The time has come for humanity to know the truth

Munich (Germany)

1987-10-16 The time has come for humanity to know the truth, Munich, Germany, DP, 122' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program, Germany, Munich, 1987-10-16

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It is important for us to understand that the time has come for humanity to know the truth. But truth cannot be known by human efforts nor can it be known if you pay for it, nor can it be a concept, an idea. Truth is what it is. And one has to humble down to see the truth itself. As you can see me clearly standing here and also you can also feel me and hear me in the same way you should be able to feel truth on your central nervous system. At the very outset I have said that you cannot pay for finding out the truth. There are many people in the market who are selling the truth and people are doing this shopping. I have t tell you that I am not for sale. I have come here to give you the key to your truth. Which is I think for me is very important. There is no obligation involved. Now when we come face to face with it, let us understand that human awareness has not reached its absolute point. That is why there is so much of confusion. Some people say this theory is good, that philosophy is good, this is good that is bad. But what we have found so far that everything seems to be in confusion. There is no method, no system by which you can say that this is absolutely true. In human freedom we have done all kinds of research, search and all kinds of enterprises. But still we have to find about ourselves. Here we now are facing the roots that have made us. We have the knowledge of the tree but we have not got the knowledge of the roots. That is another reason why the world is waiting for a shock, a shock of destruction. When I am telling you about the roots it is a hypothesis before you. It is to be understood with a scientific open mind. And if it is proved to be correct and right, and if you can feel the truth on your central nervous system, then you have to be honest about it. As you see in this picture we have three channel nicely built in. Now these three channels that are within us, the one which on the left hand side moves to the right hand side and the one on the right hand side moves to the left hand side. The left hand channel nourishes the left sympathetic nervous system within us. And the right one nourishes the right sympathetic nervous system within us. We call it as a autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto, who works out the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. This auto is the spirit within us. In the central nervous system whatever we have achieved in our evolution is recorded. Like if you as a dog or a horse to pass through a dirty lane he can very easily do it. But for a person who is a human being its a very difficult task. In the higher realm of their awareness a saint cannot commit sins, a saint has no temptation. A saint is a righteous person. He is courageous, he is empowered by his own love. He is compassionate and he is not bothered about what others have to say about him. All these qualities we have seen in so many people. They are not who profess any religion, they do not profess any ideology, but they themselves are institution. The only difference between a normal human being and a saint is the saint has reaches its absolute point. That he is a realised soul. And that he knows what’s wrong with you. Also he knows the method how to correct it. Within us lie all this 7 centres which are the gifts of our evolution. When we were carbon atom to form the amino acids we were at the first centre that you see there. That is the centre of innocence because matter is innocence. Then we gradually grew up and came upto a point where we have reached upto our head. You can see there are 6 chakras above the first one. Above the first chakra there is the power, the fourth power which is going to give us of our realisation. It is the sleeping power within us. It is the power of pure desire. All other desires are impure because they are not satiable in general. If they were pure desire we would have been satisfied people. So this power of pure desire is the power within us which wants us to become one with the divine. This is the power which wants to be the absolute. In our evolution we have reached this point of awareness. There is one more step to go. But all this process is a living process of a living power. It is not something dead that we can manage it. As you can put seed into the mother earth and it sprouts spontaneously, in the same way your ascent takes place. This power within you which is know as kundalini unites you with the divine. As a result of that you start feeling the all-pervading power of divine all around you. You start feeling it on top of your head. A cool breeze of the holy ghost because kundalini is the reflection of the holy ghost which is called as the adi shakti. In Sanskrit language meaning the primordial mother. So this mother exists within all of you and she is the loving mother. She wants to give you your rebirth. She is anxiously waiting for that moment. And when that moment comes she awakens spontaneously and you get your realisation. Now, when this happens, this yoga takes place, this union takes place. A complete metamorphosis of the temperament starts. First and foremost thing that happens to you that you get completely cured of your diseases. All melafidies?? are corrected. Also a person who is mentally deraged or mentally upset gets his sense, his sanity. Mentally such a person becomes extremely dynamic. He does not think too much. But he get inspiration. On the contrary this kundalini crosses this agnya/Agnya chakra, the 6th centre, a person becomes absolutely peaceful and without thoughts. The thoughts do not invade the person. Only thing is that he can think if he wants. Then the second movement is when it pierces through the soft bone, as you were a child there was a soft bone called as a fontanelle bone area. When it pierces through that you become absolutely peaceful and you start feeling the cool breeze in your hand. You start feeling it around. And then you develop a consciousness within you called collective consciousness; means you can feel on your finger tips other person. Jung (Carl Jung) has described it in his treaties. Now this collective consciousness has been described by Mohammad sahib in Quran/koran. He has said that when the time of Qiyamah, that is the resurrection time, will come then your hands will speak and will give witness about you. In every great it is said that you have to be born again, but that doesn’t mean artificially you put a badge here (forehead) “I am born again”. If you are born again you have special powers and you manifest them. Now those people who artificially try to preach and profess something reach no where. Its like this in different period of our evolution the great incarnations, the prophets came on this earth to build up those centres within us. They are like a milestones of our evolution. But from this tree life which was living they plucked out followers at different times and said “this is my flower, this is my flower” for the dead flowers. And that is why we see in this world people who call themselves religious are actually forced into it. A man who calls himself a Hindu, muslim, christians, sikh or any religion is capable of doing any sin. He can murder any one, he can take away theft whatever it is he can do, he can torture people, he can cheat people, deceat people, tell lies, he will be tempted to do wrong things, he will be a hypocrite; but when the kundalini rises she entitles within us our 10 valencies. Like carbon has 4 valencies, humans have 10 valencies; and when these valencies are enlightened we become automatically righteous, virtuous people. We become saints. But we don’t have to run away from this world. We don’t have to go to Himalayas and stand on our heads. Living here among people you become strong, healthy saints. Today the time has come and for thousands and thousands and thousands to get their realisation. This is your birth right. As a human being you all should get your realisation and enter into the realm of peace and joy. You discover your own glory and that of your fellow men. There is a big inner revolution that is coming up which is silent, joyous and is going to change the whole humanity. There is no solution without transformation. No use of talking big big things. The human beings have to be transformed. But if you are identifies with your conditionings or some sort of a false hood, or some organisation, some ideology then it is like having one foot in the mouth of a crocodile and wanting to come in a boat. You have to come in the boat to watch all the waves and enjoy them. I think I am here only for one day and it may not be possible for me to explain all about the centres and all this chakras and how do we get all these diseases and (malafitis)?? But we have in Munich very knowledgeable people; I will try if it is possible that you get your realisation today. After that you have to respect your self-realisation. Its just the sprouting first and then you have to look after your tree of life. You have to mature. And for that we have in Munich specially wonderful people. Once you get enlightened you can enlighten another person. If there is a candle which is not yet enlighten cannot get enlightened by itself. But there is an enlighten candle can enlighten another candle and the second one which is enlighten can enlighten another. This is how the enlightened one is going to work out. May God bless you all. Today is the first and the last day, so I would like you to ask me some questions. But there is no need to be aggressive with me. I have not come your to take your booths, I am not your politician. Now have I come to get any money from you. You cannot give me anything. So now it is wisdom that should tell you that it is better you take whatever is possible from me. And there is no obligation at all. May God bless you. 30

Q . why do you consider yourself to be most developed spiritual person on this planet

Shri Mataji: I didn’t say that, he said that. Not me, I didn’t say.

Q. Secondly he says that you only talked about diseases ?? but you did talk about life after death, you didn’t talk about different spiritual dimensions in which people can enter.

Shri Mataji : Now, as the time is very short, I am sorry I didn’t talk on another things. But firstly this is his experience which he has said. I never say so. I am not a fool to say such a thing. Christ said the truth that he was the son of God. But people crucified him. I am not going to say whatsoever. And in modern times when ego is so strong I am not a fool to say anything.

Q. : ??

Shri Mataji: Another point you have asked is what about life after death. For us it is of no concern. Of course I know all about it. But the concern is of the present. We have to deal with the present. Not with the future, not with the past.
The third question you ask what about the other spiritual dimensions that you have. The first dimension that you must achieve is the self-realisation. Buddha and Mahavira, both of them realised that when they talked about God, people just thought they were Gods or something like that. So they better not talk of God. Let us talk about self-realization only. Because we start jumping ahead. Supposing if I have to go to London and I jump at New York, how will I get down to London. So let us be practical. First things first. First you receive your self-realisation and then we will talk about other things.

Q. ??

Shri Mataji: Now see, Pranayama is just the part of it. Is only the right side. Prana Shakti is on the right side. Then here you have, this side is iccha (desire) shakti. In the centre, there is shakti by which you ascend. There are three shaktis which work within us. If you just start doing pranayama you will become imbalanced. And it is going to become difficult for us to give you a realization to be very frank. Just having a little knowledge is very dangerous.

Q. : ??

Shri Mataji: In sahaja yoga also some people have to do little pranayam. Little again I say, with discrimination and understanding. Because when the kundalini rises then you see where it stop. What centre it is catching, alright; and accordingly if you need anything to be done you do it. It is not like taking all the medicines in the stomach without understanding what it is meant for. 37.22

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : You see this is also another idea. There is no necessity to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You see in a country where they don’t get any meat they are vegetarians. Are they very religious people ? Have they achieved God? It is not so. In a place like Greenland where there is not even a single green leaf, they have to eat meat. So, are they very bad people ? Now what is the thing that we have to use a proper balanced diet when there is a problem. For eg. When a person is a right sided person, very futuristic, liver problem he has of active liver, active everything, for that person carbohydrates are needed. For a person who is left sided always lethargic and crying, weeping sort of left-sided person, he has to take more proteins. It is just balancing your diet according to your need. Every individual has a different temperament and different nature. Actually you yourself will judge what sort of food you will need. I wouldn’t have to tell you. you yourself will know what sort of a person you are and you yourself will know what to eat. But eating is not such an important thing in life I think. We pay so much attention to eating eating eating.

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : First let us be non violence against human being. That’s important. I have seen people, do you know Hitler was a vegetarian. Is an example. Yes, he was he was he was. And we have many like that who are vegetarian and extremely violent people. The man who killed Mahatma Gandhi was an absolute vegetarian all his life, his parents, everybody, whole society. But for westerners vegetarianism suits I feel. They would be less aggressive. Its true. If Columbus had gone to India, I would not have been sitting here. We Indians would have been all finished like they are finished in American countries. But poor Columbus did not do that. But others who are ,I don’t know what to say, should take to vegetarianism, good idea.

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : You see these are such mundane things, extremely mundane. Muslims are fasting 40 days. They are very particular on their prayers. I was in Riyadh and I was surprised 5 times they had silla, 5 times. And so fanatic about it, at that time whether it was 12’o clock or 3’o clock, you had to close all the shops and all the ladies have to cover there heads and sit down on the ground. And they all fast for 40 days like Christ. But when they come to London no body can drink more than them. And they run after every woman. And now they are just fighting with each other. How this kind of prayer will help you when you are not connected with the divine. If you are connected with the divine you don’t have to pray so much, just once to remember and you get what you want and every body gets you get what you want. You have to enter into the realm of divine. So you are protected, looked after. If this instrument is not connected to the mains, no use my talking over it. Telephoning to God without connection will spoil the telephone also. 45.53

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : herself. Yes, that’s what will happen to you madam. You are very sensitive I must say everybody is like you. You will establish very soon. I knew you will give realization to others. But there are very few of your type. Lets see. Mostly the are mental.That’s the trouble.

Q.: ?? (will power)

Shri Mataji : You see it’s a spontaneous process. Try to understand it’s a living process. Alright. Now if you are a good seed you will sprout. That’s all. Ofcourse if you are a weak willed person, or if you are a sinful person or we can say you are a cruel person or a hard nutted fellow, then it takes little time. But it’s a very spontaneous thing. I have seen people who are extremely simple get realization much faster than people who are over read, educated, have their ideas about God its so. I must say they are very unfortunate. Adishankaracharya has said that is the net of words, let me get out of this net of words. “Shabda Jalam”. He says if you are lost in this words you cannot achieve reality. Words are not reality. To get to reality you must get rid of your words and your thoughts. But how to do it. You cant take thoughts like this. So this kundalini does that. She herself, now say if your attention is like my saree just goes up like that and pierces through your fontanelle bone area, then the light starts flowing on your attention. This is your attention and the kundalini just goes up like that and pierces through. But you must allow your attention to be free. If you are tying up with this, tying up with that then it doesn’t work out. You must loyal to yourself and not to ideas.

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : Alright don’t kill anyone. Am I asking you to kill any oe? Am I? But I will tell you to what ridiculous limit vegetarians can go and you will be shocked. In our country we have a sect called Jains. They are the followers of Mahavira. They are absolute vegetarians. And they put a cloth on their mouth so that they don’t kill any germs. They don’t want to kill any mosquitoes or anything like that. But the limit is that they take a Brahmin in a village, put him in a hut and get some bugs who suck out the blood of the Brahmin. And all these bugs fall off then this Brahmin is paid money for this donation to the bugs. Because they are also living animals. They have caused so much of problem in India that they don’t go to regular toilets because germs will be killed when the its flushed off. And they go and use some street or some mountains, in city its such a problem that they don’t know what to do. So don’t go to extremes. First care about yourself that you get your realization.

Q.: ?? (her friend was seeking then her friend got self-realization. Then he felt better. But now he is very bad, in a very bad state again. Now she is asking what she could tell her friend because he couldn’t come)

Shri Mataji : : I am sorry to hear that. But , you see he must have been very sick, he must have been cured, then you have to continue with treatment till you are perfectly alright. Now I would request you to come and see me tomorrow morning and I will tell you what you can do about him. But he must treat himself fully. Alright.

Q.: You have guru?

Shri Mataji : I don’t have a guru. I want you to be guru of yourself. You don’t need a guru. Your spirit is a guru.

Q.: Do you come from guru lineage. Where do you get your knowledge from.

Shri Mataji: Just like that I was born. Who was the guru of Christ? But of course I believe in the real gurus. The sadgurus, all of them. They are very helpful to me.

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji : Shabda jal. I did not follow your question. Now this gentlemen took so much time and he is gone away. You are going to take too much time go away. Now, first of all, you get your self-realisation and then we will talk. If you just go on talking like this you will never get your realization. Alright. First get your realization. Then I will tell you more about that. Now see this gentleman talk so much and has gone away nicely disturbing us, taking our time. So many would have got realization by now. So irresponsible and uncivil. Actually, he had come here to make you all vegetarians. And even if he wants he should take a hall and do it. No harm. But he has no business to waste our time.

Q.: ??

Shri Mataji: See now, if you are disciple of Guru Maharaj ji, you better go to him. I cannot help you. I am sorry. How many Rolls-Royces he has bought. Go and buy another one for him. I don’t want any Rolls-royces.
This is another one.

Q.: What do you think about Sai baba

Shri Mataji: Now why do you want to ask. You can make out from what I have said it. The one who talks about realization is a real guru, not of diamonds. You can go and purchase in market diamonds. What are diamonds to a saint? Nothing. But Shirdi Sainath was great saint no doubt. I don’t give diamonds. Not a good saint I must say. We have interesting people here. Isn’t it.

Alright. So lets have a realization. Now those who do not want to have realization can go. I cannot force it on anyone of you. Those who intensely want should stay. Secondly you have to close your eyes and meditate as I tell you. If you don’t want to do it, you better go first. Others should not feel that you are looking at them. So to be respectful to others you should not in any way keep your eyes open, watch them, look at this. You have not come here for a show.
Now we have to do very simple things. It takes about 10-15 minutes. The first thing is that the journey is only from your kundalini to fontanelle bone area. So it’s a very short journey and kundalini shoots like a jet, in most of you people. And you don’t have to worry than when I go away what will happen. Once you are awakened you are awakened. Only you must learn to mature. Now please put your left hand towards me because this is symbolizing your desire to get realization. The right hand is the hand that symbolizes the action. Left hand should be like this. Now don’t close your eyes. First see what you have to do. You can stand and show them, better.

Now left hand towards me like this and right hand for releasing your centres your self. First you don’t close your eyes. You can watch Marc. First see what has to be done. Now put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the spirit. Then you have to bring your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen. Here resides the centre of your mastery by which you become your own master, your own guru. Everything works on the left-hand side. Now please put your right hand in the lower part of the abdomen. Now here is the centre which works out all the divine work. So in your consciousness the knowledge of maneuvering the divine power is manifested. As I know how to hold this, in the same way you get the innate knowledge. Now please take your right hand then in the upper part of your abdomen. Then you have to take it back to your heart. Now you have to raise your hand and put it on the shoulder near your neck and turn your head to your right. This centre is caught when you feel guilty for nothing at all. Now put your right hand on your forehead across and then you have to take your hand on the back side of your head and put your head resting on it. Now stretch your hand and the centre of your palm please put in on the fontanelle bone area and bend your head. Stretch your fingers out. Move it 7 times slowly your scalp. Now now we start our meditation. Actually its not meditation but awakening of kundalini. Please take out your shoes. You have to touch the mother earth with the both the feet parallel to each other. If you have got spectacles you can put them away because your eye sight also improves. Because you will be closing your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes till I tell you.

Now close our eyes. Put the left hand towards me and the right hand on the heart. Here you ask me a very fundamental question. You may call me Shri Mataji or you can call me mother. Ask me a question, “Mother Am I the Spirit ?”. Ask this question three times. With this question there is the second question comes in because if you are the spirit you are your master. Please take down the hand on the left side of your abdomen in the upper part and press it. Here is the centre of your mastery. So ask this second question “Mother am I, my own master?” Please ask this three times. Now please take your hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side and put the left hand towards me. Now here I cannot force on you the pure knowledge. So here you have to ask “Mother I have a pure knowledge, Mother please give me the pure knowledge” Please say it 6 times because this centre has got 6 petals. By saying this kundalini has started, it is awakened. Now please raise your right hand in the upper portion of the stomach or abdomen on the left-hand side. Now you have to say with full confidence to facilitate the movement of the kundalini through this centre, “Mother I am my own master”. Please say it 10 times. Now raise your right hand to your heart. Here again to facilitate the movement of the kundalini please say with full confidence, 12 times, “Mother I am the spirit”. This is the fundamental truth about you. Now raise your right hand in the corner of your left shoulder and your neck and turn your face towards the right. You have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of forgiveness and you cannot commit any mistakes that he cannot forgive. So please say 16 times from your heart , “Mother I am not guilty at all”.Turn your head to your right, please. “Mother I am not guilty at all”. Now even you feel guilty, better punish yourself by saying it 108 times. You are going to enter the Kingdom of God and you should not be guilty. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Now take your hand on your forehead across. Press it on both the sides. Here you have to say from your heart, mother I forgive everyone. Now many of you might think that it is difficult. But it is a myth if you forgive or if you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands. Now take this hand on the back side of your head “and allow your head to rest on your hand. Now here for your own satisfaction you have to say :Oh divine if I have done any mistakes please forgive me.” Now stretch your hand, stretch it, don’t open your eyes ad place the centre of the palm on top of your fontanelle bone area and bend a little. Now put your left hand towards me and sit straight. Now stretch your fingers outwards and press it hard, your scalp; for 7 times move it slowly 7 times clockwise. Now take down your hand, please. Both the hands. Please open your eyes slowly. Put both the hands towards me like this. Now put the right hand towards me and bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now please put your left hand towards me and bend your head and see with the right hand see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. It might be little hot doesn’t matter. Now put your the right hand towards me again and see with the left hand bending your head. Now raise your hand on top of your head like this, bend back your head and ask a question “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost, Mother is this the is brahma shakti, mother is this the power of God ‘s love which is all pervading.” Now bring down your hands, please. Now feeling very relaxed. Those who have felt the cool breeze out of their heads, or may be hot, please raise both your hands. The whole of Munich have felt I think. Surprising ! I bow to all people. I request you don’t neglect your self-realization. You have got it easily. Behind it lies all your good deeds of many lives. And now it is important that you mature yourself fully. And that you become the master. In one month time you all can become great masters who can give realization to others. And now enjoy yourself and be happy. May God bless you. I promise next year I will come again for more time. Thank you very much.

Now don’t discuss it. Don’t talk about it. Just enjoy.
Those who have not felt it can come on the sides and these people will try to establish; those who have not felt.