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Melbourne (Australia)

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Talk To Sahaja Yogis, Melbourne (Australia), May 18th, 1987

But we could set out certain things in this short time, I think that was a good idea. And he told me that there were 70 people who came for the follow on. I thought now that more people will be coming down here. And the person who is the owner of this house is creating a problem for us. He cannot do it under law. He cannot do that. So, in case he doesn’t listen, we should put some law upon him, and we must see that you don’t have to pay more and we keep the backside of it [unsure]. So, that can be done. [Despite] lots of difficulties, we must keep the house. Because we’ll get more people from this new group and we have to attend to them also. So, some people can shift to the other house, which has got four bedrooms and some people can, very nicely, live here. So, we can have both the places. And one should not vacate this house. He has no business to increase the rent and he has no business to take back the house.

I’ve also suggested that we should have the pre-school going on and they should not be stopped. Plus, we should also have a creche in this hall, you can have a creche [from 2,8 to 5 years old]. So, many mothers who go for work or who go for – say, some sort of profession, want to see their small children, they can leave them with some people here. So, all such ladies who can run a creche should stay with their husbands of course. And they should look after the children.

In San Diego, we started a creche, now there are 40 children in that creche. And also we started it somewhere else, in Switzerland. And we have about 12 or 13 children there in the creche, because they don’t have such a lot of space for a creche, you see. And in a creche then, when they are there, you can give them vibrations and you can improve them. And parents will see the improvement in children.

But if you find some child who is not all right, who has some problems, or you find the child who is misbehaving or in any way, his vibrations are not good, you should tell the parents that, “We are sorry, we can’t look after this child”.

So, you need not have problems with the children. Because you should never mix up, such children with good children. That would create problems at that age. So, best thing is to keep such children away and just get the children who are good in the creche.

Also, you can have your primary school, if you are running activities here. Plus, as I was saying [unclear] that you are very good at this embroidery, you have very good hands and you get all these things in the market very well. We can get all these things. We can just create this kind of embroidery and all those things. And sometimes, in the afternoon times, some ladies can sit down and do it. And by that, you see, you can sell them in the market, you can get some money and that can be a good idea. Also, these people can teach you this, a work of the ceramics and all that. Like that, we should start doing some sort of a handwork. And you could teach your children from very childhood how to paint, how to do small, small things with their hands. And the deftness will be there. But if you don’t teach them, then what will happen, that their hands will become very stiff. And after a certain age, 12 years of age, they cannot do it. So, all these little, little things can be done.

Also, I’m thinking for young people who come here. I told that when Pat’s son is coming here, and also this person – what’s her name? Kevin, Kevin’s wife? Shannon.
Sahaja Yogini: Shanona?
Shri Mataji: Shannon. Shannon. Shannon. I’ve told Shannon that she can take to architecture.

So, you should take to these three, four professions.
Like, somebody should be in architecture. And then we must have also people who know about, whatever we must say the, chartered accountancy. We must do accounts because we have to keep accounts and all that. Then there should be somebody who are lawyers. I think, you see, her husband could be a good lawyer. She could be a good architect. She could be a lawyer. Like that you should take to professions. Some professions would be a good idea.

We need doctors also. Some people can join doctors ‘ lessons. Plus the people who are doing creative work, like artists, they should work out also, bring new ideas. They should visit museums and see what are the new ideas are. And we should get some books here to find out how these old things were done in olden times, you see.

Also carving and little, little things, if you should teach children now, they will pick it up later on. But if you don’t teach them now they will not be able to manage later on these things. So, they should do all these things now. Not stitching, I would not say, because they are too young and the eyes might be affected. From 12 years on, you can take to stitching. Before that, all other things like moulding and making small things and painting and all those things where you don’t have to stretch your eyes too much, can be worked out with them. That’s how we prepare them, not only for a profession, but also for some sort of a deftness in the hand. You can teach them how to cook and things like that, to naughty children, a little bit, they’ll enjoy it sometimes, you know.

As in India is a custom to arrange a marriage of the dolls, you see.
Sahaja Yogi: The dolls?
Shri Mataji: So, we have one boy doll and one girl doll. [Laughter]
Yes, actually, we have. And people spend a lot of money on that. And then we have people coming with a band and all that, the boy coming, boy side coming in and the other side staying in. And then they make food in little, little things. Every little, little cakes are made on that day. [Inaudible.]

And then the boy’s people come in and then the ladies come to eat and all those ceremonies are done properly with the girl coming up; the way that she garlands the boy. All those things are done. And in a very big way, I mean. They invite people, “Now we are going to have a doll’s wedding!”

So, such small things [unclear] such small things if you have them and they can play with it, and they can have a nice time with a doll’s wedding.
But there’s a big fight who is going to be the girl’s side and who is going to be the boy’s side. [Laughter]

So, the girls who are fond of decorating, they want to be girls’ side. And the ones who want to be – sort of coming with a boy – they are on the boy’s side. But you can put boys on the boy’s side and the girls on the girl’s side, something like that. And it’s a very good festive thing for children to play with.

So, I think, you see, all ground development should be there among children. And they should also know about your trips to India, what happened when you went, what happened: you must show them all the pictures and things like that. And there is a – there could be an arrangement made in Bombay for people who come with small children – not very small but, say, about four to five years of age. We can arrange them to say with some people there. But in case, they cannot, then they cannot do travel. But this time, I took up to eight years of age and there was no problem from the children. Children were the best. They did not trouble anything. They did not complain for anything, they were enjoying everything very well. But then another thing is, what I’m worried about, is the way children sometimes run to the water and run towards something dangerous. That’s why I am a little worried. But otherwise, if the parents are staying with them, they can look after, they can bring the children with them.

This time, we have kept the same price at last time because the pound has gone up luckily. So, you don’t have to pay more for that. And we’ll be able to manage in that very well. And we’ll not have many places to go to. We have only four or five places where we will go – five and sixth one will be the Ganapatipule, that will be at the end of the Tour. So, we’ll be starting the Tour say, on the 12th of December, ending up on the 12th of January. So, we arranged it in such a way that you get five days, at least, at every place, or four days; four to five days, so that you can relax well and you could be there and I could be with you there.

Also in some places, I’ll have to give lectures, there are two places. There, of course, in Gauri maybe, we will arrange like that. Or maybe, in some of them, you like some of them [unsure] very much, the lecture is programmed [unclear 9:04]
So we can arrange all these things on our way. But we won’t be going this time to Nasik, I was thinking. Because it’s quite out of the way for us Nasik. But it could be summer maybe [unsure 9:16] And –
Sahaja Yogi: They will be celebrating Christmas with me.
Shri Mataji: [Unclear] My brother [Balamama?] has invited you all for Christmas. He’ll have to reach there for Christmas.
Sahaja Yogi: Well done.

Anything else you want to know?

Just now, the question they ask, you see, now, in the morning. First question Paul has asked me, you see, You must tell them all these asserts, so that when there is a question about Sahaja Yoga, they have it. It’s not enough to get Realization. It’s not enough that you give Realisation, but you must know how to answer us. So, you must know the background, you must know about other scriptures and things like that so you master it. So, anybody asks you a question about Sahaja Yoga, you should be able to tell them what is what. That is very important for all the Sahaja Yogis that they should develop now horizontally. Vertically they have developed, but horizontally also. The knowledge should be such that you should be able to answer them very well and you should be able to tell them what you know about Sahaja. So, there won’t be any problem.

The whole Tour was so wonderful and my stay in Melbourne has really done me good. Because, I want to say to you, I needed some sort of a little rest and that I’ve had, thanks to you all. And it was wonderful coming down here. It seems that now Melbourne has taken over and it will be increasing very fast. So, it’s all right if you take a small house and then another small house and another small house, like that. You can go on spreading.

Any other problem you have? No, nothing.
Is it working out in the villages?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, it is working beautifully, Shri Mataji. Exactly as you said, it was. People who were coming are somehow simpler but very direct.
And very deep once they start to
Shri Mataji: First, there is simple people, you see. And once they realise that they have been befooled by these religious people, they just come round. They have to be convinced on that point, that this is not the way to get to God. Hang on to this, your [unclear 11:40] will expose.
So, you can say that this time, they’ll all get exposed. That’s the best way.

So, Mary [unsure] what your husband’s opinion, think about Sahaja Yoga?
Sahaja Yogini: I don’t know.
He’s waiting for [unclear].
Shri Mataji: See, in Sahaja Yoga, they get frightened also because we don’t drink, we don’t smoke, and then they think we are gone cases.
Sahaja Yogini: He is not smoking.
Shri Mataji: Smoking. So, you see, I tell you many people came to Sahaja Yoga and I know, after coming to Sahaja Yoga also, they were smoking. I knew all of them. They used to go somewhere and smoke a little bit. [Laughter]
I knew all of them, but doesn’t matter. I mean you get the strength from within you. The smoking just stops out. For that, one needs not run out, away from Sahaja Yoga. It automatically drops out. If not in the first shot, second shot, third shot, they just drop out.

In so many things, you see, it feeds you, transforms you, I mean, all hankerings drop out, all kinds of hankerings drop out. Like smoking or anything else. You see, the temperament, the nature changes.

In Pune, there was a girl – lady – she came for my puja on the dais. And it was like a heater, you know, before me. I said, “God! What is this one!” So I said, “Now, ask this lady to go out, she’s just a heater”. And she went down. And she didn’t understand what was wrong with her. And people told me, “Mother, she’s a such a hot-tempered woman! All the time, the temper is on her nose. Every time she sees a person, she parks at him or shouts at him. It’s horrible. And God knows why she does it”. Now she doesn’t even know that she was doing all those things. Then gradually, she discovered that everybody is running away from her. Nobody wants to come near her, talk to her and all that. Then she started looking into herself. And I was amazed, you see, that how she worked it out. She sat down before the photograph and she worked out in water. and days and day out. And she said, “I don’t want this dirty nature of myself. It’s horrible. I just don’t want it”. She pulled away. “All this hypocrisy is not me, and all this is not needed. I just don’t want it. I want to be myself”.

And this time, when I went to Pune, I was amazed: her daughter had come to see me. He daughter is a wonderful being. So, I said, “How is your mother? I want to see her”. So, she went and told her mother that Mother wanted to see her. She said, “I had such joy. I’ve never felt this joy any time in life, when she said to me that Mother wants to see me. This joy was so much! I couldn’t describe it in words or anything and I started crying” she said. And she came to me and she just felt at my feet. And she started crying. She said, “Mother, you have cured me completely. All that horrible nature of mine has gone. All that temper has gone away, everything. And then she started talking also like that, “That I knew I had my Nabhi, Right Nabhi which really was catching all these things. Gradually, I discovered it. Then I cured it”. Within one year’s time, she was a changed personality completely. Otherwise, I would not even allow her to touch my feet. Or, I mean, I would not allow her to come on the dais.

So, Sahaja Yoga is such a helpful thing. But you have to take to it seriously and understand there’s something wrong with you. Unless and until you understand that there’s something wrong with you, you cannot cure it. You’ll continue with your things, you see. Sahaja Yoga tells you that this is wrong with you, this is the problem with you. If other chakras are catching, better clear them up. If you clear them up, then you’ll be satisfied. It’s just your own chakra. It’s your own body and it’s your own life which has to be joyous. So, if you know what’s wrong with it, you should try to take it.

Uncle, he came back from the hospital?
Sahaja Yogini: [Unclear].
Shri Mataji: All right. You see the child wants you to see me.
Like Savita, also she was very anxious to meet me here with you.

And I’ve seen people who are very, sort of recluses, who run away from society, who don’t want to talk to anyone, sort of things, you see. They also become such happy and joyous beings. But the main point is you must come up to a point to realize there’s something wrong with you. Then the second stage should be that you should feel your own chakras. And third would be how to correct and get after it. Just get after it, that’s all. And to this lady, it took – she was saying about eight months or so. I met her after a year also. So, eight months it took for her to cure herself. But she said, “For the first four months, I didn’t know there was something wrong with me”.

For whoever is like that, and she was like that, it’s true. Then everybody said, “What has happened? How have you changed so much? We can’t believe it. You are not the same person”. And then, “Oh, you look [unclear 19:54] that is your Self which has started pouring out and you enjoy it very much. You enjoy every personality, every person, with their individuality, with their own everything. You enjoy it. You don’t feel that anybody’s oppressing you or troubling you. That is what is your own Spirit. I mean, I don’t have to do much about it, that’s your Spirit that shines in your attention. And it just works. What am I doing? Nothing. Only I get flowers from you, lots of flowers. Isn’t it?

Sahaja Yogi: That could be like a flower pot, though.

I hope to come next year for a very big function we are going to have. And I hope you prepare for it and that would really, I think, transform Australia in a very big way. And by that time, I hope also, your newspapers and all your media will come round. Maybe your government or maybe your dignities [unsure], maybe.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Things might work out much faster.
Whatever you desire will happen, whatever you desire. The desire is very important now. You must think in a big way always, not think about only yourself, your children, your ‘this thing’. If in a big way, everything is all right, in a small way, it is all right too.
But now you have children, you’ve families, this, so naturally, the attention will go on them. But now it’s over, the problem is over. Now you spread it out more. And that will help a lot.

So, you did telephone to your brother? Or anything?
Sahaja Yogi: No, I haven’t Mother.
Shri Mataji: You should look after him.
Sahaja Yogi: I’ll bring him in Melbourne today.
Shri Mataji: You get him all right because poor man will be loosing everything. If you help him for a month or so, he will get a job.

I think for these children who would be coming to [unclear Lester?] program.
Sahaja Yogi: The children? Yes.
Shri Mataji: They should be there because it’s their first right.
It’s a Shri Ganesha’s puja so they should be there. And I hope to see all of them there. You all need not wear that thing like Shri Ganeshas. [Laughter]
All the children coming with that.
They will all enjoy a lot there, I think. How many days programs you’re going to make? You don’t know that.
Sahaja Yogi: Up there? I think about five, Mother.
Shri Mataji: It’s quite a lot.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Five is very good.

This one was also a very good program what we had, it’s a wonderful place. Wonderful place it was.
But then, do you have the signature places and halls and everything?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes ,we do know Mother.
Shri Mataji: Oh, well.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes we’re starting outside programs once a week, as we accommodate new people.
Shri Mataji: Also, you can get some of the new boys, if you find they’re all right and they’re working out all right. Gradually, you must include them in Sahaja Yoga. You tell them, just tell them, this is a new knowledge and for that you have to be subtler. And for that, so many things have been done.

But first of all, you see their preparation and their understanding. Otherwise, you see, their mind, if it’s working too much, then they go in turning up this thing. You will think that something is complicated, is getting waisted in Sahaja Yoga, but it’s all thoughts. On the contrary, it’s better. Because then you sort it out also as what has happened in Adelaide, you see. So, what time are we to leave now?
Sahaja Yogi: We should be leaving very soon.
Shri Mataji: We should leave now. All right.
So, thank you all so much. We did lots of jobs in this short time.
I need that for a while.
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