Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Havan

Auckland (New Zealand)


1987-05-16  Talk to yogis after havan, Auckland

Shri Mataji: Oh you brought it all the way. Done the havan. The havan is done now? Let me see, what is the situation. 

[Shri Mataji vibrates havan]

Shri Mataji: Put [in] all the fruits and everything.

Yogi in the audience: Oh, She’s taking her shoes off.

[Shri Mataji converses in Hindi]

Shri Mataji:  Oh, be seated. Still the heaviness of the puja is there.

Shri Mataji: Much clearer. Be careful, be careful now. All right? So now we can leave at 1 o’clock from here?

Brian Bell: Best leave earlier Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Little earlier. All right.

Brian Bell: We should be on the way  twenty to, to see the gardens.

Shri Mataji: So the luggage and all that can be sent ahead I think. All right. So, first of all, I would like to know your names. Individual names. 

Yogi in the audience: This is a car full of people last night who come.

Shri Mataji: So did the havan today?

Yogi in the audience: No…

Shri Mataji: They were not here. What’s your name?

Yogini in audience: Hansa. Hansa? Hansa…?

Yogi in the audience: Hansa

Shri Mataji: Hansaj! What’s your name?

Another Yogi in the audience: Suresh.

Shri Mataji: What’s yours? 

Yogini in the audience: Anish.

Shri Mataji: [speaks with an Indian couple in  Hindi]  How are you? What’s your name? He likes my photograph, see…[a few words in Hindi]. What’s your name? [a few words in Hindi?] Surrender. That’s a good thing. He’s curable, he can be cured. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]. Give him some of my kum kum to be put in the night for him. It’s all right. Now, I would like to know other names also. Now, what’s your name?

Young yogini in the audience: Rachael.

Shri Mataji: All right, for her she has a little problem here and it’s not (-) due to the liver so you treat her liver, she’ll be all right, perfectly all right here and also, we get in India something called Multani Mitti. In India  we get something called Multani Mitti. It’s a kind of a (-) Did a yogi give somebody a packet or something? For treatment of the skin. Yes, did he give? Yogi Mahajan? Did he give you? 

A yogini: No.

Shri Mataji: No. So you see if you use that, that clears your [points to the skin on Her face].

Yogi in the audience: It’s an ointment is it?

Shri Mataji: It’s a clay, it’s a kind of clay. It’s a kind of clay that clears it out. What I can…

Yogini in the audience: We have got some sort of solid pieces of clay.

Shri Mataji: Let me have, let us see. All right. So now, you put your left hand here[points to right nabhi). All right Rachael? No, left hand here. This side. Now, what about your name?

Brian Bell: Rebecca.

Shri Mataji: Rebecca.

Brian Bell: Rebecca. Rachael and Rebecca.

Shri Mataji: She’s all right. Children are all right, both of them are all right. Little, she has a little liver problem and mother also has a little liver problem because she worries a lot and I’ve already told her. Did you get my message? You are to stand up on your legs and say that, you see clearly. After all, no husband should be a dictater. What love has he given is the point.  How much he has loved is the point, how much compassion and as you do not force him to come to Sahaja Yoga, he should not force you to go on an act. See, the act you don’t like, you don’t like to go to the sea, you should say, “I don’t like it, I feel sick, so why do you want to take me?” So I think you also go for a little liver treatment, it will be a good idea. Now, what’s her name?

Brian Bell: Adrian.

Shri Mataji: Adrian, I know. Next to him.

Brian Bell: Margaret.

Shri Mataji: Margaret. She’s alright. David, I know. This one was there at the program. Were you there for the program?

Brian Bell: He was here for Puja yesterday.

Shri Mataji: And what’s his name?

Brian Bell: Greg.

Shri Mataji: So how are you, Greg? Are you feeling better now?

Greg: (nods positively in silent)

Shri Mataji: Dorothy’s all right, I can see that.

Brian Bell: Gladys, this is Gladys.

Shri Mataji: But she told me her name is Dorothy.

Brian Bell: Dorothy’s the…

Shri Mataji: Another one? She’s Gladys. They look so much the same. To a Mother, everybody looks the same, I think. She has been to India and a very nice person. What have you done to the sweets that she has given us? Have you’ve been (-) You better pack it up properly, otherwise these Australians will trouble us a lot. Smuggling business is bad. You see we couldn’t smuggle all the mangos. We have brought so many mangoes for all of you and they wouldn’t allow us to take them in and I was very angry. I said this is very wrong. You see, these mangoes, after all, there’s nothing’s going to go wrong with it,  we’re going to all eat it off. They said no, no. And they argued and argued and argued. Now, what’s your name?

Brian Bell: Bryce.

Shri Mataji: Price? P-R-I-C-E?

Brian Bell: B-R-Y-C-E.

Shri Mataji: Bryce. You have different names, isn’t it, in New Zealand? Little different, yes. Now, her’s I know. What’s your name?

Yogini in the audience: Janie, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Jane?

Brian Bell: Janie.

Shri Mataji: Janie, Janie. This one I know. What’s her name there? I’ve also know Pritisha, yes.

Brian Bell: Carol and Trisha?

Shri Mataji: I know both of them. She’s been to a Puja and all that, isn’t it, in India. Because I was surprised there was no sari for you because I remember I had chosen a sari that’s why I asked from where did you get the sari.

Yogini in audience: (Inaudible response)

Shri Mataji: Yes, no, but you see this is surprising because I had bought a sari for you. Very surprising. Many things have happened in Sahaja Yoga which is very shocking sometimes. How these people come into Sahaja Yoga and sort of (-), I just don’t understand  why are they there? We don’t have to have money problems and things like that. If you (-)  I mean there should be no such problem. But there are some people who come inside, you see, like (-) be able to [be] call [ed] a fox in sheep’s dress or something like that. So that is how it has happened. But definitely I had a sari for you. I’ll find out, I’ll try to locate it. I’m sorry for that., really. 

Brian Bell: The only thing Mother was that you liked the sari.

Shri Mataji: Oh beautiful! The one you bought was much better than the one I had bought. So very nice coming to New Zealand and yesterday’s program was very encouraging. There were so many people, I d I don’t know what he is doing with it.was amazed because we could not send an article, we could not do the television, everything was against us and we could not also have the article in the Eve’s Weekly. Nothing came out, only on my (-) like I said,   just see my photograph, just see. 

Brian Bell: Shri Mataji, there are  presents, some little presents for the people who have been with us, who has joined us, our overseas brothers and sisters. A present here, a little thing for Dr Rustom.

Shri Mataji: That’s good. I hope it is not an injection bottle. Because he is supposed to be looking after my health. And I don’t know what he’s doing with it. Well, my husband has told him that you look after my wife’s health and today again he telephoned to ask is Doctor Rostam looking after me. I said he is killing me with his looking after.

Dr Rustom : Well, you are much better, Shri Mataji.

Brian Bell: That is for Bala Sahib.

Shri Mataji: Bala Sahib

Bala Sahib: Thank you so much.

Shri Mataji: That’s my brother. May God bless you. Now I adjusted vibrations. After the Puja  it started flowing.

Bala Sahib: Thank you very much and I invite all of you to India and to Aurangabad.

Brian Bell: Ah, thank you very much. For Carol, who has been with us and helped us over the last few days.

Shri Mataji: Keep laughing and enjoying, that’s the best. She’s got a very good husband, John. It’s a very fine man.  I am sure she’ll enjoy married life with him. 

Brian Bell: And Christophe has been with us and before he went to Australia and he’s been very helpful to us. 

Shri Mataji: So sweet of you to have come all the way and help them, isn’t it? 

Brian Bell: And the television guest from England, for Mark. 

Shri Mataji: I also didn’t know they were already married. I thought they are still engaged. May God bless you. I mean I didn’t want them to be married so soon.

Brian Bell: And for Nick, Mother.

Shri Mataji:  At least, I thought Nick is left out but he is also married in Sahaja Yoga.

Nick: Married for four years. Three-four years Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Really? Imagine! All right. May God bless you. I thought you are still little kids. Really? Ah, I didn’t know that. Just imagine.

Brian Bell: And this one is for Mary, who we hope will come back again, and again and again.

Shri Mataji: She’s coming with us, isn’t she? Yes, good. May God bless you. She’s been so nice and so good. The way she’s done the whole thing, it’s wonderful.

Brian Bell: Mother, the tiles that we, that New Zealand gave you for …

Shri Mataji: Yes, I opened them and saw they were wonderful, really.

Brian Bell: This is the case for them to sit in.

Shri Mataji: I see.

Brian Bell: They actually fit into, they fit into this case.

Shri Mataji: I see, I see. They are very wonderful. I tell you ,everybody was amazed at them. It was done so well. 

Brian Bell: Those birds are the native wood pigeon, which is a very auspicious bird and very respected by the Maori. The two, the wood pigeons. The birds.

Shri Mataji: Birds. Beautiful.

Brian Bell: A little bit of, a little bit of Ganesha. A little bit of, perhaps the (-)

Shri Mataji: They have something of that throughout I saw, because on the sides, on both the Swadishthanas they have put this Kundalini mark. And also here (points to Her chin where Maori women have tatoo resembling Kundalini) to put a Kundalini means the(-), if they are on (-) in the mouth if there is Kundalini, then you speak good words, you see. Is a sign of respect they said, if the Kundalini is here. 

Brian Bell: That’s a gift for the(-), a gift to (-)

Yogini in the audience: We are going wait for this to be built for the tiles.

Shri Mataji: Yes, all right. Yes.

Yogini in the audience: Thank you.

Shri Mataji: So now, I am going away and I wish you all good luck. You are going to have too many people here. I hope the space would be alright. If there is love, then everything is sufficient. See if there is understanding, nobody minds anything. But if there is no love, one start seeing faults and finding faults and saying things like that. So it is for you people here to establish a complete feeling of love and affection and also, you have to look after the patients like these. It will work out, you can all work it out on chakras and this would be the first patient you will work out. And I’m sure you will cure him, I’m sure. Try to work on him. When you cure him, then let me know because I’m sure you can. And this is the one you have to work out on the chakras only you have to work out. He’ll be all right.

Brian Bell: Shri Mataji, they come from Hamilton, from a city, a smaller city than Auckland,   quite a small city but a very-very beautiful city about  2 hours or an hour and a half’s drive away from here.

Shri Mataji: Ah-ha. Ah-ha.

Brian Bell: And it is been my desire that that would be the next place we would have a centre. So these(-)  Suresh and his family are from that city.

Shri Mataji: You live in that Hamilton place, is it. But you can come next Sunday and these will all work it out on him. All right? It’s not difficult at this age to cure. He’s already smiling. His Vishuddhi, more the Vishuddhi he has. The Nabhi, the Vishuddhi, the left Swadishthana. 

(Shri Mataji converses with Suresh and his family in Hindi – warning about the false guru Satya Sai Baba)

Shri Mataji: Parents were worshipping Satya Sai Baba. You will have to use the Mahishasura Mardini mantra. It will work out.

(Shri Mataji continues conversing with Suresh and his family in Hindi)

Shri Mataji: … despite the fact he is affected by this horrible fellow, he’ll be all right. He was a realized soul and this fellow has fierce attack him. Can see it. You’ll see, he’s got it. He’ll be all right in no time. This is what it is.

(Shri Mataji continues conversing with Suresh and his family in Hindi)

Shri Mataji: This is for the ladies here, who are here. Who are the six ladies you said?

Yogini in the audience: Ah, Adrienne.

Shri Mataji: Adrienne. This is a very small thing, Adrienne, for you, all right? And, ah, I think, I’ll give you something. All right, it’s this one, it’s nice for both you and your husband. And you tell him that what have you got by doing all this, spending all this money, household money you are spending on these things? For what? What do you get? I don’t get any pleasure out of it nor you are getting also. So many people I have seen they have no pleasures, nothing. They don’t have good relations with their wives but I have seen many Sahaja Yogis smiling, smiling Sahaja Yogis. There have very good relations, they live so happily, they enjoy such fun they have by this force and with all these things we are not going to enjoy a good married life. That’s the point, you must put downyour foot there. And say: “Are you a Hitler or a husband?” Just ask him, then he’ll be all right. This is not the way to talk to your wife, this is not the way to command your wife. Say, “ I don’t force you to do anything. Why do you force me to do anything? This country which is a free country, not a slave country, is it? “ That’s what you have to say. And he’ll be all right, I’m sure. So why don’t you learn how to enjoy married life? The best is to come to Sahaja Yoga. All right? May God bless you. Now we have other ladies?

Yogini in the audience: Margaret.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you. Thank you.

Yogini in the audience: Gladys.

Shri Mataji: The price also written on this, it is too much.

Yogini in the audience: You can’t read Chinese? 

Shri Mataji: This is, is it Chinese written down?

Yogini in the audience: I think so.

Shri Mataji: All right, I don’t mind Chinese. May God bless you, Mmy God bless (-). Ah, now I know, ithe difference. In the smoke, you are looking just the same to me. She is only one year younger to me, Dorothy.

Yogini in the audience: No, no this is Gladys, not Dorothy.

Shri Mataji: Yes I know but Dorothy I’m saying. Yes, yes. Now, these girls (-) because she’s coming with [us to] Melbourne, I want to buy something nice for her there. So this one is Janie.

Yogini in the audience: Janie.

Shri Mataji: Janie. Who else [do] we have? May God bless you.

Yogini in the audience: Patricia.

Shri Mataji: Patricia. May God bless you. Patricia is married? No? Ah?

Patricia: No, I’m divorced.

Shri Mataji: What she say? 

Yogini in the audience: Divorced.
Shri Mataji: When was this?

Patricia:  A year ago in Sydney, just over a year ago.

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s good. That you are divorced is a good idea. To live with a husband who’s not a realized soul is a headache, I tell you. It’s terrible. Who else?

Yogini in the audience: There is Linda, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Come along. It’s very difficult to carry on with a person who is not a seeker. And it’s very difficult because he can never understand. May God bless you. This time if you are coming to India, please give me all the details about those who want to get married. And of all the people who want to have their children baptized. And give me full information, that’s very important. Give me full information about them. This time we’ll have better (-) Did you get any forms here?

Brian Bell: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: All right. So we’ll send better forms to understand. All right? May God bless you.

Brian Bell: Bryce has a little gift for you.

Shri Mataji: For me now? This is too much.

Bryce: Makes me very happy.

Shri Mataji: All right, yes, thank you, thank you very much. Should I open it? May God bless you.

Bryce: Thank you, Mother. 

Shri Mataji: Ah, they are very bad at, ah, all these knots you know, good at Vishnugranti, very bad.  It is beautifully done. 

(After unwrapping the gift)

Shri Mataji: Oh beautiful, so beautiful is (-)  Beautifully done, very good.  In this you can beat  and everyone hollow I tell you. Look at this, very beautiful, so beautiful it is. Thank you very much. Very beautiful. Is tremendous. You have lots of handicrafts and your hands are deft. You all must practice, I think. Just keep it now in the box, in the box, it will have to go a little bit down. All right, thank you very much. And I think all of you should develop some sort of a handicraft, is a good idea. See the way her aunt is doing this little work on the porcelain, it is something so extraordinary, is a real piece of art. We have kept it inside otherwise you’d have shown them. A real piece of art. So now should we go?

Brian Bell: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you all. Thank you very much, thank you very much. Try to come to India if possible. Otherwise, I’m coming next year again.

Yogini in the audience: Jai Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: We are coming to that big program in Australia. I hope you are coming to that one. 

Yogini in the audience: Oh yes.

Shri Mataji: People are coming from all over the world and even if you cannot manage India, do come to that, please. Also, bring some nice new people there, will be a good idea.

Yogini in the audience: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: If you can remove this, then only I can get up. 

(Yogini removes cushion)

Shri Mataji: You can take this out first of all. Adrianne, you should not worry, no worries at all now. Give me all your worries.

Yogi in the audience: Right. 

Shri Mataji: I can stand up. That’s better.  It’s a nice three-day sun we had. I hope next Sunday you have the same.

Shri Mataji: We should leave?

Brian Bell: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

All yogis and yoginis: Jai Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Namaste

(Shri Mataji converses in Hindi)

Brian Bell ( to yogis and new people): We have a program at 4 this afternoon if you want to stay. If not, you know the other details are next Sunday.