Press Conference

Piacenza (Italy)

1987-10-23 Press Conference Piacenza Italy DP-RAW, 102'
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Press Conference With Shri Mataji, Piacenza, Italy 24-10-1987


Thank you very much. She is going to give the introduction. 

Yogi: unclear() 

She wants to know if there unclear(Tuner is the fest time..) that she care about feminine incarnation and she wants to know unclear(how easily) to know about this type of a feminine incarnation. Because it is important to know all the women. 

Shri Mataji : with all the ? 

Yogi: Women.

Shri Mataji: I didn’t follow this..

Yogini : She is asking about the female incarnation of the..role

Shri Mataji: See you talk of., we talk of the God Almighty as the Father, and Christ as his Son but we don’t talk about the Mother. How can there be a Father and a Son and no Mother? But there is, the Holy Ghost. That’s the Primordial Mother. That time they did not want to talk about the Mother of Christ. Because Christ has a job is to be done that he had to get himself crucified. But if they had known that the mother is also very powerful, they would attack her. And though Christ has forgiven the people who crucified him he would never had forgiven the people who would have attacked his mother. He has eleven powers of destruction. And with anyone of them he could have finished all of them. But there was a special purpose in getting crucified. The message of Christ life is resurrection not crucifixion. Now in these modern times when the world is full of so much turmoil and violence and people are so complicated and disturbed, incarnation of Krishna would not have worked. Because he would have used Sudarshana Chakra and would have killed everyone. Same with SriRama. And Christ would have got himself crucified. You have to have someone who will have patience, love and understanding. Because in modern times human beings are to be redeemed. They have to be resurrected; they have to be transformed. They are to be given the second birth. Then they are to be comfort it. Also, they are to be concealed about it. All these things require tremendous patience and tremendous love. Not that Christ did not love people, he loved them very much. But he would have lost patience. Sometimes people are extremely aggressive and stupid. So, it has to be a Mother who has to be very understanding of her children. And the only desire she should have that Her children should imbibe all Her powers. For this a lady had to be the person in charge. Alright. 

Yogini : She said, is it now the last is the end? Is it unclear(got) that you want to destroy it what he has created?

Shri Mataji: As you must have seen in sixteen chapel, there is a beautiful depiction of these rhymes done by Michael Angelo who was a great sear. Christ is standing at the Agnya chakra here in that whole moment and he is throwing people on this side and that side who are not alright. He doesn’t allow imperfect people to pass through. Now, then they again comedown and see for themselves what is their problem and again ascend. In this ascent they judge themselves through Kundalini awakening by becoming self-realized, by their second birth. Even Mohammed Sahab has described this as the resurrection time he calls it Kaiama. Here he says, at this time your hands will speak against you. They will give witness against you. So, when the Kundalini raises within us and pierces through the Fontanelle bone area, then on your fingertips, you can feel your own defects. You can feel your own problems on your fingertips. In your hand there are five fingers, six and seven centers on the right-hand side in the same way you have in the left-hand side. Same when the left and right both of them meet like this – it’s alright I will show, they meet like this left and right, they form the center here. Now left and right are the sympathetic nervous systems and the central part is the para sympathetic nervous system. Now, when we want to use sympathetic, we can use it. When we want to run fast, we can run fast. But when we stop the para sympathetic brings it to the balance. But we have a limited energy, because of that we get into maladies. When we move to the left too much or to the right go to the extremes then the connection is broken. Thus, we have our physical problems, our mental problems, our emotional problems, also our social problems and material problems all they are due to our bad centers. Now when this Kundalini rises through those centers, She enlightens them. She does it spontaneously as a living process. And, as a result of that you get completely alright. But you develop new awareness. And the new awareness is the awareness which we call as the collective consciousness that you can feel the other people on your fingertips, their problems on your fingertips. Left side problems are emotional problems and the right-side problems are physical and mental. Now if you try to understand the decoding of it, you can yourself become a master. You become a powerful person, very dynamic person, extremely compassionate and humble person. And from your hands the energy flows. You can feel the all-pervading power which is the subtler energy in all the elements. And you can maneuver it and manage it and organize it. And then you feel you have become the part and parcel of the whole. Like a microcosm has becoming a macrocosm. It is not a mental conception and not a theory, its an actualization of your being. It works on your central nervous system. And that is the last breakthrough of your evolution. But those people who still busy with their self-destruction will be according to Christ be destroyed. But before that many should be saved. 

Yogi: she wants to ask you if you can give the unclear(an illustration..)

Shri Mataji: I will, but anyone has had some other question? One or two? Yes of course of course of course. 

Yogi: He asked unclear() that there are many techniques that promise unclear(visualization) he wants to know the sahaja yoga a very speedy way because he is in passion to that. 

Shri Mataji: That’s the thing I have discovered, how to do it in a speedy way. Also, I have discovered how to do it a mass. The knowledge of Kundalini is very ancient in India. But it was done for one or two persons. I do not call it as a judgement time, but I call it as blossom time. Where many have to become fruits. I have to study human beings for quite some time to find out how to do this so quickly a mass. Because if you, do it one chakra after another it becomes very difficult. And if you tell somebody don’t do like this, then they don’t like it in modern times specially. So, the best thing is to put the light in them first of all. Then gradually in that little light they can see their problems and they themselves can cure themselves, themselves can correct themselves. So, I don’t have to say don’t do this don’t do that, I never say that. This is the trick. 

Shri Mataji: Now I better talk. Now you see, we have to understand that anything who gives diamonds and things like that, cannot be Godly. Must understand. You are Christians, you have got Christ before you. I can understand in India where people are poor. They may just madly follow these things. But they don’t because they know is just a temptation. And if you have to buy a diamond you can buy but not God, you can’t buy God in the market. You can’t pay me. You can’t pay for your realization. You may pay any amount I can’t give you I can’t give. So, God doesn’t understand money. It’s a living process like a seed which is put in the mother Earth sprouts by itself. You don’t pay anything to Mother Earth, do you? She doesn’t understand money. She doesn’t understand diamonds. If somebody can give the diamonds like that, why not improve the financial condition of India very easy. But diamonds are only given to rich people who give greater diamonds. But the worst thing I have seen those people who follow him it’s difficult to give them realization to begin with. Same with Rajneesh. But they mostly get heart attacks I have seen. Yes, it is so. I am surprised that in Italy how people cannot judge, because I think Italians are the wisest people in all the European countries. They are the one who gave the Reynoso’s, and they give the art and everything to Europe and despite that they are such humble people. And they should be able to judge a person even mentally, even mentally they should be able to understand what is the truth. Like you have people of very great evolutionary status, but they never did all these tricks. Right from Socrates, you have got Abraham, you have got Moses, you have got Shiridi Sainath, Lao Tzu, Mohammad sahab they never indulge into these things. I am not a guru, but I am your Mother. And I have to tell you the truth. 

Those who are not sahaja yogis can come and sit here you see. Those are not sahaja yogis, those are new at the back, could come and sit here. Those who are not sahaja yogis can come and sit here and this can be moved a little bit that side. She is better? Laughing and enjoying. yes please. Takeout your shoes will be good idea.

Why not remove the benches little backward? So that some people can sit here. Little bit. All of them please, you can come here. There is a room here for you. Come along. You can takeout your coat. It takes hardly anytime, about ten minutes at the most and the journey is very small. From the sacrum bone to your fontanelle bone that’s all. Its three to four feet that’s all. But you will have to little bit co-operate with me. This is your own power, this is your own property. I am just giving you the key to your property. And once you are enlightened, you can also give realization to others. Now those who don’t want to do it, cannot be forced. So, they can leave the hall. Because when others are meditating its not civil to unclear(squash/swash) them. 

Now what you have to understand that the left hand is the power of desire with in you. And the Kundalini is the pure desire with in you. Because all other desires are never satiable in general. But Kundalin’s desire is to be one with the divine. And once you get that, you are absolutely a satisfied person. Now, you have to put your left hand towards me like this. Comfortably on your lap. All of you should be comfortable. Not to sit very straight like that not to bend but straight comfortably. Now, left hand towards me and the right hand is for your action. Which we have to use to help our chakras to open out. Also, by that you will know how to again and again raise your Kundalini. Now, your left hand towards me and the right hand first goes on the heart. On the heart. The hand should be like this. And the right hand on the heart, you can put it here like this inside your coat. Now, here resides your spirit. Spirit is the reflection of God almighty within you. And the Kundalini is the reflection of the holy ghost that is the primordial mother. The seat of the spirit is on top of your head. So, when the Kundalini rises and pierces through your Fontanelle bone area, she touches that point. As a result of that you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. You also feel cool breeze coming in your hands, coming out of your hand or coming around you. This is the power which you have to use later on to understand yourself and to understand others and help yourself and help others. 

So now you put your hand on your heart then you take your right hand and put it in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. So, we do everything on the left-hand side. In the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side – this is the center of our mastery. When this center opens out then you become the master of yourself and the master of this all-pervading power. Now you put your hand in the lower part of your abdomen on left hand side. Now this is the center by which you become conscious of the Divine laws. And you get pure knowledge in your consciousness. Like I know how to hold this, in the same way you will know how to hold the Kundalini. How to give realization, how to correct your problems, everything that is concerning your spiritual life and also the spiritual life of others. Now, then we come up again the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Then we go higher again on to the heart. Please do it. Please do. Then we go here in the corner of your shoulder and your neck here is very important and turn our head to the right. Now this center we catch when we feel guilty for nothing at all. You should not feel guilty at all. Forget that you have made bad karmas or that you are a sinner, all these things you should forget. You have to enter into the kingdom of God. So, you are to be placed, you should be very pleasantly placed yourselves. You have to forgive yourself and don’t count your mistakes. Alright, now you have to put your hand here on the forehead across. This is the center of Christ of forgiveness. Now you have to put your hand on the backside of your head. And rest your head on top of that. Then you have to stretch your hand fully and push back your fingers. And the center of your hand should be put on the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now push back your fingers and press your scalp and move it clockwise seven times. Move your scalp seven times. This is what we have to do now. Now please close your eyes. You can take out your glasses also it helps your eyesight. And please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Because the attention has to be inside. Now please all of you close your eyes. Put your left hand towards me and both the feet on the ground if you are sitting on chair at parallel. And those sitting on the ground are alright. Now please put your right hand on your heart. Here you have to say, or you have to ask me a very fundamental question for three times. “Mother am I the spirit.” You may call me mother, or you may call me Shri Mataji. “Mother, am I the spirit?” Now put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to ask a second question because this is a center of your mastery. “Mother am I my own master”. Three times please. Now take down your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen and ask a question or I would say you have to ask for the pure knowledge because I cannot force you. So, please say “Mother give me pure knowledge”. Say it six times. As you say this six times, your Kundalini starts getting awakened. Because this center has got six petals. Now to facilitate the moment of the Kundalini in the upper centers, you please put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen. Here now, with full confidence please say ten times. “Mother I am my own master”. Now raise your hand to your heart again. Now here you say to facilitate the moment of the Kundalini in this center with full confidence “Mother I am the spirit”. Please say this twelve times. This is the greatest truth about you, that you are not the body, not the mind, not the ego, not the conditioning but you are the spirit. Now you have to know that the divine is the ocean of love, grace and compassion. But, above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you can not commit any mistakes which the power of forgiveness of the divine cannot forgive. Now please put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. And please turn your head to the right. Here say it sixteen times with full confidence in the forgiveness of the Divine. “Mother I am not guilty at all.” If you still feel very guilty, you can punish yourself by saying it hundred and eight times. You have to be pleasantly placed out yourselves. Now stretch your hand in a way on top of your forehead and press it on both the sides. Here now you have to say from your heart “Mother I forgive everyone”. Some people might think that it is difficult to say that I forgive. But it is a myth whether you forgive, or you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive you play into your wrong hands. Not how many times but from your heart you say, “Mother I forgive everyone”. Now take back your hand and place it behind your head. And push back your head. Putting all the load on your hand. Here for your own satisfaction, you have to say that “O Divine if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me”. But don’t count your mistakes and don’t feel guilty. Now stretch your hand and please place your center of your palm on your fontanelle bone area. It would be better if you bend your head a little. Now you press your scalp and move it ten times clockwise, here again I cannot cross over your freedom, I cannot force self-realization on you. So, you have to say Mother please give me my realization. Say it seven times. It(mike) doesn’t work out.

Please take down your hand please. Please open your eyes slowly. Please put your both left hand and right hand like this. And watch me without thinking. Now put your right hand like this and left hand on top of your head. You may bend your head a little. Now see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now put your left hand towards me and see with your right hand if there is a cool breeze is coming out. Bend your head. Some people get heat coming out. It’s all right. And some people may feel a very cool breeze at a higher level. Now change over, now you put your right hand towards me and please see with the left hand. Now open your eyes please. Put your both the hands in the sky like this, towards the sky like this, and ask a question: “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother is this the Brahma Sakthi, Mother is this the power of God’s Love?” Ask three times. Now bring down your hands please. 

All those who have felt cool breeze out of their heads or in their hands, cool or hot, please raise your hands, both the hands. All of them practically. You didn’t feel? Good? You didn’t feel it? Alright alright, will see you. Good. Some have not felt. All those who have not felt please raise your hands. Good. Now the thing is there are people here, who are sahaja yogis, and who are masters in this art. And they will be off to help you just now. And they do the same thing as you have heard about Christ disciples were using their hands. And also, they speak the language of the chakras – the centers. So those who haven’t felt it, they can be helped by sahaja yogis. There are so many sahaja yogis. Come along. Can you raise your hands? 

Here, come here. She felt it too? What about you madam? No? not sure? Not on the right? Right hand? Alright, those who have felt it and not felt on the right hand can put the right hand towards me and the left hand on the liver like this. Those who have not felt on the right hand can put the right hand towards me like this and left side, no right hand towards me right hand. Ya. All these ladies have not felt it. Hello, these ladies have not felt. These ladies have not felt. One should keep quiet. Germy, could you help these ladies all of them are here. Can you come? Yes, Bill Come along. Are you better? Now sit comfortably, very comfortably. Loosen yourself completely. Now put your left hand here. Yes. Now put your right hand. No no left hand is alright, right hand like this. That the way round madam. You never felt anything? Never? Someone please help here. You felt it? On the right hand? less? Good good good. Got it. Better now? Good. That means your liver is not alright. Now say “Mother come in my liver”. If you are not getting in the right hand, then please say “Mother please come in my liver”. This lady., had she got it? You got it? Good. Ha, better. She is got it now. Nice. Alright? Forgive, must forgive, just forgive, you have to forgive everyone. Unclear(). Alright? Must forgive, you did not forgive that’s why. You just say it. Left to the right. Better. Alright? Just say forgive. Unnecessarily you are carrying the load in your head. What do we do when we don’t forgive? Nothing. Now better? Not yet? Are you alright? Are you alright madam? are you better? Good. Great great great. You? Good. Not yet? You will. Don’t get upset. You will feel very soon. She has got a left Agnya. Give her a bandan on left the Agnya. Watch me here madam. They have got it? You all have got it na? good. Take it easy. Alright, good what about you? Nice? That’s it? Now gone? Now because you are thinking about it. Don’t think, just don’t think watch me here. Don’t think, don’t think, now better? See na, don’t think. You got it now. Enjoy. You got it too. Good, now is she better? Take out the spectacles, just take out the spectacles. Put both the hands. Put both the hands. Ask her to ask the question about the Holy Ghost in her ears. Good? Ask. In your heart. Alright? Feeling it now? Little bit. That’s the answer, now let us say, you are. It will be established. Alright? You be in a catholic before? You are not guilty now, anymore. Better now. Working out. Don’t feel guilty. They have got? She is got it? This lady? No? put her in the Vishuddhi, left Vishuddhi, she has left Vishuddhi. Tell her to say, “I am not guilty”. You got it. Alright? No? Alright. Now you started thinking. Don’t think. Don’t think. You can’t think about it. It’s just beyond thinking. You watch me without thinking. She did the same. unclear() Left Agnya. Good. Now put your hand. Better? Are you alright now? She is still very guilty she feels for nothing at all. Very depressed and guilty. Now what’s it? No? now don’t think, don’t think. Say “come in my head Mother”. Say. “Please come in my head, Mother please come in my head”. You may also say “Please come in my hands” I am at your service. Working out. Better better. Better? Don’t be afraid it won’t go away. Alright? good good good. You feeling what? What is she feeling just tell me.

Yogi: She feels like a tingling.

Shri Mataji: Tingling tingling tingling? You are not well? Is she alright in health? You keep your hands, it will clear out. Put the left hand like this first of all. Left left left, like this. No? good. You too good. Now better. Better? Are you feeling anything? She is not well. She is not well at all. Can you go at her back? Hello unclear(Hossain/Hussey), you both go behind her. She is catching on the, ask her about her guru or something, she is catching on her void completely. 

Yogi: May years of yoga. 

Shri Mataji: what yoga? Hata yoga? Alright, ask her to put the both hands and ask the question unclear(on her too). Hot hot. Hata yoga, Ashtanga yoga should be done after Kundalini awakening not before that. There is not discretion otherwise. Because unless and until the Kundalini raises, you dot know where is the problem. So, you might be doing Hata yoga of your throat while you have got stomach trouble. 

Should go away. It will go away. Coming coming up. It will come up. She is not well. This is what indiscriminate. Heart heart, on the heart give her a bandan. Also, she should say “I am the part and parcel of the whole” in the Vishuddhi. Better now better. Heart is alright. 

So, thank you very much.

And also, you should give them one pamphlet of Kundalini. And where is the center also. 

Yogini: …You make, you make everything good. 

Shri Mataji: It should be good for everyone. That’s what I want. I desire.

Ok. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy.

Unclear(what? you have been doing lot of Hata yoga?) What did you do? You are dancer? Too much physical exemption. Unclear() imbalance. 

Hope to see you again. Hope to see him again, unclear(you should come to our centers)

Interviewer asks three questions. Unclear()

Shri Mataji: Now, first will take the last one. Even children can do it. Realized children can do it. They are the best. 

Interviewer: What Mahatma Gandhi taught you? – The teaching of Gandhi.

Shri Mataji: You see that time we were not independent country. And the main thing was at that time unclear(how to get our freedom). 

Now the second question she asked me about is it dangerous? It is not at all dangerous. But you should be authorized by God. You should have a realization. 

Now the first question is – Is it dangerous to declare for woman as an incarnation? It is not dangerous, but you see it is dangerous for everyone. Christ said the right thing, that he was a Son of God, no doubt. But they crucified him see. I am very wise you see. I don’t want to say anything, you better find out yourself. 

Interviewer: Is it dangerous to the children or for the people to awaken the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Not at all, children do it much better. They are the best. But they have to be realized souls. There are many children who are born realized now a days.

Interviewer: sixty percent of the people here, they got the realization, how much do you think that they have been influenced or not? Those people.

Shri Mataji: I think they all have got the awakening of the Kundalini. But now they have to respect their self-realization. And they have to attend the center. Find out about it and then master it. 

Shri Mataji: Now, see, It’s dangerous for anyone to say that he is an incarnation except for the fake people. But the real people its very dangerous. Because when people know they are incarnations, they attack them, and they have killed so many real incarnations before. So, I am rather wise and tactful. I don’t want to say anything about myself. You better find out yourself after realization, you will know what I am.

Yogini: The teaching of Gandhi, what he left to you? Gandhi?

Shri Mataji: Yes, Mahatma Gandhi, when he came on this Earth, he had a big problem because we were the slaves of the British and at that time we have to fight for our freedom. That was our big problem. As you have to cross, supposing there is a river and you have to cross it, then that’s the main problem. But once you become independent, when you become free, then you start thinking of your spirituality and he was a very spiritual himself and I was a little child when he was there. But he consulted me on many things, spiritual specially. He used to call me as Nepali because I had high cheekbones. 

Interviewer: As a great Mother, is there something we don’t know that you know that you want to tell us? Some advice to us?

Shri Mataji: The advice is now we have to find out our absolute being. Because we are living in a relative world. But that’s why there is a problem. Nobody knows what is right, what is wrong, but the absolute is within us, all the knowledge is within us. That is what is what you should find and establish.

Thank you. 


Look after your realization 

So, should we go now? Thank you very much for the nice music.

You are a seeker from so many days. Now you look after your realization. 

You understand, same with her, she is another seeker. Look after your realization.