Diwali Puja: Power of Innocence, Meaning of Nine of The Lakshmis

Lecco (Italy)

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Diwali Puja, “Power of Innocence”. Lecco (Italy), 25 October 1987.

First – we bow to Shri Ganesha because Shri Ganesha is the source of innocence within us. So actually we bow to innocence within us. And this innocence is the one [that] gives you the enlightenment. As I told you yesterday the light has innocence, but this is innocent without knowledge. But your light is innocent with knowledge. We always think that the people who have got knowledge can never be innocent, can never be simple. And the idea we have got about innocence is that an innocent person is always deceived, can be befooled – and can be always taken for granted. But innocence is a power; it is a power which protects you, which gives you light of knowledge.

Knowledge that we have in the worldly sense is how to exploit others, how to cheat others, how to make money out of them, how to make fun of others, how to look down upon others. But the light of innocence is the light by which you know that love is the highest thing. And it teaches you how to love others, how to care for others, how to be gentle about others. It also gives you the light within.

It’s just the other way round of this Avidya that we have in this world. Just the other way round.

The Avidya outside teaches us competition, how to put the other person down. Because it has fear, it is insecured. This knowledge is not secured – at all. If it had security it would not have behaved like this. But the light of innocence knows everything. It has no fear. When we say ‘children are innocent’ we mean to say that they have that power of innocence. Many times people have noticed if a child falls from a hddeight, it doesn’t die; while a young man may die with a much smaller height. And the child is not afraid while falling; he just enjoys, as if there is a parachute coming down, nicely. And then when he falls down, also he just gets up, laughs, smiles at everyone. He doesn’t understand why everybody is worried. Because in that innocence he knows that he’s looked after, he’s protected. He knows that there is a power, which is much higher than him and he does not have to worry.

Then we start putting ideas into the head of the child, and that is how he starts losing his power of innocence and he becomes a coward, he becomes a cunning fellow, he becomes an unrighteous personality. But still we would say that the innocence of children is [the] innocence of ignorance, in a way, because they do not know the dangers of life. But the light of innocence knows all the dangers, and also knows how to get rid of it, also knows how to be away from such a person.

There was a wise man, who was going on a staircase, and there was a stupid man coming from the other side – foolish man. So foolish people are always aggressive, that is one of the signs, because they have inferiority complex. So the foolish man says to the man who was coming up, he says – [because] one had to move on one side – so he says, “I don’t move for fools!” The foolish one says. So the wise man says, “I do,” and he moved. (Laughter)  That’s how the light of innocence tells you how far to go with a person, how far to talk to a person, how far to indulge in another person’s personality or his problems; otherwise he recedes. He understands that this gentleman is a stupid fool so “I move for a fool like that.” He doesn’t pay attention to such a person, he doesn’t bother about such a person.

This is the light of innocence which gives you discrimination. How far to go with others. I love a person, there are many, “I love him”. Alright! The another person may kick you, may hit you, may trouble you, may become absolutely horribly possessed, but still you are just mad in love with that person, without any self-respect. This comes because there is no…you may be innocent, in a way, in a worldly manner, but you are not enlightened and innocent. When you are enlightened and innocent then your innocence is a power, which gives you, first thing, is discretion.

Supposing you take a light in your hand – now you know whether it is a snake or a rope, but if there is no light in your hand, you cannot see. But even, supposing it’s a snake, you might run away, or if you are a stupid fool, you’ll say, “Alright, come and bite me. I would like to see, how it works.” (Child laughs. Laughter) But if you are an enlightened person, then you will tell the snake, “Now, let me be alone. Alright? Bye-bye.” (Laughter) And the snake will know and it will go away. Or if the snake is a sinister one, you may just look at the snake and snake might run off.

So this power of innocence is a very, very important thing, and that comes to us through our enlightenment alone. So we are, say, in a state which is ignorant and innocent – innocent and ignorant. Then people are no more innocent nor ignorant, but they are not enlightened – they become cunning! If they don’t have both the qualities – they are neither ignorant, so-called, they have got knowledge, they are good at everything, they are well known people, for their intelligence, brilliance, everything – so they are knowledgeable, so-called. So such people we could call as the people who have got the knowledge, in the worldly sense, but they have no innocence.

So they start devising methods, the innocence which is there, which puts a little control over such a mind, is lost. Because they think innocence is stupid, you know? They don’t respect their innocence. So they start manoeuvring people, doing violent things, doing harmful things, saying nasty, sarcastic things. All these things the brain starts working, because it cannot get back to its innocence. So we don’t like such people later on, we don’t want them. Then they develop ideas that, “We are higher people, we are chosen people, we are better people,” then – they develop all these ideas. Then they, all of them club together.

So ignorance is added as a so-called knowledge, you see. Inside is completely ignorance, outside is knowledge. And added up – added up like that, they do not want to seek their inside. And they are satisfied with their outside, so-called knowledge. And they go ahead with it, and once they break their heads, then they realise, “Oh God, what was it? Inside is all darkness.”

We cannot live with all the windows closed hermetically and the sun shining outside. We have to have light inside, to see for ourselves, what are we, what are our powers, how far we can go, how we are working out ourselves, our lives, our aims?

Now the enlightenment, as the enlightenment you see here is of these lights, is manifested within you as vibrations, as chaitanya, as light. So the chaitanya itself is the light. But the difference between this light and that light is such that this one will only tell you as far as your eyes are concerned. It will tell you that it is a stone, or it is a wood, or it is a house, or it is a face of a man – anything, this light, but it won’t be able to tell you whether this person is good or bad, whether this house is vibrated or not, is auspicious or not. So it doesn’t give you auspiciousness, the idea of auspiciousness. So we are talking of Ganesha’s innocence, which gives us sense of auspiciousness, and ourselves also makes us auspicious.

This is how the chaitanya itself is enlightenment, chaitanya itself is enlightenment. It relates to you all the knowledge which it has. Now imagine what a micro-arrangement it is that the chaitanyas, which are small, small like, we can say, little round valayas, small, small ones. They have intelligence in them, and discretion built-in them to tell you whether a person is good or bad.

You have got it, Sahaja Yoga, so in a simple way. So we have not bothered to find out, what your computer has got. It has got the knowledge now to know, not only if the person is good or bad, but what troubles that person has got. Now this light can go up to one dimension of a person, how he looks, how he walks, everything. And you, if you start imagining something, if you start imagining – and saying that, “I feel this way, I think this way.”

(somebody interrupts Mother’s talk)

Shri Mataji:  not all right?

Yogini: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Ha?

Yogini: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: You can’t hear me?

Many yogis: Yes. Upstairs only in the baby school.

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Akbar: There is a video for the mothers with the children, and they can’t hear You. It is upstairs.

Shri Mataji: I didn’t hear, what is it?

Antonio Scialo: There is a children-room upstairs, for children, with a video for children and mothers. But they cannot hear it.

Shri Mataji: Oh I see, but the children are here?

Yogis: Babies, babies; mothers and babies.

Shri Mataji: Oh God. Somebody has to go up and fix it up, isn’t it? I think you should have tested it before, isn’t it? Alright.

So, the chaitanya that is within us, which is flowing out, which we are receiving from all over, is all-pervading, is in every molecule pulsating: which gives us knowledge about each and every matter, each and every animal, each and every human being, and each and every Deity. Without this light you could not have recognised Me. You could not have recognised any Deities. You could not have known your position in life and your aims in life. You would not have known what is your purpose of life, why are you here.

Are you here just to make some money, put some in the insurance, some in the shares? Of course, now nobody will do that! (The stock markets crashed on Monday 19 October 1987 the week of this puja) (Laughter) And get some house, and dance on the fingers of your wife, or the wife has to dance as the dictates of the husband, to bring up children somehow – are you here for that? This chaitanya tells you, very clearly, “No.” Because if you get more involved into these things and become completely cut-off from the collective happenings, then this light goes off. As soon as this light gets disconnected, you can’t have any light.

So, any connection, whatever you have, with the vibrations has to be very strong, and has to be absolutely intact and steady. For example, if there is a light which is not steady, which is moving, you can’t understand things properly. Though the vibrations know everything, but how will they communicate this to an instrument which is not perfect, which does not respect vibrations, which does not communicate with the vibrations?

Please take the child out. Don’t try to push the – no, no, no, don’t do that. No, no, don’t. You should not lose temper with children, you know? They are crying, they must be wanting something.

So, this knowledgeable instrument that you have got is to be all the time flowing through you, and you have to be a very clean apparatus. Supposing you have this light, and the glass is not clean – you won’t get light properly. So the purity has to be established, and that is the part, where Ganesha is so important, because He cleanses you, He washes you and you become innocent: because you do not plan or think of harming anyone, who is a good person, who is a nice person.

It becomes innocence because it is auspicious. You start becoming auspicious. Wherever you go, and [if] you meet somebody that person feels, “Oh God, today something good has happened in our family. Something good has come out.”

Now recently I met someone in Germany where there was a ‘sahaja yogi’ who started talking against me and Sahaja Yoga. And he got out of the Ashram, and then he went to somebody who was supposed to be a sahaja yogi, and his wife, and there he started telling about his woes and,  against Sahaja Yoga and all those things. Though he has been always a possessed man, but still: these people should not have listened to anything against Me.  In the shastras is written, that: to hear the Guru-ninda, anything against your Guru, is absolutely dangerous. So anybody says anything against your Guru, you have to put your hands like that, “I don’t want to hear anything against my Guru!” Instead of that they sympathised. So the lady has got a serious type of cancer, and the husband is also very sick.

Now, one has to understand that if you are going to cross this ocean in a boat – all of us are there – and [if] one wants to put one foot into the mouth of a crocodile, how can we save such people? Then it’s better that they should go to the crocodile than to the boat. But those who try to sympathise and put another foot in the crocodile, then they have to be in trouble.

All these things not only hamper but are so inauspicious and dangerous that you all have to be extremely careful about it. You need not tell people that, “You are evil! You are bad!”, or anything – but just “Get out of Sahaja Yoga!” Have nothing to do with them. You should say, “We are sorry. We can’t to anything about it. You do what you like. It’s not our responsibility.” And there you should not be meek, you should not feel embarrassed or delicate about it. Tell them off, “Nothing doing. We cannot help you here, we are sorry, you work it out yourself.”

Because this light is a light which nourishes you and strengthens you. The light of the Spirit must give you that strength within you. You become a strong personality. You become a personality which can withstand lots of things, even crucifixion, but it can also fight. It has all the qualities built within itself. Like a person who has a temper. No! It’s not a very good person to be, with temper. It’s not good for a Sahaja Yogi to have temper. But if somebody says something to you against your Mother, you have to have temper. That’s the place we have to use temper. You can box that person, doesn’t matter. (Laughter) Ganesha will be just standing behind you. (Laughter) And Hanumana will be in front. (Laughter) If you box him once, Hanumana will box him ten times. (Laughter) So that time the anger has meaning.

Now, people say, one should not have greed in life. Yes, one should not have greed, but if you have got greed for vibrations it’s a very good thing. You should be very greedy about vibrations. Wherever you get vibrations, you must rush and try to get more vibrations. Greed is alright, you should have that greed within yourself. If you don’t have that greed, how will you be able to overcome the other attractions?

It is very surprising, I always wonder about human beings – which I’ve never been able to understand myself. (Laughter) That, when it comes to hatred they are the best! If they want to hate someone then you can make them sacrifice everything that they have. Under the name of God, under the name of nation, under the name of anything whatever you want. You just have to say that, “We have to hate someone.” Immediately they’ll gather around, they’ll pass trough all kinds of ordeals, sacrifice everything, go to jails, they will kill themselves, commit suicides – just if you tell them, “We hate someone.” Or else you have to say that, “We are a great nation,  something very big and, these are bad nations – so we have to fight.” They will do.

It is very surprising that, even when it comes to political revolutions and for their political freedom, they can go to any limit of sacrifices. The other day I was watching Lenin’s fight. I was amazed! This single man Lenin, who was always in the exile used to only write, “We have to fight, we have to get this, we have to do that.” Though he was a realised soul, but still he didn’t write about spirituality, he wrote about political struggle, and three times there was an upsurge and thousands and thousands of people you find in every place being killed – just like that. It is very surprising.

Now, don’t fan, you see, while I am talking you should not fan, you know, it disturbs. Pay full attention; pay full attention, is important. Because if you do not pay attention, others will look at you, and their attention will be spoiled.

Now this one was so dedicated, even little children and wives and pregnant women and so many men were killed in a lot like that. Again they rose, again they rose three times, and the fourth time they were successful. For what? For a political achievement.

We did that in India, too. People gave up everything that they have, their houses, families – everything they gave up. Even for fake gurus people have spent so much money, they have done so much, given up everything, sold their houses, put their children into trouble, got into trouble – everything they did. But for the right thing, the wisest thing, the only great thing that has to happen is Sahaja Yoga – where comfort is pouring on us all the time, where all kinds of joy is pouring on us, where everything is being smoothed out for you – people become so fond of comfort, and this and that, that the slightest sacrifice they can’t understand.

They’ll come with problems about their wives, about their children, about their husbands – everything solved. Now this goes on and on and on and on. Solve them! Finish them off! Cut them short! You have to spread Sahaja Yoga! You have to sacrifice some time, you have to sacrifice some money also. Who is going to work it out? Nobody is going to kill you, as people were killed in Russia, or in Germany, or in Poland. Nobody is going to take away your children or to take away your money, or anything – no one wants it.

But this light in your hand has to be burnt with the true desire, the pure desire within you, is the Kundalini. That is the wick, that is the one has to be kept absolutely nourished. And that is where sahaja yogis fail.

People don’t want to leave Sahaja Yoga. Even if you tell them, “Please go away, we can’t help!” – “No, no, no, I cannot leave Sahaja Yoga.” – “Why?” Because  is a place of enjoyment. But it would be something different from human beings, because human beings, if a human being gets a bottle of wine he’ll call ten more to enjoy it. If a dog gets something to eat he’ll call other dogs to eat it. If a crow gets something to eat he’ll call other crows to eat it. Naturally built within them. Same with human beings.  But when it comes to Sahaja Yoga we are not that tenacious about it. We have to tell all our relations, “We are Sahaja Yogis, and this is the religion of within, and this is what it is – if you don’t want to follow I have nothing to do with you. Why don’t you follow it?” Everybody has got relations.

So on a Diwali day, when we were talking about our light, what are we going to do with this light? Are we going to use it only for our own purpose? Christ has said, you don’t put the light under a – what you call it? – measure. You don’t put it under a measure. You put it on a table. We all have to come out in the public, we have to find out ways and methods. It’s not only the leaders, everybody has to work it out what we can do to spread Sahaja Yoga. In every place you go: how can we give Sahaja Yoga? Of course I don’t want you to change your dresses – but you can carry big badges. People will ask you. You should say, “Yes, this is the person who has given us peace, joy and happiness.” Start talking like that, go to the markets, go to public places.

I go to market just to spread vibrations – you all have to do that, otherwise you will have the Sahaja Yoga enjoyment to yourself , but unless and until you share it you are not going to enjoy it fully. Look at Me. I have all the vibrations of the world. (Laughter) I have everything, I should be such a self-contented person, sitting at home – in meditation. (Laughter) At this age, why should I travel after all? (Laughter) I am the Adi Shakti – why should I worry of making everybody such a powerful shakti people? There’s no need. I should enjoy my powers, I can, but I cannot.

I have to work hard. I give the maximum time to Sahaja Yoga, than any one of you can give. I have a family, I have got my husband. He has a life which is very, very busy life. I’ve got grandchildren. I give the maximum time. Now see, from here to Rome, then to France, then to Spain. You all are having just a relay race. Alright, I am here – Italians are having a little strain. Then they will relax! “Now alright…” (Laughter) Then, what do I do? All the year round I am going from places to places…travelling. And when I have everything. Can you think of a rich man who is busy distributing all the wealth he has, while the others take time to take it? That is what it is.

So I have to tell you that you have to come in a new dimension of your enthusiasm. Sahaja Yoga is not for our enjoyment alone. “We are saints,” so what! For what? For what you are made saints? It’s not that the men should only do, or women should do, or this one should do, or that one should do. Don’t get involved into these temptations. There are thirteen temptations, which came out of the churning. The fourteenth one was a big hunter to neutralise all the thirteen.

Not that Sahaja Yoga wants to tempt anyone, but they become temptations because they are blessings to you, and blessings you start using as temptations. Now, for anybody, to have such a temptation would be more like a horse, which has to go to the south or to the north, is standing and eating the grass. You have to move, movement is the point, you have to move from places to places, you have to go from villages to villages, you have to go from houses to houses. This message has to spread.

Christ’s twelve disciples only – how much religion they have created? Of course, it’s of no use, but still! You are going to give something so substantial and so great. But when you tell them, then the way you tell them is important. The way you assert is important. I don’t mind from today – you can tell them what I am. Doesn’t matter. How long are we going to hide it? You better tell them that, “She is such and such, it’s written in the Bible, She is such and such – we have found it. If you don’t want to see it, don’t see it – but it is so.”

Let’s have that determination and let’s have that kind of a outspokenness. Look at these horrible politicians. They say, “I believe that there should be some people who should be rich, the rest should be poor. I believe. I believe in this and I believe in that.” What about you? You do not only believe, but you know for definite! And that’s what should be decided on a Diwali day that by next Diwali we have to get many, many people for Sahaja Yoga.

But when I speak, many people told me that they think I am not speaking to them [but] to somebody else. You should see to the people who are working harder than you for Sahaja Yoga; who are involved more in Sahaja Yoga; those who are achieving more in Sahaja Yoga – not the people who have done nothing. You can see Me.

What are we doing? You should think about it. Where are we? This is the most important period. At the most, in Europe, I will be for five years more, at the most. Do you think I’ll be travelling after seventy years of age? No. So this is such an important time when I am here, then I could meet people, I could talk to them, I can help you a lot. In these five years you have to achieve something. And you have to take a jump and give a speed to yourself. Otherwise this is a very important time, will be lost by all your fellow men.

Like the other day we had program. I’ll tell you a practical side: now what, I would do [is] take the addresses of all the people who got realisation, take it down, write to them, go and see them, meet them. [Find out] what has happened, why didn’t they come.

Then make a statement, why people didn’t come, what happened, why is he not coming. Write to them all the time. See you’ll be surprised if you take one copy of ‘Reader’s Digest’ (Magazine), only once – make a mistake. (Laughter) – they go on sending you so many types of things, you know? (Laughter) You will get this present, you’ll get – this is a car free for you, this thing for you. Who wants it? But they go on sending. I have written to them, “Don’t send me anything. I don’t want any car – nothing. You just send me Reader’s Digest, thank you very much. I’m not a lucky person. Please don’t send.” Still they are sending! (Laughter & applause)

In this way you must write to them all the time, “Why are you not coming to Mother? Why you are not coming to Sahaja Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is so important, it has given me so much, why don’t you want to have it?” You must show that earnestness within you. And if you do not show that earnestness – take it in a mundane way, “Alright, it’s going well, this, that, is good, alright, this is improving, that is.” That’s not the way you are going to work it out!

Once I go to India I know in India it will take no time. India will work out very fast. And you have to book your seats in the heaven, that’s very important. I mean, even for an aeroplane you have to book a seat; then what about heaven? (Laughter) And so many have to book the seats. If all Indians are sitting there, what will you do? (Laughter)

So with this joy, with this happiness, with this light on our face, with this beauty of enlightenment you are all gurus. Imagine, these useless [false] gurus know nothing, their Kundalini is not awakened, nothing of that kind – and how much they have built up their empires after empires. I don’t say that you build up empires, no, not that way, but why not build up at least a hut to show that you have achieved something and it has to be done.

Talk to everyone in your office, in your this thing,  not to feel shy. I have seen people put up these horrible peoples’ photographs everywhere. In their office you go, you find them; in the buses you find them; everywhere they are hanging. Why not my photograph? So the curiosity is there, people will ask you, you tell them – it will work out.

The best thing is working out in Italy, surprisingly. And it will go ahead, because we found some very good people and you should try to find out. Such people who are around – get after them and work it out. But don’t go to wrong people, must use your discretion. You know how these [false] gurus work – is very important.  my brother was telling me that a lady from this Muktananda – now the Muktananda is not there, there is another American girl, American-styled Indian girl. So, this Muktananda lady (disciple), one English lady came to his house, my brother’s house – and she was very sweet, “I want to see you, Sir,” – this, that. And she saw my photograph. So she said, “What is this Mataji doing here?” He said, “Why? She is my sister.” She just bundled up everything and ran away. So my brother called her, “Please, come along, sit down, sit down. What do you do?” She said, “No Sir, we see – we always go and meet all the important people of the city, talk to them about it.” He said, “Yes.” And all the judges’ names were on the list. Immediately my brother took the telephone and told them, “Have nothing to do with this woman!”

But this is what it is. You should find out how to approach people. When I am there, there are – say – 200 people. When I go away, there are only 2 people. Why? What is the matter? Why they go away? There must be some reason. They don’t know Me. At least get their addresses. Find out who are these people. There’s no harm in getting their addresses and finding out who they are. Then put them on the list and go on sending letters to them, if not so much like Reader’s Digest, but something.  When you will start sending letters to them, you will be entered into their ignorance. The light will go in. Through your movement, your attention, the light will go. You don’t know your attention, how powerful it is. Once you start paying attention to them, the light will pass through them. If not today, tomorrow they’ll come round. You can also send my photograph, “Try on the photograph, this is the photograph, you came to the program, we are very happy.” Now if the follow-on doesn’t work out, try this thing.

And that’s the best way you can achieve sometimes, but it is for you to think and understand – because you are human beings and you know human beings. You just put yourself in the position of another person – what would have appealed to you?

There’s another thing I feel that people should write books about Me. There’s no harm. But about me, write the book about me. But some people, who have a name, who have in the society some name, who will be taken up seriously – they can write a book about Me. They write books about everyone, why can’t you write a book about Me? Not about, you can write about Sahaja Yoga in it – of course, but you can write about Me. Telling people of such and such person is there, and this is the solution, this is the hope. Why not? They write about all these horrible gurus, why can’t you write about Me? But the person has to be a well known person. Now supposing you write a book, somebody else can publish in his name – if you are a good writer. Somebody else can edit it and publish it. We can do that way. There are so many ways and methods by which you can bring to the notice of the people that this is Sahaja Yoga. How many people know about Sahaja Yoga?

A person comes out of jail, from India, walks out and here it is. Very well known ‘guru’ sitting in some corner of some dirty lane in America somewhere, and is a very well known person. They are all very well known – how?

And it is not always that these things are done through money, they are done through people doing their own deliberation. But these deliberations may be mesmerising, bhootish, I agree. I do understand that you are free people, to do what you like, but in your freedom you have to realise. And this is what today you all have to decide that this is the light we have got, this has to be made into a beacon, not just a light, a tinted light like that; what’s the use?

We have to be like a beautiful tower of light. Like a lighthouse. And everybody should work it out within and without. Within though you have worked out, without you must work now.

And secondly there’s a deepawali, it is not only one light. So we have to be all collective, try to get to collective life. Whenever it is possible, try to attend all that is collective; try to be there, where there is collective happenings. There, where it is collective, this source of energy flows better.

May God bless you all!


Have you got the Ashta Lakshmi Stotra? You got Ashta Lakshmi Stotra, no? You have.


Now, first we’ll do the Ganesha Puja. All right? First we’ll do the Ganesha Puja.


You know Atharva Sheersha? You know that?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Children can wash my feet.

Sahaha Yogi: All the children [come].

Shri Mataji: Come along. Four of you sit down. Four, four, already four. All right. Sit here.

Sahaja Yogis: Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha.

Shri Mataji: Wash my feet.

Now, the second one is the Lakshmi Stotra. Mahalakshmi Stotra you know? Or Ashta Lakshmi?

Sahaja Yogi: [We can sing like yesterday the ten names of Shri Lakshmi.]

Shri Mataji: All right.

Now, before that – unmarried girls, but not too many, now seven only. From Italy.

Sahaja Yogis: Om twameva sakshat Shri Adya Lakshmi sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

Om twameva sakshat Shri Vidya Lakshmi sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

Om twameva sakshat Shri Bhogya Lakshmi sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

Om twameva sakshat Shri [Gruha ?] Lakshmi sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

Shri Amruta Lakshmi, Shri SobhAgnya Lakshmi – namoh namah, Shri Gruha Lakshmi, Shri Raja Lakshmi, Shri Satya Lakshmi – namoh namah.

Shri Amruta Lakshmi, Shri SobhAgnya Lakshmi – namoh namah, Shri Gruha Lakshmi, Shri Raja Lakshmi, Shri Satya Lakshmi – namoh namah.

Shri Mataji: Little bit out of tune they are going. They are going out of tune a little bit – those girls. Let them go in tune, you see. One should not go in. Speak with heart and speak with feelings and should not be out of tune. They are out of tune very much. Do it properly. Now.


Come along. Let’s have it, again.

You must stay in tune, in proper tune, you see. Just without tune, if you go out. You play and then they should sing.


Where are they? Those who are singing? They should be there, you see. That’s why they are not in tune with you. Come here those who are singing. That’s better. That’s the reason.


You must sit with the musician and sing in tune, all right? Not without tune. Otherwise vibrations won’t come.


Vibrations are not flowing. It’s better to sing. Not in tune. Better sing like that. [Inaudible] They don’t know how to sing it.


Who has fixed this? (Shri Mataji laughing)

It’s catching on the Sahasrara.


Make it in the Indian tune.


Now that’s a very not proper way. Let her sing. She knows. Let her sing. You see, the vibrations should not – my Sahasrara is caught up now. Sit down. All of you sit down.

These are mantras, it’s not song – it’s mantras, you see. Are to be said with deliberation and understanding.

[Puja continues]

Sahaja Yogis sing Mahalakshmi Stotram

Shri Mataji: Out of tune they are going. They are going out of tune a little bit. Let them go in tune, you see?

One should not go in…speak with heart, and speak with feelings, and should not be out of tune. They are out of tune, very much. Do it properly. Now. (Speaks in hindi or marathi). Come along. Again. Must stay in tune, in proper tune, you see? Just without tune if you go out, you play and then they should sing.

Where are they? Those who are singing? They should be there, you see, that’s why, they are not in tune with you. Come here, those who are singing. That’s better, that’s the reason. You must sit with the musicians and sing in tune, alright? Not without tune. Thus vibrations will come. Vibrations are not flowing. Is better to sing…not in tune, better sing like that. They don’t know how to sing it. Catching on the Sahasrara. Make it an Indian tune.

So that’s a very not proper way. Let her sing, she knows. Let her sing, she’s steady (?). You see, vibrations could not…my Sahasrara’s caught up. Sit down, all of you sit down.

These are mantras, this is not song, is mantras, you see? Are to be said with deliberations and understanding.

(Shakuntala Kerswell sings Mahalakshmi Stotram.)

You see, how it should be sung, not that like a tiger is running after you. Is a deliberate thing, is mantra, see? Everybody has no right to sing mantras also. Is a thing with deliberations.

Now let us see how they sing, as I don’t want to catch again my Sahasrara. Now which one, what one is they were singing? What is the one they were singing? (Reply: 10 names of Shri Lakshmi.)

Now. Do it slowly, steadily and without hurrying up. And understanding what you are saying. She rides on an elephant, not in an aeroplane.

(Sahaja yogi asks if the song should be sung in one or two parts.)

No, one part. Two parts is not good. That also is wrong. One part. One part and with deliberations, see? Every word should be clear cut. Then these are mantras, see? These are the words which are enlightened, and this is only very few people have this Adhikara, you see – you have, because you are Sahaja yogis – to sing mantras. Now let’s have it. Not in parts, sing it in one.

(Sahaja yogis say mantras for 10 names of Lakshmi)

Good, beautiful, see the vibrations started flowing. And now the meanings you know.

Now, today when we are doing Lakshmi Puja all these are blessings on your chakras which are bestowed upon (you). So it has to be done in such a way that the deities should be happy and you should get all the blessings.

See these are mantras. There’s a difference between a music and the mantra. The mantras act on your chakras and open that part in you and bestow that blessing of that mantra upon you. This is the difference. Alright? So mantras should never be sung with a sweet or just in a very superficial way.  It has to be very deep with feelings and understanding.  Now do you know the meaning of all these Lakshmis? Can you tell them or should I tell them?

Meaning of Nine of The Lakshmis 1h40min

Now do you know the meaning of all these Lakshmis? Can you tell them or should I tell them?

Now first is the Adya Lakshmi. Adya is the one who is The Primordial, Primordial Lakshmi. As I told you about, that She came out of the Sea. So that’s what we call Christ’s Mother was called as Mary, Maria, because She came from Marine. People don’t know why she was called as Mary. my name also is, as you know, is Nira, meaning coming from water.

Then the second one is Vidya Lakshmi. She’s the one who teaches you the technique of handling the Divine Power. Now this is to be understood very well: what is a Lakshmi? Lakshmi is graciousness. So, She teaches you how to use this power with graciousness. Now, this is what is the blessing going to you so that you get the power of Adya Lakshmi by which you become like water. Now what is the water? It has a cleansing power and it shines. Without water we cannot exist. It’s life. So that’s the first blessing for you is that the face shines, with Adya Lakshmi, that you become cleansing and that you can sink all that is material, all that is light can float on you. Now, the Vidya Lakshmi  is the one, as I told you, gives you knowledge, knowledge how to handle the Divine Power graciously. I’ll give you an example. 

I’ve seen many people when they give bandhan, it’s such a crude  way, that..No! It is not to be done! It’s a Lakshmi’s blessing. So, how you do it? Very carefully. You see me, how I give always. I never do that way! I cannot! With respect, with grace. She represents the respect part of it. And that you get, that knowledge, how to do it gracefully.  Everything to be done gracefully, in a manner that looks gracious. See, some people who talk have no grace, some people who give knowledge of Sahaja Yoga also have no grace and they talk in a disgraceful manner. So all the grace,  how to use the knowledge of the Divine, is given by Vidya Lakshmi.

Now Saubhagya Lakshmi. She’s the one who gives you good fortune. Good fortune doesn’t mean money, but  it means: the grace of money. Many people have money but it’s like money on a donkey. You do not find any grace in that person. Or it doesn’t also mean, Saubhagya doesn’t mean only money, it means all the good luck. All the good luck in everything in a very gracious manner, is this. To you the blessings! So that you also are blessed as well as those people who’ll meet you will be blessed, with Saubhagya.

Amruta Lakshmi, Amrut means the one that is the nectar. If you take that you will not die. Means eternity. So She’s the one who gives you the life of eternity.

Gruha Lakshmi. Gruha Lakshmi is the deity of the family, the one who’s the deity of the family.  Now, any housewife need not be Gruha Lakshmi. She can be a shrew, She can be a horrid thing. The deity of the household, if She resides in you, then you are Gruha Lakshmi, otherwise you are not.

Then there is Raja Lakshmi. She is the one who gives grace to the kings. If the kings behave like servants, then they are not called as kings. They have to behave in a dignified manner. The dignity, the majesty of the king comes from the Raja Lakshmi in him. But a Sahaja Yogi need not be trained.  He walks very straight in a very stately manner. In his movements he’s stately, he’s very majestic in handling people. He’s very gracious in doing anything in such a manner that people think, “Oh, here comes a king.”

Satya Lakshmi. That is, that you get the awareness of Truth, but apart from that, the awareness of Truth is there but to put the Truth forward in a gracious manner.  Not to, “Now this is the truth – have it!”- Not like that! You don’t have to hit people with the Truth, you have to put it in a flower and give it to them. That is Satya Lakshmi. Of course, the all Lakshmi tattvas are the parasympathetic powers within us but they are actually expressed in our brain. Brain is the Virata. He’s the Vishnu when He becomes the Virata, the Akbar. So, all his powers, these are specially these powers, are in the brain. So, the brain itself spontaneously behaves in such a manner that people think that this is a special type of a personality.

Then we have got Bhogya Lakshmi by which you know how to enjoy.  A Sahaja Yogi always knows how to enjoy everything. He doesn’t- the Sahaja Yogi is never a worried type, anything he can enjoy. Once, we climbed a very steep place, called Palitana. It was about 6 miles about, like that, as if walking for 6 miles. Climbed up! I reached there. I saw the beautiful carvings. I was not tired at all when I saw the carvings. And I was telling my son-in-law, “See every tail of the elephants is made differently.” He says: “Mother I’m panting here. How can you see the tails of the elephant?” It is because I can enjoy. You should be able to enjoy anything.

Now supposing you see something absurd, ridiculous, then you should laugh and enjoy. “This is a ridiculous thing, you see, is absurd!” But one should not get angry with somebody because somebody is absurd or funny. But should make it enjoyable. So that is the greatest, I think one of the greatest blessings, that She gives you the power to enjoy things. Otherwise, whatever you may try, people don’t enjoy anything because they have become so ego-oriented that nothing goes into their heads.  They have to be tickled here with an electrode!

Yoga Lakshmi. The one who gives you Yoga. That power is within you.  That is the power of Lakshmi within you -means you give others the yoga.  Now when you give the power of yoga to others, I mean when you use your power of yoga, then you don’t behave like a monkey or a donkey or a horse, but you do it with grace, do it in such a manner that it is very gracious.  That is- what you call bhadrata (भद्रता). Ah! In a gentle, dignified, majestic way.  Gentle, dignified, majestic way: three words for one word (in Sanskrit).  So this is what it is.  And now when you have sung it in this manner, this power has been bestowed upon you. Now even if you want you cannot behave indecently.  You are fixed! (laughter)

All right, thank you very much.

So mantras should be said deliberately, with understanding. Like the one you have made one poem…song. In that,  you sing in a proper way.  Never just go on   “Shri –this, Shri that. . Shri… ” No, no, no! It’s like taking  a role call of the Lakshmi’s!!  “Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?”. . .like that.

So now do it in a very deliberate manner and with due respect and graciousness because specially with the Lakshmi’s thing you have to be extremely gracious.  You have to use very gentle words and gentle tunes and gentle notes.


Some Sahaja Yogis of Hebrew background give a candlestick to Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: So everywhere light was regarded as something very important, whether among Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, everywhere light was regarded as something great. That’s a great thing, thank you very much.


The Sahaja Yogis sing a traditional Hebrew song for Shri Mataji.


Sahaja Yogini: Shri Mataji we want to explain the meaning for you.

Shri Mataji: Yes please.

Sahaja Yogini: It’s a traditional song and it says Jerusalem, the golden Jerusalem, made of gold, of copper and of light. Of all the beautiful songs, I am the violin

Shri Mataji: I am the?

Sahaja Yogini: I am the violin, means the instrument. And it symbolises the Jewish festival of lights, when they have it just at this time of year [Diwali]. And it’s to commemorate the eternal flame, which never dies, which has helped them so often. And also to commemorate the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. And we all felt, Shri Mataji, that we should humbly ask you that, for all your children, the temple of our Mother may be built in the real Jerusalem.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Sahaja Yogini: Thank you.

Shri Mataji: But also wish that all the Jews should try to come to Sahaja Yoga.

Because there are so many temples already built, in the name of the Goddess, in the name of all the great Incarnations, so many temples, so many temples. Now, let us have human beings as the temples. More onto that, that is more important. To me it is important that human beings are made into temples, all over the world. And Jews have to come to Sahaja Yoga. And all of them have to sing together the glory of God, that’s the best way a religion has to be.

May God bless you.

Because we belong to a religion, which explains all the religions, which sees to the beauty of all the religions, and makes you religious. And all the people who claim that they are this, they are that, they should be told that: “You are no more that. You have to become a realised-soul.” And once it is pointed out to them, I’m sure, gradually, they will start coming to Sahaja Yoga.

So always wish that all the people whom we know, all the people who are in darkness and in ignorance, they should all come to Sahaja Yoga. That is the greatest wish of mine, and I wish you to have that wish and the temples can take their own time, [laugh] doesn’t matter. The temples should be on top of your heads, that’s a good idea, in the Sahasrara, good idea. [Shri Mataji laughs].

Yes, that’s the most difficult thing: to accept me. To accept Sahasrara means to accept me, it’s very difficult.

So thank you very much.

And we have to thank the people of Milano, specially of us who have organised in such a short time such a beautiful puja. They are remarkably good, you see, I know they work with computers and all that, but the way this is done is something remarkable. And we all are very much thankful to them. And hope next time Diwali puja will be – I don’t know where- [laugh] But wherever it is, we have to have more people, more lights, we need more lights, because darkness is too much. And it can be achieved it’s not so difficult.