Talk and Departure

Melbourne (Australia)


Talk and Departure Melbourne (Australia) Thursday, May 14th, 1987

Shri Mataji: Thing, he was telling me that they haven’t yet given any permission, I don’t know what are they doing about it, I don’t know what’s all the things going on but you are coming back to England now? Is she here? [UNCLEAR Enn]

Sahaja Yogi: She is in Sydney Mother.

Shri Mataji: She is in Sydney. I wanted to talk to her about it, so I will talk to her in. I thought she is here in the crowd. So better tell her about and because that’s another problem you have to solve. Now, anything else I have to talk to you. Anybody else in particular? Who else? Because James has mentioned all these things to me. Yes, yes

Sahaja Yogi: [UNCLEAR Mr Engie] the guy has suggested Mother to ask you a

Shri Mataji: Really? She has agreed

Sahaja Yogi: Well it seems so

Shri Mataji: Aww, she is tremendous. [UNCLEAR Engie] is such a sweet fellow, very beautiful and he has that pure intelligence as you call it. He could see very clearly that Sahaja Yoga is the way and he stuck on to it and he has a friend through whom he has come because he was Bala’s friend too, but his wife is English and this English girls always puts him down somehow or the other. So, he is not such a fast mover but Engie is and I am very happy that you have agreed to marry him. He is a very fine person and you are too. So, you will be coming to India this time?

Sahaja Yogini: I am coming.

Shri Mataji:Alright, I must call him. Last time I called him I couldn’t get any body for him properly for his choice you see I thought she should be a sweet little nice girl but I couldn’t get somebody very good because he is so good and he will never dominate anyone you see. He is very simple type of a person and I was very happy that James could do for me something good. Yes, that’s very good. What else James you told me?

Sahaja Yogi: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Who?

Sahaja Yogi: Everyone. I mean everyone here. Is anyone else who would please. Excuse me Mother, we have a couple from {UNCLEAR Norway] who are going to London for 2-3 years. [UNCLEAR] she is a Gynaecologist Surgeon, just kneel up and her husband Peter.

Shri Mataji: They are going to England that’s very good because we are having a kind of a I don’t know associates or something in Shudy Camp. You can also work in Cambridge or somewhere you feel like or in London and come for weekends. We want to maintain a proper addresses and of the people whom we have cured and their all their charts and things like that, the record has to be maintained and through which we might be able to get a PhD from India or maybe from Cambridge, they are trying also in Cambridge. We have 5-6 doctors now and nice that you are also coming so we’ll have concentrated doctors camp in Shudy Camp. That’s the best use of Shudy Camp. I mean they built it saying that it’s Mother’s house and all that but everybody think where is I have got a house so that Shudy Camp is there but every house must have a special, special work while Shudy Camp has this special work and the special work is that you have to work out a proper record of the people who are cured by Sahaja yoga. There are say for Gynaecologists many people were told they cannot have children by doctors for some reason or other; they all had children, so many problems of Gynaecology were solved through Sahaja yoga. So, I am sure you can make a good help and also, we have got Sara there. You know Sara? What’s her surname? She is the sister-in-law of Gavin Brown and she is also there, so all of you put together we can really have a very good medical sort of a Sahaja yoga there, isn’t it? And now they have taken out a big article about TM. That’s what we have to send them Rustom please remember we have to send that article to this people about TM they have taken out that how TM is dangerous and once we establish in London it can circulate all over the world am sure so am very happy you are going there. Are you happy to go there?

Sahaja Yogi: Very much Mother.

Shri Mataji: Good. But it’s not a place where you can earn a lot, it doesn’t have so many fruits as you have here {everyone laughing} doesn’t have so many meats that you have here but it’s a nice place. What about you? How are you? How is Frank?

Sahaja Yogi: Very good Mother, very blessed things are working marvellously for him. We are outing in one of the villages that you have suggested we work in.

Shri Mataji: So, are you getting some people?

Sahaja Yogi: We have a small group, but it doesn’t coming at the moment Mother at about three months and it’s growing rapidly.

Shri Mataji: Yes, in the villages it will work out much better, much better than in the city.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji if you permit Frank has desired very much to share you photograph of the area and the map is there. She took a flight in the [UNCLEAR] aircraft to get the photograph for you Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Haan, beautiful. What’s this?

Sahaja Yogi: That’s just some smoke from somebody’s fire there

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see

Sahaja Yogi: There’s still lot of places of this still use wood for cooking Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: This is but looks quite a big place. Isn’t it?

Sahaja Yogi: Four and a half thousand people.

Shri Mataji: What do they do there? Farming?

Sahaja Yogi: Some farming, grow some of the vegetables particularly the strawberries that strawberries they will some more time I don’t know what they [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: you can make strawberry jams there and send them to England. {everyone laughing}

Sahaja Yogi: There is lot of cattle around here, cattle and farms and vegetables and some timber.

Shri Mataji: We are in England we are importing everything. Everything from outside, really. Very nice. Every Ashrams can take to some sort of alike you have a school here or some sort of creating some professional thing like now he is making these potteries, you should train some other people to make them and can form a good, good many who can do that, so you can produce more and you can have a bigger exhibition of that. Can give it a name as Sahaja somethings Sahaja pottery works or you can have any Spontaneous is a better word any way that you want to do. Like every place can develop into some sort of a making of things of use. I was shocked that in this country everything is imported practically everything is imported. Now you can make things with your hands. Now you have lot of timber and out of timber you can do lots of things like in a way you have got now here with you these Paddington lacework in aluminium. If you can make moulds in the timber of those they can sell like hotcakes, moulds in wood they can sell like hotcakes, then other people can buy from you other factories can buy from you all over the world. But somebody has to do that with hand it’s a little art but it’s not difficult you can take to it and if you can manage such moulds created here in your Ashrams you see in your spare times you can sell them here you can sell them abroad and that would be something very Sahaj.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes Mother, we are looking for that. Thank you very much!

Shri Mataji: Yes, some of these. So many ideas there are which you can start doing here with the hands and nowadays as you know very well that handmade things are becoming rare and rare and people appreciate it very much. Like you can develop a complete dinner set, tea sets things like that and the other day the present you gave me of those beautiful flowers I don’t know if you have that kind but I saw that flowerpot in your house in your Sydney Ashram that kind of thing is will be very much appreciated all over the world that has flowers but is mingled with the whole texture of the thing. Of course this kind is also very much appreciated this crackpottery I had told you about and I don’t know from where did you get this beautiful ideas about crackpottery is very well is a Chinese, Chinese art crackpottery is a Chinese art and it’s very well appreciated. So, there are so many things you can do if you to just put your mind to it and you will know what you can do with it. You shouldn’t do what other people are doing, I wouldn’t say that you should make a painting like that, it’s like the Indians do that kind of a thing. You can’t do it also if you have to do it, it will be too much of a headache for you. They are used to is have developed depth ness but now you can develop now say example this frames are here you can have frames made from your timber and export them to Belgium for their mirrors. The real wood frames in Belgium can cost from hundred thousand upwards just frames. Is a simple thing because I am travelling all over, I am seeing things and I know what you can send from here there. Like the other day I saw the Taiwan dolls being sold so cheaply you can get it from Taiwan here and make some very beautiful dresses, the ladies can do it, beautiful dresses with lace and all that. They are selling for 100-150 dollars in America. So many things there are which you can do very easily. This stain glasswork, stain glasswork you people can do it is going out of absolutely out of market out of availability if you can do this stains glass with little practice I mean it’s so expensive in England very expensive anywhere. 1001 thing you can do if you just put your mind to it and you can work it out whatever is available here is your timber. Now you have got[ UNCLEAR Ancy] said you have got vegetables you can make very nice pickles out of them very nice pickles and you can also make readymade vegetables which can be bottled and sent over. But the trouble is we must come to Sahaja yoga we are so much satisfied with ourselves within, but we must express our self-outside whatever you will make we will have vibrations and everyone will appreciate that. You don’t have to go for something say brass is not available here forget it. The other day I bought some of the things made here like they have got beautiful trays and moulded on that. Now if these moulds can be made in wood of the brass that thing just the moulds in the wood they will sell like hotcakes because to get the moulds is the main point. Moreover these can be improved these are little hollowed type you can make them even more sleeker. You can always compete with English things. English things are four times more than your Australian things which are much better and much more decorated because now England Pound has gone up four times that’s why, it’s just the artificial thing actually the same thing used to cost four times less so because pound has gone up so much and the English people can’t take advantage of that at all because they have to spend the same amount of pounds in any case in England. But if they spend their pounds here, they can get much more things but if you can give them the same things as they are making they would like to do it. So, you must go in the market and see for yourself what things are available and what is it all. I mean I am not interested in money market or anything, but I understand that artificial economy can help all of you to develop very well. Like, I was in Rome so [UNCLEAR Vido] said we want to buy a plot of land so I said alright let me see how many plots you have and one of them I liked and I said alright buy this one that has gone up so much in price now because that is going to be made into a park so now we will get a big money out of it. But he was saying for starting the building he needs 16000 pounds. I said alright let me think now from where we can extract 16000 and next morning a lady brought money to me she gave me she said Mother this is money for you I said for me for what, just for you I want to give you this money. It was exactly 16000 pounds, so I gave it to him. Now I told [UNCLEAR Vido] that I give this money to you but[UNCLEAR] is coming from there and luckily we have a very good port in England next to our ashram so also there is not much of the involvement of what you call transport. So how things work out this way that, that shows that if you use your divine powers also just to penetrate into the situations or into anything you can make it thousand time fold more and that’s how the Australians also should look at themselves. Now there is that they are trying to make people more money- oriented, give the children a very money-oriented education so that they just become money, machines and all that. But it so happens. Mataji asking a
Sahaja Yogi: what is happened? Oh! What happened?

Sahaja Yogi: Her Mother left.

Shri Mataji: Her Mother has gone. Where is she gone?

Sahaja Yogi: She has gone to look after the baby, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Oh, you have another sister isn’t it? Where is the baby? Why don’t you go and look after the baby? Will you go and look after the baby? Alright, you go and look after the baby. Look at how children cry for the Mother. I am your Mother here sitting (Mataji laughing). That’s why Christ has said you have to be like children crying for the Mother, loving the Mother feeling all the protection in your Mother. There’s much deeper then when he said that you have to be like a children, of course you have to be innocent like them, simple like them but also the way they care for their Mother. Children don’t care for the Father, Father is sitting next to her doesn’t matter. Mothers position is very great for children whether boys or girls, when they grow up then of course the situation changes a little bit, but when they are small when they are unprotected, when they need all the help to grow they need the Mother. So, all such things can be thought out and can be worked out so that Sahaja Yoga is put into action. The desire portion is over or is started or is working out but desire must be put into action, people also should see that you are doing something special about yourself, that’s how the Sahaja yoga is going to be very public, people are going to see in the public how the Sahaja yoga is working out. Everybody can think of something like that and you shouldn’t worry too much about marketing, we’ll find out the markets if it markets well and good but gradually it will market out I am sure and you will go to the right place for marketing. You should get sufficient satisfaction out of it because you have done something really exceptional which gives vibrations because Sahaja Yogis whatever they sell has got vibrations, so you are also spreading vibrations all around. Like imagine a cup made by a Sahaja Yogi imagine that fellow has to be realised only drinking the tea. So whatever things they are using you have to manage through your hands to vibrate. It’s not materialism but it is divine materialism where the matter is made divine. I wanted to talk to you also John if you could come to my room I wanted to talk to you about something and I think I have talked to all of you all your individual problems or somebody has still individual problem? If you are ready you can come and see me, I will be in my room, alright? Thank you very much. May God bless you. So, good- bye to all of you and I will be back after one year and you will have many, many more people here sitting you won’t have any space left I can see that.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mother just before you go If I may say thank you from all the Sahaja yogis over [UNCLEAR London] and Victoria for gracing us with your presence and if I may just give you few small gifts from the collective from individual people.

Shri Mataji: taking the gift and saying, its beautiful. Thank you very much. Beautiful. It’s made by you. It’s cold like marble. Can feel the vibrations. You can feel it also. Thank you very much. Beautiful. What have you got for me? Your hands? Alright, let me shake hands with you. Shake hands. Are you feeling the cool in your hand? Let’s see. Do you feel the cool breeze? There are no chanas for children. Now still more coming.

Sahaja Yogi: Just 2 or 3 Mother.

Shri Mataji: Just. Such a beautiful thing but I think you can market it better than giving it to me. (everyone laughing).

Sahaja Yogi: Some chana if you wish for him.

Shri Mataji: All the children like chana. Don’t you? So, I am going to give all the children chana. Alright. Now who else, everybody has to come for chana. You see that’s the sign they all children like chana who are realised souls. Now come along one by one, now take it see now how sweetly she is taking. She knows how to take chana, she also knows how to take chana. See how she knows how to take chana. All the children like chana that’s the sign of a realised soul. Now, have it have it with both the hands, it’s too small your hands alright. Alright, that’s both the hands good. Haan, all the children like chana somehow you must get lots of chana for them it’s very good protein, they digest it well it’s very good. See chana we give it we soak the green chanas and give them to the horses in India. Yes, not the fried ones, fried ones for the realised children. Good now hold it on top of another, like that both the hands carefully, now done. It’s there come along. Alright you put it in here, thank you now take it, both the hands to be put one on top of another but if you put together, I can give you more. Alright, come along, come along see, how they love chana children you just see that. Give me more you must get everyday lot of chana for the children, it’s good for their health.
Sahaj Yogi -Please mummy.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, I know who are that you take it.

Sahaja Yogi: Any children haven’t received chana from Shri Mataji? Quickly now

Shri Mataji: You are giving chana to your children? You all want it. It’s all being vibrated. Let all the children have the chana. You can have some more. Just see how they love, see how they want to pick up all the chana. Just give them. Give her more. I think. Give him more. They love chana you see. This girl [UNCLEAR Olympia] she was a little girl and she would always cry whenever she came to the program so then I called her to my seat and then I would give her some chana and she would keep quiet throughout the program. They enjoy it. These are very good things they don’t spoil your teeth they are proteins very good for health. More? (everyone laughing). Thank you. Want to have more? Alright. So, now you have it here, you want to have? You want to have more chana, he has no teeth, problem, hmm so he is breaking with his. Just see yourself for mummy he is asking. This is for mummy, you give it to mummy, lets you have it for mummy. Alright take it for mummy. Alright nicely done, haan good. So may God bless you and eat all this chana now. You can live on chana for days together, don’t need any other food. I don’t know if you grow it here. Better try

Sahaja Yogi: We get lot of it from Lebanon or something.

Shri Mataji: Lebanon or maybe you are getting it from Greece. And you can try here why not. We get one chana from Rahauri called as Jumbo, jumbo chana. The big one like that.

Sahaja Yogi: We ate that in [UNCLEAR Dumao’s] house.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. You must have brought it from, yeah. Alright, may God bless you. May God bless you. Bye, bye. For all the children give them lot of chana. I saw the article but not a word they have written about kundalini. I think people should know bought from this address, some other addresses that[UNCLEAR].

Sahaja Yogi: Bolo, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai, Ki Jai, Ki Jai. Jai Shri Mataji!