God is not for sale

NH Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam (Holland)

1987-10-09 God Is Not For Sale, Amsterdam Holland DP-RAW, 146'
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Public Programme (evening) in Hotel Krasnapolski, Amsterdam, 9th October 1987

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As I have been telling before, we cannot conceive the idea of truth. It cannot be a conception of human beings. It has to be felt on your central nervous system. As you can see me with your eyes and can feel me, you should be able to feel the truth. There are many wrong ideas prevalent about the truth. But all the great incarnations, all the great prophets have said that human beings have to jump one more stage in their awareness to understand the truth. This jumping or this breakthrough is a living process. We have got our human awareness through our evolution spontaneously, effortlessly, through a living process. And to go further with it, it has to be a living process, which acts spontaneously.

As we have not paid anything for our evolution as human beings, we cannot pay for anything that gives us a higher life. There can be no courses about it. It’s the built-in quality within us, like a seed which sprouts by itself. We don’t make the seed go through any courses, nor do we make it stand on its head. Nor do we pay any money to the Mother Earth because she is giving us such a lot of beautiful nature. But it has not been understood so far by human beings that God is not for sale. Nobody has the business to earn money in the name of God. And God’s work is a living work. It is not a dead work like making some buildings or anything else of that kind.

The living work of God is to give self realisation to people. They have to be given the power of their Spirit, which resides within them. If this power of Spirit is not manifested in the human awareness then we can say that the evolutionary process is still incomplete. As the desire of every flower would be to become the fruit, it should be the desire of every human being to become the Spirit.

But we find human beings are lost in other types of pursuits. Pursuits that do not give you any joy, they do not give you any purpose of life; they keep you on a very mundane level of existence. Slowly and steadily human beings are realising that now they have created a world which is like a big shock. Nobody knows what is going to happen to this world which was created by the divine for a very great purpose. But people do not want to budge out of their mundane living and mundane understanding of life.

But there is a category of people who are aware of this life which is not yet complete and are looking forward to something that is beyond. But perhaps they do not know what to seek. They do not know what is awaiting their seeking. They are going into all kinds of ways and methods. Any book that is published becomes a bible for people. Every book is not a bible. Anybody can take a pen in the hand, write something and publish it and also give some sort of authority of science to prove that that is the best. But which science is complete? Like people write books about food; this should not be eaten, that should not be eaten; that should be eaten. And they do not see the health of the person who has written the book. That person may be overactive; because that person has paid more attention to food, to the right side. It must be a person who lacks softness, tenderness, kindness. The variety of books that we see on the shelves should confuse everyone. The less we read would be a better idea.

Now within us lies the brain, as you know, which has got one thousand petals according to Sahaja Yoga. So some doctors came to fight with me; “It is not one thousand but 998 nerves.” But maybe two you might not have seen. Now whatever is said by Sahaja Yoga can be proved. So it comes to you as a hypothesis, and this hypothesis is to be accepted as a hypothesis first. And then is to be verified if it is true or not. But from the very beginning, if one starts saying, “This is all no knowledge.” or something like that, then how can you tell the person what is within yourself? The refusal to know anything means people are unscientific by temperament. They don’t have an open mind to see for themselves and they have no courage to see for themselves.

For example, if somebody sets up a shop for spirituality, people think it is rather secure. They think that if he cheats us, we can take him to the courts, so it is better to go to a person who takes money than to a person who doesn’t take any money. Now, the dilemma is this; how much are you going to pay your Kundalini? She is your own, she is your mother and she wants to give you your realisation. So how much are we going to pay her? You can’t pay me because I am just a catalyst. It is your Kundalini, it is your own Spirit and it is your own ascent.

But as I said, this is the knowledge of the roots. We have the knowledge of the tree, but the trees must have the knowledge of the roots or they will become like this1 without any leaves and after some time they will die. Now to reach the roots, we have to be a subtler being and all the arrangements are made within us to be that.

Even a psychologist like Jung has talked about it. He got his realisation but he did not know the full knowledge about it. So he says that we have got the unconscious at the lowest point, which is the Kundalini perhaps. Then on top of that he thinks is the collective subconscious. Then he says there is also, above that, the subconscious; then is the conscious mind.

Because of this little mistake people think that if you go to the subconscious you will reach the unconscious, but it is not so. You can see here2 in the centre is the ascending road. As you have put a central path for me,3 I don’t have to jump over you or go through you to come here. And God is the greatest sensible organiser.

So the left hand side, at the extreme left hand side, you have got your collective subconscious, which is built in you from your very creation. Next to that is your subconscious. After that is the present subconscious. Now after that is the present which is the centre.

Now if you start from the right side, we can say, at the extreme right we have the collective supraconscious and then we have got the supraconscious, and then we have got the conscious mind which is the present.

Now on our nerves, we have got the effect of our subconscious mind and collective subconscious mind. Also we have got the effect of the supraconscious and the conscious mind. So all that is dead since our creation; since we were just matter, then animals, then human beings; everything lies in the collective subconscious. And in the subconscious lies whatever we have been conditioned with. Like now I was born in India so I am an Indian. You are born in Holland so you are Dutch, like that. This is all a conditioning. But actually we are human beings. All human beings smile the same way; cry the same way.

So first of all we have to be human beings in the purest sense. So the conditionings from the left side have to be dropped out. But if you fight with your conditionings, they do not drop out. New habits are formed. Like the young people felt that it was too much to wear traditional dress so they took to hippyism, say to anti-culture. Then anti-culture became their conditioning. They could not get out of it. Now if they take to something else then it becomes again their conditioning. And human beings like to carry brands on their heads. They will be materialists or they will be communist, they will be capitalist or “somethingist” they will be. What about being a human being? If you are a human being, then all these things exist within you. Whatever brand you may wear, all these centres are within you. Now only the residual power of Kundalini has to rise.

I must tell you also today, because I am here only for one day, as a result of self realisation what happens. The first and foremost thing that happens is that many incurable diseases get cured and you never get again sick. The second thing that happens is that many people, who want to be creative, become very creative and have a creativity flowing into them. Many people have the technique, but they do not have the creativity. And the power of creativity starts flowing through the second centre of Swadishthan.

By the first centre a person becomes innocent. What Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Those innocent eyes get the light in their eyes, the light of innocence. And such a person has no lust or greed in their eyes. But such powerful eyes of love that even a glance of such a person could cure you. Even a glance of this person can give you peace, and all the auspiciousness could be bestowed upon you by that glance. Innocence we have lost, but it is not dead, it is there existing within you. It is like a moon covered with the clouds, but it exists and it gets awakened and enlightened when you get your self realisation.

In the other centre when you approach, the third centre of Nabhi, your material problems get solved. You become a satisfied soul. You don’t cheat people, you become honest. There are ten valencies4 within us. Every human being has ten valancies while carbon has got four valancies. All these valancies are actually the inner religion within us.

Now people talk of religion. You ask somebody they will say; “I am a Hindu. I am a Christian. I am a Muslim. I am a Sikh.” But they can murder people, they can steal things, they can tell lies, they can do whatever they like, like a satan. And they think they belong to a religion. But the religion does not belong to them. The religion is so superficial and that is the reason why many people have discarded God. There is nothing wrong with God; there is something wrong with the people who profess that they follow God. Here they are following a satan and saying that they are following God. Then what can you do? It is just a lip service people are giving.

So the religion within is enlightened and such a person becomes extremely joyous. He enjoys his virtues and his righteousness. He enjoys his honesty and generosity. He enjoys his straight-forwardness. He is rid of all the fears. You can see in the life of Christ, where Maria Magdalena was to be stoned – he had nothing to do women of that kind – he stood up before her and said that “Whosoever has not committed sin can throw a stone at me.” That is the fearlessness of a great soul.

So the fears disappear and physically the problems, also in the stomach, are completely removed. Above all, you become your own master, no habits can dominate you. We have seen people giving up their habits, even of very serious drugs, overnight.

It’s like this, on my sari you say there is a black spot and I am blind I can’t see; so anybody who says “You have a black spot on your sari,” I am not going to believe it. As I am identified with that black spot, I am not going to take it out either. But as soon as my eyes are opened, I see it and I clean it.

I have been speaking continuously for the whole month, and somebody is smoking here. Is there somebody smoking? Please don’t smoke. Please to be civil don’t smoke. I can’t bear it. Thank you. (Man shouting) You can go at the back and smoke. Are you smoking now? It’s alright. Please, don’t smoke.

So you drop out all the bad habits. That is the best thing that can happen to human beings, that they become so powerful. Once you get your habits you have no will power to drop it, you become weak and you start justifying it. But when you become a very strong personality, you love yourself, love your being and you don’t want to harm yourself at all. All those things that are harmful to you, you just drop out, because these are self-destructive things. But before realisation if I say that you should give up your bad habits, half of you may walk off. So the first thing is to give you realisation. If you get your realisation, then there is no problem. I don’t have to tell you. You automatically do it.

Now, another thing that happens is very important… is by the centre of the heart, which is the centre from where the antibodies are created, the antibodies to fight the diseases, to fight the foreign matter, to fight anything that is destructive. That is done until the age of twelve years; then all of them spread in the whole body and wait for orders from the centre heart below the sternum bone. Now when you get your enlightenment, in that area, the messages which are given are empowered. So whatever messages go, they are empowered; and they make a person so powerful that he does not easily contract any disease. Say like AIDS now, Sahaja Yogis don’t get aids at all, wherever they may go. Like cancer, it’s curable in the early stages. Because a person gets a balance most of his physical problems are over. But the greatest boon of this centre is that such a person feels extremely secure and peaceful.

Above that is the centre of Vishuddhi chakra. This is the centre of collectivity; where a person realises that he is a part and parcel of the whole; that he belongs to the whole. Like this hand is serving this hand, it’s actually serving itself. At the Vishuddhi chakra, when the Kundalini comes, you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and the power which is all pervading you start feeling. But when the Kundalini even crosses this, but it is not fully opened out; then you don’t feel in your hands, but you get your realisation alright. Such a person develops a beautiful face, very sharp eyes, nose, ears and a very dynamic brain. He doesn’t think so much but ideas start pouring into his head.

When the Kundalini crosses over this chakra of Agnya… This is the chakra of Jesus Christ, which is a cross. Both the sides of the cross you see. Your conditionings and your superego on the left hand side, as you have seen,5 go to the right side as the blue conditioning. And the right side goes to the left, as the ego, yellow like bile. Both these; ego and superego, the conditionings, the sacks, are sucked in when the Kundalini pierces through the chakra of Jesus Christ. And you become thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought. If you want to think you can think, but there is no invasion of thought upon you. You develop a witness state. You start seeing the whole thing as a joke or a drama and then you solve your problems better.

Supposing you are in the water then you are afraid of the waves; waves of thoughts. But supposing you are in the boat then you can enjoy the waves very well. On top of that you solve your problems better. You can see them clearly. But if you become the master of swimming then you can jump back into that water and can swim in it and enjoy the waves.

Now the Kundalini enters into the one-thousand-petalled Sahasrara. It’s the brain. If you have seen the transverse section of a brain, it looks as if a lotus flower has been cut. So every nerve has got an aura like a petal. And when a nerve gets enlightened all these petals get the beautiful light of different colours. They look like flames, but very silent and very gentle, flames that give you a cool breeze.

Then the Kundalini crosses the fontanel bone area. You start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. The Kundalini is the Holy Ghost, is the primordial mother. The cool breeze of the Holy Ghost you can feel clearly on top of your head. That is how you get connected with the all pervading power of the love of God. This is real yoga, not standing on your head and breaking your necks. You become a beautiful person, a dynamic magnetic personality. You get completely integrated; there is no quarrel between your heart and your head and your attention. Actually this is what you are. Like this instrument is made to be connected. If you do not connect it to the mains, it doesn’t work. That is the situation of human beings.

So this happening is the second birth of human beings. This is the second birth. And the second birth is given to you by your own mother, individual mother, your own Kundalini. She is very anxious to do it. And so far I have seen those who come to Sahaja Yoga assiduously, all of them have got realisation. Maybe in one day you may not get it. It does not mean… you might get it also. But you have to settle it. Like one light which is enlightened has to be first looked after till it is steady and the maturity is reached, then nothing can disturb it. You become the master. You yourself can raise the Kundalini of people, you yourself can give them good health, you yourself can give them joy and happiness. There is such a lot of glory and beauty within, which has not yet manifested. You must just allow it to manifest. It is a very simple method and I am sure it will work out tonight.

So may God bless you all.

Question and answers

Now if you have any questions you can ask for a little time because we are a little late already. Already feeling it? Do you speak English?

Question: Yes a little bit. I was in different kind of situations and now it is here behind my eyes.

Yogi: She has a catch on the Agnya chakra she says.

Shri Mataji: I know. You have been to some guru? Drugs?

Seeker: No. I was always by myself, in a lot of situations.

Shri Mataji: So at home? Ah, that’s the wrong thing, very wrong. Sit down, sit down. I will tell you.

This kind of mistake we always make. Unless and until you are connected, and if you start saying some mantras, it is like spoiling your telephone without a connection. You must, logically, get connected. I will correct it. Don’t you worry; in no time. What else? In no time!

The only persons we cannot help are the obstinate ones. They also join in later on, when they see others are having a nice time. Like adamant children, you see.

Yes please. Just get up; get up please, if you don’t mind. Yes?

Question: So many times people say that tantrism is necessary to awaken the Kundalini. But you don’t say like that?

Shri Mataji: It is a wrong idea. By tantrism you cannot. Tantra means the instrument, and when people say tantrism they are doing just the opposite of what should be done. For example, if you have a car and if you take out the wheel and start moving it, will it move? Tantrism is just like that, is to take out the wheel and start moving it.

Then all kinds of nonsense they do. The worst thing they do is to put dirty habits into you by mesmerism or something. The worst thing they do is to tell you that Kundalini can be raised by the sex act. Now all the animals do the sex act. Are they going to get their Kundalini awakened?

Now if you see it clearly, the Kundalini is placed in the triangular bone. And there is the chakra of innocence which manifests the pelvic plexus within us. It is called the Mooladhara chakra. It looks after all the excretion of the body. Now, it is placed below the Kundalini, not above the Kundalini. So when the Kundalini has to rise, it does not have to go to the excretion side. On the contrary, when the Kundalini is rising the excretion stops automatically. The whole thing is called ‘urdugavati’, which means going upward. The attention goes upward. So sex has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening. She is your Mother, and the Mother which is the purest of pure. Purity is the quality of Kundalini, because she purifies you. If the soap that purifies you is not pure, how can you be purified?

So tantrism was accepted by the West much more than by the Indians. Indians don’t like the word; because they promised they will grant a kind of an evil control over people. They also put spirits and do all kinds of things. Go and see the lives of the tantrikas, and you’ll be shocked.

What is the purpose of Kundalini awakening? It is to become godly, to be purified. By getting into the gutters, how can you become purified? It is a logic. One may claim anything, but what have they shown? Moreover those who go to tantrikas are really doomed people. I have had very bad experiences of such people and they have suffered a lot, physically, mentally and materially. So don’t go near them, they are just money makers.

In India anybody can come from jail, wear that kind of a dress and walk about saying “I’m a tantrika.” And in Germany he goes, sits in a square, and all the Germans are at his feet. I mean even there are people who give horrid mantras. Like there is a guru who gives, for 300 pounds, a mantra called ‘inga’. ‘Ingea’ or ‘inga’, which means the scorpion’s sting. And all other such stupid words, which are accepted by western people because they don’t know what it means. And they are not allowed to tell anyone; it’s a big secret, a very, very big secret; because if they tell this to Indians they’ll be shocked. Mostly such people are sorcerers, they call themselves tantrikas but they are sorcerers. They are anti-Christs and are fake and false people.

The purpose of Kundalini is to make you godly. And if that is not achieved, it is not a Kundalini awakening but some sort of a horrid experience. Like one fellow had blisters round his neck, up to here, on his back. And he said “My Kundalini was awakened by somebody from Kashmir who has written books.” This gentleman himself is leading a horrid life. It is when people try to do all these things to the Kundalini – she doesn’t do anything – but in the centre is sitting the deity of innocence who gets angry. And all over the sympathetic nervous system, on the left and right, the heat flows; tremendous heat. And that heat makes a person shake. They shake their hands and say these are vibrations! Not only that but they mesmerise, because people cannot see, they’re no good. They stick on to wrong things and suffer.

In India we know them better than you people know. Recently one of them was arrested in Madras, who was very friendly with very rich people from Iran, rich people from the United Arab League. I can’t understand how these Muslims have taken to him. They all get exposed, one by one, all of them. That’s the good point about them and they quarrel among themselves, that’s the second point. And the third point is that all their disciples become so weak and useless that they can’t do anything with them. They all become recluses, so one should not worry about them. Actually a Sahaja Yogi is the one who is the master of the ‘tantra’, is the master of the instrument.

You can come forward because some people can move in. Just come forward a little bit, little bit. Come forward. Yes, sit down. Also you can come this side. It’s very cold that side. The lady should sit on the carpet. Please madam. No you are alright. I am saying for the other lady. Can you sit on the carpet, please? It’s rather cold there. It’s very cold. All of you should sit on the carpet, please. You see as a Mother I feel concerned.

Question: My question is, at one time I found a certain spiritual climate. Like I sort of think you’re telling me about. And because of certain reasons, things that I attached it to, I forgot about it, it was lost. And for some years I’ve sort of been looking for the reason, no, for the right path that I was on before.

Sri Mataji: What is she saying now? I can’t hear her.

Translator: Can you ask your question in a short way?

Seeker: My question is, if I find the same that I had before, how will I know?

Yogi: She said she had one spiritual experience some time ago but because of certain attachments she got lost, so she says “If I find it back, how will I know it’s the right way?”

Shri Mataji: Now, the first thing we must know when you go to some guru or somebody, does he take money from you? Then secondly, how is his own life and character? Thirdly, does he talk of self realisation or not? Fourthly, you must see his disciples; have they got any power or not,. Can they give realization to others or not? What sort of life do they lead? Are they lost people? This is the guru.

But when you have your self realization, you start feeling it on your central nervous system, the all-pervading power of God, as a cool breeze. Now this is described in all the Shastras.6 It is described by Adi Shankaracharya, as Salilam, Salilam means the cool breeze. It is described in the Bible as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. It is described in the Koran as Asas. It is described in the Sikh religion, in the Zoroastras, that God’s all-pervading power is like a cool breeze.

Also we know that when we say you become a Christian, you are baptized here, that much they know in the church. Even the Hindus have a kind of ceremony that you are born again, and the Muslims and the Jews, all of them have. But it is an artificial ceremony. Nothing happens when the priest puts his hand on your head. When you experience a true spiritual experience, you feel extremely cool, calm and beautiful. And as you allow it to grow you understand the value of your realisation and the value of your personality. Like supposing you give me some Dutch money and I don’t understand what it is. I’ll have to go to the market to find out the value, isn’t it? In the same way when you get realization you have to try it on others, if you can give them realization or not, if you can work it out on them or not. Alright ?

Question: A question from a man who feels a bit suffocated in the city and asks whether he should leave.

Sri Mataji: No, no, no. You see, like a lotus is born in the mud and there are lots of worms and things; and then the lotus comes up and many lotuses come up and they become so fragrant that the worms run away. That is how you have to be a lotus in Amsterdam. And here you know they cut diamonds and Sahaja Yoga will make beautiful brilliant diamonds. Don’t be that disheartened. You can always come and stay with me. Alright?

Question: Could you tell something about the work of the United Nations?

Shri Mataji: (Laughing) Naughty boy! You know my husband, do you? Do you know where he is posted and all that? My husband is one of the Secretary Generals of the United Nations. Better not say anything. No comment! But those who talk of peace have no peace within. Those people who give Nobel prizes. This Nobel Company is making all armaments; giving bribes to our people in India. Giving Nobel Prize, prize for what, peace? Another is the United Nations; it is united but not integrated. And there should be some people who are realised souls, who can do better. Maybe it might happen.

Question: The Belgian man who was here said that you will give us realisation but afterwards we have to train ourselves because the Kundalini can go back again. What do we have to do to continue in the state of realisation?

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Yogi: He says first you get your realisation but afterwards you have to work it out. He says, what exactly do we have to do?

Shri Mataji: That we will tell you, that’s correct. You have to work it out means, when the Kundalini rises, with a force she goes up, alright, crosses over, but then you have problems; say physical, mental, emotional; so she attends to that. And if you know how to reduce her pressures; that’s a little bit you have to learn. In a month’s time you become an expert. So it’s not working out so much, just understanding yourself and others, just understanding. You don’t have to work with your hands or anything. Just you have to understand, “What is the problem with me?”, “Why the Kundalini is not moving up?” For example now, you have a problem with your Vishuddhi chakra, so how to work it out is to be just understood, that’s all. There is nothing much to be done.

Like, I would say, your problems you know, but some problems you don’t know, which are there within yourself; and they start manifesting, you start seeing them. You have to understand how to remove those problems. And for that you have to come to the centre and ask them.

Question: Earlier you said that Sahaj Yogis do not get aids or cancer? How is it that they don’t get that?

Shri Mataji: I’ve already told you, madam, that they don’t get AIDS, because they have powerful chakras; this Heart chakra which produces antibodies, and these antibodies get the power to fight the AIDS, so they don’t get it. And they don’t indulge into bad habits also.

Now it’s getting late, so should we now have the realisation part? It takes about ten minutes.

You have to take out your shoes for the Mother Earth to help us a little. Those who do not want to do it can go, because you see you cannot force it on anyone. You also must know that when others are doing it, it is not civil to sit down and watch others.

Self Realisation

(End of tape)

1 Pointing to pictures of trees on the walls of the hall.

2 On the chart of chakras.

3 Central aisle through the hall.

4 Qualities, as elements also have certain properties.

5 See chart of chakras

6 Indian holy books