Shri Krishna Puja: The 16 000 Powers of Shri Krishna

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France)

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Shri Krishna Puja. St Quentin (France), 16 August 1987.

Shri Mataji: What’s that?
Sahaja Yogi: Little Ganeshas, a gift.
Please be seated.
Shri Mataji: What is shaking?
Sahaja Yogi: It think it’s the stage.
Shri Mataji: What’s shaking here? It’s the energy?
Sahaja Yogi: It think it’s the stage.

It was very beautiful of children to come and receive me, in this beautiful manner. This can take you back to the days of Krishna, when in his childhood, he was very much respected by his friends, and they tried to do all the honour that was possible. You know the story of his birth. Also, you know the story –
Shri Mataji, [aside]: I think you should stop the water, otherwise my speech might be little bit-

You know the story of his birth. Here we have the flowing of water, both the sides. The way he used to play his flute, along the Jamuna River. The whole thing looks, sometimes, so human, but it is not. At the right time, whenever he needed, as a child, he manifested his powers, that he killed a woman who was a devil [Putana]. Ultimately, he killed Kansa.
After that, you know that he preached Gita, but it is not so fast as that. After killing Kansa, he went down to Dvaraka to reule there. And there he has to marry five more wives. First, he had sixteen thousand wives. So, many people can ask a question, “Mother what sort of a husband he must be”. [Laughter]

These sixteen thousand should explain that he has sixteen petals on his domain of Vishuddhi chakra and these sixteen petals, multiplied by the one thousand petals of the Sahasrara become sixteen thousand. So, these are sixteen thousand powers, which are available to us also.

These sixteen thousand powers are working in the brain. These powers could not come as Sahaja Yogis, so they came as women who were entrapped by a king – exactly sixteen thousand – and he married them because by marriage, it was all very dharmic. Also, he married five wives later, who represented the five elements.
[An] Incarnation cannot be understood from human angle – can never be understood, I should say, because their ways and methods are different. They have ways and methods of their own and they do not expose them to other people. Not that they are afraid to expose or they don’t want to expose, but it will not be intelligible, it cannot be understood by human beings. If you ask me a question, say, “Mother, how do you manage that?” I may just change the topic very cleverly.
So now, I am going to tell you about sixteen thousand petals of the Sahasrara and now we can start the translation. In gist, you can tell them [to the translator].

So now, to understand the sixteen thousand powers that you have got in your brain, already manifesting: as soon as you get your Realisation, those sixteen thousand powers start manifesting. Every petal of Sahasrara has got sixteen powers. And these are – I mean the petals -are made of the five elements. So, these five elements, who create these one thousand petals, have got sixteen powers on every petal.

Now the five elements is the right side, which is the content or, we can say, the matter of the brain. The matter of the brain is created in such a manner that it has a protective matter also. So we have grey matter and also the white matter which is outside to protect the grey matter.
Now the sixteen powers which are expressed in every petal are coming from the left side. Shri Krishna is an Incarnation of the left side. So the sixteen powers which are coming from the left side adorn the petals which are made of five elements. But these powers already exist in the brain. By these five, plus sixteen, powers we do all our nervous system work. For example, if you have to lift your hand like this, then it is worked, first of all, through the left side which desires that it should be lifted. And then is ordered to the five powers or five elements: they go into the action. Also, we have in our system a special type of arrangement where there is a reflex action, which is built earlier in our evolution.

So, in a human consciousness whatever works is not a reflex action. But now, when your Sahasrara is enlightened with the Kundalini, all these one thousand powers multiply it into sixteen thousand. So all the nerves in the body get enlightenment. Your attention becomes enlightened. With these one thousand dimensions you become collectively conscious. We can say like this: if there are sixteen people staying in five houses and they are working separately and sometimes coordinating. But a flood comes in.
Translator: Flog?
Shri Matai: Flood, flood.
As a result of the flood, all these houses are brought together and get enveloped into the energy of that flood. Then they join hands together. They forget their houses and they start using now a new energy of collective consciousness. This is exactly what has happened in you, that, as soon as the Kundalini has risen within you and given you Realisation, the flood has brought, these dormant energies in you, into play. You don’t have to think that you have to hold each others’ hand when there’s a flood, you just hold it automatically, spontaneously.

So, all the energies suddenly start getting into motion. So, this power, where the one thousand energies of the brain suddenly awakened, is the power called as Viratangana. She is the power of the Virata. She is the power which makes Shri Krishna a Virata. So, the sixteen thousand powers which She achieves in your being is done through the power of Viratangana. And at this modern time you know who is that. So, the Adi Shakti takes the form of Viratangana. With that enlightenment, you achieve your Realisation.

So, the Kundalini, passing through different centres, enlightening the different energies, ultimately comes to the brain and enlightens the Viratangana Power. At this point, at the brain point, the Kundalini starts spreading in the head. She of course shoots off from the Sahasrara but also she trickles down through this plate of the brain (medha) downwards on the sympathetic. That relaxes you. That’s why you feel relaxed. It relaxes the sympathetic. That enlarges the centres. It brings it back to its normal positions.

The enlargement of the parasympathetic, or Sushumna, makes the Kundalini rise in more quantum. It is all done by a reflex action of Kundalini. So, the Kundalini is already built in such a manner that, when she rises, she automatically does all these things. So, your Kundalini has got the power to enlighten all your centres and to enlighten your brain and to relax you, to increase the size of the centres, and make the Kundalini rise again.

But the Kundalini has a very special power: that every human being’s Kundalini knows me. Many people who have just seen my photograph have got their Kundalini awakened. But if your centres are very clouded, or exhausted, or jammed together, or separated away from each other, then the Kundalini stops there. That’s why some people get Realisation very fast and some take time. These conditioned minds are the most difficult.

[Noise in the mike].
Shri Mataji: What is happening?
Sahaja Yogi: I don’t know.
Shri Mataji: Is it touching each other?
Energy joined together [Laughter.]

Shri Mataji: What is happening?
Sahaja Yogi: OK?
[Shri Mataji nods]

Now the rising of the Kundalini is achieved better in a place which is frequented or visited or lived into by saints. Also for people who are not so complicated. For example, today only, I discovered that the Catholic Church has complicated your lives so much. I did not know that they have been preaching that sex is a sin! Then, if that is so, that means only Adam and Eve, two would have lived on this Earth. And these people were not with Adam and Eve to know what they did. And this absurd idea was very much there also at the time of Shri Krishna among Indians. And as a result of that, we had ascetics who were very hot tempered. They developed one-sided personality, of, say, a sun-like. If they looked at somebody, they could just burn him off: “bhasma” [ashes]. And such austerity they had that, if you had to talk to them, you had to use at least a distant, some pole [bargepole], hollow pole. Such horrid people!

But Shri Krishna, when he was born, he found out that this imbalance is being created. At the same time his cousin, whose name was Neminath, who was a Jain Tirthankara, developed an aversion to meat eating. As a result of that, another extreme nature started, and people thought that eating meat is a sin. All kinds of varieties of ‘sins’ started prospering. And they had brands [of sins]; this brand, that brand. As you have brands like ‘Christian Dior’ – like that: this sin, this sin, like that. But underneath, they were very much infatuated by sex. They are the ones who started these erotic temples in India – Jains.
Now the other side of it is, that the horrible Hindu ‘saints’ – not saints I should say, what should we call them? – ascetics and the terrible, these Jain people, all put together, formed a formidable idea about religion. So Krishna took an incarnation. It was not only to kill Kansa but to tell people that this kind of stupid conditioning is not religion. Religion can never be against the natural laws. But the ascend starts moving from a sex which has no maryadas – or in the lower animals it is even worse than that – going up to a point in human beings where it has to have maryadas: to be devoted to one person, and be faithful to that person. And then he brought forth the religion of natural maryadas [where] you have to marry the person.

Now, he had married five wives and sixteen thousand more. So they challenged [him] , “What do you say of one marriage with one person? You already have so many wives!” Then, I have told you already a story [of] how he proved that he was a Yogeshwara. He was beyond all these relationships. And this shows that, for Yogeshwaras, it does not matter how many times he married or, for a Yogeshwari like me, how many children I have. So, the times – or what we call the “samayachar” – makes a person behave in a particular manner which is an Incarnation.

There was a murder case for a man who was following Hare Rama Hare Krishna [cult]. Of course it was not established, but he felt that, after all, he’s Krishna, so he can kill people. Now, Krishna was an Incarnation, he knew whom to kill and how to kill. He said that, “Nobody is living, I have already killed them.” The discretion of an Incarnation is perfect. So one should not immediately think that because an Incarnation has done like this, so we can also do. But human beings always take over. That’s the stupidity part of all the human beings I must say. Like the Christians, all of them believe they must get crucified and they must suffer. Are you Christ? By so many crucifixions of so many stupid Christians what are we going to achieve? All sorts of complicated ideas come out of all this kind of a nonsensical thing just to say [that] there has to be gloom. Like yesterday as I told you, it’s miserable people. Christ crucified himself so that your Agnya could be cleared and that you enjoy life, because Christ himself was an Incarnation, and whether you crucify, or do not crucify makes no difference to him.

So, the difference between an Incarnation and a human being is to be understood first of all, in Krishna’s life. When it started raining heavily and when Indra wanted to put down Shri Krishna, the rains were so strong. He just lifted one mountain, Govardhan, on his one finger. So the others, who were his followers, his Gopas, they also had some sticks with them, so they also put some sticks you see. [Laughs] But they were children! Now, I don’t understand the people who are so grown up, who look grown up, and behave worse than children! Nature teaches us all the time. See now, people are understanding that whatever they have done, as far as the marriage is concerned, is a wrong thing and now they are coming down to what Shri Krishna had said.
Shri Mataji [to translator]: What did you say?
Translator: “As far as what is concerned”
Shri Mataji: Again marriage. [Laughter]
It’s like a red rag [to a bull] to him! And to many! That’s also, I think, is this Catholic Church. But why did Christ attend a wedding? I mean, this should be understood: if he was against marriage why did he attend a wedding and also made wine for them? But they used that incident just because they want to drink wine! (laughter) But even there, Christ was very careful, what he did, he made water into wine, in a second like that, but to make an alcohol, you must ferment it. I can also do that, so what? But I can’t make an alcohol, I‘ll have to put some fungus into it.

So this is what it is: how people have made God or Incarnations into – according to their small minds and according to their selfish ends. Because if you say you are originally a sinner then you say, “Now what do we do?” “Now for atonement, you give lots of money,” and God doesn’t understand money – what’s the use? It’s all wrong, absolutely wrong. You have committed no sins. These are all non-existent things they are talking about. But I have seen in the West, people would say, “How can our Kundalini rise? We are sinners.” Better give up all these conditionings! Nobody is a sinner: that’s what Shri Krishna has said. Of course, he divided people into three categories basically. But he said that anybody can get Self-realisation and could be enlightened. If he had believed that people are sinners he would not have said this. This is absolutely anti-God and anti-Christ and anti-Krishna. Here you are, the Viraata has created you, up to a point, brought you to a point. Now you are just about to flower out and already you are told that, as seeds, you had some disease in you. So, all the great work of evolution, the great work of taking you to the Kingdom of God is completely cut out.

So, today is the day to be joyous, to be happy – but not jumping in the sea [but] keeping to your boat of maryadas – because you have got now your brain enlightened. This brain is now such a powerful thing you have got, that it pierces through all the five koshas you have around you, all the five auras around you, made by the five elements. This brain touches the subtle of the ether, the subtle of the Mother Earth, the subtle of all the elements. By this enlightenment you have become subtle. So, we have to forget about the gross things. Gross things just follow anything that is subtle just like magnet attracts.

Once in Australia it was a puja of Shri Ganesha and the hibiscus, red flower, is the flower of Shri Ganesha. And when we were going for the puja, all around I saw this hibiscus flower coming out. So I told the Sahaja Yogis, “Better stop the car somewhere, and get hold of some of these flowers for the puja.” But then they forgot! You know the mantra, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu bhranti rupena samsthita”, so the illusion. And then, they suddenly remember, “Oh Mother, we’ve forgotten the flowers!”. I said, “It’s nice you’ve forgotten, somebody has taken over from you. That’s why you’ve forgotten.” When we reached the puja thing, the whole place was filled with baskets and baskets of those flowers!

So when you forget, don’t think that you have forgotten something, so something has gone wrong with you. No, it has gone to your subtle understanding, which works out in a reflex manner, but into sixteen thousand dimensions. Can you imagine an instrument with sixteen thousand wires connected with another sixteen thousand wires with another sixteen thousand wires, and all the time working so efficiently? This is the work of Virata and this is the work of this enlightened mind.
So you don’t have to worry about the gross part. You want an ashram, you’ll have it. Anything gross, mundane, will work out.
But, at this stage, you must remember that you have to just put your attention to it for a minute. Just an attention – what we say is the bandhan – and it works. But the main thing one has to remember [is] that we are Yogis, we are enlightened souls. We are specially blessed people with special powers. And there are very simple ways by which can control all these mundane things. And the whole thing will happen so beautifully that you’ll be surprised.

That is what one has to realise: the powers of your Sahasrara. I’ve told you that sixteen powers already were there. So, sixteen powers that were there, were twelve of the heart and four of Shri Ganesha, were in your brain already. And that is how you were an emotional person and you had relationships of emotions and also relationships with others of innocence as well as relationship of marriage. This was all built-in within you. But because of these kind of stupid ideas, all these natural feelings were suppressed, that nobody was a sister, nobody was a child, nobody was a brother, and all these stupid ideas have finishes those beautiful feelings of flowers, of fragrance – completely destroyed it.

The false fears and the false ideas and the false prohibitions, all have ruined that part of the brain, and the right side started working. Only the right side working: then left side doesn’t exist, all the values of the left side do not exist. Only the right side and the connection with the right side, with the things that we do with the right side. Also to add it up, so many things came like industrial revolution and the war and all that, so the right side became the dominant part and this ego developed. Ego makes you feel very important and love becomes nothing but egocentric. In addition to that, when money became important, then it is like somebody who is already a drunk man, and a scorpion bites him. The situation was very bad. All the ways and methods, permutations and combinations, of escalating this situation, escalating this ego was created by the same ego.

This is the most dangerous thing we have in the West. For them, even a love for the wife is a thing to be valued in money. Everything is business, whether it is church, whether it is mafia, whether it is politics, everything is money. Money becomes the power. Then, if money is everything, why care for chastity? Why care for innocence? Why care for art? Whatever can sell is [regarded as] art!! Whatever can fetch money is a relationship! So, the whole dryness on the left hand side created a problem again for the left-sided extremes to be sucked in. So, the Collective Subconscious was sucked into your subconscious mind and then to your conscious mind. And you can say that the ego reached such a point into your brain that it started getting into superego and a very messy personality was created.

So, I have to tell you one thing: you are in for your ascent, you are in for getting all your powers, and you are in for your Kingdom of God, but you must work out your left side with understanding of purity, pure relationships, and the right side by facing it, the facing [of] your plastic ego. When you don’t want to do something, ask yourself, “Why am I not doing it?” And when the left side is sucked in, a lethargy, an inertia sets in. All the right side gets completely drenched or completely overpowered by the left side powerful entities. People feel very tired all the time and they want always to drink or to take drugs to go to the left side and the inertia sets in. That’s why there’s a problem. But collectively, if we understand this is the problem, we all can work it out together. Not despising anyone, not correcting anyone, but correcting yourself and not correcting your leaders. It will work out, I am sure it will work out.

Today is a great day, and I remember this France, such inertia like rock of Gibraltar. I didn’t know how to move their brains; brains were made of plastic – what to do with them? Can you believe, in the first year, I came three times! I went on banging in France and even English people said, “Mother why do you go to France so often?” [Laughter] Now, even the English are comparable! I should have been equally dynamic about them, and I was. It was a work of tremendous patience, and love, of understanding that they are deserving cases, lost in the wilderness of ego; but they are the ones who will save Europe, England and America.

May God bless you.