Shri Mataji with ABC TV

Adelaide (Australia)

1987-05-20 Shri Mataji with ABC TV Garden Adelaide Australia DP, 15'
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Shri Mataji with ABC TV

(Starts at 3:20)

Shri Mataji: Now today, I want to tell you how you can cure your trees and how you can cure yourself also. And then how to cure others. First of all, you must get cured completely yourself. You have to mature yourself in a way. When you are matured, the first thing that happens [is] that you, when you try to feel others or when you try to go into funny places, you don’t get any sensations from them. You are detached and you watch the whole thing like a witness. You don’t feel the pinch of anything.

Now so, first of all, you must work on yourself and the working on yourself starts in such a way that you see yourself, what sort of vibrations you’ve got. One, you can use my photograph because my photograph has got vibrations. So, now when you start feeling it on your hands, anything wrong with it. You must know how to treat it.

Now supposing today, I found that Lalitha had some liver problem, say. Now she has some liver problem here because I could feel it here on the right-hand side, little liver problem. She had it before but still, she has some lingering problem. So, it’s nothing serious. But, liver you see, doctors cannot detect very easily. But you can. Immediately you feel a sort of a ting here like that, the bell sort of rings, that is liver. Now, for liver, we know what is the liver treatment is, it is very simple how to do it but I have found out that for Sahaja Yogis, it is very easy to treat their liver because, from their hands, the energy is flowing. All right? Now, what you do is to take some ice and put it on your stomach on that liver side. So, because of your hands, it is vibrated, you’d be amazed that the ice will sucking all the heat and you’ll feel very much better for quite some time.

But there are many other things which we have written down and you can study them and practice. Very simple, simple, simple, simple things. You see? Now, but there are people like the other day I heard somebody had blood cancer. For blood cancer also, there is no need to have a big clinic or anything. Of course, for certain diseases, we have to have a clinic and that’s what we’re doing. To start something into the Shudy Camps. But here you can do one thing simply is that the simple diseases must be tried here and can be cured.

For example, I think that blood cancer is a simple disease though it works very fast and one can be killed. Now, we have enough one architect in India who got blood cancer. He never believed in God. He didn’t believe in anything like that. He was an architect, an engineer and all that he believed was in science. But when he got that cancer, we have Linda, you know Linda, she is there. And she said, “Mother has said you can cure so let me try my hand”. You must believe that you can cure, first of all. And then she started putting her hand on his spleen because you must know what is the centre catching. And when she had a left Nabhi catching, she knew it was the spleen. So, she put her hand on his left Nabhi and put her one other hand outside. And she sat in the heat of that one and then suddenly he started feeling very much better. And like that, she did it for eight days, he was in the hospital, declared to be dead after a month or so but he didn’t die. He’s a very good person now. He’s a very good architect and he’s practising, and everything is working out very well. So, this is how one should try to cure people.

By just putting attention also you can cure. For example, in the beginning, when Davindra came to me and he said, “Mother, my father has not telephoned to me for quite some time, and I don’t know what’s wrong with him”. So I said, “All right, you can telephone and find out what’s wrong with him. So, but I tell you what’s wrong with him”. He said, “How?” I said, “You put your hands and just ask me, Mother, what’s wrong with my father?” And he got a tingly in this part on the finger here and he said that, “Oh God? This is the thing that’s catching so what does that mean?” I said, “That means he is suffering from some throat problem. He has got some sort of a throat problem”. So he said, “That’s the reason he did not telephone”. I said, “You telephone just now to your mother and father”. And the telephone. The mother came and she said exactly the same. After some time, I told you him that you rub it here with your hand, just like that. With that rubbing, after half an hour the father came on the phone, he said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t speak to you but miraculously my throat is all right. I don’t know how”.

So, we must know that Divine is miraculous. It is very efficient. It works with such tremendous speed that even the Sahaja Yogis find it difficult to believe it. You have seen how Divine has helped you, monetarily otherwise also.

Also, now you can see the photographs of mine which give lights and things you see with the camera is catching. The sensitive camera you find the lights coming from me. You see the light coming on my head. You see the light coming out of my feet or these things you see because now the camera and all the media is for spreading such actually for spreading the good news and good message. Because if people are constructive, they will see to it there must be some remedy for all this chaos and if they really becoming constructive, they can show it that this is how things can work out. Now you all are doing so well. Your health is so good and I want that you should have compassion for others and love for others. And you must now come out and try to help others. Because now you’re all right. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing serious with you.

So, you all can come out and you can help others to do the job of a Sahaja Yogi. I would say that Adelaide has been lacking behind because you had few people come in. All right. But you are very, very good Sahaja Yogis. You are very deep Sahaja Yogis and you can do wonders. So, you should not think that we are less in numbers so there’s going to be something wrong. What you have to do is to work it out and see that you cure some people. But also, now I think it is important that you must maintain documentation of those cures because we never bothered about documentation, now we’re finding difficult. Because people wanted to be established.

But first of all, you must tell everybody that we are not here for curing people. That’s the first thing. We are here to give Realisation. Otherwise, your room won’t be sufficient here for the people to come. But if they come for Realization, they become resistant to so many diseases and so many diseases can get cured.

But that’s not the point. The point is you must know yourself. It’s only for diseases if you come, then you can see that they are very superficial people. They come for a short time. And then disappear. So, the best thing is that you should see the people who are seekers. They actually deserve the repairs. Like I would say that Divine is the most sensible and a common-sense thing. Why should we give a cure to a person who is of no use? Say if there is a light which is never going to work, say this light is given up now as it’s not going to work for you and you don’t repair it. Do you? In the same way, there’s no common sense in treating people who are not going to give light to others. They should be the people for them to light. We want people who can give light and one should not get disturbed by these little things going here and there. It’s not important for you because you are above. They are people who are trying just to disturb you to see how patient you are. You must have such people otherwise you won’t have any testing grounds.

Interviewer: Sorry Mother, I don’t mean to interrupt but I know both of us are fairly strapped for time. I wondered if just in finishing off, we could have you involved in a brief prayer if that’s possible. It’s not something you have to say.

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Man in the audience: He wants us to get involved in a big prayer but I think it’s meditation.

Shri Mataji: If we just meditate with your hands like this. And keep their eyes open if I’m sitting there. If I’m not there, just stay, close their eyes. Nothing pope (?) like that.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Shri Mataji: This little one will talk (?) in pray? It’s such a sweet thing isn’t? When you become thoughtless, you can close your eyes. When the Kundalini crosses your Agnya, you become thoughtless. When there is no thought, then, you close your eyes. Don’t feel sorry that I am going away because the Kundalini stops here. Don’t feel sorry. You see, I’m not away anywhere. I’m with you. Now it’s better. Watch your flow of your Kundalini, you can feel it. Where is it stopping? Where is it going? Now it’s better. You should try to keep your thoughtless awareness. There is growth. Unless and until you have that peace, there will not be any spiritual growth.

May God bless you all.

How are you feeling?

Man in Audience: All right. Thank you.

Shri Mataji: You must take him. Looking so fine. Just look at him. This gentleman, sitting on the chair.