Evening Program: The New Jerusalem and Talk, Eve of Guru Puja

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

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Talk day before Guru Puja (Evening Program), Shudy Camps (UK), 11 July 1987.

Today, I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis of the world. First, I used to bow to all the seekers of the Truth and today, all those seekers of Truth have shown that truth is love, and love is truth. With the power of love, you have been able to establish a beautiful place for Sahaja Yoga in England. I must congratulate you all for fulfilling your desire so beautifully, working it out together and the collectivity which you have achieved – not only in England, but all over the world. All of you feel so responsible that Shudy Camps should be a perfect piece of art, the perfect piece of love, perfect piece of peaceful atmosphere. There’s dedication, no doubt, but apart from dedication, the collective oneness, the integration of your feelings is beautifully demonstrated. Even Indians wanted to send you something for Shudy Camps and it was not ready before I left, so they were saying that they will be able to give you when you come there for your tours. Every country wanted to express their love. They say love begets love; I loved you, no doubt, but in so many faces, when you see the reflection of that Divine Love, it is multiplied beyond My expectation. I cannot describe My joy: you can sing, dance, jump, say “Jai” – I also feel like saying your “Jai”, and singing like … This is the beginning of our collective effort and we have to go further and further with this.

Tomorrow is a great day for Me, as well as for you – it has to be one step forward; very substantial step forward and you must be looking forward to it. I am sure something will work out in the inner building of Shudy Camps, in every Sahaja Yogi’s heart. All that is expressed outside has to be expressed within, and that is what we have to achieve.

May God bless you!

Now, what do you have – the program?

[Sitar recital]

[Two English songs (duet) – “You are the ocean Shri Mataji …” and “Opening up”.]

[Announce Song – “How much we are loving Mother” by Swiss & English collectives, but then two Bhajans are sung – “Be Khabar” (Hindi 2) and “Ajib. Das. Ta hai ye” (Hindi 3). May be useful to keep information in case anyone wants to revive them as they are not often sung now, if at all!]