Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Morning

Trees and Willy Maes's House, Mechelen (Belgium)


Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Mechelen (Belgium), 9 October 1987.

It was so very nice to come to Belgium and have so many people for our program and I must say, now we are getting to people who are very sensitive. [translation follows – yes] It is a .. it is a new dimension I think, I feel, we are entering into. Because now we are really getting people who are seriously interested in their realization and are very respectful. And that aggressiveness is much less. You don’t find anybody being aggressive. So we can say, that now the road is paved for all of you to work it out in a Sahaj manner to bring them properly to Sahaja Yoga and settle them nicely. Now this Sahaj manner should be understood. In a Sahaj manner, when they come to you, you must know they are absolutely new to Sahaja Yoga.

So first and foremost thing, you should not talk about Me. You should not tell them anything about Me; but you have to tell them about Sahaja Yoga and about yourself. Like you can say, “I had the same problem as you have.” Or you can say that “See, it took me more time then it took you.” It’s a little lie, but doesn’t matter. [Shri Mataji laughs.] You see, because first of all, you must understand human beings. If you tell them directly “You are bad” or “You are evil; you are bootish” then they will run away, though it is true.

A lady from France came to see Me. She said that “They told me I’m evil.” So I said, “No, no you are not. Who told you that?” And gradually she improved. So you have to tell them that “You are the Spirit” and whatever is hanging on to them will be dropped out and will be cleared out by their Kundalini. So if that happens they feel happy and they get their benevolence. It is how beautifully you handle another person.

Now there maybe people who want to argue. With them you should say, “You know, you cannot argue it out, because it is beyond human awareness.” And you better tell them that it is … “You better take your Realization, then we will talk about it. Not before your Realization.” So then, if they are not getting any Realization, you don’t tell them that “There is a bhoot sitting in your left Nabhi or right Nabhi.” This is our language – Sahaja Yogi’s language, not their language. Ya, so you have to be very careful to handle them very carefully.
Now there could be a problem between, say, a sad man’s parent’s mother and a daughter or maybe husband and wife. So …

(Just a minute, this side – listen to Me, all right? All of you should pay attention to Me. All right? No, no it’s all right. Let her be there. It’s all right, but she should pay attention this time, all right? Sit down.)

So we have to tell them that “You carry on, don’t worry about it, because the inner joy will start giving you strength.” Then gradually the another partner will understand you – see you’re honest, your purpose and would try to appreciate you. Gradually it works out. But if it does not, then we’ll see about it. Now when you handle them with love and care, you can establish them. But if they start misbehaving you also should not lose temper at all. You should be very forgiving.

Now I must say, that in Sahaja Yoga you have to respect your leaders. Of course, you might not find them perfect, maybe. Or maybe you may find them to be little bossy, possibly. But you need some bossing sometimes. And leaders must know how to also correct people, because you need correction. I met a lady, I was telling you, we had told them, that you need not have a guru. So, she said “No, no we must have somebody to guide us. And that guru will guide us and also will support us, so we would like to follow him. In spite of the fact he is a very bossy fellow and he always gets annoyed with us and he takes money from us. And it’s not a guru, if he’s not, if he is very soft, means he should not be kind.”

So we have another kind also of people who want somebody to dominate them for their spiritual ascent. They are better people, because they want their ascent in any case. And they accept corrections, because they want their ascent. That’s the first thing. So even if the leader bosses, they like it very much. In some places people told Me, “Our guru is very soft – we must get some strong fellow.” So I leave it to the leaders, who are called as gurus by some people to be kind, compassionate, good. But should not compromise with nonsense and laziness. Because the first thing, people get into is laziness after Sahaja Yoga. We have to be committed. Now I too have a family and I have grandchildren. My daughter has come all the way to see Me in London. She’s been there for one month and I haven’t been there yet. She’s waiting for Me.

So it’s all right, one has to do it. This is My commitment, because this is your purpose of life. And the purpose that you have mainly is to ascend and help others to ascend. You are special people, who have to do such a tremendous task. Otherwise how can we have lots of people coming to Sahaja Yoga? So the Sahaja way is to yourself improve with meditation and introspect yourself and see yourself. You must meditate and you should not see the defects of others.

The second thing to be Sahaj is to be collective. If you do not meet collectively every day, then there will be a problem. In the collective only the maturity starts. It is a living process as I told you. Now supposing a tree is growing and you take out a leaf from there and the leaf will say, “I’m going to grow by myself.” It cannot grow. It will be left out. So that is what one has to remember: that it is a collective happening. We all have to meet and grow together.

Now, those who are not collective will disappear one day into thin air, like a dead leaf. I think people don’t understand the meaning of collective happening. It is just like a tree growing and with the tree everything else that belongs to tree also grows. So for the growth of this tree one has to remember that you have to stick onto the tree. But the tree is not going to run after you, “Stick on, stick on to me, stick on to me.” For that whatever has to be done, has to be done. You know, when the winter comes, all the leaves fall off. What they do is to create a barrier between themselves and the tree by some living process. They create a barrier in between, there’s a little bark that comes in between. Now when that happens the leaves fall off and the tree becomes barren.

Now same thing happens in Sahaja Yoga. When you do not accept the principle of Sahaja Yoga you put a barrier in between the sap and the leaf. Now when that happens, the leaf falls off. So you have to open out yourself, your heart, everything to suck in the sap to nourish. You have to give up your Ego and Superego, your conditionings and ideas you have had from before. This is what is the surrender, is the Islam. And that is to be achieved. But that is not going to help the tree, it is going to help you. Now some people say, “I’m not ready.” Then how will you grow? Actually when a little child is born, immediately it wants to suck in the mother’s nourishment. It feels it has starved all this time and it should suck mother’s milk immediately. And all those are seekers, once they find their Realization must behave in that manner. They should all give up all the conditionings and all these nonsensical ideas and immediately push themselves and also cleanse themselves fully to suck in more and more of this nourishment.

But it does not happen that way. That’s why some people do not grow that fast. It is a pure intelligence that gives you that sense I think. Pure intelligence comes from pure heart and if you pay more attention to your heart, your Spirit, then it will work out. In the course of your movement in Sahaja Yoga you will see you’ll be blessed. Not only that you’ll have the blessings but you will have jobs, you will have money or else children will pass with flying colors. They will become obedient. Your health will improve, you will get money, you will get married, you will have nice children, wise wife, you’ll get homes and ashrams. But these are all temptations. Many people get lost in one of those. Now supposing I’ve to catch the plane and on the way I see very nice gardens or things, then I get down to enjoy the gardens, how will I reach the airport and the aeroplane? So these temptations must be seen as just entertainments… as entertainments. Entertainment, all right?

Now our understanding of Sahaj is simple if you do not think about it. But if you start thinking you’ll go mad. How can you explain that a person just like you can give Realization to thousands? How can you explain that you can see the sun on My heart in a picture? All this pictures which are there, how can you explain? For example, you get My photographs in the sky, is a fact. How will you explain that? So it is beyond your brains. So better not think about it. Just gradually accept the joy. I always say I’ve done the cooking for you and very good food. Now only thing is for you to eat it and taste it. Why do you want to know, how it was cooked, when it was kept and what else has been done to make it so tasty? You should just appreciate and enjoy. Like a painting you have, you don’t think, “From where did he get the paint, how did he paint and how was he sitting, what food he must have taken, before or after?”

But in Sahaja Yoga we do these ridiculous things, you know. It’s very surprising, that people do not understand one simple thing: that Kundalini has risen without thinking and not by our effort. The Kundalini has given us this good health, good temperament and has changed us so much. So She is going to do the job, only thing we should try to support Her and to keep our central path clean. It’s very simple.

So now I feel very much encouraged to that from Holland and from Belgium we have such nice Sahaja Yogis here, and also I would say it is rather difficult for some people to come to India. But try to come, because those who have been to India have settled down much better, because India has got something magical about it, that it transforms people to a deeper level. You should not come half heartedly. I feel that those who can come on [literally?? – UNCLEAR] should not find excuses, “I’m not ready, I’m not thinking”, because such half hearted people are not going to gain anything. You have to come with full force, as I told you the newly born child, otherwise it is useless. Don’t play into the tricks of your mind. It’s like a donkey – if you take a donkey lightly, then it will just start grazing anywhere it finds grass. And if it knows that the person sitting on his back is a lousy fellow or a lazy person, it will drop him. And when it knows that it can go ahead of the person then it can even kick you back. That is how your mind is. It dominates you, it sometimes starts grazing on pastures and you think that’s a very good thing, you are very peaceful or else it starts dominating you. So how to manage this donkey? Best way is to catch hold of the ears, and carry it with you. Donkey is for you, you are not for the donkey. So this is one of the hurdles, that we have very much.

As far as you all are concerned you have to know that Sahaja Yoga is to be understood not by brain, but by heart. I have known people who can give big lectures on Sahaja Yoga, can write books, but have no vibrations. So this is not the way Sahaja Yoga is. You have to be a Yogi. That’s a religion in a way in our being. That’s the religion of a Yogi. Like human beings have ten valencies, a Yogi must have at least eleven valencies. And the eleventh valency integrates you with the religion. You get identified with righteousness, with compassion, with love, with assiduity – perseverance – or also detachment. That means you do not expect anything. You do it for doing’s sake. You love for loving’s sake. That’s the best way to enjoy. You enjoy your loving capacity. You enjoy your generosity. You enjoy your forgiveness. Enjoy all these great qualities of righteousness. You’ll never feel hurt. I do that all the time. That’s how I’m always happy and full of joy.

May God bless you.