Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Criticism, Ego, Rightsided Dangers

Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

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Talk to Yogis, ashram in Le Raincy, Paris (France), 17 August 1987.

So first of all, on behalf of my husband I want to thank you because he told Me he wants to thank all the French for giving such a nice time to him. But let be [inaudible] because you’ll feel embarrassed later on.
All right. Come in.
And I must say I was really amazed how in such a short time you could arrange such a nice program and such nice music, specially the music surprised me very much. I’ve never had such good poetry and such good music from the French. And this time it was really remarkable.
Now why I have called you to talk to you, because I’ve had no time to talk to the French separately. I thought I better talk to you here. And you are so many, I’m very happy to see that.

I must tell you that France has been the most difficult country for Me to work out Sahaja Yoga. To begin with we had Marie who was in charge of the France Sahaja Yoga, and somehow or other she found it impossible to manage things. When I came for lectures there were so many people, but when I went away they all attacked her very much. So, every third month she used to telephone to Me, “Mother, You come along otherwise I’m going to give up Sahaja Yoga. I’m not going to work with them.” And whenever I came here they always used to tell me against her, “She’s like this, she’s like that,” and to such an extent that I told them, “Have you any replacement?” She was a very generous person. She has given her own house where I used to come and stay with her, and between Me and her, we would pay for the hall, for all the arrangements, for advertisement. She paid part of the money. Of course I did pay, but she paid part of the money. But the criticism was so much that I could not understand that instead of going into Sahaja Yoga, learning about Sahaja Yoga, they were just criticizing her. That was their job.
She had a friend. I mean she was a real good friend of hers. She also started misbehaving. So the person who was criticizing her was Alexander – very, very much. So I told that, “All right, you become now the leader.” Though Marie was a very deep person, and was a real seeker and very truthful person, and she was very generous, and she never asked Me for anything.
But small, small things they would ask her like, “Where did you spend this money? Who has done this?” Like, I mean, it was terrible, as if they were supporting her you see. And I reached a conclusion that we have to change the leader. So I got Alexander, because he was very critical of her. And then Alexander started staying here with his wife who was Indian. But he was much worse. He started making money here. He bought a car out of that money, did all those things. No complaints for him. No complaints. Nobody complained. Nobody told me that he was making money like this, nothing of the kind. Nobody criticized him even. The father-in-law of this, he came here and stayed with him. And he’s an Indian. He came and told me that, “Mother, I’m really shocked. This Alexander is a cheat.” And all the five, six who were living with him had joined hands with him. His wife also, she didn’t know what to do, but she has confessed to Me.

I didn’t know what to do. I said, “Where is Sahaja Yoga and where is this horrible leader?” He used to send me a big bill every time I visited this place. He got a hall which was for 1000 pounds per night. For two nights he got it and I had to pay that money. My husband used to joke that other gurus make money, here my wife is sending money first. I told him that, “You see, this is only for France. I’ll have to work out because I’m worried about French people, and I must work it out, so you please don’t mind.” Then, when I talked to Alexander about it, he said, “I’ll have to send back my wife because now I can’t afford her without the ashram, without being the leader.” I said, “Don’t threaten Me. If you want to send her, you send her away. I’m not going to be threatened by these things.” And in Sahaja Yoga nothing is hidden, nothing is kept secret. But I didn’t want to expose him or to talk against him, because, you see, it would not have been graceful to do, but I mean I was not afraid of him. I was surprised the way he was criticizing Marie. He himself was such a wrong person. So I reached a conclusion that those who criticize a good leader, there’s something wrong with them, and I sent a circular all over saying that no leader should be criticized. Do not try to find faults with the leader. I can look after the leader Myself. And you better look after yourselves.

So I wanted to find out why there is so much criticism of the leaders in France. Nowhere it happened like that. Maybe that, you see, you had a revolution – French revolution, and the king and queen you criticized so much, and you got you freedom, so-called, from the queen. Maybe that is one of the basic historical reasons, might be. But to criticize somebody is a sort of a historical upbringing.

But, even then I would say French were wrong because Marie Antoinette, whatever she did, she did as a queen. And in Russia I went, even the tsars did the same. In every country where the queen and the king lived they did the same. But she was very creative. If you see to the good points of her; you must try to see her good points. She was extremely creative person. She gave so much work to the artists. She gave them so many ideas. She made beautiful furniture. She decorated her palaces with such beautiful things. She actually gave a complete wealth to the Renaissance development in your country. I mean, when I went to see her palace, everybody told me, “Oh, have you seen her palace?” I mean there’s nothing else to show but her palace to people nowadays. I mean, that’s what she’s done, the job. When I went to see, I saw the greatness of this lady. And I’m sure somebody must have deceived her, and people criticized her for nothing at all. I just don’t understand, what was there to criticize? That was the pattern of those days. Every king and queen did the same as she did. She didn’t do anything worse. She didn’t kill anybody. She didn’t do anything very bad.

And if you see, say, the kings of England – horrible kings and queens; Bloody Mary [Mary Tudor], and then there is – we have got this one man who marries seven wives, kills them [Henri VIII Tudor]. Horrible things they have done. And still the royalty’s on. Even now the ladies make their hairdressers, like this Princess Diana and all that [Shri Mataji laughs] all over the world. They go as king and queen. The British have put their king and queen who are at a very great height. You see wherever they go, such a little country like that, you see, people call it “Ex-Great Britain.”. But still, how much they are propagating, and English are very proud. They would never criticize their authority of a leader. Never. While the leader who was Gavin had a mad wife, and quite a problem we had, I could see, but nobody would say a word. If I said that they would keep quiet. And that’s how today you find Sahaja Yoga has spread so well.

So, one has to remember that this is not politics. This is not some king and queen ruling you. Sahaja Yoga is a very different thing. It is your Mother loves you very much, and She wants you to rise higher and higher to enter into the kingdom of God. You know what French life is, where your children are going to go, what’s going to happen to them. Think of it. It’s hell here, was hell once I came here. Nobody’s wife is safe. Nobody’s husband is safe. Everybody trying to break the family system. So many divorces coming up. Everybody getting drunk and addicted to drugs and all kinds of things. Now AIDS coming from America. Everything is surrounding us. We are in a very big mess. We have to save our children. We have to save ourselves, and we have to become pure. But with our own understanding about life, whatever they have tried has failed. You can see it around. People now believe in anarchy.
So when God’s kingdom has to come on this earth, we must understand the nature of Sahaja Yoga. When you come to Sahaja Yoga you are coming into the temple of God. All the deities want to welcome you. They want to look after you. They want to give all the blessings. And they want you to give those powers by which you can give Realization to others and improve their lives.

Now, I know that maybe this historical factor, or whatever it is, or maybe the style the media is, the way the politics is in every democratic country, we always judge others. Now the ultimate judgment that is before us, is the judgment of God Almighty. We have to judge ourselves. In the Koran it is written your hand will give the witness against you. Feet will get witness against you at the time of Qiyamat, meaning the Resurrection. So that is this time. You allow your hands to speak and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. Allow your feet to speak and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. You become like a mirror. You can see yourself clearly what you are, and you can also cure yourself, correct yourself, cleanse yourself, because you’ve got the power to do it. You are such powerful people. But this power cannot come to you if you challenge the authority of your leaders. I have given them the authority and if you challenge them you are challenging Me directly. Moreover, how can I help you individually? You have to help yourself. And your leader has to help you.
Supposing you go to university and you have to learn something from your professor, and as soon as you see the professor you start criticizing his suit, or his nose. Supposing you go to university and you have to learn something from your professor, and as soon as you see the professor you start criticizing his suit, or his nose. Children also understand the joke. [Laughter] So, that is not a sign of intelligence, of pure intelligence. It’s a sign of ego, and ego makes a person stupid. So, that is not a sign of intelligence, of pure intelligence. It’s a sign of ego, and ego makes a person stupid.

Is a nice story written about this in the Ramayana, by Valmiki. It’s Narada, once got into the realm of ego, and he started saying that, “What do I care for anyone? I am such a great celibate person. I have never married. Even Shiva had to marry, imagine. I have never married. I’m such a great bhramachari.” And, when he was walking on the road, he met two people who were sent by Shri Krishna to befool him. And Vishnu had sent Him to befool this fellow, his ego. So, these two persons came and started telling him, “You are such a handsome man. You are such a great person, greater than Shiva, greater than any of the Gods.” So he became a greater stupid fool. [Laughter] His ego, you see, swells up like this, start floating in the air. [Shri Mataji laughts] It’s like a plastic. You can’t see the reality. You think no end of yourself. “Ah, I am so great.” And that’s not reality.
Now this fellow believed that he was the most handsome man going. Then they said, “We have come to tell you that there is a beautiful woman. She’s a princess and her “swyamvara” [marriage] is going to be performed, for which you are the most suitable man because she said she will marry the most handsome and the most intelligent, and you are the most intelligent and the most handsome man.” So he said, “Where is the wedding?” He said, “In Maya Nagari.” “Maya Nagari” actually means a city of illusion. [Laughter] So they took him there, and he saw a big pendal, and every arrangement made, big – a music was on, and all that. And then they all sat in line, you see, waiting for the princess to come in. When the princess came out with her garland, and she went round, and which she was, I mean very shy. And when she faced Narada she just laughed, she could [Shri Mataji laughts] She laughed aloud, you see. Not only giggled but laughed, you see. And then she went ahead.
So, he asked them, “What’s the matter?” They said, “We don’t know. She might come back. Let us wait. She must have been very happy to see such a handsome man.” But she never came back. So they went to the – they went out and He said, “Now let me go and now rest for a while.” So he wanted to wash his face in the lake. When he looked into the water, he was amazed he was looking like a monkey. So he got very angry with these two persons, and He said, “Why did you befool me like this?” They said, “Sir, we did not befool. It’s your ego which makes you out into a stupid personality. You were sitting there and criticizing everybody, saying he’s ugly looking, he’s useless, he’s good for nothing. You were the one looking like a monkey. And you were such a stupid fool, even when we told you this is Maya Nagari you did not think that Maya Nagari’s just an illusion. So, you lived in a illusion about yourself, and there was no princess. There was nothing of the kind. Only your illusion created all those things.” So this is what ego is. And this ego cannot give you anything but illusion and stupidity.

Now this has to be understood very clearly, that you have to be prepared to face yourself. You are people if you are really French, and if you really love your country and your countrymen, you have to become something special. Those people who are getting drowned, if you have to save them, you must know how to swim. So, I have to tell you that please try to understand that whatever your leader has to say to you, you have to listen, and you have to work it out.
Now, it happened once in Switzerland. There was one English girl married to a Swiss. She was a “bhoot”, absolute “bhoot”, and she started telling people against Arnaud. And they formed a big majority. They all signed and sent Me all the complaints against Arnaud. And then their leader telephoned to Me. So, they said, “Mother, please ask Arnaud to resign, otherwise we all will resign.” Threatening Me. I said, “You better all resign. I will have Arnaud.” And they were shocked. I said, “And if I have made Arnaud the leader, I must have seen something in that person,” and things changed.

So this is one thing, because when I tell anything to Patrick, he says, “Mother I’ll try but I don’t know.” He’s not so sure that you will listen to him. I could read that very clearly. You like a lot other – other’s – other leaders. He doesn’t talk like that. And I feel very sorry. And, as you know, I play tricks. And yesterday I played a trick on him. When he told me that some ladies used to fight and he gave them to make a nice, what you call, a quilt for Me. In that creativity, they became very friendly. So, I said it openly. That’s my trick. And I said that’s the trick of a leader to see if he’s going to be criticized. And I knew that he was criticized. Didn’t like that he told me this. He is there to tell Me about you. He has to report to Me. But if you have faith in My love, you should not doubt anything.

Now, we are here to judge ourselves and not to judge others. I know the French are very individualistic, but all the individuals now have to enter into my being. You have to all become part and parcel of the Virata. The microcosm has to become the macrocosm. For that, you have to give up your small, limited personalities. You have to become very large, big, but what do you have to surrender is your ego. That’s the stupid thing which covers you up completely in the head here and doesn’t allow you to grow. So, if you fight with it, it will exhaust you. For example, your ego is here and you are here, so light falls and you fight with your own image or your shadow. Then, you’re exhausted, then you say, “Mother, I’ve been fighting with my ego, but the ego doesn’t go.” It’s an illusion.
[Cut in the audio]
. . . The thing is to stand under the light – under the light of enlightenment, so no shadow. You don’t fight yourself. So you don’t fight your ego. You must only know that it exists. You stand before the mirror and say, “Now, how do you do Mr. Ego?” Now a stupid idea comes, you say, “Oh, Mr. Ego, now don’t tell me anything. I know it’s all right, it’s all right.”

So, you start detaching yourself, like we say, “All right, I forgive, I forgive, I forgive. I forgive you. You get out. You get out.” Best thing is to shoe beat yourself. Then this ego business goes away. Now any idea comes into your head that, “This is very wrong. This should not have happened.” It’s all right forget it. Like, you see, supposing I see anything black on My sari, I won’t have it. Then I’ll wash it off. Supposing I think this, My sari is Me and this, whatever is dirt on that, is also Me. Then I won’t leave it there.
But ego is even worse that dirt and filth, because it attacks others. Also it attacks you. It comes from over activity of the brain. First thing is attacked is your liver, by which you sometimes get bilious, you don’t feel like eating food, you go on throwing food, you become very fussy, you don’t like this, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] should not be kept like that, should be kept like that. You become – your attention becomes all the time mad.
Especially food; you don’t like English food, you don’t want – like Indian food, you don’t like Russian food, you just like French food, and then you don’t even like French food. Then you go to somebody’s, “Oh, I didn’t like that. All very bad. This should not have been there. This carpet was really bad, that one was not all right, this one was not all right,” And that you don’t like anything. You see, you have no taste buds left in your mind, you don’t like anything, how can you enjoy anything? It’s like a tongue which has no taste buds, you see, doesn’t like anything. And such a waste of energy I tell you.
Same with dress, “I don’t like this. I don’t like that.” You’ll get to ten store rooms, stores. You won’t like this. You won’t like that. You won’t like that. Then you’ll be exhausted and then you’ll buy something stupid, a hippie thing and come out with all your hair standing up like that [Shri Mataji laughs]. Absolutely ghost like I saw today one. Hairdressing – you’ll go to the hairdresser, he’ll be fed up. He’ll just shave you off. Your attention becomes extremely disturbed.

Today we went to the stores. Every, say, I was talking, say, to him but [he was] looking at another thing. “Govinda, I’m talking to you.” Looking here, there, there and the person to whom I’m talking also looking all over. The attention becomes so funny that you tell them something, they do another thing.
Like in America you ask him, “What’s your name?” Simple question. That person’s looking somewhere else. They’ll say, “Did you say what’s my name?” Then we’ll look at another thing. I’ll say, “Yes, yes. I want – just wanted to know your name.” Then he’ll turn another, “Did you ask for my name?”
He’ll go on for five minutes, then I would say, “All right, I don’t ask you anything, I’ll stop.”
Now, you tell them something.

A French lady came to Me criticizing all the people here. Just to see Me she just forced into My house, came to Me and all that. I made her sit down. She was quite a big ego and all that. I gave her kumkum and I said in the night you put it here. Next day she telephones to Me, “Kumkum is very sour.” [Laughter] I said, “What are you doing?” “I’m eating it.” [Laughter] She said, “I didn’t understand English,” she said. But I said, “I applied it here. Didn’t you also see My action?” [Shri Mataji laughs] “ Did I put it in the mouth”. I said, “Don’t eat kumkum.” Then she asked, “Did you say I should not eat kumkum?” And she’s a very famous woman.
All very big people are fond of her, this, that. I don’t know what sort of a woman she’s and what’s wrong with her. I just don’t understand. But not only that attention gets like that, they don’t have proper memory’s left. They’ll come and stand before you, say, “Where is Mataji?” I’m standing there. Such a big woman. “Where is Mataji?” I said, “Get a microscope now.” [Laughter] The eyes become upside down. Now, the attention part is all right. Now, forget about the attention. Physically what happens? You vomit every food you eat. You become thin like T.B. [tuberculosis] patient. There are so many like that because there – means, what you call, cheekbone like that. And what you see in your shops, you see, they have made models out of these mad people there. And they look so old at a young age, you see.

There was a lady who was traveling with Me in train. She’s a French lady and quite thin, you see, and like that, so I thought she’s a old lady, naturally, you see. So we had a seat, so I said, “I’ll sleep upstairs. You better sleep downstairs. In the morning I said – she said, “Thank you very much” and all that.
I said, “No, no, after all, you see, I must respect your age, and this and that, yes, yes, yes, you know.” So I said, “What’s your age?” She says, “My age is forty years.”
I said, “That’s my daughter’s age.” What did I do with this woman? All gone like that, all wrinkled, here wrinkles. I thought I’m older- I’m younger than her, so I went up and she slept. She said, “I’m forty years.” Really I can’t believe it.
Shri Mataji: [Speaking to Guido] You told the whole story? I must say, the Italian is better than English, because you can put it in proper [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. All right. So now, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. All right. [Laughter]
So now, this is what happens to a person. He – such a person gets old very soon. He is such a bore. Nobody likes such a company He may not like anyone, but such a bore no one likes.
Now, the physical side of it, that you may develop a ego by which you might get diabetes. Then you might get high blood pressure – high blood pressure. Kidney can stop working. You can get blood cancer. You become vulnerable to any cancer. Or, your heart – you’ll get heart attack. You might get palpitations. You might get asthma. You might get cirrhosis. You might get on your hands and all that all kinds of eczemas. You might, also, ultimately end up in a state, as you call it, “ga-ga state”.
[Guido doesn’t understand.] Shri Mataji: It’s French! Michel Cernay: It’s for the old people who don’t know what they say. Shri Mataji: It’s quite in young age it happens. Nowadays, in young age.
Now a disease which I say is going to come has already started. I’ve told about that, that your conscious mind becomes helpless, that is you can move your hand if you’re unconscious about it, but consciously if you want to move your hand you cannot. You get paralyzed [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. With these things happening, I don’t know what other things can happen. One can develop eye problems. You cannot face the sun. And your nose and ears can get absolutely all the time sneezing, and – because the phlegm melts away -so nose starts, I mean sort of all the time, it’s flowing. And from your ears also you might get puss. Puss will start coming out of your ears. Now, that’s the blessings of Mr. Ego.
So be careful.

To correct your ego, first thing, you should never criticize others. Never get irritated with others. French are known to be very irritable. Once I came by My car which has a right hand driver, and Dr. Spiro driving it, and it always used to go on the right hand side. Even the slightest movement – PAM! PAM! POOM! POM PEEM! – everything going on all the time, and they become very impatient. So try to pace yourself. Now then be patient. You’re a Sahaja Yogi. Be patient. Be patient.
But, for the ladies, it is even worse. In My experience, I’ve seen when women try to dominate. Actually, a woman is like this Mother Earth. And if the Mother Earth thinks that these trees are dominating her, then what should we say? Same way if the women think that the husbands are dominating, I must say they are very wrong.
Now, it’s very easy to handle husbands.
Mine is there, out. But if you are not wise, and stupid, you think by dominating, saying things – bad things, you can manage him – you cannot. But to handle your husband, it’s important that you should show that you are very submissive. And it’s nice to be submissive that way. You see, because men are very simple, they have no angularities. Women have angularities because they don’t live together. You see men live together so they have no angularities. So you must know that all of them have the general face [?].

First of all, they must see their watch. [Laughter]
They’ll take you to the airport one hour earlier. Without getting ready they’ll say, “Now, five minutes left. Three minutes left.” Like that, they keep the time. Very common. Now there’s a trick. These, also, boys do that to Me. Once, you know, Warren – horrid, he was – always used to take Me to the airport at least three hours early. Because airplane and airport, you see, the men become mad like that. Airplane – going by air – to the airport means men are all mad. I mean, supposing you miss the plane. You miss the plane. That’s all. You can have a nice meal there. [Laughter]
You can talk to people. There could be some new people you might meet. Something good might happen. Nothing of the kind. Airplane means, must run. Even they have become Sahaja Yogis, this is a bad habit they have. So I told Warren, “See, now don’t hurry Me. Now this time I’m going when I have to go. You go early.” So one hour before he took all the luggage, everything, got into the new car, sat on it with somebody else and all of them drove off. I’m a housewife. I have to do lots of things in the house. I nicely did it. After one hour I started. On a much older car, which was an older car, and Dr. Spiro was driving, and he said, “I’m enjoying now Mother. It’s so nice. It drives so slowly. I can see the nice scenery.” I said, “Very good.” We reached the airport. There was no Warren. No luggage [Laughter]. There were two Sahaja Yogis waiting. They said, “He called us one hour earlier. We are waiting here for one hour.” After twenty minutes we find Shri Warren and company coming. “How are You here?” I said, “Why? I am here. What about you?”
“Which way did You come?” I said, “The same way.” There’s no other way. “But,” he said, “I never saw Your car.” I said, “I disappeared into thin air, and crossed over your car, crossed over and came here.” He said, “Mother you did some tricks to me I must say. You must have given a bandhan.” I said, “No, I did nothing. I just . . .”

What you have to do when your husband is arguing you off, just give him a bandhan. Finished. For Sahaja Yogini it’s very easy. Give a bandhan to the husband. No problem. There’s no need to dominate. Because you are Gruhalakshmis, you are shaktis, and all the deities are going to help you first, before they help your husband. [Laughter].
But, the condition is that you have to be a Gruhalakshmi first of all. You must have all the qualities of a Gruhalakshmi. If you are a dominating woman, find faults with everyone, then you are not a Gruhalakshmi at all.
Especially the leader’s wives are like that sometimes I’ve seen. They are much more dominating and much more criticizing. Even no leader can do that way. And they live in a fool’s paradise. They are not leaders, but a fool’s paradise, thinking they are the, what you call, the whole soul of Sahaja Yoga. These stupid women must come round, and behave themselves, I’m telling you, because I’ve known such women become schizophrenic, because they live in imaginary world. They are not leaders and they have no business to behave like that. The wives of the leaders have to look after everyone, to be kind to them, and they should stand in between the leader and others, so that if the leader if supposing angry, she should say, “Now it’s all right. Forgive. Forgive,” like that. That is the duty of a leader’s wife.
Try to pacify. You see, that is her job, not to criticize others. On the whole, a lady should never be right-sided, because there are so many problems she will jump into. . . . seen these things happening in Sahaja Yoga.

There was a girl who was very right-sided and she – her husband became important. Then I told her, “You better become all right.” So she tried to be all right, so she had a child, but the child was born like a devil.
Then the right-sided woman might have abortions. First she will not conceive. Even if she conceives, she’ll have abortions. Now, if she does not have abortions and even if she has children, still the right-sided women will create children who will be devilish. They’ll be spoiled children, dominate other children.
Now if you see why in the West there is so much of violence. I would blame the mothers. The mothers, instead of giving love to their children, try to dominate. You must discipline your child, but with love, and should not be a dominating person to the husband and to the rest of the family, because then the child picks up. Then the children cannot be changed easily. Always right-sided children may have also physical deficiencies. Very right-sided mother’s children might have blood cancer – born with the blood cancer, could be born with a bad liver; all these deficiencies. And also, could be, say, born with physical handicaps. That’s what you call them autistic children. So when people say, “What’s wrong?” Everything’s wrong.
A pregnant woman should never see the eclipse of the sun or the moon, because if they see the sun eclipse, they’ll have physical problems. The children will be born with hands like this, feet like that. And if they see the lunar eclipse, the moon’s eclipse, then they will have mental problems.

So they should not spoil their children at all, but they should not also over discipline their children or shout at husbands, and shout at children. They should develop a very mild, beautiful, congenial personality. I have two daughters. One is forty years, and then thirty-eight years. All these lives I’ve given two slaps to the younger one, very small, and once to the elder one. That’s all. And they’re very well behaved and even now, if I say “No” to something, means no. Once my younger daughter, when she joined college, she said, “Should I wear sleeveless blouses?”
So I said, “All right, go ahead.” So she said, “Why don’t you wear?”
I said, “Because, see, I feel shy. Why should I expose my body first of all, and secondly that there are chakras which are important, they must be covered.”
So she says, “Then it is no criteria. Why should you have said, ‘Do what you like’? You should have told me that just don’t do it.”
And she was about eighteen years of age. Not small girl. Another girl, when she was – you see, in India also they started this “teenage”. We don’t have “teenage” in India, but there is a continuous life, isn’t it ? But they call it “teenage”. Certain age is “teenage”, and they wanted to start a magazine, and they came and interviewed her, and asked her – they said, “You go away, I will ask her.” She was only thirteen. They said, “You have boyfriends?” She said, “No. Why should I have? I’ve lots of girlfriends and my cousins are there and we are very happy with each other. I don’t want to trust somebody who’s not known to me.”
So they said, “Did your mother tell you not to talk to boys?”
So she said, “No, I can understand myself. Why, my mother always – if she tells me . . .” There’s no need to tell her, but “if she tells me, she – it’s for my good she tells me.”
The last question they asked her, “Then, but don’t you feel like flying in the air like a bird? “So what she says, she says, “But let me grow my wings first.”And this they published and said that she was the youngest among all the teenagers and was the wisest.

So, what I’m saying, you shouldn’t spoil your children. But you shouldn’t also dominate the children and your husband and the family. It’s not a good thing for women at all. It’s not very sweet also. You won’t go to a house where everyone is standing with a broom in her hand, you see. Run away. No one likes.
Our attention should be on our Spirit, on to higher things. Not how you keep your spoon, how you keep your fork, what the – no, higher things. All the time attention should be on our Spirit because we have to grow. Feel your vibrations on photograph in the rooms. Don’t judge others’ vibrations and don’t be harsh to others.
It doesn’t behoove a Sahaja Yogi to talk harshly to each other. Doesn’t behoove, leave alone meanness, selfishness, miserliness. It should be a character which should show as if there’s light in that person. The meanness, talking at the back, “murmuring souls” as Christ says, criticizing others, that’s danger to you and to Sahaja Yoga.
Meditate every day.
Be in thoughtless awareness. Any thought comes in, say, “Forgive, forgive, forgive,” and grow. Unless and until you are matured in Sahaja Yoga, you cannot really enjoy the taste of the bliss of God.

So, I congratulate you people that you’ve got so many people in Sahaja Yoga. Now see that they all settle down properly. Achieve what they are here for. And good news is that you are all invited to India.

Now the first chance is to be given to French this time. And be careful, because they always have bad livers. So, we’ll make all arrangements that you don’t suffer from it. We’ll see to it that we’ll give you all that is necessary to keep the liver cool and nice, but come with the idea that you have to enter into the subtleties of that country where lots of saints have lived and feel the vibrations, and not there to criticize, “Oh this telephone is bad, that is bad, road is bad. You can’t help it. You come with the idea of enjoying it. Otherwise, you spend so much money and what comes out of it is nothing but frustration, anger, temper. What’s the use?
And so those who want to get married and engaged should give your details to the leaders here. Truthfully, and should tell truthfully if you want to marry outside or not, everything truthfully. There should be no hypocrisy. In Sahaja Yoga, there should be no hypocrisy. If you have already a boyfriend or what, everything should be written clearly so I will know that this is the kind of a person you are. In India, nobody below the age of eighteen, a girl, and below the age of twenty-one, a boy, can be married. We can engage them. All right. And those who want to marry and cannot go to India and get married, also we’ll arrange something for them.

Don’t stick on with people who are negative. Stick on with the people who are positive, talking positively about Sahaja Yoga. Always I find – as soon as I see – I find one negative person walking to another negative person. Sitting together, they’ve become friends. Anybody who is trying to form a group, like Madame De Farge, you see, she was sneaking and was forming a group of people to fight. Such people, we don’t want in Sahaja Yoga. Anybody who tries such tricks, you should say, “I have nothing to do with it. I’ve had enough of it. I want to enter into the Kingdom of God.” Just one positive lecture. Also, those who have got liver problems should take a treatment. It’s very simple. For one month in summertime is the best.

[Gap in the audio]

Shri Mataji: Anything else? If you have any personal problem, anything, you must try one thing, first of all, is to write the problem, put it in front of My photograph and say, “Mother, You look after this problem.” If it is not solved, then you can tell your leader informally.

There are certain things [in India] which you may feel a little different, but you shouldn’t get a shock. Like in Sahaja Yoga we have to respect our chastity. Women have to respect and men have to respect, because our Ganesha has to be all right. Those who have come to Sahaja Yoga will be amazed, after coming to Sahaja Yoga, nobody has got AIDS.
In India, which is such a large country, they found only one woman having AIDS. Then they went very thoroughly into it. They got only 12 people who have got AIDS. They too have contamination from abroad. So this Ganesha has to be strong within us. Also, like it’s not inhibition like in the Catholic church, sex is nothing in Sahaja Yoga, but a sane sex with your wife, with faithful relationship, so it is neither Freud nor Catholic church.

Question: How long everyday should we meditate not to make any mistake or going on ego or super ego?
Shri Mataji: That’s one thing you take out of your mind. You can never make mistakes. Your kundalini doesn’t make any mistake. It is not what time. You see it is just – if you sit before the photograph and you are getting cool breeze, say about – take the cool breeze for about two minutes, say “Namaskar”, finished. There is no ritual about Sahaja Yoga. Like some people say, “I’ve not washed my hands. I’ve not had my bath. How will I put my hands to Mother?” She’s your Mother. You can put your hands to Me any time. But you have to respect.
Question: For instance, if we didn’t have respect for You before Realization?
Shri Mataji: Doesn’t matter. No no, doesn’t matter. Mother is very forgiving, isn’t She? She’s the source of all forgiveness. Even after Realization, don’t have respect for the time being, it’s all right. ‘Till you have not known Me, ignorance is not to be punished. But after knowing Me, after seeing the photographs of lights and everything, after giving Realization to few people, if you start misbehaving, then I can’t help it. [Laughter]

It’s like this: you’re climbing a mountain, slowly, slowly, when in the beginning if you fall, doesn’t matter, you can again climb. But you go higher and then you fall very fast. So your attention should be always at higher things. And doubting should be less about yourself and about Sahaja Yoga, because you have to learn so many things. So many things people start doubting, like you say for the puja, “Why this puja? Why? What is the need? Why to worship this Lady? She’s like us.” But why these people are so anxious to do the puja? [Laughter] Why do they come miles together to do the puja? What is in there? What do they get?

Why do they come miles together to do the puja? What is in there? What do they get?
[Gap in the tape] . . . when you suddenly you jump. . . . and the person who suffers. And if by somebody says, “puja , « Oh God,” and say, “Now let’s see, doesn’t matter, all right, we’ll have it.”

Now in the puja they give some money. That improves your Nabhi chakra. But I don’t take the money. Found out the solution.
Whatever money you give Me, I write it down. And in addition to that I put My own money and buy silver for your pujas-
Sahaja Yogi: No puja.
Shri Mataji: Which I give to all the ashrams. Of course that’s My property you see, that’s why the deities are concerned, might, supposed to be.
[Inaudible]. And so, because first, formaly, people used to use plastic, you see, to give Me kumkum in a plastic. And that’s not auspicious. [Deities] are not happy. They won’t emit vibrations. Big problem. That way, they are French in a way.
[Big laughter]
As the French don’t like it very much either.

So these questions are to be asked. In the beginning people do feel that way, but actually I don’t need any money and neither I’ll – you cannot give Me anything. Even if you want to give Me something I may take it, but I return it in a big way. And my husband doesn’t mind it. And in a big way, in a big way. You can find out from them in every ashram what things I have given them.
[Cut in the audio.]
You can tell yourself, I mean I don’t even bother [unsure].

Guido: So many things Shri Mataji you gave us.
Shri Mataji: It’s like that. So that is – this is not a money-making proposition. I’m not interested in money and you shouldn’t think of those little, little petty stuff.

In the beginning, of course, you can’t understand somebody [who doesn’t care for money]. But later on also if you don’t understand, then you cannot do Sahaja Yoga, because you’re petty minded. And even if something is so obvious and you don’t want to see it, that means you’re blind, so what’s the use of telling about some beautiful colors to a blind person?

So first try to understand your leaders, try to understand what they are telling you, try to become sensitive, and try to enjoy, and then I won’t have to tell you anything. Also you can test your power. You see, when you give vibrations to somebody does he get Realization or not? Or somebody who’s sick, you put your hand and see, does he feel all right or not? Now, supposing you give me French money and I don’t use it at all, then how will I know its value? If I say that you got the power and you don’t use it, then how will you know if you have got power or not? Use your power on trees, on flowers, anything, you’ll be surprised that it makes a difference to them. All right?

So next time, I’m going to see lots of French, more, brought in by you for your friends, your relations. Tell them that this is the greatest thing that they should have. We give them alcohol. They will give them dinners. Instead of that, give them the alcohol that is eternal, because when you take this then it never comes down. You are there all the time.

[Cut in the audio]
Guido: There is a problem, since he was three months old, he could not drink any milk, so even in the amrut there is milk.
Shri Mataji: In what?
Guido: In amrut there is milk.
Shri Mataji: And did you drink that?
Sahaja Yogi: Oui un petit peu. [Yes a little bit]
Shri Mataji: Nothing happened?
Sahaja Yogi: Mais je sais pas comment ça c’est passé il est tombé tout sur mon pantaloon, sans le faire exprès. [But I don’t know how it happenend, but it all fell down on my trousers!]
Guido translates: He tried to drink it yesterday, but he doesn’t know what happened, it fell on his throusers. He could not drink.
Shri Mataji: He should have taken it.
But he can take now, you see, vibrated water. After some time he’ll get over – all you allergies you can get over.

All right, now I think that we should give some time to the other people. I will [inaudible]
Are you all satisfied?
And alcohol, I must tell you about alcohol one point. They always come out with Christ saying that Christ created wine in the wedding. Of course, now, you see, the main thing is I have to explain all of them because there’s no difference between Me and them. But it always happens that when a person lives, like Christ lived, nobody believed Him, and when He died we have so many Christians now. So now I’m living, better listen to Me. Be wiser than others. Now Christ didn’t make an alcohol. What He made was the juice of the grapes which called also wine in Hebrew. The answer is it was made in a short time, you see – just like that, and alcohol has to be rotten. So it takes time.
All right? So like this many such things will come. You are Christians, you’ll compare Me with Christ. If you are Islam – Muslim- you’ll compare Me with Mohammad Sahib. If you are Hindu you’ll compare Me with Krishna. Like they said, “But Krishna never did raising of the kundalini.” But I would say like this, that that was not his job. Whatever is My job I’m doing it. Like that, you see, it goes on and on and on. So you shouldn’t worry about all those things. First of all, you become a Realized soul. You will understand everything. You’ll reach the state of doubtless awareness. So only aim should be that we should achieve that state. That is it. And whatever is needed has to be done. All right.
May God bless you.

Now can meet the other Austrians.

[Cut in the audio]

Now, the reason was like this, very simple reason, that we wanted to make a place like a hotel because that place is that area, according to Guido, is very rare now and people won’t be able – won’t be allowed to build anything there. So I just thought best is to make some proper place, supposing if that place becomes very expensive, we should be able to sell out this, so I said make like a hotel. If you can sell that out and if we can achieve the price of the land also, then we can use that money anywhere. So from that point of view I’ve changed it. All right? But now for that the money we have to collect. And those who are not going to India must donate at least 100 pounds per year so that we can start this project here in Rome where our children are to be educated. And also we can start, later on, other projects like this wherever we have to.
So it’s not much in one year to collect – people can give 100 pounds and those who can afford should do it, or can be also 50 pounds, those who cannot afford. So 50 to 100 pounds is not much per year, and all this money has to be sent to Arneau and we please ask Arneau to start a new account.

So the money is with him and whenever you need anything we’ll try to send it. We have to make a complete idea as to what is needed, how much is needed, and we should work more on barter system. Like you can send very nice timber, say from England. And Austrian timber also he was saying there’s some lady whose father wants to [UNINTELLIGIBLE ]. But first, you verify what is the price, the cubic feet, because in London it’s very, very cheap. Specially for these, all this, that’s very cheap in London. Maybe there is some wood that – did they tell you that there is for show, very good wood they have got; cedar also, oak – very good old oak they have got which you can use for making something.
So, in any case somebody can go from Italy and have a look at it, what things they have, note it down, and what we can sell. They’ll be sending you pine for other things, roof and all that, so that you will know how much you need, what you need more, and they’ll send it. So this has to be first started by Italians themselves. See they should try to give hundred, all of them. Guido: Of course.
Shri Mataji: Italians have to start it and then others can do also. Indians cannot send you money because that money is not working out, but they can send you chandeliers. They can send you, say, other thing like brass things. Also they might send you, I mean, if you think it’s proper, is another thing what we call as the furnishing.
You can send it down.
This is the next important thing one has to do, is to pay attention to that.

Guido: Also, being a collective project, it has a great value.
Shri Mataji: Going to be wonderful. That would be the first beginning of a proper ashram. Because we have got Shudy Camp, no doubt, but Shudy Camp has given lot of troubles and, actually I had put in lot of money in that to begin with. But here if we start in a very nice way and it will come.
Now, regarding Milano, everything is all right; working out all right.
Guido : Now we have an ashram in Sicily.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Guido: A new ashram In Sicily.
Shri Mataji: Really?
Milano also has a very good ashram.
Guido: Yeah, it’s beautiful.
Shri Mataji: So much of left is there. What else? Any question?
No question? You all have reached the state of thoughtless awareness, doubtless awareness, everything. I’m sure French will come around also.
All right. So what about you having some children?
Sahaja Yogi: We will. If You send us some.
Shri Mataji: We must have some Dutch children also. Don’t have any.
Now, those people who have been with Alexander, are they still here?

Sahaja Yogi: Ils sont à Paris [they are in Paris]
There are some here.
Shri Mataji: Please raise your hands. I would like to see.
Sahaja Yogi: About fifteen or twenty Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: All right. I have to warn you people. I must warn you because he had a very bad effect on all of you, and he was a very – a person with great inertia. And I have seen that such a person, if that comes – even may not be as a leader otherwise, and has relationship with someone, then such a person doesn’t go much int the Sahaja. So you have to make a deliberate effort. Beat him with shoes every day and just don’t think of him, because you have to progress further. The first effect will be, that those who are new comers will see you and run away, because they’ll find out a little trace will be there of Alexander.
So it is important that you become an example for the new comers because you have been old Sahaja Yogis.
Now you remember Christ has said, “First will be last.” So anyone of you thinks that, “I am the first who came to Sahaja Yoga and the person who got Realization first, I’ve been with Mother for so many years,” must know there’s a puzzle on that. Whenever somebody tells me, “I was the first, Mother I came to you. I was the first at the airport. I was first like this,” they’re saying like this. I’ll tell him what I say, give this who says, “First, first, first, first, first.”
So I tell them, tell him that:
“You are first of the first is first of you. Second and third are zero too. First of the last is last of you. First of the last is the last of you. And, please tell me what are you?” What is the first? What is the first of first? You – none of you have been guessed?
Sahaja Yogini: The first of the first they are just the first.
Shri Mataji: No, F. Second and third are zero too. And first of the last is first of you – last of you, F – O – O – L.
So, those who say, “First, I was the first. I was the first,” all right, so, first of the first.
Like I reach at an airport, a fellow comes to Me, “I came first to the airport. I was the first to see You. I was the first to garland You,” all right, “and I was the first to talk to You.”
So, I would say, “I was the last to see you.”
So, this kind of idea is very wrong. How far are you in your Realization?
How far are you in your collectivity is the point.
Hear my point? How much you enjoy collective living?
Now, for example, this place there are very few people who want to stay together because French cannot live together some how, but Austrians want to stay together. Now look at that. French, as the first of the first, F is there. [Laughter]
It can mean “fine”, it can mean- what else? “Fantastic”.
So first I came to France. That’s the first country I came to from India. And the first leader that you had was Marie. She was one of the seven first I had; broke my neck. Now, so with all that first, with all that first, first, first, be careful.
Though Australia, Austria starts with “A” they are one of the last, and they are doing so well. You all have to remember that we have to be first in Sahaja Yoga, first in vibrations, and topmost in collectivity. That’s the sign. All of you should remember this, and try to beat that Alexander with shoes, result he may get a chance to come back. All right? And accept the newness of Sahaja Yoga in France.

Shri Mataji: Alright. Have you heard the program? Have you seen the program of my touring?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: That suits you alright?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Now, Italians, have you seen the program?
Guido: Yes Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Is alright?
Guido: Of course.
Shri Mataji: You are al right. Now from Belgium is there some …It’s alright.
Sahaja Yogis: Yes
Shri Mataji: Have you seen the American program?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Is alright.
So, now, anybody has any personal problem can talk to Me separately.
There’s a little thing I have to tell you about that and who else?
Sahaja Yogi: Five, six persons
Shri Mataji want to see me.
Sahaja Yogi: Hum.
Shri Mataji: Alright. So now, because we have only one room, the rest has to go.
Sahaja Yogi: Before going may we have your mantra Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Sahaja Yogis say the three great mantras.
Shri Mataji: May God bless you all.