It is so invaluable, that you cannot pay for it

Auditorium General Motors, Antwerp (Belgium)

1987-10-08 It Is So Invaluable, That You Cannot Pay For It, Antwerp Belgium DP-RAW, 168'
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1987-10-08 Public Program Day 2 and Q+A, Antwerp, Belgium

PART I (Talk)

I am sorry the hall is so far away, you found it so difficult to come here.
I bow to all the people who are seeking the truth. Yesterday I explained to you that truth is what it is, will be the same. And a simple truth is that you are the spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings, you are not this ego, but you are the spirit.
And the spirit is reflected within you as in the mirror there is a reflection of a personality, here is the reflection of God Almighty. Now those people who have talked about God or have said about God have been absolutely correct and honest.
Of course nowadays in modern times, we find many false people who are claiming about God. But it is very easy to make them out. None of the incarnations like Christ or Rama or Krishna asked for money from their disciples. They did not have hankering, they did not have the temptation to build big huge palaces out of the money of their disciples., or to buy Rolls Royces. One must understand that it is so invaluable, that you cannot pay for it.
I say it again and again here because I have been told by very responsible people that Anglo section brain cannot understand anything without money. Unless and until you make them pay money, they will not be serious about it.
I ask them how much do you think you can pay, what can purchase truth, actually you sold Christ for 30 Rubles only, none of them behaved this way and this modern method that has started of Guru shopping is something, is beyond anybody’s, should be beyond anybody’s comprehension. So, at the very outset, we have to say Sahaja Yoga is not for sale.
It is you who has to work it out, you have to become realized souls.
Though the kundalini rises spontaneously, because it is a living process, like a seed sprout, you can’t pay money for sprouting seed to the Mother Earth, do you?
So it happens spontaneously as a break-through of your evolutionary process. This is the right of every human being, to get self-realization. But they are not aware of their right. They are aware of very petty useless rights, but not about the fundamental right which they have got.
Today as you know there’s such chaos, confusion and I explained to you yesterday that people don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. And at this moment, at this time, one has to say that so many people are going to get realization, and they are going to save the world.
Now let us see how a human being goes into imbalance. As you see in the map, that I am giving you the knowledge of the roots. You see on the right side and left side there are two channels. The right side channel is known as the Pingla, which is the Sun channel, Surya Nadi. And the left side channel is called as the Ida Nadi, which is actually the Chandra Nadi, means the Moon Nadi, the Moon channel.
Now, on the left-hand side, that is on the Ida Nadi or the Moon channel we have our emotional side, we have our desires, they are not pure desires. As I told you yesterday if they were pure they would have been satiable. But the pure desire is the kundalini.
On the right-hand side, you find is the channel which we call as the Surya Nadi, or the sun or the solar channel, which is responsible for our action. Both physical and mental.
Now it so happens that human beings go into imbalances, say in our body the centres are like this created by two channels, one on the left and one on the right. Say this is the spinal cord in the centre. Now supposing you go too much on the right or too much on the left, there is an imbalance created like this. And the connection with the whole is lost. Now let us see how some of the diseases come to us. A person who is working too much with his mental capacity or his physical capacity starts using his right side too much.
The one who works on the right side, is the yellow chakra, called the swadishthan, this centre is the subtle centre swadishthana, works on the physical side on the aortic plexus, also it does very important work, of converting fat cells for the use of the brain. The brain is made of you know of white and grey cells and these are all the time used when people start thinking too much. So they are to be replaced, and that work is done by this Swadishthana chakra.
When you are too much futuristic, you think too much, plan too much, then Swadishthana goes into action and starts doing only one work, that is to convert the fat, fat cells for the use of the brain. But it has some very important things to do. Like it has to look after the liver, then it has to look after your pancreas, then spleen, then kidneys, all these it has to do even your I should say lower parts of the abdomen are looked after by this chakra. Like the large intestine, the descending colon.
Now when a person starts using all the energy of this centre for one-sided activity, then all other functions that it has to perform are kept aside. As a result of that first thing happens to them that they get a liver which is overactive. Such a person has got very disturbing attention. His liver emits too much of bile and he feels like vomiting all the time. He cannot eat his food very well. he keeps very thin, keeps very thin (laughs) and also he could be a very angry person, sometimes very hot-tempered. He feels terrible heat in his body and the heat in the body which is the poison of the body is not absorbed by the water in the circulation of your blood. So, the heat repels in the body, this heat melts the phlegm in the body. Such a person starts developing hay fever, sneezing, colds, ultimately asthma. Asthma is easily curable in Sahaja Yoga. When you raise the kundalini of a person, he becomes thoughtlessly aware. The thoughts never invade such a person, though does not invade such a person.
If the person wants to think, he can think, but otherwise, he can be in silence. So, because of less thoughts, the Swadishthana rests and can do other jobs better. Now another thing it develops apart from all other complications on the right side when it works very hard it has no time for your pancreas. So the people give up sugar because they get sugar in their liver, they get diarrhoea, what you call, they get diabetes. Now, this diabetes comes because not because we eat sugar but it comes to us because we think too much.
If you go to an Indian village and see the farmers, they take so much sugar, that they say that the spoon must stand in the sugar, that much sugar they must have. And they never get diabetes. But the person sitting on the desk, doing all the work and the higher the person, the higher position it is, is more vulnerable to diabetes, than an ordinary peon. This is the disease of the intellectuals.
Then we have another problem, the spleen. The spleen is the speedometer in us. It sets in the rhythm of the behaviour of the body. The body acts in a certain rhythm. And it comes into play when there is some emergency that it starts creating more red blood corpuscles. Now supposing you eat your food and you start running, you start getting then you get pain on the left-hand side of your stomach always, poor this spleen, is already helps you to digest the food and suddenly you want to run so it has to have an emergency alarm and it started, and it starts sending more and more RBCs into the bloodstream.
But if in modern times we see ourselves we live like very hectic mad people.
Formerly people use to go to work about 10’0 clock, nicely having their food, their wife sitting next to them, fanning them nicely, giving a rhythm, talking to them nicely, nobody was in a hurry.
Now the first thing we do in the morning is to read the newspaper, and something horrid reading newspaper, don’t believe in reading something good news, it always has to be horrible, sensational, and then you get the shock, to hear something horrible, some earthquake, somebody died, so many crushed, so many killed, you see all the list of all such things are there on the first page in bold letters, you say “Oh! God”. Then you are in a hurry to go, so somehow or the other you dress your self up your wife gives you breakfast in your mouth, you get into the car, eating in the car, somehow rushing, hectic, hectically driving through a rushed hour you see the jam there.
This our human body is a very delicate thing. It’s made so beautifully, it’s not a hippopotamus that we are. But even a hippopotamus doesn’t do all these hectic things. Now this hectic life that we lead, our poor this thing spleen doesn’t understand, what sort of a gentleman is this, what sort of a lady is this, every time every third minute he wants more RBCs. So, first I mean it acts alright but then it loses its rhythmic temperament and it becomes hectic. It doesn’t know when to produce more RBCs, when not to produce, it becomes so hectic as soon as he sees the newspaper it starts producing more RBCs, alright now he’s getting a shock better keep him prepared. Now this hectic type of a spleen gives you a very serious vulnerability to blood cancer.
Now, of course, Sahaja Yoga has cured many patients of blood cancer, no doubt.
So one day she too asked me Mother why don’t you keep to only curing people. I told her I must have cured thousands of them, but out of them, very few have taken to Sahaja Yoga. And the Divine has common sense. The lamps which they have repaired are not going to give the light, what’s the use of repairing them? What’s the use of curing people who are not going to help others? It’s better they go to hospitals and look after themselves. While we have to have people who look after others.
Now another thing that happens is the kidney, they go out of action, and that’s how people develop blood pressure. All these add up to their tension, so they are always tense. They do not know how to relax. They give themselves auto-suggestion relax, relax, relax, relax, relax. (Laughs). And they are never relaxed.
Now, this comes out of too much thinking, can you believe? What do we think also? Thinking is nothing but a mental projection. Any mental projection is linear, it moves in one line. It goes up to a point and recoils back. Look at some enterprise, they wanted to have science, of course, it was all discovered spontaneously, whatever was not there was discovered through some miraculous happenings. Great scientists recognize that like Einstein says that “I was tired and fed up with my research, and in my garden, I started playing with bubbles, soap bubbles, and suddenly from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me, dawned upon me”, it’s the word he has used. Newton says “I am like a small little child collecting the pebbles of knowledge on the shore of knowledge”. The more they knew, they understood that they have to know a lot. And that the horizon is increasing all the time, and they became so humble.
Now with all these advancements what do you have? This side we have created an atomic bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Nitrogen bomb, all bombs to kill ourselves. On the other side, we have created acid, this, what you call ascetics, and plastics all that. We sit on plastic, we eat in plastic, we have become plastic. Heaps and heaps of plastic, if you burn the plastic the whole area will be polluted. You don’t know what to do with that plastic. There was no need to invent plastic at all. The reasons are you want to have too many things.
One cup is sufficient for one person, but we must have nine types of cups to drink wine, alcohol, this that, then for water, then for juice, then for that, like that twenty cups there. Then we have to have spoon one for sugar, one for coffee, one for avocado, all kinds of spoons we have, why? Just one spoon is sufficient. Then we have to have so many closets for that so many plates, so many this thing, ultimately we have got plastic. But all these have come from machines.
Now machines are for us, we are not for the machines. There should be some balance between human beings and machines. Now machine is like a devil, it must feed, it must feed someone must go on feeding, and you must sell what all comes out you must sell, do what you like, hit somebody, kill somebody, do what you like but you must sell that, otherwise what to do with that machine? The machine is pouring out every day now what should we do with that? How are we to sell it so aggress other people, go to their country, go there, take them, make them wear this, wear that, all kinds of fashion must be brought in, be-fool everybody.
We had gone to see some house, we wanted to purchase, and I went to that house, it was one of the funniest houses I have ever see. In one room I went, and so many pants and all that was hanging, they fell all over me, I said what’s all this going on in this house. In another one all the socks were on me, in another one, the little children dress fall on, fell on me, I said I was in a shop or what? They said, “No no you see these are all gone out of fashion, so we are now taking to new fashion”. I said then you build another house now for that, then you keep the clothes when they will go out of fashion.
It is a vicious circle. It’s that first, we create so many things then we must find out what are the weaknesses of human beings are, if they don’t have any, create some, like fashions. So one should not have any tradition left in them, you must have every time new, you must do something new all the time. Without any discretion, it’s such an imbalance in a person that he just because of something is new he wants to do it.
I mean whatever is good in the tradition must be kept and whatever good in new should be there, some discretion should be used. Like we had a dinner and I was sitting with an ambassador, another ambassador and he was telling me that you don’t like Froyed and you like Hume and I said “yes I do”, so he said you told the same old story I said no it’s evolutionary, he brought it out to a point like a living process has to have a seed, then the tree, then the flower, it grows from one to another, it doesn’t mean that you just start something hanging from the air. So he said “no but something new should be accepted all the time and should be tried”. I said, “all right all these food we have eaten before, we have never eaten the table, let’s eat the table now, its new, new idea”. It was rather undiplomatic on my part I agree, but this craze for new is so maddening, people don’t even think what it is going to happen. Like somebody putting his hand in the mouth of a Tiger, it’s a new thing let’s have an experience.
Last time I was in Australia, they told that so many Americans are dying here, I said: “How?”. They said, “there are lots of crocodiles here, and we’ve told them not to swim there, there are crocodiles, but they just want to have the fun of it”. But crocodiles don’t differentiate between Australians and Americans. They had a nice feast of them and they would not listen, the Americans won’t listen. So this is what happens when we go into imbalances by thinking, by projecting ourselves into a mental linear movement saying that yes, I think what’s wrong, what’s wrong?
I mean in the severe cold of England suddenly a fashion came that you must wear clothes with holes, you see big holes, the holy, that’s crazy. In England, in very severe cold time there was a fashion that you must wear clothes with holes in them, here hole, there hole, their hole, there hole. I said “why do you wear with holes, it’s so cold you know”, they said “what’s wrong, we will wear, what’s wrong? Why should you say like that to us?” I said “I am sorry, but I think it’s very cold and you shouldn’t wear something with holes, it’s very cold”, I was taken aback, the way they were angry with me.
Then they had something called punk, and they painted their hair red, yellow, black everything and then they had very bad eyesight, they started becoming little blind. These dyes are very bad for you, you can try them on some dogs and see that the dog loses the hair and also can become mad. But again the question would be what’s wrong? So this is how a man makes himself suffer from imbalances of the right side.
Even on the physical side sometimes they really go crazy. This year I went to America and in Houston airport, I saw some ladies with muscles like that, like that, muscles actually developed, I said: “What’s the matter with these ladies?” All of them catching on their heart. They’ll have a heart attack very soon, a woman can’t do all those things, she’s not supposed to do. Going to the extremes of everything is very wrong. There should be temperance in character. They must have some human wisdom, even a monkey knows how far to go, a donkey knows how far to go, donkey will never try to carry a load of an elephant, but human beings have such a good understanding of himself that he can become from Scorpion to Elephant, from a Fox to a Tiger, anything he can become. That is the reason why human beings suffer from so many complexes and problems.
Last, of all such people who are all the time thinking about future, about outside life and never about their spirit, have no time to relax and meditate, no time to introspect, not to reflect about themselves, the troubles start that they all get horrible heart trouble, a heart diseases. These heart diseases come because in the heart resides the spirit. And if you do not pay attention to your spirit it just disappears, and that’s how one gets a heart attack. Now there is another type of people who are left sided. Also, there are such people who get paralysis, I forgot about, another thing which is very common is paralysis.
Another type of people is such who indulge into too much of emotional enjoyment. Like
Greek tragedies. I never knew such an absurd thing existed anywhere in the world until I went to Greece. We Indians are too naive and I thought romantic means the person who is in love, will live with that person, but Greek tragedy means you love somebody and marry somebody else.
There was a girl who was married to a very sensible man in Spain and this lady was, had this idea of romanticism. She wouldn’t allow him to touch her, she said “See I have only romantic love for you, I want to enjoy you mentally, I don’t want you to touch me”, something absurd, you know to us who are naive people in India, to me it was a shock. And no Indian will believe that when you tell them this means romanticism. So with your mental projections, you have found out ways of expression of your love.
A straight forward thing which every animal knows, you don’t have to teach about it. Is a physical act, of course in human beings it is a sane act, has so many permutations and combinations that God knows what is the problem, what is the problem, that one must go on thinking about it, organizing it, planning it, nonsense it is. And then it starts thinking about other men or women, not your wife or husband it’s another funny thing.
Now here I am, I have got my own watch, this is my watch, you see I have purchased it, alright?. But I don’t want to see my watch I want to see into your watch or his watch. It is absurd, isn’t it? Is unintelligent, it is stupid I should say. Now you have a beautiful house, a nice house to live you everything fine, but you want to look at everybody else’s house and enjoy that house and not your own house.
Then the eyes start moving like that and the attention becomes so disturbed that such people will end up as mad seizure phrenic people. Like any lady who cries too much and weeps too much and all the time is grudging and complaining and is extremely unhappy, miserable for nothing at all, suffers from so many diseases which are, which cannot be explained.
Actually, cancer is a disease which comes from the left side, it is triggered from the left side. Some sort of fear, some sort of unhappiness, some sort of insecurity can act to trigger cancer. Many women in the west suffer from breast cancer, breast cancer is very common. Its caused by the centre, as we call it here, if you see there are three centres together, that centre is here, you see we call is the heart centre, that is the one when it is in danger. This is the centre that creates your antibodies, till the age of twelve years, and then they are all distributed in the whole body and they send information to you if there is any danger.
Now, if a lady is suffering from the insecurity about her motherhood from the husband, supposing husband is a flirt, he tells her lies, she discovers something about him and she develops insecurity, or else she’s cheating her husband and she’s afraid of him, she’s afraid of the society and is feeling insecure, she gets breast cancer. If she gets it not because something is basically wrong with her, physically wrong, but something mentally wrong with her.
Schizophrenia comes from so many sources as you know, and that also comes from imbalances, like people who go on wars. Who asked them to raise wars? What was the need to go for wars? Like if from America they sent people to Vietnam, they, they are all back, and they are all psychopaths. One of them came into my program and he just got up and started hitting somebody like mad. All these things came with the problem of the left side and the person ends up with a deranged mind. Alcohol, smoking, drugs all these things give you a problem in your awareness because you, your brain gets damaged. The damage is very slowly working out. You don’t see the damage but it goes against your awareness.
Somebody told me that we drink because we are Christians, I said: “When did Christ say that you must drink alcohol”. “No, because in one wedding he went and made water into wine”. In Hebrew language wine means the juice of the grapes. You cannot make wine in one day, can you? The wine has to rot, has to go on rotting for days together, has to become horribly fermented, once they have all the germs in it, of fermentation, so that when it goes in your stomach it overpowers all your liver, your nerves and you also get drunk. Older the wine the better they say, means older the wine, the more rotten it is the better it is.
Also, I must say with due respect the kind of cheese we eat, I mean how can our liver be alright if we are eating so much of fungus. This fungus is so dangerous for us. I wish Doctors could see to it what this fungus does to our liver. If there is fungus on the skin becomes dry, there is no lustre on the skin, this is outward. But inside a person may develop cancer of the skin, it can develop cancer of the liver, cirrhosis, all serious troubles of this liver because of you like this pungent cheese. And if you tell them, they say it gives a sensation on the tongue that’s why they eat it. Day by day because of too much ego and conditioning human beings are becoming very insensitive.
They will not like Mozart’s, or Strass or any classical music or some sort of a Verse or some melodious music they will not like it, they can’t hear it, they just don’t go into their head. They have to have loud music with the singer jumping on the mic, everybody jumping on the people and then the people can hear it. Nothing goes into their heads, but do you know if you hear this kind of music for about 20 years, you will become absolutely deaf, you won’t be able to hear anything.
Even if a husband is a shouting type or a wife is a shouting type, either the husband or the wife will become deaf after some time. But, if you hear such horrible music with those things on your ear, what’s going to happen to your poor ears, these are human ears, not of an elephant. So we are so unkind to ourselves, and these imbalances bring forth so many diseases. And these in-sensitivities are going to make us so funny that one day we’ll have to put electrodes over our head.
On the other way, round things are very simple. (She wants to come, alright come, come, come, slowly, just help her, come just come, come along, come along come along…slowly, hmm).
So what is the problem in that, is that you don’t want to realize how to get rid of our problems, how to manage that we go above all these things. How to get rid of all these imbalances. To be like children, they are not serious about things. They will play with one thing, throw away then play with another thing, throw away, they don’t get attached, they just know love, they just understand love. Now, how do we become like children now, with all this we have got this in our heads.
Like some people came to me with very hair-like primitive people, some young people, you see they have fashion to have hair like primitive people. So I said, “Why do you want to have hair like primitive people?” They said, “We want to be primitive”. I said, “You have got hair like primitive people but the brain is very modern”. This brain how will it be primitive. By making the hair like that you can’t make the primitive brain. It’s the other way round.
Now, so what do we do? We have within us this power called the kundalini, that is to be raised. When it passes through all these various six chakras it integrates you, the physical, mental, emotional being gets integrated. All these centres become enlightened and nourished, and then when you pierce through this fontanel bone area you become connected with the all-pervading power which is so subtle.
Now when that happens then you just become thoughtlessly aware, you become peaceful, and you become balanced. The chakras which have moved like this just get back like this. Automatically you can get cured, get rid of imbalances and you become very sweet people.
This is just your own, it is with you, all the time has been with you, only the connection has to be established, as this instrument is to be connected, you are to be connected. This is as simple as that, and if you have to put lights, what you do is you put a switch on and everything comes on. But, if I had to explain the history of all the electricity then all the connections and all the sources, you will get bored. So first let us have the lights on then we will discuss this thing. That’s a better thing to do. May God bless you.

(PART II Question and Answers)
Now today we are very late because this place is so far away.
Have you given any please come here, any questions to you? Do you want a flower?
Did they give?
Did you give any questions?
Did you write?
Alright. Only one or two because we have little time. Alright?
I think you attend to her, no no he can, I am saying. Just attend to, she wants to ask a question.
What is she saying? Can’t hear anything.
Sahaja Yogi: Once the kundalini is awakened is it dangerous to continue without guidance?
Shri Mataji: If the kundalini is awakened it’s not dangerous but you cannot continue. You have to be in the collective. You have to work it out in the collective. You can’t go very far all alone, it’s a collective happening. You see like this hand is a part and parcel of the whole body, isn’t it? Now if this hand doesn’t feel that oneness with the whole body, then how far can you go, so you have to be, and you have to be collective, you have to understand the collective otherwise you can’t go very far with it. There is nothing dangerous about kundalini, but you’ll stop at that point. But of course if you are not mature enough then maybe you might, you are like an ordinary person as any other ordinary person is, you can get diseases, you can get into trouble, anything can happen because you have not yet matured. But in Sahaja Yoga maturity is very important, you must mature, unless and until you are mature, then how can you say that you are alright?
For example yesterday I met many people who got realization last time when I was here, they felt very much better this thing, but no progress of any kind. You don’t have to give anything, you don’t have to give up anything, you have to just mature. Many people are also very funny, I have heard them saying “I am not ready”, what do you mean you are not ready? You are a human being or not. If it is to go to a pub, if it is to go to a bad woman, if it is to do something wrong, they are always ready to jump in the same. But something good, something benevolent, something that is giving you a new personality, “We are not yet ready”. This is escapism from reality.
Any other question, please?
Question: I told before Shri Mataji that in the third month the kundalini is coming and then the logic deducts that abortion is not that he says the second month, not so terrible in the second month than in the 5th month.
Shri Mataji: It’s very far fetched. Have you any problem like that? Why should you worry about abortion? If you have that personal problem, I can understand, it’s very far fetched. In Sahaja Yoga whatever is needed has to be done, if there is abortion to be done, it has to be done. But only for abortion sake to do abortion is absolutely wrong. In case the child is going to kill the mother, in case the child is deformed or something, there should be discretion about it. And that’s how if there is abortion is to be done there is no harm in it, but just for abortion sake you should not go any doing abortions, is not logic.
We have to be fair to the mother as well as to the child. And also to society. As it is in the west there is this minus growth of children as if the children don’t want to be born here perhaps, normally women always get abortions very much in the west, very common disease, very common. I have seen at least in Sahaja Yoga, practically most of the girls who get married at least have one abortion or two abortions. I am amazed in India, nothing of the kind. It’s surprising that in India if a woman doesn’t get a child she goes to this temple, to that temple, she’ll beg of it, she’ll say God I’ll give up everything let me have a child.
But statistically, they say that in England such an advanced country, two children are killed every day, by their parents. And in London city, two children are killed every week.
No wonder the children don’t want to be born. In Germany, the government pays more than a minister to women who can produce three children. You didn’t understand…I said that in Germany as it is the population is minus in all the western countries because the children are killed by the parents. And the child abuse which is unknown to so many people is such a common thing going on, means as if the people are after the innocence, after the children all the time, I don’t know why? Children are the best among human beings and flowers are the best among all the plant life. But everybody hates children and so many people try to abuse them, is as if the whole innocence is challenged.
There’s no fatherhood, there’s no motherhood, there’s no feeling for the little child which God has given us as our trust and how do we look at that? So no, one should not think of abortion, I have seen people who are not yet married and they want and go and consult their lawyer for a divorce, they have had no children and they want to consult a Doctor for abortion. This is not a very good attitude. Supposing our parents had done that, then you would not have been here. Alright?
So you have to be very kind to children.
Now I think let us now have the meditation and understanding how to raise the kundalini so that you can do that at home yourself.
It takes hardly ten minutes and doesn’t disturb you and doesn’t trouble you at all. And those who do not want to co-operate can go. Because there is nothing to be forced, you see so those who don’t want to do should go away and leave us, no use sitting down here looking at everyone making everyone feel miserable.
Now, he’s from Sahaja Yoga, So many photographs, how many photographs you have taken this morning? And you can have an album, but just now we are going to meditate, so not to disturb alright? Thank you very much. So many photographs you’ve taken. You are satisfied, alright. You can come tomorrow again.

Now it’s a very simple thing, that left hand represents our desire….. To get realization you have to put the left hand like this towards me. You get your realization, come along, ask the photographer to sit down, take his realization, come along. No no sit on the chair, he’s very good, very good, that’s very kind. Alright.
Now please put your left hand towards me, like this left hand. Now, this represents your desire to get your self-realization. The right hand is the action, so with the right hand, we will be nourishing our own chakras and helping the kundalini to rise.
Now I ‘ll show you how we do it first of all and then we’ll do it later on. Now you keep your eyes open, take out your shoes, put your feet parallel, we take out shoes because the Mother Earth helps us. Now, you have to use your left hand like this and the right hand you have to put first on your heart. In the heart resides the spirit as I told you. Then below that here, in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, you press it, this is the centre of your mastery. Then you have to take this right hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. Here is the centre which works out the divine laws. So you get pure knowledge there. Pure knowledge and technique. Then you raise your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen and press it. Again you go back to your heart. Now you place this hand in the centre here on the left-hand side in the corner of your shoulder and your neck. And then turn to the right. Now, this is the centre where when one feels, feels guilty, there is an obstruction. You are not to feel guilty at all. After all, we are human beings, some mistakes are committed, doesn’t matter, don’t try to count them. And please don’t feel guilty at all. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself because you are going to enter into the kingdom of God. Now, this hand is to be taken on your forehead across like this and both sides you press it, now this hand has to be taken on the back side of your head and put the load of your head on your hand and push it back. Now, please stretch your hand and in the centre of your palm, here, you touch this part with the soft bone you had in your childhood known as fontanel bone area. Now stretch your fingers upward, please press your to hand hard and move your scalp clockwise very gently seven times, please.
Now, please close your eyes, you can take out your spectacles because eyesight also improves with this, and please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Now put both your feet parallel on the Mother Earth, the left hand all the time towards me and the right hand has to work only on the left-hand side of your body. Now, please keep your eyes shut, put your right hand on your heart please, on the heart you have to ask a very fundamental question to me. Please ask three times “Mother am I the spirit?” You may call me Mother or Shri Mataji, and say “Mother am I the spirit?” This question is followed by another question now, because if you are the spirit then you are also your own master, your own guru, your own guide, so now please take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Now, please ask another question “Mother am I, my own master?” Please ask this question three times, now take your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side, put the left hand towards me, nowhere I cannot cross over your freedom, in your freedom you have to ask this question, I cannot force on, “Mother may I have the pure knowledge?” Please ask this question six times because there are six petals in this centre. By asking this question, the kundalini has started rising. Now, please put your right hand now on the upper part of your abdomen to help the kundalini move faster through this chakra of mastery. Now here you say with full confidence “Mother I am my own master”, ten times, please. Now raise your hand to your heart again and here with full confidence you have to say the fundamental truth about yourself, please say twelve times “Mother I am the spirit”. Now you have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of love, grace and bliss, but above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness and you cannot commit any mistakes which He cannot forgive. So please forgive yourself first of all. Now, raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to the right, nowhere you have to say sixteen times with full confidence in the power of forgiveness of God, “Mother I am not guilty at all”. Now, please take out your hand and put it on your forehead across. Press it hard on both the sides, here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, “Mother I forgive everyone”. Many people think that to forgive is very difficult, but it is a myth, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. But if you forgive you will not play into the wrong hands anymore. Now, take your hand on the back side of your head and balance your head on that, putting all the load of the head on the hand and push it back, no, backside, on the back side of the head, push it back the head, nowhere for your own satisfaction you can say “Oh Divine please forgive me if I have made any mistakes”, but please don’t feel guilty. Now, raise your hand on top of your head by stretching it to the maximum, now, put the centre of your hand on top of the fontanel bone area, stretching your hand upwards and moving your hand slowly, very slowly the scalp in a clockwise manner. Here also I cannot force you, so you have to ask for your self-realization. Now here we have to say seven times “Shri Mataji may I have my self-realization” or “Mother please give me self-realization”.
Now please take down your hands slowly, open your eyes very slowly, open your eyes, please. Now put both the hands towards me. Open your eyes please, open your eyes. Now watch me without thinking. Now, put your right hand towards me like this and your left hand on top of your head, on top, above like this and see if there is a cool breeze coming out, above, above, here just see with your hand, here slowly backwards. You can bend your head, it will be better. Now please put your left hand towards me, and put your right hand on top of your head. Yes, now please put your again the right hand towards me, and the left hand above, above the head, open your eyes, above the head, bend your head above, not touching it.
Good, now, please remove your hands, you can raise your hands towards the sky, bend back your head and ask a question “Mother is these the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, “Mother is this the Chaitanya Shakti?”. “Mother is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?”. Now, take down the hands, those who have felt the cool breeze in the hand or on top of your heads, please raise both your hands. So many of you have felt it. May God bless you, you didn’t feel it yourself, you didn’t feel the cool breeze in your hand, not in the head as well, it will work out, alright, so now very few have not felt. Can you come, those who have not felt can you come to this side, those who have not felt, come on the side, it will be worked out. Others should move in, let them be on this side. They could sit on the ground.
What’s he saying?
Just move on, move on this side, a little bit you can move on, little bit space should be there, just move in a line, you can sit in the front line, just move this side so that there is some space behind. Come along, come along, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, there will be so many, there are Sahaja yogis please come, come and look after them. Now they will try to work it out with their hands. Come on this side. There should be room behind everyone. Where are the Sahaja yogis?. Yes here there are some people, make them sit in a line, move up move forward, move forward a little bit, now come along, come behind. What is it?. This gentleman, some Sahaja yogi can work on this gentleman here, come along, work on this gentleman. This lady here, this lady there, alright, you got it? She’s got it, alright. This gentleman, there’s a lady here in front. What’s the problem? He’s got it?
Sahaja Yogi: He thinks it’s the air conditioner.
No No, it’s nothing to do with air conditioning. It’s here from the head, the air conditioning is coming. Just see this gentleman, in your head, there is no air conditioning, it’s there.
Work on this gentleman, others can, you go ahead, ha better. Good. Put him left to the right, put it first left to the right, left to the right, raise it from left to the right, no this, left to the right, from left to the right, no no no, from left to the right, left to the right.
Did you feel it, there, she’s felt it, alright, what about that lady, red ribbon, behind, you all felt it alright, they are working on it. Alright, no, no it’s alright, those who have got it should get up and give them a Bandhan. So enjoy, why are you serious? You’ve got it.
Alright, this gentleman, put his left to the right, is he alright? Ask him to keep his eyes open, ask him to watch me. Watch me.
What about her?
Felt it, she also felt it, great, what’s it, no?
No, right nabhi. Better now, just see on the head, are you feeling? Put your hands towards me, please.
Alright?, Left nabhi, Good.
What do you say?
What’s he saying?
Ask him for self-realization, ask him to ask, you got it. He’s got it. He’s got it, he’s got it, just see on his head, he’s got it.
He didn’t feel? Vishuddhi, Vishuddhi is the problem, put your hand on the Vishuddhi, he has got it on his Vishuddhi, no?
Vishuddhi. What work does he do?
Ask him.
Ask him the question about the teacher. Teacher of all the teachers.
In the right hand, right hand, right hand towards me, left a hand on the liver, ask a question. Are you feeling anything in the hand?
Now, ask him to say, ” You are”, ten times.
Kabir Das says “when you have become intoxicated, then what can you talk. jab mast huey phir kya bole”.
Kabir Das one of the poets he says about realization, “That now I have become intoxicated what should I say, just enjoying my silence”.
Feeling it?
Let me try his hand. He has too little bit correct his left. Can you correct his left?
Let him go there, his neck, both of these have, you both can go there, correct their necks, they will be alright.
So many people have got a realization. While I was coming I saw the Moon and the Venus are in conjunction, a very good sign. Moon is the spirit and The Venus is the kundalini. Moon and the Venus. Very good day, you got it? Did you feel the cool breeze?
May God bless you.
Enjoy. Enjoy.
I’ll be coming again next year, by then you all should become great saints, giving realization to others. I hope to see you all. May God bless you.
You must come to the collective.
Bring the baby. What’s the name. very good name. Hello, hello. Very hot, very hot, is it? What’s the name? Catherina? Good. Somebody is smiling. You’re cured. Catherina. See the smile. You’re cured. hello! So very sweet. Such a sweet thing. Such a cute thing. Hello. Hello, smile, alright. May God bless you. Good name. Be careful.
What about the photographer? Got realization? She got a realization or not. Sure? Otherwise, you can’t get good photographs. Then you will see, alright? Better get it. Just stand. Try on her, Come here, one minute, come along, just sit down. Just give him a realization. Haan. Somebody give him realization, give her realization, come along. Got it? He’s got it, May God Bless you, now take a photograph, let’s have it.
Hmm, you ask for a miraculous photograph.
May God Bless you all.
Look after your realization, mature, mature.
Come to the centre.