a capacity, they have a freedom also to go to the left or to the right. They can be very emotional people. They can go to the emotional side to such an extent that they can become fanatics. They can go further with it so that the left side, which represents our subconscious, then the collective subconscious, can be entered into. So they can enter into collective subconscious also. Subconscious also has three, four layers, that is we can say the present subconscious, the past subconscious and the subconscious of ages, then the collective subconscious, where all that is dead exists in that area. Now, when you move too much on that side, you get attacked by that side and that side has got all that is dead which attacks you, which triggers you.

On the right-hand side we have got another channel of the right sympathetic nervous system. This channel represents our activity and our future. So when you are overactive, you’re working very hard, you are futuristic – all the time thinking about the future – you start moving towards the right side to such an extent that you can enter into your collective supra-conscious also. In the same way you have got your present supra-conscious and also collective supra-conscious.

Now, human beings have a capacity that, they can move to the left and to the right with their attention. They can project their attention to the left or to their right or they can be moderate in the centre. So, when people talked of religion – I mean the real people who came on this earth, they talked of religion – they talked about our valency, that’s a human valency is of ten number, and that’s why they talked of Ten Commandments. Or in every religion they talked about it, that we have to keep this balance. When we go out of this balance then we either move to the left or to the right. But, if you see the history of religions, it is just the opposite. That, all these religions have created conditionings within us – a kind of a fanaticism, a kind of a blind faith which was never the purpose of establishing your valences within yourself.

The movement to the right is also another problem of the modern times. When we move to the right, we actually start becoming very egoistical. The activity that we form, the activity that we perform creates a balloon-like structure on our head, as you see, crossing over here, as ego – that yellow stuff. On the left hand side, when we’re conditioned very much, we get another balloon, which we call as super-ego. Jung also missed the point, because he described that there are layers horizontally placed within ourselves – it is not so. God is a great constructor and a manager. For example, you have put a road for Me here – I don’t have to pass through different, different rows. In the same way He placed everything in a vertical way and the road to realisation is kept free within us. The road to realisation is straightforward, which you see, is the shown in the white colour, is the parasympathetic nervous system.

Now those people who move to the left or to the right develop diseases. For example, I’ll show you here, now supposing, I move one finger too much here, then I’m cut off, cut off with the main – this side is cut off with the main, this side is cut off with the main. Then what happens that, there is no control and the cells become malignant, on their own. They start over-powering others and that’s how they start destroying other cells – we say cancer has been established. Is a very simple thing, is to bring them back again and put them in contact with the Divine and bring them to the mains. Secondly, people have these days, diseases like diabetes – very common, diabetes is a very common disease. Now in Indian villages, the villagers, when they take tea, they say that: ‘We must take so much sugar that the spoon must stand in the sugar.’ And they drink such a lot of sugar, they never have diabetes, never – they have never known diabetes.

What is the cause of diabetes or liver trouble, or we can say other troubles like blood cancer? Is a very simple thing that we do – is the imbalance within us. As you see, the yellow centre we call as Swadishthana, which looks after the aortic plexus in our body, on the physical level, this centre has a very special work to do, that is to convert the fat cells for the use of the brain. So it converts the fat cells for the use of the brain. If people are very futuristic – all the time thinking, thinking, thinking – then this poor centre or chakra has one work, is to convert cells after cells for the use of the brain. Brain starts growing. But what about the other functions it has to do? It has to look after the liver, it has to look after the pancreas, it has to look after the spleen, it has to look after part of the intestines and also the kidneys. When we start thinking too much, we give too much work to this one centre, all these visceras are neglected and you may develop any one of these troubles.

But when it comes to spleen, it is even worse. When it comes to spleen – these days the life is so hectic; first of all, we get up in the morning, first thing we do is to read the newspaper, that’s the horrid thing to do. Coming out of very nice sleep, you suddenly read the newspaper and so many are bombed, so many are killed and so many are harassed, oh God! You get a shock, the system gets a shock. Now, when the system gets a shock, the spleen has to produce more red blood corpuscles; it has to work very hard. Then you suddenly discover you have to go to your work, so you get out of your bed and rush here and there, brush your teeth on your way and carry your breakfast – maybe your wife is running after you with the breakfast – you have no time for anything. Such a hectic life you lead: extremely hectic. Then you get into the car, you find there’s a jam – finished.

Is a – we don’t understand how much you’re shocking ourselves all the time. We are on a war path with the watch. All the time struggling for time, struggling for time. This spleen doesn’t understand the person – there’s no rhythm in the life of that person. The spleen thinks: ‘What am I to do now?’ Suddenly this person needs the red blood corpuscles, then it doesn’t need, then suddenly it needs it – it becomes hectic. It needs hec… when it becomes hectic, it becomes vulnerable for blood cancer. And then, if a person gets any shock or goes to the left side in an emotional way, he gets blood cancer. Even the mothers who are like this, very hectic, disciplining their children: ‘Keep the carpet clean, walk this way, first put your right foot then left foot, don’t walk that way’ – the child, when she’s pregnant, can get blood cancer.

We must understand we are delicately made beautiful flowers of God, we are human beings and the time has come for us to become now the fruits. This is the blossom time. But we shock our system with so many things – for what have we achieved?

In India we have Taj Mahal, we have Ajanta caves, we have so many things to show you but they are all in the past. I don’t think in Sydney you can make a hall like this anymore − is not possible. What have we achieved − plastics? What are we achieving? The modern times, we have lost the sense of greatness and glorious things. All the time you’re struggling with time and nobody has time. Everybody is rushing up. I asked one gentleman, ‘Why are you in such a hurry to go to London? After all, it’s all right, you can go tomorrow, if you don’t get the seat today you can go tomorrow.’ He said, ‘No, I have to attend a ball.’ He’ll waste three hours in the ball or in a pub, that’s all right. But, he’s so worried about getting his ticket, for that he will completely rattle his system. Just to get the ticket and then, for what? That ball is not going to give him any relaxation because he’s already finished his system. And that’s how one develops this blood cancer. Then the pancreas is out of order, one develops diabetes. Kidneys are out of order − high blood pressure. Then all kinds of kidney troubles and then they go on the machine and all kinds of things happen. It is happening in all the nonsensical things also we have taken. 

Like for us now, so far he was, Mr. Freud was, had displaced Christ completely. He had become Christ for us. Blind-folded we followed him and also out-witted him in our projections. ‘What’s wrong?’ When I went to America in ’73, I told them that, this is all wrong you’re doing, it will have a very bad effect, it’s not natural. If promiscuousness is good, then why does it give diseases? If it is natural, then why does it give you problems − simple question. There’s a kind of a ego that we can do it − but why fight with the nature? If you fight with the nature, nature will take its respite. And today that’s why, we have to say: ‘This was wrong we have done and we are not going to do it anymore. Our children are not going to do it.’

After going through all the experiences, now they’re talking that cigarette should be abandoned. But Nanak Sahib had told long time back that cigarette is the worst thing, it will cause horrible trouble to you. Now they’re saying about no smoking − now they cannot give up. There are thousand and one problems − the greatest is, I think now, is AIDS − is caused by nothing but stupid ego. Anything they try, you ask them: why do you do it? Like, some people are now colouring their heads. And I found some of them are becoming blind. So I said, ‘Why are you doing it?’ They said, ‘What’s wrong?’ But why do you want to colour your hair? ‘But what’s wrong?’ I didn’t know what to answer. I said, ‘But it will make you blind.’ ‘We’ll see when it makes us blind.’ Such arrogance. You can’t challenge your system like that; you have to be humble about it because it’s a delicate system of a human being. We are not hippopotamus, are we? That on a hippopotamus you paint anything, nothing will happen to him. But we are human beings, we have got cells here, which absorb things and that can go on to our nerves, can also go on to our other centres. There should be a basic understanding − what is ridiculous? As if people have gone amok and doing all these things − but that’s what, you’re going to the left or to the right.

Now, those people who move too much to the right get heart attacks. They may be thin like dried fishes, but they can get heart attacks. When you extract too much of your energy on the right side, the heart gives in. There is no need to put in so much effort − like one day I met a lady who had a heart attack.  She’s just a housewife with only two children. I said, ‘Why do you get a heart attack, madam?’ She said, ‘I have to work very hard, you know.’ ‘With two children, what do you do?’ ‘Oh, I’ve to keep everything clean, absolutely clean – to keep my children clean, I’ve to keep my husband clean, I’ve to keep my bathroom clean, to keep…’ and I said, ‘It’s all right, but why don’t you understand that also your health is there and you should take some rest in between.’ ‘No, to me cleanliness is everything.’ Then you have the heart attack.

This is the norms of today’s life. I don’t think our parents used to polish everything all the time or they were all the time with a vacuum cleaner, you see, like a tail we have a vacuum cleaner with us. Doesn’t matter, it’s a house. After all, it should be a cosy place for children and for the husband to come down. Doesn’t matter, once you clean it, it’s all right. But that kind of a attitude we cannot take because that’s the norm. So many norms we have which are really absurd and ridiculous. We can never sit down and enjoy each other’s company. If the husband and wife are sitting, there should be a television in between or some sort of a drama or something. There should be something in between; they cannot talk to each other − there’s no relaxing mood.

There’s so much to be talked between husband and wife. I mean, when husband, wife are enjoying themselves and talking to each other, it’s better to switch off the horrible television which is showing the quarrel between husband and wife all the time. So, all these things work out − the family system, the household and the, all the norms we have started. All these things work out on our sweet beautiful system that we have. We are fighting all the time with each other, for what? This is what takes us to the extremes and these extremes are responsible for giving us all these problems.

 Now, with the Kundalini awakening, when She rises, passes through those centres − first of all She puts them like a slot, they all come back, fall in lines. She awakens them, gives them energy, the energy flows out – cures cancer, cures this, cures that, cures that. Then it passes through your Agnya chakra here, where you forgive everyone. You just forgive. You don’t know what a weapon Christ has given us to forgive. Half of the marriages would be all right if we know how to forgive. Just makes you a sweet, beautiful, charming person in the real sense of the word, not outwardly because you’re dressed up well or you have a beautiful ornament or something like that. You really become a very charming person in the sense that, you charm the children, you charm your family, you charm the whole world. Because once you start forgiving, the love of your heart starts pouring everywhere. When She opens this last centre, actually here on the fontanel bone area, where you get your real baptism this is the, we call the seat of the heart centre, seat of the heart centre. When She opens, the transformation starts and you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. So, the transformation in the temperament, in the behaviour of a person − you immediately notice the face changing − the tense face that you see suddenly becomes mellowed down; we relax. And this Kundalini awakening then kept up well, makes you grow spiritually. And the spiritual growth in a person is what we want today. Of course, no diseases, no physical problems, no mental problems − many mad people have been cured, this schizophrenia has been cured with Sahaja Yoga.

Is all because our Spirit has not come into our attention. Spirit is the light but the light we see here is jarring sometimes − has nothing in it − the light of the Spirit has love; is beautiful love about which we have heard about, which is all-pervading, is all over and you just feel absolutely sure of yourself as if you’re entered into the beautiful hall of God’s kingdom where you are secured, you are respected, you are loved, you are looked after − is a fact. But we have to enter there and we have to receive that blessing. 

Then this physical things look nothing, insignificant. If somebody has some problem, you can go and cure it, I need not be there. You can raise the Kundalini of other people. This is your birthright to get the Kundalini awakened and to have your real baptism. You have got it within yourself, all is your power − I’m doing nothing, maybe a catalyst for a little while, and then you become the catalyst. The whole world can change and transform itself if it follows the power of love. We have never used the power of love − is all the power of hatred all the time.

But the power of love, that is divine love, is devoid of lust and greed − is just you enjoy the loving of love. And that situation, when it works, you see the whole world in a different way and you develop that witness state which is described many a times by many saints and many prophets and incarnations. It’s a very easy thing to happen, it is spontaneous because it’s the living force, is the living thing − you cannot pay for it, it’s ridiculous to think that you can pay for it: you cannot. How much money did we pay to the plants which produce these beautiful flowers − nothing. They just gave you the flowers because they enjoy giving. That sort of personalities we all become: beautiful people. Actually we have wasted our life quite a lot. After realisation we understand how valuable we are, how glorified we are, how God loves us and how He looks after us moment to moment. These imbalances within us have now increased more by time, because the ego increased a lot and then we said, ‘Why not do this, why not try this, why not try that,’ like everybody going amok trying this, trying that, trying that. Everything new they should have. They did not believe in what people told them before, they discarded all that and they said, ‘Let’s try everything new.’

Like, the other day we were having a banquet and there was an ambassador sitting next to Me and he said, ‘I know, You don’t like Freud.’ ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘I don’t like him at all.’ But he said, ‘He told us something new, while You didn’t tell us something new, you see.’ I said, ‘All right, we’ve had dinner many a times but we have never eaten the table, let’s have it.’ [laughter] That’s a new thing, why not? He was shocked at Me. He said, ‘Everything new can be very dangerous.’ Let us try with the snakes, let us try with the tigers. This is the trouble with us. We have to humble down to understand that no, this is a trust of God within us − this body of ours − we have no business to insult it, to be disrespectful to it, to waste it; we have to respect it.

With what difficulty it was made, the whole, [pointing to chakra chart] you see, beautiful mechanism that is made within us and it works so spontaneously, so beautifully − even whatever you have done to it, doesn’t matter, forget it, even if you have not respected it, forget it. Please don’t develop any guilt − that’s another disease of the modern times: everybody is guilty. Why are you guilty? You’re human beings, if you have done mistakes so it’s all right. It’s for God to correct it − that’s His job, so give Him to do that job. But we shouldn’t go on doing the mistakes. Once we’re blessed by Him, let us enjoy. 

Now many scientists say that there is no God − I think it’s very unscientific to say that. A scientist must have an open mind. If he doesn’t have an open mind, he’s not a scientist at all. He has not known anything about God, how does he say there is no God?  You may say that the way religion is followed, is wrong − I agree there. The way they make money in the name of God, is wrong − I agree there − but there is God. Definitely there is God. Keep your minds open like a scientist and also, what I say is a hypothesis to you − tomorrow it will become a law and you’ll be amazed the laws of God’s love are so definite, unchangeable, they work so beautifully. For example, when you get your realisation, you feel the cool breeze on top of your head and you feel the cool breeze all around your fingers. These fingers tell you − one, two, three, four, five, six and seven, seven centres that are within you − which one is catching. Is said so. Mohammad Sahib has said, ‘Your hands will tell you, they will speak at the time of your resurrection.’ Your fingers tell you what’s wrong with you, they will tell you what’s wrong with another person. And that’s absolute; all those who are realised will say the same thing – what’s wrong with this country, what’s wrong with that country – and you can verify it.

It’s very easy to verify whether it’s the truth or not. Supposing you want to ask a question: ‘Is there God?’  You’ll get tremendous vibrations. If you say: ‘Is Freud was a good man?’ you’ll get blisters, maybe. So, it is within you, just to reach that point where you become so sensitive that, you can say what is what and you can verify, and you can correct yourself, you can diagnose yourself, you can treat yourself, you can treat others, you can help the whole world. Like one light which is enlightened can enlighten many lights − that’s how it is going to work out. Yesterday we spent a lot of time asking questions. Today if you want, you can ask but not too many and sensible questions will be better because I’m not here for election. They ask Me questions as if I’m standing for some election or asking for goods from you. I have come here to give you what is yours − nothing to take. 

[inaudible question] 

I will, little later we’ll do that, that’s good. Listening to Me you may not, may some people may, but you will be. I’m happy that you are anxious to get the enlightenment − it’s correct, very correct attitude. 

[question] Does it, does it matter if you’re following another teaching? 

Depends on. You see, if you’re following the teachings which are against natural things, naturally how can you judge − let us see on Kundalini. Kundalini immediately indicates. All right? If you are following a wrong person, then it indicates immediately and then you better give up, all right, in that case. Whatever is good for you, you should take it.

There have been horrible people in this world, I must confess. I’m very sorry, so many have been Indians who came round spoiling the name of India – I don’t know what to say – and taking full advantage of your ignorance about this knowledge. I have to just say one thing, that you must give a full test of these people − take a full understanding. How? For example, if somebody is here and says, ‘You pay five hundred rupees or five hundred dollars for just seeing my face,’ you better never see such a face again. [laughter] Or that: ‘There is some technique which I’ll teach you.’ There is no technique for living things. It’s already built-in, it works out by itself. Or anybody who says: ‘There’s a course you have to go through,’ − there is no course.

What is a course of a tree that is growing − do you give a course to that tree? All right, you have five days’ course.’ [laughter] It will grow despite everything. Then, you cannot take any money in the name of God. You cannot live on the earnings in the name of God. We don’t believe in priesthoods in Sahaja Yoga. You have to do your normal work, you have to be married, you must have children, you must live like normal people and be spiritually developed. We don’t have all these systems that people had where, you become a priest and you pay them money − the priest is taking money and living on that. God has nothing to do with money. He actually doesn’t understand any money. If you put only this test, then most of them will be finished. 

We may say, how are they to live? They should live by, as they have been living. They can teach in the school, they can sell things in the market, do what they like. What is the need to take money? Now for Me, I must say, luckily in this lifetime, I have a good husband and we’re well off but still, if these boys want to pay, say, for My travelling, they can pay to the travel agent, not to Me. If they give Me any presents, I can return them sweetly, something of the same kind or better. But there should not be any greed. Sometimes you feel like giving flowers − all right, then I must also return it. All matter has this value is to gifts and communicate your feelings to another − that’s the only thing a matter can do and that’s what we should utilise it for. So this ghost of materialism will drop out. It’s a ghost, I tell you and it’s growing bigger and bigger.

I won’t be surprised after some time, people won’t have their hair, won’t have their teeth, won’t have their ears left. Because all kinds of things they tell you to do to your hair, all kinds of things they tell you to do to your face − I mean, it’s going on and on and on. The kind of food we have to eat, God knows whether we are to eating plastic or polyester. [laughter] Everything becoming materialistic. With Sahaja Yoga ,you can transform non-hybrid seeds for such great germination power that they can produce crops better than hybrid − this we have experimented.

 What’s this question there? Somebody was asking. It’s gone away or what?  All right. 

Seeker: Mother, [inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi:  You have to speak up, it’s raining outside and we can’t hear you. [inaudible from seeker]  She tends to sleep twelve to fourteen hours a day, is that bad? 

Shri Mataji: She sleeps a lot.

Sahaja Yogi: She sleeps a lot. 

Shri Mataji: You are left-sided, that’s all − we’ll work it out, all right? It’s very simple to give a balance to yourself. That’s simple. You’re a left-sided person, that’s why you sleep more. 

Can, can somebody stand up and say things? 

Sahaja Yogi: Who’s asking the question, I can’t see them. Can you repeat the question? Can you stand up, because we can’t see you. [inaudible and unclear]

Seeker: Mother, may Your Holiness explain us whether there is a difference between a knowledge, a steady wisdom and Self- realisation? If there is a difference, in what aspect do they differ? 

Sahaja Yogi: What is the difference between Self-Realisation and knowledge? 

Shri Mataji: It’s just the same. No difference. You see in the Vedas it is written Vida – Vida is the word used in Sanskrit language − means to know on your central nervous system. Whatever is known on your central nervous system is the knowledge, the rest of it is just ‘Shabd Pandityam’ means only the word, the words. Words and words. Whatever you know on your central nervous system is the knowledge. The rest of it is just talking, talking, talking. What is it? [unclear question/What’s the meaning of knowledge, wisdom and Self-Realisation?]

Sahaja Yogi:  Knowledge, wisdom and Self-Realisation. 

Shri Mataji: Now, knowledge − when you have knowledge, you get wisdom automatically: is a result of that, all right?  [inaudible question] What is it, yet?

Sahaja Yogi:  To become wise, one must be detached. 

Shri Mataji: Yes, by… by realisation you become detached and then you become wise. All right? By Self-Realisation you automatically become detached and you develop a witness state and that’s how you become wise. All right, now let others say. [aside: These are half-read Indians.] Ha, what’s it? Yes, My child.

 Seeker: I have a question about re-birthing and whether that is an advisable technique; it’s very common nowadays. 

Sahaja Yogi: [unclear] re-birthing. Re-birthing – the technique of re-birthing. It’s the technique that’s being sold in, in example in Sydney… 

Shri Mataji: What is?

Sahaja Yogi: It’s a technique where people are made to re-live their birth 

Shri Mataji: That’s the vogue, that’s the fashion.

Sahaja Yogi:  The fashion.

Shri Mataji: What is that? 

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, she says, is it advisable? A technique called re-birthing where people pay money and they’re made to re-live their birth, their actual physical birth, to clear any subconscious’, subconscious blocks that are there in the system. She wants to know if that’s an advisable thing to do…

Shri Mataji: Oh, not at all. I am trying to take you out of your subconsciouses. You see, all these techniques are useless, horrible. They’ll end up in the lunatic asylums then, I think. Go to your subconscious –what is the need? You can’t cleanse it, that’s the point is. If you try to cleanse it yourself, your ego will come up like that, like a nice big serpent. You can’t do it; it has to be done. 

This is one point that, it is effortless. All right? Like [sounds like/Saatreya] said that those things, I know that: ‘Cleanse yourself, go into your subconscious.’ What is your protection? How are you going to cleanse? I don’t think that is a very advisable thing to do. Just get your power, which cleanses automatically. 

You see, everything must have a proper method. Now supposing, you have to wash your hair: you won’t put your head in the washing machine, will you? They always take out some sort of a new method. [Shri Mataji laughs] Some psychiatrist – you see, I tell you, the limit. [laughter] That’s in the fashion, just imagine. All such fashions come up. [to another seeker] Yes, yes? Please stand up if you can, madam. It’s a gentleman, I’m sorry. [laughter] I’m sorry! [inaudible question]

Sahaja Yogi: Do You believe in the power of crystals in meditation?

Shri Mataji: Not necessary now. You go beyond all that. You can give powers to crystals now, once you get realisation. That’ not necessary now. [inaudible from seeker]

Sahaja Yogi: She wants to know how You caught Your cold, how You caught Your cold. With respect, she’s asking, how did You catch Your cough?

Shri Mataji: Because I have to talk so much. If you talk like Me, you’ll be coughing all the time. So much talking, you can’t believe – morning till evening, I’m talking, talking, talking: this kind or that kind. And then sometimes also, by curing somebody else’s cough, I start coughing Myself. That’s how it clears out. If in the atmosphere there is a cough, I have to cough Myself. I have to suffer a little bit for that. Yes, I know. [inaudible question]

Sahaja Yogi: She wants to know about people who live in the past, who tend to dwell into the past…. I’m sorry, regressing: people who regress into a past life. 

Shri Mataji: No, that’s very wrong. [unclear/Is useless,] is absurd. You see, we’ll all become like ghosts. Why to go to the past? The present is most important. You see, people think that past, they were like kings or something like that; they want to believe in such myths. So what? Today, you don’t even have two Dollars in your pocket, what’s the use of remembering that you were a king or something? [laughter & applause] Also, these people who tell you that they are helping you to regress, they just tell you like that, you see – big, big stories that, you were the king of Mesopotamia and all that, and all nonsensical things and a person starts thinking, you know, when they walk out, they think that they have become now the kings and they walk like this. [She demonstrates someone looking very haughty/proud] ‘What has happened?’ ‘Oh, I was the king of this.’ All right, now what are you? Nothing important. Nothing important. [inaudible question]

Sahaja Yogi: He wants to know if there’s any difference when one sleeps – on their left side or sleeping on their right side.

Shri Mataji: No, not much of a difference; it’s a matter of habit. It’s a matter of habit. You see, we have so many habits and this is a very harmless habit – it’s all right. [laughter] Yes, yes – the lady there. I hope it’s a lady…

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, please stand up. [repeats lady’s question] Do You think Christ ever went to India? Do You feel that Jesus Christ ever went to India?

Shri Mataji: Of course, He did. No doubt. He did. Who else is here? This gentleman? [inaudible question]

Sahaja Yogi: A lot of people say that one shouldn’t eat meat, or they shouldn’t eat this or eat that – that’s diet…

Shri Mataji: Diet – nothing, is all nonsense. It has nothing to do with Kundalini. Of course, one should not eat meat of something – bigger animals, you see, because they have got fibres which are bigger than our muscles, and if you eat those, then they attack our muscles. So, bigger animals should be avoided. It’s nothing – diet and all that are not important – but after coming to Sahaja Yoga, you verify if you are a liver patient or if you are another trouble or anything, we tell you a diet for a while, that’s all. It’s not important. So much attention is paid to diet, for what? I just don’t understand. You see, only thing is that, it helps you to understand what diet you should have; that’s all. Is – more attention is paid in Sahaja Yoga, how sweet you are, how kind you are, how compassionate you are, how forgiving you are, how nice you are to each other. What’s the use of eating very good diet and all the time, saying horrible words to others? It’s better to starve.  

Seeker: I was wondering if, what is the significance of the new comet – it comes from Andromeda. [laughter] 

Shri Mataji: It has a big, very big significance; that’s a big transformation has to come on this earth: it has. They bring new forces, no doubt. 

Seeker: We all have a Spirit, that is, the inner energy. Once we die, does this Spirit get reincarnated, or what happens to it?

Shri Mataji: Again. You see, this is a question people are very much busy with: what happens to us when we die. But just now, we are all living and all right. So, I think that, you see, this question can be tackled later on at length – what happens to us and where do we go and what is the net result –after realisation. There’s one thing I can tell you, in short, that a realised soul can decide: when to be born, when to die, where to be born, how to be born. It’s his own decision; he becomes such a powerful personality. But the rest of it, we need not worry about those who are not realised just now. 

All right? Let’s have it now. [aside: It’s sufficient time we have given, about half an hour.][Yogi tries to give Her something. She replies: No, that’s sufficient; once is all right. I managed it.]

Now, I hope you will be all seated quietly. It’s a very simple thing we have to do. Firstly, first we must know that no effort is needed: no effort. It’s a living process, it works automatically. Secondly, it’s a very pleasant thing, and it’s a very great moment for us because you are now at the epitome of your evolution and you have to just have the breakthrough into the realm of the Divine. So, at this time, you should not at all in any way feel guilty; you must forgive yourself. You shouldn’t think of whatever has happened in the past, or also in My lecture, if I have said something that might have suggested that you had done something wrong, please forget the lecture also. This is just a happening that will take place – I am sure – with all of you. It’s a very simple thing and it should work out. 

Now, you have to little bit cooperate with Me. Those who don’t want to do it can go away, because they shouldn’t disturb others – looking at other people is not very civil. Those who want to have realisation, it’s very simple that, I‘ll tell you how to raise your own Kundalini, as I told yesterday, and how to fix your Kundalini on top of your head, which is a very simple thing to do. Those who got realisation yesterday, they’ll find it will be quite a steady thing that will happen to him, and those who didn’t get it will get realisation today. Now, one thing I have to request – you have to take out your shoes, because this Mother Earth gives us a big help. 

Those who have to go can go away now, but don’t disturb others. Please don’t disturb others and watch others or see what they are doing. There’s nothing you are going to do anything funny; it’s very simple, to feel all your chakras. So first, you’ll have to put your hand on your heart, where resides the Spirit. This is the left hand, is the hand of your desire, so put it towards Me that, you want your realisation, and the right hand is the hand of your action, so you put your right hand first on your heart. We work only on the left-hand side, not on the right-hand side, so on the heart first, then in the upper part of your stomach, or upper part of your abdomen, then in the lower part of your abdomen, then going back into the upper part of your abdomen, then again on your heart. Then here, in the corner between your neck and your shoulder, and turn your face on the side – this way, right side. Now, then you’ll put your hand on your forehead across, like that, and press it like that on both the sides. Then, take your hand on the back side and put your, all your weight of your head on that hand, and just push it back: putting the hand, left hand, towards Me. Now, stretch the hand fully, stretch the fingers and in the centre of your palm, you just take the centre of your palm and touch on top of your fontanel bone area, and press it hard, and move it seven times – slowly, slowly – move it seven times. That’s all: it’s a very simple thing you have to do. 

But now, you have to close your eyes; you can take out your spectacles if you want. Put both the feet parallel to each other – not overlapping each other, but parallel to each other. Put the left hand towards Me, first of all. Close your eyes, just close your eyes. It’s a very simple journey and it works out very fast: close your eyes.

Now, put your right hand on your heart. This is the place where the Spirit resides. Now, you have to ask Me a very fundamental question – you can call Me Shri Mataji or you can call Me Mother: ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ Ask this question three times to Me in your heart. ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ This is a fundamental question. ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ Now, put the right hand on the upper part of your left side abdomen. Now here, press it hard; this is the centre of our mastery – our guideline, or our dharma as they call it, our valences.  Here, you have to ask the second question which follows: ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ because if you are the Spirit, you become your own master. ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ Ask this question three times, please. 

Now put your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen, and press it hard. This is the centre through which you work out all the divine laws and for that, you have to have the pure knowledge. But I cannot force on you, so you have to ask for it and you have to say: ‘Mother, may I have the pure knowledge?’ Please say it six times, because there are six petals to this centre. ‘Mother, please may I have the pure knowledge?’ By asking this, the Kundalini starts rising. Now, to cooperate with Her, we have to suggest to Her that we are absolutely confident of ourselves. So now, raise your right hand on to the left-hand side of your abdomen, in the upper part, press it and say here, with full confidence: ‘Mother, I am my own master.’ Say it ten times, ten times, ten times. With full confidence: ‘Mother, I am my own master.’ 

Now, raise your right hand and put it again on your heart. Now, with all full confidence in yourself, you have to say here: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ This is the fact, this is the truth. ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ Please say it twelve times: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ Now – twelve times. We have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of love, but above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. He forgives us for everything that we do because He knows that we are human beings so you should not feel guilty about anything whatsoever.

Now raise your right hand, and put it in the corner between the head and the… between the neck and the shoulder and turn your head to the right side. Press it hard. Here, you have to say with full confidence, sixteen times: ‘Mother, I am not guilty.’ Please say it sixteen times; this is the biggest hurdle, just now I find. ‘Not guilty at all.’ Sixteen times please. Now, if some people still want to feel guilty they can, as a punishment: say a hundred and eight times. [smiling]It’s a myth. All right. Now, take out your hand and put it on your forehead across; press it on both the sides. Here, you have to say, with your heart – with your heart, I’m saying again: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’ Not how many times, with your heart, please say: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’ Now some people say it is very difficult to forgive. Now what do you do? If you don’t forgive or forgive, it’s just the same; you don’t do anything about it. Only thing, when you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands so please say, from your heart: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’ You’ll feel much lighter. You don’t have to count or people whom you have to forgive, just say in one stretch all of them. You should be pleasantly placed, not in guilty manner: you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Good, that’s a good thing. 

Now, take your hand on the back side. There’s nothing very serious about it. You see that the way people are absolutely very serious – you have to be in a pleasant mood – but to satisfy you, you can now put your head back on your hand and say for your own satisfaction, that: ‘If I have made any mistakes, O Divine, please forgive me.’ This is only for a child’s satisfaction, as they say. It’s nothing like that – without asking only, He forgives you. He’s such a kind Father. 

All right. Now stretch your hand. Stretch your hand and put the centre of your hand on top of the fontanel bone and press it now. Press it and move it seven times, slowly, saying: ‘Mother, please give me my realisation.’ I cannot force on you, so you have to say: ’Mother, please give me my realisation,’ you have to ask. Seven times please. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone seven times]

Now, take down your hand please. Open your eyes; watch Me without thinking and put your left hand on top of your head and right hand towards Me. Right hand towards Me and left hand on top of your head and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. [Shri Mataji nods] You’ve got it; you got it long time back. The way you were laughing I could see that. It’s there, it’s there, just see, little bit –some people feel it… some people telephone to say that they got it on top of their head about two feet above. Now put the left hand towards Me and right hand; see with the right hand also. Might feel little hot with right hand; some people might. Mmm, it’s tremendous. Good? Again, with the right hand towards Me and with the left hand. [up] Ha, good? Beautiful.

Now, if you put both of your, both your hands like this [above the head] and ask a question: ‘Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya? Mother, is this the Power of God’s love?’ Just ask the question three times; put your head back and ask the question. Now, take down your hands please. See in your hands, do you feel the cool breeze, and feel the relaxation. You’ve all got it? Did you get it now? [looking at one particular seeker] Just put your hands wherever your hands are. No? Should be there. It should work out. [looking at other seekers] You both have been enjoying it the most, I think. 

Wonderful, isn’t it? No thought, no thought in the mind; absolutely relaxed. Enjoy the peace that is within you, and the joy. Once I gave realisation to one gentleman, he was in Italy and he was director of a television… and he said, ‘First, You give me realisation,’ and once I gave him the realisation, he just started laughing and he said, ‘Aah, done: finished.’ I said, ‘What done?’ ‘I’ve sold all my horses.’

Beautiful. Some people might feel little hot – if they have liver problem, they do feel hot. Then they should put their right hand towards Me and left hand on the liver, which is on the right-hand side. Now, all those who have felt the cool breeze in their hands or on top of their heads, please raise your hands – both the hands – all of you, those who have felt it. Practically all! Except for you, what’s the matter? All right? Good. Great. Tremendous. 

Now, some people have not felt, isn’t it? And they should feel it. Luckily, we have twelve centres in Sydney: twelve centres. You can contact any one of them. I’m sorry, I’m travelling again and I won’t be here; I travel quite a lot and I hope to be back again in Sydney next year. But in any case, by that time, I am sure you all will grow like great trees of life, giving realisation to thousands. One person can give realisation to a thousand people: it’s so great as that. All that can be achieved very easily. May God bless you. 

[Yogi starts telling the audience about the follow-up workshop]

Shri Mataji: Please do go, please. Look after your realisation; it’s like a little sapling now, don’t waste it. Please go to that workshop. Please work it out. Don’t stand on formalities – we don’t have huge, big places as you know, we don’t collect money, but whatever it is, you’ll get what you have to get; the whole knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. Everything you’ll get, please attend those workshops, and also the centres that are there. Thank you. [Applause. Yogi continues giving the information]

Shri Mataji: I’d better sit down here, to say to you all hello. I don’t know when will I meet you all again. [Shri Mataji then spends another twenty minutes greeting people]