Divine love doesn’t expect anything

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

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1987-11-03 Public Program Day 2 Paris France

[FRENCH] I was just, Shri Mataji, explaining a bit the chakras. So I explained, I explained the different two sides

Shri Mataji: Two sides

SY: The right and left side, the centers of energy and that’s all I’ve told.

Shri Mataji: All right. Thank you.
SY: I think [that’s it] for introduction before.
Shri Mataji: All right.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The truth can be realized if you love someone. But it should be pure love without any lust and greed which is a Divine love. Divine love doesn’t expect anything. You cannot sell it, you cannot force it on anyone. It is the purity of your being, that starts emitting that love. For example there’s a lamp, which is dirty, and even if you put a light inside that it won’t give any light at all. So the first process that starts in you of the awakening of the Kundalini gives you the feeling of the All-pervading power and also gives you a kind of a peace within and a security. But above all you develop a new awareness called as collective consciousness.

This new consciousness is where you can feel another person on your finger tips and you start emitting yourself in vibrations of Divine Love. But these vibrations are very dim in the beginning. The Kundalini comes, again falls down, again attends to the problems in the being. The problems could be physical, could be mental, could be emotional. But the main problem is the spiritual problem which is very difficult to eradicate. But as you start seeing your own problems and s and feeling on, feeling them on your fingertips you yourself correct your own being as if you have become your own guide and your own master. In your own light you start seeing what’s wrong with you. I don’t have to tell you that this is wrong, that is wrong. You yourself correct yourself. When this process starts of cleansing the purity improves within. That is your attention becomes very pure.

When you look at something as I told you yesterday there’s no thought that comes into your mind, but you become a witness. But it’s not only that. In collective consciousness when you look at something, you pay attention to something, it gets purified. That’s why Christ has said “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” That means in your eyes there should not be any lust or greed. When you look at people then there should not be any lust or feeling of greed but just you look at them and the purity of your eyes is purifying them. You all are capable of becoming that kind of a strong personality, the light of Spirit, now enlightened within you. Spirit first of all gives you the truth, the absolute, because the Spirit is absolute. It gives you the absolute truth into such an extent that even if you have ten children and tie up their eyes and ask them “What’s wrong with this person?” they will all raise this finger means this finger is burning. That means that that person is suffering from guilt. That means this is the center which is catching, here. So much is the absoluteness of the truth is. That means our brain captures the absolute truth. Now, our attention becomes collectively conscious as I told you. Like we see the television, the play is going on somewhere in the central place, and we see the television.

So, say I am sitting here and My attention has gone somewhere else to some person, maybe to some problem to anything. But it’s not like television, it’s more than that, because this acts through the subtle of the ether, that when this attention goes to the other end, it acts. It works, it organizes, it sends information everywhere and the whole cosmos works it out. And then the action take place, instantaneously. And you are amazed how it works. You might say it’s a miracle but everything that is Divine is miraculous to human beings. It acts in so many ways. There was – there are so many stories Sahaja Yogis will be able to tell you about the miracles. So this attention has got vibrations in it. These vibrations are the ones which themselves are knowledgeable. They have the knowledge and they know what to do and they are connected with the whole. So the message from them goes into the cosmos and it’s such a beautiful, efficient machine, we can say – it’s not a good word though, of energy that it acts instantaneously in the proper way. Some people ask Me, “Mother if these powers come into us, we can use it for wrong things.” You cannot. If you try, your vibrations will stop. If somebody falsely says that “I am a Sahaja Yogi. I have this power”, is not accepted. He talks about something like that, it is of no avail.

As you cannot force Sahaja Yoga or anyone you cannot force yourself upon us. And we don’t want dishonest hypocritical people. You have to become the genuine, the pure, otherwise how will you emit these vibrations. You are the one who has to do this new revolution. For any other revolution people had to sacrifice, had to die, there were massacres but in Sahaja Yoga you are blessed all the time, blessed. And you have to just count your blessings one by one. You are all the time blessed all the time you are given support and help and security. Every moment you have the sensation of tremendous joy and enormous confidence in your righteousness and virtues. But as we are coming from the crowds suddenly we cannot accept, to be on a hill-top watching the crowds. Because in modern times we live in Hell. Like our one foot is in the mouth of a crocodile and here you are pulled into a boat but if you want to be on the crocodile, or in the crocodile’s mouth, nobody can help you. If you want to put back your foot into it what can anybody do? If you like that way, nobody can force you. But once you start enjoying yourself, enjoying the bliss of Divine then seldom you want to go back to the crocodile. The conditioning in human beings sometimes can be very strong. Specially the conditioning of the ego is horrible.

Like to say, “I don’t like this. I like this”. or, “I hate this, I love this.” When you say that ‘I’ where is this ‘I?’ You have not known yourself so far. When you become yourself, you’ll never say like that. because you do not react in that manner. You just watch and see, absorb whatever is good and discard whatever is bad. But this discretion has to be established. As there are two energies within us as told by him on the left and the right. We have a tendency to go towards the left or towards the right, and go to the extremes. In France I think is people want to go to the left all the time. That is they follow people like Egyptians who think of their death and miserable and unhappy, this that. Such people take to self-destruction. They do not destroy others but in self-destruction they can do things which they know are bad but will go on doing it. I don’t want to say all of them otherwise may be half of you might go away. As you know too much drinking, smoking – – you know it’s bad for you. You see a person coming out of a pub and fainting and you want to go in the same pub

to get the same feeling of fainting. But nobody dare say “Don’t drink”. It’s sinful. Now, when you get your Realization I don’t have to tell you. You become so powerful that you decide for yourself and you never destroy yourself. Overnight people have given up drugs, overnight people have given up bad habits. All kinds of nonsensical habits they have given up because now they have become the Spirit. They see themselves The left-side is very dangerous in a way. Beyond the left side resides your subconscious, then resides the subconscious of your previous lives and beyond that resides the collective subconscious. Beyond that resides all that is gone out of the evolutionary process. From there comes the triggering of all these diseases like cancer, like myelitis – all these muscular disabilities, muscular dissipation. Disability, then impotency, AIDS, madness, lunacy, epilepsy, all psychosomatic diseases, all psychological diseases, That is the psyche on the left-hand side. And a person like Freud, who was a half-baked man, himself was a complicated person – he had bad relation with his own mother – and who died of cancer, and he practiced on the pathological cases. Pathos means suffering, So all left-sided diseases which are, which were very few in those days, and he generalized it and he propagated his Freudian theories. He was given a higher position than that of Christ. Maybe the Christianity was going on the other side of putting too much restrictions, calling human beings “sinners”. Whatever may be the reason – one side the dogma another side the licentiousness – both are wrong, both are self-destructive and they are not going to give you any help.

And these two things acted upon the Western people more, and they got lost into the left side. To go to the extreme they started taking drugs and now the Aids. In Sahaja Yoga what happens that your attention comes to the centre. You come on the parasympathetic nervous system. You can see like this My attention is supposing, is going this side and something pushes it upward like that. So, when the Kundalini rises She brings your attention collected from everywhere brings it upward and pierces through your fontanel bone area. But also we have many, many right-sided people. They went in other countries and tried to dominate them. I sometimes say thank God, Columbus, did not come to India, otherwise I would not have been here. He went to America and finished off all of them.

So this is the right-sidedness when we destroy others. In that we have a kind of a ego – we think we are better than others. This is falsehood. God has not created anybody higher or lower. God created only one world and human beings. Only according to the climate we are varied – we are different from each other. And variety is so important otherwise we’d all would be just the same, like military regime of human beings. or maybe like robots. But He made us so separate and different because we bring beauty in this world. That life is interesting. One leaf of a tree is not just the same as another leaf. Just see the tremendous work of art. In the same artistic way He has created human beings in different manners. But we think we are different, they are different – this is our own conditioning. These are all flowers on one tree. But we haven’t got the sense of collective that’s why we think like that. We cannot feel the connection with others. It’s like you may form a club. Like you have club of people who use fork and spoon in a different manner. There are all sorts of funny clubs.

We try to club together artificially. Whatever is artificially we are doing, exists in reality also. We are part and parcel of one whole. The microcosm belongs to the macrocosm, no doubt, but it’s not the reality with us yet. It’s just an idea. So under anything you can have a league – like somebody has a “red hair league” – and then we try to classify them. It’s all so artificial and so stupid. You are part and parcel of the whole and you cannot classify yourself as separate. Like this hand and this hand belongs to this body. Now if this hand wants to soothe the other hand is it doing any obligation on this hand? So after Realization you feel who is the other? We don’t aggress with our hands our nose – do we? We don’t put our finger into our eyes to aggress it, do we? Because the eye is whiter than the finger – do we put our finger into it? All this aggressiveness is that stupid. If you are aggressing each other you are aggressing the whole. Anywhere you try to do that, you harm the other part of the whole. Then we start having organization for the whole – The Whole World International Organization – this and that. But the people inside that, are they collectively conscious? Is that their inner understanding on their central nervous system that other doesn’t exist?

So this problem also gets solved after Sahaja Yoga. You forget that you are only a Frenchman and nothing more. Like a drop falls into the ocean and becomes the ocean the heart of a Sahaja Yogi becomes so great. He doesn’t see the color of your skin, color of your hair or your body. He doesn’t see how you sit and talk, what language you know. He just sees “do you know the language of love?”, of pure love, of Divine love, of vibrations. He talks in the terminology of vibrations, of different centers. That’s what happened to the disciples of Christ, of they started talking in the language of chakras, and started moving their hands to raise the Kundalini of other people. But how this one is also now misused! They started a religion everywhere where a person gets possessed Even in Hindu religion we have people going to the temple and get possessed and saying, “ho, ho, ho”, like that – stupid people. And they say that Goddess has come in their body. Mostly they are maid-servants. That Goddess must have some brains to go into these people and all the time they go on making gestures of a such a ridiculous nature. It’s not only there, it’s happening in all religions. Even among Catholics you find the charisma, charismatic. Same thing, it is the same thing, it’s the possession. Then the Pentecostals now, they are going to Guatemala to poor- these poor people, are getting them possessed. SY – They are going to? Guatemala to get them possessed – all these Pentecostals and they all becoming abnormal people crying, weeping, so annoying. They look so miserable. So it is a mass mesmerism. Is it religion? They said, “No, we have become like disciples of Christ.” They are not even in their own senses. We had an interesting thing in India once, in a village, Indian village. We had a Pentecostal visitor from America. And we have a Pentecostal church in villages. And they had given a notice to the teachers saying that “If you don’t get the blessings of the Holy Ghost this Sunday you will have to give up the job”. And the blessing of the Holy Ghost means you go mad. You just go on screaming, shouting, going into gesticulations, all kinds of funny actions.

Now this fellow had no moral courage to act this teacher, poor thing, had no moral courage to act like a Holy Ghost’s blessing. But he was worried about his job, you see. So, when the sermon was over he got into a big fright, and he caught hold of that American old lady and put her into a round and round and round and round and saying words in our language, “You see, now you dance my lady, you dance my lady” and the old lady got exhausted and she fainted. But the surprising thing is that the gentleman got confirmed as a Pentecostal and got his job. All this kind of stupidity brings bad name to God. This is not God. God makes you a righteous, virtuous, sensible, dignified person. He gives you a very subtle sense of humor and a very magnetic personality which is very enjoyable. He doesn’t make a fool out of you, He doesn’t make you insane that you land up in a lunatic asylum. We’ve got Christ before us. We’ve got real gurus who were real, not these fake ones in the market, real gurus, whose lives you can see how sensible they were. How powerful they were, and what they achieved, how they loved the world, created peace, how they gave proper laws and regulations to the whole world. Even sometimes people criticized them but they do not know, what is the essence behind their life.

Say for example people say, Mohammad Sahab married so many times. Because at that time they were on war path, people were killing them and there were hardly young people left to be married to ladies. But Mohammad Sahab did not believe in prostitution and extra-marital relationships. So He said “Whatever it is, you marry”. In America people said “We don’t like Mohammad Sahab, because He insists on marriage, and we want to have an experience of sex before marriage”. I said, “Absurd why do you want to have an experience before marriage”? Supposing you have to shift to a house do you say, “I must have an experience of the house before I go there”? But now the situation is different after AIDS have shown their teeth. They want now people to have virgin husbands and virgin wives. They want to have men and women who are pure. They may not talk about it but they are in a great danger. And as you know that I’m not afraid of anyone, and I very frankly told them in the year 1973 that if they don’t give up these nonsensical ideas about sex, they are going to have a horrible disease. And they got very angry with Me and nobody would come to Sahaja Yoga but they wanted to go to all the false gurus, paying them lots of money. Also they didn’t like Me because I said, “You can’t pay Me”, because I could not satisfy their ego. But today is different. They realize that I had the real concern for their good.

When this Kundalini rises within you then you see the chakra, the red chakra down below which is called as the Mooladhara, is the centre of your innocence. Kundalini doesn’t go through that. That chakra is below it. So one has to understand that to achieve God you don’t have to go to sex. There were another type of gurus who came to say you must take to sex, mass sex to go to God. What happens to the brains of people, when they hear such stupid ideologies! If that is the case, all animals must go to Heavens first, before than human beings. If this kind of a nonsense is good then why is it people get into diseases? The another side is that you shouldn’t have any sex. This is absurd. It’s a natural thing which one must have in a very sane and a healthy manner. It’s like saying you don’t eat food at all and you’ll go to God. If you fast then you’ll go to God immediately. I mean there are many people who are fasting in this world because they haven’t got sufficient food. They must have all gone to God immediately.

In Ethyopia you have so many people who died of starvation. Are they gone to God? So the another side of it is also another extreme of a nonsense. And both these things have never helped us. Once you are a Spirit you become completely in control of yourself. No temptations can invade you, no one can dominate you nor you dominate anyone You respect the privacy and the liberty of another person as you respect yours. In this we have no sense of privacy and no self-respect. We have something very private and secret with us, which should not be shared on the street and the roads. People just want to take advantage and want to make you into an animal or into a sex point. You are a human being above all the creation of the world. You are not animals. You don’t have to learn anything from animals. They have to learn from you if they have to evolve. You must assume your own powers as Spirit and you can see here clearly that the Kundalini rises and without any guidance from anything else but the Mooladhara, the centre of innocence. That’s an eternal childhood, the innocence within us, that’s something eternal that does not die. It may sleep off but is awakened as soon as your Kundalini rises. That is the reason why Christ did not die. Because He is the incarnation of that innocence. And innocence is the first thing that was created and that is the first centre in which we have been built.

SY: Bathed?

Shri Mataji:Built. That’s our blessing. That’s what is the biggest auspicious thing we have. The Kundalini rising itself will give you back your innocence. It will be awakened and you will know what you have so respectable within you. You will develop your self-respect, and your security, and all the courage that is needed, through this power of Divine love. You have to know that the subject is too vast and I must have given thousands of lectures in the West in English language also and many more in India. So, in these two days I cannot go too far. But when you get your Realization you become the knowledge. And you become the joy. But one has to understand that it is a collective growth, like on a tree, there are many leaves, and are nourished by the sap of the tree.

Supposing one leaf wants to be separated then a bark develops between the tree and the leaf. It happens in the autumn. and the leaf falls off. So you have to keep to the collective to grow together. Many people who get Realization stay away from the collective, and say, “Mother, we love you very much. We had your photograph, we were meditating, still we got cancer.” You have to have nourishment all the time. You have to be collective. Firstly, as we don’t take money, we don’t have very big palatial places for you to come in. We have humble houses where you can come and meet everyone, and become a part and parcel of the whole, and develop yourself. You should forget you come from a rich family or you are a very big personality. Forget all that. Here you are a yogi. You have entered into the Kingdom of God, and all of you are part and parcel of the whole, and all these ideas of ego must go. All these ideas that I am something, will disappear. Then we’ll have a new type of humanity which will have no wars, no hatred, but would be completely bathed in the beauty of bliss, of Divine love. You’ll have no problems with your children, with your families and you’ll reside into the calmness and the beauty and glory of Divinity. That has to come, that’s, is there already coming. Please, you’re invited. Thank you very much.

Now we have some time and yesterday you asked lots of nice questions, very encouraging. I hope today again you can ask some questions to Me. Thank you. There is a tradition in the Christianity to pray with the chapelet (rosary in French). and is there a connection with the central canal? So, you want to count? Only once you take the name of God, is sufficient. Because you are not connected and you are telephoning, you may try. No use. What’s he saying? He can ask like that only. Just ask. [Wilmot], it’s all right, need not be broadcasted. You just tell. Just tell, please. He said that everybody has heard a very nice and wonderful message tonight but how can it help somebody who is unemployed?

Shri Mataji: Who is?

SY: Unemployed. and who has finished with this aid.

Shri Mataji: Finished?

SY: With the social aid, which is given and which has started to be depressed. All right! Now you get employed by God. Firstly I’ve seen, in England where unemployment is the maximum it’s difficult to get now any Sahaja Yogi unemployed. All right. Because you improve in everything. You improve in your intelligence, improve in your work and in your style, in your technique in every way you improve so much. You become a dynamic person. But apart from that you want to be unemployed because you want to be employed yourself to God. You want to be unemployed so that you can be employed to God. You feel so happy with it, because you have powers to cure others, to give them Realization. You don’t think about yourself anymore, you think of others. You are no more depressed. There are so many people who didn’t have the chance to be here yesterday. But they are not here, what to do? You see, it is such a thing that for reality there are very few people. They should be all here to be employed. You better tell them, all of them, if you meet to come next time when I come to Paris , and can go to our centres. So many who were unemployed came to our centres and are perfectly all right.

Yes, please. Yes, please. Yes, please. Please ask, please. All right, [unclear]. First of all, he wants to thanks for this wonderful message and add a personal question saying but for somebody who is still on the way and on the road for, to God, how can he follow the Sahaja Yoga? If you desire it will all be worked out through cosmos. But desire has to be honest As I told you that vibrations understand everything, they will guide you to the right path, Now, there’s a gentleman here. You can speak as it is. Even if you cannot, just talk to him. Yes. It’s a question and answer together Shri Mataji. I will repeat it in French because it’s very important what he said. First of all, in the introduction I said that the main major religions introduced fanaticism and his question is that at the origin, base religion, wasn’t a very pure thing?

Shri Mataji: Of course.

SY: At the base. and isn’t it the human beings who make or build this fanaticism?

Shri Mataji: – Absolutely. I, I will say this as an answer to it. I always say that all these great incarnations and all these prophets were born on the tree of life. They were living things working the living work of God. But people took away the flowers. Said, “This is mine, this is mine.” This is fanaticism. and they are fighting for these dead flowers, even out of one flower they picked up petals by petals and fighting for these dead petals. But there’s one thing good about all this is fanaticism, that they fight among themselves and you see how useless they are. If there is one God why should they fight? Is very good for you people to see it clearly – it’s nonsense. Anything else now? This lady. You stand up now. I think there’s no need. Is it [unclear]? What’s he said? What he said? So he said his question was connected with the question before. If the… So if there are different paths to God in the different religions, isn’t it the same also, which is in this [situation, combining the different paths]? But I think that perhaps he thinks too, that everything is the same. You see I answered you in the second way, that if there’s a difference, it must create beauty. Variety is to create beauty not ugliness and quarrelling.

Also you see they were born at a time, say, samayachar, as they call it in Sanskrit language- means at that time, according to time they had to mould things Now, say at the time of Shri Krishna, He talked of karma, that you’ll have to pay for your bad deeds. But at the time of Christ it is no more. It is no more. At the time of Christ, He died for our sins. So at the time of Mohammad Sahab, there’s no question of mentioning it. At this time I have to give you Realization and I have to tell you, counsel you all about Kundalini. I have to comfort you. These are My three jobs. So I’m doing that Whatever was in those days, was discussed and told. At the time of Mohammad Sahab there was no smoking, so He did not talk against it. But at the time of Nanaka, He saw smoking, so He prohibited people smoking, as well as drinking. So the Muslims think there is no harm in smoking.

And now, Christ touched the water and it tasted like a grape juice, and grape juice is called as wine in Hebrew language. He didn’t make wine the alcohol. You see, you have to rot it otherwise you cannot make it. Whatever He made was instantaneous. Whatever He made was instantaneous. So how can it be wine? In the wine the fungus has to go in, to spoil your livers. How can He make wine for human beings? So the Christians believe there’s no harm in drinking. We have a church next door. The only activity I see is that the beer barrels are brought, and emptied and taken away. and nobody comes to the church on a Sunday. Only on Sunday they don’t do this activity. Sunday they don’t do this activity. Such a mess of God they have made, you don’t know! In every religion, I have a simple technical question I noticed that many people here, put off their shoes, [unlikely] and they look like your disciples or like the Sahaja Yogis.

Are you an Englishman?

Seeker: No, I am not Englishman but French language is a fine language.

Shri Matji: What is your nationality, please?

Seeker: I’m Lithuanian. I’ve been to Lithuania, I’ve been there. I’ve been Tallinn I’ve been. I, I’d like to follow my question, not, not, I’d not run it from question. I would like to know if that gesture or other technical, other form, what is it? I’ll tell you, it’s…

Shri Mataji: All right! Everything in Sahaja Yoga has a meaning and everything has some great influence, it is. Now why do we take out our shoes, you see, is a thing. You see, the Mother Earth has a great capacity to suck in our problems. All the elements have Yesterday you must have seen so many of you that how from a candle you were getting a cool breeze. Specially the Mother Earth has got the greatest capacity, to take out our lethargy, to take down our negativity. So, when we take out our shoes first of all, the feet are little free. And also the shoes go everywhere so they might be carrying some negativity in it. It has helped a lot. Wherever people have taken shoes – it works much faster. That’s why we have to take out our shoes. Gradually you will understand that everything that is done in Sahaja Yoga is for your benevolence.

Now, put a logic to it. Why should Mother ask to take out our shoes? I am not going to have a sale of your shoes. I am not going to gain by that. So why should She ask? Now, there must be some reason as you say. So you must have that attitude, open attitude of a scientist, “I do not know what it is, but as a scientist I would like to know.” Neither you should have blind faith in Me, nor you should have a sort of an adamant view about that, “I don’t care”. Adamant view that “I don’t care”. Adamant is – you don’t know English – adamant. What’s the…? Anybody translate adamant? So, there should not be a denial. Keep your mind open. I’m so happy you are from that country, because in Russia Sahaja Yoga has started officially. And especially in Tallinn I met the Mayoress. she was a, she was a lady who was a Mayor, and she told Me that she wants to come to India because she wants to know the Spirit.

Now I must say I went to Russia and now I know why they denied God. Actually My, as you know My husband is a VIP and they wanted us to go to some place wherever we wanted to. So, we said “We’d like to see some church”, because churches still have lot of architecture and beauty. So these Russian officers took us to a church of the Orthodox There was this black order orthodox person – the head of it. He received us all right and we were having our lunch and while having the lunch he told us that “These our fasting days and we do not eat meat”. I said, “It’s all right”. So we were having lunch, but this fellow was just drinking. and he was drinking and drinking and we were amazed Now Me and My husband don’t drink at all. So under the protocol, the officers also did not drink. Ultimately in the fasting, the gentleman drank so much that he dropped off. So, these Russian officers said, “Now let’s go”. And he would not even see us off, I mean he was just dropped down on the table like that. And then officers came out and they said, “With due apologies let us laugh. because we feel like laughing now.” So they said, “Now we must tell you the history behind all this. That the Czar of Russia wanted to have a religion. So first he sent for the Catholic church. The Catholic church said that, “See you can drink as much as you like, because Christ made water into wine. Even if you are alcoholic you’ll be saved, but you cannot marry again. You can have only one wife.” So the Czar said, “That’s not possible. We have to have many wives, for our political treaties. So this won’t work out”. So they sent for the Islam religion Islam said, “Marry many as much as you like but you can’t drink”. They said, “This won’t work out with us either”. So they asked them, “All right, then we should have some other religion”. So they sent for these Orthodox. They are the most unorthodox people. They said, “See, you can marry as many women you like, you can drink as many times as you like. As long as you give us sufficient money it’s all right”. So they adopted this religion. That’s why, is this man a godly person, you see him, the one who didn’t even have decency to see you off. How can we believe in God? I said, “Despite all this, God exists”. Despite all this God exists. He said, “Yes, if somebody can give us God of that kind, who exists, we’ll accept”. And Sahaja Yoga is accepted [instantly / instead], in Russia. This is the reaction to the stupidity of religion. but both are just the same. Whether you accept or don’t accept, God exists. He doesn’t disappear because of you non-acceptance. SY: Madame

P: She would like to ask a question in English.

Shri Mataji: In?

SY: In English because it’s easier for her. All right. My question is that, when one achieves Self Realization through Sahaja Yoga, is it a permanent state or can one loose it? Yes, that’s a good question. And I had this question when I had the pleasure of hearing You talking, London in April, and at that time I wanted to ask this question, and somehow I couldn’t get the opportunity, though I wanted [unclear]. You see, as I told you is the light of your Spirit. It’s about the light of your Spirit. So when you enlighten the candle, in the beginning you have to steady it, Once you steady it well – it may take only eight days or a month then there’s no problem But that part is very important where most of the people fail. First they feel very nice, and then they think, “Oh, it’s all right, we’ll have it forever”. And they go back. But that’s why you have to settle into Sahaja Yoga. You have to master it. Don’t have to give anything, except little time to yourself. And you have to come to the centers, and enjoy the company of other people. Why sometimes we can feel the vibration very fast and sometimes it’s coming very slowly or it’s not coming. If you start thinking about them they’ll stop. Shouldn’t think about them. They are there, but you start thinking so you come down, your attention comes down to your thinking. Gradually it grows and steadies itself. Gradually it grows and steadies itself. Now you better get your Realization, you are a powerful person. You’ll get your Realization. You are a very powerful person. What country you come from my child? What country he comes from? Which one? He’s coming from Antilles. Algeria?

Shri Mataji: What is?

SY: Antilles, the island near the [unclear].

Shri Mataji: Near where? The islands near Cuba. Near Cuba? Near Cuba, yes, islands under Cuba. It’s good, good. Vibrations are important for everybody. It’s good, that’s a good area. Yes, what is it, what did you say? Please. He wanted to say that all the priests, even orthodox or priests are not all alcoholics, and some might drive you to God. They do not. You see, if it’s a real religion of Spirit, nobody drinks nobody is unrighteous. You are bound by the wisdom of your Spirit. You are bound by the wisdom of your Spirit You see clearly what is a snake and what is a rope. So, you see, that’s the sign, even one person who professes to be Sahaja Yogi and does all these things is no more a Sahaja Yogi. And imagine, imagine a priest, that too the head priest. That means there’s no Spirit in his heart shining, no Spirit shining in his heart. Yes? What’s it? Another person who is doing another kind of meditation like TM. SY: – Can she come?

Shri Mataji: – C.M? T.M., T.M. – Can she get her Realization? She can, but she has to little bit work it out. Like by mistake, like by mistake instead of coming to this hall we go in the direction of the Bastille, then you have to take a U turn to come back. That’s all. Now… SY:- When we speak about Realization, is there only one time of Realization or are there many? Is there only one way to get it, or is there a I-way to get it? Only one way. I’m sorry, in that God has not differentiated. That’s a living way of sprouting the Kundalini. There’s one more. Now, it’s endless. Now, we’ll ask this lady. And see, we’ll finish off because otherwise what about your Realization? Yes, please. SY: – What do you think about Krishnamurti and about the conditioning, spiritual conditioning.

Shri Mataji: – Who?

P: About spiritual conditioning

Shri Mataji: Spiritual what?

P: Conditioning.

Shri Mataji: Conditioning? Krishnamurti has done it. I must say it’s better not talk about all this people All this talking and talking. They have really ruined people There are many who can talk like him now. They cannot get Realization, they are not realized. We have to be honest and we have to worry about ourselves. Supposing your diamond is lost, and you have searched it everywhere. You have wasted your time, you have conditioned yourself, but the diamond is within. You should find your diamond, you should not be identified by all these things. As a Mother I will just ask one question, “My child what did you find?” Don’t listen to tall stories. One, achcha now, one more. You ask now. One. He is a Muslim and he asked, just knowing about Sahaja Yoga tonight, what is Your advice to Muslim, to Christian, to Jewish because in fact we are coming from the same Adam.

Muslims must know that Mohammad Sahab has talked about Kayama. This is the Resurrection time of Kayama today, – this is Sahaja Yoga. which He’s talked about, “your hands will speak”. And why they are fighting among themselves? What about Christians? Christ has said, “I’ll send you the Holy Ghost, who will redeem you, who will redeem and tell you all about it, counsel you, comfort you. What are the Christians doing? Are they looking out for a Holy Ghost? Hindus are told long, long time, 14000 years back, prophesized that such a time is going to come, that Kundalini will be awakened like this, because they knew about Kundalini and people will be spontaneously cured. And what stupid thing they are doing. Nanak Sahab told about Khalistan to be established. Khalis means pure people. Khaalis means pure. Who are these pure people violent, drinking? We are making the khaalistan here.

So what should I talk to these people? They are so conditioned. They don’t want to listen. – What is the fundamental difference between Sahaja Yoga and Buddhism by the lamas? Tremendous. Just the opposite. There is no more reality in their ritualism. Their ritualism. Rituals. What Buddha said was that you must get your Self-realization first. He did not even want to talk of God. For this reason that unless and until you get Realization no use talking of God. Same with Mahavira. So both of them can we call as atheist in a way. Both of them can be called as atheist because they did not talk of God. Because they said, you must first get Realization. Lamas are just the opposite They have made statues of Buddha, they are worshipping Buddha in a ritual way. They missed the point completely. They are not even connected with Buddha He gave three mantras, mantras to chant, three, mantras what is in English I don’t know. Three, first is, “Buddham sharnam gachchami”, that means “I surrender myself to the enlightened”. Buddha means a realized soul. Buddha means the one who has known, who is known. Zen also means the same. Then the second one He said, “Dhamam sharanam gachchami.” That is the dharma, that is the sustenance within us, the ten valencies which exist within us. That’s the human sustenance. And then He says “Sangham sharnam gachchami”, I surrender myself to collectivity. These lamas have accumulated so much money with them. They have got gold goblets to take their beers, and gold plates to eat their food. How can they be near Buddha? Such a person won’t take anything from you, nothing. It’s done now. Let’s have it.

19871103  Part 2

Now should we have Realization, Madam? One thing I must say, any amount of questioning and answering doesn’t give you Realization. It’s a mental acrobat and your Realization is beyond that. Keep your mind open. I just allow you to ask questions because when I’m trying to raise your Kundalini, I don’t want your attention to go to a question which is not needed. But this is no guarantee. May be, may not. It will work, I am sure but still it’s not a mental activity. It’s a living process. If the seed has to sprout it will sprout but we cannot force it to be germinated. Whatever acrobats we may put, it may, may not. So we should ask for Realization, desire for it from our heart. Because that is our property hidden from us, hidden from us and is in within your reach, is within your reach. I’m just here to give you your key, so you should desire for your Realization. Then Mohammad Sahab has also said you have to become the pir. Pir, Pir. Pir means realized soul. That’s what everybody has said and that’s what is the essence of all these real religions. Now, can I request you to take out your shoes if it is not too much of a trouble? That way French are much humble people, I must say. All right. Now, those who do not want to meditate and don’t want to have their Self-Realization, should leave the hall, to be civil to others. because we cannot force it on anyone. It has to work out on people only who desire it. Is in your own freedom you have to ask it. So, I would request you, to leave the hall in case you do not want to have your Realization. And you all have to, for 10 minutes, little bit co-ordinate with Me. There isn’t much to be done as I told you. Those who got Realization yesterday will consolidate it. And those who haven’t got it, might get it today. Those who have come for the first time also will get Realization. Whether you get it here or not, you must go to our centers to establish it. You have to respect yourself and your Realization. This is very important. This is where people fail. You don’t have to pay anywhere, anything. Now, please put both your feet on the Mother Earth, like this, and keep them separate. Please keep them separate. Now, you have to put your left hand towards Me. You could keep it comfortably, on your lap, if you want. This represents your desire to get your Realization. The right hand is for the action. So, we are going to use the right hand, for facilitating the Kundalini to rise. And for that you have to just follow what I tell you. We are working on the left-hand side of your centers. So, first of all we put our hand – – this I’m telling you what we have to do, but you follow Me – right hand on the heart. Now, in the heart is the reflection of God Almighty. Then we take down our hand in the upper part of our abdomen, on the left-hand side. Here resides the center of our mastery. All the great masters, prophets who came on this earth have established and substantiated this center. Then we put our hand in the lower portion of our abdomen, in the left-hand side. Now, this is the center which is for our true knowledge, to be manifested within us of the Divine power. Now again we go back onto the upper portion of our abdomen, on the left-hand side. Then we take our right hand again on the heart. Then we take this right hand in the corner of your neck, here, and put your head to your right side. Turn your head to your right. This center catches when we are feeling guilty. Today also most of you are catching this center. Now, take out this hand and put it on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. So, this is the center of forgiveness, the power of forgiveness. Take this hand on the back of your head and put your hand in such a manner that you can hold your head which is reclining on it. Now, stretch your hand, and place the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area and push back your fingers. Press the scalp and slowly you move it in a clockwise manner, seven times. Now, that’s all we have to do. But you have to keep your eyes shut. Both the feet on the ground and the left hand towards Me like this, little higher, little higher like that. Now, we start off by closing our eyes. But we are not to open our eyes till I tell you, because the attention has to go inside. Now don’t fight with your thoughts, Just leave it alone. Kundalini will take charge of everything. All right. Now put your right hand on your heart. And you must put all your worries aside. Also you should forgive yourself and should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Now, when your hand is on your heart, you have to ask Me a fundamental question. if you want, you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever suits you, and the question is “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. Ask this question three times. Now with this the another question comes in that if you are the Spirit you become your master. So, put your right hand on the right side, on the left side of your abdomen, in the upper part. Now, so ask another question here three times, “Mother, am I my own master?” Keep your neck straight. Please keep your neck straight and sit straight and do not droop forward or backwards. Now, put this right hand on the lower part of your abdomen – on the left hand side. Here I cannot cross over your freedom so you have to ask. Please ask, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge?” “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Please say this six times because this center has got six petals. Now, the Kundalini starts moving with this asking. To facilitate Her movement in the upper centers, we have to put our right hand, in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to say with full confidence to facilitate the Kundalini to move in this center of mastery. Please say it ten times, “Mother, I am my master”. Say it with full confidence Now we have to know that we are the Spirit. We are not this body, not this ego, not this conditioning, but in reality we are the Spirit. Now put your right hand on your heart again and say with full confidence, twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now, we have to know also, that the Divine is the ocean of bliss, grace and compassion But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. And we cannot do any mistake that it cannot engulf it. So, please forgive yourself first of all. Put your right hand on the left hand shoulder and turn your head to your right fully. Now here you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Say it sixteen times and if you still feel guilty better punish yourself by saying 108 times. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You are entering into the kingdom of God. Now, put your hand on your forehead across and press it hard. Here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” On your forehead, please. They are not putting it. On your forehead, not on your head, and press it hard. Now some may say it’s difficult to say, but whether you forgive or you don’t forgive it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands, so say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”, from your heart. Now, take your hand on the back of your head and raise, turn your head on it, to rest on it. Here for your own satisfaction you can say, “Oh Divine, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me”, but for your own satisfaction, not to feel guilty, not to count your mistakes. You have to love yourself, you have to respect yourself. You have been created into human-being with great difficulties. Now, stretch your hand, right hand. Put the middle of, center of your palm, on top of the fontanel bone, and now press it hard and move it seven times slowly. Here also I cannot force you to Self-Realization. So you have to ask, “Mother, please give me my Self-Realization.” Seven times. Press it hard. Move it clockwise. They are not moving. Seven times. Press it hard. Now, take down your hands. Open your eyes slowly. Put your neck straight. and see for yourself. Now, put your right hand towards Me like this, and put your left hand on top of your head, and see if you are feeling the cool breeze. Higher. Little bit here, on the center. You can bend your head, would be better. Now, put your left hand towards Me, and see with your right hand. Here, here, here. Put down your head. It’s better to bend it. Some people get it very far also, like a jet. Now again put your right hand and see. Bend your head. Now, raise your both the hands, and ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Is this the Brahma shakti or the Ruh?” Or the Ruh. “Is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?” Put up your head and ask the question three times. Tremendous. Now, please put down your hands. Now, those who have felt cool breeze on their finger tips or out of their heads, or all around them, please raise your both the hands. It’s good, very good, excellent! Some people didn’t get it. Questions should not have been asked so many I think, some of you. It’s too much of mental activity But it will work out when you come here. I’ll work it out. All right, no more mental, yes. Just now, those who want to see Me, can come here. She’s got her Realization, all right. Put there the candle. Put this candle…

Shri Mataji: – You had, just now? P: – Yesterday I felt [big desire] and today [no desire as such]. There was very, very confusing. Also translation problem is there. All right, now all right. So now you don’t think about. Just, just put your hands towards Me, and you just say, “Mother You are thoughtless awareness.” You just say that. I told you, it is beyond. If you have mental activity, it will stop. See! Better. On the left?

Shri Mataji: – On the left?

P:- I’m feeling it in the [bottom] of the hand. That’s the [bottom] of the hand. How do I do it to get it up on the head? That’s why you have to come to the center. They’ll make you an expert, all right? May God bless you! That’s happening. Now what about you? Just say, “Mother come in my head”. Keep your eyes open. Seven times. Say it from your heart. What work you do? – Academic. Research.

Shri Mataji: – In what?

P: – In the university. Anthropology. Anthropology. Anthropology. She should ask the question, “Mother, are You the source of the anthropology?” Put your left hand here. Left, left. This side. Better? Now you say, “You are, you are”, then you’ll feel better. Say, “You are the source of anthropology.” SY: – “You are the source.”

P: – I ask what? SY: – No, you don’t ask.

Shri Mataji: Now, you state it. Then it will work faster. That’s My place and you, because you doubt Me, that’s why it doesn’t work out there and you need it there. You shouldn’t doubt. She always doubt’s, she can’t stop. She says that she always doubts, and she can’t help, she said. So that’s it. She’s catching here. What can I do to [unclear]? Just see, “Mother, You are the source”, just see that. You just say, just say, “You are the source of anthropology”. So many… Are you all right now? How are you feeling?

Shri Mataji: – He’s looking much better now.

SY: – Yes. He came at the beginning and he is fine. Yesterday night he has been crying a lot. That’s a, that’s a, tears of joy. They are tears of joy. And he told me that [unclear] see it come up, here on the Agnya. Same for yours. Thank you very much. You felt it? Yes? You are all right? [unclear] What he’s saying? I would like You to take this. Give vibrations to this…

SY: – To hold this in your hand.

Shri Mataji: – I’ve given you vibrations. it will get vibrated itself. Now you are vibrated, all right? Are you all right? Let them say. Too much of mental activity, too much. Better now? You are feeling the cool breeze. I thought that heat is generated inside my head. It’s getting out or not? Yes, [unclear] everything now. It will get out. You sit down here. You put your right hand towards Me. Too much mental activity. Now, who else? She feels a lot of heat. Yes, see, it will go. Heat has to come out of your head You yourself you are vibrated madam, you don’t need any more vibrations. You are your Self. You are yourself a Spirit. Say haan. Now better? What’s she saying? You got heat? Too much of mental. Too much mental activity. What’s she saying? Yesterday she was all right. You were all right yesterday. What’s the thing? What’s the thing? She wants to thank You, because You always begin in bowing to all the seekers of the truth. And she feels herself to be such a seeker so she thanks You to bow at her. Your left hand on you hold like that. On the liver, on the liver. Left hand on the liver, yes, like that. That’s it. You are all right. You are not only a seeker but you’ve got it. And you have to tell everyone about it. Now, are you better? She’s feeling cooler? On the hands, yes.

Shri Mataji: -Here?

SY: -On, on the hands. Good. On the head, no? And hot on the head. Now say that, “Mother, come in my head”. Liver. Come to the center, get your liver all right. She is not troubled. “Come in my head”. Again. “Please come in my head”. Cooling now? Good. May God bless you! She feels, this lady feels quite… She feels quite well in the hands but she feels pain here. You just say, “Mother, please come in my head”. Here is the brother of that lady. He was going to picture You yesterday. He is French? What’s the matter with him? No, she wanted You to get his Realization, to feel the same joy

that she felt yesterday. He is very proud. Heart is closed. Did you say so? “Please come in my head”. Better now, much better. Too much of… Are you Indian? No, I’m Iranian. P: – Iranian

Shri Mataji: – Iranian? Oh, we have so many Iranians. Now, better? It’s not. It’s coming up. She feels hot. Now you say the same thing. Oh, thank you very much, madam. SY: – No, from this young girl.

Shri Mataji: – Oh, I see, thank you. Better? He, he felt it very lightly, but he’s worrying if it’s a mental process occasional. No, no not at all. That’s why you are not feeling it. Now just ask, “Mother, is it a divine process?” Ask the question. Ask the question, “Mother, is this the divine work [unclear]?” That’s the answer. Better now? Now you have to say, “It is a divine process”. Then it will work out, All right? You have to recognize. Shri Mataji, this lady is the mother of Elise. SY: – She feels very guilty and embarrassed.

Shri Mataji: – Why ? She’s struggled with her hands for the last ten years. What is the problem? What is the problem? What is your problem? She doesn’t feel benevolence of the people. Guilty you feel? She thinks she doesn’t go [unclear]. Just put your hand, left to Me. – no, no, no just this left should be as this, this one. As it is, another on the Mother Earth. No, no, no. There also. You put it fully. Better. She feels all her body warm. Better now? It’s cooling down. What about her? What about her? Ask this lady. Now you must come to the center to get it permanently there. You get the address at the gate. So she had the Realization in august but she she believes in it but she couldn’t feel properly. She cut out. But does she come to the centre? Sometimes she can visit… If she comes, she’ll be all right. Better now. And she? He won’t go. What about this gentleman? How are you? All right? He is now smiling. She didn’t, she didn’t feel the vibrations. Left to the right. He’s not all right? Not feeling anything? She feels peace inside. Right hand on the Mother Earth. Here. What did you say? He feels very ungraceful people and so on and he asks how it can help him in his day life. He has been to some guru or something? No, he said me no. He did it. All right. So you put your hand on the, on the left hand side of your stomach, here. Down below, down below. Yes, now, here you have to say “Mother, I’m my own master”. Just say that ten times. He didn’t feel anything. All right, now good? Did you go to some guru or something? Two years of Hatha yoga. Ask him to ask, “Mother, are You [Hatha yoga]?” The heart catching. Better now? Put to the light to him. Are you all right? Not feeling well? Just put your left hand to your liver. He’s badly caught up. No, no, left, left hand, left hand. That side, press it hard. Did you ask a question? Better now? Shri Mataji at midnight there is an extra cost of 300 pounds.

Shri Mataji: What’s the time now?

SY: – Twenty to midnight. SY: – Twenty to midnight.

Shri Mataji: – Watch has stopped. All right, you are o.k. Did you say? Did he say that? “Mother, are You Hatha Yoga?” What about you? What she’s saying, that is not cool? Come now to the centre. Ask him, that gentleman. This gentleman, he has been in TM for six months, and he, some friends told him to come here and now he would like to know if you want to give him a mantra or what to do? No, no mantra. Where is he come from? North of France. From where? That’s so far, that’s so far from this place And he’s got a Ekadasha Rudra, so ask him has he been to some guru? Yes, six months in

TM, six months. You have been in TM? Yes, he has his mantras. Forget it. Horrible TM. That’s why he’s catching on [liver]. You ask, “Mother, are You the source of all the mantras?” Put your right hand on your left Nabhi, left side. Better now? What sort of Hatha yoga is this? Aikido, Karate, aikido. And put your hand on your heart. inside, inside. inside the coat and you say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” He’s willing to ask You if You would like to see a picture of his son because he’s schizophrenic. Will he listen to you? Will he listen to her? All right, you should come and see them. They will tell you what is to be done. Better now? Did you say that? Better? Little freshness in the head. All right, it’s all right. You just go on saying, “I am the Spirit”. “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Just go on saying. You are not the body, for her to know. You are the Spirit. You should only do this when the Kundalini is rising, when there’s a problem, in a particular centre. All right? Discriminate. Not all the way they do blindly. Tell, tell, tell him Better now. He’s better. Shri Mataji, here is another Colombian. You remember this man? This one is another Colombian You got it. Colombia is tremendous, I tell you. And see, what they told Me, in Colombia, they have got the emblem of Garuda on the condor, for the Navy. That’s on condor, condor. So I asked them why? So they said their own aboriginal people, their Indians, their old aboriginal people told them that a God called Vishnu came from India on a condor. And there’s something called El Dorado they have got, where they have got all the gold, gold things made, out of gold is made like Indians. And they told that Indian, Indian goldsmith used to come there, Indian goldsmiths. You see, that’s why I said Colombia will work out He would like to share his love with You. Now, what is it you want child? Here in, yesterday he didn’t feel it and today he didn’t too. Yesterday you didn’t feel? Today also you didn’t feel? Really? So, you are seeking God? What are you wearing? St. Christopher. Can you take it out for one minute? One take it out, one minute. It’s a, You know, here’s a tradition, we have a chain and a medal for the baptism. When you get baptism, you get a chain You one minute take it, one minute. Look Shri Mataji. How is it feel? Better? He’s all right. The first country I visited was Iran. It will work out. Mother, there are many Iranians in Sahaja Yoga, one in France and some in Austria. But only thing is you see… In Italy too. Now, you just ask the question saying, “Mother, please give me the real baptism”. Real. On his head. He’s innocent. Now is there. He’s got it. Now, all right? Got it? That’s the real baptism. Now don’t wear it, there’s no need. You are a realized soul. Now you are really baptized, You are a…. Thank you. Hello. She is the sister of Malika. I know, I know . She brought them. I’m glad to see You. May God bless you! I’m very glad to see you also. After such a long time she came back from Lille, you know. Now, what is it? Are you all right? Any Sahaja Yogi here? Please, please give him Realization – Hatha yoga. Haan, come along. Natalie, just take him down. He’s done Hatha yoga Raise him left to the right. Left to the right, he’ll be all right. What’s he saying? What he is just saying? Ah, he didn’t feel anything yesterday nor today. Has he been to some guru or…? Shri Mataji, here is the mother of a Sahaja Yogini, who is living in Austria. She didn’t feel much. Zen. Ask him to ask, “Mother, is it Sahaja Yoga the zen itself?” They just talk and talk and talk. Talking is not. Zen is something, Got it? See it, see it yourself. Coming out, coming out. Just see on his head Because of Zen you didn’t, you get mental activity. You got it, sir. This is real Zen, this is real Zen. P: – I cannot feel it.

Shri Mataji: – No, no, it is. Now come and join them. Understand it fully. All right. So what? [unclear] [It is locked. It is locked.] What’s he saying? He wants me to ask a question. Backbone problem. What do you have? He has many problems with his backbone, and with Sahaja Yoga, it has really improved but he has still sometimes… You come and see Me there. I’ll put you right. Where? In the ashram? I’ll see you tomorrow, in the evening. Tomorrow is a program? No, no, no, no. Tomorrow evening. You are coming for the program there? Now what about you? Put your left hand on your liver. Ask her to put her left hand. We have to go. Left hand on your liver. Just ask them to put her left hand on her liver. We have to go now, we are sorry. Please excuse Me. Why don’t you all come to the center? Get yourself done properly. You all become experts. You are all capable of getting it. So why not get it? Why? Come along. What she’s saying? I’ve come to Los Angeles, You remember me? In August you gave me [unclear] we just have. Now how are you? I’m fine. How are you doing? I’m just having problems with my stomach. But you don’t come to the center. You must come to the center. You’ll have no problems. You’ll solve other’s problems also. I’ve been travelling a month but I’ve been, I went, when I was there in Los Angeles, not even there because [unclear]. I think Los Angeles, you come to Worlikar’s place. Dr. Worlikar, do you know him? Yeah. – That’s it. – What’s the stomach problem? You come tomorrow evening to the center. Yes, about 7 o’clock. Thank You.