Mother’s Day Picnic

Galstone (Australia)


1987-05-10 Mother’s Day Picnic, Sydney, Australia

[Shri Mataji:  I would like to thank all of you but thanking is coming with the rain, for a celebration of this Mother’s Day. It’s a very good idea that this Mother’s Day has been established in your country and that it coincides with My visit here.

In India surprisingly we don’t have anything like Mother’s Day. Very surprising. We have all the goddesses’ days but not for mother. And we have to remember also the mother who gave us birth, and then only you can realize what it is to give a spiritual birth. And so nice to see so many children here and small little babies, all of them so much enjoying themselves in the nature and are bringing joy to all of you. There are no words that can really express the joy I feel the way Sahaja Yoga is growing in Sydney especially. I have to [unclear: achieve?] Melbourne, but I think it will go very much faster than any other country abroad than India. You can see how things are happening.

It was so exciting the other day when you came after the workshop. You were so much satisfied that you have been able to save so many Australians. And you will be saving more and more and more and bringing much more joy to your country.

So many things happened at such a short time. Difficult to mention all of them together. Next year you have decided to have another beautiful Ganesha Puja. That will solve most of the problems, I think. Sahasrara to Ganesha, the problems remain nowhere, isn’t it? [unclear] … complete. But we must understand that we are surrounded by another force which is taking us downward, and we should not get into that downward movement.

Lots of temptations are there because now you are having families. Then you are having children, having houses, homes, ashrams, possessions, positions, money. Lots of temptations will be there because you’ll be blessed by the temptations, and then these temptations will judge you. The blessings should be counted but they should not ruin you. Blessings should not ruin you. They should elevate you in greater faith in God’s compassion and love.

On this great day that we are all here where you see the Mother Earth is in full abundance giving all the beautiful flowers that she could. All kinds of fragrance and all kinds of hues and colors that you see. The Mother Earth has given us so much and within us Mother Earth is represented as the Kundalini and she has given us so much also within us. So as Sahaja Yogis we should be blooming beautifully with our fragrance and with our joy.

Sahaja Yogis are always very happy people. Very joyous. They stand out by their beautiful expressions anywhere you go. They are very beautiful people, no doubt, and this is going to convince, this is going to convince others that Sahaja Yoga is a great thing.

In Sahaja Yoga there are some people who still cannot get over certain problems. For them we have to arrange certain things like sometimes we have to send them outside the atmosphere and they prosper well. Or sometimes we have to send our children to some other place to improve, and they do improve.

So the attitude should be of gratitude that there is a chance for all of us to be perfectly all right and enjoying ourselves and others enjoying us. if that is the attitude, nobody will feel that, ‘Oh, we are going out and my children are going out.’ All of these problems come up when we think in a very narrow way. We have to think of our lives and the lives of our children and the lives of our countrymen here. Especially now we are trying to get some more people from outside to Australia, and most of them who have come here have improved very much. Australia is a place of improvement, I think. It’s like we send them for improvement, you see. So sometimes that people send their children to some reformatory school or some sort of a jail to be improved, but it’s the other way round. We send them to a beautiful garden so that they improve. In the garden they blossom better. And so this is a beautiful garden where you have come. So you have to learn to enjoy yourself.

Now I am again going to Melbourne – you know that – and there are hardly ten days now I am in this country. Whatever it is, what your time is spent here, how intensely we take Sahaja Yoga is the point. How intensely we understand Sahaja Yoga is the point. It’s not how much pastime we spend together but how deeply we feel the joy of Sahaja Yoga.

Meditation is a part and parcel of our lives. As for human beings they have to breathe, they have to meditate. If you do not meditate you can never grow. You have to meditate. Unless and until you meditate you can never grow. You’ll remain the same. The growth of a personality takes place only when you meditate and become deeper. Superficiality is not going to help and this is the reason why one has to meditate but not for a long period, just for five to ten minutes every day morning and evening, that all of us have to do every day. Whether you are in the ashram or not please keep to that, that you meditate.

Secondly, little few things that we have to do every day. It’s like putting the ghee in the nose or something in the ears, putting little oil on the head. All these things must be observed. That’s important because that is good for our health. Whatever is necessary we should do. We should keep very good excellent health. You should not have a health that every time Mother has a problem that She has to solve the problem of the health, you see. So we all should keep very good health. We don’t need any medicines, any doctors – very simple things that are to be done.

There’s another disease we have is that of ego which is very troublesome stuff. I’ve told them that for all people who are egoistical they should put their heads down quite a lot and put fingers in their ears and say, ‘Allahu akbar.’ So that is ‘God is great. I am not great’, to humble down, to humble down. If you have ego you can never grow because you know ego forms a big barrier for Kundalini to rise. And this ego must be taken out in a way that it’s not you. Ego is not yourself. It’s something outside. It’s very easy to understand that we have ego and that ego has to go. It’s like a disease on us. So this part of ego can be removed very easily. If you, when you talk to people or when you arrange things, you organize things, you should see what is your behavior.

On your vibrations also you should be able to feel what is the situation. There are many people who can’t even feel vibrations. There are many people who cannot even find out what’s wrong with them. So then how are you a Sahaja Yogi? You cannot be a Sahaja Yogi just coming to Sahaja Yoga or once having your realization. At least you should be able to feel the vibrations of yourself and vibrations of others. If you cannot feel that then it is something still missing in you. That means you have to mature. You have to mature. And the matured Sahaja Yogis, if they tell you anything you have to listen to them. You have to accept what they are saying. If you are not matured enough then you will always have problems and you will be not of much use to Sahaja Yoga either or to this realm of God. So we have to go into the Kingdom of God and we should be quite prepared for that. We should have that capacity within us. We should be entitled to enter into the Kingdom of God. And for that whatever is to be done has to be done.

That’s the part where we have to see to our duties. But you have so many rights. Many more rights than the duties. Whatever you want, you’ll get it. What you ask for, you have it. Whatever you say, then it is. There isn’t any time that God forgets, not even a moment. So you have so many privileges. But you also have certain duties to be fulfilled towards yourself, and that’s how towards the collective.

Now those who cannot live in the collective are not Sahaja Yogis, by no means. Those who try to get out of collective, their mind tells them, ‘We should get out of collective. We should live outside,’ should know that there’s something lacking in them. They should enjoy the company of others. They should enjoy working with others. They should enjoy the beauty of others. They should enjoy the vibrations of others. But those who try to think of having separate things and some sort of a private stuff, then that means they are not yet matured enough. They may be old but they may not be matured. So a mature Sahaja Yogi enjoys the collective. Collective is the way which really judges you.

Look at the children. When they are playing how they are enjoying with nothing there. They haven’t got anything to play, but just a little thing here and there. They have made a toy out of that – all of them playing together, enjoying together. No problems. But we, when we grow up we want to have our individual living, individual things. There’s no joy in it. There’s no joy. So for every Sahaja Yogi to judge himself is the best way. How much do I enjoy the collective? How much I enjoy living with others? And how much I want to have my own – my own child, my own husband, my own family, my own room? All those people who think like that are not yet fully Sahaja Yogis. They are still immature and they don’t deserve to be there where they are.

All these things if you keep in mind, I’m sure it will work out very fast, and things will be much better for all of you. We are people of a special category, chosen for a very special work, for a very, very great work which has never taken place before. It’s the greatest evolution that you could take. Such an evolution has not taken place in any country, in any nation, in any place. And for the greatest of greatest is the blessings that you form a new race, more out of the people who are in this world. A new race is formed. Never such a new race was formed. Only the theories, like people said, “All right we’ll have communism.” So they fought for communism. They said, “We’ll have this sort of a thing.” They fought for it. “We’ll have this government. We’ll have this land.” They fought for it. But nothing happened inside.

But here is a complete transformation. Is such a revolution. Is of complete ascent from the roots upwards. Everything is changed and that’s what has never happened before. And only human beings can do that. And that’s what you have achieved. So it’s a very great thing. My all congratulations to all of you, especially to James, the way he has handled all of you, because such a wise man like him you have got. You are a very fortunate person to have such a wise man like James.  

Now we have two world leaders. One of them is James and another is Hugo. These two are world leaders and they are to consult each other while doing anything that is on a world level. So you can imagine what level James is. Secondly, I have to think of Paul who is in England, who has done so much for recording all my programs and things. He was to come here. He has not come. Especially Mark and Nick, both of them are working very hard and they have really done beautiful, very beautiful photography. Because I’ve seen these TV people. They do my photography. All over the world they have done it. No one has got that depth and I think that kind of a divinity showing in their films. While they have shown such beautiful films and such a theme for the progeny also, and it has worked out so well. So we have to give them a big hand.

It’s a thing of great pride for English Sahaj Yogis that they have produced such nice, beautiful films for all of you to see. Then I have to thank also all the musicians here. You have done such an honor to all our programs by giving beautiful music and beautiful singing. And all of you have enjoyed it. And music is very important for Sahaja Yoga.  Absolutely, it’s like water for life. It’s like that. So music has to be there. And the way they have picked up all kinds of music – Spanish music and Indian music and all kinds. Very remarkable, and I think they deserve big congratulations. Also, I congratulate all those who came from abroad and have improved so much, and have shown to the world how one can improve, and given such a hope, I am very much thankful to Australia atmosphere that it has rendered such wisdom to that. May God bless them. And last but not least, the children who brought such a nice present for Me. I am very much thankful to them. And to the little, little babies who came here like little flowers and making the whole place so much full and beautiful. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi:    Shri Mataji, the Australians have a Mother’s Day present for you. And also actually each ashram in New South Wales has a Mother’s Day present for you. May we present?

Shri Mataji:     That’s too much. You’ve given Me already. Taken the present already from you. No, that’s too much. They’re all a ship load, I tell you. All these presents, you’ll have to bring them to India.

Sahaja Yogi:    Happy Mother’s Day.

Shri Mataji:     Oh wha! What’s this? Thank you. It’s beauty. What is that?

Sahaja Yogini: It’s a brooch.

Shri Mataji:     It’s a brooch.

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji:     Beautiful brooch, I must say. I don’t know how to show it. It’s a small…

Sahaja Yogi:    A gold and opal brooch.

Shri Mataji:     Beautiful. And there’s seven. And they are seven. That’s the best part.

Sahaja Yogi:    There’s seven opals in a circle, set in a circle of gold.

Shri Mataji:     That’s too much. But very expensive. You need not have been…

Sahaja Yogi:    Can ashram leaders please be ready to….

Sahaja Yogini: It’s beautiful, Mother.

Sahaja Yogi:    And the first ashram is Chatswood.

Shri Mataji:     You can have music with it you see, so…

                            Ahh. What’s that?

Sahaja Yogi:    It’s a pomegranate. An etching of a pomegranate, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji:     Ah. Beautiful, isn’t it. Who’s done this?

Sahaja Yogi:    Actually, my mother.

Shri Mataji:     Very beautiful.

Sahaja Yogi:    It’s all family, Mother.

Shri Mataji:     Thank you very much. Thank you. Very well done. All these gifts.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is Canberra.

Sahaja Yogi:    I hope that’s not too big for you to take it, Mother.

Shri Mataji:     What’s that?

Sahaja Yogi:    Shall I open it for you?

Shri Mataji:     Yes, yes. Oh yes, beautiful. Is this the place where we had our…?

Sahaja Yogi:    It’s Mt Kosciuszko. We had Sahasrara there.

Shri Mataji:     Beautiful. I see you standing with both hands out. You see that he’s asking for vibrations.

Sahaja Yogi:    There’s a little figure in the photo looking out over the mountains like that.

Shri Mataji:     And somebody’s trying to climb up. It’s beautiful, beautiful. Just show them the photograph.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is Bondi.

Shri Mataji:     If you give me presents from every ashram. Thank you. Then it’s going to be too much.

Sahaja Yogi:    It’s made with red cedar.

Shri Mataji:     I know. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The red cedar. Beautiful. Thank you. Beautiful, beautiful.  

Now what we can do is to keep all these with you when you come. Yes, that would be better.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is Cremorne. Peter [unclear: Schwartz?]

Shri Mataji:     Thank

Sahaja Yogi:    My daughter.

Shri Mataji:     Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi:    That’s supposed to be opened.

Shri Mataji:     [Hearing a child crying.] Somebody’s fallen down, or what?

Sahaja Yogi:    His father has just arrived.              

Shri Mataji:     Beautiful. Who’s crying? That’s [unclear: for or from?] Baba. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is Northbridge.

Shri Mataji:     Northbridge. Yeah. All these cards must be kept with them. Sweet, sweet thing. A beauty, isn’t it? Thank you. Sahasrara, is it?

Sahaja Yogi:    [unclear]

Shri Mataji:     Is very good, I must say. Thank you very much. Yes, thank you.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is Strathfield. John [unclear: Smiley?].

Shri Mataji:     Thank you. [unclear: John?], you’d better start your music.

Sahaja Yogi:    It’s Australian wildflowers, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji:     Australia?

Sahaja Yogi:    Australian wildflowers.

Shri Mataji:     Isn’t it beautiful? I was looking out for something made in Australia. Now we have something.

Sahaja Yogi:    Next is Newcastle. Chris.

Shri Mataji:     Thank you. Beautiful. They’re taking out the wool. Very beautiful.

Sahaja Yogi:    An Australian red cedar box.

Shri Mataji:     Thank you. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Sahaja Yogi:    Next is Berkeley Vale ashram. [unclear: Graham or Dave?]

Sahaja Yogi:    [unclear] on page 12. Page 13].

Shri Mataji:     Oh, what a nice gift. Thank you. Thank you very much.

                            What is this?

Sahaja Yogi:    There’s more hand-painted cups.

Shri Mataji:     Ah. That’s what I was saying. Beautiful. This is Australian.

Sahaja Yogi:    Yes. Australia. They’re made in [unclear?].

Shri Mataji:     Put them back inside. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi:    A hand-painted clock.

Shri Mataji:     Hand-painted clock. I was enjoying.

Sahaja Yogi:    Haberfield. David.

Shri Mataji:     Thank you very much. I like them very much. Ah. May God bless. So beautiful. I was telling you where you get these flowers. Very beautiful. Thank you very much. Real Australian. Made by gentleness of Australians. Very soft.

Sahaja Yogi:    The next ashram is the last. Woollahra, headquarters in Sydney.

Sahaja Yogi:    They’re coils. Petals of the Sahasrara.

Shri Mataji:     Very blissful thing. Thank you. Beautiful. Made in Sydney.

Sahaja Yogi:    Not too far away from here, about 10 kilometres away.

Shri Mataji:     Beautiful.

Sahaja Yogi:    We’ll take all the presents to India, including that.

Shri Mataji:     Put that in the house.

Sahaja Yogi:    That will go in Mother’s house.

                            Just a last few things, by Your grace. We have a little something for [unclear: Prasad?] to thank him for coming to Australia.

Sahaja Yogi:    I have been so much wisened by your hospitality. Too much. you will give me a chance to show my hospitality when you come to my ashram. Thank you.

Shri Mataji:     May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi:    Holy Mother, thank you for bring us [unclear: Rustrum?] Thank you for letting him be amongst us. We have something for him, too.

                            Mother thank you for [unclear: Rustrum?] and thank you for Rajesh. He’s terrific and we enjoy him so much. Thank You for coming so far.

    We have one of them to celebrate Shastra Day, and this one is for France. For France. Patrick?

Shri Mataji:     May God bless you. He has to work very hard. Very difficult situation.

Sahaja Yogi:    A big job for a big man, Mother. And we have one for England, Holy Mother which we were wondering if…

Shri Mataji:     All right. He’s married to an Australian, isn’t he?

Sahaja Yogi:    He’s married to an American.

Shri Mataji:     You’re marrying an American.

Sahaja Yogi:    I got married to an American. [unclear] Boston.

Shri Mataji:     Boston. That’s it. It’s still English. Thank you. Thank you very much. What a nice time to be together for the whole day. So loving and beautiful. Such sweetness flowing among ourselves. Such beauty. May God bless you.

                            So we could have some music for a while and then we can go.

Sahaja Yogi:    Shri Mataji, we have this to present to You: the Rakhi brothers’ song and a special reply from the sisters.