Departure from Adelaide Ashram Adelaide Ashram, Adelaide (Australia)

1987-05-20 Departure from Ashram, Adelaide, Australia

Sahaja yogi: It’s a nice place …yet peace in your mind …Shri Mataji: Mother, Why are you doing unnecessarily…Let them do it with themselves …You should not lose your temper, that’s the big thing. That’s all we are going to do …I can look after them because when we have done nothing wrong why should we worry …[unclear…] have you written the letter, one I asked you to write …Sahaja Yogi: Yes [unclear]Shri Mataji: No but it should be with me also…Then …Sahaja Yogi: We are coming later…Shri Mataji: Once also direct your television at those people who are doing the Television here …You should say that we want to show it in England …How these people are behaving …Alright … […]

Shri Mataji with ABC TV Adelaide (Australia)

Shri Mataji with ABC TV

(Starts at 3:20)

Mother: Now today, I want to tell you how you can cure your trees and how you can cure yourself also. And then how to cure others. First of all, you must get cured completely yourself. You have to mature yourself in a way. When you are matured, the first thing that happens [is] that you, when you try to feel others or when you try to go into funny places, […]

Departure from Burwood Ashram Sydney (Australia)

1987-05-20 Departure from Burwood Ashram, Sydney, Australia, DP

The last but not the least(name of the Sahaja yogini ), Your husband forgot the sweater which I gave him…Use it alright!Where is the farewell? 🙂(Sahaja yogi’s name ), This is for you …Sahaja yogini: Thank you very Much mother, Thank you …Shri Mataji: Thank you (after taking flowers from Sahaja yogis)I hope you work out your eyes very soon …Alright …I have told all of them …All the Indian Sahaja Yogis have to stay in the ashram No excuses of studies and all this …It looks as if you have come here to exploit…Nothing of the kind …They all will shift here and work hard and study …They can study… they have rooms …Why can’t you study …My God bless you all!Alright, […]