Bhajans & Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Shri Rama Puja

Les Avants (Switzerland)


1987-1004: Talk after Deshera Puja, Les Avants, Switzerland

1987-1004: Talk after Deshera Puja, Les Avants, Switzerland
From Sahaja Yoga Book Project

Please be seated.

Alright that’s what we have unclear(talked plus they can unclear(sing/see)) the slides. Alright, that’s good. I will have some water please.

You have covered this? or they have covered? You? (unclear) I will tell you. Wow. Thank you. So after the puja you all look so nice and fresh. I am happy that you have been able to absorb lot of vibrations. But in Sahaja Yoga it is important to meditate. And meditate, in the morning and in the evening. Then you should understand the collective temperament. If you are not very collective, if you cannot talk to others well, if you cannot be friendly with others, if you find this kind of an inhibition in you, or a kind of a barrier – then know that you need more of collectivity. It’s not how much you adore Me and love Me, it’s what how much you are a sahaja yogi. That’s very very important for all of you. That you have to be great Sahaja Yogis. That’s my aspiration is. That’s my only asking is.

Actually as you know, I am a lonely person, I am extremely lonely in life and I want companions. The companions can come out of you but you have to have a level to be my companions. I am sure you will definitely achieve that level. Through humility, love, compassion, openness and softness of temperament, warmth in your utterances in your heart. A day will come when I will see you all, beautifully knit together. No quarrelling at all, no arguments, no analysis – nothing needed. There is nothing to argue. If you find somebody is quarrelling with you, you better report it to the leader. Not that you quarrel with each other and next day you say sorry, sorry, finished. It’s like any day mundane sort on a street. You are not to fight. You are not to quarrel. At the most you can pull each others legs a little bit.

You should live in a open way, no doubt, but open way doesn’t mean that you take to all bad ways and indecent ways and misbehave here. Know that you are yogis. It’s very special category of people who have to have that dignity about themselves. You can’t cheapen out yourself, you cannot. Whatever may be your backgrounds, past, everything, forget it. At present, before Me are sitting great yogi janas (people) and I bow to all of you.

May God bless you.

I want to thank the Sahaja Yogis of Switzerland for organizing this so beautifully, the whole. I am still wondering if they have done this pillar for us. I mean, I can’t imagine how it’s done. And whole thing has worked out so well. I’ve been wondering about this great Singhasana (throne), they have made for me. They are doing everything with their heart. Full of love for Me. I mean even if they bought the gold, it’s alright. Like because they have done it from their heart. I am going to leave all that for the European and the English to be used for their pujas. Because I know what belongs to Me is you, nothing else.

So may God bless you all. May God give you all the strength, all the courage, all the wisdom to be great Sahaja Yogis of today.

I should unclear(going) down.  

[A Sahaja Yogi says something]

Shri Mataji: I know, I know that. My unclear(film) is over unclear(let’s see others). All those who want to come to India must give your names as soon as possible. Those who want to get married also must give your names and fill up the forms with honesty. Nobody should try to hide anything. It is better to be open in Sahaja Yoga. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, it’s a little adventure that we did but I hope You will agree. We have a feeling, Shri Mataji, that only as an individual, let us say ourself , let us say anybody else, we can’t express our feeling of gratitude towards You, because You are too much higher than me, us. So it’s impossible to express through words what greatness You have given us. So we thought we have to have, all of our brothers and sisters, because in the combined collectivity, the combined hearts, may be the quality of the expression of our gratitude should be such that You will receive that anyway. And because it is the crowning of Shri Rama, it is  of course Your crowning Shri Mataji. And the crown there was some little jewels Shri Mataji, we didn’t tell You.

Shri Mataji: I saw all of them. I won’t miss anything.

Sahaja Yogi: So each one of this jewels should little bit are the, the hearts of Your children and the expression of the gratitude for Your protection, Your love, Your greatness and I don’t know. And the second thing, what we feel through this coronation is, You are the Queen. You are the Queen of the Universe. And we are Your devotees, we are Your disciples. So, if we are allowed to crown You, it means that we have to have complete adherence, allegiance and surrender. Otherwise, how can we crown You? We are not even able to reach Your head because your head is reaching the Universe. So in our heart we have tried some little poems, unclear(it will be )some little things, Shri Mataji. And some pictures and photographs from You. And through this, whatever may be the quality Shri Mataji, I am sure that all of us will be able to make this pledge of complete obedience, complete adherence, complete gratitude for You. And finally, we thought that through the image of Your photographs, through some poems and through music, we could express what I cannot express, our love for You, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Thank you.Thank you.

Will have some tea. No more unclear(eating), I tell her later. The back lights must be put on. Also this light. The stop light must be put on. It’s better. No no it’s alright, I will be able to follow the other one.


Sahaja Yogi : Unclear() take some more tea? Some more tea?

Shri Mataji : No, I’ll just say a few words. 

The exhibition that I saw, really enamored me and I was surprised how you have gone thoroughly into the depth of the lives of incarnations. And how you have brought it so beautifully for all the common people to see it. Inspite genius I should say. And you have used real cleverness to express yourself without exposing very subtle things about Sahaja Yoga. For a  ordinary person it should be really a revelation. I wish we could have such exhibitions also in India. But now after seeing these films and these slides and the music I was surprised at my self. It was so beautifully brought out all the things and so many things which I can not say in words. Which I can not express in your photographs and the beautiful music freely enthralled me. I wish you could take all your screen and everything I show this to Indians. They will be so much happy with you. Unclear(Recently) there have been very beautiful two photographs in Calcutta when they worship me as Lalitha, that is on Lalitha Panchami, they  worship me as Lalitha. Photographs are so beautiful and really I am amazed how the camera has taken, I look extremely yank and sort of absolutely am Goddess. I was myself surprised at the photograph. Unclear() I am absolutely new at photograph. Surprisingly how he has got it. I don’t know, I don’t have those photographs, I can’t find them. But the Calcutta people promised to give you all the presents of that photographs when you come to India. So, may God bless you. See the camera is really very clever and really flatters, I just can’t believe it that camera can picture me so well and can produce such beautiful effects. The choice of the photographs, the choice of music and above all, the commentary was so beautifully delicately written. So tender and nice, so powerful and so poetic that I myself felt I am an another world of beauty, grace and bliss. May God bless you. Thank you very much.

So now, we are going to have some music a little bit? 

Sahaja Yogi : Yes Shri Mataji obvious, some presents unclear()

Shri Mataji : Presents? Alright.

Sahaja Yogi : I don’t know, what would you like Shri Mataji? Some music or

Shri Mataji : Yes we can have some music plus presents then we go and have snacks. Have some tea. Quite a lot re, there down below.

Sahaja Yogi : Shri Mataji, would you like to sit on the throne again and then can have some bhajans and unclear(), you would be better than here.

Shri Mataji : Alright. Here you are rubbing my feet. That’s the advantage. It’s good. 

Be seated. Unclear() What’s the time now? Alright.

Don’t feel guilty. Look at my feet. Left vishuddhi so swollen. Please don’t feel guilty. See now. It’s better. 

Are you feeling guilty? 

Sahaja Yogi : Those who would like to present some presents to Shri Mataji, please come forward and in the meantime we can have some bhajans. 

Sahaja Yogi : unclear()

Shri Mataji : This is the one. 

Sahaja Yogi : See the quality Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji : Really? What’s the width. I think you better present me with this only. Make something nice.

Sahaja Yogi : Would you like to have it Shri Mataji? 

Shri Mataji : Oh, what are you going to do with it? Nothing.

Sahaja Yogi : Nothing? We can give it to you Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataij : Ok give me. I will make something out of this for people. 

Beautiful, what a beauty. What’s the width? This is silk too?

Sahaja Yogi : This is silk. 

Shri Mataji : Oh, God,

Sahaja Yogi : This is so beautiful Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : Can’t  believe it. 

Sahaja Yogi : We have a yellow too.

Shri Mataji : Same kind? 

Sahaja Yogi : Yes

Shri Mataji : Which silk is it? Just feel it. 

Sahaja Yogi : Which silk?

Another Yogi: It’s pure silk.

Sahaja Yogi : It’s amazing Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji : Can you see, this is silk, this is different silk. It’s beautiful, tremendous. Oh, the saree panna. It’s beautiful. 

Sahaja Yogini : it should be ten meters. 

Shri Mataji : It’s beautiful, what’s that yellow, which one is the yellow? What’s that? This is silk. This is silk also. This is remarkable. This one definitely is. Very beautiful. 

Sahaja Yogi : I bought it to my wife just by chance Shri Mataji. For twelve meters, me paid, do you know how much me paid? One hundred pounds. One hundred fifty pounds. 

Shri Mataji : How beautiful, I tell you. 

Sahaja Yogi : of course we have to wash it and.. 

Shri Mataji : It’s alright, it can be dark. It’s beautiful. I think I should take it. As I can make something for Indians out of this. 

Sahaja Yogi : Yes Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : Will get it cleaned, washed. It’s beautiful. Oho, how could you get so cheap as that. 

Shri Mataji : unclear() that’s all I can explain, I can’t believe it. 

Sahaja Yogi : Shri Mataji, they do it only for one week. 

Shri Mataji : Pure silk?

Sahaja Yogi : Oh, yes, I think we have to wait for another year. 

Shri Mataji : I think I’ll take all that. We can make somethings for Indians. So beautiful thanks. 

Later on, this also in sarees. 

Sahaja Yogi : This is not a silk, a another one. It’s just a combination.

Unclear discussion()

Shri Mataji : Aaah, So beautiful, what a background? Tremendous. You should give it., I think Shudi camp is the best, really nice where everybody can see it. Beautiful, I think you should keep it in shudi camp. Unclear()

Call some English sahaja yogis who can take it. 

Beautiful, so well done. Nobody has done my portrait that good I tell you. 

So this is for Italy Ashram. 

Sahaja Yogi : It’s absolutely imitated from ancient time. It’s just before week. And it’s imitation. It’s beautiful thing. No you should not see, you should close your eyes. Because I put it on something else. 

Shri Mataji : He is seeing, cheating ah? He is cheating. Now come along. Close your eyes. 

Sahaja Yogi : I have to do it Shri Mataji. Unclear() to keep on.

Shri Mataji : Alright. I am watching. 

Sahaja Yogi : It’s Shri Rama and Shri Lakshmana Shri Mataji. Silver unclear()

Shri Mataji : Silver? Aha, Beautiful. Shri Rama and Shri Lakshmana. Beautiful, and little little jewels with it. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s beautiful I tell you. Thank you. I tell you, you are genius. Lakshmana and Rama meeting together. 

What next?

What’s it?

Sahaja Yogini : Shri Mataji, This is present from Italy for you. It has been handmade by unclear(), this is the symbol of virgin, it is the most worshipped unclear(symbol). 

Shri Mataji : What’s that? Oh, what a dress, its beautiful. For the queen. Unclear(Am I) supposed to wear it alright. It’s beautiful. Please be seated. I am going to meet. 

Sahaja Yogi: Queen of the universe. 

Shri Mataji : May God bless you all. Unclear() Thank you very much. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. 

Hana, what has happened about the frocks that they have sent for the small children. Where are they?

Hana : Yes, unclear()

Shri Mataji : did they brought them? Small frocks?

Sahaja Yogini : unclear()

Shri Mataji : What’s that? Oh, God, such a beauty. That’s sahasrara isn’t it? 

Sahaja Yogi : ah, it’s so beautiful Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : It’s one of the beauties I tell. See you are like that. So beautiful. You see so. Through them you look so nice all of you. May God bless you. Thank you. Germany should become like this. Beautiful. Reflecting the grace of God. Beautifully done.

Sahaja Yogi : May it be a solid jewel in your crown Shri Mataji.  

Shri Mataji : May God bless you. Thank you very much, It’s beautiful. It’s really like a Kohinoor I tell you. Beautiful thank you, it’s very beautiful. Alright. What has he got? May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi : It is, A sahaja yogi from Lebanon Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji : It’s from?

Sahaja Yogi : From Lebanon.

Shri Mataji : Lebanon? 

Sahaja Yogi : Yes, German living in Lebanon. There is a small group of sahaja yogis already..

Sahaja Yogi : and this is Sita of Lebanon called Sita of the Lord.

Shri Mataji : May God bless you. May God bless Lebanon. No more war for Lebanon, no more war, finished. Over now. 

Sahaja Yogi : I am trying to translate what he said.

Shri Mataji : Ya.

Sahaja Yogi : Oh, it’s very nice. He is saying that he would like to contribute from his heart and give you this with humble this beautiful present because there has been a little bit tortured by people all over the places in Africa and then..

Shri Mataji : He come from which part?

Sahaja Yogi :  From Qiddiya, this is the flower in the earth of Qiddiya Shri Mataji that he would like to present it to you to be blessed. 

Shri Mataji : Thank you. Qiddiya where is it? 

Sahaja Yogi : Ivory Coast, sorry Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji : Oh I see, my husband goes there very often. 

Sahaja Yogi : Really?

Shri Mataji : Yes, Beautiful. Thank you very much. May God bless you. May God bless you. 

Shri Mataji : What’s that?

Sahaja Yogini : unclear()

Shri Mataji : From where? 

Sahaja Yogi : Soviet Union. 

Shri Mataji : Hello, Beautiful, This is from Soviet Union. May God bless you. 

Sahaja Yogi : It’s an unclear(undecorated) A typical Spanish unclear()

How beautiful, just see this. Hand made. Thank you. Beautiful. Thank you very much. Keep in the paper otherwise…nicely packed. Thank you. So what now?

Sahaja Yogi : Shri Mataji we just wanted to give to all the sahaja yogis

Shri Mataji : This will put where? In the car or?

Sahaja Yogi : In the car. 

Shri Mataji : For the car. Beautiful. All my, Beautifully done. Emblems are very nice. All the emblems that you have put are beautiful, representing all the religions. May God bless you. Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi : This is for you Shri Mataji for your car.

Shri Mataji : Beautiful, for my car.

Sahaja Yogi : Shri Mataji presents are over, Yogi addressing to other yogis – any more presets?

Shri Mataji : Now let’s have one music and then go. Last one.

Sahaja Yogi : Would you like to hear Bhavani Shri Mataji? 

Shri Mataji : Alright, Bhairavi. Yes. 

All this you have to give it to English sahaja yogis. They have to take it to my house alright. And also this silk. What has happened about the children’s frocks? What are you saying? She’s brought them here? Hana? Just one minute. Can you ask what did she say? She doesn’t understand it. See the frocks of children which she was supposed to sell. She’s not understood. Unclear() alright, let us start. She will found out. 

Sahaja Yogi : They are coming. 

Shri Mataji : When?

Sahaja Yogi : Now.

Sahaja Yogini : They are coming, they are coming.

Shri Mataji : So what are we going to do? Are we going to give them to Switzerland? What are we going to do? She can not sell them? 

Sahaja Yogini : It’s better if we give it to Switzerland Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : That’s better one.

Unclear() that Iranians must give up wars and dance and Jews also must give up aggression and sink. let the whole world understand the beauty of peace, love and sahaja yoga. And all the destructive weapons should disappear into thin hair. May God bless your wishes and your  prayers. It will take place and I am sure this puja of Shri Rama will bring that benevolence over the whole world. May God bless you.

Yogis : Jai Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : So lets go. Who is going to England? Anyone? I think bill is there. Bill you can take all these things unclear() Just give me these small things, just take it I don’t think I have much room. I think I would take this from Germany. I have to work on it. May God bless you. I will take this one with me. Okey? The rest of it you should ask Bill unclear(to bring) my house.

Sahaja Yogini : The list is here.

Shri Mataji : And what else? 

Sahaja Yogini : The silk one, the silk

Shri Mataji : silk 

Sahaja Yogini : Yellow and blue

Shri Mataji : Yellow and the blue. And what has happened about the frocks are you saying?

Sahaja Yogini : It’s here

Shri Mataji : Can you bring them? See the, I wish I could give it away. Unclear() what’s that? Not a frock,

Sahaja Yogini : Frock.

Shri Mataji : Yes yes, see we have got some nice dresses here, for presentation. So, one for Christian, for whom?

Sahaja Yogini : Unclear (Christian waltz?) 

Shri Mataji : Alright. From Swiss girls, I don’t know who would like to have them. Come along, who would like to have the frocks. All those who came to wash my feet, come along. Alright, come along. This is for unclear(Pologus) which ever you like. This one will fit you? This may fit her. That may fit her. Alright? So that’s it? No, that’s with her. With this, that must be with this. Alright? Good. Unclear(this we will give it to Christian…) what’s the name? Divya. One for Divya and one for unclear(Sofi). We have got some nice frocks for the girls. Now those who have girls, bigger one’s also? These are all smaller. Quite a lot of them. Alright. What’s the age? This is for small babies. Those who have small babies, Nandini , Maya, who else? Smallest is this? See the white purse. Alright. What other children you have? Here, children of this age, anyone? Very small, Radhika, alright, come along, Preethi, Preethi be will bigger. Take this one yellow one. Preethi, alright? One for Preethi. Alright, good. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi : This is bigger – 24

Shri Mataji : Now who is bigger for this? Quite big. Who is that? Sukanya is not here. Unclear() come along, come along have a unclear() which one? What’s her age?

Sahaja Yogi : Two years.

Shri Mataji : Two years that one. That’s why, this is for two years. Unclear() bigger, what age?

Sahaja Yogi : Four years

Sahaja Yogini : Four years.

Shri Mataji : Four years, anybody four years?

Sahaja Yogini : Helena

Shri Mataji : Now, anymore four years? Alright will spread them out. 

Sahaja Yogini : Juli, Juliyana, Yashoda. 

Shri Mataji : You dint give her?

Sahaja Yogini : No,

Shri Mataji : Alright what age?

Sahaja Yogini : She is small.

Shri Mataji : She is small? Give her this.

Sahaja Yogini : That’s big one, 

Shri Mataji : Big? This is alright. What’s the age? Little baby? Now just see yourself. 

Sahaja Yogi : Six months

Shri Mataji : Customer looks like. Ya, that’s it. Unclear() alright let’s see if it fits her, come along. See the bigger size 24, yes this might, yes this might fit her. You can increase the size. This may fit her, this may fit her. Yes, we can increase the size. Yes alright, good, alright? May God bless you. Now for her? One for her 24, see, small, see in the white. White for unclear() is it 24? See the white, that might, that is 24? The pink one may be. 

Sahaja Yogi : This 24

Shri Mataji : Alright that’s alright, you can increase the size alright? You can increase it. The pure silk actually this one. May God bless you. Now keep the rest of it. 

I would like to some of you to see if these could have any market here in the., these are all in pure silk, because this is some we have done in India, somebody can find out. Who? Who can find out here? Unclear(Nivyan)? Can you find out in the market? Can you? Who can find out? Unclear() come along, see these, they have a market here. Because these are pure silk, these are not. Very good design. These are pure silk, white and yellow are pure silk. Alright? Nice? Are they like that?

Sahaja Yogini : Beautiful.  

Shri Mataji : They are nicely done. No doubt. So thank you very much. May God bless you all. Hope to see you. Very enjoyable evening.

Yogis: Thank you Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji : May God bless you, May God bless you…unclear() you should be more collective alright? May God bless you.