Baptisms in Shuddy Camps

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, Baptisms, Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England), July 13th, 1987

[Children and Sahaja Yogis are waiting for Shri Mataji]


Cannon singing, “Mataji, Mataji”.

“Sat chit ananda rupam, Shivo ham”.

“Mother we adore you”

[10:20 Shri Mataji arrives.]

Shri Mataji: Hello, Prity!

May God bless you.

Ah, let’s take a chair.

[12:00 Conversation starts.]

Shri Mataji: Can you bring the children who are to be baptised. One by one.

That’s all right, now keep it down. Keep it down, OK, keep it down, all right?

You can put that in the cars, I think you can give it to him.

Sahaja Yogi: Can we have the children who wish to be baptised, children who haven’t been, here, now, one by one, please?

[Shri Mataji holds a baby]

Shri Mataji: Ah, ah. What’s her name? Did you give any name?

Sahaja Yogi: Naïm.

Shri Mataji: Naya?

Sahaja Yogi: Naïm.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you. May God bless you. [The baby cries.]

No, no, no. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the mother]

Sahaja Yogini: Nayan.

Shri Mataji: Nayana. Naina Devi, I think.

You can call it- her as Naina, it’s better. Naina Devi is the sadhu place for Goddess in the Himalaya. You could name – [conversation in Hindi] Ramdas swami… Even the guru of Shivaji. Ramdas swami was the guru of Shivaji, she knows.

Now, who else is there?

Now, how you called him?

Sahaja Yogini: Simon.

Shri Mataji: Hum?

Sahaja Yogini: Simon.

Shri Mataji: Simon? Oh, I see.

You can call him as Shravan. Shravan you don’t know, but it’s a story of Shravana. He was a very devoted son of his parents and he was especially blessed that he was so devoted, he was carring his parents with him and he was killed on the way. And then the parents died, crying for him. And Rama’s father [Dasharath] who was the one who killed him, was again- he was punished in the same manner that he cried for his son. Shravana is regarded as a very devoted son. All right? Shravana is a very devoted child. You’d like to have that kind of name? Very spiritual, all right? name.

Shravan, because it goes with Simon, it’s easy to call Shravana. Better called Shravana. Also, there’s a month of Shravana. At the beginning of the months, out of the twelve months, the first one is the Shravana. The first one, when it starts raining.


Now, this is the month of Shravana.

Sahaja Yogi: This is Kamina.

Shri Mataji: You give it to them one by one, they’ll get up. [Unsure]

What should we call you? Hem?

Sahaja Yogini: We called him David, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: David.

You’re called David? Oh, what’s the matter why does he vomit? He vomits normally?

Sahaja Yogini: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: He is [inaudible] all right, you have to do something for the liver. For his liver, you have to give vibrations here.

Sahaja Yogini: To the liver.

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s the best way. I think he has a liver problem. Gases also?

Sahaja Yogini: No. [Inaudible]. What about this radish leaves?

Shri Mataji: Hum?

Sahaja Yogini: Can I give him radish leaves?

Shri Mataji: You can [inaudible] he’ll be all right. I think he has gases. Ah, he has.

You can call him Dattatreya as he’s David.

I’m trying to remember some names.

[Cut in the video]

Shri Mataji: You can call him Yogeda, a name of the Yogis. If you call him Shrikant it will be better. Shrikant is the name of the- what are the child [inaudible]?

Who else? That’s all?

Sakshi is a good name. Sakshi means the witness, also a name of Shri Krishna. You call him Sakshi, it’s the witness. Everything is easy Sakshi [Hindi]. What names are “saha” with all very complicated names, Sakadev. “Buddha sewa saka mund.” Would you like to have Buddha’s name?

Sahaja Yogi: She is coming.

Shri Mataji: All right.

So I’m here now to thank you all for creating this beautiful house, a place where you can feel that Ganapati is there now. Ganesha is established in England and a kind of security among your hearts that we have been able to fix some place for our worship. It was very difficult, to begin with, and the work started in England, first of all, in the West. And the people of England, as you know, how they were like before: they would come and go and you get caught up. Again they would come back, it was like a slippery board all the time, people jumping in the sea, again coming back again and again.

With all that, one can say at the end of now fourteen years, after the exile of fourteen years of Shri Rama, now we have got the new Jerusalem, the kingdom. It’s definitely a big achievement to happen in England especially because this is the heart. And heart has to be established if the life has to start. And as soon as we started building this place, people developed tremendous confidence, collectivity, understanding, love. I can see now the same faces so mild, so compassionate, so beautiful. No questions, no arguments [laughter].

And I had to come to England to circulate. And we should give a hand to all the English Sahaja Yogis who are- [Applause].

Also, the credit goes, you see, to our leaders who have worked very hard, very tenaciously, to all the workers and people who really felt the responsibility of getting it done. I would not like to name them one by one, but I know in my heart that they have laid the foundations of Sahaja Yoga, not only in England but in the whole of the Western world. After this, we’ll have ashrams after ashrams, I know.

The most difficult place was England where we have achieved it. With rules, regulations, this, that, it’s quite a big problem. But it has worked out thanks to you, to your hard work.

Now, as a Mother, I feel so proud, very proud of my children who have worked so very hard. I couldn’t look after your food, I couldn’t do anything for you. You have made such arrangements for Me, it’s such a Thanksgiving for Me.

But sometimes I look back: what have I done for them? Nothing. Whatever was in my nature itself I did it. So, what is so great? It was great for you to do all these things with such hearts, with such feelings, with such involvement. And the achievement is so great, everybody, everybody who came was not only surprised but overjoyed; you all shared the joy of your achievement. This house symbolises your devotion and your love for Me. But above all, it symbolises the hope that we have that one day we’ll build this world into New Jerusalem.

May God bless you all.

What’s her name?

Sahaja Yogini: Amrita.

Shri Mataji: Amrita is a name itself! It’s all right. Amrita is a name of the Goddess as such.

Amata, what about Isobel and Martine?

Where is she gone?

She’s playing outside.

I think her name should be Anapurna, meaning the one giver of food, the Goddess. Anapurna. You may tell her. She said: “Mother, give me a name.”

Hello? Come here [to a girl]. You wanted a name. So your name is Anapurna. All right? Meaning the Goddess who gives food. The one who gives food. All right? You understand that. Beautiful name, all right? So your name is Anapurna. You are the one who gives food to everyone. All right?

She came to Me all alone and she said that “I want another name.” [Laughter].

So now, I’ll make a move. And I would like you if you have any problems – we should put one box here, where all the complains [laughter] and all the good wishes can be put in two boxes.


So you give the name Shravana, does she like the name Shravana?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Are you following? It’s a very nice name, I mean in India, in Ramayana it’s written, Shravana Kumar is regarded as a very great symbol of devotion. Shravana Kumar is the name but to call it, we call him Shravana. All right? May God bless you.

You had a phone call. Nobody telephoned to you?

Sahaja Yogi: My mother.

Shri Mataji: Is she all right?

They are taking out the badha. [Shri Mataji is laughing]

Now, all right. So.

All right, now what’s that? What is happening now? All of you. Are you going to have another drama?

[Some small fireworks]

May God bless you.

Rustom? How are you going? How are you going?

Rustom: I’ll find someone Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Rustom: There’s a lot of people.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Bala: Mother, we wish to give this photograph to David Spiro.

Shri Mataji: David.

Bala: For being a wonderful leader of England.

Shri Mataji: Give him a hand.


Hello, hello, thank you very much.

It’s all right, no, no, no, distribute to all the people. Gavin? Get those hearts and distribute to all the people.

Gavin: Yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: I don’t need to take any.

Gavin: There’re some more upstairs.