Power that comes with your second birth

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

1987-11-02 Power That Comes With Your Second Birth, Paris France DP-RAW, 136'
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Public Program Day 1, Paris (France), 2 November 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, I apologize for being late because you know my plane could not leave London somehow. But that shows that you people have real patience, and you want to know the truth. One has to know that truth is what it is. You can not have a concept about truth. Truth is reality which is beyond human concept and is beyond human endeavour. It exists and manifests itself once you become a subtler being. For example, this tree that we see, these trees, they have their roots. We have the knowledge of the tree. And we have no knowledge of our roots. So to know the knowledge of our roots we have to become subtler personality. The truth is absolute. There can not be two opinions about truth. As you can see, there’s a candle burning, everybody can see it, and know there’s a candle burning. There can not be two opinions about it. When we see that there are many opinions about God, about reality, about philosophies, we get confused. But to know the truth, we have to become a little higher personality than a human being. On human level we live in a relative world. Nothing is absolute. We have many choices and then we start saying, ‘I believe in this, I believe in that.’ But whatever is your belief may not be the truth; may not be reality.

Now the knowledge about the truth and reality has been described by many people. And that description has been mutilated and made into something absurd, because the people who tried to interpret that were not subtle people. Now it is difficult in those days of science to talk of reality, about God, about religion, because the religion that we see is such a hodgepodge, is such a problematic thing, that we can not understand how a person who professes a religion can be such a wrong type of a person. Any religion one may belong to, he is capable of doing all kinds of unrighteous things, irreligious things. He is capable of nasty, evil deeds. That means the religion doesn’t have that strength, within itself, to hold that man, or to put in his bones, in his being, the truth of being good.

But everyone has talked about your rebirth. Whether it was Christ, or Mohammed Saheb, Socrates, Lao Tze, anyone. You are to be born again, then you will know the reality. But it is not some sort of a brand, or some sort of an organization to which you belong and you call yourself, ‘I’m a born-realized.’ This is falsehood, and if you have to be compromising with falsehood, we can not have the beauty and glory of reality. We have to be honest to know the truth and that honesty is as simple as this, to say that, ‘So far I have not known the truth. I have believed into this and that, but I have not known the truth.’

The knowledge of the truth should be, as I said, an absolute knowledge. That is on your central nervous system you must feel the presence of reality. If I put my finger to this candle, I burn it. My central nervous system knows that this is hot. Now if I put before you some statement, you must have an open mind about it. As a scientist, you must have that scientific outlook to see what I’m saying, is it worth the truth or not. Now when I’m putting before you a kind of hypothesis, and if I can prove it, that it is so, you have to believe into it.

I say within you lies this instrument, beautifully placed, during the different processes of your evolution. These centres exist within you and this power which you see in the triangular bone, in the Sacrum, exists within you. This is the power which is going to give you your ascent. This power is called as the Holy Ghost in the bible, as ehsass in Koran, Adi Shakti as in the Indian scriptures. This power resides within you, recording all your past and your desires. This is the power which is going to give you the fourth dimension. This is going to give you your second birth. That is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, the Primordial Mother. We believe in the God Almighty and His Son. How can a father have a son without a Mother? So the third trinity, out of the third one, is the Holy Ghost, is the Primordial Mother. That is the energy reflected within us as Kundalini. In the Sanskrit language it is called as Kundalini because it is made of kundalas, meaning the coils.

Now this knowledge is coming not only from east. It has been there everywhere, only the difference today is that you can awaken this power within yourself. Like a seed, when it is put to Mother Earth, sprouts and the (INAUDIBLE) brings it out of the Mother Earth, in the same way, when your Kundalini is awakened, you come into the new world of absoluteness. This power resides in all of you. Is your own, and the Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty, resides in your heart. When the union takes place, you start feeling the all-pervading power of Love, of Divinity. Then you understand that there is some subtler power all around us, and when this starts flowing within you, you get so many blessings. Automatically you get back your innocence, as a result of the first centre which is awakened.

As a result of the second centre which is awakened within you, you get a tremendous creative power and your creativity becomes a beautiful aesthetical. It doesn’t have grotesque or ugly things in it. It’s a very joyful creation. As a result of the third centre, you become such a satisfied soul, that your family life improves, you get rid of all your bad habits, you get rid of all your troubles of your stomach and you become a beautiful personality.

As a result of the chakra that is above it, the centre, the fifth centre, the fourth centre, is that you develop an emotional balance. You feel completely secured. The diseases like asthma, breast cancer, connected with your lungs and your breasts, get cured. One of the diseases, I should, there are so many which can get cured with this. You become very peaceful and the sense of security in you gives sense of security to others. There are many organizations who say that, ‘We work for peace.’ But the members of that organization have no peace within. I’ve known so many people who have got Nobel Prize for Peace; they have no peace within. Those who talk about peace can not give peace. Peace is a power, like light. And the person who has peace within himself can emit that power and give peace to others.

As a result of the fifth centre, here, you become a witness. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama, as if you have now come out of the water and you are not afraid of the waves, you are sitting in a boat. And you are watching the whole drama, and because you are away from the problems you can solve them. I am telling you everything in short. It is much more, it has many more dimensions. That’s what human being is. He is born as the epitome of evolution.

Now comes the sixth chakra, which is very important. When this sixth chakra is opened out, then you become thoughtlessly aware. Like you see something but you don’t think about it. You see it. Like a still lake which reflects all the surrounding nature into it, all the beauty of the surrounding nature, your stilled mind sees everything that is joy-giving and you just enjoy the joy. For example I see a beautiful work, here, of art. I just see it in thoughtless awareness. I don’t think about it. It doesn’t create thoughts in my mind. So what do I see? The creation of art. I do not think about it. The joy that made this, of an artist, is vibrating in me. But supposing I think about it, then I start thinking how much it must have cost, where can I get it, what must be the colour, is it a fast colour or not. And supposing it belongs to me and I believe that it belongs to me. Then I start thinking, ‘Oh God, it will be all spoiled here. Have I insured it or not? (Translator: Pardon?) Have I insured it or not? Something may go wrong with it. It’s a headache, the idea of possession itself is a headache. We should know that possession itself is a myth, and that myth is broken once this chakra is opened out.

But this has even another very important function to do. This chakra lies between the pituitary and the pineal body; lies on the cross of the optic chasma. So by that, once this is enlightened, our ego is sucked in, as here you can see the ego on the left-hand side move from the right-hand side. Human beings only believe that they do something. Animals don’t believe that. They are completely under the control of God. If a tiger has to kill a cow, he kills a cow, he doesn’t sit down and weep that ‘I have committed a sin.’ It is only the human beings start thinking that I have done, ‘This is wrong, that is wrong, I have done this is good, this is bad…’ Actually what do we do? If some matter is dead, say some tree is dead and we make this panel and we think, ‘Oh, we have made a beautiful panel.’ From dead to dead! Have we done any living work? Not so far, but after realization you do it because you do not do any more you think. You start speaking in third person, speaking in third person, and this so-called ego which gives you ideas that you have done this karmas, that karmas, itself gets sucked in.

Now there is another side to it, is the conditioning which we have had. First time when I came to Paris, they told Me, ‘Mother you are so joyous, and French are not going to like You. You have to look very miserable, otherwise they are not going to believe You.’ I then addressed them as ‘Les Miserables’ (Mother laughs, audience laughs). You see, at that time, now the time is better, every fourth lamp post they had a pub, and every seventh lamp post there was a bad woman standing there. (Translator is confused…Mother clarifies:) Fourth lamp, you see there was a pub, pub means where there, yes, and the seventh lamppost a bad woman was standing there. Prostitute.

Now if you ask a bullock to come and hit you, and then say you are miserable, then what are you to say? Then they told me that they believe in miseries, that we have to suffer, otherwise we cannot be spiritual. This is absurd. He said that Christ has suffered for you, for your sins. He resides in that centre. Can we suffer more than He has suffered for us? Has he left anything for us, that we should finish his suffering? Are we here to complete His job? Are we capable to do that? He has done it for you. Once for all. You don’t have to suffer. I have seen it in Vatican, in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo could see it so clearly because he was a realized soul. He has put the whole thing as the Last Judgement, and there is Christ standing, like a great man, throwing people here and there. He doesn’t look a miserable creature there. He’s such a healthy, hefty personality, but on the table down below you see a skeleton, kept as Christ. Can you carry the cross with that skeleton body of yours? Is absurd. How can we think of sufferings when we talk of God? He is God Almighty, He’s our Father, He loves us so much. Which father would like his children to suffer? Is a wrong idea.

So we don’t have to suffer or do anything of the kind, we are perfectly alright. And we don’t have to confess of anything and feel guilty about it. After all you are human beings, you are not God, you can commit mistakes. So what does it matter? Sometimes you have to commit mistakes as human beings. But the Divine is the Ocean of Forgiveness, Ocean of Forgiveness. The drop of your mistakes can be easily dissolved by Him. I have come here to give you the message of joy and your glory, because that’s your right to have it as a human being. The whole creation came into being and you were created out of that, not to be miserable. But for that you have to become a realized soul. On one side your conditioning also drops out and that’s how on both the sides you find the both the sides, these balloon-like things, like your conditioning and your ego; both of them are sucked in and this portion opens out here in the fontanelle bone area.

Now, this Kundalini pierces through and you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. This is the actualisation of baptism. It’s not some sort of an artificial one, that you put some water, and you say ‘Now you are baptized.’ What is the difference between a person who is so-called baptized and who is not baptized? Both are capable of any evil things. This baptism can not stop. In India they put a thread and say, ‘You are now realized, you are a Brahmin. Brahmin means the one who has known the Brahma, the All-Pervading Power. The Brahmin is called as the Druijaha meaning the twice-born, and the bird is also called as the Druijaha, meaning first its an egg, then it becomes a bird.

Transformation takes place. He becomes powerful bird which can fly. The complete freedom and discretion. What is the transformation that takes place out of these rituals? But you get absolutely transformed. You enjoy your virtues, enjoy your righteousness, you enjoy the generosity that you have, and you enjoy the stupid play of the stupid around.

The last is to pierce the Kundalini through your Sahasrara, this point, which we call as the one thousand-petalled brain. This knowledge is your own. But what’s the use of talking about the history of electricity, and all the power from where it comes organization. Better is to just put on the switch because it is already built-in. Is all built-in within you, is your own. The Spirit though is reflected in the heart, the seat of the Spirit is here, on top of the fontanelle bone.

So when you get your realization, you become a transformed personality. It’s a living process of a living power and you can not pay for living things. For example, how much do we pay to the Mother Earth for sprouting a seed? She doesn’t even understand money. Money is the headache of human beings, not of the Mother Earth, and what’s the use of standing on your head to sprout a seed? But people don’t understand. I’ve heard that there are people in the religious sense of the word, supposed to be religious, and they are having shares and things, indulging into business. God can not understand bank. That’s a human creation as it is difficult to understand human beings, and the human creations are even much more complicated than human beings. Sometimes they are really complicated.

So I have to tell you that this is within you, you get your realization, the actualisation, and then you have to become. You can not organize God-Almighty. You can not have an organization. You can have so many living beings who are existing like leaves on a living tree, nourished by the same sap, but you can not organize it in a human way. You can not have memberships. There can not be any force. There can not be any compulsion. In your freedom you have to enjoy yourself because you are the source of glory and joy and peace. Only thing, an enlightened light has to enlighten another light and once you’re enlightened, you can enlighten another person.

It is very simple. Sahaj means ‘spontaneous.’ All spontaneous things are the easiest things because they are so vital. Like our breathing, if you had to read a book for our breathing, how many would exist? Now the time has come that many of you have to have your realization. There’s no obligation. It is just a mass evolution of people which was to be at this time. Formerly, one or two people used to get, as in the beginning only one fish came out of the sea, and then shoals of fishes came out. In the same way, billions and billions of people have come out, have to come out of their ignorance. May God Bless You.

The time is quite a lot, but still I would like to have some questions from you, but please do not ask aggressive questions, because I do not want to waste the time. I have come here to give the key of your joy. Not for any votes; I’m not a politician. Nor for any money, nor for anything, but just to give you your treasures. (To a yogi:) Ask them to ask the questions.

(Question: You said that God doesn’t understand human beings, and God doesn’t understand bank. But she feels that it is quite difficult for human being to approach God.) Why do you want? Is this the question? (Yogi: Yes, it is.) You see, God is your Father and that’s why He has to approach you, because He loves you.

(Question: You spoke a lot about Kundalini, but where have we to go to get it?) Just now. That’s a very good question, of a real seeker, that shows a seeker. Even if I had not talked, it would have worked. Now there is one gentleman, there is one lady here. (Yogi: You said that You are here to bring us joy, and you said that Christ suffered for us, but why did He have to suffer for us?) That was destined for Him to suffer. In the evolutionary process, we had established up to our fifth chakra, alright, for human beings. All these incarnations are there to establish different centres within us and Christ is bestowed upon the sixth chakra. Now there is a big tight, we should say a knot, here, between the ego and superego, symbolic of how human beings have their ego and their conditionings and with these two things, how do they make others suffer, or suffer themselves? Now, Christ came on this earth to redeem us of our ego and superego and symbolically, He had to pass through this tight area to establish this centre in the great being we can say, the macrocosm. So He suffered from, for the microcosm, a macrocosm suffered. But They do not suffer, because They are witness. And he passed through that area to establish that centre. So, when the Kundalini rises and awakens Christ within us, then our ego and superego will be completely consumed by Him So the message of His life is not His suffering, His crucifiction, but His resurrection because He established this centre within us, for our resurrection. Now supposing I want to make something comfortable for my children. So I have to go through the ordeal of myself, and that has to be done, but it’s done out of love so you don’t feel it. Then the children don’t have to go through the ordeal again. They have to just enjoy.

(Question: (Before relaying question from the audience to Mother, Yogi comments:) I have a very interesting question. Shri Mataji, who are you, really?) Why are you? (Yogi: Who are you, really?) I am very tactful. I don’t want to talk about myself, because Christ said the truth, that He was the Son of God and they crucified Him. I don’t want to get crucified. It is better that you get your realization and then know Me.

(Question: Shri Mataji, Shri Mataji, I would like to get my realization, but I feel so much uh, pride in me, proud, I feel so proud in me that I think it will not be possible during this life. So please, tell me what to do.) It will be alright. Don’t you worry, you’ll get your realization. If you are conscious that you’re proud, then that means that you’re not proud at all. Only a humble man can say that. Will Hitler say, ‘I am cruel, I was cruel?’ So, sit down, You’ll get it, sit down. So sweet of him. And there’s one gentleman there. She just asked the question, same thing? Alright. Then that gentleman.

What did he hear? (Yogi: He heard the word which is ‘cumdebuf.’) Ah, and? (Yogi: Word, ‘cumdabah’, the word, which is ‘cumdabear,’ and he doesn’t know what it means, he would like if it has a connection with Kundalini. It think it’s…) (Mother laughs.) No, no. (Yogi: Another question?)

(Question: Are you capable to say to a person when you see that person, what is his level of evolution?) That you don’t decide and judge. This is the time of judgement. You yourself will judge it. When you get realization, you start feeling on your fingertips all your centres. On the left side your emotional side and on right side is your physical and mental side, and your can feel it yourself and find out what’s wrong with you. And then, if you know how to correct it, you can correct it. Also, you can see others on your fingertips, and if you know, how to correct others, you can correct them. You don’t have to condemn anyone. Neither yourself nor anybody else. In the Koran, Mohammed Saheb has clearly said that at the time of Rayama, resurrection, your hands will speak, and they will give witness against you. So clearly it is described, but who is bothered about Rayama. Now one more, only, last.

(Yogi: Last question. Yogi listens to question in French from audience and laughs.) Every question makes you feel so happy. (Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji. I would like to, just to be very close to his words. Shri Mataji, if You are the person, which I feel You are, please, pray for us, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.) (Mother smiles, nods.) Alright. (Applause from audience.) (Yogi: He is from Colombia.) You are from Colombia! I have been to Colombia myself. Ah, wonderful people in Colombia, wonderful. We have in Bolivia, a centre. Bolivia. Done now, I think. Let’s have it.

Now, I have to make a very humble request, that I can not force it upon you. You have to really desire it. Thirdly, that those who do not want to meditate just now, to achieve their realization, should leave the hall, so that others don’t feel aggressed. I’m sure most of you will get your realization. If not today, tomorrow, but there’s nothing to be upset if you don’t get it. If you desire it, you’ll definitely get it, but everybody has to meditate just now, those who do not want to do it can go away. First and foremost thing, I have to make a request to you all that it will hardly take about ten minutes but you have to little bit co-operate with me. The first thing you have to do is not to feel guilty at all, not to be miserable, and you have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself, because you are at the epitome of evolution, because you have to enter into the domain of your Self. So have a feeling of pleasantness towards yourself. Don’t have any condemnation of yourself; please do not count your mistakes.

Now, I would request you one thing is to take out your shoes if possible because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. Is question of ten minutes and the journey is about from three to four feet only. (Mother laughs. Translator does not hear Mother.) The question of ten minutes and the journey is only three to four feet at the most. (Mother gestures up Her Body, from Mooladhara to Sahasrara. Yogi laughs and audience laugh.) Only thing is when you get realization, you have to respect it and you have to grow into it. When I come, many people come, they get their realization and get lost. You have to become your masters and master of Sahaja Yoga so you can give realizations to others. As Christ has said, that you not, you do not put an enlightened light under the table. So you have to come to our centre and you have to get your realization in a humble way and even if the realization starts today, you have to develop, you have to grow, you have to mature and you don’t have to pay anything for anything, only a little time. In modern times we have watches to save time, just for our ascent. So you have to pay due respect to your realization.

Now you have to put both the feet on the ground parallel to each other and you have to sit very comfortably, without raising your head too much, backwards or forwards, just in the centre. You have to sit comfortably. If you are sitting on the ground, then it’s, it’s alright. If you are sitting on the ground it’s alright. What’s the matter? She’s trying to sit down? What has happened? (Yogi: She falls off her seat.) Seat is not alright. Alright, give her a better seat. One of the Sahaja Yogis can give the lady a better seat, please? Maybe some seats are not… (Yogi: She fall down from her seat, Shri Mataji.) Alright? Did you get hurt? (Yogi: Okay.) Ah? (Yogi, to Mother privately: She fell from her chair.) That’s alright, alright. Just fell down, it’s alright.

Now put your left hand towards Me like this, in a simple way because this represents your desire to get your realization, this is the power of desire which I’ll describe to you tomorrow. Now this hand, right hand, this is, symbolically, the power of action. So though the Kundalini will rise, you have to facilitate the upward movement of the Kundalini by touching different centres on the left-hand side. So I will tell you how to go downward and then upward. (To yogi:) You also show.

Now first of all, the right hand has to be on the heart. Please put it, all of you. Right, right. Left hand towards Me, and… Right. Alright. All the time, left hand should be like this. Then you have to take down your right hand on the left-hand side on the upper portion of your abdomen. This is the centre of your mastery. Now you have to take down your right hand in the lower portion of your stomach on the left-hand side. This is the centre by which the true knowledge of the Divine manifests through us. Fine.

Now, you have to raise your hand again on the left-hand side in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it. Now you have to put your right hand on your heart, which is the, which is the seat of, which is the reflection of God Almighty as Spirit. Now you have to put your right hand now on the, in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and put your, put your head towards the right. This is the, this is the worst centre. This is the worst centre now because this is centre is caught when we feel guilty. So at the very outset I have told you not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty at all, to be pleasantly placed.

Now you have to put your hand, right hand, left hand like this, on the forehead, across, and press it on both the sides, and then to take your hand on the backside of your head and put your head, the load of your head on your hand and put it up. Now stretch your hand, the palm, and put the centre of your palm just on the fontanelle bone area. Now please press the scalp and move it in a clockwise manner seven times. You can bend your head.

Now, please. That’s all we have to do. Just we have to close our eyes now. Please don’t, don’t open your eyes ’till I tell you. Now put the left hand towards Me, on the lap. Keep the eyes shut and put the right hand on your heart. Here you ask Me a very fundamental question three times. You can call me Shri Mataji, or Mother. Mother, am I the Spirit? Ask this question. Now, please bring your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of your mastery and if you are the Spirit, you are your own master. So here you ask Me another question: Mother, am I my own master? Three times please. Now please put your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, please. Now this is the centre of Pure Knowledge. I can not force upon you this Pure Knowledge. I have to respect your freedom. So you have to say, Mother please give me Pure Knowledge, six times, because this centre has got six plexuses, sub-plexuses, or petals.

By asking this question your Kundalini starts moving. Now to faciliate the movement of the Kundalini upward, you put your right hand again on the left-hand side of your abdomen, in the upper part. Here with full confidence you have to say, Mother I am my own master, with full confidence. You have to say it ten times. Now raise your right hand to your heart again, and put the left hand towards Me. Here again with full confidence you have to say, twelve times, Mother, I am the Spirit. Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love and (bliss/peace?), but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So you can not commit any mistake which can not neutralize by the Divine power. So put your right hand, on your left hand, on the left-hand side, in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and press it and put your right hand, head towards the right. Here you have to say sixteen times, again with full confidence in yourself, Mother I am not guilty at all. Now even then you want to feel guilty; then you have to punish yourself by saying it 108 times (Mother chuckles). You have to love yourself and respect yourself. You’re entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now put your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides and put the left hand towards Me. Press it hard. Here you have to say, Mother, I forgive everyone. Say it from your heart; how many times is not the point. You may say that it’s difficult. But whether your forgive or you do not forgive, what do you do? It’s a myth. So if you do not forgive, you play into wrong, into the wrong hands.

Now please put your right hand on the back side of your head and put the load of your head on it. Here for your own satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to say, Oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me. Put back your head please. From your heart. Now stretch your hand, your palm, and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood and stretch your fingers backwards. Press it hard and please put the left hand towards Me now, nicely. Now here you have to move your hand in a clockwise manner, slowly, seven times but while, while doing that, again I can not force upon you the self-realization. So you have to ask, Mother, please may I have my realization? So press it, hard.

Now take down your hands please. Please open your eyes. Put both the hands towards Me. Now, right hand towards Me, and left hand on top of your head. You can put down your head and see if you’re feeling the cool breeze. Some will feel it much away from the head, some much closer. Now please put the left hand towards Me and with the right hand, try to feel. Again, please put the right hand towards Me and feel with the left hand.

Now raise both your hands towards the sky and push back your head and ask a question three times: Is this the, Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti? Is this the All-Pervaiding Power of God’s love? Ask the question three times, sincerely. Now, take down your hands please. Watch Me without thinking. Those who have felt cool breeze out of their heads or on their hands, please raise both your hands. Both the hands, both the hands. All of you have got realization, practically. May God Bless You. No more miserable. I bow to you all. Some people did not get, alright, doesn’t matter. We’ll work it out. It will work out. You didn’t feel at all? Don’t wear your shoes, just one minute. Now don’t think! Just watch Me. Put your hands towards Me. Just watch Me.