The Truth that we understand it can not be our concept

Geneva (Switzerland)

1987-10-05 The Truth That We Understand It Can Not Be Our Concept, Geneva Switzerland DP-RAW, 109' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk
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Public program, Geneva, Switzerland, 10-05-1987

[Lecture starts at 22:30 minutes]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The truth that we understand, it cannot be our concept. It is what it is. We cannot change it. And when we try to say this is truth after sometime it gets proved that it is not. The truth is eternal. It doesn’t change and the truth has to be felt on your central nervous system. For example, you all see I am sitting here on a couch with a green coloured cover. You see it with your eyes, through your central nervous system you know, this is it, everybody knows it. But do you know the divine truth? You have to have divine eyes. You have to have the divine ears. And you have to have divine nerves. Your central nervous system has to be enlightened. Without that if you say there is no God, it means you are very unscientific. Without a microscope if you say there are no cells, you are being unscientific. If you are scientific you have to be honest and open-minded. You should not reach certain conclusions. Because you think, because you understand through your mental process. 

There are so many things which human beings cannot explain. They cannot do much either. We cannot even create an atom of any element. We try to feel that we are very great, we have achieved lot of things. But all these things that we have achieved was out of what was created. All the laws that you have discovered are already existing. So there should be some force, some power behind it, logically, one should understand. And as in any science you have to have a hypothesis. If a hypothesis is put before you, you have to take it in a way that you take any scientific hypothesis. But supposing at the very outset you don’t want to accept anything, then no use talking to the walls. At the very outset you have heard from the previous speaker about the inner being within us. Now this is the knowledge of the roots. Whatever you have is the knowledge of the tree, but you do not have the knowledge of the roots. If the West has the knowledge of the tree and the East has the knowledge of the roots, what’s the harm if you try to learn something from the East as well? But for this knowledge you don’t have to go to any university, you don’t to have pay big money, you don’t have to spend lots of time, appearing for exams, failing, passing. But this knowledge comes to you as an enlightenment on your nervous system. Of course, I must confess that it may not work out on everybody. It cannot be guaranteed. It works out in most of the people. If there is any physical problem, mental problem, emotional problem, or any kind of a problem on your central nervous system of a very serious nature, then it takes time. And there are some people who even come to Sahaja Yoga and are worked out, they get realisation, but they take time to settle down. Either they suffer from some conditionings, or maybe from Ego, or maybe some sort of a problem within themselves. So such people are asked to keep out for a while and then they can be called back. Because Sahaja Yoga is a collective process. And in a collective process we do not allow it to be disturbed by people who are extremely slow to progress. And once you are realised everybody understands that it is important that you have to become something. You cannot be branded as a Sahaja Yogi. Like you could be a Christian, you could be a Hindu, you could be a Muslim, just if you are willing to say alright, I am ready to brand myself. Yoga is a state. It is a state to which you have to rise.  Where you become one with the divine and the transformation makes you an instrument which works out the spreading of the divine power. You become a personality that is enlightened and you can pass this light to others even without talking to another person. Now I am talking about the all-pervading power of divine love. I do not want to take the name of God Almighty, because half of you might go away. In the name of God, lots of wrong things have been done so far. That proves beyond doubt that God is something great. Always good things are used to hide bad things. For in India once they wanted to smuggle some whisky from foreign countries. So they camouflaged the boxes like the Geeta and put the whisky inside those boxes, so nobody could doubt it. In the same way, God’s name has been used in a very, very, wrong, selfish manner. But that doesn’t mean he does not exist. He does exist. You are not yet connected. You have to be connected to that God Almighty. That is the union which is called as  Yoga. Yoga is not standing on your heads, breaking your necks. The pure yoga word means union with the divine. 

Now this yoga which we call as Sahaja Yoga is not a new system. It has been there for thousands and thousands of years all over the world. We can say that Abraham was a realised soul and a great incarnation of the master principle. We can say the same about Moses, we can say the same of Mohammad Sahab, we can say the same about Confucius, Socrates, Lao Tse, because all they essentially say the same thing. Only because we cannot see their subtle oneness, we fight among ourselves. It is surprising how when the tree is borne and nourished by one sap and the flowers also blossom on the same vital sap, all these different flowers are plucked by human beings as religions of their own. The flowers which are dead and ugly, then they fight, this is my religion, this is your religion. I am the chosen one, we see that and then we say that how can there be God. Now the time has come. I call it the blossom time. As described by Muhammad Sahab as Qayamah, he says. The time of resurrection. Where he says your hands will speak and your feet will speak. Your hands will give witness against you. This is the Last Judgement when your own hands will tell you what’s wrong with you. If you don’t accept it, one cannot help it. But if you understand it well, you can correct it and you can be saved. 

The Kundalini which is described is a residual power within us  which is actually the pure desire within us. It is coiled in three and half coils. It’s a coefficience, three and half is a coefficience which works out. In India, I met a scientist and he was making machinery to lift very heavy loads. And he asked me “mother, how can we have better instruments.?” I said you see in the nature, the Mother Earth moves with such a tremendous speed. And all the moons and stars, what you call, move with the same kind of a speed. How do they manage all that? There is a coefficience in them, in their movement. If the Pacific Ocean had become ten raised to power ten more deeper, we all would have collapsed. If Himalaya had become ten raised to the power 10 more than its own height then we would have been all finished. In the same way a coefficience works when you are using a machine. They being Indians they respect the nature and its laws, though they are scientists, and they work it out. And they have found out the coeffience by which they are producing wonderful results. In the same way this is a coefficience within us which works out our evolution. Now we are reached the state where we are human beings from an amoeba stage. And at this stage we have got a Kundalini within us just waiting to give us the last breakthrough. The Kundalini is your pure desire. All other desires are not pure. That’s why desires in general are not satiable according to economics. So the pure desire within us is to be one with the divine. It is in a sleeping state. That’s why we don’t understand what do we want to exist on this earth. I am told there is a competition going on between Switzerland, Norway and Sweden about committing suicide. People are taking to drugs and all kinds of self-destructive things because they are frustrated in life. Because they don’t know why they are on this earth and they don’t know what they want. They cannot understand why they are so dissatisfied. They are dissatisfied with themselves.  The connection has to be established, that’s all. The Kundalini is your own, it is your own spirit. And when the Kundalini rises and pierces through the fontanelle bone area, the connection is established. Like the connection of this instrument has to be established. But as I told you some of the people have a loose connection. And they sometimes get again dissociated. Sometimes you push them back, again they are back the same way. But most of them who have pure intelligence, means honest intelligence, once they get realisation, settle down immediately and respect it. They don’t sit down and analyse it because the experience is so unique. And those who do not get also try to work it out, because it is your own. It’s all your all own strength and your glory, it’s your personality, is the ocean of joy and compassion within you. And the state of eternal peace that exists. We talk of peace, peace, peace. I have known people who have got peace prizes have no peace within. They are extremely hot tempered, they never smile. You have to touch them with a barge pole. They are given the prize for peace. Can’t understand. Peace is within every human being, is your own glory, is your own domain. You have to just reside into it. Because the most beautiful thing that God has created is the human being. He is at the epitome of evolution. And if you get your realisation, if you respect it, and try to improve on it you settle down as a symbol of an enlightened personality. Now this all-pervading power is described as Shuddha Buddha, means the purest enlightenment. Means the purest enlightened personality, it is detached, it is truth, it gives you information which is truth, it gives you the guidance which is truth. It gives you an attention which is very powerful and with your attention which is so pure you can give realisation to others. You can give all that you have achieved in your self-realisation to others. It gives you the state of witnessing everything and also the greatest thing it gives you is the joy of living. Joy of enjoying others. Joy of loving others. Joy of trusting others. Real friendship and that feeling that we are part and parcel of the whole. As if the microcosm become the macrocosm. So to the people who are very desperate my speech or my talk might look like something out of the blue. It is hard to believe sometimes for human beings that inside you are that beautiful. And that inside the other fellow is equally beautiful. But the time has come for all of us to know that God has created us in his own compassion and love and we have to just reach that state of compassion and pure love. It gives you a complete security.              

We become a strong source of love. We have seen Christ who stood by a prostitute who had nothing to do with her. But when he saw people stoning her, he stood up with such courage and said those who have not committed sin, any sin, can throw a stone at me. And they dropped their stones. They dropped it because of the authority with which he spoke the whole thing. It was the divine authority that he had which never fades, which encourages, nourishes eternally. Where Hitler who tried to capture some people. He did some devastation. He thought he was a big hero, but today no one likes to see his face. We have many like these in our history and we have many great men in our history, too. Here we are to achieve that greatness. That greatness is within us we have to just feel it. Tonight, we will try to work it out on you and tomorrow again. As we do not take any money, we have no Rolls Royces, we have no huge ashrams. But luckily due to the efforts of some sahaja yogis we might be able to get a house, a good house within two-three month’s time. But even now we have three centres. And even when you get your realisation you must respect it. If you believe in guru shopping, I am not in the shop. I am not in the market. There is something that you have to have. Not to give me anything. So please remember those who respect themselves and respect their own being can only become Sahaja Yogis. It can be very few. We can’t help it. John says there are only hundred and forty-four thousand people who will enter into the kingdom of God. Perhaps we are reaching that number very soon, I think. I don’t think so, it has to be much more. He must have said it according to the proportion of people who lived in those days. So I would request you that you please pay some more attention to your self-realisation and your emancipation. I have been to Geneva many a times. Always had packed halls. But somehow Switzerland is the slowest. I don’t know what’s the reason is. And it has been very disappointing so far. Just I don’t know where is the attention of the Swiss? Is it in the banks? Or in the black money that comes from poor countries? God alone knows. But somehow it has not worked so well in Geneva nor in Switzerland. God has given you such beautiful nature. All false gurus have prospered in this country. They have amassed money. They have huge big palaces to themselves. But very few people really want to accept truth in Switzerland. Today for the first time I have spoken these words because I really can’t understand. Even in Russia Sahaja Yoga has started, in China it has started, and what is happening to Switzerland I can’t understand. In Australia we have thousands, even in America we have so many. It is very surprising that Switzerland hasn’t produced so many Sahaja Yogis. Of course, we had some of them who were not so good, very disappointing. Actually, if you are selfish people you must see your self-interest. But you don’t even see that. You feel that if you pay money to false gurus you will go to heavens. Is it because you cannot purchase me you don’t want to have your own greatness awakened? It is beyond me to understand. Please try this time to get your realisation and settle with it. May God bless you all. 

 We have about 15 minutes. I don’t mind if you ask me sensible questions. But every time I have been to Switzerland, we had ‘Twice-Born’ people, now they are exposed, we had Rajneesh’s people who are exposed. We had all kinds of nonsensical people here and disturbing me. They are all exposed, some of them are in jail, all kinds of things happening to them. So I would request you not to be aggressive.                   

I have not come here to take anything from you. You cannot give me anything. Please awaken your wisdom and understand the importance of time. Tomorrow you get cancer then you come to Sahaja Yoga? You get your heart attack then you come to Sahaja Yoga? But why don’t you get to your own powers by which you can cured and cure others? It’s rather difficult to understand  human beings, I must say. As a mother I have to tell the truth and request you. I’ll try my level best, but I leave it to your good sense to understand. May God bless you. 

Any questions please?    

Seeker [through translator]: If Yoga could cure some inflammation of the vertebra?  

Shri Mataji: Inflammation of what? 

Seeker [through translator]: Vertebra.

Shri Mataji: Vertebra. Inflammation of the vertebra.  

Seeker [through translator]: Hernia. 

Shri Mataji: Hello! see now, I said no guarantee. 

Shri Mataji: Will you go and ask any doctor can you cure such and such thing. First you will pay him fees, wait for him for three hours, everyday go and you may not get cured. 

Shri Mataji: I am here not to cure you sir. I am here to give you realisation. As a result of that most of the diseases get cured. But no guarantee. Alright? Try. But try.   

Seeker [through translator]: Do you really think that In Switzerland there is nothing but a bank? 

Shri Mataji: I don’t think so, otherwise I would not have come here. I have great hopes because I love you very much. 

Seeker: Does there exist a book which shows how you can make the Kundalini work?

Shri Mataji: If you could do it with the books, then… It’s a living process my child. By reading a book can you sprout a seed? By reading a book can you make a monkey into a human being? Alright? It’s a living process of the living power of God. 

Seeker [through translator]: try to understand the difficulties you have encountered in this country which other towns and cities have…

Shri Mataji: I do sir. I do myself. And I have tried very level best to remove as much as possible the difficulties you have. But you also must try to understand me that I am here to give you something. Have an open heart and you must have respect for yourself. Most of the people here feel guilty for nothing at all. That is the worst thing you could to yourself is to feel guilty.  

Shri Mataji: If I tell them not to feel guilty, they will think I am telling them something against themselves.  

Shri Mataji: Alright! So this love can be understood if you understand your benevolence.

Shri Mataji: Everything is to be done for your benevolence and you have to also help yourself a little bit. Secondly, I cannot force it on you. The greatest difficulty is that God has given you freedom. If you want you can go to hell or to heaven.

Shri Mataji: Now what is my whole concern is that try to understand that you can go to heaven much more easily than you can go to hell. So have faith in yourself. And have all confidence that you will get it. Alright? You must have confidence. 

Seeker [through translator]: Is it not dangerous to give diamonds to crocodiles?

Shri Mataji: Diamonds to crocodile? No, diamonds to anyone is dangerous. But the divine power can never be dangerous. It soothes you, it transforms you. It brings out your beauty. The crocodile can become a beautiful bird in the course of evolution. That’s what it is. To my eyes there are very few crocodiles and I look after them very well.   

Seeker [through translator]: If you practice your own religion and then you come to Sahaja Yoga can there be any contradiction?  

Shri Mataji: Of course not? What is your religion? Is it without any connection with God or with connection with God? You follow religion because you are born in a family. You have to know the realities of religion. The religion is within you. It has to be enlightened. Now supposing I am a Christian or I am a Hindu or I am a Muslim, I can do all the dirty things I want to do. I can murder, I can plunder, I can kill, I can be cruel, I can do whatever I like whatever may be my religion, so what?

Shri Mataji: But if you are in Yoga then you do not do this because religion is born within you, has become part and parcel of your being. It is not just a group of people. 

Shri Mataji: Like when, er, supposing you make a dog go through a dirty lane, he can manage. But human beings cannot do that because they become sensitive to filth and dirt. So when the religion is born within yourself then you become sensitive to irreligious things. You don’t have to be told don’t do this don’t do that. You just don’t do it. So this is the true religion into which you have to jump. 

Seeker [through translator]: I can’t understand

Shri Mataji: Alright you first, let’s see, if you get the experience madam. If you are really religious you will get it. Your hands will speak. They will tell you. I don’t have to tell you. Alright!   


Shri Mataji: Just to cooperate with me you have to do very few things. First of all, those who have come, who are new people, I would request the Sahaja Yogis to give them some seats. Sahaja Yogis please get up and give seats to the people who have come. 

Shri Mataji: Not. Need not all of you get up. There is one seat here also. There is a seat here. There is a seat there. All the Sahaja Yogis need not get up. It’s alright. Yes, there is a seat here, there is a seat here please. There is a seat there. 

Shri Mataji: You want to have a seat? Is there a seat there? Yes, there is a seat that side, come along there is seat there. That’s good. That’s the gentleman here. That’s good. 

Shri Mataji: So very happy to see that you are anxious to get your self-realisation. So encouraging. 

Shri Mataji: So now to little bit cooperate let us take out our shoes a little bit. Because it is rather tight and apart from that we have to take the help from the mother earth. And it is not very cold. She takes away half of our burden. 

Shri Mataji: Now please put both the feet on the ground, parallel. Just like this. Alright. Try to be comfortable. If you are tight here or a tight there, you can loosen a little. You be comfortable, but not bending too much, just in a straight manner, neither putting your head up there or head down below.

Shri Mataji: Now later on, tomorrow I will tell you what is the left hand and the right hand, but for the time being the left hand is the power of desire and the right hand is the power of action. Now I would like you to know how to raise your own Kundalini. So we will be working out with the left hand towards me. 

There is a seat here. If somebody wants to come down there are seats here. 

The left hand towards me and the right hand is to be used for energising your centres. Now before you close your eyes, I’ll tell how it is to be worked out. 

Please put your left hand towards me all the time, like this not like this, on your lap. Be comfortable. 

(to a seeker in particular) There is one (seat) here. 

Be comfortable. Now, the right hand goes on the heart, where resides the spirit. 

(to a seeker in particular) If you have a coat you can put inside the coat. 

We work all on the left-hand side. Now this hand then goes down in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of the principle of mastery. We have had many masters before like Abraham, Moses, Confucius and all the names I told you. They have created this special centre for us. 

Then you have to take your right hand to the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Please do it now. Please do it. 

Lower part. Lower part. Lower part of the abdomen. Lower and lower still. 

Now this is the centre which works out all divine laws. Works on the pure knowledge of the divine. Then it rises on to the upper part of the abdomen and again it goes to the heart. Now the most important thing is that you have to raise your this right hand with the left hand towards me, put it on the corner of your neck from the front side. Neck and the shoulder. This side. Push it back. Push it back. All of you should do it please. Please do it. If you are obstinate, I can’t help you. Alright. Put your head on the right-hand side. This is the centre when you feel guilty and is, all of  you are catching. Very hot. 

Now take this right hand and now put it on your forehead and press it on both the sides. This is the centre of forgiveness. Now, then this hand has to go on the back of your head here. Rest your head on that slowly, put the pressure and push back your head. Now take your hand, stretch it . Now the centre of your palm has to go, stretch it nicely, on the top of your head, on the Fontanelle bone area, where it was soft bone in your childhood. Now just put it there and press it hard and move it slowly seven times clockwise. Press it hard. Press it hard. Push back your fingers. Seven times that’s all. That’s all. Now close your eyes. 

You can take out your spectacles because it helps also eyesight. Keep it in your pockets. Now let’s start. Now before closing your eyes I have to tell you that you have to forgive yourself. Don’t count your sins. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Don’t be ‘les miserables’. I find you are too serious. You are going to enter into the kingdom of God. What’s there to be that serious? Alright. That’s it. So first love yourself as I love you. 

Very simple is to put your left hand towards me, close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. Because the attention has to be inside. Sahaja means spontaneous, you don’t have to do anything. Don’t have to put your concentration or anything.      

Now take your right hand on the heart. Here you have you to say, or you have to ask the question to me ,and a very fundamental question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” If you want you can call me Shri Mataji or Mother whatever pleases you. Just say “mother am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times, in your heart. Now take your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Now if you are the spirit the second question comes in, ask the question, “Mother am I my own master? Mother am I my own Guru? Mother am I my own guide?” Ask this question three times. Please put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and left hand towards me. Don’t be tense.   

Now, put your right hand on lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now, ask with full confidence in yourself. I cannot force you. You are free to ask. So please ask, “Mother may I have the pure knowledge of the divine?” Please ask this question six times. Because there are six petals in this centre. Please ask, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge of the divine?” 

Now raise your right hand onto the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. By asking for the pure knowledge the Kundalini has started moving. To facilitate her more, you have to say with full confidence, ten times, “Mother I am my own master”. Please say it ten times. 

Now, the most fundamental thing and the only truth is that you are the spirit. So please put your right hand on your heart and here now with full confidence, please say, “Mother I am the spirit”. Say it please twelve times….with full confidence. Now we have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of love and compassion. But above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness, so there is nothing that He cannot forgive. Please forgive yourself. 

Now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder from the front side. Now turn your head on the right-hand side and here you have to say sixteen times with full confidence in yourself and in the forgiving power of God that “Mother I am not guilty”. Say it sixteen times please. Turn your head, please turn your head to the right. Now, sixteen times. 

Now, please take out your right hand and put it on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Now here now how many times is not the point. From your heart, you have to say “Mother I forgive everyone”. Now some of you might say that it is difficult. But it’s a myth. If you forgive or not forgive it’s a myth. But if you do not forgive then you play into wrong hands. So please say it from your heart  “ I forgive everyone”.   

Now please take this hand on back-hand side. Please put your left hand towards me and put your head resting on your hand, push back your head slowly. And here you have to say, Mother, or you can say the Divine, or God Almighty or whatever you think is the divinity, “please forgive me if I have done any mistake”. But don’t feel guilty, don’t feel guilty. Just say it for your own satisfaction. 

Now, stretch your hand, push back your fingers and put the centre of your palm on the soft bone of the Fontenelle bone and push it down seven times slowly. Clockwise. Clockwise. Press the scalp and…

At this point you have to say, because I can’t again force you. “Mother please give me self-realisation”. You have to ask for it, I cannot force you. Seven times. Bend, bend your head a little also. Bend forward.  

Now please remove your hand, take it back. Open your eyes slowly, open your eyes slowly. Put both the hands towards me please. Now, put your right hand towards me like this, a little higher. Now put your left hand on top of your head and bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. 

Now, put your left hand towards me. Left hand towards me. Bend your head and see with confidence a cool breeze is coming out of your Fontenelle bone area. Maybe some heat coming out. Could be higher. Put it little higher and see. Now put again the right hand towards me please and see with left hand if there is a cool breeze coming. Now, please put both your hands towards the sky and put your head upwards and ask this question, Mother is this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Or ask is this is the Brahma shakti? Or is this the God’s love? 

Now put down your hands. Now, put your hands towards me. Watch me without thinking. Can you do it? 

Now, those who have felt the cool breeze out of their heads or on their hands, please raise both your hands. Please raise. 

You didn’t get it? Sure? Are you sure you didn’t feel anything in your hand? (please check). Raise your hands. Oh! May God bless you. 

Geneva has got it. Tomorrow again. We will repeat it. Now, don’t discuss it, it is beyond thought. Don’t read any books just now. Tomorrow when you come, I ‘ll explain the subtle being that is within you and will repeat it and you will be established as Yogis and I will tell you how to use this power, the power of love.

May God bless you. 

I will take your leave now. Thank you.