Sharing an endless Biscuit with children

Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

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Arrival at airport, Melbourne (Australia), May 18th, 1987

It’s really the small ones. You are small or big? Let’s see, you stand up. Let’s see how big you are. Left Nabhi .Fighting the world out!
Bring them to the airport and they must be thinking, “What to do with this and what to do with that?”
Once, we went to the airport with my granddaughter, and very small, to the [unclear]. Pulling this side. I said, “What are you doing?” She said, “In this airport, everybody seems to be mad. I’m trying to tie them up properly”. Going on like this, very fast, to tie them up.

I beg your pardon? What does she say?
Sahaja Yogi: She said she’s got a ribbon.
Shri Mataji: Oh! I see. That’s a good one. And you are wearing a very beautiful necklace also. That’s a beautiful one. Yes, that’s very beautiful, isn’t it? You all should have one. I’ll have to send some.
When you go to India, you can pick up something nice for them also. And you get lots of things for children in India, quite cheap and quite nice.

That’s it. I can see that. That’s really good.

For me? [the little child gives a biscuit to Shri Mataji] All right. With the hand, now you have it. Woah! Also, have some more. Thank you.
Baby: Nana.
Shri Mataji: Nana. She is Nana? All right. So, for Nana, what do you want to give her? Nana. What do you want to give her? Nana.
Baby: Kumkum.
Shri Mataji: Kumkum.
Baby: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes. You want a Kumkum here?
He wants a Kumkum. [Laughter]
Mother of baby: Do you think [unclear]
Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon?
Mother of baby: Do you think he could have a name [unsure]
Shri Mataji: What’s his name?
Mother of baby: His name is Abraham.
Shri Mataji: Abraham is such a nice name, you see.
What is a better name than Abraham?
All right. You are having some more.
So happy!
Really, these small, small children are so sweet.

His name is Abraham. What is a better name than Abraham? I don’t think there is anything.

You can just call him Adi Guru, that’s all. Abraham was Adi Guru, isn’t it? Better to say that way. Direct!
It’s good! You don’t have much teeth, aren’t you?

That’s why, you see, the children want something to be done. They understand that they cannot take the biscuit that way. So
It’s food. More? More, I’ll give you. I’ll give you more.

Niranjana, you want some biscuits? Come along, come along. Slowly, slowly walking. [Unclear] All right, that’s it.
Baby: Aga.
Shri Mataji: Finished.
‘Aga’, finished.

I give her also? You want me to give her? Do you want me to give her? Want to give her? Let’s give her some biscuit also.

All right? Good.

Yes, what’s it? What’s do you want now? Tell me what you want.

Biscuit is over?
Children are so entertaining. They keep you busy all the time. They bring forth so many joys and apart from that, they’ll find how to play out of everything. “Now there’s a chair, if I make it into some sort of a playground”, you see. Anything they find, they will do it. While – OK? ‘Atcha’ [all right], what do you want? You want more?

Baby: [Showing a flower in the buttonhole]
Shri Mataji: This one? It’s nice. Beautiful. Nice. Nice.
He’s an artist?
Sahaja Yogi: His father is Alfredo.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: Alfredo.
Shri Mataji: Ah! That’s why. Alfredo’s son. That’s why you’re appreciating art.

Now you want some? Ah! Good! Now you want some, Niranjana? Open your mouth, open your mouth. It’s not your finger. Ah, that’s good.
Vishudhi. Everybody has Vishudhi. Come along, come along.
Now come along. You come along. She can’t. She is too small. She can’t. Now you come along. Those who have got teeth, or who can eat it.
Now who else has got? She has got teeth. All right.
All right, darling. He tells me, “Give you a small one”.

Now come along, have it.
Yes, very nicely. Now who want to have?
You had it? All right. Who else didn’t have?
Now, this one, she has no teeth! [To a 7 years old girl. Laughter]

That’s it. Very sweet.
Come along, come along. He’s shy. All right, here it is.
She got you busy, elder sister.

Children who haven’t got it. So, they are all worried. Now I gave it to everyone?
Child: Not to Nicolas.
Shri Mataji: Not to Nicolas. Nicolas, come along. He can give you?

Come, Niranjana if you want.
I gave you, Niranjana?
You ate it? Let me see your mouth
All of you had. All right.

More? All right. You want. You’ll have more? Say ‘more’. Say. You say ‘more’?
Good. Now, that’s it.
There’s a special taste ? now in the biscuit.

See how they like to share and that must be encouraged. The feelings that they get out of sharing must be encouraged.

Yes, you like it, uh? Come on, have it.
Child: Thank you.
Shri Mataji: Thank you. Yes. Thank you.
What’s his name?
Girl: Bima.
Sahaja Yogi: Bima.
Shri Mataji: He’s taking your name.
Hum? [Unclear to the girl]
What’s your name?

What’s your name?
Baby: Light.
Shri Mataji: Hum? Light. Light. But what is your name?
This is all Portuguese.
It’s Portuguese. We can’t understand what you are saying.
All right? Surprisingly, in Portugal, Bombay, they call it Mumbai.
{End of video]