Attitude of seeking and Workshop

Geneva (Switzerland)

1987-10-06 Attitude Of Seeking, Geneva Switzerland DP-RAW, 184'
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Public Program, Geneva (Switzerland), 5 October 1987.

As I told you, these are modern times. And in modern times this en masse-realisation was to take place. That was to happen. In modern times only, when people get frustrated, when they get lost, they don’t know what to do, when they are deceived and cheated, then they start looking for something that is the support. This attitude of seeking was never before so much as it is today. This attitude of finding out the Truth never existed before. And this tremendous true desire to find out something beyond human life was never that in the masses.
So they are now a special category of people, a special type of people who have developed this inner sense to find out the Truth. Of course, in contrast to that, we have many more crooks these days than we ever had, many more evil people and money-makers and also we have a trend of mind which is after self-destruction. So, it’s a serious thing that happens. When a person finds he is getting lost in the mire, whatever he gets hold of he clings onto it to save himself. It could be something more dangerous than mire.
So this kind of attitude and this kind of new dimension in your awareness starts expressing itself and it shows much more sharply because of the bad background that it has. Because of the contrast we see and we feel that today’s world is such a chaotic world, full of problems, full of negativity, full of cruelty and also very evil intentions. Thus we are faced to accept either to go to hell or to heaven. But this hell is created by us, by human beings for something very frivolous, useless, for something very destructive. But in our ego, like Hitler, we forget that we are in for eternal hell. In the olden days people never had heard about drugs, about AIDS, about cancer. But today it’s different. That’s why it is essential that Sahaja Yoga must grow fast by which you achieve mastery over yourself, that you develop a personality which is superhuman, that you develop all your powers of love and compassion to make this world beautiful.

Already you have been told about the different centres we have and about the different channels we have. Due to the modern life the imbalances are too many. Either we move too much to the right side or to the left side. When we move to the right side too much we become dry people and we develop funny diseases. And if you move to the left side you become people who could be insaned, schizophrenic or mad. All these things come to us so natural, we take to it so naturally, we accept it so naturally these days because we have lost our balance.

To establish the balance we have to understand ourselves. And to understand ourselves we have to awaken our Kundalini. How can you know yourself unless and until there is light within? If there is no light within, you do not know anything about yourself. You are paying attention to Me, if I say, “Please pay attention to yourself”, you cannot. Now the subtleties within us, the subtler being within us is the Spirit. The Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty in the heart and the Kundalini is the Holy Ghost, is the Power of God which in Sanskrit language we call as Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother. The Primordial Mother. They say that there is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost which is a pigeon. How can Father have a Son without the Mother? But somehow they didn’t want to talk about Holy Ghost being the Primordial Mother. And the Mother who specially was under challenge throughout.

Then came Mr. Freud – people like him who were worshipped like – more than Christ. They spoiled the complete understanding of human beings and made them into sex points. They are nothing but sex points. How can that be? Whole animals have it. Is there no speciality of human beings? Is there nothing great about human beings? But the way this destruction started from giving stupid ideas to people went down and down and down to such a limit that people find it difficult to get out of that misidentification. This bad misidentification comes to human beings, because he is in imbalances. So we can say that now, in modern times there are two powers working: one which is going towards Heaven, another which is taking you to your destruction.

But God has made a beautiful instrument within you to achieve your Self-Realization, to understand it, to redeem you, to comfort you and to counsel you. Sahaja Yoga has come into existence. Of course with our mental understanding we cannot see all those things. But when we see a cancer patient being cured, an angina patient being cured, then we start thinking, “Oh God! How it has happened in ten minutes’ time?” But with your naked eyes you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini in your triangular bone, which is sacrum, if there is a obstruction in the higher chakra. You can see the Kundalini rising also like a movement of a current and some people can feel it also the pressures on their heads. Some people feel their heat in their hands, some people feel the tingling if they are sick. Ultimately you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. But that’s just the outward expression. Inside what happens? The first and foremost thing that happens to you that you get cured, you get physically cured, you see the cure. You also see in your eyes a light, a twinkle. Your skin improves. Now, I’m 65 years of age, I’ve no skin problem and no wrinkle problem – nothing. And I’ve no time to look after My face at all. All troubles which are decaying, like teeth trouble, this trouble, all disappear. Then you don’t become so conscious of your body, of your looks. If you see the group of Sahaja yogis, you’ll say that their faces are like lotuses, all pink, all smiling, enjoying. So this is the first thing that happens to you that physically you get cured.

I must say in the West, though there are lots of crooks but there are many very high calibre saints born, and there are many people who come to Sahaja Yoga and overnight they give up drugs and drinking and all those habits. Just they give up. It’s so simple. So many have given up smoking that I’m amazed how suddenly overnight, because you become powerful. People become extremely law-abiding – loving and compassionate. They do not indulge into such dirty habits or like the one who is now being troubling everybody. They do what they profess. It’s not like, “I’m with this organization, I’m with this guru, I’m with this church, I’m with this mosque” and indulge into criminality, get into fundamentalism, fanaticism, hatred – not at all. They are very brave people and forgiving, extremely forgiving. Forgiveness becomes their power.

Now, after that it is very amazing how their character changes. Those who hate each other: husband – wife, children – parents, family relations, bosses, with whom you are connected, you start liking everyone, seeing the good point in another. As a result, the greatest devilish people, if you forget them, everybody changes their attitude. I have seen some artists suddenly become very well-known artists. In India we can say there are ten artists at least who are today of international repute in music, have got it through Sahaja Yoga. The creativity starts expressing itself in such a beautiful manner that many architects become suddenly very well-known. Then there are painters and artists who become extremely honest, no hypocrisy. Their creativity opens their heart and when they produce, they do not think how much money they will get but they want to be honest: what they have to say they want to say. The attention from money moves towards the Spirit, which is detached. But surprising, with that detachment all money problems get solved. For example, you’ll be amazed there are thousand and one miracles, I can tell you. You never have problems with your money. You become very honest and generous and very fair. We have seen in England, where the unemployment is so high, it is impossible to get a Sahaja yogi in England who is unemployed. It is impossible to get a Sahaja yogi who is sick. It’s impossible to get a Sahaja yogi who indulges into criminal acts. It is impossible to get a Sahaja yogi who is the one responsible for any kind of destruction. They do not indulge into ugly competitions. They are satisfied people. And they have told Me that they feel they are looked after so well, so efficiently. And they know that they are now the members of the Kingdom of God.

They are now the citizens there. It’s not like worldly government which plays all kinds of tricks, but the Kingdom of God. Through the all-pervading power which thinks, which organizes, which cooperates, which nourishes, above all it loves. People start singing suddenly beautifully, they start speaking English very well or French very well, or any language – suddenly they start speaking very well. Such dynamism comes, and you always become very concerned about the well-being of others than your own. Apart from that you become a part and parcel of the Collective being. Now supposing, if there is a Sahaja yogi who wants to build a house, now there are people now who are trying to build an ashram here in Switzerland. From all over the world, all the artists, all the architects, all the workmen will come. Without any quarrels, without any problems, they’ll build it with such joy as if that belongs to all of them. So the idea ‘this is mine’, ‘this is my position’, ‘they are my children’, ‘this is my carpet’ just goes in the thin air.

So when you see a beautiful carpet laid like that, you watch it without thinking, you are in thoughtless awareness. I do not have the idea of possession about it. So I don’t have to go for insurance, I don’t have to worry as to it’ll get dirty or what, and all such ideas, all such thoughts, I just watch it and enjoy, the joy of that one who has created it. I’ve no headaches of My possessions, but you get so many possessions that you don’t know what to do. You give it from one side and it starts pouring from the other, now you don’t know how to stop this.

I give an example. Once I had two special types of sarees, which are very rare in India, and there’s a particular day on which you have to give to your elders something in India. So I was saying to My niece-in-law that, “I think this time I’ll give away both of these to such and such people who are elderly and who appreciate these saris.” So she said, “These are so rare, You have got now two only left, You want to give away all these two again?” And we were discussing in the kitchen and the bell rang. When that man came to see Me, from Benares, and he said “A lady whom You had given very beautiful saris when she visited You last, has sent two saris for You.” I said, “I will not take.” He said “No, You have to take, she has sent it, if you give it back she will cry and weep. These are very, very rare saris and she has sent to You with her love.” When I opened the saris, to My amazement, they were exactly the same that I had, those two! But in India the saris are never made alike, because they are made with hand – have to be all different and such rare saris are never alike, they are unique, but here as I saw, I was really amazed that I looked, I said to My niece-in-law, “Now see, what do you say?” She just fell down, she said, “I’m sorry.”

So the generosity of heart becomes absolutely genuine and enjoyable. Actually you enjoy your honesty and your virtues, you start enjoying the virtues that you have, which you were condemning yourself once upon a time. But the more is that you enjoy others who are realized souls.

There’s a beautiful incident in India where one saint, his name – he was a tailor, saint who was a tailor, but a great saint and a very deep personality. He has written many beautiful poems. So he went to see another saint, who was just a potter, who was making the clay with his feet. So he says – he looked at this potter, and he says – in Marathi language it is, that “Oh, I came to see the Formless, and here the Divine is in a form. What is my fortune that I see the Divine in form.” How he appreciated, admired and adored another saint with love and genuineness. But human beings, oh, when they meet each other they’ll say, “Hello, how do you do, very good, you are nice, you are excellent, this.” As soon as the back is turned “Oh God! What a man, this horrible fellow, you know” and this and this and this. You cannot trust anybody what they will say on your back, you cannot trust. But Sahaja yogis feel embarrassed to say things, good things about others but in the back they come and tell Me. This is the greatest joy-giving thing for Me that one flower can enjoy the fragrance of another flower. Is real poetry, I take it. Such beautiful people!

All this happens to you, but you become such a peaceful person within. There will be turmoil all around, you’ll find there will be all kinds of problems around you, but you’ll be at peace with yourself, because when you are standing in the waves of water, you are frightened that these waves will eat you off. When you are in the waves of thoughts then you are frightened. But when you are in a boat, you enjoy the waves, and when you know how to swim you enjoy them even better. This is the mastery you have to have. And when you are away you can see clearly the problem and you can solve it also. Not for yourself, for everybody else. Such a person is auspicious. This word has gone out of the dictionary of modern times. And auspicious person is such that when he enters the family or enters the household, enters any atmosphere, the whole thing becomes blissful. Even one glance of such a person can make a person peaceful. Because the glance has to be pure, most non aggressive. As Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” We have to really find out Christians who have no adulterous eyes, very difficult. Your eyes become so pure, so loving and so effective. Your attention becomes so enlightened that in collective consciousness you can feel the problems of another person, problems of all the group, problems of the world, and with your attention you can solve it. Such an attention you develop. Then Spirit is the Absolute. It is not a compromise, it is not relative, it is absolute. So when you ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” the Spirit opens out Its venue and you start feeling the All-pervading power on your fingertips more clearly, the Chaitanya, the breeze, much more, the cool breeze much more. You want to know if a person is a crook or not? He may be a very sweet speaker and may be a criminal. How will you make out? Through vibrations! If the person has bad vibrations, then he is a bad man. If you can make out the centres of a person, you can immediately say what is the disease, what is the problem, because whatever you feel on your fingers, fingertips, is the absolute Truth. But all this you do as a third person – you don’t say, “I do it”, you say, “It is happening.” There was a lady from America, she brought her son, she is a realized soul, she said, “Mother, give him Realization.” He could not get Realization, so she says, “Mother please give.”

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I said, “You give!” She said, “It does not work out, it does not work out.” Third person. “I cannot give false certificates” she says. I said, “That’s what it is”. You cannot certify falsely someone because truthfulness becomes part and parcel of your being.

The last but not the least is the joy. Joy does not have the duality of happiness and unhappiness. It’s a enjoyment just cannot be described in words, it’s to be enjoyed. It’s the joy that you cannot get from anything else but yourself. I mean, you are never bored, you enjoy yourself the best. It’s such a feeling which cannot be explained or expressed. That shows we are all invited into the Kingdom of God to have the joy of your life. But you may say, “Then Mother, why is it many people do not come to Sahaja Yoga?” You’d better answer this question. Now see, some people who came here are stupid. What will they gain by putting this smoke here? But by getting Realization, they’ll get the blessings of God and their Spirit. Maybe somebody has paid them little money, or maybe belonging, blindly, to some organization stupidly. But what will they get? Not Self-Realization, not the joy of the Self, because that is the last breakthrough of your evolution. All of you have to get it, but how many will ask for it is the problem. That’s your freedom.

May God bless you all!

Today I don’t think we’ll have questions but I would suggest that please write your questions and send them over to Me, I would like to answer them. This is not on mental level you have the experience, you have to have the experience on your central nervous system. Some did not feel, does not matter, you’ll get it today. Formerly, people used to go to Himalayas, stand on their heads, starve themselves, do all kinds of penance. But today you can get it without any problem.

Now, we will have a little programme by which your Kundalini will be awakened today. It takes hardly ten minutes, have some patience with yourself and devote little time to yourself. You have to little bit understand, when I tell you that you have to take out your shoes, because this Mother Earth helps us a lot.

(Shri Mataji says something aside)

Now if you have anything tight, too much tight somewhere, then little bit loosen it. Be comfortable, be comfortable. You need not loosen your body, you can sit straight but not like this or like that, in a simple manner.

Now as you know the left-hand side is the power of desire and the right-hand side is the power of action. You are going to use the left-hand side just symbolically to place towards Me like this, expressing your desire and the right hand to be used for opening out your chakras yourself. So that tomorrow, when you go home you can also raise your own Kundalini. There’s nothing to be afraid of, Kundalini is your own individual mother: She gives you your second birth without any trouble to you.
So put your left hand towards Me please, like this, and before closing the eyes I’ll tell you what we have to do.

You have to put your right hand on the heart first, let’s now start, on the heart – keep your eyes open – and in the heart resides the Spirit. Then take down this hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Then take this hand on the left-hand side in the lower part of your abdomen. This is the centre of all the Divine Laws, of the pure knowledge. Then raise your hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Then raise it again higher onto the heart. Then raise it between the neck and the shoulder, the hand like this, and put your head on the right-hand side, right hand here, left hand like this and the neck like this. This is the centre mostly people catch in the West, because they feel guilty.

All right. Then take this hand and put it on your forehead and press it on the sides. Then take this hand out and put it on the back side of your head and put your head balanced on this hand – back like this. Now take out this hand and stretch it, stretch back the fingers. Now the centre of this palm is to be put on top of the fontanel bone area where there was the soft bone in your childhood. Bend your head a little and now press it hard and move it slowly, very slowly seven times – put your left hand towards Me – seven times, without feeling guilty. That’s all.

Now, it’s very simple, we start. Close your eyes, please. Don’t open your eyes. You can remove your glasses. Don’t need them. Your eyesight may grow.

The left hand towards Me. Now the right hand you put on the heart. In the heart resides your Spirit, so please ask a fundamental question to Me – you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question in your heart three times. Three times.

This fundamental question leads you to another very fundamental question that if you are your Spirit then you are your master, you are your own guru, you are your guide. Now take down your right hand and put it in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Keep the left hand towards Me. Press it hard. Now here you have to say or ask another fundamental question three times: “Mother, am I my own master?” or, “Am I my own guru?” or, “Am I my own guide?” Ask this question three times please.

After this put your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and put the left hand towards Me. Here is the centre for the Divine Laws to be acted upon. Now, I cannot overcome your freedom, and I would request you to ask in your freedom a question or a request, “Mother, can I have the Pure Knowledge?” This you have to say six times because this centre has got six petals. After asking this question six times, your Kundalini will start moving. Please keep your eyes shut.

Aside: Mathias, please come here. Call Mathias.

Six times please. Now the Kundalini has started rising. Some might feel, some will not feel at all if they have no problems in their higher chakras.

Now, raise your hand to the higher chakra on the left-hand side of your abdomen in the higher part of your abdomen and press it hard. Placing the hand there, press it hard and put the left hand towards Me, this is the centre of your mastery. To facilitate the Kundalini, you have to say, with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times.

Now raise your hand to your heart. The Kundalini has started moving up to the heart point. Here you have to say with full confidence, the greatest truth about yourself, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say this twelve times.

I must say, those who do not want to meditate should kindly leave the hall and be civil about it. You shouldn’t trouble others by attention which is outside. And those who don’t want to have Self-Realization, why are they wasting their time here, and ours?

Now, so, on the heart you have to say, again twelve times with full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Now raise your hand in the corner, in the corner between the neck and the shoulder. Now put your right hand – put your head to your right side and put your right hand quite at the back, push it quite at the back. Here you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say it with full confidence. You have to know – you have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of grace and love, but above all He is the ocean of forgiveness: you cannot commit any mistake which His power cannot forgive. So with full confidence say, “Mother, I am not guilty” sixteen times. Very bad.

Now, please take out your right hand and put it on your forehead and press it on both the sides and bend your head. Here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”, from your heart, how many times is not the point. Now, do not think that it is difficult, because to forgive or not to forgive is a myth. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into the hands of wrong people.

Now, take the hand back, on the backside of your head, put the weight of your head on it, and put it back. This is the backside of the Agnya. Keep the left hand towards Me, without feeling guilty, you can ask for forgiveness. For your own satisfaction you can say “Oh Divine, please forgive me if I’ve done any mistake”, without feeling guilty, only for your satisfaction.

Now, stretch your hand, put your left hand towards Me please. Now put the centre of your palm on top of your head where there was a soft bone in your childhood called fontanel bone area. Stretch your fingers upwards, and press your palm onto your scalp. Move your scalp carefully, pressing it hard, very slowly in a clockwise manner, seven times. Here also I cannot go beyond your freedom, you have to say, “Mother, please, may I have the Self-Realization”. I cannot force you. Go on pressing it, do not give up, seven times.

Shri Mataji is blowing into the microphone.

Now please take down your hand, open your eyes slowly, put your both the hands towards Me. Put your feet parallel on the ground, watch Me without thinking. Now please, put your left hand, I said the left hand on top of your head, even bend your head a little and see if there is a cool breeze coming out. Now bend your head and take it little forward, I mean, it should be above your head. Bend your head. Bend, Bend….little higher, little higher. Higher, higher. Bend your head a little more. Bend. Now. Now, put the left hand towards Me. Again bend your head and put the right hand.

Now, again, repeat, put the right hand towards Me and put the left hand on top of your head. Try to feel the cool breeze that is coming out of your head.

Now, please open your eyes and stretch your hands up there like this and say, or ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Chaitanya Shakti? Is this the Love of God, His power, the All-pervading subtle power?”

Now bring down your hands please. You feel relaxed.

Now don’t think.

All those who have felt the cool breeze out of their head or in their hands please raise both your hands. Those who have come for the first time today might not have felt. But it does not matter, it will work out.

I would like to meet some of you, you can come on the stage, I could meet you. Most of you have felt the cool breeze, but it’s important that the whole being should be cleansed that this tree of Divinity is established within you. For that you have to come to our centre. Respect your Realization, because it can be lost. Work it out, be humble about it. You’ll feel extremely well, but it has to be brought to a steady point.

May God bless you all!

I’ll come next year again, and… (Applause)

I would like to see you grown up as great trees of life, helping others, raising their Kundalini, becoming great personalities.

May God bless you!

If there are physical problems, they should come to the Ashram – it’s better.