Talk on marriage, Songs, Shri Mataji giving names

Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)


Talk on marriage, Songs, Shri Mataji giving names. Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (Paris-France), November 4th, 1987

It’s nice to see you all here, to meet you all. Now, we were very successful in these programs and so many people came. I’m sure they will be coming again.

Some of them are such that they may not have light, a particular statement of mind or maybe something like that. Because one lady came and asked Me: “How do you say that Hitler was the disciple of Dalai Lama?” But it’s written down in the papers, it is written down in the books, there’s nothing a new thing I’m telling. And whatever I’m saying it has the truth behind it. I never tell lies.

And I talked about Gautamala also it’s a fact. Maybe it is an American trick, I don’t know what it is, but there are doing all these things there.

We have to be concerned about the whole world, isn’t it? But for Sahaja Yogis it is important, first and foremost thing, that when the others come to our meetings or to our follow-up, we should show at most peace within ourselves. And we should be extremely gentle in talking to them. You should be very, very kind to the- extremely kind, much more kind than, normally, people are. And they should feel: “These are very kind people and very nice people.”And not arrogant people that think no end of themselves. And there should not be any frivolousness about it. We have to be very dignified and very straightforward.

Now, anybody wants to argue, you should say that: “See, we don’t want to argue about it, because it cannot be argued.” But the worse thing I’ve noticed is that if anybody talks against Me, you’d better put your hands to your ears. Because I’ve known some people who just listened to something against Me have gone into cancer and things like that. It happened in Germany. You know, there was one leader in Germany his name was Hugo. He was from TM and sometimes these TM people go off very fast. And he improved a lot in that, no doubt. I don’t know what happened after so many days, he divorced. And one morning he got up, started saying: “I’m going to do now maha yoga and all some sort of nonsense he started talking. I’m also an incarnation and hat Mother thinks of Herself and all sort of things, you see.” [Shri Mataji laughs.]

So all the boys thought that he’s gone off his head, he is mad. Because he was a leader, you see, so they said: “All right, we are now going to leave this ashram.” So they said: ” No, no.” He said: ” I cannot afford it, so you ‘d better stay here and you look after the ashram, I’m going out.”

And there was one Sahaja Yogi who was a little- he had a wife who was rather weak. So he telephoned to him, he said: ” I want to come and stay with you.” He refused, he said: “I’ve nothing to do with you. You go wherever you feel like.” Then he went to another Sahaja Yogi who was weak and his wife was very weak and stayed in their house. And there, he started talking about his maha yoga and against Me, all kinds of foolish things, and stayed there for about a week, I think. And they all sympathized with him. And “sympathy ” comes from the word “pathos” means suffering and “sym” means to share. And also the cancer is a pathological dicease. And this lady got a very serious type of cancer of the uterus and now it has spread to cancer of the breast and spread, I think, to liver and other places. And the husband has also got now.

So, when I went there, they came to Me and they said: “Mother, sorry, this, that.” I said: “I have done nothing, I don’t know what you heard or not heard, but there’s a law in the Guru principle, that you should not hear anything against your Guru, otherwise it is poison.” And that’s what one has to understand. If you know that I’m Adi Shakti, then it is even worse. I’m not only your Guru but I am Adi Shakti, your Mother. So, I would like to warn you that don’t – anybody starts talking ill or anything against Me, just put your hands to your ears. You should say that: “Don’t talk to us against our Guru because we know Her very well. She’s very honest. And She has done so much good to others, what good have you done? Why are you talking against Her like that?” But put your hands on your ears like this. And even if they talk more you should say: “Shut up now, we don’t want to hear. You’d better not talk otherwise you’ll be in troubles.” This is something I have to warn you that you have to be careful because, you see, we should not take things lightly about Sahaja Yoga. Because now you have entered into the kingdom of God. And here everything has to be very pure. You can’t afford to have anything which is not pure.

So, for you all French people, I have to tell you that you have to be very careful. Now, there’s another thing which was pointed out to Me that we had to send some people away from husbands or the wives had to leave their husbands for a while, and in 99% cases, it has worked very well. It has helped many people. And in certain cases, they would not listen to Me and they have suffered. So, it is for the good of both of them that one has to do that way. You must know it is the work of God. It’s a cosmic force and very powerful. Anyone who tries to bring troubles to Sahaja Yoga will not stay in Sahaja Yoga any longer. They can be thrown off without my asking. So, one should not sort of doubt our intentions.

Second thing is that many people are surprised when we say that we should not lead a life of sex before marriage. I tell you those people who lead a life like that, after marriage, some way or other, I’ve seen, they fizzle out. So, it is nothing very healthy. That’s why your marriages are failing here. Unless and until you give sacredness to your marriage, it can never be successful. There’s no purpose there. So, in Sahaja Yoga, what we propose to do is to get you engaged so your attention is not so diverted. Now, in this condition also you can develop a very serene kind of a love and expecting your wife to come in and you will know what to give her, how to be with her, you’ll have time to think about it. And during engagement only you can discover about your wife, you can correct her or she can correct you whatever it is, during engagement, it’s better that you find out. And slowly you’ll be surprised, your attention will be very much better.

But I’ve seen the marriages where people don’t see each other, don’t know each other, and suddenly, spontaneously say, in a tour or something, they meet and marriage is decided and they like it. Such marriages are exceptionally good, somehow. In this marriage, there is a kind of a curiosity, a kind of sudden joy. Of course, there can be chance also there of failing because we have so many complicated personalities. [Shri Mataji laughs.] And there are some problems but we can overcome them gradually if you understand the value of a Sahaj marriage. And to enjoy your joy, you have to become a subtler person. As they say in Sanskrit the “sukshma“. Otherwise, if you are worried about nonsensical things and useless gross things then you cannot enjoy the sukshma. And then what’s the use of coming to Sahaja Yoga? If you cannot enjoy, it’s better not to be in Sahaja Yoga. I mean, we do not want here a lot of quantity, we want quality, isn’t it? So don’t think too much about marriage and wife and this and that, it’s not so important. Actually, your wife cannot give you joy, it’s you, your Spirit. Nor can she get her joy from her husband. It’s her Spirit. And if you bother your head on small, small things and nonsensical things you’ll make miserable each other. But if you both enjoy Sahaja Yoga then you enjoy each other better. So, one has to understand in the right perspective and see for ourselves that we are in Sahaja Yoga to enjoy.

Supposing your tongue doesn’t have taste buds, how can it enjoy? So, you have to develop that. And it has nothing to do with your wife and married life and all these nonsensical ideas. Of course, for Sahaja Yogis, marriage is sacred and they should marry and they should have very good husbands and wives should be good, that is, of course, expected. But you don’t come to Sahaja Yoga for marriage only, not to marry and just to sit alone as a married person, you come to Sahaja Yoga to enjoy! And if you cannot enjoy better get out of Sahaja Yoga. What’s the use of people who cannot hear- listening to music. So, this is what one has to know that thinking and analyzing and too much working mentally is not going to give you anything out of Sahaja Yoga. We have come here to do Sahaja Yoga, means to enjoy, to develop the capacity to enjoy and to make others enjoy also. It’s such a simple thing. So, we should not think too much about it and complicated ourselves.

I understand it, you are surrounded by such horrible things all around you that all the time attention goes out. But, one should keep out of it and see, these things are ridiculous because now you are much higher than all those things, you are not in it, as something filthy and dirty. That doesn’t belong to you so why should you worry.

There are certain things which have come into my mind which I wanted to tell you that you are all welcome in India now and you all should make a list of people who want to get married. And that you should be very happy that the whole program has worked out so well for everyone and that we are going to have a very nice time together.

Maybe one day we’ll buy this house and the other house for our ashrams. It may work out very fast, you see, depends on. Of course, what they have decided that every year, one year, every one year, everybody should try to give hundred pounds as a donation for making ashrams. So far, I’ve been able to give my money for different ashrams, wherever it was possible. But once I go to India, I may have to sell it after some time. So we have to be prepared to have our own ashrams. And all of us if we pay a hundred pound per year, save that much, we all can have very nice ashrams in every place. And you all can visit your friends and stay there and meet all the people all around.

But, the first responsibility is to have our school, in India, for our children to study there in a proper style. Of course, we can’t have very very young children there. They have to be at least nine years of age or ten years of age. And another idea has come into my head that if I teach you cooking for one month, you all can become good cooks and we can also run our restaurants.

[Shri Mataji laughs.]

And then the people who will eat that food will have better Nabhis and you see will come to Sahaja Yoga. [Shri Mataji laughs.] Also you should give Me some ideas like that and we’ll start working it out. But we cannot have business out of Sahaja Yoga centers. But some Sahaja Yogis can get together and run a business, that is possible. But as you know I don’t want to make any money, nor you want to make any money out of Sahaja Yoga. But you can run a business of your own and under your own.

So some people were saying that: “Nobody will come, in Paris, when there is no drinking offered in restaurants.” [Shri Mataji laughs.] Then we can have “takeaways” just give them “takeaways” with “takeaways” they don’t expect you to give them drinks.

So I wish you a very happy New Year and a very happy Christmas. You must make some new vows for the New Year and try to get more people in Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you all.

So, let’s have some nice music now out of the lecture. To much lecturing, I’m fed up with my own lectures, I’m fed up. You people like it but somehow, I get fed up.

[At 27:39 starts the music program. The French Sahaja Yogis sing a French song of their composition “The Mother”.]

Shri Mataji: Thank you. Next time, when we have a program we can have this music [inaudible]

And you know Italian people have asked now for the tape sessions [unsure]. They were all playing [inaudible] and they were clapping and everybody was enjoying in Italy. So what we can do is to start this music before the program starts. It will be less lectures and more music.


Michel: The second song Shri Mataji is a song in English, “pass it on”.

Shri Mataji: [Inaudible]

Sahaja Yogi: To sing a very simple song for us which is “Jay Jagadamba”.

[Sahaja Yogis sing “You are Kundalini”.]

[Cut in the audio. Another song]

Shri Mataji: It is a marching song. You’re singing it like a romantic song.


Shri Mataji: Of all the things this is a song of [inaudible]

[Ragupathi raga]

Shri Mataji: [Inaudible] It’s a beautiful mood like this. [inaudible]

He has taken over. And that’s what, I think, the audience liked the other day because they liked this


And they were all playing like that [clapping their hands] trying to understand [inaudible] [Shri Mataji laughs] It improves the Sahasrara, see the vibrations.


[The French Sahaja Yogis sing a French song of their composition “Merci (Thank you)”.]

Shri Mataji: Merci. It was tremendous. I should thank you what are you thanking Me for, I don’t know.

[Cut in the audio. Another song “All the nations”.]

Shri Mataji: Very good. All the nation. When will they all come to Sahaj?

Rabindranath Tagore has said: “absolutely you see the picture of that gratitude [unsure] has come from all the nations.” Have you got those writings?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Wonderful, isn’t it?

And recently, the one they gave Me in this Lakshmi puja, have you got that one with you? Because they gave to all the people my photograph and the writings with it.


Did you read them?

Sahaja Yogini: Not yet Mother.

Shri Mataji: Where is it? Just bring it, it’s so beautiful, I tell you. Such a beautiful poetry I really enjoy it such a beautiful poetry. I don’t know who has written it, I have no idea. A beautiful English and a beautiful [inaudible] a masterpiece. No? That’s something that must be read out. It’s so beautiful. Such a-

Michel: We received it one week ago Shri Mataji and we were very busy at that time.

Shri Mataji: I know, preparing.

Michel: Preparing everything.

Michel: We received it one week ago Shri Mataji and we were very busy at that time.

Shri Mataji: Yes, but it’s better to read it now everybody is there. It’s a real sort of- sharing of joy. Imagine Italians writing such good English! I was surprised at that.

[Michel translates the beginning.]

Shri Mataji: I mean he has described so clearly from all the nations you come, the Mother of the universe has awakened here. And he must have written at least sixty years back or something. Or maybe fifty years back. No? Where is it?


I’m sorry. It’s a beautiful thing, very beautiful. Might be here.

It’s a file, it’s a file.

Michel: I’m explaining that they have been sorted somewhere because we have cleaned everything.

Shri Mataji: All right, now, for next, when you have a program, you read it out, it’s wonderful. One passage after it’s beautifully done. And I think it’s a very good idea to give that kind of a file with photographs and things, so beautifully done, so expressive.

Now which children want to get their names?

First the small children.

Michel: This one Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: This one, he’s under five?

Michel: Yes.

Shri Mataji: What’s his name?

Michel: Yohan.

Shri Mataji: Yo-han.

We can call him Yogesh, means the God of yoga. Yogesh.

[1:06:02 Cut in the audio]

Shri Mataji: So Daphnée?

We can call her Dhaya mayi. Dhaya, you can call her at home. Dhaya mayi means [inaudible] of compassion, compassions.

Shri Mataji: He has got his name?

Sahaja Yogi: Oui [yes].

Shri Mataji: You’ve got your name?

Michel: No, he doesn’t have any at the moment.

Shri Mataji: Hum?

Michel: He doesn’t have.

Shri Mataji: What’s his name?

Michel: Emrick. E-me-rick

Shri Mataji: E-me-rick

You can call him Amrut, meaning “ambrosia”.

Michel: Amrut.

Shri Mataji: It is [pronounced] emrut.

Shri Mataji: Gnyana Vati. Gnyana Vati means “knowledge”.

Michel: Gya?

Shri Mataji: Source of knowledge. Gnyana Vati. It’s the name of Goddess [inaudible]. Lalita.

Shri Mataji: Source of knowledge. Gnyana Vati.

It’s the name of Goddess [inaudible]. Lalita. Lalita Sundary. My name is- [Cut in the audio]

Sahaja Yogi: Yannick. Yann, Yannick.

Shri Mataji: You can call him. Gnyanendra, menas the king of “gnyana”, “knowledge”.

Michel: Gyanentra.

Shri Mataji: Gnyanendra.

Michel: Gya Indra.

Shri Mataji: Gnya-nen-dra.


Gnyanendra is simpler than “edge”.

[Cut in the audio]

Shri Mataji: Satya is “truth” and Endra is the king of “truth”.

Michel: Satyendra.

There is a lot of kings today Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: You call him Shriranga, it’s a name of Shri Krishna. Shriranga.

Michel: Shriranga.

Shri Mataji: Hum. It’s a name of- means the colour of Adi Shakti.

Shri Mataji: Now, how many boys there are. Let Me think of all the names. How many of you? One, two, boys. Three.

All right. Now, the younger ones, let us have.

These two, one is Gajanana another is Vinayaka, these names of Ganesha. Gajanana and Vinayaka, both.

It’s a name of Shri Ganesh.

All right.

Shri Mataji: We call him Maheshchandra.

Michel: [We will call Patrick Maheshchandra]

Shri Mataji: Maheschandra means the Moon crescent on the head of Shri Shiva.

[Big applause]

Shri Mataji: We’ll call you Nirananada.

Shri Mataji: Another name, Sarvesh is nice. Sarvesh means the Lord of all the things, “sarva” means everything.

Michel: Sarve.

Shri Mataji: Sarvesh. It’s a name of God Almighty, Sarvesh.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, he is the one who prepared the poster.

Shri Mataji: Ah! That’s why!


What a nice name Sarvesh. It’s a beautiful poster you prepared, really. Very beautiful and that poster was so impressive, that’s why people came, I know.

Now, who else is there? Next one we’ll see. [Shri Mataji laughs]

Shri Mataji: You see, the names of Shri Krishna have no meaning as such but there are mantras actually if you take, his names are like mantras. The twenty-one names He has got, which are for the 7 into 3 chakras it is. So any name of his equal to a mantra, you see. So we can call him Mado. Mado. It’s- Mado is the name of Shri Krishna as a power which gives the sweetness.

Michel: Madu.

Shri Mataji: Mado.


Michel: Madhava.

Shri Mataji: It’s the giver of- one of his powers was that He was giving sweet, He was sweet-madhuria”. It’s called as the sweetness in everything.

Shri Mataji: So many names to come to hear [unsure].

Another poet was Kabira, he’s a great saint. Great poet.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s one of the songwriters, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: How do I know? How do I know?


How do I know?

Shri Mataji: You can call him Sideshwara. Sideshwara. Means he is the Lord of all the “siddhis”, all the powers. Sideshwara. Siddha means the one who is improved now, who is a Realized soul. Sideshwara, means the Lord of all the “siddhis”, all the “siddhis” you get: this raising of the Kundalini, everything, all these powers. Sideshwara. It’s the name of Kalaki actually.

Shri Mataji: Who else?

I must put you to the right side.

Michel: [My right side must be lifted up]

Shri Mataji: Hanumana is a better name for him. Hanumana.

[Big applause]

Shri Mataji: May God bless you.

May God bless you.

[Shri Mataji laughs]

Sahaja Yogi: Michel, remember, Hanumana never thinks, he acts.

Shri Mataji: He never thinks, absolutely. He’s the controller of you, the thinking. He’s the controller of your thinking. That’s the point is, that’s why his name is Hanumana. He doesn’t think at all. He stops thinking.


Michel: Thank you.

Shri Mataji: He wants to know what name I gave. You tell them your name.

Michel: Hanumana. Ha-nu-mana.

Shri Mataji: They all know Hanumana.


All right?

Shri Mataji: Who else left?

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]

Shri Mataji: Karuna Sagara means ocean of compassion. It’s a name of Shri Shiva.

Michel: For Christian.


Shri Mataji: Who’s this?

Another name of Shri Shiva is Prema Sagara, ocean of love.


Shri Mataji: All right.

Michel: Louis-Marie.

Shri Mataji: What’s the name?

Michel: Louis-Marie.

Shri Mataji: Louis-Marie.

Michel: He is Marie-André’s husband.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Michel: Marie-André’s husband.

Shri Mataji: Lakshmi Dhara. Lakshmi Dhara means the sustainer of the Lakshmi.

Michel: Lakshmi Tara.

Shri Mataji: Dhara, dhara.

Michel: Tara.

Shri Mataji: Dhara, dhara, dhara.


[Shri Mataji laughs]

Shri Mataji: You too?

Where he is, what’s his name?

Michel: Jean-Pierre.

Shri Mataji: Devapriya, meaning loved by God.


Devapriya, Devapriya.


Shri Mataji: That one? All right, one by one.

Sahaja Yogi: Alain from Starsbourg.

Shri Mataji: Allan.

Sahaja Yogi: Alain.

Shri Mataji: You can call him as Allan.

Shri Mataji: Ambarish. Amabrish. Amba is the “sky”. And the Lord of the sky. Ambarish.


Shri Mataji: What’s your name?

Sahaja Yogi: Michel.

Shri Mataji: Hum?

Sahaja Yogi: Michel.

Sahaja Yogi: Another Michel.

Michel: Another thinking Michel.

Shri Mataji: Another Maruti, it’s the same name as Hanumana, Maruti.

Maruti, the same name as Hanumana.

All right?


Shri Mataji: He, how are you?

Yes, yes, Marie’s husband.

Sahaja Yogi: Raymond.

Shri Mataji: I know his name, Raymond.

[End of tape]