This Modern Age

Teatro dell'Elfo, Milan (Italy)

1987-10-22 This Modern Age, Milan Italy DP-RAW, 176'
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Public Program, “This Modern Age”. Teatro dell’Elfo, Milan (Italy), 22 October 1987.

[Sahaja yogis sing Namostute, Ciuri Ciuri, Powada, Ai Giri Nandini Mahishasura Mardini]

I bow to all the seekers of truth and joy. I am gratified to see all of you enjoying the music of My children here. They sing in pure joy. And that is what one has to understand that everything can be only enjoyed if there is purity. That purity comes with us when you are born. We are not sinners when we are children, we are innocent people when we are children. But as we grow, with our own intelligence, seeking, we try to develop a kind of an awareness which gets entangled into wrong things. What we think freedom has no guidelines, is no absolute value to it [What we think freedom]. And there is no absolute way of judgment. We live in the world of relativity. That is human awareness. Now I am here to give you a message that you have all the possibility of becoming the absolute. You may follow any philosophy, any religion, anything that conditions your mind, but you cannot get your weaknesses. Out of fear we may do many things, but it’s not built in within us that we are righteous, that we are generous, that we are virtuous. Now you see these young people here, and there are many like this, thousands and thousands of them all over the world. In their seeking of truth they were lost people, they had taken to drugs and lots of perversions in life. Their parents were lost, too, and they had no freedom from their habits. No strength to get out of whatever they had imbibed in themselves. Actually the modern generation is a very weak generation. It is enslaved by so many things, so many enterprises, so many advertising, so many wrong type of things suggested to us. …it is hard to decide what is good and what is bad. Some people said that by taking drugs you will have your ascent in another world, so they took to drugs. Some said that if you take to anti-culture and take to a life which is different from what you have had you will be very higher people- but from one conditioning to another conditioning to another conditioning. They were not at all free. Today we find people are so much under the pressure of lust and greed. Even if they want to get rid of it, they don’t like it, they can’t do it. Because they are weak, they haven’t got that freedom left in themselves. Sometimes they are engulfed by their ego, thinking that we are right, whatever we are doing is right. Like Hitler, who thought he was doing a very great thing, very honour to humanity. But now we find that it was such a horrible, inhuman behavior. I do not blame the young people if they are lost today [I do not blame the young people if they are lost]. Nor do I say anything against the parents, because they also don’t know what to do. We talk of our values being lost, that the whole generation is lost, but what is the reason, you should find out. We are born at a very precarious time. This is a very special time. As Mohammed Sahib has described it as Qiyama, meaning the Resurrection Time. And in the Bible they have said there is going to be the Last Judgment. Mohammed Sahib has said when the Resurrection Time will come, your hands will speak. They will give witness against you or for you. Is alright to say there is no God, but is not scientific. Is just a statement without any basis. Because you find there are people who talk of God and are not leading very good life, that does not mean God does not exist. Now the time has come to prove the existence of God: on your central nervous system, on your fingertips, you can feel the All-Pervading Power of God’s Love. It is that subtler being, that subtler being you have to be. You don’t have to give up anything, you don’t have to go through a sermon or a lecture, you don’t have to have any kind of exercises or conditionings. Because the times are precious. Yet the people do not realize what a revolutionary time has come for the whole world. It is the greatest revolution. It is the inner revolution, and you don’t have to sacrifice your life or anything. But this revolution works within as the epitome of your evolution. All this instrument that is shown here exists within you. As a scientist please you must listen to Me with an open mind. And if you find that what I’m saying is already manifesting in you then you have to believe in it. Because you are the Spirit. You have to just achieve that State. This instrument is waiting within you. I would say we have the knowledge of the tree, this is the knowledge of the roots. In the West if people have tried to establish a tree, is important that in the East if it is established the knowledge of the roots, must be seen to. There should be no fear of invasion, no conversion, no establishment of an organization, no exercises and no money. We have become from amoeba to this stage without anything of the kind. And to go to a higher stage of our awareness we don’t have to pay, please try to understand it is a living process of a living force within ourselves. Like a seed it has to sprout we have to just put it into the Mother Earth. You don’t have to pay the Mother Earth, she doesn’t understand money. So we have to understand if the world has to be saved, the One who has created it must be worried about it. Human beings stand at the epitome of evolution. They are the highest that is created out of evolution. And a little breakthrough has to be established. As a journey it is hardly 3 to 4 feet. One has to think about it: if it is so, why not have it? Now as you say, see here, very clearly, in the triangular bone (speaks aside) in the triangular bone of our sacrum, lies the power of our ascent. In so many people, when they come for their realization, you can see it pulsating like a heart, in the bone. You can also see the rising of this power. In your backbone. And then, when it reaches the top of your head, it pierces through your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. And you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. This the real baptism, not the artificial. The real baptism that you can feel, because this power is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within you. They say there’s Father, God Almighty, and a Son: but what about the Mother? I’ve not heard of a father and a son without a mother. So this is the Primordial Mother reflected within you- is the Holy Ghost which awakens, like a primule in a seed, and ascends upwards. The reflection of the God Almighty is the Spirit in your heart, but the seat is here (touches Sahasrara). And when this Kundalini rises and pierces through at such and such seat, you’re amazed that you can feel the cool breeze flowing from your hands all around you, the cool breeze. You feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head also. Now when you start feeling it on your central nervous system, all these five, six, seven centers, the left hand and the right hand, both sides, your sympathetic nervous endings become very, very sensitive and you can feel your own centers which are there, seven centers, which are the primordial energy centers within you and you can also make out what’s wrong with your centers. Supposing you are suffering from a heart trouble and you do not know. You are about to get schizophrenic, you do not know. You don’t have to go to doctors, because you become the absolute, you can diagnose your own disease and can say, ‘Oh, this is what is happening to me’, on your fingertips. And then if you know how to cure it, you’re alright. You’ll be amazed people suffering from blood cancer, so many types of cancer, so many types of diseases which were incurable, have been cured by their own ascent. Not only, but these people, who look just like you, can cure so many people. They are not doctors, but they can tell what’s wrong with you. And they can tell you also how to get rid of all these maladies. This is only on the physical level. But on the emotional level a person becomes drenched in love of God. Diseases like schizophrenia and others like insanity, epilepsy, or also all pathological disease can disappear. Doctors do not know even – I’ve done medicine, I know – they do not know how pathological things work out within us, from where the viruses come, from where the attack comes, from where the protein 52 and protein 58 enter into our being. Now we have many doctors who are making records of people who have been cured by Sahaja Yoga. And Delhi University has accepted as a subject for a doctorate for a doctor (repeats to translator: “Delhi University has accepted as a subject for a doctorate for a doctor”). There are already two doctors who have got this doctorate. And there are about 7 doctors who are working it out in England. Because it requires no money, no medicine, nothing where you have to spend so much money as in the hospitals; no operation, you cure yourself, you don’t need a psychoanalyst to make you mad. All funny ideas these psychoanalysts also have. Thank God now Freud is discarded to this extent after AIDS have appeared on the scene. The AIDS have shown the way that he was wrong. But the transformation goes much deeper. A person who says nasty things, hurting things to others, becomes a very sweet and a good fellow. I don’t tell anyone don’t do this or don’t so that, you yourself become you own guidance, you yourself become your own master, and you start doing it on your own. That is the best way of making people do something right. Apart from that a person becomes very much empowered with a new kind of awareness. The first one is where we say is a thoughtless awareness. Where a person is, can go beyond thoughts. Whenever he wants to think he will think, but thoughts cannot invade the person. Like you are standing in the waves, you are frightened of the waves, but you are in a boat you can see the waves, you enjoy them, and whenever you become the master, you can swim in them. So you become absolutely pure of your thoughts. So the thoughts that come to you are of a very pure nature. Your eyes become pure, the lust and greed drops out, you have eyes full of compassion. Such a person, even when he looks at someone, can definitely cure that person. Such a person brings auspiciousness, all goodness to others, he removes all the harmful toxic from the society, and such a person is extremely dynamic, equally compassionate and absolutely fearless. Nothing can touch such a person, or overpower him. No temptations of any kind. Thus you live in a pure joy. You have never known that pure joy before which has no play of ego or of our conditionings, but we just enjoy the another person and another people.

Then the awareness guides us into a state where we become collectively conscious. Like a microcosm becoming the macrocosm. Like we start feeling we are part and parcel of one being – if there’s pain in one hand, if you press it, we don’t feel we are obliging this hand, because it is a part of the whole. Then the question comes: who is the other? Then the enjoyment of the collective starts, enormous wave of joy. Among these people if you find there are people of all nationalities, they are the people of different nations and they have all become one with each other. They are very healthy people, healthy in the society. They are beautiful people, they do not create problems, they solve the problems. This is what we need today: to change the world, to transform human beings. I have seen how India had to struggle to get to their independence. And many countries had to do that. Still you are not fee, because you have your weaknesses. So you have to become strong Spirits which will emit light inside and outside. There are many who have achieved a lot, we do not take any money, we have no organizations; still there are fourteen countries altogether who are slowly transforming themselves. I must say in the whole of Europe Italians are the best suited, they have a very good temperament, they are relaxed people, and there is a wisdom in them. I’m sure as for all the Renaissance and for all the cultural development it was Italy which gave the lead, a day has come where they will also give lead to the whole of Europe, and America, England, in spirituality. They have been the pioneers of all these evolutionary stages, and they are very humble people compared to the rest of them. I appeal to your wisdom, that you please see the point with an open mind and try to understand that you have to become the Spirit. As for Me, I do not want anything from you, just I want to give you the key of your own treasures. It’s alright you awaken the Kundalini, but after some time you have to work it out properly. Within one month’s time you can be masters. As we do not take any money, we have very humble places, we live in very humble places, and you should not bother about those humble places. But as a result of this happening you will definitely feel you have entered into the kingdom of God. You’ll have brothers and sisters all over the world and you will have all the signs and feelings that there is a blessing upon you, the way the problems will be sorted out. You yourself will form your rules and regulations, and you will enjoy your virtues and righteousness.

May God bless you.

Tomorrow I will explain to you in detail about these centers. This not a new knowledge. Only thing what I have done is to work it out through My meditative methods a en masse evolutionary process, and the right time has come.

May God bless you.


We can have some questions, but should not be aggressive questions because as I have told I am not seeking elections.

You better sit on a chair, please. (A written message is brought)

(…) Alright, let’s have it. (1.05.22)